How Many Terminals In Dubai Airport? (TOP 5 Tips)

Dubai International (DXB) is the world’s busiest airport, made up of three terminals (1,2 and 3). Terminal 3 consists of three concourses (A-Gates, B-Gates and C-Gates) which are used exclusively by Emirates and Qantas.

What do you know about Dubai International Airport terminals?

  • In this page you’ll find useful information about Dubai International Airport Terminals: Serves more than 60 international carriers operating in DXB. Terminal 1 has a capacity to accommodate more than 20 million passengers per year. It was inaugurated in 1998 as a support of Terminal 1.

Is Dubai Terminal 1 and 3 connected?

Transfer between terminals Please note that Terminal 3 and Terminal 1 are connected through a transit area, where passengers are able to move freely after clearing security. On the other hand, free shuttle buses serve all Terminals at Dubai Airport.

How many arrival terminals are in Dubai?

About The Dubai Airport Terminals The airport has three terminals as well as a parking area and a place for car rentals.

Is Dubai Terminal 1 and 2 connected?

There is a free 24-hour shuttle bus service between Terminals 1 & 3, and Terminals 2 & 3. Simply follow the signs or ask our Guest Experience team. You can also use the Metro between Terminal 1 and Terminal 3. If you’re connecting flights, you will be automatically transferred as part of your connection.

How do I get from terminal 2 to Terminal 3 in Dubai?

Dubai RTA Bus operates a bus from Airport Terminal 3 to Airport Terminal 2, Departure every 4 hours. Tickets cost AED 2 – AED 3 and the journey takes 23 min.

Which terminal is Fly Dubai?

Selected flydubai flights to and from Dubai operate into and out of Terminal 3 at Dubai International (DXB).

How many gates does Terminal 3 Dubai have?

The building currently includes a multi-level structure for departures and arrivals and includes 32 gates, labelled B1- B32. The concourse has 26 air bridge gates and 5 boarding lounges for 14 remote stands that are for the Airbus A340 and Boeing 777 aircraft only.

How many runways does Dubai airport have?

[5] It is also the 3rd busiest airport in the world by passenger traffic,[6] the 6th busiest cargo airport in world,[7] the busiest airport for Airbus A380 and Boeing 777 movements,[8] and the busiest airport in the world operating with only two runways.

What airlines are in Terminal 3?

International flights – All Nippon Airways, Cathay Pacific Airways, Delta Air Lines, Emirates, Etihad Airways, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Qantas Airways, Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, Turkish Airlines, United Airlines; International and Domestic flights – Cebu Pacific Air, PAL Express, Philippines AirAsia.

Which terminal does Emirates land in Dubai?

Dubai International (DXB) is our home hub. Your Emirates flight will arrive at and depart from gates A, B or C at our own Emirates Terminal 3.

How many airports are in Dubai?

There are 3 airports in Dubai: Dubai, Dubai Al Maktoum International and Jebel Ali SPB.

Which terminal do Emirates fly from?

Take a look around our home at Emirates Terminal 3. All our flights arrive or depart from here on their journey around the world. Whether you’re flying out, staying in Dubai, or just travelling through, you can expect a smooth and memorable experience that helps you make the most of your downtime.

How many gates are there in Terminal 2 Dubai?

Dubai’s Terminal 2 now has 18 speedy smart gates installed Terminal 2 at DXB now has 18 smart gates installed, speeding up checks to as little ten seconds. Ten of the gates have been installed in the arrival area and eight in departures.

How do you travel between terminals 1/2 and 3 in Dubai and what you need to do with your bags?

You need to clear Immigration, collect your bags from the carousel and go through Customs. Exit the terminal and take a taxi or bus to your departure terminal. Check in for your next flight as usual. Or you can take advantage of our baggage transfer service and we’ll take your bags for you.

Dubai Airport Terminals

There are around 100 airlines that service Terminal 1 at Dubai International Airport, which can accommodate a total of 38 million passengers yearly. An underground tunnel with travelators connects Terminal 1 at Dubai International Airport to the Sheikh Rashid Terminal, commonly known as Concourse C, through a 300-metre-long subterranean tunnel. The check-in area at Dubai International Airport’s Terminal 1 contains 221 check-in desks, with distinct areas for business and First class travelers.

Although Terminal 1 at Dubai International Airport was originally designed to handle approximately 21 million passengers per year, due to the extreme increase in passenger numbers at the terminal, Dubai International Airport was forced to expand Terminal 1 to handle 38 million passengers per year with the opening of 28 remote gates.

Concourse C

There are approximately 100 airlines that serve Terminal 1 at Dubai International Airport, which has the capacity to handle a total of 38 million passengers per annum. Additionally, Terminal 1 is connected to the Sheikh Rashid Terminal (also known as Concourse C) through a 300-metre long subterranean tunnel with travelators that connects the two terminals. Terminal 1 at Dubai International Airport features 221 check-in desks, with distinct sections for business and first-class travelers, according to the airport.

Although Terminal 1 at Dubai International Airport was originally designed to handle approximately 21 million passengers per year, due to the extreme increase in passenger numbers at the terminal, Dubai International Airport was forced to expand Terminal 1 to accommodate 38 million passengers per year with the opening of 28 remote gates.

Concourse D

Officials at Dubai International Airport have stated that plans for Terminal 4 have begun, and that extensions to Terminal 3 will be built. These improvements are required in order to increase the capacity of Dubai International Airport to 80–90 million passengers per year. The masterplan for Dubai International Airport was unveiled in May 2011 by Paul Griffiths, the chief executive of Dubai Airports. This project entails the construction of a Concourse D concourse (previously Terminal 4). With a capacity of 15 million people, it would enhance the total capacity of the airport to 90 million passengers by 2018, representing a 15 million increase in passenger capacity.

All remaining airlines will either relocate to Concourse D or relocate to Al Maktoum International Airport as a result of this change.

Terminal 2

Terminal 2 at Dubai International Airport is utilized by over 50 airlines and presently has 37 check-in counters, according to the airport’s website. The Terminal, which opened in 1998 and has a capacity of 10 million passengers per year, was built in phases. The Terminal 2 building at Dubai International Airport is mostly used by smaller airlines that operate in the Persian Gulf area. The majority of flights departing from Dubai International Airport’s Terminal 2 go to Afghanistan, Iran, and Pakistan.

In the wake of a significant renovation, the check-in and boarding areas at Dubai International Airport’s Terminal 2 building were expanded, and more food options were made available to travellers in the facility.

In addition, the implementation of the new open boarding gates now allows for many planes to board at the same time, which significantly enhances both aircraft and passenger movements on the airport grounds.

There are 2,400 m2 (26,000 sq ft) of departures duty-free shopping space and 540 m2 (5,800 sq ft) of arrivals duty-free shopping space in Dubai International Airport’s Terminal 2. The 3,600 m2 expansion includes a bigger arrivals hall as well as other amenities.

Emirates Terminal 3 at Dubai Airport

Dubai International Airport Terminal 3 has a separate information page on our website, which can be found atEmirates Terminal 3.

Dubai Airport Executive Flight Terminal

The Executive Flight Terminal at Dubai International Airport is operated by Executive Flight Services (EFS), which caters to the needs of high-end and royal passengers who frequently travel through Dubai International Airport. The service was developed in accordance with the Rulers Court’s goal to promote e-government in the country. Ms. Ali Binhendi, who also serves as the Director of the Dubai Executive Flight Terminal, oversees the operation of Dubai Executive Flight Services. In the previous ten years, EFS has maintained a number of hubs and destinations, providing passengers at the Signature Dubai Airport with an elegant touch.

Terminal 2 is located nearby, and the Executive Flight Terminal complex is comprised of a 5,500 square metre two-story main structure, a 3,700 square metre hangar, a 3,700 square metre ramp area dedicated to aircraft parking, and an unique VIP car park for long-term parking.

Aside from that, the Executive Terminal features its own specialized immigration and customs facilities, a Dubai Duty Free store, a fully equipped business/conference center, eight luxurious private lounges, and a limousine service to transport passengers between the aircraft and the Terminal building.

Cargo Mega Terminal at Dubai Airport

Located at Dubai International Airport, the Executive Flight Terminal is managed by Executive Flight Services (EFS), which caters to the needs of high-end and royal travelers who often transit through the airport. Following the Rulers Court’s e-government initiative, the service was developed in accordance with its specifications. Mr. Ali Binhendi, the Director of the Dubai Executive Flight Terminal, is in charge of managing Dubai Executive Flight Services. In the last ten years, EFS has maintained a large number of hubs and destinations, providing passengers at the Signature Dubai Airport with an executive touch of flavor.

Executive Flight Terminal is a two-story structure that is next to Terminal 2.

Because to the expansion, EFC is now the Middle East’s largest specialized business aviation terminal.

A dedicated VIP car service is also available for passengers arriving at the Executive Flight Terminal.

Accommodating the Airbus A380 at Dubai Airport

In order to handle the gigantic aircraft, the Dubai-based Emirates Airline, which was one of the Airbus A380’s launch customers and is also the largest client, required an expansion of Dubai International Airport’s current infrastructure. The Department of Civil Aviation invested $120 million on modernizing 2 of its Terminals and airport infrastructure, including new air-bridges, new finger piers, bigger gate hold-rooms and runway, plus extended baggage belt carousels from the typical 70 to 90 metres.

Dubai Airport does not anticipate that embarking and disembarking passengers and baggage from the A380 will take any longer once the new carousels are in place, despite the fact that the Boeing 747-400s carry a smaller number of passengers and baggage.

The gates, sometimes known as ‘fingers,’ were installed at a cost of $10 million and allow passengers to board the top cabin of the new 555-seat aircraft directly from the gate hold rooms.

In addition to the two new A380-capable gates at Terminal 1, five further A380-capable gates were inaugurated at Concourse 3 of Dubai International Airport on October 14, 2008.

Dubai Airport Terminals

These are the terminals of Dubai International Airport that you can find relevant information on on this page:

Dubai Airport Terminal 1

It provides service to more than 60 foreign airlines that operate out of DXB. Terminal 1 can accommodate more than 20 million people each year, according to the airport’s website. More information may be found here.

Dubai Airport Terminal 2

It was built to provide assistance for Terminal 1 and opened its doors in 1998. Terminal 2 has the potential to accommodate more than 5 million passengers per year and is currently undergoing an expansion that will more than quadruple its capacity once completed. More information may be found here.

Dubai Airport Terminal 3

Emirates Airlines makes use of Dubai Terminal 3, which has a total capacity of 60 million passengers per year and is used by them. Concourse A, Concourse B, and Concourse C are the three concourses that make up the terminal. More information may be found here.

Transfer between terminals

In contrast to Terminal 1, which is comprised of a single concourse (Concourse D), Terminal 2 is separate from the other two main buildings, while Terminal 3 is divided into three concourses (Concourses A, B, and C). Remember that Terminals 3 and 1 are connected by a transit area, where travellers are allowed to walk around after passing through security screening.

At Dubai International Airport, on the other hand, complimentary shuttle buses run between all of the terminals. Those are available at all hours of the day. Every 20 minutes is the frequency. It takes around 5-10 minutes to transfer between terminals.


Terminal 1 is located on the upper level between the Arrivals and Departures areas. Terminal 3: upper level, departures, exterior entrance number three (third floor). Between Terminals 1 and 3, there is a metro line that runs through the city.

Dubai Airport (DXB)

To find out the most important information about DubaiInternational Airport, visit this website. It contains information such as flight information (departures and arrivals), parking information, car rental information, hotels close to the airport, and other useful information aboutDubaiInternational Airport (DXB). Using the information on this website, you can plan your trip to Dubai International Airport. Dubai International Airport is approximately 5 kilometers from the city center of Dubai.

  1. Dubai is a wonderful city with several must-see sites that are well worth the trip.
  2. Dubai International Airport (IATA: DXB; ICAO: OMDB) is the primary international airport serving Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and is the world’s third busiest airport in terms of international passenger traffic.
  3. In particular, the airport is located in the Al Garhoud area, approximately 5 kilometers east of the city center of Dubai.
  4. The most popular routes are those between London Heathrow and Doha.
  5. In 2019, Dubai International Airport received a total of 86,396,757 passengers.

Facilities and Services+ info

Dubai International Airport offers a wide range of services and amenities, including the following: – Stores that are devoid of nut products – Automatic teller machines (ATMs) and currency exchange Restaurants and cafeterias – Wi-Fi – Car rental agencies – Car wash facilities – Bureaux de change de monnaies. – Automated Teller Machines and Banking – Car rental firms – Parking lots – Access to public transportation For passengers with limited mobility or special requirements, special assistance may be provided.

Transport+ info

The following modes of transportation are available at Dubai International Airport for trips to and from the city center: Buses:Dubai International Airport has a diverse selection of bus services available to passengers. More information may be found here. Taxi: From DXB Airport, you may be in downtown Dubai in less than 20 minutes. More information may be found here. Metro: There are two metro lines at Dubai International Airport: the Red line and the Green line.

More information may be found here. Car rental: It turned out that renting a car in Dubai is the greatest decision! Using our search engine, you can choose the perfect solution for you. More information may be found here.

Terminals+ info

Transportation options to and from Dubai International Airport include the following modes of transportation: In terms of bus services, the Dubai International Airport has a robust selection to choose from. Find out more about it. You can go to downtown Dubai from DXB Airport within 20 minutes via taxi. Find out more about it. A couple of metro lines serve Dubai International Airport: the Red line and the Green line. Find out more about it. In Dubai, renting a car is the finest decision you’ll ever make.

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Find out more about it.


Airport phone number: +971 4 224 5555Department of Civil Aviation, Dubai International Airport, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

About Dubai

Dubai is a very large and sophisticated city in the United Arab Emirates, and it is the capital of the country. The city is densely packed with skyscrapers and offers a plethora of attractions and activities. For example, the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest skyscraper, the world-famous Dubai Mall, Dubai Creek, and the Marina are all located in Dubai. Another must-see destination is Palm Jumeirah, a breathtaking artificial archipelago that is one of three planned islands known as the Palm Islands.

Dubai Airport Terminals

Concerning the Dubai International Airport Terminals The Dubai International Airport, which goes by the abbreviation DXB, is the busiest airport in the Middle East and the largest in the world. It also serves as a hub for Emirates, Dubai’s flag carrier, as well as the low-cost carrier FlyDubai, among other airlines. The recent inflow of tourists to the emirate demonstrates that the airport is in desperate need of modernization, since it might appear to be bursting at the seams, particularly during peak season and at peak hours of the day, especially during the winter months.

Terminal 1

Terminal 1 at Dubai International Airport is known as the main terminal since it is located in the heart of the city. This terminal is used by the majority of major airlines, and it is where most long-distance flights arrive and leave. In addition, there are various lounges in this neighborhood. Business class, first class, and two quiet lounges are all available on this flight. Check in at the hotel Arrivals Map – Departures Map – Location Map

Terminal 2

Terminal 2 at Dubai International Airport serves FlyDubai as well as a number of regional and low-cost airlines. This terminal is frequently used by airlines flying into Moscow from the former Soviet Union and Iran. Charter flights are another type of service that is provided by this company. Because this station is not visible to the majority of travelers, there are no lounges placed here.

Terminal 3

Terminal 3 of the congested airport serves only as the Emirates terminal. This terminal will serve as the arrival and departure point for all Emirates flights. It is also considered to be the most luxury of the three options available. In addition, there are four lounges on the premises. There are two of them: one for business class passengers and another for first class passengers. Another two that may be reserved ahead of time offer leisure as well as a variety of hospitality services are available as well.

  1. It is in this location where the basic airport design may be discovered.
  2. Although it has just undergone some repairs, Terminal 2 is similarly weak in terms of design.
  3. The restaurants provide a diverse selection of foreign cuisine, allowing travelers to unwind before or after a journey with a delicious meal.
  4. The prices are not always competitive, however the price of alcoholic beverages is competitive.
  5. When departing the airport, you can take use of public transit options.
  6. Public transit buses are available outside airport baggage claim to convey passengers into the city at regularly scheduled intervals throughout the day, if needed.
  7. A taxi is a relatively economical mode of transportation that will carry guests directly from the airport to their destination hotel.

Because of the safety of the city and the cost of taxis, this is a highly prevalent and popular mode of transportation for those traveling outside of the airport after landing.

Dubai International Airport Guide: Terminals, Lounges & More! –

The Dubai International Airport is a major landmark in the city, and it has served as a vital link between the United Arab Emirates and the rest of the world since 1960. To date, the airport has served over 89.1 million passengers, making it one of the world’s busiest international airports in terms of passenger traffic. If you’re planning a trip via the DXB airport in the near future, here’s a brief guide on what to anticipate when you arrive and what to keep in mind when flying out of this facility.

Accessing the Dubai Airport

The Dubai International Airport is one of the most well-connected sites in the city, and it’s easy to see why. Whatever mode of transportation you choose to use to get to the Dubai International Airport (DXB), the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has put in place an advanced system that allows you to get there quickly and easily by any mode of transportation. Here’s a look at how each of these modes of transportation may be used to get to and from the Dubai International Airport. There are a plethora of options for getting to DXB International Airport.

  1. If you are arriving at the airport, there are designated taxi lanes where you can hail a cab as soon as you exit the terminal.
  2. A RTA cab may be simply booked by phoning +971-4-208-0808 or hailing it on the move if you are heading to Dubai Airport from any area of Dubai.
  3. These stations are given their names based on the terminal to which they are connected.
  4. Here’s a guide to the Dubai Metro if you need additional information.
  5. In addition, a NOL card with a minimum balance of AED 7.91 is required for these buses.
  6. Car rental: If you want to go by car, there are kiosks of international car rental firms where you may pick up a rental car.
  • Budget, Hertz, Diamond Lease, Dollar, EuropCar, Fast Rent A Car, Payless, and Sixt are just a few of the car rental companies available.

There is also a multi-storey car park at Dubai International Airport Terminals 1, 2, and 3, which is charged at an hourly rental rate starting from AED 25, AED 15, and AED 30 per hour, depending on the season.

For each consecutive day that the automobile remains parked at the facility, an additional AED 100 is charged.

DXB Airport Terminals

In total, there are three terminals at Dubai International Airport, which are referred to as Terminal 1, Terminal 2, and Terminal 3. In order to efficiently handle the arrivals and departures of numerous airlines, all of these DXB airport terminals are outfitted with cutting-edge technology.

Dubai International Airport Terminal 1 (T1)

Terminal 1 is the first terminal of Dubai International Airport, and it is also the busiest. It is dedicated to international flights only, and it has the capacity to accommodate more than 20 million passengers per year on international flights. It is connected to Concourse D, which is an expansion of the airport that was recently constructed to handle additional foreign flights and passengers. Because of Concourse D, more than 60 international airlines are currently able to fly into DXB through this T1.

In order to transport passengers to and from the gates, it now has its own train.

A food court, retail stores, and free Wi-Fi are among the other amenities that have been added to this terminal in recent years.

Dubai International Airport Terminal 2 (T2)

Terminal 2 was built to ease congestion at Terminal 1 and opened its doors in 1998 to the public. It handles international flights, as well as scheduled, charter, and special interest flights for special events such as weddings and birthdays. At the time, T2 arrivals in Dubai can handle more than 5 million people, with around 50 airlines operating out of the city’s international airport. In addition, flydubai, Dubai’s first low-cost carrier, is based in Terminal 2. T2 also has the most up-to-date facilities and amenities, such as modernized e-gates, check-in stations, immigration posts, luggage carousels, a food court, retail stores, and other services and amenities.

Dubai International Airport Terminal 3 (Dedicated for use by Emirates Airline and Qantas)

Customers travelling with Emirates Flights must proceed to the Terminal 3 departure gates at Dubai International Airport. In addition, Terminal 3 is the only terminal that handles the arrivals and departures of all Emirates Airlines flights. With a total passenger capacity of 43 million people, it is the most recent of Dubai’s three airport terminals and the busiest. T3 DXB has Concourse A, which is a dedicated A380 facility, as well as Concourse C, which is a general aviation facility. T3 also has enhanced facilities for handling arrivals and departures from Dubai International Airport.

Dubai Duty Free

Dubai Duty Free is home to all of the world’s most recognizable brands. Shopping at the Dubai Duty Free is one of the most talked-about aspects of traveling through the DXB International Airport, and for good reason. Everything, from premium brands to beauty to gadgets to food to booze can be found in Dubai Duty Free, including a wide variety of products. After all, it is the world’s largest travel retail operator, with year-end revenues of more over USD 2 billion in 2019. Since its beginnings, the Dubai Duty Free has proven to be a huge success.

It has also been named ‘Best Airport Retailer of the Year’ nine times, which is a remarkable achievement.

Dubai Duty Free stores may be found on both the arrivals and departures concourses at Dubai International Airport. It is located immediately following immigration and baggage claim for arrivals. It is conveniently located near the boarding gates for departures.

Other facilities at DXB International Airport

At DXB and DWC, free Wi-Fi is accessible at all terminals and throughout the airport. Visitors to Dubai International Airport will find it to be one of the most well-maintained airports in the world, with a plethora of shopping, food, and lounge options to choose from. In case you find yourself in transit at Dubai International Airport, here is a list of some of the services and facilities you may take use of in the vicinity of the gates.

DXB Airport Lounges

The Dubai International Airport is home to some incredible airport lounges where you can relax and take advantage of premium services. In the Dubai Airport lounges, you may relax with a drink of bubbly, indulge in a delicious meal, or revitalize with a massage. Certain credit card companies frequently provide free access to airport lounges at Dubai International Airport. If you have a credit card, make sure to check with your financial institution to see if your card provides free access to the lounges at Dubai International Airport.

Restaurants in Dubai Airport

Apart from the airport lounges, there are other excellent eateries in the Dubai International Airport where you may stop for a cup of coffee, a quick snack, or perhaps a complete meal. A fast snack may be found at a variety of locations, including Starbucks, Costa Coffee, KFC, Burger King, McDonald’s, Bombay Chowpatti, Jacks Bar & Grill, and Delize, among others. Additionally, outlets of upmarket eateries such as Cho Gao may be found at Dubai International Airport.

SleepShower facilities

For those of you who find themselves with a long wait before your next flight and are in need of a place to crash, there are sleeping pods available at the Dubai International Airport. Whether you want a whole cabin or simply a single sleeping pod, sleep ‘n fly offers a variety of cabin sizes from which to pick, based on your needs and budget. These may be found at the D Gates of Terminal 1 and the A Gates of Terminal 3. After your snooze, you may freshen up by using the complimentary shower facilities available in Terminal 3 between gates B13 and B19 (between B13 and B19).


Passengers can easily locate all of the facilities thanks to the intuitive signage.

What’s the Dubai International Airport code?

There are two IATA codes for Dubai International Airport: ” DXB” and “OMDB.” The ICAO code for Dubai International Airport is ” DXB.”

How many airports does Dubai have?

There are two airports in Dubai, for a total of three. They are as follows:

  1. Dubai International Airport (DXB)
  2. Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC)

Are there any hotels near Dubai International Airport?

The Holiday Inn Express and the Premier Inn Dubai are two of the most reasonably priced hotels near Dubai International Airport (DXB). The Le Méridien Duba Hotel and the Roda Al Bustan are two of the best hotels in Dubai that are close to the airport if you are looking for something a little more luxurious.

What can I do when in transit at the airport in Dubai?

There are a variety of enjoyable activities available at Dubai International Airport, ranging from resting in the luxury lounges to receiving a massage at a spa.

Here’s a list of the top things to do at Dubai International Airport while you’re waiting for your flight.

What items are banned in the DXB Airport?

Items such as narcotic drugs, weapons, counterfeit or forged currency, goods from embargoed countries, certain medications, and even live animals such as bats and pigs are prohibited from being brought into the DXB airport. To find out more, please see the following comprehensive list of products prohibited at Dubai International Airport.

How can I get a VAT refund in Dubai Airport?

Tourists traveling to the United Arab Emirates can claim VAT refunds at the VAT refund desk at Dubai International Airport. Find out how to do it in detail by reading our informative post on VAT refunds for UAE visitors, which will answer all of your queries.

Is there a way to travel between Terminals?

You will most likely be immediately transferred as part of your connection if you are connecting planes. However, if the necessity arises, there is a free shuttle bus service connecting Terminals 1 and 3, which runs 24 hours a day and takes around 15-25 minutes. The friendly employees at Dubai International Airport can assist you in locating these shuttle buses that run between the airport’s terminals. You can also take the Dubai Metro to travel between Terminals 1 and 3 if you prefer that option.

How do I contact the DXB Airport?

The phone number for Dubai International Airport is +971-4-224-5555. Passengers can call this number at any time of day or night. If you have any questions about Dubai immigration, you may phone +971-4-313-9999 or send an email to [email protected]. This takes us to the conclusion of our guide to the Dubai International Airport. We hope you find this article to be sufficiently informational to plan your travel to or from the city. If this is your first vacation to Dubai, here is a comprehensive guide to obtaining a tourist visa that will walk you through the whole procedure.

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If you’re planning a trip from Dubai, here’s a list of all the visa-free nations you may visit on your next holiday.

Dubai Intl Airport & Dubai World Terminal

Dubai, a city of superlatives, is a haven for tourists from all over the world who are looking for a luxurious and comfortable vacation destination. People flock to Dubai in their thousands every year to take advantage of the city’s world-class facilities and lavish culture, which includes the world’s tallest, largest, most expensive, and most lavish structures. It is possible to fly into Dubai International Airport (DXB or OMDB) and Dubai World Central or Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC or OMDB) at the same time (DWC or OMDW).

1. Dubai International Airport (DXB/OMDB):

Source As the primary airport serving a city the size of Dubai, it must live up to the city’s reputation, and the Dubai International Airport, also known as DXB, leaves no benchmark unconquered in this regard. Dubai International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world, with over a million passengers passing through each day. There has been an average annual increase of more than 13 percent in passenger counts since the airport initially opened its doors in 1960, with more than 85 million people passing through the facility each year now.

A total of more than 100 airlines serve the airport, which connects it to more than 240 locations across six continents. As a result of these figures, it will be appropriate to state that Dubai International Airport is the world’s fastest-growing airport.

Operating Airlines:

Air Canada, Air China, Air France, Air India, British Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, IndiGo, Jazeera Airways, Jet Airways, Lufthansa, Pegasus, Sichuan Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Spicejet, Thai Airways, Transavia, Virgin Atlantic Airways, and many more are among the more than 100 airlines that serve the world’s most populous country.

Airport Details

Source The Dubai International Airport is divided into three terminals and four concourses, which are designated as Terminal 1, Terminal 2, and Terminal 3. Flights into Terminal 1 are handled by airlines like British Airways, Lufthansa, Saudia, and several more third-party carriers. The airport metro system connects the Departures and Arrivals terminals. Terminal 2 is home to airlines that are relatively inexpensive, such as Air India Express and flyDubai. Emirates Airlines is the only airline that uses Terminal 3.

Terminal 3 is connected to the rest of the airport by an elaborate underground train network.

Airport operations are overseen by the Dubai Airports Company, and the facility acts as a hub for Emirates and flyDubai flights.

Distance and Transport

The distance between the airport and Dubai City is 8.5 kilometers. 1. Hired taxis will cost you around INR 700-850 to transport you to the major metropolis. 2. Uber: Uber taxis are also available, and they cost around INR 900 to get to the city center. 3. SkyBus: The bus service charges less than half the price of a cab, which is around INR 350 for a journey to the city center. 4. Metro: The Dubai Metro is the cheapest mode of transportation in the city, with fares ranging from INR 50-100 to get you into the city.

Services and Facilities

Food and Beverages: There are a variety of food options to pick from at Source1. Perhaps you’d like to take a tour of this wonderful international airport in Dubai and see for yourself the thousands of alternatives available to you. Middle Eastern, Indian, and Thai cuisines, as well as Italian, Irish, Tex-Mex, and Japanese cuisines, may all be found in this area of the world. Prestigious café and restaurant franchises such as Pret a Manger, Shake Shack, Pinkberry and Starbucks may be found in the area.

  • 2.
  • The use of these facilities is not restricted to first-class passengers, but is available to anybody who pays an entrance charge.
  • You receive excellent food and drinks, as well as a pleasant environment and faster WiFi connections, all included in the admittance charge.
  • Duty-free shopping: Every traveller looks forward to the opportunity to do some duty-free shopping at the airport.
  • There are also several foreign stores to choose from.
  • 4.
  • Fifth, there is the Zen Garden, which is an indoor garden housed in the DXB and is a haven for people seeking peace and quiet amidst the rush and bustle of airport life.
  • 6.
  • You could then require a good night’s sleep as well as some personal space.
  • The Sleep n’ Fly Lounge, located at Terminal 3, offers igloo-style sleep pods that can accommodate 1-2 persons.

They also have showers available to guests. Finally, the Dubai International Hotel, which is located at Terminal 3 and offers rooms in 6-, 12-, and 18-hour packages, is a good option. Several hotels are conveniently placed within a 2-minute shuttle ride of the airport.

2. Dubai World Central (DWC or OMDW):

Source Although the airport was originally known as the Al Maktoum International Airport (IATA) in honor of the previous ruler of Dubai, Sheik Maktoum Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, it is currently known as the Dubai World Central. It is now under development and is expected to service between 160 and 260 million people per year once completed, making it the world’s busiest airport. Once completed, it will be the world’s busiest airport. This international airport in Dubai was intended to be a component of an Aerotropolis, and it has already contributed to the expansion of the city’s economy even before it was completed.

Airport Details

Source A 4.5-kilometer-long runway and an engineering wonder in its own right, Jebel Ali International Airport is located 37 kilometers distant from Dubai and has one terminal. Once finished, it will be the world’s busiest passenger aviation hub as well as the world’s busiest multi-modal logistics hub, capable of handling more than 12 million tonnes of cargo freight each year. Current operations include the distribution of Emirates SkyCargo and flyDubai cargo.

Operating Airlines:

Among the passenger airlines are Aeroflot, Azur Air, Belavia, flyDubai, GetJet Airlines, I-Fly, Neos, Nepal Airlines, Nordwind Airlines, Pegas Fly, Smartlynx Airlines Estonia, TUI fly Deutschland, and Ural Airlines, and among the cargo airlines are China Airlines Cargo, EgyptAir Cargo, Emirates SkyCargo, Ethiopian Airlines Cargo, Iran Air Cargo, Kalitta Air, TUI fly Deutschland, and Ural Airlines

Distance and Transport

Distance from the airport to Dubai City: 37 kilometers 1. Cab: To go to the main city, it will cost you around AED 70-85 (INR 1300-1600 or USD 19-23) if you hire a taxi. 2. Uber: If you want to use an Uber cab, it will cost you roughly AED 160-210 (INR 3000-4000 or USD 44-58) to go to the city center. 3. SkyBus: The bus service, which costs around AED 65-80 (INR 1200-1500 or USD 17-22) for a journey to the city, is virtually half the price of a cab in this area. However, due to the change in route, you will have to transfer to another bus or two.

Metro: The metro will cost you around the same as buses, which is approximately AED 59-74 (INR 1100-1400 or USD 16-20) to go into the city.

Car Rentals: You can rent a car, but you’ll need to bring your own gas and fuel.

Services and Facilities

Source You could find the services supplied unsatisfactory because the international airport in Dubai is still under development, and most of the amenities available at the time aren’t completely functioning. 1. Food: There are approximately three cafés, mainly Costa Coffee, Starbucks, and a McDonald’s, however none of them are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 2. The lounges: The Marhaba lounge is the only lounge located on the first floor of the Passenger Terminal and may only be entered with a lounge pass or membership program; nevertheless, it is not restricted to first-class passengers exclusively.

  • WiFi: Free WiFi is accessible under the moniker “DWC free WiFi,” and it has a really excellent speed for being free.
  • ATMs: If you find yourself in need of cash at any point during your trip, there are ATMs located around the airport.
  • 5) Shopping: Although there is a duty-free shopping section, the selection of items available is limited at this time.
  • Medical care is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Shower rooms, prayer halls, and smoking rooms are just a few of the essential amenities that are accessible here for guests to use.

If you want assistance, there are help and information desks on both the landside and the airside of the airport. Now that you’ve learned more about what Dubai’s international airports have to offer, you can get started on booking your tickets to this wonderful city right now!

Transferring between terminals

If you have booked your tickets independently, you may save time and money by using our baggage transfer service to eliminate the stress of connecting planes. If you’re departing from a different terminal than where you’re arriving, we’ll collect your luggage and transport them to your next aircraft for an additional cost. You may just board a shuttle bus to your next terminal, and we’ll retag your baggage and dispatch them to the appropriate airplane terminal for your departure. How do I make a reservation for the baggage transfer service?

  • When you arrive in Dubai, proceed to Connections and board a shuttle bus that will take you directly to your next terminal. Go to the Connections counter in your departure terminal to check in for your subsequent flight and request the Emirates baggage transfer service. Pay your fare at the airport’s departure terminal. We’ll see to it that your luggage are retagged and transported from your arrival airport to your next departure terminal as needed.

Your connecting time must be at least three hours in order for us to have enough time to collect your baggage and transport them to your destination. When it comes to the cost of the luggage transfer service, the answer is simple. It costs USD 90 per individual to participate. If you have more than one person in your reservation under the same reference number, you will be charged an extra USD 20 for each additional person in your reservation.

Dubai International Airport Map

Detailed information on the terminal complex, including the layout, important notices, terminal details (including the future Concourse D projects, which are detailed under ‘Terminal 1’ below), and current lounges Services that are unique: The passenger terminal complex at Dubai International now consists of three passenger terminals, T1, T2T3, which are connected by a 24-hour shuttle bus. The Metro also runs between T1T3 – the Red Line of the Dubai Metro has rail stations in T1T3 – while the Green Line Metro serves Terminal 2 and the north-eastern part of the airport.

According to its operator, Dubai Airports, DXB currently offers over 270 destinations and a diverse range of services designed to ‘delight’ passengers, whether they are arriving, connecting, or departing – including a Zen garden and family play area, spas, on-concourse hotels, and a variety of dining options.

  • In addition, free WiFi is provided on an unlimited basis.
  • Important Reminders:- If you are traveling during the busy summer season, you should be at your terminal three hours before your planned departure.
  • In T1, below gate C13 or Fox 7, and in T3, on the ground level between Fox 22 and Fox 23, there are medical centers (sign shows a moon sicle).
  • Before proceeding to Al Maktoum International Airport, it is necessary to clear immigration and collect luggage at Dubai International Airport (DXB).
  • After passing through security, bilingual ‘Virtual Assistants’ stationed at post-security checkpoints help to reinforce security and brand messages by providing passengers with information before they enter security screening and immigration facilities.
  • – Free toiletries are available at T1 (between gates C18-C22).
  • Ample prayer rooms and restrooms are available at all terminals and carpark areas for Muslim pilgrims.

Al Ansari Exchange is located at T1, Arrivals (2), and at T2, Arrivals (3) terminals (1).

– Smoking lounges can be found at the following locations: T1, gates C923; T2, near the departure area; T3, at gates A222 and B727; and T4.

A new facility on Concouse B’s Zen Garden (between gates B7 and B8) has been established for families with children.

It was implemented earlier this year to make going through immigration smart gates faster and more easy for citizens of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

– If you require any additional assistance, please do not hesitate to approach one of the Information Zones or a member of the ‘May I Help You’ staff.

All major international airlines – with the exception of Emirates and Qantas – are served by Terminal 1 (the Sheikh Rashid Terminal), which has Concourse D.

Terminal 1 has finished its significant restoration and extension project, which included the installation of modern baggage screening, the enlargement of departures and arrivals halls, the addition of extra facilities, and the redesign of the arrivals forecourt and immigration hall.

There is a business-class lounge with workstations and internet access available in Terminal 1’s arrivals section.

04 224 5252), and the Central Bookings Center for hotel reservations in the Arrivals Hall, which also provides a waiting area for unaccompanied youngsters and those with disabilities who need to be picked up from the airport.

Baggage that has been checked in is labeled and scanned to make retrieval easier.

At one of the 40 passport control desks, present your passport or travel document with your visa.

The T1 departure areas include the departure hall, which has e-gate registration, Etisalat payment machines, a food court, and other amenities.

Passengers traveling in Emirates FirstBusiness Class have access to a separate check-in area.

The upper level of T1 provides food and beverages, as well as a few shops, a currency exchange, and a prayer room.

In February 2016, T1’s Concourse D (the Midfield Concourse) with gates D1-32 officially opened (boosting capacity from 75M to 90M passengers annually) Walking distances to boarding gates, a broad selection of restaurants and retail establishments, as well as nine lounges*, are all within walking distance.

  1. Passengers may board the aircraft immediately from the waiting room, which is only a short walk away from the aircraft.
  2. A total of 175 concessions are housed in the retail/high-end restaurant space of 90,400 square feet.
  3. The D 21 contact stands (4 for heavy aircraft) and 11 remote stands are available on the concourse.
  4. A one-level terminal with three portions, it is separated into three categories: Located in the center, Departures, Arrivals / Baggage Claim, and Check-in are located to the left and right of the center.
  5. Terminal 2 has been continuously expanded and upgraded, and recent reports indicate that it may be expanded even further, or that it may be replaced by a new Terminal 2.
  6. Recently, new dining and shopping establishments have opened.
  7. Terminal 3 of Dubai International Airport, which includes Concourses AB (which are connected by an underground rail), is only served by EmiratesQantas Airways.
  8. Located on the Arrivals level of T3, there are two rows of luggage carousels – one with odd numbers 1 – 13 and one with even numbers 2 – 14 – the center of which is marked with the letters COSTA.
  9. It is flanked by airline gates on both sides of the center and provides bus links to Gates C and DF on either side of the center, as well as a railway station in the center that connects to Gates B, C, and DF.
  10. It contains the gates A1-24 on the right and the gates A1-A12 on the left, as well as the train to the B, C, and DF gates in the middle.
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As of now, Concourse A offers a diverse selection of brand-name restaurants and duty-free shops, while its First-Class and Business-Class lounges are located on separate levels with direct access boarding gates and provide fine dining as well as conference rooms, business centers, a spa, separate areas for entertainment, smoking, and children’s play areas.

  1. Located in the center of the concourse are shops and food outlets, currency exchanges, a hotel desk, a prayer room, and the medical center; airline gates surround the concourse, as well as information desks and flight information counters.
  2. Recently renovated and expanded, Concourse B now includes a complete family area between gates B7 and B8, as well as a Zen Garden between gates B7 and B8.
  3. Guests can enjoy signature Costa beverages such as iced coffees, cappuccinos and café lattes at the coffee bar, which will be prepared on-site by baristas who will be on hand to assist them.
  4. There is also a selection of healthy beverages, such as juices and smoothies, that are available.
  5. The newly remodeled lounge is about 10,000 square feet in size and can seat more than 1,500 guests at once.
  6. The ‘Timeless Spa,’ which offers hair, beauty, and therapeutic services, has been completely rebuilt.
  7. T3’s Concourse C* is the exclusive domain of Emirates and its partner Qantas, and it is now home to gates C1-C50: gates C18-C1 are located to the left, gates C19-C35 are located to the right (with a link at C35 to gates B1-B32 of T3), and gates 36-46 are located to the north of gate C33.

The concourse is divided into two sections: the first has information counters and flight information; the second contains prayer places and currency exchanges.

Both Dubai International and Domestic Airports now provide unlimited upgraded high-speed WiFi access.

As a result, the number of A380 Code F gates at Concourse C will increase from three to thirteen, bringing the total number of A380 Code F gates at Concourse C to 47.

The continuing project, which is a component of the ‘DXB Plus’ program, is expected to be finished by the end of 2018.

It includes a customized check-in process, immigration baggage clearance, and an escort to the Sheikh Rashid International Airport Terminal.

In April 2016, a new SkyTeam lounge opened its doors (no detailed information available).

At Terminal 2, there is a Business Lounge at Gate C8, which can be reached at +971 4 2164060; and a First Class Lounge at Gate C8.

The Marhaba Lounge, located between Gates C23 and C25, may be reached at +971 4224 5780 for services.

Call +971 4 2165287 to arrange for Al Majlis service.

The new Concourse D has ten lounges (five airline lounges, a new Al Majlis lounge, two Dubai Hotel lounges, and a Marhaba VIP lounge), which is a significant increase over the previous Concourse D.

At Terminal 2: On the third floor of Terminal 3, there is a waiting area for passengers.


Emirates First-Business-Class lounges in Concourse A.-DXB’s new sleep lounges at gate A1 of Concourse Ahouses 20 state-of-the-art sleep pods, as well as seven premium double-cabins with pullout child beds – DXB’s new sleep lounges at gate A1 of Concourse Ahouses seven premium double-cabins with pullout child


The Terminal Complext layout; Important Notices; Terminal Details (including new Concourse D projects, which are detailed under ‘Terminal 1’ below); and Current Lounges are all available on the website. Services that are unique to the organization: The passenger terminal complex at Dubai International now consists of three passenger terminals, T1, T2T3, which are connected by a 24-hour shuttle bus. The Metro also runs between T1T3 – the Red Line of the Dubai Metro has rail stations in T1T3 – while the Green Line Metro serves Terminal 2 and the north-eastern part of the airport.

  1. Emirates Airlines operates DXB and says it has over 270 destinations and diverse services designed to “delight” passengers on their way in, out, or connecting through the airport.
  2. Gourmet food and beverage concessions of the highest caliber are available on site.
  3. You can find out which airlines serve which terminals by visiting the website open:airlines is organized by terminal.
  4. +971 (0)4 216 1999 (for T1T2) or +971 (0)4 504 007 (for T3T4) in case of an emergency.
  5. In T1, below gate C13 or Fox 7, and in T3, on the ground level between Fox 22 and Fox 23, medical centers can be found.
  6. Transportation of passengers arriving at DXB and transferring to DWC Before proceeding to Al Maktoum Airport, it is necessary to clear immigration and collect luggage at Dubai International Airport (DXB) first.
  7. After passing through security, bilingual ‘Virtual Assistants’ stationed at post-security checkpoints help to reinforce security and brand messages by providing passengers with information before entering the security screening and immigration areas.

T1 is located between gates C18-C22 and T3 is located between gates A1-A24B13-B19.

-Muslim prayer rooms and ablution facilities are available at all terminals and car parking lots.

Ansari Exchange is located in Terminal 1 (Arrivals 2) and in Terminal 2 (Arrivals) (1).

There are smoking lounges at the following locations: T1, gates C923; T2, near the departure area; T3, at gates A222 and B727; and T4, near the departure area.

If your passport has a new barcode, use the Smart Gate at T3 Arrivals to expedite the process.

DXB’s automated immigration gates will allow holders of Emirates ID cards to pass through without a problem: Emirates ID Card is completely free, and there is no need to register in advance for the new ID card.

The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA), the Emirates Identity Authority, and Dubai Airports collaborated on the project, which was completed in a matter of months.

– Both Dubai International and International Airports now provide unlimited upgraded high-speed WiFi access to all passengers and visitors.

(at T3).

To and from T1, the New Concourse D is served by an elevated link train that runs every 2.5 minutes.

There is a currency exchange counter, a DTCM Tourist Kiosk (tel.

The car rental desks are located in the Arrivals hall.

Duty-free shopping can be found in the Baggage Hall.

E-gates are available to expedite the processing of your application documents.

Check-in areas A through E have a total of 221 check-in desks, and a bilingual screen that displays flight information also shows the locations of airline check-in counters.

When used in conjunction with the e-gate, ‘SmartCards’ expedite passport control and can be obtained from the DNRD office in T1’s Departures area.

It is also known as the ‘Concourse’ because it houses Dubai Duty Free, a food court, banking and internet services, a children’s play area, a business center, medical care and special needs facilities.

Thirty-two gates have been installed thus far, with 17 being contact gates, four being for heavy aircraft, and eleven being remote gates.

There are ‘Be Relax’ ‘SnoozeCubes’ accessible for passengers who are feeling sleepy or stressed.

Approximately every 2.5 minutes, an elevated link train connects to T1.

Flydubai, as well as smaller airlines and low-cost carriers, are served by Terminal 2 at Dubai International.

A shuttle bus stop for Terminals 13 can be found outside Arrivals, near the security checkpoints.

There are 22 check-in desks at the current T2 terminal, as well as a massive Dubai Duty Free area, banking facilities, restaurants, and an Asseman Airlines first-business-class lounge.

48 new check-in counters, an enlarged transfer area, and 40 additional immigration counters are all planned for the future.

Remember that from the Check-in level of T3, after passing through security, you can take the elevator to gates B1-B32 and C1-C50, or the train to gates A1-A24, depending on your destination.

Passengers flying First or Business class can check in at six check-in counters on the Departures level of T3.

A train station in the center connects to Gates B, C, and DF.

On the right, it has gates A1-24; on the left, gates A1-A12.

Designed to handle the Airbus A380, it is the “world’s biggest airside facility” and has 11 storeys.

Concourse A is also home to the world’s largest collection of duty-free stores (and with First class lounge housing a duty-free shopping area).

Concourse Bof T3 has 16 gates to the right of the center and 32 gates to the left (with a connector between gates B3B4 and C1-C50).

– Emirates made modifications to Concoruse B’s business lounge, which included three different lounge spaces, a Costa Coffee concept, a fitness club, and a Champagne (Moet & Chandon) lounge, among other amenities.

Emirates, in cooperation with Voss water, launched the health center, which offers a nutritious menu of gourmet sandwiches, wraps, and salads for the health-conscious traveler.

First and business class passengers can enjoy a selection of four MoetChandon champagnes, as well as a unique selection of canapes such as smoked salmon wrapped in nori and veal bacon gougere.

Despite popular belief, the size of the children’s play area has not been increased by twofold.

C* of T3 is the exclusive domain of Emirates and its partner Qantas, and it currently houses gates C1-C50.

It is possible to find information desks on both sides of the center, as well as steps leading down to the duty-free stores on the lower floor.

A full-sized bed, a touch-screen television, high-speed WiFi, and a connection to the flight information system are all included in the ‘SnoozeCubes’ units located between gates C13 and C15.

It has been decided to raise the number of A380 contact stands at Concourse C in order to handle Emirates’ superjumbos.

Aside from that, the inside of Concourse C is being redone (gate hold rooms, expansion of airline lounge space and upgrades to passenger services).

NOTE: The new Al Majlis facility, which has three big and six small lounges, may connect to either a commercial or private flight.

Lounges in Use Right Now Dubai International Airport offers a variety of special services, including: ( Call +971 4216 5287 for Al Majlis services, or +971 4224 5780 for Marhaba services.

The following facilities are available at Terminal 1:1: 1.

First Class Lounge; 3.

First Class Lounge; 5.

First Class Lounge; 7.

First Class Lounge; 9.

For services, call +971 4224 5780.

Marhaba Lounge, located between Gates C23 and C25.

To reach Al Majlis service, dial +971 4 2165287.


The new Concourse D contains ten lounges (5 airline lounges, a new Al Majlis lounge, two Dubai Hotel lounges, and a Marhaba VIP lounge), which is an increase over the previous Concourse D’s five.

When you go to Terminal 3, you’ll notice a lot of people there.

One of the Emirates business class lounges can be found on the Departures Level of Concourse B, near gate B22.

The following lounges are available: 2.

Emirates First-Business-Class lounges in Concourse A.-DXB’s new sleep lounges at gate A1 of Concourse Ahouses 20 state-of-the-art sleep pods, as well as seven premium double-cabins with pullout child beds – DXB’s new sleep lounges at gate A1 of Concourse Ahouses 20 state-

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