How Much Is A One Bedroom Apartment In Dubai? (Perfect answer)

  • Studio apartments cost between Dh15,000 to Dh35,000; one-bedroom between Dh25,000 to Dh52,500; two-bedroom from Dh35,000 to Dh80,000 and three-bedroom from Dh60,000 to Dh95,0000. Located close to Jebel Ali, Discovery Gardens is rather a more affordable community, too, in New Dubai where annual rents for a studio range between Dh17,500 to Dh27,500.

What is the cheapest rent in Dubai?

According to Asteco, the most affordable place to rent in the city is International City. Average rents in the area start from Dhs25,000 for a one-bedroom apartment. Next it’s Jumeirah Village, Dubai Sports City and Deira with rents on average starting from Dhs35,000 for a one bedroom apartment.

Is it cheaper to buy or rent in Dubai?

If it’s short, mainly, for a few years, then rent is more economical. On the other hand, the total amount you pay for renting a two-bedroom apartment in Dubai in a period of few years can be easily used as the instalment for buying your own house in Dubai.

Is rent high in Dubai?

The average rent in the UAE has dipped by 30% in recent years, but expats can still expect to spend nearly half of their salary on rent alone. Many UAE companies offer housing to their employees, but some offer only an allowance. When looking at housing costs, keep in mind that Dubai is the most expensive city.

How can I live cheap in Dubai?



How much is a room in Dubai?

Dubai hotels range from $35 to $107 per night with an average of $46, while most vacation rentals will cost $210 to $530 per night for the entire home. Average worldwide flight costs to Dubai International Airport (DXB) are between $722 and $1,105 per person for economy flights and $2,266 to $3,467 for first class.

Can you pay rent monthly in Dubai?

Even though it’s not very common, you can find properties in Dubai available on monthly rent payments. Paying rent in Dubai on a monthly basis may bring you convenience, but at the same time they come at a premium – you end up paying higher in the long run than you would if you opted for a single cheque.

Which is cheapest city in Dubai?

5 most affordable areas to live in Dubai

  • Dubai International City. International city tops the list of most affordable rent areas in UAE.
  • Deira. For people having a low budget, Deira will be one of the best choices.
  • Dubai Silicon Oasis.
  • Dubai Sports City.
  • Jumeirah village circle (JVC)

Is it worth to buy an apartment in Dubai?

Why invest in Dubai? The city offers higher rental yields than many other mature real estate markets. On average, investors can achieve gross rental yields of between 5-9%. Property prices per square foot are lower than many other cities globally, making Dubai an affordable location to own prime real estate.

Is it better to buy apartment or villa in Dubai?

In conclusion, villas in Dubai are better suited for large families, who want to enjoy tranquillity and independence, and apartments in Dubai are the right choice for single professionals or smaller families, who want to make use of the financial, social and cultural character for which Dubai is famous.

Do you get residency if you buy property in Dubai?

Purchasing real estate in Dubai may grant the buyer a residence permit. According to the UAE investor visa program, the property must be completed upon the purchase and its value must be of at least AED 1 million. Holders of residence visas through real estate purchase may also sponsor their dependents.

Why are Dubai apartments cheap?

In terms of accommodation prices, it is quite the opposite to most European destinations. The cheapest prices are during the summer when temperatures are highest, between May and July, as this is when residents and expatriates fly out to their home countries.

Is it cheaper to live in Dubai or England?

Cost of living in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) is 29% cheaper than in London (United Kingdom)

Is Dubai worth living?

Dubai attracts expats from all over the world, with more than 200,000 new arrivals each year. While some may find the cost of accommodations expensive, the large supply of attractive housing units, high salaries and low taxes motivate many people to move to Dubai and live the expat lifestyle.

1 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Dubai

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Popular Areas in Dubai for Renting 1 Bedroom Apartment

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Rental Price for 1 Bedroom Apartments in Dubai

The cost of 1 Bedroom Apartments for rent in Dubai varies depending on the size and location of the apartment. Units typically cost between AED 25,000 and AED 200,000 per year, with the highest costing approximately AED 200,000 per year. The most affordable units may be found in Al Qusais, Dubai Land, Dubai World Central, and International City, among other locations. 1 bedroom apartments for rent in JVC and JLT are the next in line. Then there’s the next pricing class, which includes Dubai Marina JBR and Business Bay.

Reason for Renting a One Bedroom Apartment in Dubai

One-bedroom flats in Dubai are the perfect choice for the discriminating resident. You may use to find your ideal one bedroom apartment based on a variety of factors such as size, price, and location. Indeed, renting a one-bedroom apartment in Dubai might be a great way to start saving for a down payment on a home. In addition, all service charges are included in the rent and are paid by the landlord on behalf of the tenant. One-bedroom flats are convenient and hassle-free. There is less room to clean and arrange as a result.

  • The best part is that landlords frequently provide a variety of payment options, including cheque.
  • Moving to a new city may be a difficult and intimidating process.
  • Fortunately for you, provides you with all of the resources you want to locate the ideal rental property in Dubai.
  • For the best one-bedroom apartment rentals in Dubai, go no further than for your search!

What is the average rent for a one bedroom apartment in Dubai?

In the event that you decide to purchase a one-bedroom finished flat in Dubai with a mortgage, the following expenses will need to be taken into consideration: Dubai The cost of a one-bedroom apartment in Business Bay is $1,500. Payment in the amount of 1,300,000 AED is due (25 percent ) The cost charged by the Dubai Land Department is 325,000 AED (4 percent of property price) 52,000 AED – Broker’s commission (2 percent of property price) 26,000 AED – Processing charge for mortgage transactions (1 percent of loan amount) The average mortgage valuation fee in the UAE is 9,750 AED (varies across banks) 2,500 AED – Registration fee for a mortgage (0.25 percent of loan amount) The whole up-front cost is 2,440 AED.

AED 417,690 AED 417,690 AED -Value of the mortgage (75 percent LTV) For a loan period of 25 years and an interest rate of 3.99 percent per annum, the EMI is 975,500 AED (variable) 5,140 AED x 7 years = 5,140 AED in total EMI payments the equivalent of 431,760 AED -Annual housing maintenance fees (AED 13,500) multiplied by seven years.

  1. in this case, supposing you acquire a 900 sq.ft apartment.
  2. The broker’s charge is 630,000 AED (one-time payment) (5 percent of annual rent) 4,500 AED – Annual Ejari registration cost (AED 195) multiplied by 7 years is 4,500 AED.
  3. Based on the RERA rent index, this is the average monthly rent.
  4. For an 85m2 flat, the cost of utilities, such as gas, electricity, and water, is AED 619 per month.
  5. That is the question.
  6. This is quite a high number.
  7. In addition to the initial costs of purchasing a home in Dubai, you may be required to spend around AED 526,260 in home loan installments and property maintenance fees over the course of seven years.

Your selection must take into consideration your own financial situation as well as your preferred way of life.

There is a common element that increases the cost of living for expats in Dubai.

If your bank advertises that it provides fee-free money exchange, be certain that the bank’s cut is reflected in the exchange rate it employs.

This applies the same mid-market pricing that you’ll find on Google and other search engines.

Dubai’s general living expenditures are as follows: It is one of the most important aspects in deciding how costly your lifestyle will be.

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The rental rates are quite expensive.

On a monthly basis, the following are the average living costs in Dubai that are not related to rent: a single individual AED 3,190 (for university students) AED 2,055 (for non-university students) a family of four people AED 11,137 (about) The average annual cost for a four-person household is AED 133,644, which is equivalent to AED 133,644.

  • The wages in Dubai are quite competitive.
  • If you’re a user experience designer or a mobile developer, Dubai is one of the best places in the world to work because of the high salaries available.
  • In administrative and entry-level roles, the salary is not as great as it is in other professions.
  • Dubai boasts a thriving rental market that is second to none.
  • If commuting is not a significant consideration in your decision, you can still find more cheaply priced accommodations.
  • It is possible that the majority of expats living in Dubai will be eligible to apply for a health card, which will entitle them to some free medical treatment.
  • The cost of a family doctor check-up (with or without insurance) is AED 274.

Prescription for antibiotics (with or without insurance) costs AED 96.

Consequently, it’s widely accepted that driving in this area is relatively inexpensive.

In this case, taking public transportation may be your best option if you have a regular commute to make.

A monthly bus or transport pass costs AED 250 and is valid for one year.

It costs AED 31 to take a taxi for the 8km/5mile journey.

Because there are a large number of expats in Dubai, it is clear that there are some excellent educational opportunities available.

You are free to make whatever decision is best for your family. Preschool/kindergarten costs AED 2,882 per month (includes a monthly fee). An annual fee of AED 40,818 is charged for the private school for lower grades. The tuition at Dubai University (undergraduate, one-year program) is AED 243,600.

What is the Cost of Living in Dubai for Expats in 2021?

Whether you are relocating to Dubai to start a business or merely to improve your employment chances, it is beneficial to have a basic understanding of the cost of living in Dubai before you make the decision to relocate here. As a result of the impact of COVID-19, which was combined with reduced oil prices, the cost of living in Dubai is expected to decline in 2021, despite the fact that living costs have grown significantly over the last decade in the UAE. Mercer’s 26th annual Cost of Living Survey for 2020 placed Dubai at number 23, down two spots from the previous year’s rating.

To put this pricing disparity into perspective, consider how Dubai compares to the following cities:

Location Single person monthly cost without rent Average rent in city centre (studio apartment) Taxi fare (5 km) Petrol (1 litres)
Dubai AED 3,443.97(USD 937.70) AED 5,527.83(USD 1,505.07) AED 12.00(USD 3.27) AED 1.99(USD 0.54)
Hong Kong AED 3,894.00(USD 1,060.23) AED 8029.33(USD 2,186.16) AED 11.35(USD 3.09) AED 8.42(USD 2.29)
London AED 4,383.96 (USD 1,193.63) AED 8,747.65(USD 2,381.74) AED 15.43(USD 4.20) AED 6.13(USD 1.67)
New York AED 4,957(USD 1,349.65) AED 11,348.94 (USD 3,090) AED 13.96(USD 3.80) AED 2.58(USD 0.70)
Singapore AED 3,575.43(USD 973.49) AED 7,991.05 (USD 2,175.74) AED 9.98(USD 2.72) AED 6.05 (USD 1.65)

The information comes from Numbereo (Most updated statistics: May 2021) Specifically, we will look at the cost of living for expats in Dubai in four important areas: transportation, housing, and food.

Average Cost of Living in Dubai

Living expenses are those expenses that are vital for one’s survival and are therefore classified as such. It would include things like housing, food, clothes, healthcare, and transportation, just to mention a few examples. Any payments associated with leisure activities would not be included in the calculation of living expenditures. When calculating living expenditures, housing costs account for a significant portion of the total budget. Housing will account for around 30% of total living expenditures, followed by transportation and food, which will account for 15% of total living expenses each.

Here is a brief breakdown of overall prices based on the number of people in your household for your convenience and fast reference.

According to Numbeo statistics, the average cost of living for a single individual reduced by 89.2 percent in 2021 as compared to the previous year.

2020 2021
Single Person AED 8,972 (USD 2,443) AED 3,435.71 (USD 935.35)
Family of Four AED 16,478 (USD 4,486) AED 11,863.31 (USD 3229.69)

Living Expenses in Dubai are as follows:

Housing, RentalUtilities

Your residential costs will be determined by where you choose to live in Dubai, and the area in which you choose to live in Dubai will be greatly influenced by where you want to do business. Here is a table that may be used as a fast reference when it comes to residential rent.

Type of Apartment Cost of rent per month
Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Centre AED 5,528.59 (USD 1,505.28)
Apartment (1 bedroom) Outside of Centre AED 3,687.32 (USD 1,003.95)
Apartment (3 bedrooms) in City Centre AED 10,799.55 (USD 2,940.41)
Apartment (3 bedrooms) Outside of Centre AED 7,490.97 (USD 2,039.58)

The Jumeirah Lakes Tower (JLT) is considered to be one of the most prestigious residential buildings in Dubai. This is a popular district area for expats, and it is located near the Dubai Marina, the Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR), and Dubai’s Old Town, all of which have rental costs that are comparable. A one-bedroom apartment in JLT costs around AED 66,236 (USD 18032.23) each year, or AED 5,519.66 (USD 1526.88) per month, making it one of the most expensive places to live in Dubai when compared to the rest of the country.

However, expats opt to reside in these places because of the sense of belonging they have there, as well as the fact that the amenities nearby are typically more adequate for their requirements.

Dubai Rental Price Comparison: Top Places to Live in Dubai for Expats

Cleaning services for lodgings are included in the housing category of living expenditures as well as other living expenses. Generally speaking, this service is given by employing domestic assistance, which is extremely widespread in Dubai. The charges vary based on the type of cleaning required, but on average, a full-time domestic assistant would cost around AED 2,700 (USD 735) per month, while a part-time domestic helper who comes in once a week (3-hour service) would cost approximately AED 390 (USD 106) monthly.

Dubai Education Costs

Children of expats are permitted to attend both public and private schools in the United Arab Emirates; but, regardless of which kind they attend, tuition must be paid because free government schooling is only accessible to Emirati citizens. AED 6,000 (USD 1,635) per year has been set as the maximum yearly tuition cost for foreigners who wish to attend public schools in the United Arab Emirates.

International / Private Schools

Dubai offers a little more than 200 private schools that serve around 300,000 Emirati and international students. Out of all the emirates in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is the only one that has adopted yearly tuition limitations, which prohibits schools from increasing their prices by exorbitant amounts on an annual basis. Average annual international school costs range between AED 12,723 and AED 64,093 (USD 3,46.84 and USD 17,446.32) in the UAE. It should be noted that school fees are heavily dependent on the location of the school; they vary significantly from one region to the next, and a comprehensive revision may be found here.

Higher Education

Dubai has 65 colleges, each of which offers a wide range of academic programs in a variety of fields. They provide services to both Emirati and international students. Public universities in Dubai, on the other hand, utilize Arabic as the primary language of instruction, but the majority of private institutions in Dubai use English. Regardless of which university they attend, international students are expected to enroll in Arabic language lessons for the purpose of language development. It is estimated that the average cost of an undergraduate degree or a graduate degree would be AED 173,400 (USD $47,209) or AED 54,800 to 82,200 (USD $14,919-22,379), respectively, for the whole program.

Dubai Transportation Costs

Driven transportation in Dubai is undoubtedly the most convenient mode of transportation, and owing to low fuel costs, the cost of operating a car is rather modest. Another point to mention is that traffic congestion in Dubai is quite severe, making it difficult to commute during the busiest periods of the day. In the event that you have to go to and from work on a regular basis, taking public transit is definitely your best option.

Car Ownership

Driving in Dubai is undoubtedly the most convenient mode of transportation, and the cost of operating a car is low owing to the low cost of gasoline in the city.

Aside from that, it is crucial to know that traffic congestion levels in Dubai are quite high, making traveling during rush hour challenging. In the case of a daily commute to and from work, taking public transit is definitely your best option.

Public Transportation

Transportation Fares/Prices in Dubai Average Cost
Taxis(per 1 km) AED 2.44 (USD 0.66)
Buses(single ticket) AED 5 (USD 1.4)
Buses(monthly pass) AED 300 (USD 81.67)
Average price of 1 L petrol AED 2.00 (USD 0.54)

There are two Dubai Metrostations in the JLT region, which makes it highly accessible for employees, residents, and tourists to access destinations in the premium district, DMCC, from their homes. In addition, there is a bus service that operates around the town, making stops at various locations. More information about public transportation in Dubai may be found on the official website of the Dubai government.

Dubai HealthcareInsurance

The Dubai Health Authority has enacted new law requiring all inhabitants, including expats, to obtain medical insurance. This includes both nationals and foreigners. Foreigners will need to obtain private health insurance plans, which are often purchased via their jobs, whilst locals can get coverage under the government-funded system. Dubai is particularly well-known for its high-quality healthcare system, which is among the best in the world among the seven Emirates. Taking advantage of both public and private healthcare services is something you will be able to do as an expat.

Health Card

In Dubai, private health insurance is preferred by the vast majority of expats, largely because English is widely spoken and most of the medical personnel are international physicians. However, although Dubai’s public medical services are free for residents, foreigners may take advantage of a 50 percent discount if they have a health card. The following are the fees for a health card:

  • Expatriate fees are AED 120 (USD 32.67) for those under the age of 18 and AED 320 (USD 87.12) for those over the age of 18. National fees are AED 25 (USD 6.81) for those under the age of 18 and AED 120 (USD 32.67) for those over the age of 18 and for those under the age of 18.

The prices listed above are one-time payments for the purpose of obtaining a health card. In the event that a health card has expired, a new one must be issued (dependent on age). The Ministry of Health e-Services website may be used by expats to submit an application for a health care card.

The Essential Benefit plan

Also included are provisions for lower-income employees and residents who are not already employed. The Essential Benefits Plan (EBP), which was introduced in 2014, is the bare minimum level of health insurance coverage that all residents of Dubai are required to have. It delivers vital advantages at a reasonable cost to the consumer. The following is a breakdown of the EBP premium package charge for the year:

  • In the UAE, employees receive AED 650-725
  • Dependents (aged 0-65) receive AED 650
  • Single married females (aged 18-45) receive AED 1,600
  • Elderly parents receive AED 2,500
  • And other household employees receive AED 650-725.

For additional details, please see Pacific Prime’s guide to required health insurance in Dubai, published in the year 2021.

Is Dubai really that expensive for expats?

Dubai has risen to the top of the list of best cities for expats to live in, while also being one of the most cheap places to live in the world. Are you considering relocating to Dubai for business purposes? More information is available in our free ‘2021 Dubai Free Zone Guide,’ which contains all you need to know about relocating and establishing up shop in the appropriate free zone. Living in Dubai, expat life in Dubai are some of the topics covered.

Rent and Housing in the UAE: Everything You Need to Know

If you are wondering how to rent a house or apartment in the United Arab Emirates, you should know that it is simple, but the rent costs are high. The United Arab Emirates is well-known for giving competitive salaries, yet a large portion of these earnings is spent on meeting the country’s high cost of living.

The average rent in the United Arab Emirates is between 30,000 and 50,000 AED (8,100 and 13,600 USD) a year for a studio apartment, depending on the location. One- and two-bedroom flats are priced between 70,000 and 100,000 AED (about $19,000 and $27,220 USD), depending on the size.

Average Annual Apartment Rent in Abu Dhabi

Apartment Type High End Properties Lower End Properties
One-Bedroom Apartment 106,630 AED (29,000 USD) 65,780 AED (17,900 USD)
Two-Bedroom Apartment 153,130 AED (41,690 USD) 95,000 AED (25,860 USD)
Three-Bedroom Apartment 200,630 AED (54,620 USD) 123,890 AED (33,730 USD)

Average Annual Apartment Rent in Dubai

Apartment Type High End Properties Lower End Properties
One-Bedroom Apartment 96,670 AED (26,320 USD) 56,200 AED (15,300 USD)
Two-Bedroom Apartment 140,000 AED (38,115 USD) 79,000 AED (21,510 USD)
Three-Bedroom Apartment 190,000 AED (51,725 USD) 105,000 AED (28,585 USD)
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Keep in mind that the most costly emirates in the United Arab Emirates are Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Average Housing Rent

Some expats prefer to rent a villa or a property in the United Arab Emirates. When renting a property in Dubai, the bare minimum is 193,180 AED (52,590 USD) for a three-bedroom home and 298,640 AED (81,300 USD) for a five-bedroom home. 168,180 AED (45,785 USD) can buy you a three-bedroom property in Abu Dhabi, while 305,910 AED (83,280 USD) will get you a five-bedroom home.

Renting in the UAE as a Foreigner

Rental agreements in the UAE are generally one year in length and are difficult to terminate. Fortunately, housing regulations protect both the landlord and the tenant, so you are not at risk if your landlord decides to terminate your lease early without notice. It is possible to discover apartments that are both furnished and unfurnished. It all boils down to a matter of time and money. A furnished apartment is substantially more expensive than an empty flat, although it is easy to buy moderately priced furniture in stores all throughout the United Arab Emirates.

The vast majority of enterprises in the United Arab Emirates will give accommodation or a housing allowance for its workers.

Rental Process and Rules

Contracts for renting an apartment in the UAE are normally one year in length and are difficult to terminate if necessary. In the unlikely case of a lease break-up by the landlord, you will be protected by housing regulations that benefit both the landlord and the renter. Both furnished and unfurnished apartments are available for rent in this area. Both time and money are factors in making this decision. It is possible to purchase cheaply priced furniture at stores all around the United Arab Emirates, however a furnished apartment will cost substantially more than an empty property.

A housing allowance or a housing allowance will be provided by the vast majority of firms in the United Arab Emirates.

Steps to Finding Accommodation in the UAE

The first step in renting an apartment in the United Arab Emirates is to physically arrive in the country. Many apartments are offered online, but it is recommended that you do not sign a lease until you have had the opportunity to inspect the property in person.

Because housing is costly in this area, most leases are for a period of one year. When renting in the UAE, it is crucial to consider factors such as the surrounding traffic and public transit choices, therefore expats are recommended to see homes as soon as they arrive in the country.

Step Two: Look Online

In order to rent an apartment in the UAE, you must first go to the nation and establish residency there. Many apartments are available for rent on the internet, but it is best not to sign a lease until you have had the opportunity to inspect the property. Landlords charge a high rent, and leases are normally for a year. When renting a property in the UAE, it is vital to consider factors such as the surrounding traffic and public transit choices. Therefore, expats are urged to examine homes as soon as they arrive.

Traffic in the United Arab Emirates may be intense in many regions, and it is important to examine the situation in person.

Step Three: Hire an Agent

Many expats employ the services of a real estate agent to assist them in their quest. Always check to see if the agent is licensed and registered with the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA). In some jurisdictions, like as Dubai, it is against the law to conduct business with unregistered freelancers. The agent is in charge of all of the paperwork and contracts that need to be completed. Engage the services of a real estate professional to assist you in locating rental property that is appropriate for your needs and negotiating a favorable rental rate.

Step Four: Prepare Your Documents

The following are the most common criteria and supporting documentation for renting:

  • A copy of your residence visa
  • A marriage certificate that has been confirmed by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs, if you are married
  • A job contract or salary certificate
  • A bank statement
Step Five: Rental Contract and Deposit

If you are relocating to Dubai or Abu Dhabi, you must register your rental agreements with the local authorities. You should be aware that this may soon become the usual practice in all seven emirates. Expats relocating to the United Arab Emirates should consult with their real estate agent about the unique contract requirements for their chosen emirate before signing anything. The Ejari is the name given to the rental contract in Dubai, whereas the Tawtheeq is the name given to the rental contract in Abu Dhabi.

  1. This form is filled out by either the property owner or the real estate consultants who are in charge of the property management.
  2. The ability to bargain down the price has become more common in recent years.
  3. If you look outside of the major centers, you may be able to discover landlords that accept payments on a month-to-month basis.
  4. Because of the stormy history of interactions between landlords and renters, rental contracts contain severe penalties if they are breached early.
  5. Both landlords and tenants will benefit from this arrangement.

Useful Tips

The location of your stay in the United Arab Emirates is critical while searching for the appropriate lodging. Transportation on the highways of Abu Dhabi and Dubai is very congested, making trips to and from work difficult.

Even while there are public transit options available, they aren’t as extensive as in other large cities and nations. When looking for a place to live in the United Arab Emirates, these are some things you should ask yourself:

  • The location of your accommodation in the United Arab Emirates is critical while searching for the best offer. Abu Dhabi and Dubai have congested roadways, making travels to and from work a difficult experience. However, compared to other large cities and nations, there is a significant lack of public transit in the city. In order to find accommodation in the United Arab Emirates, you need ask yourself certain questions.

Utilities and Bills Payment

In the United Arab Emirates, utilities are often not included in the rent. They will have to be registered with the appropriate authorities in your emirate. Utilities are estimated to cost between 500 and 600 AED (136 and 163 USD) per month. Keep in mind that your cost will be greater during the warmest months of the year, when air conditioning is used the most. There are different utility firms for Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, and the Northern Emirates, as well as for the rest of the United Arab Emirates.

Short-Term Rentals

Accommodation in the United Arab Emirates requires a significant cost and time investment. A month or two to look for the appropriate apartment could be plenty due to the difficulty of breaking leases these days. If this is the case, you should check into short-term renting options first. Dubai was the first to implement short-term leasing restrictions, doing so in 2015. Tenants and property owners are protected from fraudulent subletting and unlawful renting under the terms of these legislation.

Short-Term Rentals: Average Price

The average price of a short-term rental in the United Arab Emirates might be much more than the average price of a one-year lease, depending on where the accommodation is located. Check if you will be renting during a busy or slow tourist season, or whether you will be renting during a vacation, since this might have an impact on the price.

Short-Term Rentals: What Documents do I Need?

A copy of your passport is all that should be required when renting a short-term rental in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). You may be required to pay a tourist charge, which varies depending on the length of your visit.

Short-Term Rentals: Things to Know

Expats who are going to the desert country on their own might check into shared housing. Please be informed that under Sharia law, unmarried men and women are not permitted to live together, even if they have separate beds in their home. While the practice is typically ignored by authorities when it comes to foreigners and non-Muslims, you should be aware that you are taking a risk by participating. When engaging in this behavior, you run the risk of drawing unwelcome attention to yourself, which might result in significant penalties if you are arrested for another crime.

30 Best Apartments for Sale in Dubai, United Arab Emirates –

1st place: €320,740 The sum of 5 reviews2 nd€153,812 and 3 reviews3 rd€369,626 is the sum of 3 reviews 171,697 Euros for the fourth time based on 3 customer reviews Only 5 of 1458 apartment projects in Dubai are displayed. 5 th€119,234 From3 reviewsOnly displaying 5 of 1458 apartment projects in Dubai. The information on project ratings is derived from feedback from verified residents and visitors to specific developments. 1st place: €381,549 based on 3 reviews2nd€512,707 Based on 2 reviews3 rd€147,108 Based on 2 reviews 4th th€208,421 th€208,421 From2 reviews 5 th€262,527 From2 reviewsOnly 5 of 1458 apartment developments in Dubai are being shown.

  1. 1st place: €512,707 based on 2 reviews and €238,468 3 reviews3 rd€418,274 based on 3 rd based on 2 reviews 4 th€333,855 th€333,855 th based on 2 reviews The 5th edition of The Pulse Dubai South (Dubai World Central), Dubai South (Dubai World Central), Dubai South (Dubai World Central).
  2. The information on project ratings is derived from feedback from verified residents and visitors to specific developments.
  3. €209,852 based on 3 reviews2nd€153,812 based on 3 reviews3 rd€171,697 based on 3 reviews based on 3 customer reviews 4 th €119,234 (fourth) based on 3 customer reviews Only 5 of 1458 apartment projects in Dubai are displayed.
  4. The information on project ratings is derived from feedback from verified residents and visitors to specific developments.
  5. The information on project ratings is derived from feedback from verified residents and visitors to specific developments.
  6. 5 th€95,387 From2 reviewsOnly 5 of 1458 apartment projects in Dubai are displayed.
  7. 1st place €405,396 based on 3 reviews 2nd €238,468 based on 3 reviews €512,707 from 2 reviews for 3rd place 4 th€298,085 from 2 reviews th€298,085 Only 5 of 1458 apartment projects in Dubai are displayed.

5 th€247,530 From2 reviewsOnly 5 of 1458 apartment projects in Dubai are displayed. The information on project ratings is derived from feedback from verified residents and visitors to specific developments.

What You Need to Know About Dubai

Aiming to be the business capital of the Middle East, Dubai is located on the eastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula, on the Persian Gulf. It is the world’s most populous city. It also acts as a key international transit center for passengers and freight, both domestically and internationally. Oil revenues aided the city’s growth, which was already an important commerce center, by allowing it to expand. Dubai is the most well-known city in the United Arab Emirates and the capital of the Emirate of Dubai.

  • In the early twenty-first century, the city saw rapid growth, transitioning from a small fishing hamlet to a cosmopolitan metropolis with a strong concentration on tourism and hospitality industries.
  • Since the beginning of the twentieth century, it has operated as a regional and international commercial center of importance.
  • The temperature is roughly 35 degrees Celsius on average during the day.
  • The temperature might exceed 50 degrees Celsius, resulting in an excessively hot and humid environment to deal with.
  • In Dubai, the United Arab Emirates Dirham is the official currency (AED).
  • Among the world’s most popular tourist destinations, Dubai is home to the second-highest concentration of five-star hotels after Hong Kong.
  • English, on the other hand, is widely spoken across the city, although Arabic is the official language of the country.

Dubai Real Estate Trends

Trends and average prices in the Dubai apartment market might help you learn more about the industry.

How affordable is it to live in Dubai?

Dubai is located in the Arabian Desert, in the middle of the country. But the topography of Dubai is very different from that of the UAE’s southern region in that much of Dubai’s environment is characterized by sandy desert patterns, whereas gravel deserts predominate in much of the country’s southern region. Besides manufacturing, Dubai is a popular location for service sectors such as information technology and finance, thanks to the presence of industry-specific free zones around the city.

  • The major draw for tourists to Dubai is shopping, yet the city also has historical and contemporary things to offer.
  • In Dubai alone, there are around 70 commercial malls, including Dubai Mall, which is the world’s largest shopping mall.
  • As a result, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the city.
  • As well as acting as a gateway to the Burj Khalifa and The Dubai Aquarium, The Dubai Mall is also the city’s most important retail attraction.
  • Dubai’s officials intended to expand the city’s limited seafronts, so they persuaded developers to construct enormous man-made islands off the city’s shoreline to accomplish this.

When viewed from above, the Globe Islands, for example, are a cluster of small islands that are organized in a manner that resembles a world map. It is often recognized as one of the most distinctive spots in the entire city.

Types of Apartment in Dubai

The Dubai real estate market offers a diverse selection of property kinds from which to choose. Apartments, villas, and townhouses are just a few of the several types of real estate available for purchase in Dubai. Those traits can be divided into a number of different categories. In Dubai, there are two types of lodgings that are very popular: hotels and serviced flats. The entire tenancy procedure is overseen by a reputable hotel management staff you can rely on. In Dubai, multi-story houses such as duplexes and triplexes are available, albeit they are not very popular.

  • Compact studio apartments are one of the most cost-effective solutions for first-time homeowners who want to live alone.
  • Studio apartments are a fantastic investment since they have a high yearly rental yield on the rental market and are easy to find.
  • At the Capital Bay Tower A, the starting price for a studio apartment is roughly AED 430,000, which is an acceptable price for such a little area.
  • The price of a one-bedroom apartment for sale in the business sector may rise as a result of the increasing demand.
  • A one-bedroom apartment in this location is available for purchase for a reasonable price of AED 930,000.
  • It is one of the city’s most major residential complexes, located in Dubai Creek Harbour, and it is known as the 17 Icon Bay.
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What is the average price of a Apartment in Dubai?

Apartment SizeAvg. PriceStudio(View 1,731 ApartmentsFlats) €208,0001 Apartment SizeAvg. PriceStudio(View 1,731 ApartmentsFlats) €208,0001 Bedroom(View 9,890 ApartmentsFlats) €300,0002 Bedrooms(View 11,217 ApartmentsFlats) €555,0003 Bedrooms(View 5,645 ApartmentsFlats) €1,040,0004 Bedrooms(View 5,645 ApartmentsFlats) €1,040,0005 Bedrooms(View 5,645 ApartmentsFlats) €1,040,0006 Bedrooms(View 5,645 ApartmentsFlats) €1,040,0005 Bedroom €3,240,000 for 3 bedrooms (see 1,782 apartments and flats)

Lifestyle Factors in Dubai

Traditionally, Arab culture serves as the foundation for the culture of the United Arab Emirates. The architecture, music, clothing, food, and way of life in the city have all been affected by Arab and Islamic culture in some way. Five times a day, the minarets of mosques strewn over the land call Muslims to prayer. Dubai is regarded as one of the world’s premier destinations for high-end living. Singles, families, and even retirees will find the city to be a warm and inviting location. Dubai Marina is a must-see for everyone who wishes to become completely immersed in the Dubai lifestyle and culture.

  • Buyers interested in living in the expensive Downtown Dubai are attracted to the area by the ultra-modern lifestyle, skyscrapers, and world-class retailing and dining options.
  • It is impossible to become bored when visiting this site because there are several entertainment options available in the immediate region.
  • Children from both the local and expat communities benefit from the world-class education provided by international schools and educational institutes.
  • Clubs and bars are typically located in hotels due to the restrictions on serving alcoholic beverages.

A varied selection of foreign cuisines are available in the city, despite its reputation for producing some of the world’s greatest seafood.

Top Reasons to Invest in Dubai

International homeowners who make investments in the United Arab Emirates are most concerned about their safety, and Dubai is towards the top of the list in terms of well-being and security for international homeowners. The purchase of a residence valued at least AED 1 million by a foreigner qualifies them to apply for a resident visa in the United Arab Emirates. Because the country’s economic development and expansion are accelerating, now is a wonderful moment to make investments in real estate and other forms of property.

As a city that is continually expanding and developing, Dubai is a fantastic spot to make an investment in land or residential properties.

By the time it hosts Expo 2020, Dubai aspires to have transformed the city into an inclusive, barrier-free, and disabled-friendly destination for everyone.

Dubai has the potential to become a world-renowned tourist destination in the near future.

What are the top 5 reasons to invest in Dubai apartments?

Over the last ten years, the Dubai real estate market has undergone significant transformation and evolution, with a number of ups and downs, as well as new regulations that will make transactions safer and more seamless for all parties involved. Here are five of the most compelling reasons to invest in Dubai apartment buildings: –

  1. Upgrading Infrastructure – Dubai is always expanding and improving its infrastructure to accommodate the rising population that flocks to the city each year. From the roads to the malls, to the residential or commercial spaces, there’s always something new to see. The airport is expanding, with over 1000 planes arriving daily, making it convenient for travelers of all sorts to get to and from the airport. The Dubai government and many private organizations have established Dubai as one of the leaders in health care and health facilities as a result of a significant investment in overall infrastructure, combined with efforts to attract and retain the best doctors. Many hospitals have received the highest accreditation available as a result of their service and high-quality care. This has played a significant role in motivating investors and retirees alike
  2. Beaches, breathtaking vistas, and even more beaches – Dubai is home to some of the greatest beaches in the world, some of which are naturally formed, while others are man-made, but all of which are highly delightful locations to soak up the sun and relax on your weekends or vacations in the city. With a large number of projects and developments offering sea views and beach access, they are an excellent investment that provides excellent capital returns from the rental earnings that are generated. Because to the development of Dubai International Airport to accommodate the 120 million passengers predicted by 2025, more business travelers, tourists, and locals will be able to travel in and out of Dubai and the UAE in greater numbers. This draws more investment as a whole, which in turn helps the local market and facilities flourish as a result. Return on Investment (ROI) in terms of rents — Within the category of Dubai flats, they provide some of the best ROI in terms of rental returns on both short and long-term leases, with some owners earning up to 10-12 percent a year on their investments. Some projects even offer fixed guaranteed returns of 5 percent or higher, as well as full property management, making them a truly hassle-free investment. As an investor, you simply put your money in and wait for the yearly payment, with no need to be involved in the day-to-day operations of the project. In terms of capital appreciation, some owners have purchased and seen a nearly 20-30 percent growth in capital as a result of the rising population in Dubai, which helps to guarantee that the city is a safe and fantastic location to invest.

One Bedroom Apartment on Al Safouh Road, Dubai, UAE

The One Bedroom Apartment on Al Safouh Road qualifies for a Genius discount if you mention this website. All that is required to save at this property is that you sign in. One Bedroom Apartment on Al Safouh Road is located in Dubai, a 16-minute walk from Sufouh Beach and 2.6 kilometers from Mina Seyahi Beach. It has an outdoor swimming pool and air conditioning, and it can accommodate up to 4 guests. A free private parking space, a 24-hour front desk, and free WiFi are all included at this apartment.

The apartment is located on the first floor of the building.

The Mall of the Emirates is 2.4 kilometers away from the condominium, while the Burj Al Arab Tower is 3.7 kilometers away from the residence.

Since June 13, 2021, One Bedroom Apartment on Al Safouh Road has been a friendly host to visitors.

One Bedroom Apartment Dubai Fountain & Old Town View by Auberge, Dubai, UAE

Friendly hosts, a fantastic location, a good-sized apartment with excellent facilities, and a stunning view. Overall, it was a positive experience. Veselin Emirates of the United Arab Emirates In the ten years that I have been visiting Dubai, this has been the most efficient and flawless stay I have ever had. The property manager, Joy, messaged me on WhatsApp several days before my reservation to obtain my information and paperwork in order to expedite check-in. She greeted us at the door and assisted us with our baggage as well as directing us to the parking lot.

  • There was a lot of fresh linens, pillows, and towels, among other things.
  • The kitchen was well-stocked with coffee/tea and cold water in the refrigerator, among other things.
  • The location of this apartment was exceptional.
  • Fountain view to enjoy the spectacle at night.
  • Sarah The United States of America is a country in North America.
  • Mrs.
  • It’s quite convenient.

The staff members were always on time, well-dressed, and helpful and encouraging.

The location, cleanliness, and contemporary design of the apartment were all excellent.

Bu Saudi Arabia is a country in the Middle East.

I’d want to express my gratitude to Ms.

Anonymous Emirates of the United Arab Emirates Excellent position with a beautiful view of the neighborhood; the balcony is a nice bonus feature as well.

JOY, our host, goes above and beyond to make our stay as pleasant as possible.

This flat is ideal for a family of four people.

We were extremely appreciative that she went out of her way to arrange for our transportation to the airport.

The apartment offers a fantastic view of the Burj fountains and is exceptionally bright in the mornings. The supermarket the next day is also really convenient. Rachel The United Kingdom is a country in the European Union. – Deals & kortingen voor hotelreserveringen van luxe hotels tot budgetovernachtingen

All available accommodations in Dubai, Dubai, and the United Arab Emirates. Apartment in the heart of Dubailand with a private outdoor swimming pool.

  • Free WiFi in the lobby
  • Stamps that may be reused
  • A money-back guarantee

Beperkingen voor je reis

It is possible to have Covid-19-reisbeperkingen in place for this bestemming, which may include specific restrictions on accommodations. Check all national, local, and health-related recommendations for this product before placing an order. Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, United Arab Emirates

Aangescherpte maatregelen inzake gezondheid en veiligheid

The schoonmaak and safety of guests are prioritized at this establishment, which has implemented a number of recently established rules.

  • Accomodation confirms that new schoonmaakmaat regulations are being implemented
  • However, it does not specify which ones. In order to accommodate their guests, they use the services of a professional tailoring business. It is possible to incheck without having to contact anyone. Guests will receive a complimentary desinfectant handgel.
  • It is possible to park
  • There is a swimming pool and free WiFi, as well as a friendly staff.

Pluspunten van de accommodatie

  • Free WiFi in public areas
  • A limited number of parking spaces
  • A limited number of parking spaces Welcom to the Huisdieren
  • Lift
  • Access to the outdoor swimming pool

In de buurt

  • In Al Barsha, the Dubai Science Park is one minute away, the Dubai Butterfly Garden is twenty minutes away, Dubailand is five kilometers away, the Dubai Autodrome is six kilometers away, and the Dubai Sports City is eight kilometers away.

Verdeling van de bedden

It is available for a maximum of three people.

Slaapkamer 1

The room has one king-size bed and one tweepersoon’s sleep bank.

Boek deze accommodatie en verzamel stempels na je verblijf

The following is the rule: Verzamel ten stempels and receive one bonusnacht*.

Voor datums voor 2 gasten in

  • • Verzamel 10 stempels and receive 1 bonusnacht* as part of the standard operating procedure

In de buurt

  • The following is the rule: Verzamel ten stempels and receive one bonusnacht.


  • Dubai (DXB-Dubai International) is 24 minutes away
  • Dubai (DWC-Al Maktoum International) is 26 minutes away
  • Sharjah (SHJ-Sharjah International) is 34 minutes away.

Check out the map on the right side of the screen. Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, United Arab Emirates

Het appartement

  • The number of parking spaces is limited
  • Free internet is available in public areas
  • A lift
  • And visitors are welcome.


  • Arrival from 13.00 uur to 15.00 uur
  • Departure no later than 12:00 uur.

Speciale incheckinstructies

  • Please make contact with the accommodation through the contact information provided in the booking confirmation in order to arrange for the check-in. Please contact the accommodation 48 hours prior to the arrival date to arrange for the check-in. You will receive an e-mail containing special in-checkinstructions.


  • Payment for incidental costs can be made using a credit card, a bank draft, or a bank account. Possibiliteit van identiteitsbewijs met photo worden geplaatst
  • The minimum age to enter is 18 years old
  • However, there is no maximum age.

Niet alleen op reis

  • Through the availability of smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, fire alarm systems, and EHBO alarms, guests are relieved of the responsibility of providing for their own safety. This accommodation indicates that temporary maatregels will be implemented in order to provide an extra layer of schoonmaak and to ensure the safety of the guests. The accommodations are professionally decorated, and the beddengoed and handdoeken are kept at a temperature of no less than 60 degrees Celsius. On arrival, guests are greeted with a handkerchief. Visitors can check in and out of their contact information at this location
  • This establishment accepts credit cards and pinpasses.

Ook bekend als

  • 1 bedroom apartment Dubai
  • 1 bedroom apartment Dubai
  • 1 bedroom apartment

Veelgestelde vragen

  • Yes, the One-bedroom Apartment is equipped with fully-restored bedrooms, which you may book through our website. If you have a fully restitueerable kamer that has been geboekt, you have the option to cancel it up to a few days before the inchecken. See the cancellation policy for the accommodation for the most up-to-date terms and conditions. Bepalingen
  • This accommodation confirms that the guests will have access to an on-demand handgel during their stay. This information has been provided by our business partners. Ja. It is possible that the number of available parking spaces will be limited. Yes, there is an outdoor swimming pool available to you. Yes, hutsdieren can be rented for free. You can check in between the hours of 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM. Check-out is at 12:00 p.m. (local time). There is the option of using contactless check-in and check-out
  • Ja. The nearest eateries are Hengchen (4,6 km), London Fish & Chips (4,8 km), and Cycling Hub (5,1 km). The One-bedroom Apartment has a private terrace and a private outdoor pool.

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