How To Import Car From Dubai To India? (Solution found)

The following paperwork will be required for importing a vehicle to India.

  1. Invoice of the vehicle.
  2. Insurance policy.
  3. GATT Declaration.
  4. Bank Draft.
  5. Bill of Lading or Sea Waybill.
  6. Import License.
  7. Purchase Order/Letter of Credit.
  8. Test report.

  • o There are two major ways to import a car from Dubai to India. The first way is to make use of an agent while the second method includes a direct import from a person in Dubai o For both these methods, you will require certain documents.

How much does it cost to import a car from Dubai?

Importing Your Car from Dubai to the USA? Importing a Car from Dubai to USA starts at a cost of $2,750 USD with an estimated turnaround time of 20 – 35 days, depending on make and model of the vehicle, the nearest departure port in Dubai, and whether the destination in the USA is on the east or west coast.

Can I transfer my car from UAE to India?

MOTOR VEHICLES Indian nationals coming to India on transfer of residence are allowed to import one vehicle. Import of both new as well as old cars is now allowed. Payment for the car must be made prior to arrival or owner in India.

Is it cheaper to buy a car in Dubai?

Buying a car in Dubai is cheap in comparison to many other countries (though this is less true for luxury vehicles) so buyers can expect lower up-front and monthly payment costs.

How much does it cost to buy a Lamborghini in Dubai?

Price of Lamborghini Aventador in Dubai Lamborghini Aventador Price in Dubai starts from AED 1.65 Million for base variant 6.5L V12 Coupe, while the top spec variant LP750-4 SV Roadster costs at AED 2.15 Million.

How much will it cost to ship a car from Dubai to India?

Typical Shipping Prices – How Much Does It Cost? From the U.S., it usually costs from $2,200 to $5,600 to ship a car to India.

How much is Lamborghini Urus in Dubai?

About the New 2022 Lamborghini Urus With a starting price of AED 997,500, the Lamborghini Urus competes with very well-known competitors such as the Land Rover Range Rover Sportand Jeep Grand Cherokee. This Italian Crossover is available in 1 versions with the most expensive one selling at AED 997,500.

Which car is low maintenance in UAE?

Toyota and Honda are well known for their build quality and low maintenance cost spread over 10 years but have a higher upfront cost. The most basic model of Toyota, a yaris hatchback would set you back AED 53,500 while a Honda City would be around AED 57,000.

Is Dubai cheaper than India?

United Arab Emirates is 3.9 times more expensive than India.

Are supercars cheap in Dubai?

Luxury cars or sports car in the UAE are generally expensive if you buy them brand new but depreciate very quickly over the first two years. Most expats in Dubai will buy a second hand car for a lot less.

How To Import Luxury Cars From Dubai To India ?

When you relocate to a new city or nation, you have no prior knowledge of the surroundings. As a result, hiring movers is a fantastic idea since they will take good care of driving the moving truck and will typically have a strong understanding of the region. You will be able to go to your destination without having to worry about your property. Puranigadi is a company that imports luxury automobiles from Dubai to India. For use in the workplace 1. Dismantling of the equipment The equipment at the office is pricey and difficult to transport.

The things will be removed by the moving pros, who will provide the appropriate equipment.


When transferring a firm, it is natural to be concerned about the schedule and expense of the move.

This will increase efficiency while also saving you money on additional moving expenses.

  1. You must get an RTA export document in order to export your goods. It is possible to transport a car either with a RORO vessel or in a container
  2. However, if you are shipping via container, the container must be lashed with lashing equipment. Passing of ED (in most circumstances, customs will need to check the car’s engine number / chases number, which will be listed on the paperwork)
  3. The process of preparing the bill of lading

– When you arrive at your destination:

  1. Pay the DTHCDO fees in order to collect the delivery order. Carry out the customs clearance
  2. Pay the duties and taxes, and then obtain the documentation to support the registration. Drive the automobile once it has been registered.

Please keep in mind that in India, your automobile must be in right-hand drive, but in the UAE, cars are in left-hand drive. Either you have to get a right-hand-drive vehicle or you have to adjust the steering.

How to Import Cars from Dubai to India

The dates are October 19th, 2020.

How to Import Cars from Dubai to India

India and the United Arab Emirates have emerged as key commercial partners in recent years. As of 2019, the UAE was India’s third-largest trading partner, behind the United States and China. The country in the Persian Gulf has emerged as a key political, economic, and cultural partner for India. The car industry is one of the most significant areas of commerce between the two nations. Indian corporations such as Ashok Leyland, Hero MotoCorp, and Tata have a significant presence in the United Arab Emirates.

  1. This blog post outlines the process of importing an automobile from Dubai to Indian soil.
  2. Before you import an automobile from Dubai into India, you must be certain that you are complying with the country’s fundamental import regulations.
  3. The vehicle cannot be manufactured or assembled by an Indian business.
  4. o Unless you have specific authorization, the steering wheel and controls of the vehicle must be situated on the right-hand side of the vehicle.
  5. For example, its engine capacity must be between 1000 cc and 2500 cc to be considered.
  6. It is necessary to cover the following phases in order to finish the process: When importing a car from Dubai to India, there are two main methods to choose from.
  7. Both of these techniques will need the submission of relevant papers.

In addition, if appropriate, you may require a Duty Exemption Entitlement Certificate to complete the transaction.

At the moment, the import tariff on automobiles is set at a whopping 165 percent.

o After you have paid all of the duties, you will be able to pick up your vehicle in India.

You must take your car to one of the authorized testing facilities.

It is ensured that the vehicle is suitable for usage in India as part of this procedure.

You should be able to drive it across the nation without any problems.

ConclusionTo summarize, it is apparent that Indians like importing automobiles from other countries.

Institutions such as Euro Exim Bank provide customized help to importers in the form of financial instruments and specialized trade consultancy services, among other things.

Euro Exim Bank provides financial instruments such as Bank Guarantees and Letters of Credit to companies doing business in Europe (LCs). More information about Euro Exim Bank and its core product offerings may be found on the company’s website.

Shipping Vehicles To & From India

What exactly is contained inside this article?

  1. How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Package? Typical Shipping Prices
  2. Cost and time examples for shipping a car to India
  3. Popular India shipping destinations
  4. And international shipping requirements are all provided below. Shipping a vehicle to India
  5. The cost of shipping
  6. And shipping heavy equipment are all topics covered in this section. Oversized Cargo to India
  7. International Shipping
  8. Other Services
  9. Additional Information
  10. Other Resources Faqs

Typical Shipping Prices – How Much Does It Cost?

  • It typically costs between $2,200 and $5,600 to export a car to India from the United States
  • The majority of cars shipped to the region are transported in shipping containers, which can hold most ordinary automobiles. The costs of transporting heavier automobiles that do not fit into a container are often greater.

CostTime Examples For Shipping a Car to India

To/From Ground Ocean Days
New York, NY to (New York port) to New Dehli $275 $2,000 5+25
Las Vegas, NV to (California port) to New Dehli $450 $3,700 5+36
Portland, OR to (California port) to New Dehli $475 $3,700 6+36
Seattle, WA to (California port) to New Dehli $550 $3,700 6+36
Columbus, OH to (New York port) to New Dehli $550 $2,000 5+25
Detroit, MI to (New York port) to New Dehli $575 $2,000 6+25
Atlanta, GA to (New York port) to New Dehli $700 $2,000 6+25
Denver, CO to (California port) to New Dehli $775 $3,700 7+36
Miami, FL to (New York port) to New Dehli $925 $2,000 7+25
Dallas, TX to (California port) to New Dehli $1,025 $3,700 7+36

*All prices and delivery timeframes are estimates. They might differ based on the time of year and the type of vehicle being used. *By bringing the car to the nearest port, you can save money on ground transportation. * Allow an extra 10 days for the paperwork to be processed. * For one automobile in a dedicated 20ft container, the prices are as follows: This is the safest and most dependable method of transporting a car across international borders. It is possible that more goods will be put in the container to assist you save money on your move.

  • Get in touch with us right now for a free RoRo quotation.
  • It is vital to know the size and model of your car when you engage a transportation firm, because the space it takes up on board a ship is critical to the success of your voyage.
  • The distinctions between these two ways are very considerable, for one thing in terms of expense and, for another, in terms of protection provided.
  • A RORO vehicle is driven on and off a ship by its own power, and it is typically on deck or at least exposed to the weather in some form.
  • Naturally, the cost of a door-to-port service would be more than an airport shuttle.
  • The ability to carry your household belongings in a container, apart from the vehicle, is another advantage of shipping by container delivery.

Popular India Shipping Destinations

A-1 Auto Transport ships to locations all around the world. Obtain a free, no-obligation auto shipping quote that is not tied to a purchase. Call us immediately for a free quotation, or fill out the form below to get it done for you:

International Shipping Requirements

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) must be notified of your purpose to ship the vehicle prior to its arrival at a departure port in the United States. A notarized document confirming the approval of the lienholder to allow the vehicle to leave the country will be required at the departure port. If there are any liens against the vehicle, you will also need to present the notarized document confirming the lienholder’s approval for the vehicle to leave the country. Additionally, you will be asked to provide a valid United States driver’s license, evidence of insurance, and a bill of sale demonstrating that you acquired the car in the United States.

It is necessary to leave one set of keys in the car just for this purpose; however, nothing else may be left in the vehicle.

Required Documents For Shipping A Vehicle To India

  1. Authenticated copies of the following documents: passport (original), manufacturer invoice (original), proof of insurance policy, import license, title registration, and OBL (ocean bill of lading).

In most cases, customs duties on automobiles imported into India amount to more than 100 percent of the vehicle’s market value. Learn more about the procedure of registering a vehicle in India.

Cost of Shipping

As previously mentioned, several aspects of the overall cost of shipping your car are influenced by the kind of pickup and delivery to port you select, as well as the manner of transporting your vehicle overseas, which are both substantial expenses. Additionally, taxes will be levied by Indian Customs upon entrance into their nation, with the precise amount levied being subject to the discretion of the authorities. The cost will vary depending on which of India’s ports is the final destination, which might be Mumbai, Chennai, or Vizag in this case.

Shipping Of Heavy EquipmentOversized Cargo To India

Only expert transport firms should be tasked with the task of transporting heavy equipment or big cargo from the United States to other nations. Complying with foreign import regulations is difficult enough, but it is not the only thing that must be done to assure a safe delivery to a foreign country. Fortunately, there aren’t many sorts of heavy equipment or bulky freight that A1 Auto Transport can’t ship worldwide and at a reasonable price for you. Equipment ranging from industrial to agricultural to mining to paving to construction to hydraulic to engineering has been supplied to locations all over the world by our company.

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Tractors Motor Graders Loaders Pile Drivers
Balers Excavators Cranes RVs
Backhoes Asphalt Pavers Pontoon Boats Large Vehicles
Forklifts Skidders Engines Haulers and More…

The International Shipping

The transportation process for big equipment entails several steps and considerations. In order to do this, sturdy, high-quality transporters and shipping equipment are required. Because of our resources, we are able to provide our clients with a choice of four distinct international delivery ways. The shipping methods that are accessible to you are decided after you supply us with basic information about the cargo that you wish to transport from the United States to India.

  1. With Flat Rack, your cargo is fastened to a metal frame that is mounted on top of the ship. Considering that this is an open-air service, we may choose to shrink wrap your goods if inclement weather is expected. As long as it is possible, your cargo will be transported in a 40-foot shipping container. This covered delivery option is somewhat more expensive than our open air shipping methods
  2. Nevertheless, it is more environmentally friendly. This open-air service requires that your goods be operational in order to be moved onto and off of the ship via a ramp. Move On/Lift Off- a crane is used to lift your inoperable vehicle or crated cargo onto and off of the ship
  3. This service is also available.

Ship’s Flat Rack: Your cargo is attached to a metal frame that is installed on top of the ship. Considering that this is an open-air service, we may choose to shrink wrap your goods if inclement weather is predicted. Container Shipping- As long as it is practicable, your cargo will be transported in a 40-foot shipping container. Compared to our open air shipping options, this enclosed shipment technique is significantly more costly. A ramp is required for this open-air service, and your cargo must be functional so that it can be moved onto and off of the ship using a ramp.

Other Services

  • The benefits of transporting an automobile from the United States to India
  • The cost of exporting an automobile from the United States to India
  • The container shipping technique is used to transport an automobile from the United States to India.

Custom Tips for Moving to India

Whether you are returning to India or visiting the country for the first time, you will almost certainly have questions that you would like addressed before making the decision to relocate abroad. The following advice, provided by Careline Removal Company, will hopefully give you with the information you want for importing motor vehicles, household items, and personal effects into the United States. It is important to know that if you import things that are forbidden or restricted, you may be subject to extra costs.

To the best of our knowledge and experience, we have created the Custom Information you requested.

It is possible that custom rules will be changed at any time without previous notification. We will not be held liable for sole relliance on this work, nor will we be held liable for any error or omission.


In accordance with the provisions of the Constitution, Indian nationals as well as foreign nationals, including those of Indian origin, who are relocating to India or coming to India for employment purposes are permitted to import their personal effects and household goods into India without paying any duties. If the commodities are owned by someone who has resided abroad for at least 2 years, that person must now plan on relocating their abode to India. Indian nationals must not have spent more than 180 days in the country in the two years prior to their application.

It is necessary for goods to be transported out within 30 days after the owner’s arrival in India.

If there is a delay, items can only be cleared if customs agrees that the delay is acceptable.

Due to the requirement for the owner’s presence during customs clearance, the owner should have arrived in India before the cargo arrives, or substantial demurrage/container detention would be incurred.


Duty-free imports include used personal effects and household products such as clothing, books, kitchenware, and furniture that have been previously owned. Small appliances such as a mixer, juicer, iron, and other similar items are permitted to be imported duty-free if they are utilized by the shipper. New items are subject to a 60 percent duty charge. Without regard to consumption, duty on the following 14 main appliances (one unit of each kind) is levied at 35 percent of their respective values, up to a value limit of Rs.

  • They are as follows: 01) television, 02) VCR/VCP/VTR, 03) washing machine, 04) dishwashing machine, 05) music system, and 06) refrigerator.
  • Only the first unit is permitted to have a confessional duty rate of 35% of the whole time.
  • 150,000 (US$ 3225), duty at a rate of 60 percent will be imposed on the additional units/value of the appliance in question.
  • The use of a separate liftvan loading sheet will also aid in the clearing of customs.

If you are sending any of the products listed above, please contact us before to shipping so that we can provide you with the relevant information.


  • B/L/AWB copy in original form
  • Shipping passport in original form
  • Inventory in English (well visible)
  • A signed copy of the Indian customs declaration form (which we will provide)
  • Shipments intended for diplomats must be accompanied by a duty exemption certificate from the Indian government.


All liftvans must be stenciled with the shipper’s name and, if possible, with the shipper’s passport number on the side. It is necessary to submit a liftvan-loading chart in order to prevent having to open all of the liftvans during customs clearance. It is not permissible at most Ports of Entry (POE) in India to remove a fully loaded container from the port area. In order to reduce the possibility of theft and pilferage. We strongly advise that the shipment be loaded onto lift vans and then transported.


All liftvans must be stenciled with the shipper’s name and, if possible, with the shipper’s passport number on the sides. It is necessary to submit a liftvan-loading chart in order to prevent having to open all of the liftvans during customs clearing. It is not permissible at the majority of POEs in India to remove a loaded container from the port area. In order to reduce the likelihood of theft and pilferage, Putting the shipment into lift vans and then shipping it is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED.


Indian nationals who come to India for the purpose of transferring their domicile are permitted to import a single automobile. The importation of both new and used automobiles is now permitted. It is necessary to make payment for the automobile prior to the arrival of the owner in India. Shipment can be completed within six months after the date of delivery. It is also possible to import one motorbike in place of a motorcar. A no-sale bond for a period of two years must be lodged at the time of importation.

Foreign nationals who are travelling to India for employment are allowed to bring in one automobile, regardless of the country of origin.

The customs tax on new automobiles is around 182 percent.


On presentation of a custom duty exemption certificate issued by the appropriate diplomatic mission and countersigned by the government of India, the import of household items and motor vehicles is authorized duty-free. Diplomatic persons should make contact with their mission in order to get an exemption from customs duties.

Transfer of Residence Benefits

Foreign or Indian nationals, including non-resident Indians who are relocating to India, are permitted to bring their household items into the country, subject to the following conditions: -The owner has lived abroad for the last two years and will be relocating to India for at least one year. During the previous two years, the owner has not spent more than 180 days in India (foreign nationals are treated at par with Indian nationals except that certain custom stations insists on production of minimum one year visa as a precondition to granting transfer of residence benefits).

Duty-free personal and home items, such as furniture, cookware, glassware, and other items, are available for purchase.

There is a limit of one of each of the following things (new or old) that can be imported at the concessionary tariff rate of 32.6 percent of value, provided that the total value of all of these products (B) does not exceed US$5000.00.

The following items are included: air conditioning; refrigerator; freezer; microwave; washer/dryer; cooktop; computer; fax machine; television; VCR/VCP; video camera; music system. Any item on list (B) that is repeated more than once is subject to duty at the standard rate of 61.2 percent.

Time Limit:

Within 15 days and by sea within 30 days after the owner’s arrival in India, unaccompanied luggage must be despatched by air or sea transport (the delay may be condoned on merits-maximum extended up to 60 days by air and 90 days by sea).

Duty free import of food stuff

Alcoholic beverages, firearms and ammunition, commercial goods, or anything in commercial quantities are all prohibited under federal law.


Domestic pets may be brought into the country duty-free. Certificates of good health and rabies vaccinations are necessary. Copies of the air waybill and these certifications should be faxed to us at least two days before the pet is scheduled to arrive. The owner must be physically present in India. Customs procedures range from one customs post to the next.

Motor Vehicle

When transferring to India, foreign or Indian nationals are permitted to bring only one automobile. Foreign and Indian nationals, on the other hand, are subject to distinct rules and regulations. For security reasons, foreign nationals are not allowed to sell the automobile on the open market. Customs tax is levied at a rate of 103 percent of the car’s c.i.f value, as determined by customs. The original manufacturer’s invoice is required for the purpose of determining the item’s worth and customs duty.

There are restrictions on the amount of horsepower available.

invoice value, as well as the year the automobile was purchased and registered.


All material on this page is provided solely for informational purposes, and while we believe it to be accurate at the time of publication, we cannot be held liable for any errors, omissions, inaccuracies, or misunderstanding of the content. All fees, rules, and processes are subject to change at any time without prior notice. This information is supplied without obligation and at the sole risk of the individual who requests the information. We will not be held liable for any inaccuracies, regardless of their form.

Importing a car in the UAE from Abroad : Steps, Cost & More

Importing an automobile into the United Arab Emirates is not only doable, but it is also a rather simple process provided you follow the correct procedures. There are several standards and regulations that are more or less the same throughout all emirates, and they are listed below. It is simpler to import modern automobiles, but it is not impossible to obtain older automobiles. This book will teach you all you need to know about the procedure, and it will cover all of the crucial points. Let us begin with the selection criterion.

Requirements forImporting a car in the UAE

Any UAE person who lives in the country can import an automobile that is less than ten years old. You will, however, need specific permission from the relevant authorities, such as the Road and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai, if your car is more than ten years old.

Additionally, importing left-steering automobiles is suggested since you may only drive a right-hand drive automobile in the UAE if it is 25 years old or older. Before being imported, the vehicle must not have been damaged in any manner.

Documents Required

Before you begin the process of importing your automobile into the United Arab Emirates, ensure that you have the essential documentation in order:

  • The car’s original invoice, which serves as proof of ownership and value
  • • Your original and photocopied passport, visa, and driving license. • Your Certificate of Origin. receipt for the shipment in its original condition
  • Credit to cover the cost of customs fees
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If you already have the necessary papers, you may begin the importing process by following these steps.

Steps to import a vehicle in the UAE

When the imported vehicle arrives in the United Arab Emirates, it must go through the clearance process. The clearance process takes place at entrance ports like as the Jebel Ali Free Zone, Port Rashid, or Port Zayed, depending on which emirate you are entering. After the car has been approved by the authorities following an inspection, you will be required to pay a charge to them. In the United Arab Emirates, this price is equal to 5 percent of the vehicle’s value. The clearance of imported automobiles in the United Arab Emirates takes place at several entrance points, which vary depending on the Emirate.

This might equal to around AED 4,700.

You will be required to pay an additional AED 700 for the container inspection.

When everything has been cleared, you will be given blue export plates to place to your bumpers.

2.Vehicle Testing

Following the clearance of your vehicle, the following step is to have it tested. Obtain a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Industry Department at the Ministry of Finance and Industry before to visiting any testing facilities. This may be accomplished by submitting the clearance certificate. There are several automobile testing facilities located in the United Arab Emirates. The three automobile testing facilities that have been approved by the government are as follows: The following documents are necessary for vehicle testing:

  • Import paperwork
  • Customs clearance certificate
  • Original and copies of Emirates identification documents, such as passports and driving licenses

The durability and safety of an imported automobile are checked at the vehicle testing center, which is located in Japan. Vehicle testing increases the cost of importing an automobile into the United Arab Emirates. The charge for automobiles imported from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) area starts at AED 120. The inspection fee, on the other hand, is around AED 450 for automobiles from places outside than the GCC. The amount of this tax varies widely across various locations. Several tests are performed on the vehicle at the vehicle testing center in order to determine its durability and roadworthiness.

3.Vehicle Insurance

There are a number of firms in the United Arab Emirates that will insure your imported vehicle.

The insurance quotes differ based on the kind of car and the insurance provider providing them. The following papers will be required for the insurance of imported automobiles in the United Arab Emirates:

  • Driving license, passport, and Emirates ID
  • Vehicle inspection report
  • And other documents.

4. Vehicle Registration

Once you have received your automobile insurance, the following step is to get your imported vehicle registered with the Department of Land and Development (DLD). For registration, you will need the following documents:

  • Proof of purchase
  • Blue export number plates
  • And other documents The application form, completed
  • Insurance papers
  • Original driving license, passport, and visa (as well as photocopies)
  • A letter of clearance from customs
  • Residence evidence (rental contract or utility bill) must be submitted with the visa
  • Vehicle inspection clearance must be submitted with the visa.

Once your documentation and evidence have been authorized and examined, you will be issued a registration card for your vehicle as well as white number plates for it. Keep your registration card with you at all times in your vehicle. A white number plate for your vehicle will be sent to you after your imported vehicle has been registered. These are the procedures that must be followed in order to import an automobile into the United Arab Emirates. If it is not feasible for you to import the vehicle of your choice from another nation, you can always purchase used automobiles in the United Arab Emirates at a reasonable price.

Importing a Vehicle to India – India

Foreign automobiles, motorbikes, scooters, and other non-commercial vehicles into India are subject to stringent rules, both new and used, as compared to domestic vehicles. For example, new foreign automobiles may only be imported into India through the Indian customs ports in Mumbai (Nhava Sheva), Chennai, and Kolkata, not through any other port. It is only via Mumbai’s Indian Customs port that used foreign automobiles may be imported into the country. Because of the high customs taxes imposed by the federal government, importing a non-commercial car can be a time-consuming and expensive endeavor.

The transfer of residency plan allows foreign passport holders and non-resident Indians (NRIs) who are relocating permanently to India to bring in a used or new automobile as part of their move.

Importing a New Vehicle

The following conditions must be met by the government before a new vehicle may be imported:

  • Moreover, it must be manufactured and assembled entirely outside of India. Moreover, it must be imported from the nation where it was produced. Neither it nor any of its parts may have been previously registered, sold, leased, or rented. It must be equipped with right-hand steering, controls, and headlights that are appropriate for driving on the left side of the road (this requirement applies to all vehicles with the exception of two- and three-wheelers)
  • And An instrument panel that displays the vehicle’s speed in kilometres per hour is required. Currently, it is only possible to import it through the Indian customs ports of Mumbai (Nhava Sheva), Kolkata, or Chennai. It must be in accordance with the terms of the Central Motor Vehicles Act of 1988
  • And

Importing a Used Vehicle

Moreover, it must be manufactured and assembled entirely outside of India; Imports from the nation in which they were made are not permitted; Neither it nor any of its components may have been previously registered, sold, leased, or borrowed. It must be equipped with right-hand steering, controls, and headlights that are appropriate for driving on the left side of the road (this requirement applies to all vehicles with the exception of two- and three-wheelers); An instrument panel that shows the vehicle’s speed in kilometres per hour is required.

A vehicle must comply with the requirements of the Central Motor Vehicles Act of 1988.

  • It is impossible for it to have been built more than three years ago. Importation is only permitted if the vehicle has been previously registered, sold, leased, or borrowed. It must be in possession of a roadworthiness certificate that is valid for at least five years following the date of importation. It must be equipped with right-hand steering, controls, and headlights that are appropriate for driving on the left side of the road (this requirement applies to all vehicles with the exception of two- and three-wheelers)
  • And An instrument panel that displays the vehicle’s speed in kilometres per hour is required. It may only be imported through the Indian customs port of Mumbai (Nhava Sheva)
  • Otherwise, it is prohibited. It must be in accordance with the terms of the Central Motor Vehicles Act of 1988
  • And This vehicle has a maximum cylinder capacity of 3,000 cubic centimeters (cc).

Banned Vehicles

The following types of automobiles are prohibited:

  • Automobiles with engine capacities ranging from 1,000cc to 2,500cc
  • Motorcycles with engine capacities ranging from 50cc to 500cc
  • And other vehicles Scooters with engine capacities ranging from 250cc to 800cc
  • Scooters with engine capacities ranging from 250cc to 800cc

Transfer of Residence

Foreign nationals and non-resident Indians (NRIs) who are relocating to India on a “transfer of residency” for the purpose of permanent settlement are permitted to import one automobile or motorbike (new or secondhand) if they meet the following requirements:

  • The proprietor has lived abroad for at least two years and will be in India for at least one year before applying for the car. Prior brief excursions to India had totaled no more than six months in length over the two years before the application for immigration
  • The car owner has not imported another vehicle utilizing the “transfer of residence” method in the three years prior to this one. Only one member of a family is permitted to import a car under the “transfer of residency” procedure. A car must be brought into India within six months after arriving in the country and must fulfill all of the government’s requirements. For the next two years, the imported car cannot be sold in India. Imports of new or old automobiles (of any age) with engine capacities of up to 1,600cc are permitted. Cars with engine capacities more than 1,600cc must be owned and registered in a foreign country for a minimum of one year. Motocross bikes with engine capacities ranging from 75cc to 500cc, new or secondhand (of any age), are permitted to be imported.

The car will continue to be subject to the standard customs charges and testing costs even after it has been imported.

Further Reading

  • The Indian government has released the whole set of rules and restrictions for importing a private automobile into the country on its website. On the website Immihelp, you may get a chart outlining the fees associated with importing a vehicle. The percentages displayed are computed based on the vehicle’s market value. As a result, a new automobile is subject to a Customs duty equal to 60% of the vehicle’s worth.

Shipping Car from UAE to USA

Dubai has grown to become the most important business center in the Middle East. As a result, many individuals migrate to the United Arab Emirates to work and reside. The United Arab Emirates now boasts one of the world’s leading industries for rare exotic and historic automobiles. When residents of the UAE relocate to the United States, they frequently wish to bring an automobile from the UAE with them. The vast majority of these automobiles are imported from Dubai, which is where the bulk of these vehicles are situated.

The worldwide vehicle transportation sector has been a part of our lives for more than 40 years.

Follow the steps in our tutorial below to learn how to transport your automobile from the United Arab Emirates to the United States.

How to Import a Car from UAE to the USA

With our assistance, importing an automobile from the United Arab Emirates may be a straightforward process. There are simply a few steps to complete, and our friendly and experienced experts will be there to assist you at every stage.

An overview of how to import a car from the UAE:

  1. Determine if a car is eligible for entrance into the United States. Make a decision on whether to ship a car from Dubai or from Jebel Ali. Select a location in the United States
  2. Request a quote for the choices you’ve chosen
  3. To finish your import, consult with one of our agents.

Determine If You Can Export the Car from Dubai into the USA

Determining the admissibility of a vehicle for admission into the United States; Making the decision on whether to ship an automobile from Dubai or Jebel Ali. A location in the United States should be selected. Find out how much your selections will cost based on your choices. To finalize your import, work with one of our agents.

Ports to Ship a Car from UAE to the US

For the most part, buyers will purchase a vehicle in Dubai or Jebel Ali. In general, these ports provide the most easy service to and from the United Arab Emirates. If you are unable to export your vehicle from Dubai or Jebel Ali, we can arrange transportation to these ports from any place in the United Arab Emirates. Although, in most cases, importing an automobile from Dubai to the United States will be the most cost-effective alternative. Some of the most valuable and valuable automobiles in the world can be found in Dubai, which is why even non-natives are interested in importing automobiles from Dubai.

Destination Ports in the US

Schumacher Cargo Logistics maintains a presence at key ports around the United States in order to facilitate transportation to any destination in the country.

Our main locations:

The cost of importing automobiles from the United Arab Emirates is determined by a variety of factors. As an illustration, the cost of importing a car from Dubai to Los Angeles will be significantly more than the cost of importing a car from Jebel Ali to New York City. Therefore, we develop customized rates for each and every automobile transportation to ensure that you obtain the most accurate pricing possible. Rather of having us transfer your vehicle from wherever it is now located in the UAE, you may ship your vehicle from Dubai to save on transportation expenses.

If you would like to get started with exporting your automobile from the United Arab Emirates and receive a personalized estimate, please fill out our Online Quote Form or call us at 1-800-599-0159.

Completing a Car Import from UAE

You will be notified as soon as your UAE auto export departs, and you will also obtain a copy of the Bill of Lading. You can view an estimate of when your car will arrive in the United States on this page. Following arrival, your vehicle will be subjected to unloading and customs clearance for a few days, after which we will notify you that your vehicle has successfully completed the import procedure. You will then have the option of picking up your vehicle from one of our sites or having it delivered directly to your door.

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More UAE Car Import Info

  • Importing a car into the United States
  • Shipping a car to the United Arab Emirates from the United States

Fill out our Online Quote Form to begin the process of importing an automobile from the United Arab Emirates to the United States. Call one of our staff at 562-408-6677 if you require further information on any of the topics listed above.

SCL UAE Car Importer Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars based on 5141 reviews

Import Car from UAE to USA – CFR Rinkens

Unlike our shared container service, you will have the security of an enclosed 20ft container that will be allocated to a single vehicle, unlike our shared container service. Because we won’t have to wait for other vehicles to arrive, you’ll benefit from a reduced wait time between departure and arrival. You will, however, wind up paying more in fees as a result. Because the cars are not exposed to the weather, fully enclosed containers provide a high level of protection from the elements. When we acquire your vehicle, we’ll take photographs to document the vehicle’s condition and the loading procedure.

  1. This cutting-edge method not only helps to lessen the environmental effect of transportation, but it also helps to protect your vehicle from harm.
  2. In this way, it will be impossible for anybody to obtain entry to the car before it arrives at its final destination.
  3. Due to the fact that the vehicle will be transported in a completely enclosed and safe container during the importation procedure, clients will be able to load and transfer other things within the vehicle.
  4. With our many weekly departures, container import is a more expedient mode of shipping than our roll-on/roll-off service.

Import & Export – import or export your car from Dubai

Do you wish to import or export your automobile from or to Dubai? What is the best way to go about it? With the help of SCL Rotterdam, you can accomplish this fast and efficiently. Because we provide a comprehensive service, we will be with you every step of the way.

Because of our extensive expertise as importers and exporters, we can ensure that the entire procedure is compliant with all applicable rules and regulations. In addition, we can arrange for shipment, proper customs clearance, and even delivery of the vehicle to your doorstep.

Advantages SCL Rotterdam

  • A great deal of expertise in importing from and exporting to Dubai
  • Complete service from beginning to end
  • VRT should be kept as low as feasible
  • In our own workshop, we made modifications. A service bundle tailored to your specific requirements
  • Personal service provided by knowledgeable employees

Costs importing car from/exporting car to Dubai

SCL takes care of everything from start to finish while keeping expenses as low as feasible. The final cost is determined on which SCL service you select. Consider, for example, the mode of transportation by water. In addition, we may adapt the vehicle to fulfill the criteria of the Netherlands or other countries for road transportation. Sending in a free, no-obligation estimate will provide you with an idea of the cost of importing or exporting your car.

Import car from Dubai

You will be required to pay import fees and VAT in order to bring your vehicle into the country. Ensure you have all of the necessary documentation in your possession. For example, the purchase invoice and the original registration certificate are both examples of supporting documentation. Following importation, we will ensure that the vehicle receives a Dutch license plate and that the VRT declaration is completed. With the goal of keeping expenses as low as feasible, we will compute the VRT using a well established mathematical approach.

Export car to Dubai

When shipping the automobile to Dubai, you’ll need to include the purchase invoice as well as evidence of ownership in your shipment. Customs will then bill you for the cost of importing and exporting the car. Following that, you will need to submit a request for a Vehicle Clearance Certificate to the UAE’s Road Transport Authority (RTA). This is essential in order to complete a proper customs clearance. After that, the vehicle is ready for registration in Dubai. When you present a valid driver’s license, you will be given the license plates.

Contact an import/export specialist

Do you have any queries regarding importing or exporting your automobile from or to Dubai? Contact us now. Assisting and advising professionals are provided by SCL We would be happy to explain the ins and outs of the import/export process to you in detail. Our customized solutions are reasonably priced, and your vehicle is delivered to the specified place in a short period of time. Please contact us by phone or by completing the contact form.

How to drive your UAE-registered car in India for up to six months

Dubai: In the United Arab Emirates, an automobile is more than just a mode of transportation from point A to point B. Most people are able to locate and purchase their dream automobiles, whether they be luxury automobiles or sports automobiles, more frequently than not. When it comes to driving your ideal car in the UAE, there are several alternatives available, ranging from leasing and renting to reasonable finance options for purchase. How do you get about in India if you already have your dream automobile and want to take it on the road?

Moving your automobile permanently to India is a significantly more expensive option, since you would wind up spending at least 125 percent of the value of your car in taxes and other expenses in India.

You’ll have to pay to have the side modified, which will be a costly upgrade that may cost anywhere from Dh150,000 to more than Dh150,000 depending on the car.

First and foremost, you must be a permanent resident of Dubai. Your resident visa as well as your UAE driving license are required documents for this procedure.

A passport for your car

Because you want to export your vehicle and subsequently use it in another country for an extended length of time, you will require a ‘passport’ for your vehicle, which is known as the Carnet de Passage en Douane (or CPD) for your vehicle. This travel document is globally recognized and legally necessary in most countries that permit the temporary use of foreign-registered automobiles. It is intended for motor tourists and other travelers who wish to travel by vehicle. The CPD is typically used by travelers who are driving across many countries (where the CPD is valid and necessary) in order to be able to easily depart and enter without having to go through any lengthy customs procedures.

Using the CPD assures that customs officers in the destination country will not be required to collect cash deposits, fees, or other national documentation for the importation of the merchandise.

Vehicle owners are only permitted to ship their vehicles, or engage in any other activity that involves transporting their vehicles out of the nation, after obtaining a CPD from the government.

Getting the CPD in the UAE

The process begins with the submission of an application form by the vehicle’s registered owner. The following information must be included in the application:

  • To begin, the automobile owner must fill out an application form and submit it to the DMV. There are some requirements for the application.

Refundable cash deposit, bank security cheques

These are the key monetary assurances that you’ll need to have on hand when you submit your application for funding. An official security check as well as a monetary deposit are required by the authorities, both of which are refundable upon return of the vehicle to the nation of origin. Due to the fact that credit/debit cards cannot be used for any of the transactions, you will need to have cash with you for all of them. The amounts vary depending on the destination country, the vehicle type, the year of manufacturing, the model, and other other considerations.

  1. The following prices are applicable for destination countries shown in a table that includes India and Pakistan: From 1990 through 2005, the model year was 1990.
  2. Station cars require a Dh25,000 cash deposit as well as a Dh25,000 security bank check.
  3. The model year ranges from 2006 through 2015.
  4. For station vehicles, a cash deposit of Dh35,000 and a security bank cheque of Dh35,000 are required.
  5. The model year ranges from 2016 to 2021.
  6. For station vehicles, a cash deposit of Dh45,000 and a security bank cheque of Dh45,000 are required.
  7. All of the money from the cash deposit and security check is refunded once the CPD has been submitted after the vehicle has been returned to the UAE within the specified time frame.

These fees may vary depending on how many additional countries you intend to visit while on the CPD excursion. The service charges for the CPD, which do not include the deposits, are around Dh1,200.

RTA’s tourism certificate

A tourist certificate from the Roads and Transport Authority in the United Arab Emirates will be required once the vehicle owner has obtained a CPD, which may be completed on the same day of application provided all paperwork are submitted correctly. To obtain this certificate, you can visit any Tasjeel office in your area. You will require the following items:

  • A valid Emirates ID card, a copy of the vehicle ownership certificate, and an Electronic No Objection Certificate (eNOC) from the mortgagee if the vehicle is subject to a mortgage are required. Nationals, diplomatic and governmental corps members, and GCC citizens who wish to drive their automobiles inside GCC nations are exempt from obtaining a letter of authorization from the Emirates Motorsports Organization.

The service charge begins at Dh100 and increases in accordance with the weight of your car. You will also be required to pay up any outstanding penalties before you can receive the certificate. Once all of the relevant papers have been submitted, you will just need to wait 5 to 10 minutes to receive your certificate.

Shipping and collection

According to the weight of your car, a service fee of Dh100 is charged. Prior to receiving the certificate, you will need to pay up any outstanding fines. Once all of the relevant documents have been submitted, you will just need to wait 5 to 10 minutes to receive your certification.

Shipping Cars To and From Dubai

Customs inspectors will inspect and analyze your imported vehicle, and a customs tax of 5% of the total assessed value of each vehicle will be levied against you.

Goods For Personal Use

Upon inspection by customs inspectors, articles of personal use and used household items brought into the nation will be free from customs tax and charges and will be released from their restrictions. When customs inspectors discover that the products are being imported in commercial quantities, a 5 percent customs duty will be levied on the commodities in question. Following payment of the customs duty, you will be able to obtain your clearance letter, which will cost you 4,700 AED in addition to 700 AED for the customs inspection fee.

In order to insure your imported car, you’ll need to submit your documentation to a number of different insurance providers.

Similar to a MOT test, in which your vehicle is checked for safety and durability, this test is performed on your car.

Fill out the registration form at a reputable test center, such as Tasjeel, Al Shamil, or Tamam, which may be found on the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) website.

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