Where Can I Buy Gold Bars In Dubai? (Question)

Where to buy gold in Dubai?

  • Without any doubt, Gold Souk is the best place to buy gold in Dubai. Gold Souk is the largest gold market in the world and it is located in Deira, Dubai with more than 380 shops. The traditional Souk market was established in 1940 and since then it is the hub of gold and jewellery trading in the whole region

How can I buy gold bars in Dubai?

In Dubai, gold bars can be purchased direct from suppliers or at gold jewelry shops. There are gold suppliers in Dubai that refine and produce gold products themselves. When looking to buy gold bars, stick to brand names that provide certification (assay), attesting to the quality and purity of their bars.

Are gold bars cheaper in Dubai?

GOLD IN DUBAI IS CHEAPER Due to the exclusion of taxes in the emirate prices for gold in Dubai have always been cheaper as buyers would only pay for the value of the gold jewellery. VAT in Dubai is currently the only form of tax applied on any gold purchase.

Can you buy gold bars from a bank?

No, there are only a limited number of banks that are authorized to sell gold. In addition, most banks don’t sell physical gold but digital gold only. So, if you want to buy gold from a bank, you need to call them and confirm whether they sell gold or not.

Can I buy gold bullion online?

You can buy gold bars from dealers, individuals or online from sites like JMBullion, the American Precious Metals Exchange (APMEX) or SD Bullion.

Can I buy Dubai gold online?

Buy Gold in Dubai Renowned gold trading company in Dubai, UAE, is selling gold and other precious metals online. Buy gold online form our Online Bullion Store is good option in term of price and usability. One can buy gold bars & coins in very compatible price in few minutes.

Is gold tax free in Dubai?

Low gold rate and high quality of gold in the UAE are the main reasons why expats resort to buying gold in Dubai. In addition, Dubai is a tax-free haven, which means you will not incur VAT or sales tax when buying gold from Dubai.

Why is Dubai gold so yellow?

Yellow gold is described as such because of its yellow colour which is a result of it being alloyed with silver and copper.

Which country gold is cheapest?

Hong Kong. Hong Kong is currently the cheapest place to buy gold. The premium on Australian Nuggets, a type of gold coin, in Hong Kong is some of the cheapest gold to buy in the world at around $1,936 for a one-ounce gold coin.

Where is the best place to buy gold bars online?

The Best Online Gold Dealers for 2022

  • Best Overall: Money Metals Exchange.
  • Best Comprehensive Offering: APMEX (American Precious Metals Exchange)
  • Best Customer Experience: JM Bullion.
  • Best Low-Price Option: SD Bullion.
  • Best for Gold Coins: BGASC.
  • Best Reputation: Golden Eagle Coins.

Can I buy gold bars legally?

Gold is legal to own. However, there was a time when it was illegal for U.S. citizens to own gold. Gold bullion, typically in the form or coins or bars, is usually considered legal tender, allowing it to be brought across borders easily without incurring fees.

Where to Buy Gold Bars in Dubai

Gold bars are sold on the basis of their weight. You may acquire 1 gram gold investment bars as well as gold bars measuring 1 kilogram. You can also purchase gold bars weighing 1 kilogram. Many people consider gold to be a safe investment because of its high liquidity and ability to be sold quickly. Gold bars may be acquired directly from suppliers in Dubai, as well as from gold jewelry stores. There are gold providers in Dubai that refine their own gold and manufacture their own gold items. Choose gold bars from brands that give certification (assay) attesting to the quality and purity of their bars when searching to purchase gold bullion.

The price of gold swings in response to changes in global markets.

This is the amount that you should be obligated to pay.

Emirates Gold offers a variety of gold bars in a variety of weights and purity levels.

  • It is a highly common design on the Emirates Gold investment gold bars, with the Rose of Dubai being one of the most prominent examples.
  • Those who wish to convert a larger portion of their money into precious metals might do so by purchasing kilogram gold bars.
  • The refinery has been recognized by Dubai Good Delivery, which is the global standard accreditation for firms who produce one-kilogram bars with a fineness of 995 or higher in fineness.
  • Bars from this provider would make a wonderful present for a special occasion.
  • Its headquarters are in the United Arab Emirates.
  • It is a founding member of the Shanghai International Gold Exchange, which was established in 1989.
  • When considering whether to purchase gold bars from a certain firm, look into the number of years the company has been in operation, its accreditation, and the sorts of items it provides.
  • TheNational Bullion Houseis a gold dealer that operates an online store that allows consumers to select the weight and brand of gold bar they desire to purchase from its inventory.
  • The Dubai Gold Souk is a market that is almost entirely comprised of jewelry shops that sell gold and other precious metals, as well as other valuable metals.
  • In Deira, next to the al Ras Metro Station, you’ll find this establishment.

This site, which is similar to the Gold Souk, has a large number of commercial shops all under one roof. Located on Sheikh Zayed Road in the neighborhood known as “new Dubai,” it is directly across the street from the First Gulf Metro Station.

Buy gold bars from an automated machine

Yes, it is possible to purchase gold from a machine in Dubai. Gold to Go machines may be found at prominent tourist destinations such as the Souk Madinat Jumeirah, the Dubai Mall, and Atlantis The Palm Hotel, among other places. It is possible to pay for the gold bars in cash or with a credit card. You may select the hallmark that you’d like to have etched onto your bar, and the prices are updated on a continuous basis throughout the day to correspond to the current gold price. Purchasing gold in this manner is an easy process for tourists and small investors alike.

What to consider before buying gold bars

Gold is a symbol of riches, and as a result, it is a highly coveted investment in the Arab world. Gold bars are typically purchased for a variety of reasons, including investment, memento, and present giving. At their wedding, Arab ladies are frequently showered with expensive presents of gold. Because gold can be converted into cash rapidly, it may be a valuable component of a well-diversified investment portfolio. Several factors should be taken into consideration while purchasing gold bars in Dubai.

  • The tola is a unit of mass used in South Asia that is equivalent to about 11.66 grams.
  • The edges of bars marketed in grams or ounces have sharp corners, but the edges of tola bars are rounded.
  • The purity criterion for gold bars is 99.5 percent gold, which is the bare minimum.
  • The greatest purity is “four nines.” It is important to note that when purchasing a gold bar, it should be stamped with the supplier’s mark or “hallmark,” as well as a mark denoting the weight and purity of the bar.
  • Assaying refers to the process of checking the quality of gold as it is refined in order to determine its purity.
  • Gold bars can be poured or coined, depending on the use.
  • Because they are less expensive to manufacture, you won’t have to pay a premium for production costs.
  • Minted bars are produced more quickly and have a finer finish than poured bars because they are rolled and cut from a sheet of gold.
  • Gold bars weighing one ounce are quite popular.
  • It performs a quality assessment of these establishments, ensuring that the gold being sold meets established requirements.

Following successful completion of the DCLD inspection and membership in the Dubai Service Excellence Scheme, a shop’s proprietors may submit an application to be recognized as a “Excellence Award” winner by Bareeq. When selecting a gold shop, keep an eye out for this Bareeq Excellence conscious.

Buy Gold & Silver in Dubai

This remarkable transformation from an obscure town to one of the world’s fastest-growing cities, serving as a symbol of free commerce and wealth, serves as a model for other countries throughout the world. Because of the UAE’s tax-free status, Dubai is one of the most affordable places in the world for buying and selling gold, and the city’s extensive and technologically advanced infrastructure of precious metals facilities makes it an excellent location for storing bullion for international investors.

Due to the establishment of the DGCX (Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange), local gold refining and investor demand skyrocketed, converting Dubai into the so-called “City of Gold.” Today, Dubai handles around a fifth of the world’s yearly gold production, according to the World Gold Council.

However, renowned worldwide precious metal goods are also available from Dubai bullion dealers, providing a superb range of possibilities for any investor.

CommodityFutures Markets in Dubai

The Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange (DGCX) is a global trading platform for gold and commodities. It is the first derivatives exchange in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) area. The Dubai GoldCommodities Exchange (DGCX) was established in 2003. The Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) owns and operates this financial and commodities derivatives exchange, which began trading in November 2005. (DMCC). The Dubai Global Commodities Exchange (DGCX) has 267 members and is governed by the Securities and Commodities Authority of the UAE.

  1. Dubai Mercantile Exchange is a stock exchange in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
  2. Founded in 2007, the organization is dedicated to delivering honest and equitable energy price discovery, as well as effective risk management, to the Eastern Mediterranean.
  3. NASDAQ Dubai is a stock exchange that trades on the New York Stock Exchange (NASDAQ).
  4. Both regional and international shares in the Middle East are included on this page.

The Dubai International Financial Centre, where NASDAQ Dubai is located, is a financial free zone governed by the Dubai Financial Services Authority, which is likewise controlled by the Dubai Financial Services Authority.

Coins Museums in Dubai

In the Al Shindagha neighborhood of Bur Dubai, in the Bastakia Quarter of Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood, in the city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, call +971 4 392 0093 or +971 4 515 5000 for more information. Open: Sunday through Thursday, 8:00 a.m. to 14:00 p.m. (excluding holidays). Fridays and Saturdays are the only days the museum is closed. The Dubai Coin Museum, which opened its doors in 2004 and showcases coins from various historical periods, including the Rashidun Caliphate, the Umayyad Caliphate, and the Abbasid Caliphate, is a must-see for coin enthusiasts.

The museum also has a gift shop.

Gold ATMs in Dubai

UAE is also the first country in the world to have erected the world’s first gold ATM, which was in Dubai. The Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi, one of the country’s most luxury hotels, was the site of the world’s first gold-plated ATM, which offered 320 gold goods, including.999 gold bars up to 10 grams and bespoke gold coins supplied in unique gift boxes. TG Gold-Super-Markt distributes GOLD to goTM gold ATMs, which are manufactured by Ex Oriente Lux AG (EOL) and marketed by Ex Oriente Lux AG (EOL).

  • The concept for the Gold ATM was conceived by Thomas Geissler, who was also responsible for the development of an online platform for precious metals trading.
  • The Dubai Mall’s Galeries Lafayette was the site of the first Gold ATM in the “City of Gold,” which was later followed by the Burj Khalifa.
  • You can discover the current locations of Gold ATMs in Dubai on this page.
  • There are currently over 20 GOLD to goTM ATMs spread across three continents, all of which are designed to help regular people feel comfortable with the notion of investing in gold.

Biggest Vaults/Bullion Depositories in Dubai

International investors seek for Dubai’s safe precious metals facilities in order to purchase gold at advantageous rates and store it in order to maintain Dubai’s status as a major gold trading centre, which is continuing to develop. DGCX (Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange) has licensed three vault providers in Dubai, which are mentioned below, with the remaining DGCX approved vaults located near Dubai’s Gold Souk being operated by G4S Security Services (also listed below). It is possible to contact some of Dubai’s bullion dealers for information on private gold storage services, if you are interested in keeping your gold in another country.

  1. Located on the fifth floor of Almas Tower JLT, the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre has its own precious metal vault, which provides a secure place to keep gold when traveling outside of the country.
  2. The facility, which has been dubbed the “biggest non-sovereign vault in the Middle–East,” was built to safely keep vast quantities of bullion, as well as other valuables like as art, watches, and jewelry, according to its owners.
  3. Brinks Global Services has been authorized by DGCX.
  4. It provides bullion depository services at the Almas Tower (DMCC vault) and the Dubai Airport Free Zone, as well as in other locations (DGCX vault).
  5. Transguard, the security section of Emirates Airlines, runs the second DGCX-approved precious metals vault in the Dubai Airport Free Zone, with branches in Dubai’s Deira Gold Souk and Almas Tower.
  6. When you make a request, you may purchase storage spaces for both long- and short-term use.
  7. Transguard is a government-owned company that works under Royal Decree and is responsible for all precious and valuable items delivered into or out of Dubai International Airport.

Their state-of-the-art vault is outfitted with cutting-edge technology and is monitored by the Dubai Police 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Tax on Precious Metals in Dubai

Despite the fact that Dubai has levied a 5 percent import charge on diamond and gold jewelry, there is no bullion tax or sales tax on precious metal bullion in the country. As a result of the present UAE legislation, bullion purchases are only eligible for tax breaks, including exemptions from both profit tax and value-added tax. As a result, Dubai has become a worldwide gold trading centre, attracting collectors and investors from across the world. Bullion Exchanges highly urges you to consult with a tax professional before making any precious metals investments in Dubai due to the fact that we are not tax specialists.

Gold and Silver Dealers in Dubai

Many gold merchants are located in “The City of Gold,” and they provide a diverse selection of foreign precious metals products as well as locally created bullion items. In the following list, you will discover the best precious metal dealers in Dubai, from whom you can buy and sell gold and other precious metals. ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates Phone number: 00971566981661 Website: 4wstamps.com 1.4WSTAMPS AND COLLECTIBLESAddress: Moustafa Assad, PO Box 47836, ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates Phone number: 00971566981661 Website: 4wstamps.com Among its many services are assistance with submissions and auctions for collectors.

  1. Dealers who are authorized to do business with you include: The second jeweler is Al Abyad Jewellers, which has the following address: PO Box 21564, Gold Souk in Sharjah, UAE, Block 1, Shop 3334, and the following phone number: +971 6-5731961 Hours of operation are 9.30 a.m.
  2. and 4.30 p.m.
  3. Bullion House LLC is located at Unit 207, Building 4, Emaar Business Park, The Greens, Dubai – UAE, P.O.
  4. The Assets Dubai website is located at: Regal RA DMCC, Suite 36F, Almas Tower, Jumeirah Lake Towers, PO Box 337 136, Dubai UAE Phone number: +971506335980 Website: regalassets.ae5.
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The Kaloti Precious Metals website is located at: www.kalotipreciousmetals The Bahrain Jewellers website is located at: Bahrain JewellersAddress: Gold Center Building, 4th Floor – F86, Gold Souq, Deira, DUBAI Phone number: + 971(4) 226 2286 The Dubai Multi Commodities Centre is located at: Dubai Multi Commodities Center, Jumeira Lakes Towers, Emirates Hills 1, DUBAI Phone number: + 971(4) 367-9030 The Dubai Multi Commodities Centre is located at: Dubai Multi Commodities Tower, Ju A website for Al Etihad Gold can be found at emiratesgold.ae8.

Al Etihad Gold’s address is Dubai Multi Commodities Tower, Jumeira Lakes Towers, Emirates Hills 1 DUBAI, and their phone number is +971(4) 341-9084.

Address: Au Tower 20/C, JLT, Dubai, United Arab Emirates Phone: + 971 55 9999 734 (international).

Address: Almas Tower, Jumeira Lakes Tower, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The following precious metals trading companies are listed: 11.Leaf Precious MetalsTrading Address: Churchill Tower, Office 804, Business Bay, Dubai, UAE Phone number: +971 56 116 5775 Website: leaf.ae12.IGR Precious MetalsDMCC Address: (Istanbul Gold Refinery), Almas Tower, 40G Dubai, United Arab Emirates Phone number: +971 4 277 82 43 Website: leaf.ae13.IGR Precious Metal Gold Dubai’s official website is http://golddubai.com/.

Deira, Dubai, United Arab Emirates Phone: +971(4) 226-1998 Address: The Gold Centre, Floor 3, Office 76, Al Khor Street, Al Ras, Dubai, United Arab Emirates Phone number: +971(4) 226-1998 Website:www.pamp.com

SmeltersRefiners in Dubai

Most silver and gold dealers in Dubai also provide precious metal refining services, which is something that not all of them do. Therefore, their contact information may be found in the ‘Dealers’ section, whereas firms that specialize in the refining of silver and gold are included in the following list.

  1. Almost all precious metal dealers in Dubai, including those dealing in silver and gold, also provide precious metal refining services. As a result, their contact information may be found in the ‘Dealers’ section, whereas firms that specialize in silver and gold refining are included in the following list.

Where to Buy Gold Bars in Dubai

Where Can I Purchase Gold Bars in Dubai? Gold may be purchased on the internet. The price of this uncirculated Dragon Series Gold Bar on Amazon is nearly showy, but it’s worth it to see what you think. Although the gold isn’t as hefty as it is in the previous example, this is still an excellent collector’s item. Take a look at this uncirculated Two Dollar Bill that has been coated with gold. In addition to being known as the “Metropolis of Gold,” Dubai is an affluent city that appears on the travel bucket lists of people from all over the world.

If you’re in the market for some gold, Dubai is the ideal spot to make an investment in some pure, high-quality pieces of jewelry.

There are a number of venues in Dubai where you may acquire gold bars.

Here are some of the most common choices:

  • The Dubai Gold Souk, Emirates Gold, Etihad Gold, Gold and Diamond Park, Kaloti Precious Metals, various vending machines, and the National Bullion House are just a few of the places to shop for gold in Dubai.

The remainder of this page will include information about Dubai’s burgeoning gold trade, as well as answers to the questions below:

  • In Dubai, where can you purchase gold bars and other precious metals? Is it possible to acquire gold bars on the internet? In order to purchase gold bars in Dubai, I need to know the following information: Is it possible for visitors to acquire gold bars in Dubai?

Where can you buy gold bars in Dubai?

Gold bars are often obtained from suppliers directly or through jewelry stores that specialize in gold items and also keep a supply of gold bars on hand. The automated machines that are located around the city, such as at the Dubai Mall, make it easy to purchase gold bars as well as other precious metals.

Dubai Gold Souk

Gold bars are often obtained from suppliers directly or through jewelry stores that specialize in gold pieces and also keep a supply of gold bars on hand as well. The automated machines that are located across the city, such as the Dubai Mall, make it easy to purchase gold bars as well.

Emirates Gold

Emirates Gold is the governmental organization responsible for regulating the purity of gold in the United Arab Emirates. It does assaying (quality control) for gold and silver, as well as manufacturing a variety of gold-based items for sale. One of these goods is gold bars, which are available in a variety of purities and weights depending on the manufacturer. There are a variety of other things available for purchase, including coins, medals, and pendants. The most popular item for travelers is the Rose of Dubai, which is a special design on gold bars that is available for purchase.

Al Etihad Gold

Al Etihad Gold is a corporation based in the United Arab Emirates that manufactures and sells gold bars. As an approved firm, Dubai Good Delivery (a worldwide gold accrediting authority) has examined their one-kilogram gold bars, which are available for purchase.

Gold bars purchased from Etihad Gold are imprinted with a variety of symbols that reflect the United Arab Emirates. This contains items such as Islamic symbols, palm palms, and the dhow, which makes them a popular option among travelers in the region.

Gold and Diamond Park

The Gold and Diamond Park, located on Sheikh Zayed Road in the heart of ‘new Dubai,’ is a sprawling market that caters to all of your gold and diamond requirements. When a large number of gold providers all come together in one spot, it becomes much easier to locate exactly what you are searching for. There are several vendors who offer gold bars, so it is worthwhile to pay a visit.

Kaloti Precious Metals

Kaloti Precious Metals is swiftly developing itself as a brand throughout the Middle East and beyond, although the company’s headquarters will continue to be in Dubai. Kaloti Precious Metal was one of the companies that participated in the establishment of the Shanghai International Gold Exchange, and they provide both minted gold bars and cast gold bars to its customers.

Automated machines

In Dubai, it is possible to purchase gold from a machine that operates automatically. These devices are referred to as “Gold to Go” machines, and they may be located in a number of locations across the city. They are often located in and near tourist hotspots such as the Dubai Mall and Souk Madinat Jumeirah, among other places.

Can gold bars be purchased online?

When visiting Dubai, it is possible to purchase gold from a machine that operates automatically. They are referred to as “Gold to Go” machines, and they may be found in a number of locations across the city. Most of the time, they can be located around tourist hotspots such as the Dubai Mall and Souk Madinat Jumeirah.

What do I need to know before purchasing gold bars in Dubai?

It is advisable to conduct preliminary research on gold investments before making any purchases to guarantee that you receive reasonable value for your money. Before acquiring gold bars, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Gold bars can be sold using different units

Gold is sold by the gram; the heavier the gold, the more costly the bar of gold is to purchase. It is important to note that the weight may be reported in a variety of different measurements. Typical gold bars are offered in grams, although they are also available in ounces and tolas, depending on the manufacturer. Approximately 11.6 grams equals one unit of tola (a South Asian unit of weight measurement). Each bar should be stamped with the weight of the bar on it.

The purity of gold is important

The purity of gold has an impact on its pricing as well. In the United Arab Emirates, gold bars must have a purity of at least 99.5 percent in order to be considered legal tender. The finest gold obtainable is referred to as “four nines,” which stands for 99.99 percent purity and is the most expensive.

Always purchase gold with a hallmark

For the purpose of proving their validity, gold bars are stamped with a variety of markings. Check to see whether it has a hallmark on it that identifies the bar’s manufacturer. The presence of weight, purity, and test number stamps are all other important characteristics to check for.

Poured gold bars are just as valuable as minted bars

Gold bars are available in two varieties: poured and minted. The term “poured bars” refers to bars that have been simply poured into a mold, with no two bars being exactly the same. Minted bars are created in a different way from poured bars, in that they are cut from a gold sheet rather than poured. Gold bars that have been minted appear more polished, but gold bars that have been poured might have rougher edges.

With the poured version, on the other hand, you won’t have to worry about incurring high production expenses. When it comes to finished items, there is no difference in value; for example, a 1-kilogram poured bar will be valued the same amount as a 1-kilogram minted bar.

Check that the store has the Bareeq Excellence Award

DCCLD, the Dubai Central Laboratory Department, conducts inspections of gold and jewelry stores in the city (DCLD). Its primary function is to conduct checks and balances to ensure that the gold sold is in compliance with national requirements. A store that passes the inspection is eligible to apply for the Bareeq Excellence Award, which is presented annually. It is safe to assume that the gold being sold in a store is pure and of excellent grade if you see this award on the shelf.

Can tourists purchase gold bars in Dubai?

In Dubai, tourists have the option of purchasing gold, however there is a 10-kilogram restriction per person while going through customs. Because there is a significant price to pay for gold in excess of 1 kilogram per person, many visitors limit themselves to 1 kilogram of gold. When you enter the country, gold must be disclosed at customs, and you will be required to provide evidence of purchase.


To summarize, the following are the most important ideas you should take away from this article:

  • Gold bars may be purchased in Dubai from a variety of sources, including jewelry stores, gold manufacturers, and automated equipment. Purchase of gold bars is simple, with prominent locations such as the Dubai Gold Souk, Dubai Mall, and the Gold and Diamond Park being popular alternatives. Gold bars may also be purchased online, with free shipping to the United Arab Emirates included. In the event that you want to make your purchases online, the National Bullion House is a dependable supplier. When acquiring gold, make certain that you are aware of the weight and purity of the metal. It should have a hallmark imprinted on it that identifies the source

Malabar Gold & Diamonds UAE

Malabar GoldDiamonds is the most well-known and successful firm in the Malabar Group. Kerala’s Kozhikode was the site of the company’s inception in 1993. With approximately 260 stores in 10 countries, 10 wholesale units, as well as offices, design centers and factories in India, the Middle East and the Far East, the company has established a robust retail network. The firm is now ranked as one of the world’s top five jewelry sellers by sales volume. As well as having a bullion desk, design centers, production, distribution, retail, and after-sales services, Malabar GoldDiamonds also has a vertically integrated business model.

Malaysian gold and diamond company Malabar GoldDiamonds conducts its activities in India from its headquarters in Kozhikode, Kerala, and its worldwide operations from its corporate office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

If you want further information, please click on the icon.

The 6 Best Places To Buy Gold In Dubai

If you are now inDubaior plan to come in the near future, you should take advantage of the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to purchase the world-famousDubai gold. Visiting the Dubai Gold Souk, in fact, is an essential part of any visit to the city of Dubai. Today, we’ll take a look at the finest sites to buy gold in Dubai, according to our research. Because it is a tax-free region, Dubai has the most prosperous gold trade in the world, and because of the sheer volume of business that Dubai Gold deals with, the prices are very low, making Dubai Gold popular throughout the world.

Why is Dubai Famous for Gold?

Dubai gold is well-known for its purity, low cost, and variety of patterns. Authentic and verified gold may be found in Dubai if you know what you are looking for. Aside from that, the gold costs in Dubai are extremely inexpensive, thanks in large part to the fact that Dubai is a duty-free shopping destination. So, if you’ve ever wondered why Dubai is known for its gold, this is one of the most important reasons. Customers can control the manufacturing fees charged on gold jewelry through negotiation, giving them an advantage over the competition.

Additionally, there are a number of additional elements that contribute to the strong demand for Dubai gold, such as the fact that there is a large selection of distinctive Arabian designs that are sure to impress.

Facts to Check Before Buying Gold in Dubai

While gold in Dubai is legitimate in the literal meaning of the word, it is still a good idea to brush up on some important facts before making a gold purchase in the United Arab Emirates. The most real gold is 24 carat gold, which has the deepest yellow hue, the heaviest patterns, and the highest gold content. Lighter variations of 18 and 22 carat gold are also often available on the market. The majority of stores in Dubai will stock the most desirable 24K designs, as well as a greater number of 18K and 22K ornaments, which provide greater variety but lower purity of gold content.

Tip: Inspectors from the Dubai Municipality audit gold vendors on a regular basis, inspecting their quality, scales, and other aspects of their business.

What Colours of Gold are Available in Dubai?

Pink gold, white gold, and green gold are also available at Dubai’s various gold stores, although they are all alloys of gold including copper, zinc, silver, and nickel, respectively, rather than pure gold. The amount of pure, genuine gold in these decorations is far less than in most other ornaments.

When to Buy Gold in Dubai?

Of course, you may purchase gold in Dubai at any time throughout your vacation. If possible, try to time your visit in Dubai to coincide with the Dubai Shopping Festival, as this will provide you with the finest opportunity to purchase large quantities of gold at the most competitive prices– alternatively, for even better offers, check out the Dubai Summer Surprises.

Places to Buy Gold in Dubai

Because Dubai is known for its gold, it’s reasonable to anticipate that there are several locations to purchase gold in Dubai to choose from! The top venues to buy gold in Dubai are given in the following section. These establishments are noted for their unique designs, authenticity, and the high level of quality of the jewelry that they sell.

Dubai Gold Souk

The Dubai Gold Souk is the one place you absolutely must see on your visit to Dubai. A large number of gold stores can be found at this ancient market, which is located in the Al Dhagaya neighborhood in Dubai’s commercial area of Deira! The gold souk in Dubai is home to around 350 jewelers, each of whom offers a diverse selection of jewelry creations. Visit the Dubai Gold Souk for bangle designs that are one-of-a-kind, and you won’t be disappointed. Tip: When shopping at souks, always try to haggle on the price.

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The weight of the gold and the daily changes in the price of gold are non-negotiable, however the additional amount added on top for making charges is negotiable.

Dubai Gold Souk Location

From Saturday through Thursday, there are no classes.

10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Friday from 4pm until 10pm Many businesses are closed between the hours of 1pm and 4pm.

Gold and Diamond Park

Aside from the Dubai gold souk, you can also visit the Gold and Diamond Park, which is located in Dubai. Precious stones, jewels, silver, gold, platinum, and high-end personal accessories are all available for purchase at this location. It’s a luxurious, air-conditioned mall that is solely dedicated to the exhibition and sale of jewelry — with over a hundred Gold stores to select from, to be exact! Another advantage is that there are certain speciality businesses that will tailor and construct their designs according to your unique preferences, allowing you to get exactly what you like.

Opening Hours

From Saturday through Thursday, there are no classes. 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Friday from 4pm until 10pm


During the weekdays of Saturday through Thursday between the hours of ten o’clock and ten o’clock Friday the hours of 4pm to 10pm are available


During the weekdays of Saturday to Thursday from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Friday the hours of 4pm until 10pm

Atlas Jewelry

This brand primarily attracts the attention of the large number of Indian expats who live and work in Dubai. Atlas Jewelry, which was established in 1981, has been in business for more than 35 years. Make sure to stop by and go at their selection! Jewelry locating service provided by Atlas Jewelry Location.

Kanz Jewels

Along with Atlas, Kanz Jewelsis another business that offers a diverse selection of gold jewelry designs that includes both western and Indian styles of jewelry. The store, which opened its doors in 1991, is filled with exquisite diamonds, pearls, and wedding collections. Apart from that, there are a number of other shops, including ARY Jewelers, Bhima Jewellers LLC, and SMS Jewellery Trading LLC. Because of this, if there is one thing we can guarantee, it is that there will be no shortage of gold stores from which to pick and acquire gold– and this largely adds to the reason why Dubai is known as the “Gold Capital of the World.”

Where is the Best Place to Buy Gold in Dubai

The Dubai Gold Souk, or simply the Gold Souk, is a historic gold market in Dubai that has been in operation for centuries. This, in my opinion, is the greatest location in Dubai to purchase gold. Furthermore, the price of gold from the Gold Souk is cheaper than the price of gold from most other sites. As a matter of fact, gold prices in the Souk are among the lowest in the world! At the Gold Souk, you may purchase both gold bars and gold jewelry – the choice is entirely up to your taste and desire.

What is Duty-Free Gold

Quite simply, Duty-Free Gold refers to an amount of gold for which you will not be required to pay additional taxes or duty charges. Due to the fact that Dubai is a tax-free zone throughout, gold prices in Dubai are at rock-bottom levels, which is somewhat understandable. While the gold you purchase in Dubai may be duty-free, the fact that you purchased it in Dubai does not modify the duty requirements for gold in your nation. In order to avoid paying additional taxes on gold purchased in Dubai and brought home by travelers, travelers must make certain that the gold may be worn in a regular manner by the travelers.

While Dubai’s duty-free gold may not be available everywhere, keeping certain factors in mind may go a long way toward making your shopping experience more pleasant.

Traveling with Gold from Dubai to Your Home Country

Quite simply, Duty-Free Gold refers to an amount of gold for which you will not be required to pay additional tax. As a tax-free zone, Dubai encompasses the entire country, which explains why gold prices in Dubai are at rock-bottom levels. It is important to note that even if the gold you purchase in Dubai is duty-free, the duty restrictions for gold in your nation will remain unchanged. In order to avoid paying additional taxes on gold purchased in Dubai and brought home by travelers, travelers must make certain that the gold can be worn ordinarily by them.

Taking gold into the U.K

In layman’s words, Duty-Free Gold is an amount of gold for which you will not be required to pay additional taxes. The whole city of Dubai is a tax-free zone, which helps to explain why gold prices in Dubai are at rock-bottom levels. While the gold you purchase in Dubai may be duty-free, the duty restrictions for gold in your nation will remain unchanged. So, if you want to bring any Dubai duty-free gold back home with you, be sure that the gold may be worn in a regular fashion by you in order to avoid paying any additional taxes.

  • Primarily for the aim of resale Exceeding the amount specified under the duty-free allowance Whether they are limited or outright prohibited

More information may be found on the government’s official customs website.

Taking gold into the USA

On gold coins, medals, and bullions, there is no obligation to pay. When transporting certain things, they must, however, be declared to the appropriate Border Protection Officer in advance (BCP). If the total value of the gold exceeds $10,000.00, a FinCEN 105 form must be completed and submitted. More information about the rules and regulations may be found by clicking here.

Taking Gold into India

Indians account up the vast majority of clients who purchase gold in the United Arab Emirates. While you are free to purchase anything you want, there are some rules and laws that must be followed if you want to bring gold into India. As a result, before embarking on your journey, double-check all applicable rules and regulations. Here are some fundamental rules that must be followed when bringing gold into India from Dubai.

  • In Dubai, Indians account for the vast bulk of the clients who purchase gold. The purchase of gold is entirely up to you
  • Nevertheless, bringing gold into India requires you to adhere to certain rules. Check the laws and regulations thoroughly before you go, and do so before you depart. When bringing gold into India from Dubai, there are a few fundamental rules that must be observed.


PurchasingDubai Goldis an unforgettable experience that cannot be described in words – you must be present to really appreciate it. The Gold Souk is also a wonderful spot to simply stroll around in! As a result, it is protected from the hot sun and offers a stunning visual feast, with tens of thousands of gold stores along the Souk with their glittering displays of decorations and custom-made jewelry serving as a visual feast. Also available is custom-made jewelry that will meet your expectations and taste in terms of elegance and panache while remaining within your budget.

If you need to buy gold quickly, you may still do it at Dubai International Airport; however, the price of gold at the airport is often higher.

The fact that you took the time to read about The Best Places to Buy Gold in Dubai shows how much you care.

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How to Buy Gold & Silver Bullion Coins & Bars in Dubai

A trip to Dubai to purchase gold is an unforgettable experience that cannot be described in words – you must be present to really appreciate it. Even just strolling around the Gold Souk is a pleasure! As a result, it is protected from the hot sun and offers a stunning visual feast, with tens of thousands of gold stores along the Souk with their glittering displays of decorations and custom-made jewellery serving as a visual feast. Also available is custom-made jewelry that will meet your expectations and taste in terms of elegance and panache while staying within your budget.

  • Those in a hurry can still purchase gold at Dubai International Airport, albeit the price is often more than elsewhere.
  • You have taken the time to read about The Best Places to Buy Gold in Dubai.
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Scams to Watch Out For

The first thing you should be aware of is that some gold sellers are promoting scams, which you should avoid at all costs. A common example is the practice of unjustifiably raising the price of precious metals. Some merchants may over-inflate the pricing of bullion coins from both local and international mints, resulting in inflated prices. When they do this, they are selling them at a substantial premium above their fair market worth. You should not spend more than three to five percent more than the market spot price for the precious metal at the time of purchase if you are purchasing American gold coins, for example.

  • In most cases, this is done so that they may mark them up even more.
  • Another popular fraud is dealing with dealers who are not from the area.
  • Even if they are real merchants, you will almost certainly be required to pay exorbitant shipping expenses in addition to the already inflated pricing.
  • A scam that has only been more widespread in recent years includes the threat of counterfeit bullion coins, which are a type of currency that has become increasingly popular in recent years.
  • One strategy to prevent falling victim to such scams is to only buy your gold from dealers who are both respectable and well-established in the industry.

When purchasing gold in Dubai, check to see if the gold dealer has been in the same location or business for a number of years before making your purchase. The continuation of service at a legitimate physical address is a solid sign that the dealer is trustworthy.

The Most Popular Gold Coins and Bars in Dubai

Every location has gold coins and bars that will be the most popular with the people who will be purchasing them. Similarly, this is true in Dubai, as well as in other nations. The American Gold and Silver Eagles, as well as Canadian Gold and Silver Maple Leafs, are the most highly sought-after coins in this region. Dubai, known as the “Golden City,” is home to a number of well-known enterprises that manufacture gold bars as well. In fact, they have become so well-known for their high-quality fabrication of these bars that the Dubai Good Delivery benchmark has become the internationally recognized norm for one kilogram gold bars with finenesses of.995 or higher.

American Eagles

The American Gold Eagle is the gold bullion coin that has been in circulation for the longest period of time in contemporary history. It is still one of just two gold coins made by the United States Mint today (besides the Gold Buffalo). The production of gold and silver Eagle coins began in 1986, with the production of gold coins first. The usual sizes are accompanied by a complete troy ounce of the precious metal of their choosing. Aside from that, residents of Dubai may get them in lesser volumes such as half ounce, quarter ounce, and tenth ounce.

These coins are all legal money, with face values ranging from one dollar for the one ounce gold coin denomination up to fifty dollars for the one ounce silver coin denomination.

Canadian Maple Leafs

Canadian Maple Leaf gold and silver coins, which are also immensely popular in the emirate of Dubai, are also quite popular. These gold pieces have.9999fineness of gold, making them among the purest gold pieces available anywhere in the world. They are also well-known for having an anti-counterfeiting technology. An ultra-modern security mark in the shape of the number “14” that has been microengraved using advanced technology. It provides purchasers with the assurance that they are purchasing a real gold coin.

This gold coin has a long and illustrious history that dates back to 1979, making it one of the oldest gold bullion pieces available.

In contrast to the obverse (front side) of the coin, which shows the iconic Canadian Maple Leaf, the reverse (back side) has the portrait of the United Kingdom’s Queen Elizabeth II.

Emirates Gold Bars

It seems logical that Dubai, known as the “City of Gold” (and which has played a significant part in the global bullion market for hundreds of years), would have a gold manufacturer that is known for its quality. Emirates Gold is the largest gold refiner in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, according to the World Gold Council. It also has the distinction of being the most well-known precious metals refinery in all of the Arab countries, which is quite an accomplishment. The firm, which has its headquarters in the emirate, was founded in 1992.

The size of the ingots and bars produced by the company ranges from one gram ingots to one ounce and kilogram ingots and bars. This bar’s rose design, which can be found on the front of several of its bars, is a well-known one.

Al Etihad Gold Bars

The origins of Al Ethiad gold bars may be traced back to the late 1940s, when the company was founded. A family from Bahrain, the Khalafs, established the first gold souks in Dubai around this time period. In 2009, they launched the Al Etihad gold bar brand and corporation, which continues to this day. In the last roughly a decade, it has grown into one of the fastest growing and largest gold and silver refineries in the Middle East area, with a workforce of over 2,000 people. The firm takes pride in being a full-service refiner of both gold and silver, and it is proud of this versatility.

Their gold bars are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 100 grams to full kilogram Dubai Good Delivery bars.

Should You Buy from the Gold Souk or from Local Shops in Dubai?

The Gold Souk market in Dubai is well-known around the world. The emirate is also well-known for its low-cost gold, which is due to the fact that it does not levy any taxes or import fees on gold. However, this does not imply that the vibrant souks or the intriguing local stores are the finest places to shop for gold in Dubai, since they are not. Both establishments specialize on gold jewelry rather than coins and bullion bars, which is a rarity these days. It is difficult to confirm and assess the quality and authenticity of coins sold in neighborhood businesses.

  1. Although the items purchased here may be genuine, the price will almost certainly be an issue.
  2. You must be willing to haggle for better pricing if you want to obtain better deals.
  3. Even the fact that these merchants are frequently able to lower their goods prices by up to half should raise red flags about attempting to acquire gold coins and bars at this fascinating Gold Souk in the first place.
  4. They are well-known for selling phony watches, purses, and other valuable items.
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Advantages of the DMCC Zone

The Dubai Multi Commodity Center (DMCC) is one of the most significant benefits that Dubai offers as a location for purchasing and storing gold and silver. This is the world’s largest free trade zone, and it is here that a substantial portion of the worldwide gold transaction that they manage takes place. The Financial Times fDi magazine has named this free trade zone the “Global Free Zone of the Year” three times in the last five years.

A growing number of individuals are referring to the emirate as the “new center of international trade.” There are several benefits for gold buyers, including the following:

  • DMCC is exempt from all federal, state, and local taxes on domestic and international bullion investments. This free trade center, which is housed in the same building as Regal DMCC, was responsible for the construction of the UAE’s largest vault in 2009. This vault was specifically constructed for the purpose of holding precious metals, and it has been recognized as the fifth most secure vault in the world. It is monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Offshore ownership and storage of gold decreases the danger of being sued or having your gold confiscated by the authorities of the country where you reside. The emirate is particularly gold-friendly, and it respects the secrecy of financial transactions. It does not have a history of confiscating gold from its citizens (as do Australia and the United States)
  • World-class banking infrastructure and technology enable gold purchases to be completed quickly and easily. Storage costs for precious metals are exceptionally cheap, which is a result of the absence of taxes on precious metals and related bullion services
  • This is a characteristic of the absence of such taxes.

Regal Assets DMCC Is the Best Choice in 2018 for Precious Metals Bullion

When you’re ready to purchase gold and/or silver bullion coins and bars in Dubai, Regal Assets DMCC is the company to turn to for assistance. They have a number of significant benefits, the first of which is their worldwide reputation. Regency has consistently received the greatest ratings in the precious metals industry for the past seven years. This includes the following:

  • Positive TrustLink ratings totaling 1,029
  • Facebook likes totaling 118,592
  • The Better Business Bureau gave them an A+ rating, while the Business Consumer Alliance gave them a AAA rating. Inc. 500 has ranked the company as the 20th best company in the United States.

Regal Assets DMCC also provides secure storage at the DMCC precious metals vault, with which they have a working relationship. They have a large collection of precious metals bullion, including gold and silver bullion, from which you may pick at their physical location.

Buy Gold Bars and Coins Online in Dubai, UAE with GoldTrade.ae

We sell Dubai gold, which is well-known around the world. A well-known gold trading firm in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is now selling gold and other precious metals over the internet. In terms of pricing and utility, purchasing gold online from our Online Bullion Store is a wise decision. In a matter of minutes, one may purchase gold bars and coins at a very competitive price. Our specialization is low pricing, which helps us to be the top gold dealer in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


Some products are unique, such as the Islamic Gold Coin. In Islamic countries, the dinar is the most popular commodity. Aside from that, various gold bars and coins are available from a variety of well-known manufacturers and in a variety of sizes. The following are some of the most popular gold products:

  • A gold bar of one ounce (PAMP Suisse)
  • A gold bar of ten tolas (PAMP Suisse)
  • A gold bar of ten grams (PAMP Suisse)
  • A gold bar of one kilogram (Emirates)
  • A gold bar of one kilogram (Emirates).

Purchasing gold bars and coins in Dubai is favored over purchasing silver bars and coins in most cases. The prices of gold items in our bullion shop are the most competitive in the UAE when compared to other gold enterprises.

How to Buy Gold

Purchasing a goods from our store is a really simple process. To finish the procedure, only a few actions are required.

  • Select the product(s) you wish to purchase by clicking on the “Add to Cart” button. After you have placed all of the items in your shopping basket, click on the shopping cart link. Please double-check that the product and quantity are correct before clicking on the checkout button. Fill out the billing, shipping, and payment information
  • Last but not least, confirm the order.

Payment and Delivery Options

With the exception of a few nations, purchased gold may be shipped anywhere in the globe. Delivery is free inside the city of Dubai. Alternatively, we accept payment via bank transfer or cash on delivery. Please drop us an email if you would want additional information on how to purchase gold in Dubai. Begin by purchasing gold on the internet.

Buying Bullion in Dubai: Gold Souk, Online Dealers & More –

  • Questions and Answers on Where to Buy Bullion in Dubai, Who Manufactures Gold in Dubai, What to Look for When Buying Bullion in Dubai, and Other Resources.

Whether it’s because of the greater variety, lower cost, or purity, Dubai’s gold is highly sought after across the world. From little nuggets to bullion and bars, you’ll be able to locate all of the many types of gold available in Dubai. While a nugget might be a lovely souvenir, gold bullion and bars can offer you with great financial security in the form of big returns. Everything you need to know about purchasing bullion in Dubai is outlined here.


There are several markets in Dubai that deal in bullion and gold bars, ranging from small gold merchants to the world-famous Dubai Gold Souk. Now, let’s have a look at some of the greatest sites to purchase gold in Dubai:


The Dubai bullion market offers a wide variety of genuine items.


Al Bahrain Jewellers LLC, which was established in 1945, has grown to become a significant brand in the bullion dealing industry in Dubai.

They have been in operation in the emirate since 1994 and are involved in the buying and selling of gold, silver, and platinum. You may get in touch with them using the contact form on their website and get quotations for gold bullion in various weights and refining degrees.

  • Hours: 09:00 a.m. – 06:00 p.m., Monday through Friday
  • Phone: +971-4-226-9514
  • Address: The Gold Center Bldg OfficeF85F86, Deira


Emirates Gold, in addition to offering gold bars, offers a diverse selection of other products. They specialize in custom produced gold items, such as gold pendants, coins, medals, and even plaques and trophies, as well as gold jewelry in general. Their gold items are confirmed to be 999.9 percent pure. Some gold bars featuring the Pepsi or 7up logos, as well as a pure gold KitKat bar, are available for purchase for individuals with a more playful disposition.

  • Hours: 09:00 a.m. – 06:00 p.m. | Friday: closed | Saturday: 09:00 a.m. – 02:30 p.m.
  • Phone: +971-4-367-9030


Al Etihad Gold is a gold and silver refinery that offers a comprehensive range of services. It is their specialty to deal in gold and silver bars weighing between 100 grams and one kilogram. Their gold bars have a fineness of 99.5 percent and have been certified by the DGD (Dubai Good Delivery) standard to be of high quality. Along with selling gold bars, they also provide services such as refining, smelting, assaying, gold separation, and minting, among other things.

  • Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 09:00 am to 06:00 pm
  • Saturday and Sunday, closed
  • Tel: +971-4-242-4813
  • Website: www.jumeirahlakes.com


Additionally, Gold Standard not only offers gold bullion, but it also provides safe worldwide delivery through trusted methods. The company also offers a variety of additional services through its platform, including risk management and precious metals trading, precious metal finance, assaying, and refining, among others.

  • Place of business: Al-U Tower – Jumeirah Lakes Towers
  • Phone number: +971-4-423-4500


It is not only possible to purchase precious metals using the National Metal DMCC portal, but they also give current and future trading choices for precious metals, crude oil, and foreign currencies through their platform. National Metal DMCC is governed by the Emirates Securities and Commodities Authority (ESCA), which grants them the permission to operate as a multi-asset derivative exchange under certain conditions. They have earned a reputation as one of the leading FOREX and commodity futures trading exchanges in the Middle East by consistently exceeding expectations.

  • Location: AG Tower, 31D, JLT
  • Phone: +971-4-454-8457
  • Contact Information:


National Bullion House has a large selection of gold coins and bars available for purchase. A comprehensive selection of approved gold goods, including Canadian Maple Leaf, American Eagle, Austrian Philharmonic, and Chinese Panda gold coins, are available via them as well as through authorized distributors. They also provide minted bars in a variety of sizes ranging from 1 gram to 1000 grams, as well as cast bars in a variety of sizes ranging from 250 grams to 400 oz (11.3 kilograms). All of their gold goods are in compliance with the Good Delivery Standards established by the governments of Dubai and London.

  • Place of business: Emaar Business Park
  • Hours of operation: 09:00 am–06:00 pm | Friday: closed
  • Phone: +971-4-427-0833


Kaloti Precious Metals has been in the business of trading in bullion, ingots, and jewelry in the United Arab Emirates for over 25 years. Standardized gold bars up to 12 kilograms in weight and with a purity of 99.99 percent are available from this company. Additionally, they have a huge selection of gold and silver coins and medals, as well as a large selection of silver coins and medals.


The Gold Souk, which is located near the Deira Clocktower, is a treasure trove of all things dazzling and glittering. No matter if you’re looking for gold coins or gold bars, the souk is home to some of the most well-known gold merchants in Dubai, such as Damas, Joyalukkas, and others.

As you browse around this glistening market, you’ll be able to find just about every thing you could possibly desire, ranging from 2.5 gram coins to massive bars of gold and platinum.

  • It is located in Deira and has the following hours: Monday-Thursday 09:30 am-09:30 pm | Friday-Thursday 04:00 am-09:30 pm


The well-known Dubai GoldDiamond Park is another location where you can purchase gold bars in Dubai. The park, which is located on Sheikh Zayed Road, is home to around 90 commercial retailers. Calash, Arabian Gems, and D.Diamonds are just a few of the well-known businesses. At Dubai GoldDiamond Park, you may choose from a wide variety of bullion options that are accessible.

  • Hours: 10:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. | Fri: 04:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.|
  • Phone: +971-4-362-7777
  • Address: Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Quoz


In Dubai, you can now purchase gold bars in a matter of minutes, thanks to the introduction of the ‘Gold to Go’ ATMs. These gold vending machines may be found in a number of various sites across Dubai. These machines, which are equipped with computers, let you to purchase anything from a little 2.5 g gold coin up to a larger 1-ounce gold bar, all based on current market pricing.

  • In this section you will find information on the Burj Khalifa Observation Deck, At The Top | The Dubai Mall, Downtown Dubai | Atlantis The Palam | Souk Madinat Jumeirah
  • And other locations.


Additionally, you might want to think about making an online gold bar buy in Dubai. It is possible to purchase bullion or excellent bars online in the UAE through websites like as Gold Trade, Buy Gold Bar UAE, and IBV Gold DMCC, among others. Visit their websites, choose the goods, and place it in your shopping basket. To make a purchase, complete the billing, payment, and delivery criteria, and then confirm the transaction. When purchasing a 100g Emirates gold bar through IBV gold, the price is AED 23k, however the price varies on other sites.


Investing in this rare and valuable commodity has the potential to yield tremendous returns in the long run. Dubai is home to some of the world’s largest gold refineries, which means that locally produced bullion is accessible at lower costs than in other parts of the globe. Kaloti is a well-known local retailer for some of the area’s home-grown breweries and spirits. In a similar vein, the Gold Souk is home to a large number of gold makers from the United Kingdom. PAMP, a renowned Swiss gold producer with a presence in Dubai, is also represented in the city.

  • Gulf Gold Refinery
  • Nadir Gold DMCC
  • Emirates Gold
  • Etihad Gold
  • Gulf Gold Refinery


Because the price of gold fluctuates, it is advisable to invest in gold bars or coins when the market is favorable.

  • Coins and bullion are offered in the following sizes: ounces, grams, and tola. A gold bar in grams or ounces has squared corners, but a gold bar in tolas has circular edges. The gold bar has been imprinted with the weight of the gold bar
  • In addition to the assay number, the bar must be stamped with the supplier’s logo. The gold bar must contain a minimum of 99.5 percent pure gold to be considered legal tender. The finest form of gold bar is 99.9 percent pure
  • The next purest form is 99.9 percent pure.


In Dubai, the price of a 50 gram of gold is around AED 11,000. In a similar vein, the price of a 1kg gold bar in Dubai is roughly AED 218,000.


Purchase silver bars from major banks in Dubai, approved dealers, private sellers and collectors, as well as from authorized dealers and individual sellers.


The purchase of gold is subject to a 5 percent value-added tax (VAT).


Yes, there are a slew of gold shops to choose from in Dubai. A wide variety of gold-selling establishments may be found throughout the city, from world-renowned companies to family-owned businesses. There is a reason why Dubai is referred to as the “City of Gold.”


Even though there are several reasons for expats to purchase gold in Dubai, purity and affordability are two of the most important considerations.


Yes, it is possible to transport gold from Dubai to India. However, it is crucial to know that there is a certain limit to the amount of gold that may be transported from Dubai to India, which must be adhered to in order to avoid paying excessive customs tax. Our journey on purchasing bullion in Dubai comes to a close with this point. If you’re considering making the leap into the world of gold investment, we hope this article can offer you with the Midas touch.

Looking for gold in one of the other emirates of the United Arab Emirates? There are several gold shops in Abu Dhabi to explore, and there are also several gold shops in Sharjah to take into consideration.

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