How Do Dubai Police Catch Speeders? (Correct answer)

We do not hide camera radars to catch speeding cars. We have clear signs on the roads and our radars are visible. “Even mobile radars that are placed on cars are visible, and if a person is paying attention to the road, they can spot the police vehicles parked.”

How do Dubai speed cameras work?

Standard speeding cameras These standard speeding cameras will flash if you exceed the maximum speed limit. The UAE has a 20km/hr buffer over speed limits before the radar flashes. For example, if the speed limit on Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Road is 120km/hr, the radar flash has been set at 141km/hr.

Are radar detectors illegal in Dubai?

According to a warrant officer at Dubai traffic department, it is illegal to carry radar detectors in vehicles. Radar detectors are not available in the UAE. If someone tries to bring it from abroad, it’s seized at the customs,” he said.

How much does Dubai Police get paid?

The average pay for a Police Officer is AED 204,074 a year and AED 98 an hour in United Arab Emirates. The average salary range for a Police Officer is between AED 147,507 and AED 252,869.

How many radars are there in Dubai?

In total, 28 new radars have been installed on Dubai roads. Old speed cameras will also be gradually replaced with the new radar.

Do speed radars take pictures?

This is intended to give the driver an external visual indication of their speed, which if excessive, may remind them to slow down. The radar speed signs have no cameras and do not take any photos of offending drivers for enforcement purposes.

What do Dubai radars catch?

UAE radars have been equipped to detect when a motorist is not paying attention to the road. When not wearing a seat belt, he or she can face a fine of Dh400, along with four black points being imposed on the driving license.

What are black points in Dubai?

The black points system ensures the minimisation of high-risk traffic offences in Dubai. These points are allotted according to the seriousness of the violation and the maximum black points in Dubai you can receive for an offence is 24 and the lowest is 2.

How much is speeding fine in Dubai?

Traffic fines for over speeding in Dubai Exceeding by 80 km/h over the specified speed limit will result in a fine of AED 3000, adding 23 black points and possible confiscation of vehicle and license for 60 days.

Can foreigners join Dubai police?

Dubai police do not hire foreign nationals as a regular police officer except community officers or other positions just like technical jobs. Foreigners will work in Dubai Police Support Units, not operational units. Only the highly qualified candidates of foreign national will get the change in the following roles.

Which is the highest paid job in UAE?

What are the top 30 highest-paid job openings in Dubai?

  • Chief executive officers (CEO) Average monthly salary: Dh100,000.
  • Marketing Experts. Average monthly salary: Dh95,000.
  • Public relations managing director.
  • Lawyers.
  • Supply chain manager.
  • Accounting and finance professionals.
  • Doctors.
  • Senior bankers.

Is Dubai the richest city in the world?

Dubai ranks as the 12th wealthiest city in the world with the number of households earning more than $250,000 per year. In Dubai, about 250,000 households earn more than $250,000. Everyone isn’t rich in Dubai. Only about 15 percent of its residents are native to the emirate.

Does Dubai have speed limits?

What is the speed limit in Dubai? While speed limits are between 25-40km/h (15-25mph) on residential roads, Dubai also has some of the highest speed limits of anywhere in the world. Both the Abu Dhabi-Al Ain (E22) and Sheikh Zayed (E11) highways have limits of up to 100km/h (62mph)2.

Where can I speed in Dubai?

The maximum driving speed on Dubai roads is 120 km/h, which is only allowed in a few places. For instance, you are allowed to drive fast between the Abu Dhabi border, Jebel Ali Freezone and Route 66 – Al Ain/Dubai Road after Outlet Mall.

r/todayilearned – TIL that the Dubai police fleet includes a Lamborghini, Ferrari and Bentley. This is to allow them to catch speeders who can outrun other cars

Level 1: The fleet is mostly a public relations exercise. Their purpose is to showcase Dubai’s glitz and elegance, and they are all driven by female officials who want to boost Dubai’s public image. level 2 Exactly what I needed. I seriously doubt they’ll ever employ them in high-speed pursuits. level 2This is similar to the Viper that my town “utilizes” to catch speeders. It’s something I’ve never seen outside of a parade. Yes, at the second level. Please keep in mind that places like Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, and other dictator-like regimes are not glamorous or fancy in any way.

a helicopter would be able to track the autos in any case, right?

Level 2It is obvious that this is not to catch speeders.

The only thing that would be optimal in such situation is to close off the road or lay down a strip of asphalt (dangerous).

  1. levels 1 and 2Yes, I was under the understanding that they did not purchase these vehicles or get them as gifts; rather, they were seized from the impound lot.
  2. The Dubai Police Department does not engage in high-speed chases.
  3. The automobiles are only a PR stunt, and judging by the number of times links like this one are uploaded, it appears to have been a successful one.
  4. level 1This is not right at all.
  5. There are seven emirates in the United Arab Emirates, and this regulation applies to all of them.
  6. The purchase of a level 1A Bentley is perhaps not the best use of their enormous cash.
  7. Even with a bently, you can’t pretend to be practical.
  8. Their Lambo is expected to be as quick as, if not faster than, their Bentley Continental GT at level 2.
  9. 1st grade Not to mention the narrative of pretty much every Need for Speed game with a police pursuit in it, wasn’t it?

level 1It appears that the whole United Arab Emirates has more money than common sense. 2. I like reading about how drinking water is more expensive than gasoline, which was mentioned in the article.

Why is Dubai Assembling a Supercar Police Fleet?

When two Lamborghini Gallardos were delivered to the Italian police force in the mid-2000s, there was at least some justification for it: Polizia Stradale vehicles were outfitted with organ transplant refrigerators in the baggage compartments so that they could respond to crises along the long Salerno-Reggio Calabria motorway. I’ve never heard of them really transporting kidneys from Salerno to Reggio Calabria, but I’m sure it would have made for some interesting writing. After pulling the sheets off of a Lamborghini Aventador painted in their green and white livery, Dubai Police received the same ink but did not make any such accusations.

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The Chevrolet Camaro SS, a BMW M6, and a Ford Mustang were the next cars on the list, all of which were somewhat pedestrian.

The obvious inquiry is, “Why is this happening?” Do you want to combat crime in style?

How can I get more Twitter followers?

(By way of comparison, the New York Police Department’s Twitter account has only 64,000 followers in a city four times the size of Dubai.) In fact, Tamim was so anxious to spread news of the Veyron that he tweeted this Photoshopped photograph of the car with the paint job before the car was finished.

You don’t have to be a detective to see that these vehicles are ineffective in the battle against crime—even when it comes to arresting speeders.

Whatever the case, their purchases have undoubtedly caused quite a commotion in the automotive blogging world.

According to what I’ve heard, police departments in New York City take an inordinate amount of time to acquire new equipment due of the paperwork and red tape.

Dubai, on the other hand, only started creating their supercar fleet a few weeks ago! Here’s some video of the Lamborghini, the Ferrari, and the Camaro in action: As well as the Camaro hauling over a speeder, albeit the tape appears to be a little shaky.

Rain Noe

I used to work as an industrial designer, then I retired. I was born and raised in New York City, and I assumed I’d die there as well, but I moved away from the city a few years ago to live on a farm in the countryside with my wife. We have a total of six dogs. Now is the time to enter the Core77 Design Awards. The regular submission deadline is March 8th.

Watch: Not-easy-to-fly Dubai police hoverbike crashes in testing

When it comes to law enforcement tasks, Dubai’s police department has earned a reputation for deploying unusual vehicles to the scene of the crime. Although this advertisement has not yet been loaded, your article continues below it. The police department has experimented with a variety of cars over the years, including a Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 (because every police department should have Italy’s most fearsome supercar to chase speeders), a Ferrari FF (when they realized they needed a back seat to transport the miscreants), and a Chevrolet Camaro SS (because, well, I’m not sure what they were thinking when they purchased theTransformers -mobile).

Wheelies and sirens are inextricably linked when it comes to motorcycles, which is why the Yamaha R1 and R6 have been painted in the emirates’ white and green livery.

Based on a motorbike seat that’s been mounted on top of a massive quadcopter-drone-thingie, this creation by a firm called Hoversurf is propelled through the air by four propellers that each provide 33 kilowatts of power.

the v=fUImvprq-6M the feature=emb logo_ MtWvt2UVEQ!QE0X-7nHiUrzRESYOEB-uflnAKpo5CPZnarQaJNleHUFmPCybgkOl-yjK56uMlt6jg$ The Hoverbike is said to be capable of flying at speeds of up to 90 km/h at elevations of up to five metres, and owing to its 12.3-kilowatt-hour lithium-manganese-nickel battery, it can stay airborne for up to 25 minutes.

There’s only one problem: they’re quite tough to fly, even for experienced pilots.

Take, for example, this recent footage of a test flight.

Although this advertisement has not yet been loaded, your article continues below it.

Forget flying cars, this engineer is working on a flying motorcycle

As it plummets to earth, it crashes tail first, ripping the motorbike “cockpit” from the drone fuselage, before throwing its pilot over the teakettle and killing him. Contrary to expectations, neither the fall nor the rapid release of high-speed carbon-fibre blades caused any injuries to the pilot. The hover bike, which costs $150,000, is being introduced at an inauspicious time. To make a comedic point, it seems as though a McLaren police car was on location when the collision occurred. A vehicle that makes Maranello’s best appear to be the realistic and rational choice for a police vehicle, at long last.

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As it plummets to Earth, it impacts tail first, ripping the motorbike “cockpit” from the drone fuselage, before tossing its pilot over the teakettle and killing him. Contrary to expectations, neither the fall nor the rapid release of high-speed carbon-fibre blades did any damage to the pilot. Hoverbike’s $150,000 launch doesn’t quite go according to plan. To make a comedic point, it seems as though a McLaren police car was on scene during the crash. A vehicle that makes Maranello’s best appear like the pragmatic and practical option for a police car, at long last!

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It plummets to the ground and impacts tail first, severing the motorbike “cockpit” from the drone fuselage before flipping its rider arse-over-tea-kettle. Surprisingly, neither the fall nor the abrupt release of high-speed carbon-fibre blades did any damage to the pilot. The hover bike, which costs $150,000, is launching on a shaky note. It appears that a McLaren police car was present at the scene of the crash, which is amusing. Finally, a police car that makes Maranello’s best appear like the pragmatic and practical decision.

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New Dubai Police radar to be fitted on patrols

Dubai Police has unveiled a new mobile radar system that will be installed in patrol cars and will automatically detect speeding vehicles, according to the media. The new radar was demonstrated on a Lexus RCF during Gitex Technology Week 2015, however it is likely to be installed on normal Dubai Police 4×4 patrol vehicles as well as covert police vehicles in the near future. “The goal of this new radar technology, according to Lt Col Hussain Ahmad Bin Ghalita, Director of the Driving Technologies Department of the Dubai Traffic Police, is to modify people’s traffic culture by having them accelerate up and then slow down immediately before the radars.” “We want individuals to follow the speed limit at all times,” says the police chief.

The decision, according to Lt Col Bin Ghalita, will be made by Major General Khamis Mattar Al Mazeina, the Chief of the Dubai Police.

People would not be able to detect which patrols were equipped with the radar since it is so discrete, according to him.

It is possible that some individuals may wonder how it will operate if the automobile is moving.

“If the vehicle exceeds the radar’s speed limit, the radar automatically records a speeding ticket and sends it through the system.” It can discriminate between light and heavy vehicles, according to the manufacturer, and it possesses all of the characteristics of a traditional fixed radar system.

He went on to say that slowing down just before a radar detector may result in a severe accident, which is considerably worse than being punished for driving too fast.

It’s official: Dubai has world’s fastest police car – and it can go 253 mph

There is no other place on the planet where you can hail a police car and take a photo with the officer behind the wheel. There is no other place on the planet where a Bugatti Veyron, a Ferrarri FF, or a Lamborghini Aventador are as likely to be seen as a police car. It’s Dubai, and the police department there has just been presented with a certificate from Guinness World Records for having the world’s fastest police car in operation – a Bugatti Veyron – which is only one of the supercars in the force’s fleet of 14, which includes a Lamborghini Aventador.

In a city where the only way to turn attention in your Bentley or Rolls Royce is to have it covered in gold, it would seem natural for the police department to have a fleet of high-end vehicles at its disposal.

Dubai’s tour de force

The Veyron, on the other hand, is the flagship of the fleet, capable of astounding peak speeds of 253 mph (407 km/h). Its 16-cylinder engine generates 1,000 horsepower, allowing it to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in under two and a half seconds, according to the manufacturer. Prior to this, the Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 belonged to the Italian police force and was capable of reaching speeds of 230 miles per hour (370 kilometers per hour). Nonetheless, Dubai’s police superfleet isn’t employed for anything other than high-speed pursuits down Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, and it isn’t used for very many police operations at all.

‘Arrest me, please!’

As explained by Major Sultan Al Marri of the General Department of TransportRescue of the Dubai Police, the fleet’s purpose is to break down boundaries between law enforcement and the general population. As Sultan said to CNN, “we’re not only seeking to show off with the automobile; we’re looking to demonstrate to tourists how pleasant the cops are here in Dubai.” “We’re constantly searching for new methods to interact with people,” says the team. From the outside, Dubai appeared to be a fully developed global city that had just stepped onto the world scene.

However, in order to appreciate Dubai’s fast expansion, we must first look at its history.

“The most costly automobiles on the road – the Ferrari and the Bentley – are driven by female police officers,” Sultan said.

While multilingualism and excellent communication skills are required for the work, drivers must also have a strong sense of humour to succeed in the field. Sultan said that individuals frequently jokingly request that the police arrest them so that they can ride in the police cars.

Selecting the supercars

Since 2013, when it first debuted the Lamborghini Aventador, the Dubai Police Department has used its superfleet as a marketing tool to attract new customers. “It was a huge success for us in terms of marketing our city and our police force,” Sultan added. According to an executive from a luxury automobile manufacturer, car manufacturers have been fighting for a seat on the fleet from the outset, seeing it as an opportunity to sell their own brand. “It’s been a competition since the beginning,” the executive said.

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“Once you’ve spent years attempting to get into a fleet, you’ll want to make sure you stay in it as long as possible.

However, in addition to speed, the government’s objective is to have hybrid or electric vehicles account for at least 25% of all government fleet vehicles by 2030.

“This will demonstrate to the public that the administration is serious about protecting the environment,” Sultan added.

Dubai cops may try Google Glass to catch speeders

According to reports in local media, Dubai law enforcement officers will soon begin employing Google Glass technology to arrest speeding motorists and identify wanted or stolen vehicles. In addition to being able to shoot images and videos, the wearable computer, which is mounted on a pair of spectacles, can also connect to the internet. It was reported by Gulf News that the Dubai Police Smart Services Department was testing the technology to see whether or not it was fit for use by the traffic police for surveillance reasons.

  • “At Dubai Police, we are constantly looking for methods to incorporate new technology and keep up with the latest trends,” he continued.
  • If a police officer is wearing the equipment, he or she would just have to stare at a car in order for the technology to recognize the license plate number.
  • Given the widespread use of the technology in other markets outside of the United States, it is possible that it may play a significant role in security, law enforcement, and other criminal investigations in the future years.
  • On April 15, the business stated that the Glass Explorer Program would be made available to a larger number of people in the future.

According to the same April 15 press release, Google Glass is not currently available for purchase in any countries other than the United States, as the firm is not yet “ready to launch Glass into other nations.”

20 Facts You Didn’t Know About UAE and Dubai

Here are 25 interesting facts about the United Arab Emirates and Dubai.

1-5 Facts You Didn’t Know About UAE and Dubai

1. A Lamborghini, a Ferrari, and a Bentley are among the luxury vehicles in the Dubai police inventory. According to the source, this is done in order to catch speeders who can outpace other automobiles. Upon being asked about the future of Dubai, Sheikh Rashid replied, “My grandpa rode a camel; my father rode a camel; I drive a Mercedes; my son drives a Land Rover; his son will drive a Land Rover; his son will ride a camel.” –Source: Sheikh Rashid, Founding Father of Dubai 3. In Dubai, a British man was sentenced to four years in prison after cannabis weighing less than a grain of sugar was discovered stuck in the tread of his shoe.

He was eventually pardoned for his crimes.

In Dubai, there are ATMs that may be used to withdraw gold bars – Source5.

In order for a package to be delivered effectively, the sender must include clear instructions on how to get the package to its destination.

6-10 Facts You Didn’t Know About UAE and Dubai

1. A Lamborghini, a Ferrari, and a Bentley are among the luxury vehicles in the Dubai police fleet. 2. According to the source, this is done in order to catch speeders who can outpace other vehicles. 2. When Sheikh Rashid, the Founding Father of Dubai, was questioned about the future of Dubai, he said, “My grandpa rode a camel, my father rode a camel, I drive a Mercedes, my son drives a Land Rover, his son will drive a Land Rover, but his son will ride a camel” –Source 3. In Dubai, a British man was sentenced to four years in prison after cannabis weighing less than a grain of sugar was discovered stuck in the tread of his shoe.

In the end, he was forgiven.

Dubai does not have an address system, a zip code system, an area code system, or a postal system of any kind.


11-15 Facts You Didn’t Know About UAE and Dubai

Frank Lloyd Wright intended to construct in Chicago a mile-high structure (528 storeys) in 1956, but he was denied permission. It is just half a mile high, yet it is the world’s current tallest structure, the Burj Khalifa, and it was inspired by Wright’s design. –Source12. The Persian Gulf was formerly referred to as the “Pirate Coast.” Until 1853, tribes would raid Indian trading ships in order to make a living. In modern times, the same families who formerly dominated those tribes now rule the United Arab Emirates and Qatar, two countries that are among the world’s wealthiest due to their petroleum resources.


Despite its name, the United Arab Emirates has a small Arab population (13 percent), with South Asians (mainly Indians, Pakistanis, and Bangladeshis) constituting the majority of the country’s population.

–Source15. The landmark Chrysler Building in Manhattan is nearly fully owned by the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, which is the world’s richest country. –Source

16-20 Facts You Didn’t Know About UAE and Dubai

16. Ferrari has the world’s largest indoor amusement park in Abu Dhabi, which is called Ferrari World. Their rollercoaster, the Rosso, is the fastest in the world, hitting speeds of 150mph in less than 5 seconds. There is a golf course in Dubai that uses 4,000,000 gallons of water each day, according to source17. The construction of a solar-powered city in Dubai, which will run solely on renewable energy sources and have a sustainable, zero-carbon, zero-waste ecosystem, is now underway. –Source19.



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