What Is Moroccan Bath In Dubai?

The Moroccan Bath or “Hammam” is possibly the oldest therapeutic treatment in the world. Hammam is essentially a type of bathhouse. They were traditionally the social center of the community, offering a place for people to meet, talk, and relax in a public setting.

  • Moroccan bath Dubai is similar to the well-known Turkish bath. What sets it apart is that it uses special ingredients during the immersing process. Hammam uses a special black soap, natural herbs, and henna in order to fully purify and smoothen your skin.

What does a Moroccan bath do?

In Arabia, the Moroccan bath is popularly known as Hammam. Its main goal is to relax people while their skin is being cleansed and soften. It is also believed that this bath can whiten the skin and provide an even complexion to people.

What does a Moroccan bath include?

The Royal Moroccan Bath It includes a double-scrub with a premium body and facial detox treatment. After the first traditional scrub, a nourishing Honey-Milk Clay Body Wrap is applied with the steam turned on again. The Clay powder is then mixed with rose water to create a face and hair mask.

What do you wear to a Moroccan bath?

It’s totally a personal choice, generally women wear bikini bottoms or underwear. Whereas men choose bottoms or underwear, once undressed, put on your robe and go to meet your hammam attendant.

Is Moroccan bath allowed in Dubai?

Dubai Economy has announced that certain recreation facilities, indoor theme parks and spa/message centres can now open. However, Dubai Economy said steam rooms, saunas, inhalation rooms, ice rooms, Jacuzzis, hot bath /Moroccan bath/Turkish hammam are not allowed to operate at the moment.

Is Moroccan bath allowed in Islam?

Going to the hammam is a very important ritual in the Muslim culture: The bathing and cleansing is an integral part of a Muslim’s life, also because water is considered sacred in the Islam.

Is Moroccan bath good for dry skin?

It’s hydrating (your skin) ESPECIALLY the milk and honey baths, that will instantly drench your skin and have you feeling much better. After you get exfoliated, Queen’s House Salon therapists will lather you in a moisturising treatment to make sure your skin is silky smooth.

What is the difference between Moroccan bath and Turkish bath?

While Turkish hammams are heated solely by hot and dry steam circulating through the room, the heat in a Moroccan bath is generated through hot water running through taps, and heated walls and floors, which creates a more subtle steam bath experience.

Does Moroccan bath lighten skin?

An age-old therapy mastered during the Ottoman age, Moroccan bath benefits include helping to lighten skin and removing tans caused by Dubai summers. The best Moroccan bath in Dubai will also relax the nerves and help to revive tired muscles.

How long is a Moroccan bath?

Moroccan baths, also called Moroccan Hammams, are one of the best care treatments to detoxify. In Morocco, women have a Moroccan bath every week. It’s a non-negotiable me-time that can take up to two hours. It’s meant to deeply clean and nourish the skin and hair, but also to reconnect with the body’s senses and relax.

Can I wax before Moroccan bath?

Can I Use Wax Before Or After Moroccan Bath? It’s always recommended to do Moroccan before wax to open pores but better to do it in different days to avoid irritation in case the skin is sensitive.

What is a Moroccan shower?

Moroccan hammams are part of many Moroccans’ daily life. Similar to a Turkish bath, a public hammam is a steam room where people go to clean themselves. Treatments vary by hotel, but the general process is that you first soak in a pool or sit in a steam room, then you’re rinsed, exfoliated, and massaged.

How much is a Moroccan bath?

Public hammams Entry costs around 10–20 Moroccan dirhams (80p–£1.60) or 50 dirhams (£4) if you want a scrub (let them know at reception when you enter).

Are saunas open in Dubai?

According to the circular, spa and massage centres inside hotels and malls, and grade A and B salons outside malls, are now allowed to resume all services, with the exception of steam rooms, saunas, inhalation rooms, ice rooms, Jacuzzis, hot baths and hammams.

How much is Moroccan bath in Abu Dhabi?

A perfect spot to visit regularly for beauty services. The Moroccan Bath and Cleopatra soak costs Dhs350, the aromatherapy massage costs Dhs200 for 45 minutes and the hair treatment and blow-dry costs Dhs180.

What to Expect During Your First Moroccan Bath Experience in Dubai

Moroccan baths are quite popular in Dubai, and for good reason. Many professionals prefer to schedule an appointment to be pampered in the Moroccan way after a hard week of nonstop labor. The Moroccan bath, known as Hammam in Arabic, is quite popular in the region. Its primary purpose is to let individuals rest while their skin is being cleaned and softened by the treatment. Aside from that, it is thought that this bath might help people to have whiter skin and a more uniform complexion. The majority of Moroccan bath specialists who provide home services believe that the procedure of Moroccan bathing promotes blood circulation in the veins.

Moroccan bath Dubai is comparable to the well-known Turkish bath in terms of design and layout.

In order to completely purify and smooth your skin, the hammam employs a specific black soap, natural herbs, and henna, among other ingredients.

It might take much longer than that, depending on where you are having the surgery performed.

  • Others use a Moroccan bath home service to feel more at ease and calm, knowing that they would not have to travel back to their house after the treatment.
  • We strongly advise you to have the service performed in your residence in order to have a more convenient experience.
  • In order to guarantee that your skin receives a full exfoliation, the Moroccan bath specialist will smear the soap on your body in large circular motions.
  • The steaming process takes between 10 and 20 minutes.
  • For the exceptional soap to be effective in renewing your skin, it is critical that you follow the instructions carefully.
  • This will assist to eliminate all of your dead skin and will also aid in the improvement of your circulation.

Author Info

The Hammam, or Moroccan bath, is a traditional spa ritual that has been practiced for thousands of years and is used for both social meetings and individual purification.

In terms of fortification and revitalization, these rites are said to be the most potent of all. It was our forefathers who provided us with this precious gift of a body treatment, and these top 10 Moroccan bath destinations in Dubai are here to make our forefathers proud!

How did Lovin Dubai choose the final list?

  • Finalists were chosen from around the whole city of Dubai
  • Online reviews, past media coverage, and well-known blogs were all taken into consideration when calculating the total rating. The final ranking is entirely subjective — if you think we’ve overlooked any must-see attractions in Dubai, please let us know. The social media audience and engagement of the brand were taken into consideration.

10.One Only Spa– One Only Royal Mirage

This spa, which adheres to the customs of Moroccan culture, is a traditional but regal experience. Immerse yourself in the relaxing sounds of trickling water and the energetic Jacuzzis that the spa has to offer as you relax in the spa. The One Only actually does make you feel like you’re the one and only because they treat you as if you’re royalty, remedying you with their olive soaps for their Moroccan baths and letting you lie down on marble tabletops before giving you a deep tissue massage to make you feel like you’re royalty.

9.Saray Spa– JW Marriott Marquis Dubai

When you think of Dubai, you automatically think of GOLD! The experience of getting a massage in Dubai is inadequate in every manner if there isn’t some aspect of it that involves gold. Saray provides you with just that in its golden Hammam, where you will be massaged with gold-infused oil that will infiltrate your pores thoroughly and leave you feeling reinforced like never before. Cleopatra is most likely nodding her head in satisfaction right now as she reads this.

8.The Spa– Palazzo Versace Dubai

The only thing that is straightforward about this spa is the name ‘The Spa,’ but other from that, the spa oozes luxury and magnificence. An exfoliation session with double lather ensures that you are as clean as possible, following which your body is lavished with Argan oil, black olive oil, and lastly MILK to leave you feeling smooth and supple after your treatment. You won’t mind all of the scrubbing since, as they say, cleanliness is close to Godliness, and you already know that.

7.Bulgari Spa– The Bulgari Resort Dubai

In this Italian paradise, you may indulge in a private refuge. The Bulgari spa’s famed Moroccan massage will have you gleaming like Aphrodite by the time you’ve finished your treatment. They offer an individual Hammam room that is entirely dedicated to this ancient treatment. They utilize only the finest products, such as rich body balms, nourishing hair masks, and natural black soap, to pamper you in the way that you truly deserve it.

6.B/Attitude Spa

You’re looking for that bridal glow, but you’re not even planning a wedding. Afterwards, give this one a shot; its exfoliating and energizing Moroccan bath will leave you gleaming from head to toe. You may also treat yourself to their famous royal Hammam treatment, in which they end off their fragrant experience by pouring a warm perfumed oil of your choosing over your body, leaving you with skin that feels as soft as one of Homer Simpson’s glazed doughnuts.

5.Silk Spa– Habtoor Palace

Want to obtain that bridal glow even when you’re not planning a wedding? Afterwards, give this one a shot; its exfoliating and energizing Moroccan bath will leave you radiant from head to toe. You may also treat yourself to their famous royal Hammam treatment, in which they cap off their fragrant experience by pouring a warm perfumed oil of your choosing over your body, leaving you with skin that feels as soft as one of Homer Simpson’s glazed donuts.

4.Elixir SpaHealth Club– Al Habtoor Grand Resort

Anyone up for a massage with a view? Afterwards, pay a visit to Elixir Spa and Health Club in Al Habtoor City!

Take use of the Moroccan Hammam’s cleansing properties to the fullest extent possible at this luxurious spa. Massages and stretches that relax every knot in your body will make you want to slip into their beds and stay there for the rest of your days.

3. The Talise Ottoman Spa at The Palm Jumeirah’s Zabeel Saray

A common benefit of using a hammam is that it increases blood circulation, which results in less water retention in the body. Exactly this is what the Talise Ottoman Spa is known for; with their detoxifying Moroccan massages, they forcefully cleanse you with their delicate luffas, and leave you glowing from head to toe as a result of the increase in blood circulation and detoxification.

2.Queen’s House Salon– Wafi

Welcome to Queen’s House Salon, which is located in WAFI Mall and is known as the “MVP of Moroccan Baths.” You may indulge yourself with a number of treatments at this royal ladies-only spa, including hair, facials, manicures, and more. The Moroccan Baths, on the other hand, are the one therapy that the Queen’s actually excels in, as the therapists who perform them are both extremely skilled and originally from Morocco. Prepare to walk out of the salon with a radiant finish, as the organic ingredients employed by the salon provide a variety of health advantages, including exfoliation, clarification of skin tone, and increased suppleness.

Another advantage is that the price of the loofa is included in their package, as opposed to other salons where you must pay an additional fee simply for the tiny scrubbie.

1.The Anantara Spa – Anantara The Palm – Dubai Resort

It’s a KING and QUEEN affair! The Anantara Spa is a beautiful spa with OUTSTANDING décor that will transport you to Thor’s regal castles in Asgard for a relaxing experience (reference from theAvengers).

Feel like royalty with their luxurious deep tissue massages, olive oil infused bubbles and ultra-cleansing Moroccan treatment.

A skin cleansing treatment that is both soothing and invigorating, resulting in an effective and stimulating detoxification.

Origins of the Moroccan Bath

The Moroccan bath, also known as the “Hammam,” is said to be the world’s oldest medicinal therapy. A hammam is primarily a form of bathing establishment. They were originally regarded as the social hub of the town, providing a gathering place where people could meet, converse, and rest in a public environment. Modern Moroccan baths are often more private, yet public Hammams may still be found in many towns and cities throughout North Africa and the Middle East.

Moroccan Bath Therapeutic Effects

The use of heated steam and the application of black Moroccan soap (beldi soap) on the skin results in significant detoxification and exfoliating of skin. Pores are effectively cleaned and dead skin cells are removed with this method. The end effect is skin that is smoother and healthier. After a long, exhausting day, customers may de-stress and rest in the soothing ambiance of a Hammam. We provide a variety of massage services, including full body massage, deep tissue massage, and other popular treatments, for clients who are experiencing hurting or tired muscles.

The Moroccan Bath Process

Our courteous and trained massage therapists will be assigned to clients who book a Moroccan bath in Dubai. The treatment takes place in a spacious and private steam chamber, on top of a heated marble table, and lasts around one hour. Prior to treatment, clients should spend 5 minutes in the steam chamber to ensure that their skin and pores are ready for treatment. The therapist will pour warm water over the client’s skin and use black Moroccan soap before leaving the client in the steam for an additional 10 to 15 minutes to let the skin relax.

The exfoliation process follows after that.

Some guests like to have a full-body oil massage prior to obtaining a Moroccan bath treatment.

Finally, the body is cleansed with warm water to remove any dead skin cells, oil, or soap residue that may have remained after the bath. A mineral full-body mask is applied to the skin in order to hydrate and protect it.


A simple reason why Moroccan baths have been utilized in many cultures for hundreds of years is that they are an excellent, soothing method of detoxification and improvement of the skin’s health. There are several therapeutic advantages, and customers report feeling refreshed and invigorated after their treatment.

I Got Naked in a Moroccan Hammam Spa: Here’s What It Was Like

A simple reason why Moroccan baths have been utilized in various cultures for many years is that they are a highly efficient, calming way to detoxify and enhance the condition of the skin. Patients report feeling revived and invigorated after their treatments, which are numerous.

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What Is a Moroccan Hammam Spa?

The use of Moroccan hammams is commonplace in the daily lives of many Moroccans. A public hammam, which is similar to a Turkish bath, is a steam chamber where individuals may clean themselves after a long day. This is often a weekly practice that is considered a social activity in villages and towns, with men, women, and children all taking part in the activity together. There are baths for each gender, and many individuals will spend hours in the baths speaking with their friends. While women in Islamic culture are normally covered from head to toe in public, they are allowed to be completely exposed in hammams.

You’ll then clean and exfoliate yourself in large steam rooms with everyone else, using your bucket and water from a nearby tap.

Each hotel has its own set of treatments, but the typical procedure is that you first bathe in a pool or relax in a steam room, after which you’re cleaned, exfoliated, and massaged.

The La Mamounia Hotel is located in Marrakech, Morocco.

What to Bring to a Moroccan Hammam Spa

Prepare for your spa visit by bringing a change of underwear and clothing, a hairbrush, toiletries, cosmetics, and flip flops, depending on the type of spa you’re visiting. Although every spa is different, it is preferable to be over-prepared than under-prepared. Bring a bathing suit if you are uncomfortable with the idea of going completely nude. Some hotel spas may supply paper underpants as part of their services. When making your reservation, inquire about the amenities that will be supplied so that you can determine ahead of time which ones would be the most comfortable for you.

What to Expect at a Moroccan Hammam Spa at a Hotel

When she brought them a robe, a paper thong, and flip sandals, the receptionist instructed her to “take everything off.” In the case of a Moroccan hammam spa in Morocco, it is likely that the staff members will be unable to communicate effectively in English. The fact that my attendant brought me a towel, beckoned for me to remove my robe, and escorted me to a steam room as I stepped out of the changing room made it plain that this would be the case. I was traveling with a buddy, which made some of the embarrassment a little less unpleasant.

  • Because we weren’t sure whether we’d be able to go, we lingered in the steam room for another 15 to 20 minutes before deciding to leave when we couldn’t take the heat any longer.
  • They guided us to the hammam’s stunning mosaic showers, which were entirely open to the elements.
  • After that, I was requested to lie down on a marble slab, where my attendant muttered “henna” (as in tattoo) and applied a thick, brownish-blackish paste on my body in the style of a tattoo.
  • After that, there was exfoliation.
  • In the process of being scrubbed with what felt like sandpaper, I believe a whole layer of skin was removed from my body, and I was curious as to how much dead skin should normally be removed from a person’s body during this procedure.
  • Probably if there hadn’t been a language issue, I would have requested her to scrub a little more gently, but I had to put up with it before walking to the shower for yet another rinse.
  • (Photo courtesy of Alan Keohane) After that, I applied a relaxing clay mask.
  • It took around 30 minutes for her to come back and lead me to the shower to rinse off again, while pointing to various hair products that had been offered.
  • I declined.
  • As an alternative, she rapidly applied lotion to my whole body before handing my robe back to me.

When my companion arrived, we came to the conclusion that while we were glad to have visited a Moroccan hammam, we would most likely never need to do so again. After that, we returned to reality on the bustling streets of Marrakech. with one fewer layer of flesh on our bodies.

How to Pick a Moroccan Hammam Spa

Marrakech is well-known for its hammams, and it is one of the greatest sites in Morocco to get real hammam spa treatments. My Moroccan hammam spa treatment took place at La Mamounia, a premium resort in Morocco. In order to ensure a certain degree of comfort, reserve a room here or at another resort such as the Royal Mansour (which gained renown on Instagram) or the Selman Marrakech. It is simple to make a reservation in advance by phone or email, and the spa menu at resorts will be in English.

If you’re looking for a less priced Moroccan hammam spa treatment (around $50), consider staying in a riad, which is a typical Moroccan residence, such asRiad les Jardins Mandaline orRiad Camilia.

Consider visiting a public hammam spa, such asHammam Dar el-Bacha, for the most genuine of experiences.

Must-Pack Spa Essentials

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Where to go for a Moroccan Hammam in Dubai

For hundreds of years, the hammam was practiced in Morocco, but it has now extended throughout North Africa and into Turkey and the Middle East. As of today, you may find hammams (which is an amalgamation of the Arabic words meaning “bath” and “to warm up”) being held in a range of settings, ranging from communal facilities where users congregate for conversation, to lavish five-star experiences in hotels and health spas. However, the essence of the experience will be the same: loads of steam and rigorous washing that will leave you feeling calm and invigorated after.

Where to go for a Moroccan Hammam in Dubai

Emirati women regularly have Moroccan Hammam treatments on a weekly or fortnightly basis as part of their overall health, well-being, and beauty regimen. There are a variety of Moroccan Hammams in Dubai that cater to a variety of budgets, allowing you to indulge in this ancient purifying practice. It is estimated that small independent beauty salons cost around Arab Emirate Dirhams (AED) 250 (approximately $68 U.S. dollars) each visit, depending on the location and any additional services like as masks, massages, or loofahs.

  1. Prices vary depending on where you stay and can range from AED 350 (about $95) to more than AED 600 (approximately $163 U.S.
  2. When it comes to ladies who want relatively affordable luxury, the Al Asalla Spa at the Dubai Ladies Club is frequently the favored destination.
  3. While waiting for their treatment to begin, guests are encouraged to take use of the spa’s wet facilities or bathe in the jacuzzi.
  4. Don’t be startled if the motherly and passionate therapist orders you to remove your clothing before starting the session.
  5. The majority of spas and salons in Dubai provide this service, and you may even visit in your bathing suit if you choose.
  6. You will be let to soak in the steam for a while before being properly cleansed.
  7. Whether you’re wearing disposable underwear or not, it’s preferable to hang your modesty on the doorknob with your robe.

In fact, the majority of residents only go to spas where the therapists are Moroccan, in order to assure that they have a genuine — and intense — treatment.

Men may also benefit from this treatment.

As invasive and awkward as it may seem at first, you will leave the treatment feeling cleaner than you have ever felt before, and your skin will be as soft as baby’s bottom.

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Moroccan Bath – Sultana Spa & Hammam, Dubai

Basic Traditional Hammam Duration (Min) Price (AED)
Starts with traditional black soap which includes steam to release the tension and prepare the body for the treatment andfollowed by scrub from head to toe.Please Note that you need to bring with you your personal Lofa,Otherwise its available to purchase at Sultana Spa (63 AED) 45 150
Traditional Hammam Duration (Min) Price (AED)
Between warm steam sessions, this experience consists of a deep cleansing with black soap and a vigorous “Loofah” bodyscrubbing and steaming your whole body after. You can have the option to choose between bubbles or coffee scrub.Please Note that you need to bring with you your personal Lofa,Otherwise its available to purchase at Sultana Spa (63 AED) 60 210
Detox Hammam Duration (Min) Price (AED)
This distinctive treatment uses traditional organic black soap which includes steam to eliminate toxins from the skin and preparethe body for the treatment, followed by a scrub from head to foot with a nourishing detox body mask to complete the experience.Please Note that you need to bring with you your personal Lofa,Otherwise its available to purchase at Sultana Spa (63 AED) 85 450
Sultana Experience Duration (Min) Price (AED)
Sultana experience starts with natural hair treatment and followed by full body scrub with traditional famous Moroccan black soap followed by steam for easy to remove the dead skin by using the Moroccan loofah. We continue by whitening soft scrub (green tea)followed by natural herbal blue body mask and hydrated face mask. The treatment finished by one hour full body massage.Please Note that you need to bring with you your personal Lofa,Otherwise its available to purchase at Sultana Spa (63 AED) 180 680
Royal Hammam Duration (Min) Price (AED)
Royal Hammam full body cleansing with traditional famous Moroccan black soap followed by steam for easy to remove the dead skin by using the traditional Moroccan loofah (gloves). We are using nourishing almond scrub for soft and smooth skin. Finishing by body wrap with a clay to close the pores. Re mineralizing body mask to nourish and improves skin texture.Please Note that you need to bring with you your personal Lofa,Otherwise its available to purchase at Sultana Spa (63 AED) 90 650

Sultana Experience, Spa Manicure Pedicure and Deep cleansing facial

In spite of the fact that you may not be a big fan of spas, a trip to the Moroccan hammami is an absolute must on every Moroccan vacation. Don’t walk into a meeting unprepared! Check out this page if you’re interested in learning more about the hammam experience before you go. What exactly is included in our guide to Moroccan hammams? It is possible that this post contains affiliate or paid links. Please refer to ourdisclaimerfor more detailed information. I recall my first visit to a Moroccan hammam, which took place before the internet was a repository of all of the world’s information.

  1. As I went through the door, it dawned on me that I had absolutely no idea what to anticipate from a hammam experience.
  2. What was the purpose of a hammam treatment?
  3. Is it a scrubbie?
  4. Was I even welcomed in the first place?
  5. The “experience” was unique, but it was far from soothing or rejuvenating in any way.
  6. What to Expect When You Visit a Moroccan Hammam for the First Time

Hammam Video Walk-Through

Watch our video to learn more about the whole hammam experience!

What is a Hammam?

The term “hammam” is just another word for “bath house.” In a Moroccan bath, like in other bath houses across the world, you can expect to be steamed, soaked, scrubbed, and exfoliated before emerging sparkling clean. A hammam bath is not only a relaxing experience for Moroccans, but it is also a social occasion. When Stephen visits a local hammam in Morocco, the guys engage in friendly conversation while bathing and even offer to wash each other’s backs. If you are fluent in Arabic, you will almost certainly be able to participate in this back-scrubbing dialogue if you so desire!

My first visit to a Moroccan hammam was the first time I witnessed a group of Moroccan ladies completely at peace.

There was a festive atmosphere in the air, something I had not experienced on the streets of Morocco.

The Two Kinds of Moroccan Hammam

In Morocco, there are two types of hammams: the traditional and the modern. Moroccan hammams are classified into two categories:

Six Steps for a Moroccan Bath

In Morocco, there are two types of hammams: traditional and modern.

Step 2: Relax for five minutes

After taking your robe, the attendant will escort you into a hot, humid chamber where you won’t be able to see anything. The first and most important task here is to sit back and relax.

When you take a few deep breaths, the steam will begin to open your pores, and you will be able to let go of the tension of roaming around the souks of Morocco. If you’re lucky, your hammam will also have a poolspa, such as the one at La Roseraie in France (360 image).

Step 3: Soap up

In this hot, stuffy area, you’ll have difficulty seeing anything because the attendant will take your robe and urge you into it. The first thing you should do is take it easy. When you take a few deep breaths, the steam will start to open your pores, and you will be able to let go of the tension of roaming around the souks of Morocco. A poolspa, such as the one at La Roseraie, may be available in your hammam if you’re lucky (360 image).

Step 4: Hot rinse

A full wooden bucket or plastic pail of water will be brought back to the hammam by the attendant, depending on the hammam. She’ll scoop off the water and use it to rinse off your soap before throwing it away. Despite the fact that this water can be scorching hot, I have never been burnt by it.

Step 5: Rough scrub

Once the soap has been completely removed, the agony begins. No, I’m not trying to scare you, but this phase may be exceedingly. uncomfortably painful. In order to remove the outer layer of dead skin, the attendant will use a hammam glove that is rough sandpapery in texture. We Westerners have an alarming quantity of wrinkled skin, in contrast to Moroccans, who exfoliate their entire bodies on a daily basis. Don’t be shocked if the attendant is a little rough around the edges. However, if it becomes too rough, don’t be afraid to advise her to take it easier.

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Step 6: Hair wash

For those who choose to visit one of the more luxurious bathhouses, your treatment will include hair washing as part of the package. Allow yourself to be pampered with the uncommon pleasure of having someone else wash your hair for you. This is such a delight! The rest area at the La Roseraie Spa was really stunning (360 image).

And finally… Relax with tea

One more step must be completed once you’ve been polished and cleansed, and it cannot be avoided. Then you’ll change back into your robe and head to the relaxation room, where you’ll be served a hot cup of sweet Moroccan tea. In the event that you are anything like me, your body will feel like jelly at this moment, and your mind will be devoid of any worries. Before you face the outside world, that cup of tea will offer you the opportunity to brighten up a little and emerge as a brighter, sparklier version of yourself.

Tips for Visiting a Local’s Hammam in Morocco

You should keep an eye out for any of the following indications that indicate the presence of a traditional hammam in the vicinity of your riad while roaming through the alleys of the medina near your accommodation:

  • When you’re strolling through the alleyways of the medina near your riad, keep an eye out for any of the following indications that indicate the presence of a traditional hammam:

The hammam can be identified by any of the following signs. A hammam fire is being stoked by this gentleman. The hammam is located on the ground floor of the building if you notice this.

What to bring to a Moroccan hammam

In contrast to a tourist hammam, you will not be provided with anything in the local hammam. You’ll need to bring the following items with you:

  • A little sum of money – the hammam will cost around 10 dirhams
  • A towel, underwear or bathing suit bottoms, and a hammam glove are all recommended. Wash your hands with soap – you can use black soap, but most people in the area just use a bar of soap

Prior to your visit, you can easily pick up some soap and a hammam glove for a few bucks at the souk.

What to wear in the hammam

Women can either go barefoot or wear bikini bottoms or underwear, just like they would at a tourist hammam. In the hammams I’ve seen, the majority of the ladies are dressed in underwear.

An underwear set will keep you from getting too many curious views at your private regions if you’re a blonde down below. In order to enter the hammam, men must wear underwear. Swim shorts, y-fronts, or whatever you have on hand are ideal, but you may also wear boxers if you don’t have any.

What to expect at a local hammam

You may be able to hire a hammam attendant to scrub you down, depending on the establishment. It will be beneficial if you are able to communicate in French in order to make this happen. If not, I hope you’re fluent in sign language since it’s quite doubtful that anyone in the hammam will be able to communicate with you in your own language. However, if you want to do things the way the natives do them, go the DIY route.

  1. You will be shown to a room with seats (which may be right in the entryway) where you may undress and leave your items after you have paid your bill. There will be no locker available, so please do not bring any valuables. Continue on to the next room, where you may pick up a couple of buckets of water. You will use hot water for the first few rinses, followed by cool water for the last washes in these buckets. Find a comfortable place to sit, fill your bucket, and proceed as described above in the tourist hammam part. If it’s truly comfortable for you, you can invite someone else to clean your back while you scrub theirs in exchange.

How often should you go to a hammam?

Indulging in a trip to the hammam is a thoroughly cleansing experience. You will be amazed at how much dead skin is removed, especially if you have a professional do the procedure. This means that you should avoid going to the hammam on a regular basis, otherwise your skin will get quite irritated! If you’re not used to exfoliating like this, I’d recommend going no more than twice a week at the most, but once a week is definitely plenty for you. That’s all there is to it! You’ve now had the opportunity to visit a hammam in Morocco!

More Morocco Travel Tips

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  • Visit Domaine de la Roseraie, a blissful spa retreat in Marrakech that offers a variety of treatments.

We hope that this essay has given you the confidence to visit a hammam while you are in Morocco. A wonderful experience that will leave you with a glow that you never imagined was possible! ♥ Wishing you a thoughtful journey, JaneStephenPin wishes you the best on your Moroccan journey!

The Differences Between a Turkish and Moroccan Bath

This entry was published on 23 January 2017 and was last updated on 1 October 2019. If you haven’t yet had the chance to have one of the two classic Middle Eastern massages, now is the time. What have you been up to since you arrived in our country? For real, taking a Turkish and/or Moroccan bath in Dubai is a must-try experience that every expat should indulge in at least once in their lifetime. It is considered a “rite of passage” to life in the Emirate. However, despite the horror stories you may have heard about these types of massages – especially if you’ve spoken to someone who has had the pleasure of experiencing a true Turkish bath in Turkey (which can be a little embarrassing) – they are both extremely relaxing and beneficial to both the body and the soul.

In reality, when you partake in a traditional bath ritual such as these, you’ll be taking part in a routine that has been practiced for hundreds of years by thousands of people just like yourself.

So what’s the difference between the two?

A Moroccan Bath (also known as the Hammam bath) is a public bath that is prominent in Moroccan culture, and Moroccans continue to visit it on a weekly basis to wash themselves. A Hammam treatment, which provides a relaxing environment in which to completely wash your body, primarily employs steam and exfoliating cosmetic treatments that have been utilized in Morocco for generations. You might also be interested in the following.

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  • There are six resort spa trends for 2017 that you should try.

In a normal, traditional Hammam visit, you will be soaked in hot water for many minutes, followed by a mud/clay treatment and finally the application of black soap all over your body. Afterwards, your skin is exfoliated forcefully after it has been wiped away. After that, you’ll be given a chilly shower to shut your pores, which is frequently followed by a full body massage to ensure that you leave feeling thoroughly rested and rejuvenated before heading home. A community hammam (of course, the genders are entirely segregated) has traditionally served as a gathering place for friends (and family) to socialise, catch up on the latest news and updates, and enjoy a pleasant gathering while in perfect relaxation, and this has continued to be true today.

The one-on-one hammam, on the other hand, is a popular option in Dubai if you don’t want to spend your time sliding around in a communal bath. If you’re looking for the best Moroccan Bath in Dubai, check out our Salons & Spas area to locate the one closest to you.

What’s a Turkish bath?

A Turkish bath, in contrast to the Hammam, is mostly composed of water rather than steam. Typically, you begin by entering a magnificent chamber that is totally covered in marble and features a large dome, basins, and a central elevated platform over the source of heat. A visit to one begins with a brief period of time spent in the hot chamber, which allows you to relax and loosen up. And, most importantly, make yourself sweat! Even while the initial sensation of resting on the warm stone slab may leave you feeling a bit flushed and with only the necessary (or insufficient) clothing on, the massage that follows is well worth it.

CONSIDERED ALSO: 10 Reasons Why You Should Visit A Spa During the massage, you’ll be bathed in warm water and lathered in soapy suds to prepare for the treatment.

Which massage is better for you?

Despite the fact that both provide quite comparable sensations and are equally as effective for relaxing and cleanliness, many people choose the Moroccan Hammam because of the black soap that is so well-known for its deep cleansing properties. Instead of using steam treatments, a Turkish bath experience might be more appropriate if you want to avoid them entirely.

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Documentation Download Documentation Download Documentation A Moroccan bath (also known as a hammam) is a centuries-old cleansing practice that softens the skin while also soothing the muscles of fatigued bodies. This bathing technique is one of the most luxurious methods of removing dead skin layers from the body’s surface. Even if you live far away from Moroccan bathhouses, you may still indulge in a traditional hammam treatment in the comfort of your own home. Fill your bathroom with steam to clear your pores, and then use black soap and a mud treatment to bring purifying nutrients to your skin once it has been cleaned.

  1. 1Small bits of Moroccan mud should be broken up. Prepare the mud ahead of time so that it will be easier to apply later on during your bath. When you purchase the mud, it is likely that you will receive it in the form of a rock-hard block. It will soften more quickly if the mud is broken up into tiny bits.]
  2. 2 Place the dirt in a basin and stir in the yogurt and water until well combined. Take a look at the box of your mud block to see how much water and yogurt to include. Because of its high concentration of lactic acid, yogurt is an excellent exfoliant. Yogurt’s antibacterial and antifungal characteristics also help to prevent the appearance of pimples. Continually mix the mud until it softens and becomes clay-like
  • Alternatively, honey, which, because to its antioxidant characteristics, nourishes the skin, can be included.
  1. Alternatively, honey, which, because to its antioxidant characteristics, nourishes the skin, can be used
  2. And
  1. 1. Take few minutes to relax in the bathwater. Before you begin massaging and exfoliating your skin, give it around five to ten minutes to warm up. As a result of the steaming, the water may have cooled too much
  2. Add additional water until the temperature is back to your taste. 2 Apply the black soap to your body by massaging it in. To use the soap, work it into a lather and then rub it in all over your skin, from your feet up to your shoulders. To knead the soap into your pores, use your hands in circular motions. When you are applying the soap to your face, avoid putting the soap too close to your eyes and lips.
  • Black soap has a distinct reaction to different skin types and might be drying to some of them. If your skin becomes itchy after taking a bath, apply a moisturizer.
  • 3 Exfoliate the skin using a washcloth. Remove dead skin cells from your body by rubbing a washcloth up and down your body. This washcloth should be placed wherever you rubbed the black soap. Although you should rub the washcloth vigorously, do not rub it so hard that it hurts your skin.
  • Additionally, this procedure improves blood circulation and helps to decrease cellulite. Alternatives to abrasive gloves include exfoliating gloves.
  1. 4Rinse the soap out of your hair. Exfoliating your skin completely should be stopped before your skin becomes irritated or raw. Warm water should be cupped in your palms and poured on your skin until all soap residue has been fully washed away. Advertisement
  1. 1 Apply the mud all over your body. Get the mud bowl out of the closet and start applying the clay to your body. Concentrate on regions of skin that are dry or rough. When applied to the face, Moroccan mud is completely harmless, but avoid putting the mud in your eyes.
  • While you are applying the mud, get out of the bath. You should clean your eyes out with cool running water for 15-20 minutes after getting mud in your eyes, then call poison control for further instructions.
  • 2 Allow the mud to rest for 5-10 minutes before moving on. The mud must be allowed to settle for a period of time before the cleaning minerals may be absorbed by the skin. You should wait at least five minutes before washing the dirt from your skin. Step out of the bath and into the shower to thoroughly clean yourself. Right after you get out of the water, your skin should feel softer.
  1. 3Turn the towel over to dry off. When you dry yourself too aggressively, you might remove some of the cleaning minerals from your skin and cause it to become harsh. Instead of rubbing your skin until it is completely dry, blot it. To dry your skin as rapidly as possible, put your towel in the dryer beforehand
  2. 4 Apply a few drops of rose water on your skin. Many Moroccan bathhouses utilize rose water to massage their customers’ skin after they have had a bath. Rose water has a pleasant scent and is soothing to the skin, helping to reduce irritation and oiliness. Apply a few drops of rose water on a clean, dry washcloth and pat it into your skin to relax your muscles. Advertisement

Remove the cloth from your face. 3 Over-drying oneself might remove some of the cleaning minerals from your skin and cause it to become harsh. Avoid pressing or squeezing your skin until it’s completely dried. To dry your skin as rapidly as possible, put your towel in the dryer beforehand. Dot your skin with rosewater. The skin of their visitors is rubbed with rose water after they have had a Moroccan bath. Sweet-smelling rose water is soothing to the skin, decreasing irritation and oiliness while also promoting collagen production.

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  • Bring a change of clothes or a bathrobe with you in case you need to change after you towel off. Moroccans traditionally follow a hammam with a pleasant full-body massage to help them unwind. Afterward, treat yourself to a massage or enlist the assistance of a loved one to get the most out of the experience. To get the most authentic Moroccan soap, look for black soap manufactured from the kernel of an olive nut.

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Things You’ll Need

  • Yogurt, Moroccan mud, rose water, and a washcloth or gloves for exfoliating

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Best Moroccan Bath Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Conceived to target deeper muscle layers in order to alleviate tension and acute pain, Expect hard pressure methods to be used to stimulate parts of the body that require healing while also releasing knots in the muscles. Ideal for speeding up muscle recovery after an exercise, enhancing mobility, and relieving pain and tension from the body, this product is a must-have.

Sports Massage

A mix of gentle stretching methods and soft tissue manipulation is used to ensure that enough blood flow and healing nutrients are delivered to tired muscles throughout the treatment. Expect to feel relief from tight, aching muscles and stiff joints, as well as increased flexibility and range of motion after your treatment. Ideal before any vigorous bodywork to help avoid injuries, and after to aid with muscle repair and toxin elimination.

Thai Massage

The treatment is carried out on a floor mat in our traditionally constructed Thai rooms, providing our therapists a greater range of motion. Expect strenuous yoga-like stretching methods and corrective flexibility movements that will focus on realigning the body and alleviating pain and stiffness as a result of your workout. Excellent for improving joint mobility, posture, and blood circulation, as well as for lowering anxiety and the symptoms of migraines.

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Going To A Moroccan Hammam

Written by Lisa Fennessy This summer, my husband and I traveled four days in Marrakech, Morocco, where I was able to cross off a bucket list item by visiting a Moroccan Hammam. Although it was a challenging task, it was necessary to do it. In Arabic, the phrase hammam literally translates as “the distributor of warmth.” In this case, it is significant since, in essence, a hammam involves being washed down and cleaned in an extremely heated chamber. Hammams are founded on the concept of having locations of utmost cleanliness – where the process of cleaning the body is combined with the process of purifying the spirit.

  1. The city of Marrakech has a wide variety of hammams in a variety of styles, sizes, and price range.
  2. Among the five mandatory institutions present in every Moroccan neighborhood are the hammam, which is located near the bakery, a fountain, a school, and a mosque, among other things.
  3. Photo courtesy of the author.
  4. A public hammam is generally a single-gender establishment, with separate bathhouses and bathing hours for men and women.
  5. The most likely scenario is that you will be given a kit upon entering the hammam, which will likely consist of a mat to recline on as well as some black soap and an exfoliating glove.
  6. As a first-time visitor, I’m unsure of where to go.
  7. Do I need to lie down?

How long does the soap remain on the skin?

What about making direct eye contact?

A private hammam is more akin to receiving a spa treatment.

Spa music is playing, mint tea is being served, and the atmosphere is meant to be serene and pleasant.

In case you couldn’t tell, my legs are on the right and Jason’s are on the left.

A waiting lounge with a plunge pool to keep you warm.

In addition, there is a cool relaxation area. These chambers, whose temperature fluctuations promote blood flow and assist the body to sweat off impurities, are visited by visitors who move through them. For the most part, my experience followed the following pattern:

  • By Lisa Fennessy, a freelance writer I was able to cross something off my bucket list when my husband and I spent four days in Marrakech, Morocco, this past summer. Although it was a challenging task, it was unavoidable. A hammam is an Arabic phrase that literally translates as “the distributer of heat.” Considering the fact that a hammam is being scrubbed down/cleaned in an extremely heated environment, this is significant. In order to have a hammam, you must first have a location of utmost cleanliness — a place where cleansing the body is combined with purifying the spirit. Hammams also became venues where important life events were commemorated, with bathing rites being included into occasions like as marriage and childbirth about 600 AD. The city of Marrakech has a wide variety of hammams in a variety of sizes, forms, and prices. For that matter, it is possible to obtain one while staying at a riad (which is a hybrid of a boutique hotel and bed & breakfast
  • We stayed at this one). It is one of five mandatory institutions present in every Moroccan neighborhood, along with a communal bakery and fountain, a school and the mosque. The other four are optional institutions that can be found in some areas of Morocco. Le Bain Bleu Hammam in Marrakech, Morocco, has a steamy treatment area. It is possible to find public and private hammams, respectively. Men and women have separate bathhouses or bathing hours at a public hammam, which is typically single-gender. It’s also a more conventional, community-based meeting space, where friends, family, and children may come once a week to get clean and catch up on the latest news and events. The most likely scenario is that you will be given a kit upon entering the hammam, which will likely consist of a mat to lie down on, some black soap, and an exfoliating glove. After that, you may either clean yourself or pay someone to exfoliate your skin to finish the process. Where do I go, I wonder as a first-time visitor. And what should I do now, you ask? What do you think I should do? Sit? Can you tell me how long the soap remains on your skin? Does being nude have any rules? What about making direct eye contact?! What I’m trying to convey is that I completely chickened out and chose the more intimate experience of a private hammam instead. In many ways, a private hammam is similar to getting a spa treatment. Your visit begins with a check-in at the front desk and the storage of your possessions in a locker. Robes are then distributed, and you may choose between a private room and spa music while mint tea is served. The atmosphere is intended to be calm and pleasant. Le Bain Bleu Marrakech’s rest area offers a tranquil setting. In case you couldn’t tell, my legs are on the right and Jason’s on the left. It is possible to have a hammam experience in one of three different rooms. A waiting lounge with a plunge pool to keep you warm throughout the cold winter months. The therapy room with warm stone. In addition, there’s a relaxing lounge with a pool table. These chambers, whose temperature variations promote blood flow and assist the body to sweat off impurities, are visited by visitors who walk through them. The following was the general structure of my experience:

If you do decide to go, here are a handful of things I wish I had known before I jumped into the pool.

1. You Are Going To Get Naked – BYOB Sister

If you want to have a complete hammam experience, it will consist of two parts: a scrub followed by a massage. However, if you are going to do it the usual way, acquire both of them instead of ordering them separately. During the first 45 minutes, you will have a warm wet room scrub, mask, relaxation and detoxification, and the second 45 minutes will be devoted to massage (45 mins). You are completely exposed for both. The remainder of the time, you’ll be wrapped up in a luxurious robe. In order to save money, you may bring your own swimming suit bottoms and use them for the scrub (this goes under the category of things that would have been wonderful to know yesterday!) However, if you arrive with nothing in your possession, you will be given a little pair of underpants that look like these.

Men are provided with disposable paper or cloth shorts.

2. Expect A FULL BODY Scrub Down

I’m talking about boobs, buttocks, belly buttons, and everything in between! I also feel the need to point you that this is the first and maybe only time I have paid for someone to massage my boobs. I mean, I knew I was signing up for a full-body scrub, but I was amazed at how many different sections of my body they actually targeted. And with a vengeance! This was a really harsh scrubbing session. Armpits, neck, and even your face are all good places to start. Although they did seek permission to clean my face, they only used very minimal pressure.

  • It goes so far as to shampooing and conditioning your hair!
  • It’s similar to a mesh mitt in appearance, and some of them are made of goat hair.
  • (There will be no reuse!) These are the feet of my sister.
  • I didn’t want to break her tranquility by asking her to snap a picture of me.
  • My V and toes were the only parts of my body that did not receive a thorough cleaning.
  • They used a pumice block to scrape my heals, but it wasn’t allowed on or around my toes because of the bacteria.
  • I’ve tried both of these products and they are excellent!

3. Drink A Crap Ton Of Water Before You Go

Above all things, make sure you come hydrated when you arrive. An heated tiled wet room serves as the setting for the initial portion of the therapy session. All of the walls and floors are heated in addition to the heat in the air. It came to the point where it was difficult to take a breath on many occasions. And that’s where we remained. FOR A WHOPPING 45 MINUTES! What do you think of the signs outside steam rooms that state “Don’t stay more than 10 minutes”? Morocco, on the other hand, did not receive the message.

I could have easily consumed 75 of those.

Immediately following the treatment, we felt hot and parched, pruned, and SMOOTH. (Full disclosure: before to this, we had walked about for the whole of the day and split a bottle of champions at lunch, which didn’t help our dehydration levels either, but in any case, NOTICED.

4. You Will Probably Lose A Pound Of Skin

To accomplish the cleaning phase of the procedure, they used two different masks. The first was made of Moroccan Black Soap, while the second was made of a clay-based substance. Each one was left on for approximately 15 minutes before being removed. Made from saponified olive oil, Moroccan Black Soapis serves as a body mask, exfoliating skin while also preparing and softening it for exfoliation. It also happens to be naturally high in vitamin E. It is applied very thinly and seems to be barely there when it is not.

  • The fact that you can see the exfoliated skin on your legs and arms, which seems to be twisted black rolling sheets, indicates that you are aware of this fact.
  • Babies are on the bottom rung of the social ladder.
  • That’s not all, either!
  • Me, dripping wet in a 90 degree sauna, making sure I grab a selfie for this post!

5. The Best Shavasana

It’s something I’ve said before and it’s something I’ll say again. Isn’t there a point near the conclusion of a massage when you’re in that state when you’re somewhere between sleeping and being awake? How does it feel when your muscles are like jelly and all of your problems have vanished? Afterwards, the massage therapist leans forward and says, “All right!” When you’re ready, I’ll meet you in front of the building. Please take your time. And I’m thinking, “I hope you actually meant it,” because I’d love nothing more than to yield to the slumber that’s calling my name right now.

Friends, things were different this time around.


Odds and Ends

There are a few of other things to mention. The whole cost of the therapy, which lasted more than 2 hours, was just $60 USD in total. We chose Le Bein Bleu, which is located within the medina and is popular with the locals. Alternatively, you may upgrade your experience and pay upwards of $100 USD, which is still a bargain when compared to US spas. Alternatively, you may visit a public hammam and do your own thing for between $10 and $30 USD. The plunge pool was a little unpleasant because you could see pieces of product floating about in the water that had either come from your own body or that had come from other people’s bodies before yours.

  • For example, a tube top, a crop top, and short shorts.
  • Most locations allow you to choose whether or not you want your mint tea to be sweetened.
  • They also pour it really loudly while holding the pot extremely high in the air to achieve the desired frothy head.
  • For example, how can the phrases “face up” and “face down” sound exactly the same?

My massage was more of a mild, soothing Sweedish massage, however my husband’s was more intense and left him uncomfortable. We weren’t asked what kind of massage we wanted, so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

Warming Both Inside and Out

One thing that I was completely unprepared for were the emotions that came to the surface when I was being cleaned. A child-like sensation of weightlessness flooded over me as I sat nude in front of this woman who was washing my hair, and I realized what I had experienced. It was a short sensation that passed as quickly as it arrived, yet it was so intense that it almost made me cry. It’s possible that I was overcome with nostalgia. Possibly, it was a glimpse into my past life. Maybe I was just crazy from thirst, but all I remember is that the weight of the world seemed to slip away for a brief while as I let someone to look after me.

Getting a hammam did not occur to me that it would “spread warmth” both internally and externally.

What are your opinions, and what would you advise someone who is going to be attending for the first time?

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