Where Can I Buy Dry Ice In Dubai? (Question)

  • Dry ice is a tasteless and colorless product which comes from carbon dioxide (CO2) when it is in the solid state. It is mainly used as a cooling product. It includes lower temperature than water ice and does not leave any residue. Gas on Trade is the best dry ice supplier in Dubai.

What is price of dry ice?

White Dry Ice Pellets, Food Grade, Rs 60 /kilogram (s) Siga Gases India (P) Limited | ID: 8829576588.

How do u make dry ice?

Dry ice is made by liquefying carbon dioxide and injecting it into a holding tank, where it’s frozen at a temperature of -109° F and compressed into solid ice. Depending on whether it’s created in a pelletizer or a block press, dry ice can then be made into pellets or large blocks.

What’s the difference between food grade dry ice and regular dry ice?

Food grade means the CO2 used to make the dry ice is the same quality CO2 as used for soda fountains and also the dry ice can be used to transport food and produce. How to make dry ice – manufacturing dry ice: When the CO2 changes from a liquid to a gas, there is an extreme drop in temperature.

Can I put dry ice in my freezer?

Q: Can I save dry ice in my freezer? A: No. Dry ice turns to a gas at –109.3° F, so even a freezer will be far too warm to prevent that from happening. And dry ice should never be kept in a walk-in freezer, because it produces carbon dioxide that can be hazardous in poorly ventilated areas.

How long can 1 kg of dry ice last?

Dry ice stored in a cooler will last for 18-24 hours, other storage times and conditions are listed below. The shelf life of dry ice depends mainly on how the dry ice is stored and the size of the brick. Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide, the same gas that we exhale and that plants use for photosynthesis.

What can I use instead of dry ice?

Hydro-Freeze ice packs offer a safer way to deliver frozen goods than traditional dry ice shipments, at an equivalent price and with no supply shortage. Hydro-Freeze packs are available on a range of sizes and pockets and are fully printable with your company logo, for a minimum run as low as just 2 pallets.

How long will dry ice last?

Generally speaking, 10 pounds of dry ice will last up to 24 hours in a standard 25-quart cooler —but there are a lot of factors at play. You’ll also want to consider the types of food you’re storing (frozen or refrigerated), the size of your cooler, any ambient conditions and the duration of storage.

Is dry ice safe to drink?

Dry Ice In Drinks – Is It Safe? Dry ice should never be placed into the mouth or swallowed. So as a rule dry ice should never be added to drinks to avoid any such risk.

Can you put food on dry ice?

Due to its extremely low temperature, dry ice will freeze the food it comes into direct contact with. Adding an extra layer between dry ice and food products, like cardboard, newspaper, or a cloth layer, will help keep your food cold, not frozen. You can fill this empty space with dry ice pellets, or regular ice.

Can you touch dry ice?

3) Do not touch dry ice with your skin! Use tongs, insulated (thick) gloves or an oven mitt. Since the temperature of dry ice is so cold, it can cause severe frostbite.

How do stores keep dry ice?

When sold in stores like Walmart dry ice is kept in large freezer chests. While these look similar to a freezer that holds regular ice and keeps it frozen it’s actually just a large cooler. There are no compressors or refrigerants used in stores to keep dry ice frozen.

What are 3 different uses for dry ice?

4 Common Commercial and Industrial Uses for Dry Ice

  • The Medical Industry. Dry ice is widespread in the medical industry.
  • The Food Industry. Due to strict regulations in food storage and preparation, dry ice has been an essential tool in commercial kitchens, restaurants, and supermarkets.
  • Shipping Goods.
  • Dry Ice Blasting.

Buy Dry Ice (Free Same Day Delivery By Carbonic in Dubai & Sharjah)

  • Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide (CO 2) at a temperature of -109.3 degrees Fahrenheit (-78 degrees Celsius). Because of its extremely low temperature, dry ice is particularly effective for freezing and maintaining the frozen or chilled state of objects. As long as the atmosphere maintains its usual pressure, dry ice sublimates or evaporates straight into carbon dioxide gas, which is then re-injected into the atmosphere without passing through a liquid state. Because dry ice does not melt, it has several times the cooling capacity of regular ice and does not produce any water or mess.

How Dry Ice Can Help You

  • Carbonic International has created the Dry Ice system in order to take use of the unique qualities of dry ice for your cold chain assurance needs. Using this method, you may achieve optimal product preservation down the line by using customized packaging, transportation services, and tracking systems, all provided by Carbonic International. Your product degradation and losses are avoided when you use CarbonicInternational’s Dry Ice, a hassle-free, environmentally friendly foodgrade refrigeration technology that is also energy efficient.

Pellets ± 16 mm

Dry Ice Pellets, Large – 16 mm: 5-40kg EPS boxes or 240 kg PU containers are recommended for this product.

Pellets ± 3.0 mm

The following sizes are available for Dry Ice Pellets Large – 16mm: 5-40kg EPSboxes or 240 kg polyethylene containers

Slices / Blocks

The following sizes are available for Dry Ice Pellets Large – 16mm: 5-40kg EPSboxes or 240 kg PU containers


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Handling, StorageTransportation

Dry ice has several features and can pose a number of risks, thus customers should be aware of these before using the product. They should never drink or touch the product with exposed skin. Appropriate procedures and practices must be implemented in order to keep an eye out for occurrences and to respond quickly in the case of an emergency.


  • Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide (chemical formula CO 2)
  • It is used in the production of ice cream. Dry ice appears as a translucent white solid that, when exposed to normal temperatures, transforms directly from the solid state to the gas state without passing through the liquid phase. Dry ice is an asphyxiant that is not combustible (see below)
  • As it burns, dry ice produces colorless gas with a somewhat unpleasant odor that can only be detected in extremely high quantities.


  • Asphyxiant – When sublimed vapour is present in high proportions, it can induce asphyxiation. The sublimation of 10kg of dry ice produces roughly 5.4m3 of carbon dioxide gas. Because dry ice is extremely cold (-78°C), it can cause cold burns or frostbite when it comes into contact with the product.

Important Safety Information

  • Sublimed vapour is an asphyxiant, meaning that it may induce suffocation when present in large amounts. Dry ice decomposes into around 5.4m3 of carbon dioxide gas for every kilogram of dry ice consumed. Because dry ice is extremely cold (-78°C), it can cause cold burns or frostbite when it comes into contact with the skin.

Safe Storage

Certain conditions, such as changes in ambient temperature and humidity, the quality of the storage container, and even the number of times the container is opened and closed, cause dry ice to sublime from its current state, posing a danger of asphyxiation.The better the insulation, the slower the sublimation rate and, consequently, the greater time thatthe dry ice product’s quality is preserved.

  • Always store dry ice in a container that has been appropriately built
  • ALWAYS keep the container lid closed while the container is not in use. Do not remove or deface any product labels
  • This includes warning labels. It is always a good idea to secure the container lid open before reaching inside to discharge the cargo. Avoid leaning into the container for any length of time longer than is absolutely required. DO NOT store dry ice in any gas-tight container. Gaseous atmospheres will have accumulated within huge containerized systems. Exposed dry ice should not be exposed to high ambient temperatures needlessly, since this would enhance the sublimation rate. NOT to be stored in basements or unventilated areas
  • And Whenever dry ice is kept, be certain that there is appropriate low-level ventilation.

Take Care When Carrying Packages Of Dry Ice.

  • Ventilation: Always get expert guidance on the most appropriate ventilation, and install carbon dioxide sensors to alert you if there is a problem. Increased sublimation of CO2 due to the presence of water can result in a correspondingly increased risk of asphyxiation. Dry ice should be disposed of in a well-ventilated place away from the general population. Do not discharge into any area where the buildup of the waste might be hazardous. Do not remove or deface any product labels
  • This includes warning labels. Procedures should be followed in an emergency: Know what to do in the event of an emergency – and make sure all handlers are informed of what you should do

Safe Transportation

  • As always, get expert guidance on proper ventilation, and consider installing CO2 sensors to alert you if there is an issue. Increased sublimation caused by water on CO2 can result in an increased risk of asphyxiation as a result of this. Dry ice should be disposed of in a well-ventilated environment that is not accessible to the general population. Keep the waste from being discharged into any area where its buildup may be hazardous. It is not permissible to remove or deface any product labelling. Precautions should be taken in an emergency. Preparing for an emergency and making sure that all handlers are informed of what to do in an emergency

Dry Ice

As always, get expert guidance on proper ventilation, and install CO2 sensors to alert you when an issue arises. The effect of water on CO2 is to promote sublimation, which can result in a correspondingly increased danger of suffocation. Dry ice should be disposed of in a well-ventilated area that is not accessible to the general public. Do not discharge into any area where the buildup of waste might be hazardous. It is not permissible to remove or deface any product labeling; Procedures to follow in an emergency: Know what to do in an emergency – and make sure all handlers are informed of what to do;

Dry Ice 3mm

  • F B: Add a unique twist to your meals and beverages by serving them with dry ice. Commercial and industrial applications: The use of dry ice makes it an excellent cleaning option in a variety of commercial and industrial environments. When it comes to food transportation, dry ice is the best option for keeping medicinal items or frozen meals cool while in transit. MinOrderQty:200

Dry Ice Block 500gms

  • F B: Add a unique twist to your meals and beverages by serving them with dry ice. Application in Industry: The use of dry ice makes it an excellent cleaning option in a wide range of commercial and manufacturing environments. Food Transportation: Dry ice is the most effective method of keeping medicinal items or frozen meals cool while in transit or storage. MinOrderQty:50

Dry Ice16mm

  1. F B: Add a unique twist to your meals and beverages by serving them with dry ice. Commercial and industrial applications: The use of dry ice makes it an excellent cleaning option in a variety of commercial and industrial environments. When it comes to food transportation, dry ice is the best option for keeping medicinal items or frozen meals cool while in transit. MinOrderQty:5


Located in Dubai, UAE, Dubai Dry Ice is a “Regional” supplier of Dry ice, Ice cubes, Ice gel, Crushed ice blocks for carving, and other ice products, as well as a bespoke delivery service provider, specializing in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Customers include restaurants, food distribution companies, government laboratories, diagnostic centers, blood banks and other organizations that require customized packaging and distribution. We also serve customers in the ice cream and dairy industries as well as catering and dry ice blast cleaning companies, among other industries.

Our Services



High-quality services, fresh dry ice, Ice cubes, Ice gel, Crushed Ice, Ice blocks for carving items, and quick and trustworthy customized distribution are just a few of the things we specialize in for our customers. Our expert trained delivery professionals give our tailored delivery services, which range from one delivery per week to seven deliveries per week.


We provide convenient onsite pickup alternatives to make your online purchase even more convenient. We can provide you with dry ice, ice cubes, ice gel, crushed ice, and ice blocks for carving if you need them.

Contact us to place your dry ice order and have them delivered to you. Our objective is to always give our clients with the freshest dry ice products available, as well as the appropriate volume of dry ice at the appropriate time of day.

Dry ice for Sale in Abu Dhabi, Dry ice Specialist Abu Dhabi,UAE

Dry ice is carbon dioxide that has been frozen, and it is particularly effective for freezing and keeping objects frozen owing to its extremely low temperature. Dry ice is extensively utilized since it is simple to freeze and to handle using insulated gloves, making it a cost-effective option. Dry Ice is so named because, under normal atmospheric conditions, it transitions directly from a solid to a gas state without passing through a wet liquid state first. It is possible to clean surfaces with dry ice by blasting them with compressed air, which is accomplished by accelerating dry ice in the pressurized air stream and directing it at the surface through dry ice blasting equipment.

PELLETS Small – 3.0 mm

Small Dry Ice Pellets – 3.0 mm in diameter

PELLETS Large ± 16 MM

Large Dry Ice Pellets – 16 mm in diameter


Slices and blocks of dry ice

Dry ice Specialist

Abu Dhabi, UAE-based Eco Green dry ice service is one of the largest and most well-established dry ice pellets manufacturers and suppliers in the area, with operations in and around the local and regional marketplaces around the city. In the field of innovative cleaning technology, Eco Green has emerged as the leading provider, with a team of experts employing the most up-to-date and scientific methods for the improvement and efficiency of industrial cleaning. Eco Green Dry Ice is a brand that has established itself as a manufacturer and supplier of dry ice pellets, slabs, and blocks in Abu Dhabi and all other Emirates in the United Arab Emirates.

We have built our own production facilities, complete with a big storage tank and the ability to produce 7 tons of dry ice pellets in a single day from a single machine.

Our dry ice manufacturing machine unit is capable of producing dry ice pellets in quantities of 5kg, as well as large/bulk quantities of 10, 20, and 25 kg in the future.

We can also provide dry ice for firms who have a requirement for and the capability to blast on an automated basis.

Dry Ice Pack Supplier

Eco Green also offers a selection of Dry ice packs that are non-hazardous and environmentally friendly. We are one of the top producers, exporters, and suppliers of Dry ice pellets in Abu Dhabi, and we also provide dry ice pack. Offering LDPE (low-density polyethylene) dry ice packs in a pouch form; Eutectic Coolant pellets, which are used in coolers to keep perishable products such as meat, dairy products, pharmacy products, and blood plasma and lab specimens, among other things, at extremely low temperatures; and other products.

Ice packs are the most cost-effective method of transporting temperature-sensitive commodities such as seafood, frozen foods, and flowers, among other things, to their destination.

If you are looking for dry ice in Abu Dhabi but aren’t sure where to start, we can help. As a Dry ice pack provider, we are your one-stop shop. supply of dry ice

High-Quality Packing and Delivery with Lower Losses

Our dry ice for sale in Abu Dhabi comes in the most advanced insulated dry ice containers, which reduces sublimation losses to the absolute minimum. Our supply fleet is insulated and approved for delivery of food-grade products on a regular basis.

Extensive Distribution Network and Packaging Solutions

Our dry ice for sale in Abu Dhabi comes in the most advanced insulated dry ice containers, which reduces sublimation losses to the lowest possible levels. It is our policy to deliver food grade supplies in vehicles that are insulated and certified.

Hygiene and Quality

Our dry ice containers are sanitized with environmentally friendly bacterial sanitization products prior to offering dry ice for sale in Abu Dhabi. At Eco Green, we monitor dry ice production with closed-circuit television (CCTV) to ensure purity and quality just before delivery in state-of-the-art shipping containers.

Delivery with a Schedule

For the purpose of ensuring that our customers receive the greatest quality Dry ice supply in Abu Dhabi, we have a specialized transportation fleet that ensures prompt delivery.

Competitive Pricing

A top Dry Ice provider, we price our dry ice cheaply upfront, with no surprise add-on charges. We also offer flexibility in the duration and terms of dry ice supply agreements, making us a preferred choice for many businesses.

We sell and Deliver Dry ice in UAE

Buy premium quality food grade Dry ice in the UAE by Gas on TradeDry ice is a flavorless and colorless product that is made from carbon dioxide (CO2) while it is in the solid state. It is produced by the gasification of carbon dioxide (CO2). As a cooling product, it is the most often used kind of eucalyptus oil on the market. It has a lower temperature than water ice and doesn’t leave any residue behind on the surface. We are the best dry ice supplier in Dubai.Key Characteristics: Dry ice is widely used because it is easy to freeze and handle using insulated gloves.

  1. It changes directly from a solid to a gas under normal atmospheric conditions without passing through a wet liquid stage.
  2. Therefore, it receives the term “dry ice.”● Dry ice is a non-flammable AsphyxiantHow may dry ice be beneficial for you?
  3. Have the dry ice inserted in your food decoration to dazzle and astonish your guests.
  4. In the event that you are looking for dry ice near me, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the team at Gas on Trade.Applications: Dry ice can be used to create an illusion of fog by throwing it into a swimming pool or Jacuzzi.
  5. Dry ice may extend the shelf life of wet ice by up to 24 hours when mixed with it.
  6. e.g.
  7. Aside from the food industry, there are numerous other applications for dry ice pellets and blocks.

When water and dry ice are mixed, CO2 is converted into vapor, which results in a thick white-colored fog effect that spreads across the presentation.

When handling it, it is recommended that you use insulated gloves.

Keep dry ice out of reach of children.

It is important to avoid inhaling carbon dioxide gas.

If dry ice is used in a compact place that isn’t adequately aired, it can be extremely dangerous to the user and anyone around him.

This gas can accumulate in a short place if it is not vented.

Using dry ice in a walk-in freezer, cooler or confined truck bed can be extremely dangerous.

In order to prevent the pellets from evaporating and polluting the environment needlessly, dry ice should always be stored in thermocol boxes that are completely airtight.

Dry ice for commercial, domestic, and entertainment purposes is readily available in the United Arab Emirates thanks to GasOtrd.

As the most experienced dry ice provider in the United Arab Emirates, we are committed to providing the finest in the business.

We charge our customers at a very reasonable rate.10 Exciting Things to Do with Dry IceDry ice is used in place of regular ice in situations when quick and continuous cooling is needed.

Transport of biological material is also included.

Make the oil pills more solid.

In addition to being drawn to CO2, the dry ice sublimation action causes rodents to suffocate, which is effective in pest management.

Cleaning with a blast of air.

When dry ice is added to warm water, it forms dense cloudy smoke, indicating that it converts directly into a gaseous state without passing through the liquid phase.

This smoky effect is employed in a variety of settings, including restaurants, weddings, parties, Halloween, and concerts, among others, to dazzle and awe the audience.

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions concerning its application.Handling of Dry Ice:1.

-78.5 degrees Celsius), and it can inflict significant burns to the skin that are equivalent to frostbite.2.

In the case of dry ice in tiny containers, make sure that the container allows for a little amount of leakage of the gaseous CO2 to the atmosphere; otherwise, the pressure in the container might build up, which can be harmful when the container is opened.4.


Disposal of Dry Ice: Dry ice should never be disposed of in a confined environment because it can cause the accumulation of CO2 which can cause pressure to build up.

When dry ice is put in warm water, it generates dense fog, which can be utilized to smoke up your gatherings and create the perfect smoky ambiance.2.

It also creates a little amount of carbonation in the drinks, which makes them more enjoyable to consume.3, 4, 5 Dry ice may be used to fill a balloon by simply inserting it inside the balloon and tying it up.

One of the more unusual applications for dry ice is the inflating of rubber gloves or puppets during Halloween parties in order to create a frightful atmosphere.5.

To make your Halloween celebrations even more frightening, place dry ice in the jack-o’-lantern so that the hazy fog emanating from it can be seen from a long distance 7.

Because of the carbonation in the ice cream, it will be bubbly when it is served.8.

The discharge of dry ice will cause the bubbles to pop as a result of the explosion.

Because dry ice has no odor and the smoke remains on the ground, it will completely astound your guests.10.

We are the leading dry ice supplier in Dubai. Gas on Trade is a supplier of high-quality dry ice pellets and blocks that are suitable for usage in a variety of industries.

Where can I find dry ice in Dubai, UAE?

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Comment from Carbonic International (Dry Ice Factory)1 Martin [email protected] International (Dry Ice Factory)@The Ice Factoryon Sheikh Zayed Road will be able to sell you some of these. A buddy of mine previously purchased dry ice from them in order to keep ice cream frozen while on a picnic outing. 0Comment BenCarbonic International provides Dry Ice at the most competitive prices, so give them a try. They will be sold by Bethany at The Ice Factory, which is located on Sheikh Zayed Road. A good buddy.

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Carbonic Dry Ice, Dubai (+971 4 8861960)

The most dependable Dry IceSupplier in the United Arab Emirates – Free same-day delivery to Dubai!


CARBONIC INTERNATIONAL – THE DRY ICE EXPERTS IN DUBAI – CARBONIC INTERNATIONAL – Carbonic International is the leading dry ice manufacturer and retailer in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). WWW.CARBONICINTERNATIONAL.COM HACCP COMPETITIVE STABLE PRICING FOR CERTIFIED DRY ICEESTABLISHED 24/7 SUPPORTSAME-DAY DELIVERY IN THE UNITED ARAB EMIRATES What are the benefits of purchasing dry ice from CARBONIC INTERNATIONAL? When you purchase dry ice from Carbonic International, you receive Customized “Dry Ice based cold chain solutions” that are backed by exceptional customer service and support that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • What goods are created in Carbonic’s dry ice facility, and where is it located?
  • Is it possible for Carbonic to deliver my dry ice the same day?
  • We take our work extremely seriously.
  • You can reach out to our helpful sales team at any time; we are available to assist you.
  • We can sell and deliver from 5 kgs to 40000 kgs each day in Dubai, and we provide free delivery on all orders!
  • Thank you very much.
  • INFORMATION ABOUT US Dry Ice of the Highest Quality: Fast!

Is it your intention to find a professional, experienced, and dependable food grade dry ice manufacturer in Dubai, United Arab Emirates?

Are you looking for a cleaning method that is less harmful to the environment?

The Carbonic Group has been Dubai’s top supplier for food-grade, produced dry ice since 2004, as well as cold chain solutions and environmentally friendly industrial cleaning options since 2007.

Whether you require five kilos or five thousand kilograms, our staff is ready to satisfy your dry ice demands.

Carbonic’s dry ice outperforms the competition when it comes to packaging frozen food items in bulk.

No more stressing about whether or not your product will become wet and damaged.

As a cleaning tool, dry ice may be used to remove oil, paint, tar, adhesives and resins; all without leaving any dangerous residues.

There’s no need to be concerned about landfill requirements or hazardous waste management.

Our diverse selection of dry ice containers ensures that sublimation losses are kept to a bare minimum.

We despise surprises that aren’t obvious!

There are no hidden fees or surcharges! When it comes to us, you are more than a number; you are a valuable client, and we delight in going above and beyond to meet your demands. Our customer service representatives are available to respond to any and all of your questions as quickly as possible.

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The Muddle ME team ships products all around the Middle East, as well as delivering locally to our clients in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai), Saudi Arabia (Riyadh, Khobar/DMM), Kuwait, and Bahrain. Please see “ShippingDelivery” for more information on our international and domestic shipping and delivery options.


Deliveries will be made within three working days if products are in stock for orders placed before 3 pm in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the Northern Emirates. If you require any further information, please “Contact us” and a member of our staff would be happy to assist you.


In order to provide the greatest Kitchen, Bar, and Coffee equipment and tools available, Muddle Me has partnered with industry-leading manufacturers that provide best-in-class goods and service. We provide warranty assistance as well as “Annual Maintenance Contracts” to assure the long-term viability of your investment. We encourage you to “contact us” if you have any queries, and if you want further information on our returns policy, please check our “return/refund policy” in our terms and conditions for more information.

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Receive bargains and special offers that are only available via email. Exclusive products are those that are not available anywhere else. Muddle Me is a copyright for the year 2022.

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