Where Is Abu Dhabi Dubai? (TOP 5 Tips)

While both Dubai and Abu Dhabi are located on the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is further north. Dubai is also the largest city in the Emirates, and the most densely populated.7

Is Dubai & Abu Dhabi the same?

Are Dubai and Abu Dhabi The Same Thing? Despite their similarity in name, Dubai and Abu Dhabi do not refer to the same place. Under The United Arab Emirates, these territories are two independent Emirates (UAE).

Is Dubai close to Abu Dhabi?

The distance between Abu Dhabi and Dubai is 140 kilometers. It takes around 80 minutes by car to get from Abu Dhabi to Dubai.

Is Abu Dhabi a city or a country?

Abu Dhabi, Arabic Abū Ẓaby, city and capital of Abu Dhabi emirate, one of the United Arab Emirates (formerly Trucial States, or Trucial Oman), and the national capital of that federation.

Where exactly is Abu Dhabi?

Abu Dhabi is also the capital of the Emirate with the same name; one of seven emirates which form the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The city is situated at the coast of the Persian Gulf about 140 km (87 mi) by road, south west of Dubai (UAE) on an island, not unlike the location of New York’s Manhattan.

What is the richest city in the UAE?

Welcome to Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates and the richest city in the world. The emirate’s 420,000 citizens, who sit on one-tenth of the planet’s oil and have almost $1 trillion invested abroad, are worth about $17 million apiece.

Is drinking illegal in Abu Dhabi?

Generally, the legal age for drinking alcohol is 18 in Abu Dhabi, but a Ministry of Tourism by-law prevents hotels from serving alcohol to those under the age of 21. In Dubai and all other emirates besides Sharjah, the drinking age is 21. Drinking alcohol in Sharjah is illegal.

Can unmarried couples stay in a hotel in Dubai?

Can unmarried couples stay in the same hotel room? According to the law, it’s illegal for unmarried couples to stay in the same room during a holiday in Dubai. Many unmarried couples visit Dubai every year without issue. This is especially true in Dubai’s mega luxury hotels, which mainly cater to foreigners.

How much is a taxi from Dubai to Abu Dhabi?

The most effective way to travel between Dubai and Abu Dhabi is by taxi. A standard trip by taxi from Downtown Dubai costs between AED 250 and AED 300 one way. The ride begins at AED 5 if you are travelling during the day, with an additional amount of AED 1.82 per kilometre charged thereafter.

Is Abu Dhabi a night race?

The inaugural Abu Dhabi grand prix will not be a twilight race but F1’s first ever ‘day/night’ race, according to event manager Richard Cregan.

What language do they speak in Abu Dhabi?

The official language of the United Arab Emirates is Arabic. Modern Standard Arabic is taught in schools, and most native Emiratis speak a dialect of Gulf Arabic that is generally similar to that spoken in surrounding countries.

What is Abu Dhabi best known for?

Ten famous things about Abu Dhabi

  • It has the world’s tallest indoor climbing wall.
  • Modern wonder of the world, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.
  • Star Wars was filmed here.
  • The beautiful Jubail Mangrove Walk.
  • The final race of the F1 season is held at Yas Marina Circuit.
  • There’s a Ferrari theme park.

What should I wear in Abu Dhabi?

Opt for light, breathable clothes, light colors and leave artificial materials like polyester at home. Good items to pack for Abu Dhabi are breathable t-shorts and tops, long summer dresses, flowy pants/trousers, light chinos and loose long pants for men. Make sure you also bring a coverup for that air conditioning!

How much is it from Dubai to Abu Dhabi?

Transport from Dubai to Abu Dhabi The duration of the trip by bus from Dubai to Abu Dhabi is 2 hours 20 minutes, the ticket price is from $8.6. If you take a taxi, you will get to the destination in 1 hour 50 minutes and have to pay a minimum of $92 for such a trip. The distance between Dubai and Abu Dhabi is 170 km.

How long is Dubai from Abu Dhabi?

Yes, the driving distance between Abu Dhabi to Dubai is 132 km. It takes approximately 1h 13m to drive from Abu Dhabi to Dubai.

Where is Abu Dhabi? / Where is Abu Dhabi Located in UAE

According to the provided Abu Dhabi location map, Abu Dhabi is located on the coast of the Persian Gulf in the central-western part of the United Arab Emirates. Abu Dhabi is the capital and second most populous city in the United Arab Emirates.

Location Map of Abu Dhabi

About the Map: This map depicts the location of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, as well as the surrounding area.

Where is Abu Dhabi Located?

Abu Dhabi is the world’s 67th most expensive city, and it is the second most expensive city in the United Arab Emirates. Abu Dhabi is located on a T-shaped island that juts into the Persian Gulf from the country’s central western shore, which is somewhat unique. Because it is the capital city of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi is home to important political and federal government buildings and offices; in addition, it serves as the seat of the United Arab Emirates Government and the residence of the Abu Dhabi Emiri Family, which includes the President of the United Arab Emirates who is descended from this family.

Abu Dhabi is one of the world’s greatest oil-producing areas, accounting for over a quarter of global production.

Furthermore, it is one of the wealthiest cities on the planet.

Interesting Facts about Abu Dhabi:

Continent Asia
Country United Arab Emirates
Emirate Abu Dhabi
Municipal region Central Capital District
Corordinates of Abu Dhabi 24°28′N 54°22′E
Location At the coast of Persian Gulf (central-west)
Area of Abu Dhabi 972 km2 (375 sq mi)
Abu Dhabi Population 1,450,000 (as of Sep 2018)
Population density 1,500/km2 (3,900/sq mi)
Abu Dhabi Time zone UTC+4
Official Language Arabic
Climate Hot Desert Climate
Abu Dhabi Airport Abu Dhabi International Airport (AUH)
Major Ports Port Zayed, Musaffah Port and Khalifa Port
Official Website

Places to Visit in Abu Dhabi:

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Corniche Beach Aldar headquarters building Khalifa Park
Emirates Palace Capital Gate Abu Dhabi Beach Umm Al Emarat Park
Louvre Abu Dhabi Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi Heritage Villlage Al Reem Island
Corniche Road Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Al Lulu Island CLYMB ABU DHABI
Qasr Al Hosn Mangrove National Park Manarat Al Saadiyat Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre
Formula Rossa Observation Deck at 300 Emirates Park Zoo Abu Dhabi Dates Market
Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi Nurai Island Zayed National Museum Jubail Mangrove Park
Marina Eye Yas Kartzone Wahat Al Karama Al Bateen Beach

Abu Dhabi

Arabic for Abu Dhabi It is the national capital of the United Arab Emirates (previously known as the Trucial States or Trucial Oman) and the city and capital ofAbu Dhabiemirate, one of theUnited Arab Emirates (formerly known as the Trucial States or Trucial Oman). Located off the coast of the Persian Gulf, the city comprises the majority of a small triangular island of the same name, which is connected to the mainland by a short bridge. Abu Dhabi was previously a small town of mainly local significance, but the emirate’s oil profits enabled it to develop into a modern city with a fully built infrastructure as a result of its oil wealth.

  1. Abu Dhabi (the city) is located in the United Arab Emirates.
  2. When they relocated their headquarters from the interior Lwa (Al-Jiwa) oasis in 1795, it was to this seaside islet.
  3. The population of Abu Dhabi town was believed to be 6,000 in the beginning of the twentieth century, and the economy was based on pearl diving from the affluent offshore banks and some local trade (mostly in the hands of Iranians and Indians), which kept the economy afloat.
  4. Quiz on the Encyclopedia Britannica An easier version of the capital cities quiz by continent is available here.
  5. Instead of the four continents you had to choose from in every question in the last quiz, you’ll only have two to choose from in this one.
  6. Choose a city and the region in which it is located.
  7. Oil was discovered in the emirate of Abu Dhabi in 1958, and commercial production has been going on since 1962, radically changing the political and economic situation of the city.

Because it was the capital of the most important oil-producing state in the area, Abu Dhabi town had a lot of money to spend on urban development.

In 1966, he was overthrown in favor of his younger brother, Zayed ibn Sultan, who had previously served as governor of the section of the Al-Buraimi oasis that was under the administration of the United Arab Emirates.

The town was completely refurbished under the auspices of an ambitious five-year development plan that was launched in 1968.

In 1976, an oil refinery on the adjacent island of Umm al-Nur began producing oil.

Muaffa is a neighbouring town where light industries is concentrated.

When the United Kingdom ultimately withdrew from the Persian Gulf and the United Arab Emirates gained formal independence (in December 1971), a compromise agreement was reached that designated Abu Dhabi as the interim national capital.

Since then, a number of projects have been launched with the goal of making the city a more attractive tourist and commercial destination.

The population was 1,202,756 at the time of the 2015 census. Those in charge of editing the Encyclopaedia Britannica Adam Augustyn was the author of the most recent revision and update to this article.

Where is Abu Dhabi? The Capital of the UAE – Where is it located?

Dubai is about an hour away by car.

The Capital of the UAE

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates and the country’s second most populated city, behind Dubai, according to the United Nations. The United Arab Emirates is divided into seven emirates, with Abu Dhabi being the biggest and encompassing around 90 percent of the total geographical area of the emirates. Visitors may take a guided or unguided kayak excursion through the mangroves that surround the city’s core, which has a population of around 14 million people and is located on a 70 km2 island in the Persian Gulf smack in the heart of a protected mangrove belt.

The main island is surrounded by artificially enlarged islets that are only partially constructed at the time of this writing.

Highlights of Abu Dhabi

The CornicheFacing the sea at the north-western extremity of the island, the Corniche is home to a variety of beaches, restaurants, and hotels, with the famed Emirates Residence Hotel and the spectacular presidential palace located at the end of the corniche. Since 2003, the Corniche has been widened, and lovely beaches have been developed along its length. Due to the density of buildings and the natural beauty of the area, a 1km broad and 5km long strip at the northern end of the Corniche might be considered the city’s core.

Walking time from one end of the corniche, beginning pointEmirates Palace Hotel, to the other end, Mina Dhow port, will take around 2 hours or 25 minutes on a bicycle, depending on your speed.

Along the corniche, you’ll also locate the most of the bus stop locations.

Dubai vs. Abu Dhabi – Which Is Best For You?

When selecting whether to visit Dubai or Abu Dhabi, a typical question is which city is more beautiful (UAE). In the end, which is better: Dubai or Abu Dhabi? Answer: It varies – however this information will assist you in determining what is best for your situation! Both Dubai and Abu Dhabi provide one-of-a-kind experiences! Dubai is significantly larger, with more entertainment options, nightlife, family activities, luxury hotels, and a wide range of price ranges to choose from. Abu Dhabi, on the other hand, is somewhat more costly.

Furthermore, the beaches in Abu Dhabi are superior to those in Dubai.

Aside from that, there are other nightlife alternatives in Abu Dhabi.

Having said that, both Dubai and Abu Dhabi are distinct, and their differences are far more than most people think. It is possible that this content contains affiliate links. For more information, please see ourdisclosure and privacy policy. Thank you.

Are Dubai and Abu Dhabi The Same Thing?

Despite the fact that their names are nearly identical, Dubai and Abu Dhabi do not refer to the same location. These areas are two autonomous Emirates that fall under the jurisdiction of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). There are seven Emirates in all, and they are as follows:

  • Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, Sharjah, and Umm al-Quwain are some of the cities in the United Arab Emirates.

Map Of The Seven United Arab Emirates

Both Dubai and Abu Dhabi are quite expensive. Because Dubai is a popular tourist destination, you’ll have a higher chance of finding reasonably priced hostels and motels there than you would elsewhere. Abu Dhabi is not a budget traveler’s paradise; there are no hostels or low-cost hotels in the city, making it impossible to save money when there. Because Abu Dhabi has earned the reputation of being one of the world’s wealthiest cities, you should anticipate everything to be pricey. However, this is not always the case in the city.

You may get a general sense of the cost of living in Abu Dhabi by looking at the pricing ranges provided below.

  • $2 will get you a 3km taxi ride in Abu Dhabi
  • $0.5 will get you a public bus ride to Abu Dhabi
  • $4.5 will get you a budget breakfast in Abu Dhabi, and $8 will get you a regular breakfast in Abu Dhabi
  • $8 will get you a budget lunch in Abu Dhabi, and $15 will get you a traditional lunch in Abu Dhabi
  • $2 will get you a 3km taxi ride in Abu Dhabi
  • $4.5 will get you Getting a cheap supper in Abu Dhabi will cost you $11
  • Getting a conventional dinner will cost you $15. If you go to an Abu Dhabi pub and order a pint of beer, it will cost you $9.

Cost of Living in Dubai vs. Abu Dhabi

Dubai is renowned for being highly expensive, and although this is true, there are several new low-cost hotels and restaurants sprouting all the time, making it a lot more budget-friendly destination to visit. You’ll be able to locate a variety of top-notch accommodations here to suit any budget! December and January are the busiest months for travel, so if you’re trying to save money, you should avoid going during these months. Restaurants in tourist locations can be prohibitively costly; but, as the city becomes increasingly cosmopolitan, a plethora of reasonably priced choices are popping up all around.

They may vary, but you will get a sense of what is normal in terms of costs:

  • In Dubai, $3 will buy you a 3km cab trip
  • $2 will get you a metro ride
  • $5 will get you a budget breakfast in Dubai
  • And $10 will bring you a normal breakfast in the city. A budget lunch in Dubai will cost you $6, whereas a regular lunch in Dubai would cost you $12. A budget meal in Dubai will cost you $12, whereas a regular supper in Dubai would cost you $25. a drink (or a pint in Dubai) will set you back $8.

What Makes Abu Dhabi Special?

The capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, is located on a tiny islandin the Persian Gulf, making it a popular tourist destination. When the city’s oil exports began to increase, so did the skyline of the city. Thousands of people have flocked to Abu Dhabi in recent years, attracted by attractions such as the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, the Emirates Palace, the Marina Mall, and Ferrari World, among others. Abu Dhabi, on the other hand, is a far more conservative Emirate. Those wishing to immerse themselves in the region’s real Muslim culture would most likely choose Abu Dhabi over other destinations in the region.

Things To Do InAbu Dhabi

Dubai is the most visited city on the globe, and it’s easy to see why. It grew to notoriety as the city with the fastest population growth in the world. The city of Dubai has transformed from a little Gulf Emirate to one of the world’s most fascinating corporate centres in less than 40 years. What you hope to gain from a vacation to the United Arab Emirates will influence whether you believe Dubai to be “better” than Abu Dhabi in this regard. Tourists who want to experience the hustle and bustle of a huge metropolis would love Dubai.

Dubai boasts a world-class tourist infrastructure thanks to the enormous number of expatriates who live there and contribute to its success. For many, the choice between Dubai and Abu Dhabi comes down to the popularity of ex-pats alone.

Things To Do InDubai

There are numerous reasons why people choose Abu Dhabi for their family vacation, including its sweeping-clean beaches, cutting-edge attractions, fantastic children’s clubs, dining options that are appropriate for children, bazaars with a unique atmosphere, top-notch restaurants, and a variety of other attractions. The capital of the United Arab Emirates will not let you down! Now comes the million-dollar question: which of the two cities is the finest destination to visit? Dubai or Abu Dhabi?

Despite the fact that they are so near to one another, these cities are quite distinct from one another.

Is Dubai Good For A Family Holiday?

Dubai is a diverse city with plenty to offer everyone. There are attractions for everyone, from toddlers to teens to adults, and there is something for everyone. Do you want to take a chance on something new? Skydiving is available in this Emirati city. Are you getting tired of the heat? Embark in a sledding expedition across the snowy wilderness! Do you wish to spend a significant amount of money? Take a trip to the mall and spend as much money as you like. If you want to unwind, head to the marina and take a seat as the world passes you by.

Shopping in Abu Dhabi vs. Dubai

The gorgeous Marina Mall retail area in Abu Dhabi, which offers a world-class shopping experience, is located in the city. It is so popular that it is frequently included in day excursions from Dubai. Featuring enormous malls, ancient Arabic open-air markets, opulent jewelry stores, and elegant marketplaces, Abu Dhabi is quickly establishing itself as one of the most popular shopping destinations in the Middle East.

Shopping inDubaivs.Abu Dhabi

In fact, the city’s retail environment is so good that it hosts an annual Dubai Shopping Festival in January to showcase it. In addition to its luxury shopping malls and scented bazaars, it is recognized as the “King of Shopping” in the region. The retail malls in this metropolis are the size of a small village, and they are located across the city. Visiting the Dubai Mall is a must, since it has a variety of attractions such as theaters, amusement parks, child-minding facilities, art galleries, and even mosques.

If you want to shop like a native, head to one of Dubai’s many bazaars for your shopping needs.

When to Visit Abu Dhabi

Because of Abu Dhabi’s scorching desert atmosphere and sticky temps, the ideal time to come is when the weather is cooler, such as in the winter. Spring is a nice season, with temperatures averaging approximately 33°C on average. Even in the winter, temperatures average 18°C and reach highs of 24°C. If that’s still too hot, try visiting in the spring or summer. For those who don’t mind the heat and want to soak up as much sunlight as possible, the months of July and August are the finest months to travel to Abu Dhabi.

Swimming in the Persian Gulf is really pleasant because of the heat. It is great for cooling off after a long day in the heat in the summer because the average sea temperature is 32 degrees Celsius.

When to Visit Dubai

The weather in Dubai in January is pleasant, and you’ll want to spend the majority of your time outside. Adventure activities such as skydiving, zip-lining, and hot air ballooning are made possible by favorable weather conditions. Due to the conclusion of the worldwide holiday season following the New Year’s holiday. In addition, the annual Dubai Shopping Festival takes place in January. Shopping malls and designer stores will offer discounts as part of the month-long event, which will appeal to your inner shopper.

Taking into consideration all of the factors, we can see that both of these Emirates have advantages and disadvantages.

Closing Thoughts

Take into consideration your own preferences while weighing the pros and disadvantages of Dubai vs. Abu Dhabi or selecting which is better for you. The greatest place for you and your partner to stay should be determined by your preferences. Furthermore, they are pretty near. A large number of individuals take day excursions from Dubai to Abu Dhabi or vice versa to see the sights. If you absolutely can’t decide, select depending on what fits within your financial constraints and take a day trip to the other location.

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Abu Dhabi vs Dubai: A British expat compares the emirate cities

Lindsey and her husband have lived in Dubai since 2006, as well as Brisbane, Australia, and are now based in Abu Dhabi, where their son was born in 2015. Since relocating from London to Dubai in 2006, Lindsey and her husband have also spent time in Brisbane, Australia, and are now based in Abu Dhabi. Her blog, Arabian Notes, is a fantastic resource for anybody considering a move to the United Arab Emirates and is updated on a regular basis.

In this article, she discusses why she prefers Abu Dhabi over Dubai, the most difficult aspects of living away from home, and advise for anyone considering a move abroad.

Why did you first decide to move to Dubai, and what inspired your later move from Brisbane back to the UAE?

The job advertisement for a position in Dubai caught my eye when I was working in London and reading the industry journal one day. It appeared to fit me down to the ground and I applied. I’d always wanted to live abroad, so I applied for the position, and the next thing I knew, I was on an aircraft to Dubai, where I’d begin my new work — and my new life!” After nearly five years in Dubai, my family and I decided to relocate to Brisbane, where my husband had spent part of his childhood growing up.

We had a difficult time adjusting to life in Australia for a variety of reasons, including the high expense of living and limited employment options.

Soon after, my husband was offered another chance that we couldn’t resist, this time in Abu Dhabi.

Lindsey Parry captured this image.

What would you say is the best part of international life in the UAE, and how does Abu Dhabi compare to Dubai?

“I enjoy living in the UAE because of the high quality of life and the chances that living here provides.” Other advantages include pleasant weather (albeit a little on the hot side for most of the year! ), a convenient location for travel, and availability to reasonably priced services – dry cleaning pickup and delivery, anyone? Such little details make a significant effect,” says the author. After previously residing in Dubai, when I learned that my husband had accepted a position in Abu Dhabi, I anticipated that we would be able to relocate back to Dubai while my husband commuted to work.

Although I only spent a short period of time there, I immediately became aware of the city’s charms and distinctions, and I now tell anybody who asks that I prefer Abu Dhabi to Dubai!” In comparison to Dubai, Abu Dhabi is a much quieter, more traditional city that is more focused on family and community.

Our trip to Dubai was fantastic and it’s a fantastic place to go when you just want to have a good time, but the amount of activity may get a little overwhelming after a while.”

What was the worst part, or the biggest initial challenge about moving abroad?

“There isn’t much of a culture shock when you first arrive in the UAE; it’s a really simple country to get used to.” The most difficult element, in my opinion, is taking the initial step and going for it!

This is perhaps the most difficult part of all, because it will never alter no matter how long you’re gone – unless you can get them all to relocate overseas with you, in which case it will be much more difficult than the rest.

Was there anything that came as a surprise about living in Dubai or Abu Dhabi?

“There isn’t much of a culture shock when you first arrive in the UAE; it’s a really simple country to get used to. Making the decision to do it in the first place is perhaps the most difficult element. This is arguably the most difficult part of all, because it will never alter no matter how long you’re away – unless you can get them all to relocate overseas with you as well!

Do you feel that there’s a strong international community in the UAE?

“I believe that whether or not you are given the chance and whether or not you create the opportunity to mix with locals varies depending on the individual and the environment in which you operate. It’s undoubtedly easier to meet expats because we account for almost 80 percent of the country’s population, but it also means that it’s a very cosmopolitan location where interacting with individuals from a diverse range of nationalities on a daily basis is just part of the experience.” In terms of how much you want to immerse yourself in the local culture, that is entirely up to you.

It is there for the taking if you are interested in uncovering and discovering it.

If you could have one wish granted in relation to your life abroad, what would it be?

“To be able to spend more time with family.” In some ways, being an expat may be difficult and lonely. Even though your family is only a phone call away, it can be extremely difficult when you need help with anything, such as cooking or finding a babysitter, and there is no one around to assist you. “There is nothing that compares to having relatives just a few miles away.”

Tell us a bit about becoming an expat blogger: why did you decide to start blogging, and how does it feel to be a bit of a ‘community voice’ for people who live and work internationally?

It was because I had something to say, and since I’ve always enjoyed writing and had found me mentally ‘writing’ or retelling stories and events that I thought I should start capturing them in some form.” “I didn’t have any preconceived notions about what the blog would be like; it simply sort of developed as time went on!” I’m now receiving a large number of requests for information and assistance from readers all over the world who are considering visiting or relocating to the United States, which has been unexpected.

However, it’s nice to be able to assist people where I can, and their questions frequently inspire new posts, so it’s a win-win situation!”

Expats are apparently more prone to mental health issues because their support network and familiar things are often absent in their new home. What advice would you give for maintaining good mental health while living abroad?

“I chose to start blogging because I felt I had something to say, I’ve always enjoyed writing, and I observed me ‘writing’ or repeating tales and events in my brain, so I thought it was time to start capturing them in some form.” What the blog was going to be didn’t really occur to me until later on, and then it just sort of developed organically.” It’s been unexpectedly overwhelming to receive so many requests for information and assistance from readers all over the world who are considering visiting or relocating to the United States, but it’s been rewarding to be able to assist people where I can, and their questions frequently inspire new posts, so it’s a win-win situation.”

Are there any extra challenges involved in raising a child as an expat in the UAE?

“Definitely. For starters, because private schools are the only alternatives available to expats, the high expense of education is one of the major disadvantages of living in a foreign country. However, I believe that the children who attend this school are exposed to many more chances than they would otherwise have at home. In a society with so many options, one of the most difficult things to accomplish is get your children to grasp that the level of luxury they see on a daily basis is not the norm.” It can be difficult to plan extravagant birthday celebrations and party bags filled with excessive and expensive gifts when trying to raise a child as you would at home, and there is a certain amount of pressure to do so — no one wants their child to be the one in the class who had the crappy birthday party!

But it is at this point that exposing children to their parents’ lives and other real-world experiences is critical, as is picking likeminded people to be their closest friends.”

What key piece of advice would you give to someone who was thinking about relocating to the United Arab Emirates?

“Just go ahead and do it! But if you don’t go, you’ll never know how I always respond to this question. Moreover, in the worst-case situation, if it doesn’t work out or if you don’t enjoy it, you have nothing to lose by returning home. At the very least, you’ll be able to claim that you did it, and you won’t be left wondering, “what if?”.” Moving to a new nation may be difficult since there is so much to consider, ranging from money and family to education and health care. Maintaining your physical and emotional health while you’re there is critical – however many individuals wait until they’re sick before purchasing health insurance, which can result in high expenses and poor health outcomes.

As a reminder, health insurance is required for expats living and working in the emirates, so obtain a quote today and discover how Aetna International can help you stay healthy in your new home.

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Abu Dhabi vs Dubai – Which one is better for holiday 2020?

When it comes to luxurious vacations, the Middle East is the best place to go. The two most beautiful cities in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, are home to some of the world’s most breathtaking sights, luxurious hotels, massive shopping complexes, and delectable cuisines. This pair of megacities is also home to two of the world’s most successful airlines, which means they are well-connected to every part of the globe. Many vacation websites are crowded with people looking for Dubai vacations?

Do you ever find yourself pondering where you should go on your next vacation? Whether or not to pack for flashy Dubai is a question. Alternatively, would you want to buy your tickets to the capital of the United Arab Emirates? Continue reading to make your own decision.

Abu Dhabi vs Dubai – Side by Side

  • What distinguishes Abu Dhabi from other cities
  • What distinguishes Dubai from other cities
  • When to visit Abu Dhabi
  • When to visit Dubai
  • When to go shopping in Abu Dhabi
  • When to go shopping in Dubai What are the most interesting things to see and do in Abu Dhabi
  • What are the most interesting things to see and do in Dubai
  • I’m curious about the expense of living in Abu Dhabi. When it comes to the expense of living in Dubai, there is no comparison. Which beaches in Abu Dhabi are the most beautiful? Which beaches in Dubai are the most beautiful
  • What is the nightlife scene like in Abu Dhabi? Where can I find out about the nightlife in Dubai? Is Abu Dhabi a nice place to take a family vacation? Is Dubai a nice place to take a family vacation?

Before we get into the specifics of the comparison, here are some frequently asked questions:

Abu Dhabi vs Dubai?

The city of Dubai is unquestionably superior to the city of Abu Dhabi in many ways! It’s far larger, with more alternatives for entertainment, nightlife, family activities, and luxury hotels, as well as a wide range of affordable options. Abu Dhabi is a somewhat more costly, but far more relaxing alternative to Dubai, with fewer (but beautiful) beaches. In addition, because Abu Dhabi is quite traditional and religious in nature, the dress code is severe and the city does not offer many nightlife alternatives.

Is Dubai and Abu Dhabi the same thing?

Despite the fact that their names appear to be similar, the names Dubai and Abu Dhabi do not relate to the same location. Indeed, these regions are considered to be two different emirates inside the United Arab Emirates under international law (UAE). Abu Dhabi is the administrative and governmental capital of the United Arab Emirates, whereas Dubai is a significant worldwide commercial and tourism centre. You may easily visit and explore both on your UAE holiday, thanks to the fact that they are just a one-and-a-half-hour drive apart.

Is Dubai more expensive than Abu Dhabi?

To be completely honest, both Dubai and Abu Dhabi are extremely pricey. Because Dubai is a more popular tourist destination, you’ll have a higher chance of finding reasonably priced hostels and motels there.

Is Abu Dhabi safer than Dubai?

Both Dubai and Abu Dhabi are highly secure destinations to go to on business or leisure. Both of these emirates are frequently listed among the world’s safest cities, which may surprise you. According to recent data, the average homicide rate in the United Arab Emirates is under 0.3 percent per 100,000 population, and muggings are exceedingly rare.

What is the dress code in Dubai and Abu Dhabi?

Despite the fact that the United Arab Emirates is officially Muslim, the country’s dress code is significantly more relaxed than in other Middle Eastern countries. While this is true, it does not imply that you can wander around in tiny bikinis and expect to be greeted warmly. Men should always dress conservatively, with button-down shirts, pants, and shoes. It is recommended that women wear dresses that are dark in color and that totally cover their shoulders. While it is not required to cover one’s head outside of mosques, you will find that the majority of women in the United Arab Emirates do so.

Is Abu Dhabi stricter than Dubai?

Despite the fact that the United Arab Emirates is officially Muslim, the country’s dress code is significantly more relaxed than those of other Middle Eastern countries in general. While this is true, it does not imply that you can stroll around in tiny bikinis and expect to be welcomed. A button-down shirt, trousers, and shoes should be worn at all times by men in public places. Those who want to conceal their shoulders fully might try choosing dresses in dark colors. Despite the fact that wearing a headscarf is not required outside of mosques, you’ll discover that the majority of women in the UAE do so.

How far is Abu Dhabi from Dubai?

A 140-kilometer stretch separates Abu Dhabi and Dubai from one another.

By automobile, it takes around 80 minutes to go from Abu Dhabi to Dubai.

Can I go to Abu Dhabi with a Dubai visa?

Yes, after you have entered the UAE and obtained your visa on arrival, you will be able to go to both Dubai and Abu Dhabi, regardless of where you entered the country from.

Abu Dhabi vs Dubai – Which one is better for a holiday?

Abu Dhabi, the capital city of the United Arab Emirates, is located on an island in the Persian Gulf, and it is the country’s largest metropolis. The city’s skyline grew in tandem with the increase in oil exports. Abu Dhabi, which is home to some of the world’s most popular tourist sites, including the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, the Emirates Palace, the Marina Mall, and the Ferrari World, has been attracting large numbers of visitors over the past decade.

What makes Dubai special?

Dubai, perhaps the most recognizable city on the planet, gained notoriety as a result of its claim to be the world’s fastest-growing metropolis. With little more than a 40-year time span, Dubai has gone from being a minor Gulf country to become one of the world’s most important business centers.

When to go to Abu Dhabi?

Because it is a desert city, Abu Dhabi experiences searing temperatures throughout the summer months. The greatest time to visit Abu Dhabi is during the winter months (December to February). However, you may also visit Abu Dhabi during the spring and fall shoulder seasons as well.

When to go to Dubai?

Because it is located in a desert, the summers are extremely hot and humid. Consequently, the best time to visit Dubai is during the winter, when the weather is favorable in the city. Are you thinking of taking a vacation to Dubai? We recommend that you go between the months of December and February. Consider looking at the packing list and what to wear in Dubai! It is highly suggested that you make your DUBAI reservations as soon as possible (85 percent of Hotels are fully booked) Visit Abu Dhabi, which is home to the gorgeous Marina Mall retail area, if you want to engage in some world-class shopping adventures.

The shopping opportunities in Dubai are so spectacular that the city conducts an annual Dubai Shopping Festival, often known as the DDS, throughout the month of January to celebrate them.

The malls in this area are the size of a small city (this is not an exaggeration!) With theaters, amusement parks, child care facilities, art galleries, and even mosques housed within the mall, shopping in Dubai is a must-do activity!

If you want to shop in a more traditional setting, you may visit one of the numerous souks in Dubai.

What are the best things to see in Abu Dhabi?

Abu Dhabi is a fantastic family vacation, with a wealth of sightseeing opportunities to select from throughout the city. Things to see and do in Abu Dhani include:

  • The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque (Abu Dhabi’s most recognizable feature)
  • Ferrari World (a branded entertainment park that brings Formula 1 racing to this capital city)
  • And the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. Yas Waterworld (an aquatic theme park)
  • Yas Island (a luxury destination with stretches of white sand)
  • Emirates Park Zoo (which has animals such as rare white tigers, giraffes, elephants, a herd of zebras, a Siberian bear, and many more)
  • Qasr Al-Hosn (the oldest building in Abu Dhabi)
  • Observation Deck at 300 (an observation deck located on the 74thfloor)
  • Qasr Al-Ho

What are the best things to see in Dubai?

In Dubai, there are a plethora of things to do and see. These are some examples:

  • Dubai’s most famous landmarks include the Burj Khalifa (the world’s tallest building), Dubai Mall (a premier shopping mall that includes an ice skating rink, gaming zone, and cinema complex), Bastakia (Old Dubai), Sheikh Saeed Al-Maktoum House (the residence of the Ruler of Dubai from 1921 to 1958), Dubai Creek, Jumeirah Mosque, Deira, Heritage and Diving Village, and Sheikh Saeed Al-Maktoum

There are several tourist attractions found both inside and outside of the city. Make use of our holiday planner to ensure that you don’t miss out on anything throughout your trip.

What is the cost of life in Abu Dhabi?

Abu Dhabi is obviously not a destination for budget tourists; the city has no hostels or inexpensive hotels, making it difficult to save money while there. Because it has earned the reputation of being one of the wealthiest cities in the world, you may expect everything to cost a fortune, but this is not always the case. Considering that many of the workers earn minimum wage, there are a variety of affordable eateries catering to the working class that can be found all across the city. If you are on a tight budget, you should absolutely avoid eating at hotel restaurants because they may be extremely expensive.

Similarly to Dubai, alcohol consumption is confined to a small number of establishments, making this an undesirable location for intoxication.

  • At Abu Dhabi, a 3km cab journey costs $2, and a public bus ticket costs $0.5. Budget breakfast costs $4.5, regular breakfast costs $8, and budget dinner costs $11. Regular dinner costs $15, and a pint of beer costs $9 in a bar costs $9.

What is the cost of life in Dubai?

Dubai is well-known for being extremely costly, and this is undoubtedly true, but with the influx of inexpensive new hotels and restaurants that are constantly emerging, the city has become significantly more budget-friendly. If you are traveling on a budget, you should avoid going during the months of December and January because the hotels are at their most expensive during those months. Restaurants in tourist areas may be rather pricey, but as the city’s internationalization continues to grow, there are more and more reasonably priced alternatives cropping up everywhere.

Here are some examples of general pricing:

  • In Dubai, $3 will buy you a 3km cab trip
  • $2 will get you a Metro ride
  • $5 will get you a budget breakfast
  • $10 will get you regular breakfast
  • $6 will get you budget lunch
  • $12 will get you regular lunch
  • $8 will get you budget dinner
  • $15 will get you budget dinner
  • $8 will get you a beer (pint)

If you are not planning a vacation but rather a budget trip, make sure to read about the greatest things to do in Dubai on a budget! Best Dubai Hostels for Backpackers, as well as

What are the beaches in Abu Dhabi?

Soaking in the sun while taking in the sparkling blue waters of the Gulf of Aden sounds like the ideal way to spend your time on your Abu Dhabi holiday. While many luxury hotels have their own private beachfront, there are several public beaches where visitors are welcome to come and go as they like. And they’re just as entertaining! These are some of the beaches you may visit:

  • Corniche (8-kilometer-long beach with a variety of activities)
  • Saadiyat Public Beach (located close to Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi, choose from 300 loungers and spend the day doing absolutely nothing)
  • Corniche (8-kilometer-long beach with a variety of activities)
  • Corniche (8-kilometer-long beach with a variety of activities Al Bateen Beach (which has a very family-friendly vibe to it and is a popular beach destination among both locals and expats)
  • Al Bateen Beach (which has a very family-friendly vibe to it and is a popular beach destination among both locals and expats)
  • Al Bateen Beach (which has a very family-friendly vibe to it and

What are the best beaches in Dubai?

Despite the fact that the beaches in Dubai have very rigorous laws for both men and women, they are also rather enjoyable. Some of Dubai’s beaches are totally private, while others are open to the general public. These are some examples:

  • There are several beaches in Dubai, including the Jumeirah Bach Residence Beach, Burj Beach, Mamzer Beach Park, Jumeirah Beach Park, and Jumeirah Open Beach, to name a few.

The majority of these beaches do not have any amenities, thus it is always suggested to bring your own food and water with you.

An exploration trip of these beaches is the most enjoyable thing to do when visiting them. Swimming is permitted on certain beaches, but not on others.

How is the nightlife in Abu Dhabi?

There are several bars, pubs, and clubs in Abu Dhabi that contribute to the city’s nightlife, but the main problem is that most of these establishments are located in or near hotels. Many of the capital’s nightclubs are no longer open as a result of this.

How is the nightlife in Dubai?

People who are seeking for late-night entertainment will find enough to choose from in Dubai. There are several pubs and nightclubs in Dubai, which contribute to the vivacity of the city’s nightlife. While the majority of these establishments are housed within the hotels, there are several pubs and taverns dotted across the city. The majority of these establishments demand a cover fee of roughly AED 200 per person.

Is Abu Dhabi good for a family holiday?

Due to the city’s sweeping, clean beaches, state of the art attractions, excellent children’s clubs and child-friendly dining options as well as its atmospheric bazaars, world-class restaurants, and numerous other natural and man-made attractions, Abu Dhabi attracts a large number of tourists each year. There is no doubt that this Emirati capital will not disappoint you! Now comes the million-dollar question: which of the two is the better place to go? Dubai or Abu Dhabi are the two most popular choices.

Despite the fact that they are so near to one another, these cities are quite distinct from one another.

Is Dubai good for a family holiday?

Everyone, from children to teenagers to adults, will find something to their liking here. Do you want to try something new? You may do a jump above this Emirati metropolis. Are you sick of the heat? Visit the snow wonderland and go sledding with the kids. Do you want to splurge? Go to the mall and spend as much money as you want. To unwind, explore the marina and take in the sights of the passing world. Dubai is without a doubt one of the most popular family vacation locations in the globe. This Dubai holiday trip planner can help you plan your next vacation to ensure that it is as stress-free as possible.


Whether or not you would consider Dubai “better” than Abu Dhabi is dependent on what you hope to get out of a vacation in the United Arab Emirates. For example, those who want to experience the hustle and bustle of a huge metropolis would surely pick Dubai. As the most densely inhabited emirate in the world, Dubai is home to the world’s tallest buildings, most popular tourist attractions, and most exciting nightclubs and nightclubs (with relatively easy access to libations). In addition, because Dubai is home to a large number of expats, the city has developed a world-class tourism infrastructure.

People who are interested in witnessing the region’s real Muslim culture will surely prefer the sights and sounds of Abu Dhabi over other destinations in the region.

Where is Abu Dhabi?

The skyline of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, as seen from the air.

Abu Dhabi is a city in the United Arab Emirates and its capital is Abu Dhabi (UAE). It is located in the Arabian Peninsula’s southeast region, on the boundary with the Persian Gulf.

Fun Facts About Abu Dhabi

It is the administrative center of the United Arab Emirates. It is the second most populous emirate in the United Arab Emirates after Dubai, with a population of more than one million people. The people who live in Abu Dhabi are referred to as Abu Dhabians. There are 972 square kilometers of total land area covered by the emirate of Abu Dhabi. Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, Dubai, and Umm al-Quwain are some of the other emirates of the United Arab Emirates.

Name Origin

According to legend, the capital of Abu Dhabi was named after a specific type of gazelle that was formerly abundant in the Arab world. The gazelle is known by the Arabic name “Dhabi” (which means “dweller”). Abu Dhabi is known as the “Father of the Dhabi” (gazelle).


The weather in Abu Dhabi is similar to that of a scorching desert. The majority of the year is bright and clear with blue sky. The summer months of June to September are quite hot, and the winter months of November to March are slightly milder. July and August are the warmest months, while January and February are the coldest months.


The monarchical form of governance governs the Emirati capital of Abu Dhabi. Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed is the ruler of Abu Dhabi, and he also serves as the president of the United Arab Emirates. Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan is the crown prince of the United Arab Emirates. The capital of the United Arab Emirates is Abu Dhabi. The city is home to the Al Nahyan family, one of the UAE’s six governing families, as well as the federal government buildings and the Al Nahyan family’s residence. Other royal families include the Al Maktoum (Dubai), Al Qasimi (Sharjah and Ras al-Khaimah), Al Mualla (Umm Al Quwain), Al Nuaimi (Ajman), and Al Sharqi (Abu Dhabi) families (Fujairah).


In Abu Dhabi, as well as across the United Arab Emirates, Islam is the official state religion. Islam is also the main religion in Abu Dhabi, with over 76 percent of the people professing to be followers of the faith. Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, and Sikhism are some of the other religions that are practiced mostly by non-nationals, as are Hinduism, Buddhism, and Judaism. The Arabic language is the official language in Abu Dhabi. Because of the large number of Indian expats in Abu Dhabi, Hindi and Urdu have become widely spoken languages.

Public signage is also presented in both Arabic and English on billboards and other public areas.


  1. The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, located in Abu Dhabi, is one of the city’s most recognizable landmarks. It is Abu Dhabi’s most recognizable landmark and the most visited tourist attraction in the city. With a capacity of 40,000 worshipers, it is the largest mosque in the United Arab Emirates. The Emirates Place, located in Abu Dhabi, is one of the world’s most luxurious accommodations. A large number of its rooms are decorated with gold and marble. In addition to the fastest roller coaster on the planet, the Ferrari Experience is home to the Formulla Rosso, which goes from 0 to 240 kilometers per hour in less than five seconds! Some of Abu Dhabi’s other notable landmarks include the Capital Gate, Abu Dhabi Heritage Village, Abu Dhabi Corniche, the Yas Viceroy, Al Maqtaa Fort, Al Jahili Fort, and the UAE Pavilion, to name a few.

Abu Dhabi vs Dubai: Which Is Right for You? — The Executive Thrillseeker

Both Abu Dhabi and Dubai are located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and are considered to be two of the most important cities in the Arab world. Interestingly, each of these sites is unique in its own way, and there is something to suit every aptitude, inclination, and financial situation. When it comes to answering the question “Which is better, Abu Dhabi or Dubai?” the answer is very subjective and heavily influenced by the individual’s own preferences.

Consequently, if you’ve come to learn more about this issue and to select the most appropriate Emirate for your visit, we’ve included all you need to know about Abu Dhabi and Dubai in this section of the site.

Table of Contents

How Much Is It More Expensive to Live in Abu Dhabi or Dubai? Dress Code in the United Arab Emirates When Is the Best Time to Visit Abu Dhabi and Dubai? When it comes to shopping, Abu Dhabi and Dubai are head-to-head. Experiences and Sights that are Iconic Abu Dhabi’s beaches are a must-see. Dubai Abu Dhabi has a thriving nightlife scene. Dubai What is the best way to get around? Overall: Abu Dhabi and Dubai are two of the world’s most important financial centers.

Abu Dhabi vs Dubai

Abu Dhabi is the capital and biggest city of the United Arab Emirates. Despite the fact that Dubai is just slightly larger than Abu Dhabi in terms of population, it attracts a lot of attention for its spectacular attractions of outstanding magnitude. There are several notable structures in the city, including the world’s tallest building, the world’s only seven-star hotel, and the first-of-their-kind giant palm-shaped man-made islands. That being said, Abu Dhabi, like any other city, has everything in place to entice the adventurous, the curious, the wealthy, and the culture vultures.

The atmosphere in Abu Dhabi vs Dubai

The two cities, despite the fact that they are just 1.5 to two hours apart by car, have completely different sensations, despite the fact that they are both as intriguing. So let’s see how different the ambience is between the two. Abu Dhabi’s unrivaled attractiveness is primarily due to its conservative yet exceptionally charming cultural environment, which has been infused with just the perfect amount of modernism to create a unique blend of old and new. In fact, it’s the ideal location for combining the finest of both worlds in one spot.

Even though it boasts a plethora of historical and cultural attractions, Dubai is a more active city that appeals to those seeking an eclectic blend that is both authentic and authentic in its cultural experiences.

Abu Dhabi Or Dubai: Which Is More Expensive?

When it comes to Dubai, many people ask if it is pricey to visit. but what about Abu Dhabi? Due to the fact that they are the most significant cities in the UAE, with ever-so-stunning vistas, top-notch leisure activities, and an unlimited array of retail alternatives, we believe that both Abu Dhabi and Dubai are equally pricey. The good news is that by arranging your Dubai versus Abu Dhabi trip well in advance, you may make a significant difference in your holiday spending. Simply ensure that you book your hotel, airline tickets, and other travel arrangements at least three months before your intended departure date.

Dress Code in the UAE

Because Abu Dhabi and Dubai are both part of a Muslim country, you must adhere to a strict dress code while visiting either city. In contrast to the majority of other countries in the Arabian Peninsula, it is not as rigid as some of its neighbors. While women going to Dubai or Abu Dhabi are not required to cover their hair (unless they are attending a mosque) or dress in the region’s traditional attire, they are expected to dress modestly on the streets, in malls, and in other public areas when in these cities.

Apart from this, it is strongly recommended that both men and women dress in attire that is not only comfortable to wear but also adequately protects their arms, shoulders, and knees when outside.

When To Visit Abu Dhabi And Dubai?

In terms of distance, Dubai and Abu Dhabi are around 150 kilometers apart. Throughout the year, it appears that the weather in both places is nearly identical to one another. In most cases, the best time to visit these locations is determined by your unique interests. If you identify as a/an: The Louvre in Abu Dhabi is a must-see.

  • Outdoor Enthusiasts: The greatest time to go is from November to March, when the weather is extremely chilly and perfect for spending time outside. The best time to visit the region’s most popular seasonal attractions, such as Global Village, the Dubai Miracle Garden, the Dubai Garden Glow, and Dubai Dinosaur Park, is during the winter months. Every season of the year, these cities are a shoppers’ dream come true. In order to get the most out of your shopping trip to Dubai, travel during the one-month long Dubai Shopping Festival (December – January). Couples who are newlyweds or who have recently been married: You may come here from December to March if you’re seeking for the perfect start to your married life or just want to renew your love for each other. This opens the door to some very unforgettable romantic activities, such as a hot air balloon trip and an overnight desert safari. Even if these cities are a gastronomic wonderland all year round, serious foodies should not miss out on unique events and festivals that place a strong focus on food, such as the New York City Food and Wine Festival. Most people visit Abu Dhabi and Dubai during the winter months (December through February), when the Global Village, unique Christmas and New Year’s Eve meals, as well as the exclusive Dubai Food Festival are all to be found. Budget-conscious travelers should visit between June and September, when the summer season is at its peak. During these months, Abu Dhabi and Dubai are not the first places that come to mind for most vacationers looking for a budget-friendly destination. However, these cities are also appealing in the summer, owing to the abundance of indoor attractions, notably the snow-covered Ski Dubai, which is a popular summer attraction (Mall of the Emirates). And the added plus is that you’ll be able to secure the best possible pricing on your preferred accommodations, airline services, and other services.

Shopping in Abu Dhabi vs Dubai

The Burj Khalifa and the city of Dubai are visible in this iconic photograph.

Shopping in Dubai:

The city’s retail sector is unsurpassed in the world. In addition to the ancient Arabian bazaars (known as souks) and more than 70 mega shopping complexes, Dubai is considered to be the Middle East’s greatest shopping destination. In Dubai, shopping malls are huge and the most magnificent in the world, with nearly everything imaginable accessible under one roof. Speaking of souks, you’ll find them scattered across Deira and Bur Dubai, and they’re a genuine sensory experience, thanks to their vibrant and bustling atmosphere.

Moreover, Dubai holds the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF), which is a multi-day event dedicated to retail and entertainment.

Shopping in Abu Dhabi:

Although the shopping options in Abu Dhabi are not as wide as those in Dubai, the city nonetheless offers a diverse selection of malls, traditional bazaars, and other retail venues to satisfy the needs of any shopping aficionado. The Abu Dhabi Mall, Yas Marina Mall, The Galleria, Souk Central Market, Madinat Zayed Gold Center, and Date Souk are the most well-known of these shopping centers. Aside from that, did you know that Abu Dhabi has an exclusive location where you can learn about new and up-and-coming worldwide trends?

Iconic SightsExperiences

The magnificent architectural wonders that dot the landscape make the location instantly identifiable. Having said that, it also offers several charming sites tucked away amid its famous landmarks. See the list below to learn more about Dubai’s most notable attractions. The Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world. This structure is unlikely to need the use of an introduction. It is the world’s tallest structure, standing at an impressive 828 meters in height. People mostly visit for the stunning, panoramic views from the observation decks on the 124th and 148th floors, which are located on the highest levels of the building (the highest of its kind in the world).

  1. The ultimate shopping destination in Downtown Dubai is located directly near to the Burj Khalifa and is also known for its numerous leisure, thrill, and edutainment activities, including the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, KidZania, Virtual Reality Park, and Dubai Ice Rink, among others.
  2. This one-of-a-kind spectacular of light, water, and sound takes place on the 30-acre Burj Lake, which is located outside of the Dubai Mall.
  3. Even though you may watch it for free, if you want to see it from a particularly picturesque vantage point, taking an abra ride down the lake is strongly advised.
  4. When one thinks about Dubai, the image of this palm-shaped island is perhaps the first thing that comes to mind, followed by the city itself.
  5. Atlantis, also known as the Palm It is more than a five-star resort; it is also home to one of the region’s most popular water parks (Aquaventure Water Park), as well as Dolphin Bay and the Lost Chambers Aquarium, which provides insight into the long-lost Atlantean civilisation.
  6. Despite the fact that it is one of Dubai’s newest attractions, Ain Dubai (the world’s largest Ferris Wheel), the Middle East’s first Madame Tussauds Museum, and the only Caesars Palace resort outside of Las Vegas have already drawn considerable attention to the city.
  7. Including this magnificent sail-shaped monument on your Dubai sightseeing itinerary would be incomplete.

However, you can still enjoy its magnificent interiors by taking a gourmet tour of one of its eating establishments.

At one time, it served as the residence of prosperous Persian merchants.

Dubai Creek is one of the most historic areas in the city of Dubai.

A night dhow cruise or an extremely inexpensive option such as an abra ride are both excellent ways to see the region’s unrivaled beauty.

In this man-made marina, which is one of Dubai’s most modern districts, you’ll be able to witness a diverse range of ultra-modern structures and magnificent yachts, among other things.

Safari in the Desert Whether you’re looking for adventure, serenity, or a taste of Bedouin culture and customs, a trip to Dubai’s desert will provide you with an amazing experience.

There are two options for desert safaris: a morning (sunrise) safari or an evening safari. Both include everything from a dune bash and camel ride to BBQ dinner and cultural activities such as Shisha smoking, henna tattooing, falconry, and souvenir photos in traditional Arabian attire.

Sightseeing in Abu Dhabi:

With no shortage of attractions in Dubai, it’s likely that you’ll come across something interesting and distinctive at each and every step. There are a variety of attractions to visit, ranging from museums, mosques, and forts to thrilling amusement parks and other recreational options. Mosque of Sheikh Zayed This is a remarkable architectural jewel, incorporating the greatest features of Islamic style into its construction. At one moment, it can house up to 40,000 worshippers, which is an incredible feat of engineering.

  • Take advantage of this intriguing white edifice, which is quiet and utterly lovely thanks to its architectural characteristics that have been meticulously designed.
  • Yas Island is a one-stop shop for adventurers, leisure seekers, and shoppers alike, and it is conveniently located.
  • Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is a theme park dedicated to Ferrari automobiles.
  • This is a must-see site in Abu Dhabi, offering everything from fast-paced entertainment to softer activities and kid-friendly attractions.
  • Heritage Village is a place where people may come to learn about their ancestors.
  • Qasr Al Watan is a place of worship.
  • The Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital is located in the capital city of Abu Dhabi.
  • Visit this site to learn more about falcons, their fascinating history, and their significance in the preservation of the region’s culture and legacy.
  • This observation deck on the 74th floor of the Jumeirah at Etihad Towers may not be as high as the one on the Burj Khalifa, but it is nonetheless impressive.
  • Sir Bani Yas Island is a small island off the coast of Yemen.

Liwa Safari is a private safari company based in Kenya. While on this tour, you will see the beautiful Liwa oasis and the Empty Quarters (which is renowned for having the world’s largest sand dunes), which will elevate your desert trip to a whole new level.

Beaches in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Both Abu Dhabi and Dubai, which are located along the Persian Gulf, are endowed with beautiful beaches, some of which have been awarded the Blue Flag, which indicates that they are among the best in the world.

Beaches in Dubai:

Dubai’s beaches are a haven of tranquility and enthralling beauty. Because it is equipped with pools, picnic and play spaces, as well as BBQ facilities, it is a popular destination for both adults and children. And some of the more well-known of them are as follows:

  • Jumeirah Beach
  • Al Mamzar Beach Park
  • Kite Beach (near to the Burj Al Arab)
  • Umm Suqeim Beach
  • JBR Beach
  • Al Sufouh Beach
  • Mercato Beach
  • La Mer
  • Umm Su

Beaches in Abu Dhabi:

Each of Abu Dhabi’s attractions and sites has a distinct allure that sets it apart from the others. Its beaches are no exception to this rule. Here is a list of some of Abu Dhabi’s most popular beaches to visit.

  • There are several beaches in Abu Dhabi, including the Corniche, Saadiyat Public Beach, Yas Beach, Al Bateen Beach, the Emirates Palace Hotel Beach, Al Mirfa Beach (which is the site of the Al Gharbia Watersports Festival), Al Sahil Beach, and others.

Nightlife in the two Emirates

There are several beaches in Abu Dhabi, including the Corniche, Saadiyat Public Beach, Yas Beach, Al Bateen Beach, the Emirates Palace Hotel Beach, Al Mirfa Beach (which is the site of the Al Gharbia Watersports Festival), Al Sahil Beach, and the Yas Watersports Complex. The Corniche is the most popular beach in Abu Dhabi.

Nightlife in Abu Dhabi:

The nightlife in Abu Dhabi may not be as pulsing or as diversified as that in Dubai. However, it still provides some good alternatives for those who like to party late into the night. Similarly to Dubai, the bulk of the region’s bars and nightclubs are located within its hotels or resorts and include a range of themes to select from, such as pool parties, DJ nights, Jazz evenings, Ladies’ Night Out, and Thursday nights.

How To Get Around?

Dubai’s transportation system is one of the greatest in the world, offering a variety of alternatives including the metro, buses, and water taxis, as well as taxis. They are all immaculate and air-conditioned, and the greatest part is that you can use a single NOL card to access them all at the same time (smart transport card). Because it is totally automated and driverless, the metro is the fastest and most popular mode of transportation among all modes of transportation. Public buses, cabs, and other modes of transportation are available in Abu Dhabi to help you move around.

Overall: Abu Dhabi vs Dubai

Both cities are lovely, trendy, and one-of-a-kind, and they are also winners! While deciding where to spend the most of your time will depend on your mood and tastes, both of these cities are well worth a visit while on vacation in the United Arab Emirates. Do you like it? Make a note of it and pin it!

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