How Much Is A Gram Of Gold In Dubai? (Solved)


GOLD UNIT 1 Gold Gram Carat 22 GOLD PRICES AED 210.25
GOLD UNIT 1 Gold Gram Carat 21 GOLD PRICES AED 200.75
GOLD UNIT 1 Gold Gram Carat 18 GOLD PRICES AED 172.0
GOLD UNIT 1 Ounce Gold GOLD PRICES AED 6779.05


  • Today Gold Price in Dubai = 216.54 AED per Gram. 10 Grams Gold Rate = 2,165.41 AED. For more information about the gold rates in UAE dirham, read the following details. Gold Price in Different Quantities

Is Gold cheap in Dubai?

GOLD IN DUBAI IS CHEAPER Due to the exclusion of taxes in the emirate prices for gold in Dubai have always been cheaper as buyers would only pay for the value of the gold jewellery. VAT in Dubai is currently the only form of tax applied on any gold purchase.

Is gold tax free in Dubai?

Low gold rate and high quality of gold in the UAE are the main reasons why expats resort to buying gold in Dubai. In addition, Dubai is a tax-free haven, which means you will not incur VAT or sales tax when buying gold from Dubai.

Which country gold is cheapest?

Hong Kong. Hong Kong is currently the cheapest place to buy gold. The premium on Australian Nuggets, a type of gold coin, in Hong Kong is some of the cheapest gold to buy in the world at around $1,936 for a one-ounce gold coin.

Is gold cheaper in Dubai than UK?

Buying gold in dubai will be cheaper than the uk. I live in leicester where there’s many gold shops (indian owned). It was cheaper to buy there, also selling your gold in dubai you got a better price.

Is gold cheap in Dubai than India?

Is gold cheaper in Dubai than India? Making Charges to VAT details. If you are going to purchase gold in Dubai then you won’t to pay any tax, whereas if buy gold from India then you will have to pay tax. In reality, Gold in Dubai is much cheaper than India.

How much is a 50 gram gold bar worth?

You can now sell your 50 Gram Gold Bar,. 9999 Pure to us, at a price of $2,922.19 each!

Is Dubai cheaper than India?

United Arab Emirates is 3.9 times more expensive than India.

Dubai Gold Rate – Price Today For 24, 22, 21, 18 Carat Gold

The retail gold rates in Dubai are displayed in the table below as of today. One gram of gold is expressed in AED (United Arab Emirates Dirham) at the time of publication. Rates were last updated on Tuesday, February 8th, 2022, at 7:00 p.m. (Gestern Time).

Type Gold Rate (AED)
24K 221.00
22K 207.50
21K 198.00
18K 169.75

The government of Dubai (Department of Economic Development) has installed outdoor signage that reflect the current retail gold rate in Dubai in real time. They are found in well-known gold trading areas such as the Gold Souk in Dubai. The officials are concerned with promoting openness and ensuring that the city preserves its designation as the ‘City of Gold.’

Valuation Calculator

Calculate the retail value of any weight of gold by entering the weight into the calculator below. Fill up the blanks with the weight in grams.

Carats/Karats Explained

When it comes to measuring the purity of gold, the carat or karat (symbol/abbreviation K) is the unit of measurement. 24K pure gold is malleable (can be molded) and ductile (can be stretched), and as a result, it is not suited for use in jewelry. Gold is frequently alloyed with other metals to create a more durable metal.

  • 24-karat gold is pure gold
  • 22-karat gold is an alloy consisting of 22 parts pure gold and 2 parts other metals. The percentage of gold is 91.7 (22/24)
  • 21K – Alloy composed of 21 parts pure gold and 3 parts other metals
  • 91.7 (22/24)
  • In 18K, the gold content is 87.5 percent (21/24)
  • 18K is an alloy consisting of 18 parts of pure gold and 6 parts of other metals. In 14K, the percentage of gold is 75 (18/24)
  • 14K is an alloy consisting of 14 parts pure gold and 10 parts other metals. 58.3 percent of the total weight is gold (14 out of 24)
  • 9K – Alloy containing 9 parts pure gold and 15 parts other metals. The percentage of gold is 37.5 (9 out of 24).

Indian and other Asian shoppers are often interested in purchasing 22K gold jewelry in Dubai, according to industry experts. European visitors and younger purchasers are more likely to prefer 18K gold jewelry than other types of jewelry. When it comes to measuring purity, several European countries employ the’millesimal fineness’ method. Approximately equal to the amount of pieces of gold in a thousand parts of alloy. As an example, 18K gold is an alloy consisting of 75% gold and 25% other metals.

These millesimal fineness values are utilized as hallmark stamps in the manufacturing process.

Karat (K) Parts of Gold Gold % Millesimal Fineness / Hallmark
24 24/24 99.9 999
22 22/24 91.7 916/917
21 21/24 87.5 875
18 18/24 75.0 750
14 14/24 58.3 583/585
12 12/24 50.0 500
10 10/24 41.7 416/417
9 9/24 37.5 375

Inspectors from the Dubai Central Laboratory (which is a division of the Dubai Municipality) conduct inspections of gold and jewelry stores. Gold, other precious metals, and jewels are all subjected to stringent testing to ensure their purity and authenticity. Weighing scales are subjected to rigorous testing to verify that they are properly calibrated. Checks are carried out on a regular and irregular basis. Because all merchants are aware of the stringent laws in place, non-compliance is exceedingly unusual in this industry.

Certificates are awarded to shops that comply with the regulations.

Gold Rate in Dubai – Dollars, Euros, Pounds, Indian Rupees, and Saudi Riyals

According to the table below, the current market value of a gram of gold in Dubai is expressed in a variety of common currencies (US dollars, euros, pounds, Indian rupees, and Saudi riyals).

24K 221.00 60.17 52.74 44.44 4,496.49 225.74
22K 207.50 56.49 49.52 41.73 4,221.81 211.95
21K 198.00 53.91 47.25 39.82 4,028.53 202.24
18K 169.75 46.22 40.51 34.14 3,453.75 173.39

The following were the currency rates that were used:

  • 1 US dollar (USD) = 3.673 AED / 1 AED = 0.272 US dollars
  • 1 euro (EUR) = 4.190 AED / 1 AED = 0.239 euros
  • 1 British pound (GBP) = 4.973 AED / 1 AED = 0.201 British pounds
  • 1 Indian rupee (INR) = 0.049 AED / 1 AED = 20.346 Indian rupees
  • 1 Saudi riyal (SAR) = 0.979 AED

The most recent update to the exchange rates was made on Tuesday, February 8, 2022, at 2:22 p.m.

GMT. Please use the currency rates on this page to determine the current Dubai gold price in other currencies, which is comparable to the current gold price in Dubai.

Historic Retail Gold Rate in Dubai – 1 Gram (AED)

The table below shows the average retail gold rates in Dubai for the last 30 days, as reported by the Dubai Gold Exchange. On Tuesday, February 8th, 2022, the retail price of one gram of 24k gold was 220.50 AED at the time of publication. One gram of gold was trading at 217.75 AED on Sunday, January 9th, 2022, which was 30 days earlier. This equals a 2.75 AED per gram increase, or a 1.26 percent increase in price. On Tuesday, February 8th, 2022, the price of a gram of 24k gold in Dubai was 2205 AED (about).

Date 24K 22K 21K 18K
Tuesday 8th, February 2022 220.50 207.25 197.75 169.50
Monday 7th, February 2022 219.25 206.00 196.50 168.50
Sunday 6th, February 2022 219.00 205.75 196.25 168.25
Saturday 5th, February 2022 219.00 205.75 196.25 168.25
Friday 4th, February 2022 219.00 205.50 196.25 168.25
Thursday 3rd, February 2022 219.00 205.50 196.25 168.25
Wednesday 2nd, February 2022 217.75 204.50 195.00 167.25
Tuesday 1st, February 2022 218.00 204.75 195.50 167.50
Monday 31st, January 2022 216.50 203.25 194.00 166.25
Sunday 30th, January 2022 217.00 204.00 194.50 166.75
Saturday 29th, January 2022 217.00 204.00 194.50 166.75
Friday 28th, January 2022 218.00 204.75 195.25 167.50
Thursday 27th, January 2022 219.75 206.50 197.00 169.00
Wednesday 26th, January 2022 223.75 210.25 200.50 172.00
Tuesday 25th, January 2022 223.00 209.50 200.00 171.50
Monday 24th, January 2022 222.50 209.00 199.50 171.00
Wednesday 19th, January 2022 220.00 206.75 197.25 169.00
Wednesday 19th, January 2022 220.00 206.75 197.25 169.00
Wednesday 19th, January 2022 220.00 206.75 197.25 169.00
Wednesday 19th, January 2022 220.00 206.75 197.25 169.00
Wednesday 19th, January 2022 219.25 206.00 196.75 168.50
Tuesday 18th, January 2022 220.00 206.75 197.25 169.00
Monday 17th, January 2022 220.50 207.00 197.50 169.25
Sunday 16th, January 2022 220.25 206.75 197.50 169.25
Saturday 15th, January 2022 220.25 206.75 197.50 169.25
Friday 14th, January 2022 221.25 207.75 198.25 170.00
Thursday 13th, January 2022 221.25 208.00 198.25 170.00
Wednesday 12th, January 2022 220.25 206.75 197.50 169.25
Tuesday 11th, January 2022 218.75 205.50 196.00 168.00
Monday 10th, January 2022 217.00 204.00 194.50 166.75
Sunday 9th, January 2022 217.75 204.50 195.00 167.25

International Gold Price – LBMA Gold Price – Troy Ounce

It is vital to remember that gold is a commodity that is widely traded and whose price is determined on a global scale. A benchmark price is established in London and is used as a guideline to settle deals in marketplaces all across the globe, including the United States. The London Gold Fixing is the name given to this technique of regulating the price of gold. The price of gold is determined through electronic auctions. Every working day, two auctions are held: one at 10.30 a.m. and another at 3 p.m., respectively (GMT).

The London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) Gold Price AM is the price set in the morning.

Participants in the auction at the time of writing (May 2020) include Bank of China, Bank of Communications, Coins ‘N Things, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, INTL FCStone, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, Standard Chartered, The Bank of Nova Scotia (Scotiabank), and Toronto-Dominion Bank.

The Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom regulates this benchmark (FCA).

Prices in AED are also provided, as is the equivalent price in USD (1 USD = 3.673 AED).

Monday 7th February 2022 1,811.15 1,813.55 6,652.39 6,661.21
Friday 4th February 2022 1,814.55 1,804.70 6,664.88 6,628.70
Thursday 3rd February 2022 1,803.75 1,792.70 6,625.21 6,584.62
Wednesday 2nd February 2022 1,802.00 1,803.65 6,618.78 6,624.84
Tuesday 1st February 2022 1,806.50 1,799.85 6,635.31 6,610.89
Monday 31st January 2022 1,790.60 1,795.25 6,576.91 6,593.99
Friday 28th January 2022 1,790.20 1,788.15 6,575.44 6,567.91
Thursday 27th January 2022 1,815.50 1,806.75 6,668.37 6,636.23

International Gold Price – LBMA Gold Price – Gram

The London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) Gold Price is the price of one troy ounce of pure gold. The retail pricing for one gram of gold given in Dubai is for one gram of gold. A troy ounce weighs 31.1034768 grams and has a mass of 31.1034768 grams. The London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) Gold Prices for a gram of gold for the last seven trading days are presented in the table below for comparison purposes.

Monday 7th February 2022 58.23 58.31 213.88 214.16
Friday 4th February 2022 58.34 58.02 214.28 213.12
Thursday 3rd February 2022 57.99 57.64 213.01 211.70
Wednesday 2nd February 2022 57.94 57.99 212.80 212.99
Tuesday 1st February 2022 58.08 57.87 213.33 212.54
Monday 31st January 2022 57.57 57.72 211.45 212.00
Friday 28th January 2022 57.56 57.49 211.41 211.16
Thursday 27th January 2022 58.37 58.09 214.39 213.36

The retail gold rate in Dubai and the London Bullion Market Association’s gold price (1 gram equivalent) will often differ. Among the reasons are:

  • The London Bullion Market Association’s gold price is a benchmark
  • Nevertheless, there are timing discrepancies. Dubai is four hours ahead of London in terms of time. When Dubai opens its doors for business the previous day, the most current London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) gold price will have been determined
  • The Dubai rate offered is a retail rate that includes a slight premium to cover bullion delivery expenses and customs duties. A margin is also included to safeguard sellers against variations in the market price.

Gold Jewellery Prices

The following items are included in the price of a piece of gold jewelry purchased in Dubai:

  • The price of the gold utilized in the item (the gold weight in grams multiplied by the retail gold rate in Dubai) is known as the gold price. Making charge – the amount that the retailer adds to the item’s price in order to cover the cost of manufacturing it and earn a profit

Making charge margins are low as compared to other parts of the globe, including the United States. Retailers have smaller overhead costs to cover than other industries. In January 2020, the Dubai Police claimed that there had been no robberies from any jewelry stores in the preceding year, according to their records. As a result, the insurance prices for jewelers in the city are quite inexpensive. VAT (Value Added Tax) was implemented in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in January 2018.

  1. Tourists who use the Tax Refunds for Tourists Scheme can reclaim up to 85 percent of the VAT they paid (kiosks at exit points such as Dubai International Airport).
  2. Only the manufacturing fee component of the price can be negotiated, though.
  3. Cash shoppers usually get better deals than credit card buyers.
  4. Making charges that are competitive, a low VAT rate, and a return mechanism all combine to make buying for jewelry in Dubai far less expensive than in many other nations.

It is crucial to know, however, that when returning to your home country, you may be required to pay import/customs duties on any gold and jewelry purchases. The regulations and tariffs differ from nation to country, and therefore cannot be described in depth here.

Gold Rate in Dubai – Today Gold Price in UAE Dirham (AED)

Gold Unit Gold Rate in UAE Dirham
Gram 24K 215.64AED
Gram 23K 206.66AED
Gram 22K 197.67AED
Gram 21K 188.69AED
Gram 18K 161.73AED
Gram 16K 143.76AED
Gram 14K 125.79AED
Gram 12K 107.82AED
Gram 10K 89.85AED
Gram 9K 80.87AED
Gram 8K 71.88AED
Gram 6K 53.91AED

Information of UAE Dirham

Days USD Rate
Today 3.67 AED
Yesterday 3.67AED
Mon, 7th Feb 3.67AED
Sun, 6th Feb 3.67AED
Sat, 5th Feb 3.67AED
Fri, 4th Feb 3.67AED
Thu, 3rd Feb 3.67AED
Wed, 2nd Feb 3.67AED
Tue, 1st Feb 3.67AED
Mon, 31st Jan 3.67AED
Sun, 30th Jan 3.67AED
Sat, 29th Jan 3.67AED
Fri, 28th Jan 3.67AED
Thu, 27th Jan 3.67AED


Gold is currently trading at 215.64 UAE Dirham per gram in Dubai, according to the latest gold price in the city. We are also giving several gold charts in UAE Dirham (AED), which allow you to follow the price information over a variety of time periods (e.g., Weekly, Monthly, Yearly and Historical). This article contains information on the price of gold in all karats or purities (e.g., 24K, 23K, 22K, 21K, 18K, 14K, 10K, 9K.1K). Also available is up-to-date information on the price of gold in whatever currency, unit (or weight), and quantity of gold you choose.

Dubai (Asia) time (GMT+04:00), and that the above price information was last updated at 01:14:03 a.m.

24 hours a day, seven days a week, the gold and currency (in this case, the AED) information is gathered from the main markets in real time.

What is the Price ofGold inDubai today?

Gold is now trading for 215.64 AED per gram in Dubai. The rate for 10 grams of gold is 2,156.41 AED. Further data regarding the current gold rates in UAE dirham may be found in the following sections.

215.80 United Arab Emirates dirhams (AED) today

Gold Rate in AEDUnited Arab Emirates dirham Bid Ask Change
Gold Price per gram in AED 215.08 215.80 -0.00

Rate of Gold (Last Updated: Two Minutes Ago) (8 February 2022 21:11UTC)

Gold Rates Dubai Gold Price per Gramin United Arab Emirates dirham High Low Change
Gold Rate per Gram 24k 215.80 215.81 215.81 -0.00
Gold Rate per Gram 22k 198.11 198.11 198.11 -0.00
Gold Rate per Gram 21k 188.83 188.83 188.83 -0.00
Gold Rate per Gram 18k 161.85 161.85 161.85 -0.00
Gold Rate per Gram 14k 126.24 126.25 126.25 -0.00
Gold Rate per Gram 10k 89.99 89.99 89.99 -0.00
Gold Rate per Gram 6k 53.95 53.95 53.95 -0.00
Gram Gold Bar Price Gold Price per Gramin United Arab Emirates dirham High Low Change
1 Gram Gold Price (1 gram) 215.80 215.80 215.81 -0.00
2 Grams Gold Price (2 gram) 431.60 431.61 431.61 -0.01
5 Grams Gold Price (5 gram) 1,079.01 1,079.03 1,079.03 -0.02
10 Grams Gold Price (10 gram) 2,158.02 2,158.05 2,158.05 -0.04
25 Grams Gold Price (25 gram) 5,395.04 5,395.14 5,395.14 -0.10
50 Grams Gold Price (50 gram) 10,790.08 10,790.27 10,790.27 -0.20
100 Grams Gold Price (100 gram) 21,580.15 21,580.55 21,580.55 -0.39
200 Grams Gold Price (200 gram) 43,160.31 43,161.10 43,161.10 -0.79
250 Grams Gold Price (250 gram) 53,950.38 53,951.37 53,951.37 -0.99
500 Grams Gold Price (500 gram) 107,900.77 107,902.74 107,902.74 -1.97

Latest current today’s Dubai Gold Price

Dubai gold prices per gram 24,22,18 and 14 carat, per ounce and per tola today. We provide spot gold rice 24 hour live atlivepriceofgold.

Dubai Gold Price | 24-hour gold rate live

The gold price in Dubai is available on today. Gold rates per gram are available in 24 carat, 22 carat, 18 carat, 14 carat, 10 carat, and 6 carat; gold prices per ounce and gold prices per tola are also available. The most recent update to the LivePriceofGold data is: (8 February 2022 21:13UTC)

Today: 8 February 2022 Gold Price in Dubai

GRAMS Dubai Gold Price per Gramin United Arab Emirates dirham High Low Change
1 GRAM GOLD 24K 215.80 215.81 215.81 -0.00
GRAM 22K 198.11 198.11 198.11 -0.00
GRAM 21K 188.83 188.83 188.83 -0.00
GRAM 18K 161.85 161.85 161.85 -0.00
GRAM 14K 126.24 126.25 126.25 -0.00
GRAM 10K 89.99 89.99 89.99 -0.00
GRAM 6K 53.95 53.95 53.95 -0.00


OUNCES Dubai Gold Price per Ouncein United Arab Emirates dirham High Low Change
1 OUNCE 24K 6,711.43 6,711.55 6,711.55 -0.12
OUNCE 22K 6,161.09 6,161.20 6,161.20 -0.11
OUNCE 21K 5,872.50 5,872.61 5,872.61 -0.11
OUNCE 18K 5,033.57 5,033.66 5,033.66 -0.09
OUNCE 14K 3,926.19 3,926.26 3,926.26 -0.07
OUNCE 10K 2,798.67 2,798.72 2,798.72 -0.05
OUNCE 6K 1,677.86 1,677.89 1,677.89 -0.03


KILOS Dubai Gold Price per Kgin United Arab Emirates dirham High Low Change
1 KILOGRAM GOLD 24K 215,801.54 215,805.48 215,805.48 -3.94
KILOGRAM 22K 198,105.81 198,109.43 198,109.43 -3.62
KILOGRAM 18K 161,851.15 161,854.11 161,854.11 -2.96
KILOGRAM 14K 126,243.90 126,246.21 126,246.21 -2.31
KILOGRAM 10K 89,989.24 89,990.88 89,990.88 -1.64
KILOGRAM 6K 53,950.38 53,951.37 53,951.37 -0.99


TOLAS Dubai Gold Price per Tolain United Arab Emirates dirham High Low Change
1 TOLA GOLD 24K 2,517.07 2,517.11 2,517.11 -0.05
TOLA 22K 2,310.67 2,310.71 2,310.71 -0.04
TOLA 18K 1,887.80 1,887.83 1,887.83 -0.03
TOLA 14K 1,472.48 1,472.51 1,472.51 -0.03
TOLA 10K 1,049.62 1,049.64 1,049.64 -0.02
TOLA 6K 629.27 629.28 629.28 -0.01

Gold Rate in Dubai Today: Dubai Gold Price , Gram 24K, 22K

The current gold price in Dubai is 207.25 AED per gram of 22KT gold. Tuesday, February 8, 2022, at 5:04 p.m. local time in Dubai (Tuesday 08 February 2022, 01:04 pm GMT) (This page is updated twice daily, in the morning and evening.) (Image courtesy of Dubai GoldJewelry Group) AED is the currency used in Dubai, and the table below displays the price of gold in Dirhams (AED), per ounce, 10 tolas bar, and gram for the most widely used carats in Dubai, which are 24 carat, 22 carat, and 18 carat, in Dirhams (AED).

In addition, the number 21 carat is occasionally used.

Gold Unit Gold Price
Gram K24 220.50 DirhamsYesterday: 218.94
Gram K22 207.25 DirhamsYesterday: 205.75
Gram K21 197.75 DirhamsYesterday: 196.40
Gram K18 169.50 DirhamsYesterday: 168.34
1 Gold Ounce 6,858 DirhamsYesterday: 6,809
10 Tola Gold 25,578 DirhamsYesterday: 25,397

The gold prices in dirhams shown below are the real rates given in local gold stores in Dubai at the time of publication. All foreign currency exchange rates in the following table are translated from Dirhams to their respective currencies based on the most recent AED exchange rates. For example, one dollar is equal to 3.67 AED, while one rupee is equal to 20.34 AED. The Dubai GoldJewelry Group is the source of this information. Jewelry retailers are allowed to set their own retail gold jewelry prices, which will be based on the international ounce rate and the cost of storing the gold in Dubai solely.

For the purposes of conversion, rates are converted to United Arab Emirates dirhams (USD) using the current USD to United Arab Emirates dirham conversion rate of 1 US dollar = 3.67 United Arab Emirates dirham (1 United Arab Emirates dirham = 0.27 USD).

Gold Price Calculator in United Arab Emirates dirham

To calculate the overall price of gold, multiply the total number of grams by the price of a gram of gold. As an illustration: 10 grams of 22-karat gold is worth 2,072.50 dirhams. In Dirhams, 10 grams of 24K gold is worth 2,205.00 dirhams.

Amount Gold Unit United Arab Emirates dirham (AED) U.S. Dollar (USD)
Gram K24 220.50 60.03
Gram K22 207.25 56.42
Gram K21 197.75 53.84
Gram K18 169.50 46.15
Ounce 6,857.55 1,808.32
Tola 25,578.00 6,963.75

Gold Price Chart in Dubai in Dirhams Per Gram 22K

This is a chart of the gold price in the United Arab Emirates in United Arab Emirates dirham (AED) per gram 22K in United Arab Emirates dirham (AED). The time range for the chart can be set to 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, year to day, 1 Year, or any other time period that is available. Additionally, you may download the chart as a png or jpeg picture, or as a pdf file, or you can print the chart directly by clicking on the relevant button in the upper right corner of the chart.

Dubai Gold Rate in Indian Rupee (INR)

Based on the current spot gold price in US dollars, the Dubai gold prices are translated to Indian rupees using the current exchange rates, with one US dollar equaling 74.71 Indian rupees.

Gold Unit INR
1 Ounce 135,100
10 Tolas 506,626
1 Gram 24K 4,344
1 Gram 22K 3,982
1 Gram 21K 3,800
1 Gram 18K 3,257

Dubai Gold Rate in USD, GBP, EUR

Based on the current spot gold price in USD, these gold prices are translated to other currencies using the current exchange rates, with 1 EUR equaling 1,583.39 USD and 1 GBP equaling 1,335.83 USD.

1 Ounce 1,808 1,583 1,336
10 Tolas 24,907 6,781 5,009
1 Gram 24K 213.57 58.15 42.95
1 Gram 22K 195.76 53.30 39.37
1 Gram 21K 186.84 50.87 37.58
1 Gram 18K 160.13 43.59 32.20

Similarly, the letter K represents the Karat, with 24K representing gold Karat 24, which is 99.9 percent pure gold and is referred to as “999,” 22K representing approximately 91.6 percent purity and referred to as “916,” 21K representing 87.5 percent purity and designated as “875”, and 18K representing 75 percent purity and referred to as “750.” Gold may be found in a variety of purity levels (karats), but these are the ones that are most frequently encountered in the United Arab Emirates.

Gold Price in UAE Dirhams in Previous Days

Date Gram 22K Gram 24K Ounce
08-Feb 206.50 225.27 7,005.98
07-Feb 205.75 224.45 6,980.54
06-Feb 205.75 224.45 6,980.54
05-Feb 204.25 222.82 6,929.65
04-Feb 205.00 223.64 6,955.09
03-Feb 205.25 223.91 6,963.57
02-Feb 205.25 223.91 6,963.57
01-Feb 204.50 223.09 6,938.13
31-Jan 204.00 222.55 6,921.16
30-Jan 204.00 222.55 6,921.16
29-Jan 204.00 222.55 6,921.16
28-Jan 203.25 221.73 6,895.72
27-Jan 206.00 224.73 6,989.02
26-Jan 209.75 228.82 7,116.25
25-Jan 209.00 228.00 7,090.80
24-Jan 209.00 228.00 7,090.80
23-Jan 208.50 227.45 7,073.84
22-Jan 208.50 227.45 7,073.84
21-Jan 208.50 227.45 7,073.84
20-Jan 209.00 228.00 7,090.80
19-Jan 207.00 225.82 7,022.95
18-Jan 206.25 225.00 6,997.50
17-Jan 207.25 226.09 7,031.43
16-Jan 206.75 225.55 7,014.46
15-Jan 206.75 225.55 7,014.46
14-Jan 203.25 221.73 6,895.72
13-Jan 203.50 222.00 6,904.20
12-Jan 207.00 225.82 7,022.95
11-Jan 205.50 224.18 6,972.05
10-Jan 204.75 223.36 6,946.61

Gold rate in UAE Todays, 24, 22, 21, 18 Carat Gold price in Dhiram

Type Gold Rate per Gram (in AED)
24K 219.00
22K 205.50
21K 196.25
18K 168.25

*Disclaimer: The gold rates are subject to change in accordance with the current market conditions.

Impact of COVID-19 on Gold Rate in UAE

Throughout the world, the demand for gold jewelry has reached its lowest point ever. The jewelry industry took the worst of the blow as a result of the high interest rates and the complete cessation of retail activity. It is very clear that the coronavirus pandemic will have an impact on the gold retail markets in the United Arab Emirates for the duration of the year. Because of the pressure on the economy and the threat to employment all across the world, even habitual gold customers will find it difficult to visit the stores to make purchases of the metal.

In the case of these consumers, it has turned out to be something just as useful as cash in their situation.

Significance of Gold in the UAE

When one turns the pages of history, it becomes clear that gold has a long and illustrious historical importance. This valuable metal has the capacity to entice individuals from all over the world, not to mention the United Arab Emirates. With success, the golden glow has found a place in the hearts and homes of people everywhere. It is not just an issue of cultural significance, but it is also an investment instrument for the general public, and it is the safest financial option available (as per their perception).

It is seen as a reliable hedge against economic downturns, prompting an increasing number of individuals to put their money into it.

What is the Difference Between Gold Rate in UAE and India?

Gold Rate in UAE per gram Gold Rate in India per gram
24K Gold AED 219.00 INR 4,318.00
22K Gold AED 205.05 INR 4,052.07

* The gold rates are subject to change in accordance with the current market conditions.

Factors Affecting Gold Price in UAE

Almost every momentous occasion, from birthdays to marriages to festivals, would be incomplete without the inclusion of this precious metal. The majority of people regard it as a valuable investing instrument that can be put to use during a financial crisis. The gold rate in the United Arab Emirates is always shifting, and it is thus crucial for clients to understand the variables that influence the costs. One thing that can be counted on is that the worldwide market has a significant impact on the price of this precious metal.

1) Gold Production

In the United Arab Emirates, gold mining is carried out on a vast scale, and any changes in gold output, regardless of the reason for the change, will have an influence on gold prices.

2) Demand for Gold

The United Arab Emirates is a major producer and exporter of gold. Countries such as China, India, and the United States are big users of this metal, which is particularly popular in the jewelry industry. The investment preferences, economic development, and holiday season in these countries all have a significant influence on the current gold rate in the United Arab Emirates.

3) Global Market

Any changes in the worldwide price of gold have an influence on the value of the yellow metal in the United Arab Emirates. For example, during periods of political unrest, gold prices may rise, as opposed to when the country is in a state of calm.

4) The Inflation Factor

In compared to cash, gold has a character that is virtually as steady as it gets. It has a large amount of value and may be used to protect against inflation. As a result, gold is preferred by the majority of investors over cash as a store of value. As a result, the demand for gold increases in tandem with an increase in inflation, and vice versa. In addition, the gold rate in the United Arab Emirates will grow in tandem with an increase in demand, and vice versa.

How is the Gold Price in UAE Affected by Changes in the US Dollar?

Gold’s value in terms of the US dollar is monitored in every country on the planet. Clearly, gold has an inverse relationship with the value of the United States dollar. As a result, if the value of the dollar rises, gold prices decrease; conversely, whenever the value of the dollar falls, gold prices increase. The gold biscuits, also known as raw gold, are manufactured from 24 Karat gold that is completely pure. This is due to the fact that the texture of 24K gold is soft and malleable in nature.

Jewelry is typically crafted from 18K or 22K gold, which is less expensive than 24K gold and hence more popular.

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What are the Measuring Units for Gold Across the Globe?

Listed below are some gold measurement units that are regularly used across the world.

1) Troy Ounce (oz t)

A typical application for this measurement unit is in determining the weight of valuable metals, such as gold. 1 troy ounce (31.1034768 grams) is a unit of weight. These days, the troy ounce is the only unit of measurement for the troy weights system, and it is used exclusively. Furthermore, the unit of troy ounce has an impact on the price of gold when it comes to fixing.

2) Pennyweight (dwt)

This is the metric unit of mass, and it is mostly employed in the measurement of precious metals in the northern hemisphere. 1 dwt is equal to 1.55517384 grams.

3) Gram (g)

This is a metric system for the measurement of mass in kilograms. 1 gram is equal to 0.001 kilogram.

4) Tola

In South Asia, this is a classical measuring unit that is still in use. It is referred to as the British Indian weight system in some circles. 1 tola is equal to 11.6638 grams (approximately)

5) Tael (or tahil)

It is widely used in South-East Asia, Hong Kong, China, and other parts of the world. 1 tael is equal to 50 grams (in China) 1 tael is equal to 37.799364167 grams (in Hong Kong) 1 tael is equal to 37.5 grams (in Japan)

6) Baht

In Thailand, this instrument is widely used for gold measuring because of its low cost. 1 Baht is equal to 15.244 grams.

7) Grain

It is also a historic gold measuring unit based on the weight of one grain of wheat, which is a unit of weight for gold. When it comes to the avoirdupois, apothecaries, and troy systems of weight measurement, it is the smallest unit of weight measurement. 1 grain is equal to 0.0648 grams.

What is the Difference Between 18, 22, and 24 Karat of Gold in the UAE?

The differences between the three groups are depicted in the table below.

Basis 24 Karat 22 Karat 18 Karat
Purity 24K gold is 100% pure, with no metal mixed in it. 22K gold has 22 parts as gold and the rest of the two are nickel, zinc, silver, and some alloys. 18K gold is 75% gold along with 25% other metals like silver, copper, and some alloys.
Usage It is softpliable, hence, cannot be used for making jewelry. It is used for making bars, coins can be used in medical and electronic devices. It is most commonly used for making gold jewelry. It is usually used for making stone-studded pieces of jewelry and other diamond pieces.
Rates It is the most expensive amongst the three. The gold rate in UAE 22K is lower than 24K gold but higher than 18K gold. 18K gold price UAE is the least expensive amongst the three.

How to Check the Purity of Gold in the UAE?

There are a variety of methods for determining the purity of gold, some of which are described here.

1) Checking for Discoloration

It is possible to determine the purity of gold by examining the metal to see if it has any discoloration on it or not. In the event that the piece is gold-plated rather than pure gold, a different metal will become evident beneath it and the color will begin to deteriorate.

2) Hallmark Stamping

The purest type of gold will always be accompanied with a mark of approval. If you want to examine the purity of the gold, hold it up to a magnifying glass and search for the hallmark stamp.

3) Use a Magnet

The fact that gold is anti-magnetic is a well-known fact in the scientific community. Consequently, if the item attracts the magnet, it is almost certain that it is not genuine. However, this approach is not always precise, as anti-magnetic metals can be mixed in with pure gold at times, making it less reliable. This test will need the use of a powerful magnet, which may be purchased at a hardware shop or in everyday items such as an unused hard drive, children’s toys, or handbag latches.

How to Avail a Low Gold Rate in UAE?

When acquiring gold in the United Arab Emirates, there are a few fundamental considerations that should be kept in mind to ensure that the buyer receives the best possible deal.

  • Before purchasing a piece of jewelry, it is usually a good idea to browse around for the best price. Selecting the Jewellery: Once the purchasers have chosen the jewelry item of their choice, they should be aware of the weight of the piece as well as the current market price in the United Arab Emirates Today’s gold price in the United Arab Emirates: The price of gold is always shifting. Thus, it is critical to keep track of the current exchange rate in the marketplace
  • Being Aware of the Gold Characteristics: The purchasers must be aware of the differences between the various types of gold available on the market, classified according to their Karat content. When customers are aware of the rate and manufacture of the jewelry piece they are interested in purchasing, haggling to get a better price becomes easier for them to do.

What are the Reasons to Consider While Buying Gold in the UAE?

Here is a rundown of the factors that influence whether or not acquiring gold online is a wise decision.

  • Competition: Because of the high level of competition, gold dealers on the internet must change their prices in order to survive. Prices that are overstated: The prices of gold at physical gold outlets are overstated because they add substantial overhead costs in the price of gold. In order to avoid this, they will never provide gold at wholesale prices. Buyers may quickly browse around at numerous vendors and compare costs with the touch of a few buttons while shopping for gold online, and they can do it from the comfort of their own homes. Sales Tax: While local dealers will impose sales tax, the burden of taxes on those who purchase gold online is smaller
  • For example,

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Is Gold a Smart Investment for Financial Growth in the UAE?

Regardless of whether the gold rate in the United Arab Emirates rises or falls, the gold shops are always packed with customers who are not only looking for jewelry, but also want to make long-term investments in gold.

These investments can take the form of gold bars, coins, biscuits, and a variety of other items. The following are the factors that make gold an excellent investment.

  • Increase in Value: When the investors are in need of finances, they may sell their gold and receive cash in exchange. They will, however, get the current market price for gold in exchange. A secured loan can also be secured by gold, which the borrower can put up as security. Savings Techniques that Work: Because gold has a high resale value, it is seen as a good investment and a kind of savings. Whenever they want or need to sell it, the investors have the opportunity to do so. Gold is a secure investment since it may function as a safety net during times of financial crisis.

How is Gold Jewellery Price Different from Gold Biscuits or Raw Gold in the UAE?

The gold biscuits, also known as raw gold, are manufactured from 24 Karat gold that is completely pure. This is due to the fact that the texture of 24K gold is soft and malleable in nature. Therefore, it is not suitable for the creation of jewelry pieces. Jewelry is typically crafted from 18K or 22K gold, which is less expensive than 24K gold and hence more popular. This results in a price disparity between gold jewelry and gold biscuits or raw gold, with the latter being more expensive as a result.

Can Tourists Purchase Gold in UAE?

Made from pure 24 Karat gold, the gold biscuits (also known as raw gold) are a delicious treat. Due to the fact that 24K gold is soft and malleable in texture, it is a popular choice. So it is not suitable for the production of jewelry. Jewelry is typically crafted from 18K or 22K gold, which is less expensive than 24K gold and is more durable. As a result, the prices of gold jewelry and gold biscuits or raw gold diverge, with the latter being more expensive as a result of the price disparity.

Why is Gold Used in Electronic Products?

Gold is a metal, and because of its physical qualities, it may be used in a wide variety of electrical items, including mobile phones. Here are a few examples of these characteristics.

  • Gold is a highly conductive precious metal with a soft and flexible feel
  • It is used in electronics. Due to this, it is simple to draw tiny wires or plates and cover them with thin coatings. It is not tarnished or corroded like other metals, such as copper and silver, which are almost entirely conductors of electricity.


It is critical to keep track of current gold prices since even the smallest variations in the market can result in significant losses. As a result, in order to be on the safe side, you should always double-check the pricing of gold before acquiring or investing in it.

Gold Rate in Dubai Todays, 24, 22, 21, 18 Carat Gold Price in Dhiram

Type Gold Rate per Gram (in AED)
24K 219.00
22K 205.50
21K 196.25
18K 168.25

Disclaimer: The rates shown above are subject to change without notice. Due to its status as one of the world’s most prominent gold hotspots, the United Arab Emirates is an useful location for gold market investors seeking to optimize their earnings. The renown of the country has spread to such an extent that the capital of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai, has been dubbed the ‘City of Gold.’ One of the most important tasks in investing in this precious metal is to determine the current gold rate in Dubai.

Covid-19: Impact on Gold

As a result of the current unrest, gold prices have reached a seven-year high. In today’s world, gold has a role that goes much beyond that of an accessory for many of the expats who live in the Gulf country. Many gold investors are finding that gold is just as good as cash in hand in these uncertain times, especially with the outbreak of COVID-19 producing a pandemic in the United States. Investors in the market have taken advantage of the high value of this precious metal in recent years to sell this commodity and obtain much-needed liquidity, in order to make up for job losses that have occurred unexpectedly or major wage reductions that have occurred.

However, it will exacerbate the uncertainty for jewelers in the UAE, who will see a fall in buying activity as well as a reduction in the number of consumers. You may also look for the current gold rate in the United Arab Emirates.

How is The Gold Rate in Dubai Affected By Changes in The US Dollar?

The price of gold is expressed in US dollars when it is traded internationally. The gold price has a tendency to move in the opposite direction of the dollar. Hence the price of gold tends to fall if the US dollar increases, and it tends to rise whenever the US currency weakens, as shown in the chart below. The gold rate in Dubai is influenced by a range of national and international variables, including, but not limited to, the following:

Tax and Import Duties

Because there are only a few countries that generate any substantial amounts of gold, the vast majority of countries import gold. Changes in the tax rate on gold as well as changes in the import tariffs on gold can have a direct impact on the gold price.

Central Bank Reserves

Gold is held in reserve by several governments, particularly European countries and the United States, as a safeguard against the devaluation of their paper currencies. The recent shifts in demand for gold by central banks like the Bank of England have had a significant influence on gold prices.

Demand for Gold

Gold is mostly consumed by countries such as the United States, China, and India. During the festive season, the economic development and investment preferences of nations with strong economies have an impact on the gold price.

Production of Gold

In the last several years, a considerable number of new large-scale gold mines have been put into operation. The mining corporations have a tendency to raise the price of gold in order to cover the costs of their production. The ramifications of this are evident in the gold price in Dubai, which has increased.

Wealth and Investment Protection

In the eyes of many investors, gold is a secure investment that may also be used to protect against deflation and inflation, as well as currency depreciation and economic contraction.

What are The Measuring Units for Gold across the World?

The price of gold changes depending on the measuring unit used. As a result, various nations have distinct norms, practices, and measurement units when it comes to the gold market, which is why the measuring units used in gold trade throughout the world are diverse. The following table contains a list of common measuring units used in the worldwide gold markets, as well as their definitions:

Measurement Unit Description
Troy Ounce(oz t) It is commonly used to measure the mass of precious metals such as gold.1 troy ounce = 31.1034768 grams
Pennyweight(dwt) It is a measure of mass that is mainly used for measuring precious metals in North America.1 dwt = 1.55517384 grams
Gram(g) It is a metric system unit of mass.1 gram = 0.001 kilogram
Tola It is a traditional South Asian unit of mass. It is defined as a 3/8 troy ounce.1 tola = 11.6638 grams (approx.)
Tael/Tahil It is commonly used in Hong Kong, Chinese, Southeast Asia, etc. It equals to about 50 grams or 1.607 troy ounces.1 tael = 50 grams (in China)1 tael = 37.799364167 grams (in Hong Kong)1 tael = 37.5 grams (in Japan)
Baht It is the foremost unit of weight for gold used in Thailand.1 Baht = 15.244 grams
Grain It is the traditional unit of measurement and is based on the weight of a grain of wheat.1 grain = 0.0648 grams

What is the Difference Between 24K, 22K, 21K and 18K Gold in Dubai?

The purity of gold is determined by the number of Karats it contains. A high karat gold bar indicates a high purity level. The varying purities of gold are utilized to create the many types of gold jewelry. The distinction between 24 Karat, 22 Karat, and 18 Karat gold is explained in the next section.

24K Gold

A 24 Karat gold bar is made entirely of pure gold. It does not include any other metals in its composition. 24K gold is referred to be 99.9 percent pure gold in the market, and the hue of 24K gold is a brilliant golden yellow. When compared to 22K or 18K gold, 24K gold is the most costly option. In order to avoid it being utilized in conventional jewelry, the texture has been softened and made more malleable. It is utilized in the production of bars and coins, as well as in medical and electrical gadgets.

22K Gold

Gold with a 22 Karat purity is often utilized in the production of jewelry. There are 22 parts of the metal that are gold and 2 parts of metals such as silver, nickel, zinc, and other alloys in this composition.

It is referred to be 91.67 percent pure gold in the marketplace. The alloying of gold results in a firm texture to the gold, which contributes to the jewelry’s long-term durability.

21K Gold

The 21 Karat gold is composed of 87.5 percent pure gold and 12.5 percent other metals, with the remaining metals making up the remaining 7.5 percent.

18K Gold

75 percent of the 18 Karat gold is composed of gold, with the remaining 25 percent composed of other metals such as silver, copper, and other alloys. This is often employed in the creation of stone-studded jewelry as well as other diamond-studded jewelry. When compared to 22K or 24K gold, it is significantly more cheap.

What is the Difference between Gold Rate in Dubai and India?

Gold Rate in Dubai per gram Gold Rate in India per gram
24K Gold AED 219.00 INR 4,318.00
22K Gold AED 205.05 INR 4,052.07

Disclaimer: The prices shown are current as of Monday, June 15, 2020, and are subject to change without notice.

How Can The Purity of Gold Be Determined in Dubai?

The DCLD – Dubai Central Laboratories Department – ensures the purity of gold sold in Dubai by providing a Bareeq Certification to the retailer who sells the gold. The following is the technique for doing the evaluation:

  • Verification of conformity with federal and local norms and regulations by retailers
  • Examining the product’s quality and ensuring its reliability
  • Examining the jewelry to see whether or whether the labeling is adequate
  • The findings are recorded by the inspector.

The optional certification program complements the DCLD’s inspections and evaluations. In most cases, the examination by the government takes place three times a year in total. Certification is given to jewelry retailers that adhere to ethical and legitimate trade methods in the jewelry industry. There are a variety of methods for determining the purity of gold that has been purchased, including:

  • Examine the Jewelry: When a respectable business offers jewelry, it is common for the items to be stamped with the store’s purity information. When the item of jewelry is examined under a magnifying lens, the purity of the stamp may be determined. Keep an eye out for the Bareeq Certification: All of the legitimate stores in Dubai will have a Bareeq Certificate. Consult with a Jeweler: If it is difficult to determine the purity of a piece of jewelry, the piece can be taken to a jewelry store for examination and testing.

How To Get a Low Gold Rate In Dubai?

  • Learn about the Gold Rate in Dubai: The gold price in Dubai swings on a daily basis, making it difficult to predict. As a result, it is only logical to be aware of how much it costs on the open market. Being informed of the current market pricing is beneficial while bargaining with sellers. Understand the Different Types of Gold: It is critical to be informed of the various Karats and weights of gold that are available for purchase on the market. Selecting the Jewelry: Once the piece of jewelry has been selected, the Karat and weight of the piece should be established. It is beneficial to acquire the skill of negotiating by studying the Rate and Make
  • Nevertheless, it is not necessary to do so. Search for Jewelry: Before purchasing any item of jewelry, take the time to look around.

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Reasons to Consider Buying Gold Online

The following are five reasons why purchasing gold online is a wise decision:

  • Tax on Gold Purchases: When purchasing gold from a local vendor, a sales tax is charged. When purchasing gold online, there is no tax to pay. Pricing that are excessive: Because brick-and-mortar gold dealers have large overhead costs, they are unable to provide wholesale prices. Convenience: When purchasing gold online, it is simple to browse through a variety of selections and compare costs, all with a single mouse click. Also included are company evaluations for firms that are freely available. Competition: The internet is a worldwide marketplace with a lot of options. International internet gold dealers are subjected to intense competition and are compelled to modify their pricing in response. Quality: The highest quality may be purchased on the internet. Offline, however, it is more difficult to assess the overall quality

Is Gold a Smart Investment For Financial Growth in Dubai?

The gold stores in Dubai are filled with clients who are not only seeking for pieces of jewelry, but also for a clever investment mechanism in the form of gold bars or coins, regardless of whether the price of gold in Dubai has increased or decreased.

  • A Wonderful Way To Save: Purchasing gold is a good way to save money because the resale value is high. It is available for purchase at any time and from any location. Investment that is risk-free: It is beneficial since it acts as a cushion during financially hard times. The Gold’s Value Increases: If additional money are necessary, the gold may be exchanged for cash at the current market rate. It can also be used as a kind of collateral for loan repayment.

How is The Price in Dubai for Gold Jewelry Different From Gold Biscuits or Raw Gold?

Raw gold, also known as gold biscuits, is created from 24K gold, which is the finest form of gold available. This is due to the fact that the texture of pure gold is flexible and soft, and as a result, it cannot be utilized to create jewelry. The gold used in the jewelry is often 22K or 18K in color. A distinction exists between the costs of jewelry made of 22K or 18K gold and those of gold biscuits made of raw gold, due to the fact that the latter is more inexpensive than the former when compared to the former.

Can Tourists Purchase Gold in Dubai?

Gold has been considered a valuable metal since the beginning of time, and people all over the world are interested in saving and investing in it. When it comes to acquiring gold, Dubai is a gold-dream; buyer’s it is also referred to as the ‘City of Gold’ due to the vast amount of gold that is handled there. Because of the favorable costs, people choose to purchase gold from Dubai rather than other locations. Gold may be purchased by tourists in Dubai. The amount of gold that may be purchased, on the other hand, is determined by the nation in which the tourist is now resident.

Why is Gold Used in Electronic Products?

Gold’s physical qualities make it the ideal material for use in a wide range of electrical applications, and this is reflected in its high price. These characteristics are as follows:

  • A strong electrical conductivity is exhibited by this material. The difference between it and other highly conductive metals like silver and copper is that it does not tarnish or corrode with time. A flexible and soft texture allows it to be readily plated to form thin coatings or dragged out to form tiny wires
  • It is also corrosion resistant.


The term “carat” refers to a unit of measurement for mass. Normally, the weight of gemstones and diamonds is measured in carats, and the larger the value of the carat, the more expensive the stone is to purchase.

When it comes to gold, the term “karat” refers to the purity of the metal. The most often used karat values are 24K, 22K, 18K, and so on. The higher the karat value of the gold, the higher the price of gold.

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