How Much Is The Underwater Suite In Dubai? (Solution)

The Suite Life: The $8,167-a-Night Neptune Suite at Atlantis, The Palm.

  • Guests will be able to stay in the suite as part of a package that will cost around $250,000 (though the resort has not yet determined exactly what will be included for the price). Named “Muraka,” the undersea hotel room is a two-level structure.

How much does it cost to stay in the underwater hotel?

It’s not quite 20,000 leagues under the sea, but this underwater hotel room lets you sleep deep beneath the surf – for a cool $50,000 per night. Architect Ahmed Saleem designed the nine-person underwater bungalow for the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island resort.

How much does it cost to stay at Atlantis Dubai?

The average cost to stay in a standard room at The Atlantis Hotel in Dubai was found to be 1,235AED / £247 / $333 based on a one night stay for two (2022).

How many underwater hotels are in Dubai?

Underwater Hotel – Dubai Though Dubai has two underwater hotel restaurants only one hotel has under water rooms, and that is the city’s second largest, the very busy, very lively Atlantis The Palm Dubai.

Which hotel in Dubai has underwater?

Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai The floor-to-ceiling windows in the underwater rooms at Atlantis, The Palm look into the resort aquarium’s Ambassador Lagoon, directly at the 65,000 sea creatures that fill it.

How much is an underwater suite?

Guests will be able to stay in the suite as part of a package that will cost around $250,000 (though the resort has not yet determined exactly what will be included for the price). Named “Muraka,” the undersea hotel room is a two-level structure.

How much money is Jules Undersea Lodge?

A night at Jules’ Undersea Lodge costs $675 per person, with a 3-hour visit to the hotel priced at $150 per person.

Is Atlantis a 7 star hotel?

This is only Seven Star in the World, which needs no introduction. Must watch the Sea view from its hanging Restaurants. Ideally located on the Arabian SEA beach.

Is Atlantis Dubai expensive?

Suites cost from $610 to $52,000 per night (the ‘Bridge Suite’ is fabled as the world’s most expensive) and in keeping with this theme, the Atlantis lobby is very splashy indeed. A cathedral of glassy, undersea colour, it gurgles and glitters, the columned roof features murals of the ancients.

Is it expensive in Dubai?

In general, prices in Dubai are comparable to other major cities in the world. Accommodation and tours can be quite expensive, but there is so much choice that you can make it more budget-friendly if you wish. Restaurant prices are comparable to those in Western European cities.

How much is a room in Dubai?

Dubai hotels range from $35 to $107 per night with an average of $46, while most vacation rentals will cost $210 to $530 per night for the entire home. Average worldwide flight costs to Dubai International Airport (DXB) are between $722 and $1,105 per person for economy flights and $2,266 to $3,467 for first class.

Why is Dubai so rich?

Its diverse economy makes Dubai one of the richest in the world. Unlike other states in the region, Dubai’s economy doesn’t rely on oil. The growth of its economy comes from business, transportation, tourism and finance. Free trade allowed Dubai to become a wealthy state.

How deep is the underwater hotel in Dubai?

With an aesthetic not too many light years removed from the Starship Enterprise and an evacuation mechanism not dissimilar to that of a cafetiere plunger in reverse, the design by Polish firm Deep Ocean Technology reveals a hotel split into two parts — one permanently above the water and the other capable of submerging

Is Dubai safe?

General safety in Dubai There’s not much dispute that Dubai is quite safe for tourists. Dubai is heavily monitored, so violent crime directed at tourists is rare. Most tourist-directed crime in Dubai is likely to be petty stuff like pickpocketing, scams, or sexual harassment.

Can you drink in Dubai?

Drinking Is A-OK, in the Right Places Tourists are permitted to drink in licensed restaurants, hotels and bars attached to licensed hotels. It is unacceptable and punishable to drink in public places—even beaches. Dubai is incredibly strict about public drunkenness and has zero tolerance for drinking and driving.

Hotel Underwater: the Neptune Suite at Atlantis, The Palm

In order to accommodate the high roller who is willing to spend hundreds of dollars a night on a hotel room, these outrageous accommodations, which include underwater views and gold-laced bath products, are the answer. The Dwellings: The twin Neptune and Poseidon Underwater Suites at Atlantis, The Palm in Dubai are named after the Greek gods of the sea. Dimensions: 1,776 square feet Price:$8,167 per night, per person The Short Version: There is nothing understated about this magnificent hotel (or of Dubai, for that matter).

With floor-to-ceiling windows, visitors may enjoy panoramic views of The Ambassador Lagoon, a 3-million-gallon aquarium that is home to more than 65,000 aquatic species, including sharks and stingrays, among other creatures.

When Khloe Kardashian visited town for her stylist Jen Atkin’s beauty class last month, she chose to stay in this Instagram-worthy suite.

Take advantage of the Ultimate Dive package, which includes two visits into the tank.

ATLANTISCredit: Courtesy of AtlantisUnderwater Suites0715-3 The Palm Hotel and Resort is a luxury retreat in the heart of the Caribbean.

Dubai’s Underwater Hotel – Prices – Booking – Reviews – All You Need to Know

In Dubai, under the waves. Despite the fact that Dubai has two underwater hotel restaurants, only one hotel in the city offers underwater rooms, and that is the city’s second largest, the highly busy and very lively Atlantis The Palm Dubai, which is located on the city’s second largest island. In addition to its more than 1500 rooms, the resort offers a plethora of entertainment options for both adults and children, including a massive water park, an aquarium/underwater zoo, and one of the city’s two underwater restaurants, as previously noted.

Continue reading for more information on each of these wonderful hotels.

Atlantis The Palm Dubai:

This majestic 5-star hotel, which is possibly the most stunning in the UAE, towers over the world-famous Palm Jumeirah. A few of the many amenities available at the resort include a massive aquarium and “underwater zoo,” a multiple Michelin starred underwater restaurant, a Gordon Ramsey restaurant, tennis courts, bowling alleys, and the Middle East’s largest water park, to mention just a few.

The resort also offers a wide range of high-end accommodations, but its extraordinarily luxurious suites, which include, of course, two underwater suites, are where the true magic happens.

Atlantis The Palm Dubai Underwater Hotel Suites:

Three level homes with private elevators on the third floor, the Poseidon and Neptune are two similar suites of 165 square meters each. The Poseidon and Neptune are connected by a common hallway. From here, you may descend the spiral staircase to the main loungedining area (which also includes a fully equipped kitchen) with views of the lagoon, and then drop even deeper to the sleeping quarters, which are submerged deep beneath the surface of the water. In the bedroom and the gold-plated, en suite bathroom, glass walls dominate the space, and whether viewed from the bed or the marble bathtub, an astounding collection of sea life (including sharks, stingrays, and all kinds of exotic fish) floats smoothly by.

Private butler service is available 24 hours a day, and the suites include amenities such as complimentary massages and personal training services, free use of the ShuiQi Spa facilities, free access to the Imperial Club, the Lost Chambers Aquarium, and the Aquaventure Waterpark, a private cabana at the beach, pool, and waterpark, as well as complimentary airport transfers and more.

Check Dubai Underwater Hotel Suite Prices:

As you would have gathered from the name, the sea is the central focus of the establishment. An spectacular aquarium and underwater zoo are housed within the complex, which also includes a vast and entertaining water park – which is the largest in the Middle East – and an expansive private sand beach. In addition to a plethora of upmarket boutiques and Michelin-starred restaurants and bars, including Gordon Ramsey’s Bread Street Kitchen and Ossiano underwater restaurant, as well as a thriving nightlife, the hotel is home to the Emirates Palace.

Many of its suites are tremendously spectacular – just to give you an idea, have a look at the 924 square meter “Royal Bridge Suite” for example.

In addition to being a very vibrant hotel, it manages to find a balance between being a resort for families and a resort for those without children.

Evenings and weekends are for adults-only establishments such as bars and nightclubs such as Nasimi (which is extremely popular both day and night), where you’ll find a mix of hotel guests and well-heeled Dubai residents, and restaurants such as the glass-walled underwater restaurantbar Ossiano.

When parents want to get away from the kids throughout the day, they may visit the resort’s spa, where they can relax and unwind, and there are also adult-only eating options.

How Do I Get To Atlantis The Palm Dubai?

Atlantis Located on the outer crescent of the Palm Jumeirah, the Palm Dubai encompasses a significant portion of the city’s only man-made island, which faces the sea. The resort is only a little more than half an hour away from Dubai International Airport by car or taxi. It takes around 45 minutes to go by public transportation from the Red Metro Line to Dubai Marina, and then another 15 minutes to travel by one of the various trams that run between the marina and Palm Jumeirah. There is a short walk from there to the picturesque Palm Monorail, which will transport you to the resort in a matter of minutes.

Reviews of Atlantis The Palm:

The hotel is one of the most fascinating in Dubai, and you have to stay here for at least three nights to really appreciate it. There are a plethora of activities, restaurants, and bars within. The waterpark, aquarium, and beaches were all fantastic. The provided breakfast and supper restaurant were both excellent choices. ….” “Everything was fantastic; from the time you walk into the lobby, you feel as if you are in a whole different planet. The water park is quite entertaining; you could easily spend the entire day there.

Breakfast at Saffron is nearly overwhelming (in a good way), with all of the numerous options, all of which are of the greatest quality, ranging from healthy to decadent, including a chocolate fountain.

“Wonderful resort!.” See More Customer Reviews At, you may check availability and prices.

Dubai Underwater Hotel Restaurants:

The Al Mahara Restaurant is located within the Burj Al Arab Hotel. So there is just one hotel in Dubai that has underwater rooms, but if they are all full up, as they often are due to the popularity of Covid, you can still have a comparable experience by dining at one of the hotel’s underwater restaurants. Atlantis The Palm has two: Ossiano, which has already been discussed, and Al Mahara, which is located in Dubai’s Burj Al Arab Hotel, which is also opulent and luxurious to the extreme. However, it should be noted that the latter is not strictly underwater; rather, it is built around a gigantic aquarium, with which it shares floor to ceiling glass walls.

A very different experience is provided by Ossiano, which is far smaller and more intimate in size.

Their distinctive decor give them a leg up on rankings of Dubai’s greatest eating establishments, but they are also highly regarded restaurants in their own right, as seen by the two Michelin stars that they have each received.

Other Underwater Hotels Around the World:

Singapore and the Maldives

★★★★★ Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai, UAE

You qualify for a Genius discount at the Atlantis, The Palm! All that is required to save at this property is that you sign in. The 5-star Atlantis, which is located on Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah Island and has access to a private sandy beach, provides breathtaking views of the Arabian Gulf. An underwater aquarium and complimentary admission to the Aquaventure water park and the Lost Chambers Aquarium are available at this location. Guests have access to free WiFi throughout the whole resort. All of the rooms, which are influenced by Arabian and maritime décor, include a balcony with magnificent views.

  1. Rooms with spectacular big terraces with panoramic views of the palm or a spa bath in the center of the bathroom are available in several categories of accommodations at The Palm.
  2. The Nobu restaurant, which has won several awards, delivers contemporary Japanese cuisine with Arabian elements.
  3. Guests may take in the breathtaking views of The Palm and the Dubai skyline while tasting the flavors of genuine Lebanese cuisine and delectable drinks at the restaurant.
  4. There is a water playground accessible for the enjoyment of the younger guests.
  5. The Zone provides a safe space for adolescents to hang out, dance, and play the most recent video games.
  6. The ShuiQi Spa offers a variety of facial and body treatments to its guests.
  7. The resort is home to some of the world’s most prestigious high-end boutiques and stores, which cater to all of your vacation need.
  8. The Mall of the Emirates can be reached in 20 minutes by vehicle from Dubai International Airport.
  9. The Atlantis is a 25-minute drive from the world-famous Burj Khalifa and The Dubai Mall, which are both must-see attractions.
  10. Guests at Atlantis, The Palm have been booking through since June 2, 2009.

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9 Underwater Hotel Rooms With the Most Spectacular Views of the Ocean

Several hotels throughout the world are offering one-of-a-kind rooms that allow you to practically sleep among the fishes. Whether you’ve been hummingUnder the Sea or you’ve read Jules Verne’sTwenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, there’s something for everyone. These underwater hotels are the perfect hideaway if you have a favorite literature to read. Every few years, it seems as though plans for a new, big undersea resort will be unveiled. However, due to environmental issues as well as budgetary constraints, underwater construction is not a simple undertaking.

Don’t worry, there are a variety of alternatives available, ranging from simple and basic to lavish and luxurious.

Looking for a unique vacation hotel? Here are 9 underwater hotels with unbeatable undersea views.

The Underwater Suites at the Atlantis the Palm in Dubai are a lesson in luxury in its very own right. The gigantic floor-to-ceiling windows that provide a view of marine life from your bed are the cherry on top of an already spectacular package. The suites, which are named Poseidon and Neptune after the Greek gods of the sea, are spacious and come with butler service 24 hours a day. While the rooms aren’t actually submerged under water, their views of the 65,000 marine species in the Ambassador Lagoon aquarium give the impression that they are.

Resorts World Sentosa (Singapore)

The Ocean Suites at Resorts World Sentosa in Singapore are townhouses on two stories, created as part of the resort’s townhouse development. The suites, which are divided into two sections: land on the top level, which contains the living space, and sea, which contains the underwater sleeping chambers, provide the best of both worlds. While you take in the view of the world’s largest aquarium, your own butler will care to your every need.

Manta Resort (Tanzania)

The Manta Resort, which is located off the coast of Pemba Island in the Zanzibar archipelago, is the epitome of tropical luxury. The sunken guestrooms of the floating hotel provide a unique viewpoint on what lies below, with stunning views of the Indian Ocean and African coastline from above and a unique perspective on what is below. Relaxing in the water has never been easier than it is now, thanks to the fact that each accommodation is approximately 13 feet below sea level.

Hilton’s Conrad Rangali Island Resort (Maldives)

Recently, the Rangali Island Resort launched what they are calling the “world’s first underwater villa,” which was completed in late 2018. The Muraka can accommodate up to nine guests and is decorated with luxurious touches to make your stay in the Maldives even more memorable. There are two levels to the facility, with the lowest level dug 16 feet below sea level and housing a master suite, a bathroom, and a living area. Located on the second floor, a gym, butler’s quarters, security quarters, a second living room, kitchen, bar, and terrace give all of the rest and relaxation your group will want for an amazing holiday.

Reefsuites (Queensland, Australia)

Reefsuites is the first underwater lodging on the Great Barrier Reef, and it is located in Australia. It is located 40 nautical miles off the coast of Airlie Beach, in the state of Queensland, and it caters to day trippers who want to see the Hardy Reef in its entirety. While there are spaces available on the pontoon, only a select few will have the opportunity to drop underwater for the evening.

There are two underwater chambers available, which allow visitors to wake up with a glimpse of the aquatic life in their surroundings. The stay package includes a gorgeous sail to get to the pontoon, as well as chances for snorkeling and a semi-submarine tour, all of which are included.

Utter Inn (Vasteras, Sweden)

Do you want to sleep underwater but can’t afford the high cost of doing so? This charming underwater cottage in Sweden could just be the solution you’ve been looking for. This floating house was constructed by a local artist, and while it seems like a conventional Swedish house floating on water, it really has a little bedroom that is submerged approximately 10 feet below the surface of the water. With no frills or fuss, it’s a wonderful weekend vacation option for around $250 per night.

Jules’ Undersea Lodge (Key Largo, Florida)

Another, somewhat more affordable choice is named after Jules Verne, who was a big fan of science fiction. A little distance off the coast of Florida lies Jules’ Undersea Lodge, which claims to be the world’s oldest underwater hotel. This old research institution is ideal for adventurous tourists who don’t mind doing a 21-foot scuba dive into the main foyer to get to their destination. Once inside, the tiny chambers are ideal for couples, and you can even order in a chef who will scuba dive down to prepare meals for you and your partner.

Bambu Indah Hotel (Bali, Indonesia)

While theBambu Indah Hotelin Bali is not underwater, the view from itsUdang Houseis so breathtaking that we couldn’t leave it out of our list. With fantastic views into the shrimp pond that was created on top of the home, you could spend hours in bed reclining and watching the marine life go about their business. Unfortunately, the hotel is now closed as a result of COVID-19 travel restrictions, but we are hopeful that it will reopen in the not too distant future.

InterContinental Shimao Wonderland (Shanghai, China)

After more than a decade of building, the InterContinental Shimao Wonderland, located near to Shanghai, officially opened its doors to the public in late 2018. The contemporary, premium rooms were carved into the slope of a quarry by the architects Atkins Design. It has 370 rooms on two levels, one of which is underwater and has a restaurant and guest rooms. Guests are invited to participate in water activities in the hotel’s huge sports facility, which has an artificial waterfall on site.

All images via the respective hotels.

The world’s deepest pool includes an underwater tunnel as well as hotel accommodations. The opening of Europe’s first underwater restaurant, located beneath the Norwegian Sea, a 770-room luxury hotel designed by Zaha Hadid Architects in Macau, and the transformation of ancient dwellings into luxurious vacation retreats

Underwater Hotel Dubai, Dubai: How To Reach, Best Time & Tips

It has an underwater tunnel as well as hotel rooms, making it the world’s deepest pool in the world. The opening of Europe’s first underwater restaurant, located beneath the Norwegian Sea, a 770-room luxury hotel designed by Zaha Hadid Architects in Macau. Cave Hotels, which transform ancient dwellings into luxurious vacation destinations.

Interesting Facts about Underwater Hotel in Dubai

A few fascinating facts about Dubai’s Underwater Hotel are listed below, in no particular order: – The underwater hotel in Dubai has the distinction of being the world’s first hotel to be completely immersed in water. It features a whole floor that is submerged in water. – Hauser is the designer of the underwater hotel in Dubai, and he has skillfully blended his interest with water and the sea into the architecture of the facility. – The visitors arriving at this hotel will be greeted at the land station and then transported to the hotel by a soundless train that will travel along the hanging wires.

– This building project is also the largest in the world, as evidenced by its size.

– It is owned by His Highness General Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Crown Prince of Dubai, who has built an underwater hotel in Dubai.

– When a terrorist assault on the hotel occurs, the hotel is equipped with its own missile-attacking system, which is activated to defend both the guests and the crew members.

One of the world’s most luxurious hotels, the underwater hotel in Dubai, is regarded to be one of the most luxurious in the world. Tourists yearn to spend time at this hotel and enjoy its exquisite facilities.

Other Essential Information about Underwater Hotel in Dubai:

The Underwater Hotel in Dubai is located on the world-famous and renowned Palm Jumeirah Island, which is surrounded by the Arabian Gulf. You can get to The Lost Chambers Aquarium in three minutes on foot. Hours of Operation: Guests may check-in to the Underwater Hotel of Dubai at any time of day, seven days a week. A one night stay in one of the opulent underwater apartments or villas starts at $314 and may cost up to $25000.

Tips for Visiting Underwater Hotel in Dubai:

Listed below are some suggestions for things to bear in mind when visiting the underwater hotel located in Dubai: On arrival at the land station, you will be taken by elevator to the subterranean hotel, where you will check in. – The pressure within the subterranean hotel is the same as the pressure in the surrounding atmosphere on the surface of the earth. – You will never feel uncomfortable while staying in the suites.- The subterranean hotels are a fantastic way to get a taste of the underground world while staying in one.

– You will have plenty of opportunities to capture a variety of sea species, so be sure to bring your wide-angle cameras with you.

6 Unbelievable Underwater Hotels to Stay At

You might be resting in bed with fish swimming about your head, eating in the company of manta rays, or bathing with sharks if you had the chance to do so. The new phenomenon of underwater hotels provides visitors with a fascinating and one-of-a-kind experience that they will never forget. From the reasonably priced to the exceedingly pricey, we’ll take a look at rooms that offer a really unforgettable hotel experience that can only be had once in a lifetime.

1. Utter Inn Hotel, Vasteras, Sweden

According to the surface of the water, theUtter Inn Hotel looks to be a modest, characteristically Swedish cottage floating on the surface of the water. However, this appealing façade conceals more than it appears, since underneath it is a straightforward chamber with panoramic underwater views. This small floating yacht, built by the local artist Mikael Genberg, is intended to be more of an art experience than a luxury hotel. Downstairs, there is only enough space for two twin beds and a table.

Guests are taken by boat to the hotel, which is located one kilometer offshore, and are then left alone for the duration of their stay.

Your days may be spent lounging on the deck and watching the sunset, swimming in the pristine seas, or paddling to a neighboring island in your inflatable dinghy.

2. Jules’ Undersea Lodge, Key Largo, Florida

With a name that pays homage to Jules Verne, the author of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Jules’ Undersea Lodge offers a unique experience for the more adventurous travel companion. To access to their accommodations, which are located on the ocean floor 9 metres below the surface of Emerald Lagoon, guests must scuba dive for them. The lodge, which began life as an underwater research laboratory, has been transformed into a luxurious two-bedroom getaway with plenty of creature amenities. The hotel provides amenities such as hot showers, a fully supplied kitchen and movies, yet no movie can compare to the sensation of laying in bed and watching the curious tropical fish approach the windows.

Breakfast, beverages, and snacks are supplied, and pizza dinners are brought directly to the room upon request. Those who have never dived before shouldn’t be concerned because the hotel also provides scuba diving training. Cost: Approximately $1000 per pair for a one-night stay.

3. Manta Resort, Pemba Island, Zanzibar

The stunning Underwater Room at the Manta Resort, which entices visitors with promises of “serenity” and “close interactions with nature,” is one of the most remarkable hotel experiences on the planet, and it is one of the most expensive. This is not a luxury resort, but rather an opportunity to get away to clean, turquoise seas next to a coral reef for a few days. The Underwater Room is really a three-level floating island in the crystal blue waters of the reef, which guests may access only by boat.

For sunbathing and stargazing in the evening, climb the ladder to the upper deck of the house.

When the sun goes down, the underwater spotlights beneath each window draw in some of the more odd and shy aquatic critters, like squid, octopus, and Spanish dancers that come to visit and even attach themselves to the glass panes.

Kayaks, snorkeling equipment, and fins are given for daytime expeditions.

4. Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai

Atlantis is a magnificent resort in Dubai, constructed on The Palm, a man-made island in the Persian Gulf. The Ambassador Lagoon, the resort’s aquarium, which is home to more than 65,000 aquatic animals, is visible from two unique underwater suites in this 5-star luxury hotel, elevating the experience to a new level. The ethereal Poseidon and Neptune suites, with floor-to-ceiling windows in the bedrooms, living area, and bathrooms, provide breathtaking underwater views of the ocean. The fish appear to be as interested in you as you are in them, and you may sleep, eat, and bathe with the fish at this location.

Of course, visitors have access to a private butler, complimentary massages, and spa facilities as part of their experience.

Cost:Approximately $5000 per pair each night

5. Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji

Built on The Palm, a man-made island off the coast of Dubai, Atlantis is a spectacular resort. The Ambassador Lagoon, the resort’s aquarium, which is home to more than 65,000 aquatic animals, is visible from two unique underwater suites in this 5-star luxury hotel, elevating the experience to a higher level. From their floor-to-ceiling windows in the bedrooms, living area, and bathrooms, the Poseidon and Neptune suites provide breathtaking views of the sea. The fish appear to be as interested in you as you are in them, and you may sleep, eat, and wash with the fish in this place.

Of course, visitors get access to a private butler, complimentary massages, and spa facilities as part of their package.

To go outside of your underwater castle, simply request that your butler arrange a swim with the dolphins, or, if you’re feeling very daring, sign up for the Predator Dive, which allows you to hand-feed up to 14 different kinds of sharks and ray. A night’s stay will cost you around $5000 per couple.

6. Lovers Deep, St. Lucia

More of a luxury submarine than a hotel, Lovers Deep pushes the boundaries of what is possible in terms of underwater hospitality. In addition to selecting the inside and exterior of their submarine, guests may also select the location where their hotel will be docked, which can be anywhere from a magnificent coral reef off the coast of St. Lucia to a sunken warship in the Red Sea, among other options. Sound-proof rooms, double showers, piped Barry White, and an aphrodisiac cuisine with oysters and “fondant of chocolate with an aroma of pomegranate” are just a few of the features that will put you in the mood for a night under the sea.

It goes without saying that such an incredible event comes at an equally astounding cost.

Atlantis, The Palm Review: What To REALLY Expect If You Stay

With its large water park and extensive aquarium, the Atlantis, the Palm is one of Dubai’s most family-friendly hotels, ranking among the best in the world. This premium hotel is particularly well-known among the residents for its 23 restaurants and bars, which include celebrity-chef hot spots such as Nobu, as well as a nightclub, high-end boutiques, and a lavish spa and wellness center. Rooms, ranging from Deluxe Rooms to the one-of-a-kind Underwater Suite, are big and comfortable, with wide bathrooms and views of the Palm Jumeirah or the sea, among other amenities.

The position of the Palm Jumeirah Island brings attractions such as the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall within a 25-minute drive of the hotel.

More information may be found here.


It is important to note that this hotel is primarily a premium resort. You can sense the grandeur as soon as you walk into the hotel’s foyer, where the huge salmon-hued structure gives way to a towering Dale Chihuly glass sculpture, an eye-catching fountain, and nautically themed columns. There are lots of luxury resorts in Dubai that appeal to party-loving adults (which this resort does as well), but things are a little different here, and children are spoilt for choice when it comes to activities.

  • Although the property’s design aspects are inspired by the story of Atlantis, it does not feel as aggressively marketed as some of the other high-profile resorts such as Las Vegas or Disney World.
  • Yet the atmosphere is lighthearted, and you’ll frequently see youngsters in swimming suits roaming about the grounds of the resort.
  • The latter provides direct access to the water park, aquarium, the bulk of the restaurants, the Avenue retail area, and the children’s club, among other amenities.
  • In the evening, anticipate some of the restaurants to have a clubby ambiance that will attract both adult tourists and locals who are wanting to have a good time.
  • The general public, on the other hand, is not permitted to visit the main hotel grounds.

If you’re seeking for ultimate peace and quiet, the spa will be the most relaxing and rejuvenating adult-only retreat you can find. More information may be found here. Scene


A man-made island fashioned like a palm tree, the Palm Jumeirah is home to the hotel, which is positioned at the extreme point of the island. It is divided between luxury resorts and apartment complexes, and there are few additional attractions in the immediate vicinity. As of 2018, the island is still currently under development, albeit the Atlantis is located in an isolated enough location that you will not be disturbed by this. If you do decide to leave the property to see attractions such as the Burj Khalifa, the hotel is located roughly 15 kilometers southwest of Downtown Dubai and the airport (an approximately 25- and 30-minute drive, respectively).

In order to avoid this, it’s advisable to drive yourself, take a cab, or call an Uber.

The Miracle Gardens and Dubai Zoo, as well as the souks of Al Ras, are also less than a half-hour away by vehicle from the hotel.



There is a vast variety of accommodation types available, ranging from the entry-level Deluxe Guest Room to the Royal Bridge Suite and everything in between. As of our visit in 2018, the hotel was in the midst of a multi-year refurbishment that would bring the design of all of the guest rooms up to date. During our stay, we were not bothered by any noise or inconveniences caused by the renovations. Oceanic design motifs, such as coral-patterned throw cushions and seashell-inspired artwork on the walls, are featured in the older rooms, which are painted in pastel salmon and teal colours.

  • The outcome is a space that is sleeker and less beachy than the previous ones.
  • Minibars, electric kettles, and cable or satellite TVs are standard amenities in all hotel categories, with deluxe rooms offering additional amenities like as in-room iPads as an option.
  • Guests may also enjoy full or partial views of the Palm Jumeirah or the Arabian Sea from their own balconies, which are equipped with separate soaking tubs and showers in each room.
  • Families vacationing together will benefit from the fact that around 90 percent of the rooms here are interconnected.
  • Avail of the Imperial Club Lounges, which are jam-packed with freebies and benefits, which are listed further down in this section of the website.
  • There is an aquarium in the middle of this stunning triplex, which also has a living, kitchenette, and bedroom windows that go from floor to ceiling.

In addition to being substantially more costly than the other guest rooms, these suites represent some of Dubai’s most luxurious “go big or go home” experiences available. More information may be found here. Rooms


In addition to being divided into East and West Towers, the Atlantis has a slew of amenities that distinguish it as a destination in its own right. You should keep in mind that there is a distinct difference in the atmosphere between the two buildings, with the West Tower being slightly quieter than the East Tower. The ShuiQi Spa is located in the West Tower, and it features private treatment rooms, a whirlpool, as well as steam rooms and saunas. There are also separate men’s and women’s salons, as well as a fitness facility equipped with current equipment and offering workout courses.

  • A yoga session for all levels is also available at the aquarium’s East Wing, which is located on the second floor.
  • Also positioned outside the West Tower is a zero-entry pool that is suitable for children.
  • There are sports courts, a children’s playground, and the Nasimi Beach restaurant in the immediate surrounding area.
  • Despite the fact that children are permitted there, the mood is much more relaxed than at the zero-entry pool.
  • However, you will have to pay an additional fee if you are not a member of the Imperial Club.
  • (so check ahead with the resort if this is a concern).
  • Nobu Matsuhisa’s Nobu, Gordon Ramsey’s Bread Street KitchenBar, and Giorigo Locatelli’s Ronda Locatelli are just a few of the restaurants on the list.

There are no all-inclusive prices available at this time.

Room service may be requested with an app at any time of day or night.

The Club Lounges are located on the ground floor of the hotel.

It is, however, a substantially more expensive update.

and Porsche Design, among others.

There are 14 meeting and event facilities available, including ballrooms, and event planning and wedding services are provided on-site as well. While Wi-Fi is available, it is only available for free with direct reservations. More information may be found here. Features


The Atlantis, which is divided into East and West Towers, boasts a slew of amenities that distinguish it as a stand-alone destination. Take note that the atmosphere in the two towers differs, with the West Tower being a little more relaxed than the East Tower. The ShuiQi Spa, located in the West Tower, offers private treatment rooms, a whirlpool, as well as steam rooms and saunas, among other facilities. There are also separate men’s and women’s salons, as well as a fitness facility with cutting-edge equipment and exercise programs.

  • Also available at the aquarium’s East Wing is a yoga session for all skill levels.
  • It is an additional expense.
  • Family-friendly, this neighborhood might be noisy and boisterous at times due to the high concentration of families with children in the region.
  • A short distance away from the lobby, the Royal Pool is the hotel’s main attraction.
  • In addition to a wide range of activities and games for children and teenagers, an Imperial Club kids’ club is available, albeit you will be required to pay an additional fee if you are not a member of the Imperial Club.
  • While the Atlantis includes 23 restaurants and bars, a majority of them are located in the East Tower, including all three of the celebrity chef-helmed establishments mentioned above.
  • Along with this, you’ll discover the subaquatic restaurant and nightclub Ossiano, which has a Vegas feel to it.

Buffets, Middle Eastern, and Asian cuisines are among the other eating choices available.

Residents of Imperial Club level rooms have access to the Club Lounges, which include complimentary breakfast, afternoon tea, and a free cocktail hour with alcoholic beverages and canapés.

As a result, while the larger restaurants might become packed and have lengthy lines, the lounges remain tranquil and relaxed.

Luxury retailers like as TiffanyCo.

Off-site trips, such as boat cruises and helicopter tours, may be arranged through the concierge and will depart from the hotel.

There are 14 meeting and event venues available, including ballrooms, and event planning and wedding services are also accessible on-site at this hotel. WiFi is available, but only with direct bookings; otherwise, it is charged at a rate of $0. Obtain Additional Information Features


The Royal Beach, which faces the lagoon of the Palm Jumeirah Island, is roughly a two- to five-minute walk from both towers of the hotel and is accessible by foot. It’s best suited for families, albeit none of the beaches here are very tropical in nature (they are, after all, man-made). Nasimi Beach Club is a 21-and-over beach area with a bar that conducts events throughout the day and night for those seeking an adult-only option. Those gatherings may often last until the wee hours of the morning, and if you want to use a lounger during the day, you’ll have to pay a food and beverage minimum.

It is possible to access the water park’s beach from the hotel as well as from other tourists who have paid to enter the park.

More information may be found here.

9 Awesome Underwater Hotels Around the World

Although our research is editorially independent, we may receive a commission if you make a purchase after clicking on one of our links. When you stay at one of these incredible underwater hotels, you will be able to see the wonders of the world that lies beneath the surface of the water. These one-of-a-kind hotels provide a unique perspective on marine life, with everything from underwater rooms, clubs, and spas to one-of-a-kind restaurants on the menu. See what lies beneath the surface of the water at one of the world’s best underwater hotels.


Keep an eye out for our newsletters in your mailbox in the near future. The Manta Resort is a tropical paradise.

The Manta Resort

A range of luxurious rooms are available at this romantic resort in Zanzibar, providing tourists with a place to unwind while exploring this lovely island haven. The Manta Resort, on the other hand, is most renowned for its underwater room, which is located 13 feet below the surface and has three levels. Private property that can only be reached by boat, this private accommodation features a top deck that is ideal for sunbathing, while the lower level is fully immersed in water. Because this underwater hotel room provides 360-degree underwater views, you can actually experience undersea life while staying here.

Atlantis The Palm, Dubai

Atlantis The Palm in Dubai is located on the distinctive palm-shaped island, which is a man-made edifice that was created artificially. Despite the fact that no accommodation in this premium hotel will disappoint, the two underwater suites on the premises are absolutely exceptional. These underwater apartments, which include floor-to-ceiling glass, provide spectacular views of the 65,000 marine species who reside among the remains of the “lost city of Atlantis.” If the views aren’t enough to entice you, the service will, since each suite is equipped with a personal butler.

Conrad Maldives is a luxury resort in the Maldives. Rangali Island is a small island off the coast of India.

Conrad Rangali Island

Atlantis The Palm in Dubai is located on the renowned palm-shaped island, which is a man-made building that was created by the Dubai World Trade Center. This premium hotel offers a variety of rooms that are all spectacular. The underwater suites, however, are absolutely extraordinary. These underwater apartments, which have floor-to-ceiling windows, provide spectacular views of the 65,000 marine species who live among the remains of the “lost city of Atlantis,” as well as the surrounding landscape.

Conrad Maldives is a luxury resort located in the Maldives Islands.

Resorts World Sentosa

This theme park and aquarium complex, located on the island of Sentosa in Singapore, is one of the world’s largest aquarium complexes. If you want to have an underwater experience, you may hire a two-story home near the aquarium’s perimeter. These apartments have an upstairs entrance that leads to a terrace above the water’s surface, while the bottom level has views of the ocean. The InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland is a luxury hotel in Shanghai, China.

InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland

With two underground levels, this luxury resort located 30 miles outside of Shanghai, China, is an unusual lodging. It was built within an abandoned quarry. The Shimao Wonderland Intercontinental, which opened its doors in 2018, offers breathtaking views of the surrounding natural surroundings. You may still enjoy an underwater experience even if you are unable to reserve one of the underwater suites here, Mr. Fisher, since there is a restaurant here that is located one level below the surface of the sea.

Huvafen Fushi Maldives

Huvafen Fushi Maldives is another underwater Maldives hotel that you could choose for your next holiday in the country. Its onsite spa, Huvafen SpaPEARL, does not feature underwater rooms, but it does offer underwater treatment rooms, which are available to guests. When you are surrounded by the calming colors and sounds of the ocean, enjoying a massage is one of the most relaxing experiences you can have. Additionally, guests here may take use of a private white sand beach, infinity pool, and top snorkeling areas in addition to the underwater spa.

Niyama Maldives

At Niyama Maldives, you may visit the world’s first underwater club. In this Maldives resort, Subsix is located 20 feet below the surface of the ocean and is a great place to snorkel or dive. You are not required to be a night owl in order to appreciate our underground club. Weddings and private parties can be held in the club upon request. Subsix, on the other hand, is also available to the general public for breakfast, lunch, and supper. In this magnificent location on the Indian Ocean, many people like ending their evenings by dancing under the stars in the ocean.

Utter Inn

This tiny underwater hotel may be located in the Swedish archipelago. The Utter Inn is not technically a luxurious resort in the same vein as the other properties on this list; yet, this underwater lake hotel provides a very unique experience for anyone traveling to Stockholm. Accessible only by boat, visitors may enjoy sunbathing on the wooden terrace above the water’s surface while relaxing in the rooms, which include views of the ocean below.

In terms of price, this underwater hotel is one of the more economical alternatives available on this list of aquatic accommodations. Jules’ Undersea Lodge (also known as Jules’ Undersea Lodge)

Jules Undersea Lodge

This underwater hotel in Key Largo has a one-of-a-kind requirement to stay there: you must scuba dive down 21 feet to reach this underwater dwelling from the surface. For those who aren’t experienced divers, prepare to spend a couple of hours in a diving training before you may descend to your night’s destination below the surface. This is the only hotel on this list that is totally submerged, as Jules Undersea Lodge is the only one. The lodge, on the other hand, provides all of the amenities of home, including a full kitchen, hot baths, and entertainment options such as music, movies, and literature.

How Much Is A Room In Dubai Underwater Hotel? – Hotels & Discounts

The Neptune Suite at Atlantis, The Palm is available for $8,167 per night for a one-night stay. If you want to spend hundreds of dollars on a hotel room, it is advisable to book one of these extravagant suites, which offer undersea vistas and gold-infused bath items as part of the package.

How Much Does It Cost To Stay At The Underwater Hotel?

Even though the resort has not yet established exactly what will be included in the pricing of the package, visitors will have the opportunity to stay in the suite as part of the package. “Muraka” is a two-story hotel suite that is submerged beneath the ocean.

Which Hotel In Dubai Has Underwater Rooms?

A lesson in luxury, the Underwater Suites at Atlantis the Palm in Dubai are a must-see. Because of the enormous floor-to-ceiling windows, you can see a variety of marine life just outside your bedroom window.

How Many Underwater Hotels Are In Dubai?

Dubai has a hotel that is submerged under water. However, despite the fact that Dubai boasts two underwater hotels, only one of them includes under water rooms, and that is the city’s second largest, the extremely busy and highly active Atlantis. The Palm Dubai is a resort on the Arabian Gulf.

How Much Does An Underwater Room Cost In Dubai?

The Neptune Suite at Atlantis, The Palm is available for $8,167 per night for a one-night stay.

How Much Does An Underwater Room Cost?

There is, however, a snag in the plan. Because of its flourishing tourist business, the Maldives has finally established the world’s first underwater hotel in the Indian Ocean, which is conveniently positioned near the country’s capital. In order to stay at the hotel, you would have to pay Rs 36 lakh every night. There is one snag, however: you cannot reserve a spot in advance.

How Much Does It Cost To Stay In The Underwater Hotel In Key Largo?

It costs $675 per person for a night’s stay at Jules’ Undersea Lodge, and it costs $150 per person for a three-hour stay at the lodge.

Is There An Under Water Hotel?

It is the greatest diving location in the world to be found at Jules’ Undersea Lodge in the United States. Key Largo Hotel is located in Florida’s Key Largo and is home to the world’s first dive-in, totally submerged underwater hotel rooms, where visitors must scuba dive in order to fall asleep at night.

Is There Any Underwater Hotel In Dubai?

The Ambassador Lagoon at Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai is home to more than 65,000 aquatic species, and the underwater suites at Atlantis, The Palm provide a spectacular view of the lagoon through floor-to-ceiling windows.

What Hotel Has Six Rooms Underwater?

Shanghai Wonderland is a theme park in China.

The six underwater rooms and underwater public areas, which include an underwater pool, are all equipped with gigantic, custom-built saltwater aquarium tanks that allow panoramic views of the ocean and surrounding islands.

Watch how much is a room in dubai underwater hotel Video

By reading my writings, you will no longer have any justifications for staying at home.

Underwater Suite at Atlantis The Palm Dubai

The Underwater Suite atAtlantis, The Palm Dubaiis a one-of-a-kind refuge that offers a haven of serenity and quiet. The suite’s floor-to-ceiling windows overlook the resort’s 65,000-gallon marine animal aquarium, allowing visitors to take in the aquatic life of the Ambassador Lagoon from the comfort of their own private space. Continue reading below the photograph of the Underwater Suite. No matter if you like to lie in bed and watch the sharks swim by, or relax in the marble Jacuzzi as the sting rays and fish glide by, this suite is perfect for couples looking for a one-of-a-kind getaway.

More information on Atlantis, The Palm may be found below the photo of the bathroom in the Underwater Suite.

The landmark complex, which is located on Dubai’s Palm Island, features 1548 rooms and suites, an Atlantis Aquaventure waterpark, more than 23 world-class restaurants and bars, an aquarium, and a spa, among other amenities.

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Real review of The Neptune Suite at Atlantis Hotel in Dubai (Underwater Hotel Suite)

Put another way, the undersea Neptune Suite at the Atlantis Hotel is just breathtaking. It’s one of the nicest and most gorgeous underwater hotel rooms on the planet, and it’s an incredible experience to be able to stop there. If you’re unfamiliar with the Atlantis Hotel in Dubai, it’s a very spectacular establishment. It’s a luxury hotel with a plethora of facilities and incredible features, and it’s conveniently located at the end of the Dubai Palm, with easy access to the rest of the city via the monorail.

All about the Neptune Suite

The Neptune Suites are the name of the underwater hotel suite of The Atlantis Hotel in Dubai, which is located in the Persian Gulf. The Neptune Suites are among the most luxurious accommodations available anywhere in the world, and they did not disappoint. In reality, the polar opposite is true! It exceeded all expectations (and went above and above! ). The Neptune Suite is a magnificent, once-in-a-lifetime hotel suite that is just stunning. When I write this blog post, I’m going to use GIFs from the Little Mermaid to show the many emotional states you go through when you’re stuck in this hotel room.

Mermaids, on the other hand, are mythical creatures.

I’ll make good on my commitment.

Let’s get this party started.

After that, when you arrive at the hotel, you will be shown to your suite.

From the outside, it appears to be just like any other ordinary room.

It’s very great.

At the top of a marble staircase, the adventure begins.

The level of attention to detail is exceptional.

A large, light and expansive living space is located on the second (or “upper”) floor of the suite.

It looks like something out of a James Bond flick – a hidden espionage hideaway or something.

However, as soon as you descend the hidden elevator to the most interesting area of the apartment, you will discover that the whole vista is underwater.

My initial response when I initially walked into the suite was as follows.

Is this thing on!?

Room one is the bedroom (which includes a desk space as well as seats close to the window).

That’s where you’ll be spending the most of your time.

Located in the center of the room, the bed is a four-poster bed with a view of the lovely undersea scenery out the window.

When you get into the bed, this is how you’ll respond.

However, what I really mean is a’magical underwater spa of gold,’ as opposed to a bathroom.

Throughout the bathroom, every fixture and fitting has been gold-plated, and everything has been completed to the highest level of precision and beauty possible.

a massive bathtub.

You’ll see a ray glide by you one second, and then a shark the very next.

I also shot a photo with the lights turned off, because that’s when the chamber is at its most gorgeous (at least in my opinion), and all of the emphasis is focused on the underwater view.

The view from this underwater hotel suite in Dubai, as well as the unusual feeling of being underwater, are the main attractions.

Those windows, with all of the fish, and the sharks, and the stingrays – it’s really stunning.

And, despite the fact that the fish are behind glass, you’ll have the impression that they are following you around the room.

If you’re blow drying your hair or shaving your legs, where else are you going to obtain photo chances like the ones below?

As a result of your smug and contented feeling while staying in this hotel room, you may find yourself roaming about the hotel in a sort of fantasy.

You’ll start wishing you could see those stingrays through the curtains when you get back to your normal house with your usual views when you get back to your normal house. Because when your view isn’t underwater, it’s just not as spectacular as it could be.

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