When Is A Good Time To Go To Dubai? (Perfect answer)

The best time to visit Dubai is from November to March – during these months, you can bask in the warmth of the United Arab Emirates’ desert-like climate and avoid the peak of the heat.

The best time to visit Dubai

  • The best time to visit Dubai is from November to March. Weather-wise, Dubai really only experiences two seasons: hot and hotter. During the winter months, the city sees blue skies and primo beach weather. However, this is also peak tourist season, so expect plenty of company on Jumeirah Beach.

What is the best month to visit Dubai?

The best time to visit Dubai is in September and April, when it’s sunny but not too hot. While much of the Northern Hemisphere is wrapped up for winter during this period, the city continues to offer bright skies and balmy temperatures. Temperatures soar from May to August, so hotel prices drop and crowds disperse.

When should you not visit Dubai?

Dubai’s climate continues with extreme heat and humidity in August, with averages of between 29⁰C to 41⁰C and sea temperatures hovering around 33⁰C. We recommend avoiding travelling to Dubai in August unless you can handle the heat or don’t mind keeping cool indoors.

What is the cheapest time to visit Dubai?

Top tips for finding cheap flights to Dubai High season is considered to be January, November and December. The cheapest month to fly to Dubai is April.

What is the hottest month in Dubai?

The hottest month is August with the average high temperature exceeding 43 °C (109 °F). January is the coolest month with the highs of about 24 °C (75 °F) and lows of about 16 °C (61 °F).

How many days is enough for Dubai?

If interested in planning a Dubai itinerary, then a stay of about 5 days is the best amount of time to squeeze all of the tourism juices out of this illustrious middle eastern gem. From luxury to style to architecture—it boasts of the tallest building in the whole world: the Burj Khalifa.

Is Dubai expensive to visit?

In general, prices in Dubai are comparable to other major cities in the world. Accommodation and tours can be quite expensive, but there is so much choice that you can make it more budget-friendly if you wish. Restaurant prices are comparable to those in Western European cities.

Can you chew gum in Dubai?

Can you chew gum in Dubai? Therefore, as a part of enhancing its contribution in maintaining the public cleanliness and aesthetic appearance of the emirate, chewing gum is not permitted in public places, including the Dubai Metro or the platform, or Dubai buses, and you can be fined if caught.

Is Dubai too hot in May?

Dubai weather May Dubai is on the Persian Gulf Coast in the United Arab Emirates, meaning the city has a hot desert climate with high temperatures all year round. You’ll find that things are really hot in May, and there’s virtually no rain but it’s still a bit cooler than the summer’s peak.

Is Dubai on the red list?

Travel to Dubai has been off limits for most of 2021 as the United Arab Emirates was added to the red list back in January to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Can you wear shorts in Dubai?

What should tourists wear in Dubai? When visiting Dubai as a tourist, you will be glad to know that the dress code in tourist places and hotels isn’t very strict. Men can wear shorts, pants, shirts, or t-shirts. Women can wear dresses, skirts, shorts, and t-shirts, blouses, tops…

Is it safe to travel in Dubai alone?

Dubai is definitely safe for solo travellers, however, it’s not always the most social place. You may find yourself going to a lot of effort to try to make friends or even just get chatting to somebody.

What is the best airline to fly to Dubai?

Overall, Emirates and British Airways ranked top for the best airlines to fly to Dubai.

Why is the sky not blue in Dubai?

The sky over Dubai is deep blue all year round due to generally low amount of water vapour and water droplets in the air. The sun light passes through a thicker layer of air so the blue is scattered more.

Is Dubai good in May?

Is it good to visit Dubai in May? If warm weather and low crowds sound appealing then absolutely, May is a great time to be in Dubai. The daytime temperatures are hot (averaging 37.8°C/100°F) but if you avoid heading into the sun at the peak of the day it’s still manageable for heat-lovers.

Best Time To Visit Dubai in 2020-21

Dubai attracts travelers like a magnet because of its abundance of glamor and glamour. Visit Dubai during the winter months, which run from November to April, and you’ll have the finest experience. There are a wealth of activities, adventures, and experiences to choose from, as well as a general sense of amusement offered by the malls, the Burj Khalifa, and the cutting-edge venues. The Dubai Shopping Festival, which takes place in January and February and brings the city to life, attracts a large number of visitors throughout these months.

Close your eyes for a moment.

Stunning skyscrapers pierce the clear blue sky, gleaming structures reflect the sunlight, silky smooth roads wind their way around the towers, and lights flare everywhere, transforming the city into a virtual rainbow of hues.

Yes, Dubai can be described in a few words and be readily recognized.

That is exactly what we are here for.

So, are you ready to begin?

Peak Season is from November through March.

Travel Seasons Min/Max Temperature Weather
June to August 33 – 42°C Summer – Hot
September to October 25 – 38°C Transition months
November to March 17 – 30°C Winter – Pleasant, with a hint of rain
April to May 26 – 38°C Transition months

Dubai has primarily two seasons – Summer and Winter – with a few transitional months in between each of these.

Dubai in Summer (June – August)

When it comes to temperatures, throughout the summer months, the air temperature swings between 33°C and 42°C. Weather: During the warmer months, the sun shines brightly on Dubai. For 12 hours each day, the city is engulfed in a torrent of shimmering heat wave after wave. Temperatures can soar to the low forties, and on rare occasions, they can even reach the fifties or more. During these months, the humidity and heat levels continue to rise dramatically. Sandstorms rage through the city, making it impossible to move about.

  • Despite this, the city does not completely close its doors during this time of year.
  • This festival celebrates everything from cuisine to art to the natural world.
  • Hotels provide excellent value for money on both meals and lodging.
  • Retail therapy is a great way to spend your summer day, and shopping centers are the greatest location to do so in the heat.
  • Tips: Keeping hydrated is essential at this time of year.

Dress in light clothing and have an antiperspirant on you at all times. Above all, try to keep all of your trip activities within the confines of your hotel room. The only exception to this would be a desert safari, but make sure to check the weather forecast before making your reservation.

Dubai in Winter (November-March)

When it comes to temperatures, throughout the winter season, the air temperature swings between 17°C and 30°C. Weather– The arrival of the colder months of the year brings much-needed reprieve to the metropolis. In November, the temperature dips to a pleasant 25 degrees Celsius. As the months of November and December progress, the temperature continues to drop into the early twenties, and the evenings get increasingly chilly. In January, the sun does manage to poke its head out of the clouds, but the humidity remains low and the temperature can dip as low as 15°C.

  1. Mild rains and isolated thunderstorms are also common at this time of year, lasting around 3-4 days and posing little threat to your daily activities or any events you may have scheduled.
  2. The importance of this season’s events is that Dubai is bursting at the seams with them.
  3. In Dubai, the 2nd of December is a day of celebration and commemoration as it honors the 50th anniversary of the United Arab Emirates’ independence from Britain.
  4. The Dubai Rugby Seasons, which begin this month, will feature 16 international rugby teams compete against one another.
  5. This is followed by the spectacular Dubai Shopping Festival, which is a shopper’s dream come true.
  6. The Dubai Marathon and the Dubai Golf Tournament, which attract the world’s best athletes to this glistening metropolis, ensure that the energy level remains high throughout January.
  7. It doesn’t stop there: Dubai is also home to the annual Jazz Festival, the International Boat Show, art exhibitions, and the World Cup of horse racing, among other events.

It is possible to walk around the city and enjoy being outdoors during this season, so take advantage of this opportunity and visit the city’s most prominent spots to your heart’s delight.

It lasts for the whole month of February, beginning with the last week of December and concluding with the first week of February.

Add to that gourmet festivals, fireworks displays, and fashion events, and you’ll be at a loss for what to do or where to shop!

Tips: Despite the lovely weather, there are a few things to keep in mind at this time of year to keep yourself safe.

The sun is shining brighter in January and February, and while the heat will not be a problem, UV radiation will still be a concern.

Before you leave the house, apply a generous amount of powerful sunscreen. As previously stated, Dubai is distinguished by two distinct seasons. The transition months of the year, on the other hand, offer their own attractiveness and reasons to visit, which we’ll go over in detail below.

Dubai in April-May / September-October (Transition Months)

Temperature: The air temperature during these transition months ranges between 25°C and 38°C in April and May, and 26-38°C in June and July (September-October). Weather: The lovely weather of winter gradually gives way to the scorching heat of summer throughout the months of April and May. The month of May officially ushers in the summer heat, with temperatures reaching as high as 37 degrees Celsius. The skies are bright, there are no clouds in the sky, and the sun shines relentlessly for over 11 hours during the day.

  • Despite the fact that average temperatures are still on the high side, the temperature drops significantly in the evening.
  • The Dubai Food Festival, which begins in April, is a fantastic opportunity for the gourmet in you to indulge your passion.
  • The greatest in rock, pop, Latin, and Arabian music will be showcased over the course of a 5-day music festival in September.
  • Starting in October, the Camel Racing season begins, and participants include locals as well as visitors from Saudi Arabia and Qatar.
  • It’s warm, but not oppressively so.
  • During this time of year, hotel costs drop (particularly after the winter high season), and you may get great deals on airfare and accommodations.
  • Although it is not as hot as the summer, you do not want to take the chance of suffering from heatstroke.
  • Dip your toes in the sea and spend your time indoors where it is cooler.
  • Keep in mind that Dubai is well-equipped to withstand the heat, but it is still prudent to exercise caution during the summer season.
  • If you’ve already decided on your travel dates, don’t waste any time – simply visit our Dubai Holiday Packages page and book your holiday right now!

Best Time to Visit Dubai

Dubai is a dependable beach destination because of the year-round sunlight and heat.

Dubai at a Glance: Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Dubai is during the summer, when the weather is hot or very hot. The optimum time to come is between February and April, when temperatures are more comfortable yet seldom dip below 25 degrees Centigrade (Fahrenheit). If you’re coming from Europe and looking for some winter sun, this is the place to go. Time of year that is less popular to visit: Temperatures regularly reach 40 degrees Celsius in the months of June through August, which is uncomfortable for most people unless they intend to spend their days lounging in an air-conditioned hotel or by the pool.

It’s an exciting time to visit: New Year’s Eve is one of the most exciting occasions to visit Dubai, which is noted for its lavish firework displays.

Is there anything you should be aware of?

However, when people break their fasts in the evening, the city comes to life. Do you want to learn more about Dubai? Look at some of our most recent blog posts.

Climate | Dubai

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Temp Min °F 59 61 64 70 77 82 86 88 82 75 68 63
Temp Max °F 75 77 82 91 100 104 106 106 102 97 88 79
Rainfall (mm) 8 2 5 1 3 1 1 1 1 7

The Dubai Desert Classic is the most prestigious golf tournament in the United Arab Emirates.

Festivals and Events

As a shimmering oasis in the middle of the desert, Dubai has earned a reputation as one of the world’s most luxury vacation spots. Nonetheless, its allure is not confined to its luxurious hotels and limitless weather. There are a variety of festivals held in this city throughout the year, commemorating anything from religion to consumerism. Plan your vacation so that you may participate in some of the most lavish events on the world while you’re there.

What is the Dubai Desert Classic?

This golf competition, which begins and ends at the world-renowned Emirates Golf Club, attracts some of the best players in the world for a week of furious ball-hitting and club-swinging action on the Emirates Golf Course. Winners of this competition, which is sponsored by Omega, will be awarded hefty cash rewards in addition to their trophies. The winner of the 2016 competition received an incredible 400,000 euros in prize money!

What is Eid ul Fitr?

This golf competition, which takes place at the world-renowned Emirates Golf Club, attracts some of the world’s best players for a week of furious ball-hitting and club-swinging action. Prize money of more than $200,000 is awarded to the victors of this event, which is sponsored by Omega. It was a whopping 400,000 euros that was handed to the tournament’s champion in 2016.

What is the Dubai Shopping Festival?

This is a one-of-a-kind shopping event that will take place during the whole month of January. Prices are falling as millions of buyers from all over the world descend on the city to get their hands on a good deal. Apart from an abundance of shopping, this event is marked by live performances, lottery drawings for cash and vehicles, fireworks, and flash mobs, among other activities. If you’re lucky, you could even get to witness the setting of a Guinness World Record.

Best Time To Visit Dubai – A Month On Month Guide To Visiting Dubai

This is a one-of-a-kind shopping event that takes place during the whole month of January. Prices are falling as millions of customers from all over the world descend on the city in order to score a good deal. Apart from an abundance of shopping, this event is marked by live performances, lottery drawings for cash and vehicles, fireworks, and flash mobs among other activities. A Guinness world record may even be established in your presence, if you’re fortunate.

Best time to visit Dubai – Know Before You Plan Your Trip

November to February is the finest season to visit Dubai because you can take advantage of all the city has to offer, from the desert and outdoor activities to thrilling events and live entertainment. March, April, September, and October are the best months to visit if you want to have a relaxed vacation without the crowds. However, because to Dubai’s innovative construction and building technologies, there is always something to do in the city throughout the year!

Best time to visit Dubai – For All Traveler Types

The best months to spend time outside in Dubai are November, December, January, February, March, and April.

The best months to go to the beach are March, April, September, and October. The best time to go on a honeymoon is in December, January, and February. The best months to travel on a budget are May, June, July, and August. The best time to go shopping is in January and July.

Dubai Through The Year

  • The peak tourist season in Dubai begins in November and lasts until April. Warm temperatures and brilliant winter sun characterize the weather throughout this time period, which contrasts with the chill and gloom that prevails in other regions of the planet during this time. It is the season of pleasure in Dubai, with concerts, live events, shopping festivals, and thrilling trips such as dhow cruises and desert safaris all taking place during this period. It is the time of year when foreign tourists flock to Dubai, driving up airline and accommodation prices
  • Low Season in Dubai is the time of year when the sun deters even the most well-intentioned tourists from visiting. The summer months in Dubai begin in May and last in August. Because flights are inexpensive and everything else is reduced, this is the greatest time to visit Dubai for backpackers and people on a tight budget. Because most of Dubai’s attractions are indoors and air-conditioned, it does not significantly degrade the overall vacation experience. However, you will not be able to take advantage of the sea or outdoor activities
  • Shoulder Season in Dubai is the time to hit the waves! In September and October, the temperatures begin to drop, making the sea suitable for swimming and exciting water adventure sports such as jet-surfing and wakeboarding. It is the beginning of the school year all around the world, and international travelers are in less numbers, resulting in lower prices for nearly everything.

Best Season To Visit Dubai

While Dubai does not have all four seasons in full swing, the weather is similar to the weather seen in other parts of the world. Take a peek and you’ll see what I mean.

Dubai in Spring

Dubai is located in the desert, and as a result, unlike other regions of the world, it does not have a spring bloom like other parts of the world. Nonetheless, you will be able to enjoy it in beautiful weather with just the proper amount of sunshine. The months of March and April in Dubai have spring-like weather, making it one of the greatest seasons to visit the city. Enjoy outdoor activities and the water, which is at the right temperature for swimming, during this beautiful season.

Dubai in Summer

The summer months in Dubai are lengthy and hot, and they last from June through August. The days are long, with more than 13 hours of sunlight each day, and you may venture out easily in the early mornings and late evenings for outdoor activities without feeling uncomfortable. This is the greatest time of year to visit Dubai’s attractions and theme parks because it is the low tourist season and there will be fewer people in the parks and attractions.

Dubai in Autumn

Dubai’s autumnal months of September and October are comparable to the rest of the globe’s autumnal months, albeit, unlike the rest of the world, they are not marked by vibrant foliage but rather by a drop in temperature. The stifling heat of summer is passed, and you may begin enjoying the great outdoors once more. In the fall, the city begins to offer cultural events, which makes it an exciting time to be a visitor to the city.

Dubai in Winter

Winter in Dubai lasts from November to February and is the ideal winter retreat for individuals who do not enjoy snow or freezing temperatures! Season for enjoying the outdoors, visiting the desert, and participating in adventure activities is in full swing. The sea, on the other hand, can be less merciful and is sometimes too chilly to enjoy a leisurely dip. However, it is unquestionably the finest time to visit Dubai, owing in part to the city’s outdoor festivals, events, and shopping fair, which attract visitors of all ages and interests.

Weather In Dubai Year Round

The weather in Dubai throughout the year has been shown on the graph below. The Highs are shown in red, and the Lows are shown in blue.

A Month-By-Month Guide To Visiting Dubai

Follow our step-by-step guide to choose the best month for your Dubai explorations.

Dubai In January

Temperature range: 15°C to 25°C on average. Winter in Ubai is lovely, and you’ll want to spend as much time outside as possible. Indulging in adventurous sports like as sky diving, zip line, and hot air ballooning are made possible by the temperate weather. In addition, the city is seeing less tourists as the international vacation season comes to an end following the New Year’s break. However, there is still much to be happy about, particularly the annual Dubai Shopping Festival. The month-long event provides discounts at shopping malls and designer boutiques, allowing you to indulge your inner shopaholic without breaking the bank.

The city also offers fantastic live entertainment, such as Cirque du Soleil, as well as events such as the Quoz Arts Festival, which will provide you with a taste of culture and the arts while you’re here.

Recommended Experiences for Dubai in January

More tickets may be found here!

Dubai In February

Temperatures on average range from 6°C to 26°CI. In February, the temperature in Dubai is similar to that of springtime in Europe, making it an excellent winter destination for travelers. The mix of bright days and mild temperatures is perfect for taking part in outdoor recreation activities. You may go on a desert safari and take part in activities such as dune bashing, camel riding, and traditional desert life, or you can take a Dhow cruise to relax and enjoy the pleasant nights on the water.

Due to the fact that it is back-to-school season almost elsewhere in the world, Dubai is devoid of family crowds in February.

Recommended Experiences in Dubai in February

Temperature range: 18°C to 29°C on average. The weather in Dubai begins to rise in March, and this is the perfect time of year to spend a day relaxing on the beach. Several great beaches, including exclusive resort beaches, are available in Dubai, and the sea temperature is ideal for swimming in the summer months. Go jet skiing, flyboarding, parasailing, or paddleboarding with the stunning Dubai skyline as a backdrop if you want to engage in high-octane activities that will pump your adrenaline.

March is one of the final months of the year when you may spend as much time as you like outside in the sun.

Hit the beach With these exciting water sports!

Temperatures range from 22°C to 33°C on average. In Dubai, summer has made an appearance in April, and the rising heat can be felt! The days are becoming longer and hotter, while the evenings are starting to cool off in contrast, resulting in the movement of all the enjoyable activities that take place in the evenings to the daytime. During the month of April, you may take part in events at WOW JBR, Global Village, and the other activities held in the city’s various amusement parks. One of the most important events in Dubai is the Middle East Film and Comic Con, which attracts attendees from all across Asia.

Get out and about in Dubai!

The Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, as well as the Burj Khalifa, make for an excellent combination. Dubai Frame is a type of frame that is used in Dubai. Skip the Line Tickets are available for purchase online. Tickets to the Louvre Abu Dhabi that allow you to skip the line In Duba, there is a Dhow Dinner Cruise with Live Entertainment. VR Park: Super 7 Attractions Pass (Visual Reality Park)

Dubai In May

Summer in Dubai in May is defined by high temperatures ranging from 26°C to 38°C. Bring out the sunscreen and hats because it is summer in Dubai in May. In order to spend the greater part of the day inside the amazing shopping malls, dhow cruises, thrilling attractions, or theme parks, you will need to organize your itinerary accordingly.

Take a group of friends and family members and head to Dubai to see everything it has to offer. You will not be subjected to any heat at all!

Recommended Experiences in Dubai in May

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Dubai In June

Temperature range: 28°C to 40°C on average. The lengthy days of June allow you to see and do a lot more in Dubai than you would otherwise be able to. However, the most important motto to remember is to ‘Stay inside’ throughout the day. Keep sunscreen on hand because the sun is at its most intense right now, and you could even become sunburned. Green Planet, Ski Dubai, and theme parks such as Aquaventure, IMG Worlds of Adventure, Wild Wadi Waterpark, and the Dubai Dolphinarium are all excellent options for families looking to spend the summer outside together.

Stay indoors with these activities in Dubai

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Dubai In July

Temperature range: 31°C to 41°C on average. Jule is one of the hottest months in Dubai, and the only time you can safely step outside is at night, which also happens to be the perfect time to take in the glitz and glam of Dubai’s glittering cityscape and glittering beaches. A large number of international tourists avoid the country as a result of the heat, resulting in decreased flight and accommodation charges. However, the good times never stop in Dubai; shopaholics will delight in the plethora of bargains available during Dubai Summer Surprises, which is the summer counterpart of the Dubai Shopping Festival and takes place every summer.

Book Tickets for Theme Parks in Dubai

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Dubai In August

Temperature range: 31°C to 42°C on average. August is the hottest month of the year in Dubai, and the temperatures are climbing. Even the water will not provide any relief, with daytime sea temperatures reaching 30°C or more! Despite the fact that it is the height of the international holiday season, this is the least congested month in Dubai, and prices are extremely low, while offers are plentiful, with many freebies thrown in. In other words, if you are looking for a low-cost Dubai holiday, now is the greatest time to come!

August in Dubai is the perfect time to spend time in the cool, air-conditioned confines of the museums and attractions.

Recommended Experiences in Dubai during Summers

Dubai Aquarium is a marine aquarium located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Combination of the Underwater Zoo with the Burj Khalifa Creek Park Exotic Bird Show at the Dubai Dolphinarium is a must-see. Dubai City Tour + Entry inside the Dubai Frame

Dubai In September

Temperatures range from 28°C to 39°C on average. Photograph courtesy of Al Wasl Dhow August and September have arrived, but not at a fast enough pace to see out the summer! Although the average temperatures in Dubai are lower in September, the weather is still hot and humid, which means you must still plan your day carefully to avoid the heat and dress appropriately for the weather conditions. Beginning in September, the live entertainment and event scene in Dubai begins to ramp up with shows such as La Perle Dragone and concerts at the Dubai Opera House.

Dubai is a year-round destination for shopping and entertainment, and the month of September will not let you down!

Recommended Experiences in Dubai in September

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Dubai In October

Temperature range: 25°C to 36°CD on average. Due to the fact that Dubai is located in the desert, summer extends for a long period of time and there is no sign of fall; nonetheless, temperatures in Dubai continue to drop in October. The sea becomes a popular tourist destination once more as the sea temperatures begin to cool, making it excellent for swimming and other water adventure sports. It is the season of camel racing in Dubai, and you can take part in traditional activities that take place in the surrounding area.

Opera performances are still taking place in the city, and Halloween celebrations are beginning to take hold in the city’s high-end restaurants and shopping complexes.

Try These Exciting Experiences in Dubai in October

21 degrees Celsius to 31 degrees Celsius in the average. If you are seeking for a winter vacation and want to get away from the chilly weather that has gripped the rest of the planet, Dubai is the place to go! Because it is the beginning of winter in Dubai, the temperatures in November become more comfortable. Even during the day, it is possible to step outside and participate in outdoor activities without feeling uncomfortable. There are several international events taking place in the city, such as Dubai Design Week and Downtown Design, among others.

Check Out These Exciting Tours of Dubai in November

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Dubai In December

Temperature range: 17°C to 26°CD on average. Ubai in December may be regarded as magnificent, both because of the weather and because of the celebrations that take place! In Dubai, it is one of the cooler months, so you should bring light sweaters to remain warm at night, while the days are wonderfully cool. The month of December is jam-packed with activities, beginning with the UAE National Day, also known as the Emirates Independence Day, and continuing with the Dubai International Film Festival and the Rugby Sevens competition.

With bargains and Christmas markets, the Dubai Winter Festival will infuse the city with the necessary festive spirit. PS: The Burj Khalifa New Year’s Eve fireworks are the highlight of any New Year’s celebration in Dubai. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

Visit Burj Khalifa in Dubai in December

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Dubai Itineraries

In a city as vibrant as Dubai, there is an almost limitless number of things to see and do. Consider looking at our itineraries if you’re not sure how to organize your trip. We have designed one-day, three-day, and five-day itineraries to assist you in planning your visit, depending on the duration of your stay. With these itineraries, you can be confident that you will see all of the key sights and events in the city, as well as receive reduced tickets and important tourist information.

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Lakshmi describes her passion of travel as “hereditary and habitual” because she was born to parents who were bitten by the travel bug. With a book in one hand and a hot cup of coffee in the other, she has been to more than 15 countries in her 23 years of life and is presently accumulating miles and money in preparation for her solo trip to Iceland this summer. In her constant pursuit of the less traveled road, she has met some beautiful individuals on her travels, and if you happen to meet her, she will not stop raving about them to anybody who would listen.

The Best Time to Visit Dubai

As a result of the milder temperatures in the winter months compared to the summer months, October through April is the most pleasant season to visit Dubai. The time of year is ideal for attending festivals, relaxing on gorgeous beaches, and finding great hotel rates, all of which are available during this busy travel season. No matter when you decide to visit, this guide will assist you in planning your vacation to Dubai, where you will be able to take in the dominating skyscrapers, superb retail malls, and unique cultural experiences that Dubai has to offer.

Weather in Dubai

While many individuals have the opportunity to visit during the summer months, those who are not accustomed to severe temperatures may find Dubai to be a difficult destination to navigate. The weather may be uncomfortably hot during the summer months, which run from the final week of April until the beginning of October. It is possible for temperatures to vary from 100 degrees F to 106 degrees F on average during this time. September through November is a great season to visit Dubai since the temperatures become more manageable, with highs in the mid 80s to the high 90s in the morning and afternoon.

Popular Events and Festivals

Throughout the year, Dubai is host to a variety of festivals and events. During religious holidays such as Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr, the Emirati culture is solid in its commitment to bringing people together, particularly families. Throughout the year, travelers may take part in a variety of events that are free to attend. Dubai’s National Day and other holidays, as well as several festivals and events, are held during the winter months to keep visitors entertained. It is a popular season to go to Dubai from other GCC countries as well as from other parts of the world.

The city of Dubai has hundreds of hotel alternatives, however it is recommended that you make your reservations months in advance to receive the lowest rates. See the calendar below for a complete listing of events from one month to the next.

Tourist Attractions in Dubai

A number of the most prominent tourist sites in Dubai remain open all year, including the souks (outdoor retail marketplaces), the Burj Khalifa, and the Dubai Mall, amongst others. The weather might make certain attractions unsuitable at particular times of the year, such as a desert safari, where you can do dune bashing, or even Dinner in the Sky. From June through August, the severe summer temperatures make it hard to participate in certain outdoor activities. Restaurants such as Dinner in the Sky and Sky Bar are closed during the summer months because no one wants to sit near to the sun when the temperature outside is over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Many activities that you would normally be able to participate in throughout the year will not be available during the day, such as eating in public at most restaurants because most locals fast during the daytime.


Because of the warm temperatures, January is the tail-end of peak season for travel in Dubai, and it is also the most affordable month to visit. During the peak tourist season, visitors may look forward to sunny days and clear sky. Check out the following events:

  • The Dubai Shopping Festival, which takes place in January and encompasses the majority of the city’s stores and malls, is great for shoppers. Additionally, the philanthropic Dubai Marathon takes place in January, with participants paying a nominal entry fee to participate.


February in Dubai is still considered peak season, and the month brings with it somewhat colder nights and a sprinkling of rain. Enjoying outdoor activities such as desert safaris and resting by the beach are particularly enjoyable at this time of year. Check out the following events:

  • The Dubai International Jazz Festival is an annual event that takes place at Dubai Media City and attracts a large number of visitors. It has included jazz and pop legends such as Mariah Carey, John Legend, and Toto, among others.


Despite the fact that temperatures begin to rise in March, the weather remains comfortable enough to participate in the numerous activities and events that Dubai has to offer. In March, the average temperature is approximately 83 degrees Fahrenheit, with moderate levels of rain and wind on the day. Check out the following events:

  • The annual Art Dubaifestival, which takes place in March, is one of the most prestigious art exhibitions in the world. Art enthusiasts from near and far go to the city to see cutting-edge artwork from local artists, as well as exhibitions at modern art galleries across the city
  • Tourists may experience a taste of the high life during the Dubai World Cup, which takes place in December. It takes place at the Nad Al Sheba Racecourse and attracts the top horses, trainers, and jockeys from across the world. Taking place this month and continuing into April, the Dubai Food Festival is a spectacular celebration of gourmet delicacies from across the world. Foodies will be in their element with offerings such as dining specials during Dubai Restaurant Week, seminars, and the gourmet event Hidden Gems taking place all across the city.


March and April are considered to be the tail ends of peak season in Dubai, when the crowds begin to thin out but hotel costs remain high. The days are becoming longer, with an average of 10 hours of sunlight each day and temperatures in the low 90s. Check out the following events:

  • The Middle East Film and Comic Con (MEFCC), which takes place in the Dubai World Trade Center, is one of the world’s largest pop culture events, and it is the largest in the Middle East. It brings together music, personalities, and art displays from all over the world to celebrate cinema and gaming entertainment
  • It is open to the public. The Children’s International Film Festival, which takes place in late April and encourages young people in the filmmaking business, is a highlight of the year. This year’s event featured the screening of films from award-winning directors.


May marks the beginning of the shoulder season, which occurs just before the sweltering summer heat sets in, yet it is still a pleasant time to visit Dubai. During this time period, it is possible to discover even better hotel deals. Enjoy the beaches, which are less crowded than they are during the peak season, during this time of year. Check out the following event: The annual Al Gaffal Dhow Race takes place in the first week of May. There are almost 100 traditional wooden boats competing in the event, which attracts nearly 3,000 people who cruise the Arabian Gulf’s shimmering seas.


Although May marks the beginning of the shoulder season, it is still a pleasant time to visit Dubai, since it occurs just before the harsh summer heat sets in. During this period, it is possible to discover even better hotel deals. Enjoy the beaches, which are less crowded than they are during the peak season, during this time of year.

To attend, you should go to the following event: Al Gaffal Dhow Race is held annually in early May and attracts thousands of spectators. There are almost 100 traditional wooden boats competing in the event, which attracts nearly 3,000 competitors who cruise the shimmering seas of the Arabian Gulf.


The month of July brings with it higher temperatures as well as more sultry, sunny days. In July, the average temperature is roughly 105 degrees Fahrenheit, and there are around 11 hours of daylight. Check out the following event: A month-long festival in which the city offers discounted hotel rates, discounts on shopping, and exciting family-friendly events for residents and visitors to enjoy throughout the scorching summer months.


High temperatures and high humidity make for uncomfortable outdoor experiences in the summer heat. Temperatures in August typically reach 110 to 115 degrees Fahrenheit on average, making it the warmest month of the calendar year. Check out the following event: An indoor cinema event provides a welcome respite from the scorching temperatures in Dubai during the month of August. Pay attention to the South Indian International Movie Awards, which will showcase some of the most well-known figures in South Indian entertainment.


September marks the beginning of the fall season, when temperatures in Dubai begin to drop to levels that are comfortable for participating in outdoor activities. Fall brings with it decreased humidity, but it also brings with it longer bright days.


As the fall season begins in September, temperatures in Dubai begin to go down to levels that are comfortable for participating in outdoor activities. While there is less humidity in the air throughout the fall, there are still plenty of bright days to enjoy.


Visitor visiting Dubai in November may expect cooler temperatures in the 80s and little to no rainfall, depending on where they go. Check out the following event: The annualDubai Design Week is held at the Dubai Design District (D3) and is open to the public. It provides a platform for local creatives to present their work through designer exhibitions and installations.


December is one of the most popular months to visit Dubai, thanks to the pleasant winter temperatures in the 70s that make it a popular destination. Residents and visitors from all around the world are celebrating the festive season. Check out the following events:

  • The United Arab Emirates’ National Day is observed in December. Several festivities to commemorate Dubai’s independence will be held around the city, such as fireworks displays, concerts, and other gatherings. The annualDubai Rugby Sevenstournament, which is sponsored by Emirates Airlines, draws spectators from all around the world to cheer on their favorite rugby teams.

Frequently Asked Questions are included below.

  • Do you know what the ideal time of year to visit Dubai is? The ideal months to visit Dubai are from October to April, when the weather is pleasant but not terribly hot, and the prices are reasonable. December is one of the most pleasant months to visit Dubai, but it is also one of the busiest. At what times of year should I avoid visiting Dubai? Summer in Dubai is lengthy and scorching, with temperatures frequently reaching triple digits from May through September. The days are so hot that it’s difficult to do much of anything
  • Yet, What month has the most rainfall in Dubai? Dubai is extremely dry throughout the year and receives little precipitation. It is virtually primarily during the warmer winter months that we receive the little rainfall that we do receive.

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Dubai Weather

The weather in Dubai is warm all year round, with two distinct seasons: summer and winter. Dubai has a tropical climate. The lowest average temperatures are approximately 200 degrees Celsius in January, while the highest average temperatures are over 300 degrees Celsius in the summer months (between June and August). When it comes to sunshine, Dubai gets between eight and ten hours each day on average throughout the year, so you can normally anticipate clear skies and mild to hot weather, making waterparks a pleasant option for families to enjoy anytime you visit.

When traveling, it’s important to pack light, comfortable clothes to remain cool.

If you’re going to the desert in the winter, it’s also a good idea to carry layers because the temperature drops a few degrees at night. During the winter months, Dubai normally receives only a few days’ worth of rain, with the most of the rain falling during the summer months.

Dubai in January

The month of January is one of the most popular for tourists to travel to Dubai. Dubai is at its coolest, which means it is reasonably warm by UK standards, with average temperatures ranging from 140 degrees Celsius to 230 degrees Celsius. Rain is more likely in January, but only in very tiny amounts – anticipate short bursts of rain over an average of two days throughout the course of the month, on average.

Dubai in February

The average temperature in Dubai in February begins to rise to between 170C and 260C, with a greater likelihood of rain, though only for a period of around four days on average each month. As with January, February is a fantastic time to visit Dubai since the nights are cooler and the heat is tolerable for most tourists – yet the excellent weather means it’s also one of the busiest months to visit the city due to the high volume of visitors.

Dubai in March

During the month of March, Dubai’s 8 hours of sunlight are accompanied with temperatures of approximately 230 degrees Celsius and increasing humidity. It’s a fantastic time to take advantage of the mild temperatures before the searing heat and increasingly high humidity levels kick in.

Dubai in April

As summer approaches, the weather in Dubai becomes hot and humid in April. There are 10 hours of sunshine per day, and typical temperatures vary between 220C and 340C. Humidity is high, and there will be very little rain, according to forecasts. The sea temperature rises to over 250 degrees Celsius, making it ideal for swimming and relaxing on the beach.

Dubai in May

The weather in Dubai begins to heat up in May, with temperatures reaching as high as 370 degrees Celsius. Make use of the air conditioning, which is available practically everywhere in Dubai, and stay in the shade throughout the daytime.

Dubai in June

June in Dubai is quite hot and humid, with high humidity levels. Temperatures range from 260 degrees Celsius to 380 degrees Celsius on average, with 11 hours of sunshine every day, while sea temperatures are normally about 300 degrees Celsius. If you are not comfortable with hot temperatures, we recommend avoiding Dubai at the height of summer.

Dubai in July

In July, Dubai is much hotter than usual – days with temperatures reaching 400 degrees Celsius are frequent, and getting about may be intolerable for most tourists. We recommend that you avoid traveling to Dubai in July unless you are prepared to endure intense heat.

Dubai in August

The high heat and humidity of Dubai’s environment continues in August, with average temperatures ranging from 290 degrees Celsius to 410 degrees Celsius and sea temperatures averaging around 330 degrees Celsius. We advise against traveling to Dubai in August unless you are prepared to deal with the heat or don’t mind staying home to remain cool.

Dubai in September

September is another scorching month in Dubai, with average temperatures ranging from 260 degrees Celsius to 390 degrees Celsius. The sea temperature is still a scorching 330 degrees Celsius, and the weather is likely to be too harsh for most travelers.

In late December and early January, Dubai is periodically enveloped in an atmospheric fog — a rare phenomenon that occurs in the early hours of the morning and is best captured from the top of a tower for a fantastic Instagram-worthy photo.

Dubai in October

The weather in Dubai cools down in October as winter approaches, while temperatures remain between 230 and 350 degrees Celsius on average. The sea temperature remains extremely high at 300 degrees Celsius, with just a modest decrease in humidity.

Dubai in November

In November, the temperature in Dubai begins to drop steadily. Days are sweltering, with average highs of 250 degrees Celsius and lows of 190 degrees Celsius, while the sea temperature is a scorching 270 degrees Celsius. The weather makes it one of the greatest seasons to visit Dubai, right before it becomes extremely crowded in December and January. As a result, visitor numbers begin to increase.

Dubai in December

December is one of the most popular times of the year to visit Dubai since the weather is lovely and pleasant. Days average 210 degrees Celsius, with lows around 160 degrees Celsius – a light jacket is recommended for nighttime excursions or treks to the desert.

Best Time To Visit Dubai

The peak season in Dubai is generally believed to be from November through March. Despite the fact that it is technically winter, there are plenty of lovely blue sky, bright sunshine, and moderately cooler evenings with a gentle breeze to look forward to. Taking advantage of all the outdoor activities available, such as desert safaris, picnics, beach lounging, and dining al fresco are all more enjoyable by the good weather. There is a brief burst of rain forecast, but nothing significant that will interfere with your plans.

  • These are the months that serve as a transition between summer and the other seasons.
  • The sea temperature is between 28 and 30 degrees Celsius, making it ideal for swimming without having to contend with a large number of people.
  • Dubai The weather in January is cold and blustery.
  • It is rather dry with little humidity, and the maximum temperature is around 24 degrees Celsius, with the lowest temperature being approximately 15 degrees Celsius.
  • As a result, this is the busiest tourist season of the year.
  • January is full of events and festivals.
  • New Year’s Eve: Dubai is one of the most popular places to celebrate New Year’s Eve in the world.


There are some insane bargains and discounts that take place throughout whole stores, bringing around 2 million people across the United Arab Emirates and other nations.



Dubai February’s weather will be cold and blustery.

The weather is fantastic, with temperatures ranging from 28 degrees Celsius to 16 degrees Celsius, making this the coldest yearly temperature ever recorded in the United States.

During this season, you may expect some light rainfall for 3 to 4 days, resulting in around 34 mm of precipitation.

Valentine’s Day: This holiday is celebrated with a lot more zeal and gusto in this country.



Dubai Jazz Festival: This unique festival features performances by musicians from all around the world, including current, fusion, modern, and rock jazz.



It consists of 11 races that are very contested.

Dubai June, July, and August are the wettest months of the year.

When there are several heatwaves, the temperature might reach as high as 40 to 42 degrees.

There are a plethora of hotels that provide fantastic rates on both accommodation and cuisine.

Events Festivals are held in June, July, and August.

Ramadan: According to the lunar calendar of the region, the holy month of Ramadan occurs between one of these two months.

During this time of year, live music venues and nightclubs are closed.



Dubai Weather in DecemberThe temperature is pleasant this month, with the peak temperature reaching 21 degrees Celsius and the lowest temperature reaching 17 degrees Celsius near the end of the month.

Even if the sun only shines for around 8 hours a day, it is still a good idea to have your sunglasses with you.


All of the city’s most important monuments are available to the public, with unique activities taking place throughout the day.

Dubai Worldwide Film Festival (DIFF): This is one of the most prestigious international events, bringing together prominent actors, industry professionals, writers, and directors to promote regional films.

3) Dubai Rugby Sevens: The Sevens stadium hosts this competition, which is open to the public. The competition, which will include 16 international teams participating over three days, as well as a variety of other activities and entertainment, will keep visitors of all ages entertained.

Best Time To Visit Dubai 2022 – Weather & 33 Things to Do

Temperatures averaging 10°C are normal. January is the coldest month of the year, making it the ideal time to visit Dubai. At this time of year, the heat is not very oppressive; the temperature seldom rises beyond 23°C (73°F), and the humidity is modest (up to 59 percent ). The morning is the most comfortable period of the day since the temperature begins to increase a little around midday. However, even though you’ll be in the sun, you won’t be overwhelmed by the heat. On the contrary, warm yet gentle sunshine gives perfect circumstances for strolling around and taking in the sights of the city.

And there’s no need to be concerned about needing an umbrella because January is a dry month with no unexpected downpours of rain.

Dubaiweather inFebruary

Temperatures averaging 10°C are normal. The temperature decreases a little in February, and the weather improves dramatically: nice mornings and nights, beautiful sunny days, and a clear, cloudless sky. If you’ve been thinking about going to the desert, February is the best month to go. No heat or wind will bother you, and visibility of more than 10 km (6.2 mi) will provide you an unmatched chance to look as far into the desert as your vision will let you. The pleasant sea wind from the Persian Gulf will welcome you back to the city after a relaxing evening in a cool environment.

Dubaiweather inMarch

10° average average temperaturesThe days become longer and warmer as the year progresses. You would be delightfully refreshed by your first morning breaths because the temperature has remained quite low during the night. However, by the middle of the day, the heat has risen significantly, and the weather conditions may have been uncomfortable. Even when the thermostat is currently reading no more than 29°C (84°F), remaining outside may already be dangerous for those who are more sensitive. If you are a member of this group, plan ahead of time for a safe place to take refuge and wait until the evening.

Dubaiweather inApril

Temperatures averaging 10°C are normal. April marks the beginning of the shift from a reasonably moderate spring to a scorching summer. The beginning of the month mimics March, with its crisp mornings and nights, but by the middle of the month, you’ll be able to tell that summer has finally arrived. The first rays of sunlight are hot, and within an hour after morning, the temperature outdoors is unbearably hot. April is the month when sightseeing is best done in the evenings only, as is the case for most of the year.

If you want to go outside, remember to wear sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat.

Dubaiweather inMay

Temperatures averaging 10°C are normal. The formal beginning of the hot season is in May. The temperature continues to rise, resulting in increased pain. The weather appears to be perfect from the window of an air-conditioned hotel room, with a clear sky and a bright white sun. However, the weather outdoors is not too nice. The weather is still manageable, and if you are brave enough, you may like to go sightseeing while it is still cool. The only guideline you have to follow in Dubai is that once you leave the shelter, you must cover your skin and drink enough of water to keep yourself hydrated.

Swimming is very enjoyable in Dubai during the month of May. Although it may be tempting to spend the entire day on the beach since the water is so invitingly warm, it is best to avoid the sun during the midday sunburnt hours.

Dubaiweather inJune

Temperatures averaging 10°C are normal. The scorching heat of the daytime sun, coupled with the absence of clouds, causes temperatures to soar above 40°C (104°F) in Dubai. Humidity is high due to the vicinity of the Persian Gulf, which may reach up to 95 percent until September, making it even more difficult to bear the summer heat. Furthermore, the weather is not going to provide you with even a single drop of rain, so there is no chance for a cool down shower. In June, the only time that is reasonably pleasant is at night.

Dubaiweather inJuly

Temperatures averaging 10°C are normal. If you thought it couldn’t get any hotter, you’d be surprised how scorching it can get in July. Average temperatures reach 42 degrees Celsius (108 degrees Fahrenheit). With more than 13 hours of sunshine every day, Dubai in July is not an ideal tourist destination due to the problems brought on by the heat. You might want to think about heading to the beach. Because the water is warm, it isn’t really refreshing. During the warmest hours of the day, you can also choose to stay at home and take a siesta.

Fortunately, there is no lack of such locations in Dubai.

Dubaiweather inAugust

Temperatures averaging 10°C are normal. The month of August will bring you the warmest temperatures of the whole year. The heat has reached its zenith, and even the mornings are oppressively hot. The thermometer reads above 30°C (86°F) about an hour after daybreak, and the temperature continues to increase throughout the day and night. In general, visiting Dubai during the month of August is not recommended. The best thing to do if you have the choice to choose another time is to choose one. However, if you find yourself in Dubai during the month of August, make sure to keep your belongings secure.

It is possible that disregarding this advise will be detrimental to your health.

Dubaiweather inSeptember

Temperatures averaging 10°C are normal. The heat begins to progressively subside in September as the month progresses. A single cloud does not obscure the city from the scorching sun for even a single second, and not a single drop of rain falls. It is still uncomfortably hot outside. By September, the mere concept of “freshness” had lost its significance in Dubai. The only time of day when you can tell that the weather has changed from the previous month is in the morning.

The nights are getting colder, and you may start to notice the first hints of fall when the sun rises. Although it is still preferable for you to spend your time indoors, the weather is becoming less severe, and going around the city is no longer as dangerous.

Dubaiweather inOctober

Temperatures averaging 10°C are normal. October is a transition month, when the heat finally subsides to a tolerable level for most people. The beginning of the month is still destructive and hazardous, but as the days pass, the temperature begins to become more and more comfortable and pleasant to be in. By the middle of October, the temperature had dropped to 30°C (86°F) and the weather has been warmer. When it comes to visiting the city, now is the best time to do it. Not only is it safe to go touring again without the fear of passing out on the street, but it is also safe to spend the day at the beach without fear of fainting.

Dubaiweather inNovember

Temperatures averaging 10°C are normal. The weather conditions in November are similar to those seen in October. If you avoid being exposed to the sun around midday, you will not be bothered by the heat for the rest of the day. The weather is still hot, but comfortable, and you don’t have to stay home until the sun sets to enjoy the outdoors. No longer is the clear sky a threat, but rather a chance for languid sunbathing and a prerequisite for a beautiful day at the beach. The only downside to the improving weather is the influx of people into the city, which is particularly bad in November, which is the height of the tourism season in Dubai.

Dubaiweather inDecember

Temperatures averaging 10°C are normal. Nature has shown some mercy in the first month of the winter season. The temperature continues to drop, and it has reached a pretty pleasant 25°C (77°F) level. Even the most sensitive travelers will be able to come to Dubai and have a pleasant stay. The light becomes softer, and you may even get a glimpse of a cloud in the sky or feel the droplets of rain on your skin from time to time. In comparison to the rest of the year, the mornings and evenings may feel chilly, prompting you to slip on that light jacket you saw the last time you went shopping in January.

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