When Is Summer In Dubai?

  • Whilst summer averages are reported at 45°C (113°F), it is quite typical to experience day time maximums up to 50°C (122°F). The hottest month of the year is August in Dubai. “Summer” in Dubai realistically runs from May until October.

What are the summer months in Dubai?

Dubai largely has two seasons – Summer and Winter – with transition months in between.

  • Dubai in Summer (June – August)
  • Dubai in Winter (November-March)
  • Dubai in April-May / September-October (Transition Months)

Which is the hottest month in Dubai?

The hottest month is August with the average high temperature exceeding 43 °C (109 °F). January is the coolest month with the highs of about 24 °C (75 °F) and lows of about 16 °C (61 °F).

What is the best month to go to Dubai?

The best time to visit Dubai is in September and April, when it’s sunny but not too hot. While much of the Northern Hemisphere is wrapped up for winter during this period, the city continues to offer bright skies and balmy temperatures. Temperatures soar from May to August, so hotel prices drop and crowds disperse.

When should you not go to Dubai?

The months of June, July and August have searingly hot temperatures in Dubai. Think an average high of 106 degrees Fahrenheit every day, with temperatures not dropping below 86 overnight. Temperatures can even hit 117 degrees Fahrenheit in these months.

Is Dubai the hottest country in the world?

The United Arab Emirates is the only country that ranks both in the top as the hottest country in the world, and the warmest countries in the world by average temperature year-round. This has led people to choose Dubai as their winter vacation destination in recent years.

Is June too hot in Dubai?

June is very hot in Dubai with high humidity levels. Temperatures average at around 26⁰C to 38⁰C with 11 hours of sunshine a day, while sea temperatures are usually at 30⁰C. We recommend avoiding the height of summer in Dubai if you’re not comfortable in high heat.

Is Dubai on the red list?

Travel to Dubai has been off limits for most of 2021 as the United Arab Emirates was added to the red list back in January to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Is Dubai on the green list?

Dubai has not been added to the green list for quarantine-free holidays.

Is Dubai too hot?

It’s hot. Not regular hot, like we might experience during a good British summer, but genuinely scorching hot. At the peak of summer in Dubai, average daytime temperatures are around 40 °C, but have been known to climb up to anywhere between 43-48°C.

What is the cheapest month to go to Dubai?

When is the cheapest time to fly to Dubai? The cheapest month to fly to Dubai is usually March 2022.

Does Dubai have 4 seasons?

Weather-wise, UAE experiences all seasons: winter, spring, summer and autumn. The most pleasant period to visit and travel around UAE is during winter season which runs from October to March the weather is moderate and pleasant making it ideal to go for sightseeing Tour or indulge in outdoor activities.

Is it expensive in Dubai?

In general, prices in Dubai are comparable to other major cities in the world. Accommodation and tours can be quite expensive, but there is so much choice that you can make it more budget-friendly if you wish. Restaurant prices are comparable to those in Western European cities.

Can you kiss in public in Dubai?

The Dubai code states: “Holding hands for a married couple is tolerated but kissing and petting are considered an offence to public decency. “Public displays of affection, as well as sexual harassment or randomly addressing women in public places, is liable to be punished by imprisonment or deportation.”

What language do they speak in Dubai?

The official language of the United Arab Emirates is Arabic. Modern Standard Arabic is taught in schools, and most native Emiratis speak a dialect of Gulf Arabic that is generally similar to that spoken in surrounding countries.

What is forbidden in Dubai?

Dubai severely punishes acts that many Western travelers would never even imagine are illegal, including drinking alcohol without a permit, holding hands, sharing a room with someone of the opposite sex other than your spouse, taking pictures of other people, offensive language or gestures, and unsanctioned social

These Are the Best Times to Visit Dubai

Its “Y”-shaped plan, inspired by the shapes of the “hymenocallis” flower, which grows in the desert and is composed of three components organized around a central core, gives the Burj Khalifa its name. The tall central core, which culminates in the towering spire, rises from within it. For the interiors of the Burj Khalifa, Nada Andric was responsible for their design; the most obvious components are a mix of glass, black glossy stone, stainless steel, and Venetian plaster on the walls.

Weather inDubai

Change the display to Celsius/MMAverage Precipitation (in) The National Climatic Data Center provided the information. Discover the best flight and hotel deals. Advance the cursor to interact with the calendar and choose a day. To use the keyboard shortcuts for changing dates, press the question mark key on your keyboard. Navigate backward in order to interact with the calendar and choose a certain day. To use the keyboard shortcuts for changing dates, press the question mark key on your keyboard.

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November-March Daily highs range from the upper 70s to the low 80s, making Dubai’s winter season the perfect time to sprawl out along the Persian Gulf’s pearly white sands. But you won’t be alone: Sun-seekers from around the globe flock to Dubai to take advantage of the emirate’s desirable weather, so you should plan on making hotel reservations months in advance to ensure availability. Beach bums should also note that January to March is Dubai’s rainy season. You can expect a few drops here and there, but showers are short-lived. Key Events:
  • In addition to the Al Marmoom Heritage Festival (held in March), the Islamic New Year (held in September-October), the Dubai International Film Festival (held in December), and the Dubai Shopping Festival (held in December-January), there are several more festivals held in Dubai.
April-October It shouldn’t surprise you that Dubai bids adieu to its tourists during the summer months. During this time of year, highs are in the 100s, and although rainfall is scarce, humidity levels often rest around 90 percent or higher. Weather like this makes any outdoor activity – including a day at the beach – unbearable. To protect yourself from heat stroke, avoid spending too much time outside (especially midday), wear plenty of sunscreen and drink lots of water. The good news is that you won’t have to worry about finding a spare hotel room. Prices will generally be lower than they are during the high season, but not by a significant amount. Keep in mind: If you’re in Dubai during Ramadan, business hours are shorter and the nightlife scene is quieter compared to other months of the year. Between sunrise and sunset during Ramadan, Muslims do not eat, drink or smoke. The dates for Ramadan are variable since they follow the lunar calendar.Key Events:
  • Dubai Summer Surprises (from July to September)
  • Ramadan (from May to September)

Popular Times to VisitDubai

Estimated tourism volume is based on in-market destination search query interest from Google and travel.usnews.com in 2015-2016 and on travel.usnews.com in 2015. In order to calculate hotel pricing, we used a sample of rates from U.S. News Best Hotels for the years 2015 and 2016.

Best Time To Visit Dubai in 2020-21

Dubai attracts travelers like a magnet because of its abundance of glamor and glamour. Visit Dubai during the winter months, which run from November to April, and you’ll have the finest experience. There are a wealth of activities, adventures, and experiences to choose from, as well as a general sense of amusement offered by the malls, the Burj Khalifa, and the cutting-edge venues. The Dubai Shopping Festival, which takes place in January and February and brings the city to life, attracts a large number of visitors throughout these months.

  1. Close your eyes for a moment.
  2. Stunning skyscrapers pierce the clear blue sky, gleaming structures reflect the sunlight, silky smooth roads wind their way around the towers, and lights flare everywhere, transforming the city into a virtual rainbow of hues.
  3. Yes, Dubai can be described in a few words and be readily recognized.
  4. That is exactly what we are here for.

So, are you ready to begin? Your vacation is just around the corner. Peak Season is from November through March. Shoulder Season is from April to May and September to October.

Travel Seasons Min/Max Temperature Weather
June to August 33 – 42°C Summer – Hot
September to October 25 – 38°C Transition months
November to March 17 – 30°C Winter – Pleasant, with a hint of rain
April to May 26 – 38°C Transition months

Dubai has primarily two seasons – Summer and Winter – with a few transitional months in between each of these.

Dubai in Summer (June – August)

When it comes to temperatures, throughout the summer months, the air temperature swings between 33°C and 42°C. Weather: During the warmer months, the sun shines brightly on Dubai. For 12 hours each day, the city is engulfed in a torrent of shimmering heat wave after wave. Temperatures can soar to the low forties, and on rare occasions, they can even reach the fifties or more. During these months, the humidity and heat levels continue to rise dramatically. Sandstorms rage through the city, making it impossible to move about.

  1. Despite this, the city does not completely close its doors during this time of year.
  2. This festival celebrates everything from cuisine to art to the natural world.
  3. Hotels provide excellent value for money on both meals and lodging.
  4. Retail therapy is a great way to spend your summer day, and shopping centers are the greatest location to do so in the heat.
  5. Tips: Keeping hydrated is essential at this time of year.
  6. Dress in light clothing and have an antiperspirant on you at all times.
  7. The only exception to this would be a desert safari, but make sure to check the weather forecast before making your reservation.

Dubai in Winter (November-March)

When it comes to temperatures, throughout the winter season, the air temperature swings between 17°C and 30°C. Weather– The arrival of the colder months of the year brings much-needed reprieve to the metropolis. In November, the temperature dips to a pleasant 25 degrees Celsius. As the months of November and December progress, the temperature continues to drop into the early twenties, and the evenings get increasingly chilly. In January, the sun does manage to poke its head out of the clouds, but the humidity remains low and the temperature can dip as low as 15°C.

  1. Mild rains and isolated thunderstorms are also common at this time of year, lasting around 3-4 days and posing little threat to your daily activities or any events you may have scheduled.
  2. The importance of this season’s events is that Dubai is bursting at the seams with them.
  3. In Dubai, the 2nd of December is a day of celebration and commemoration as it honors the 50th anniversary of the United Arab Emirates’ independence from Britain.
  4. The Dubai Rugby Seasons, which begin this month, will feature 16 international rugby teams compete against one another.
  5. This is followed by the spectacular Dubai Shopping Festival, which is a shopper’s dream come true.
  6. The Dubai Marathon and the Dubai Golf Tournament, which attract the world’s best athletes to this glistening metropolis, ensure that the energy level remains high throughout January.
  7. It doesn’t stop there: Dubai is also home to the annual Jazz Festival, the International Boat Show, art exhibitions, and the World Cup of horse racing, among other events.

It is possible to walk around the city and enjoy being outdoors during this season, so take advantage of this opportunity and visit the city’s most prominent spots to your heart’s delight.

It lasts for the whole month of February, beginning with the last week of December and concluding with the first week of February.

Add to that gourmet festivals, fireworks displays, and fashion events, and you’ll be at a loss for what to do or where to shop!

Tips: Despite the lovely weather, there are a few things to keep in mind at this time of year to keep yourself safe.

The sun is shining brighter in January and February, and while the heat will not be a problem, UV radiation will still be a concern.

Before you leave the house, apply a generous amount of powerful sunscreen. As previously stated, Dubai is distinguished by two distinct seasons. The transition months of the year, on the other hand, offer their own attractiveness and reasons to visit, which we’ll go over in detail below.

Dubai in April-May / September-October (Transition Months)

Temperature: The air temperature during these transition months ranges between 25°C and 38°C in April and May, and 26-38°C in June and July (September-October). Weather: The lovely weather of winter gradually gives way to the scorching heat of summer throughout the months of April and May. The month of May officially ushers in the summer heat, with temperatures reaching as high as 37 degrees Celsius. The skies are bright, there are no clouds in the sky, and the sun shines relentlessly for over 11 hours during the day.

  1. Despite the fact that average temperatures are still on the high side, the temperature drops significantly in the evening.
  2. The Dubai Food Festival, which begins in April, is a fantastic opportunity for the gourmet in you to indulge your passion.
  3. The greatest in rock, pop, Latin, and Arabian music will be showcased over the course of a 5-day music festival in September.
  4. Starting in October, the Camel Racing season begins, and participants include locals as well as visitors from Saudi Arabia and Qatar.
  5. It’s warm, but not oppressively so.
  6. During this time of year, hotel costs drop (particularly after the winter high season), and you may get great deals on airfare and accommodations.
  7. Although it is not as hot as the summer, you do not want to take the chance of suffering from heatstroke.
  8. Dip your toes in the sea and spend your time indoors where it is cooler.
  9. Keep in mind that Dubai is well-equipped to withstand the heat, but it is still prudent to exercise caution during the summer season.
  10. If you’ve already decided on your travel dates, don’t waste any time – simply visit our Dubai Holiday Packages page and book your holiday right now!

Dubai Weather

The weather in Dubai is warm all year round, with two distinct seasons: summer and winter. Dubai has a tropical climate. The lowest average temperatures are approximately 200 degrees Celsius in January, while the highest average temperatures are over 300 degrees Celsius in the summer months (between June and August). When it comes to sunshine, Dubai gets between eight and ten hours each day on average throughout the year, so you can normally anticipate clear skies and mild to hot weather, making waterparks a pleasant option for families to enjoy anytime you visit.

When traveling, it’s important to pack light, comfortable clothes to remain cool.

If you’re going to the desert in the winter, it’s also a good idea to carry layers because the temperature drops a few degrees at night. During the winter months, Dubai normally receives only a few days’ worth of rain, with the most of the rain falling during the summer months.

Dubai in January

The month of January is one of the most popular for tourists to travel to Dubai. Dubai is at its coolest, which means it is reasonably warm by UK standards, with average temperatures ranging from 140 degrees Celsius to 230 degrees Celsius. Rain is more likely in January, but only in very tiny amounts – anticipate short bursts of rain over an average of two days throughout the course of the month, on average.

Dubai in February

The average temperature in Dubai in February begins to rise to between 170C and 260C, with a greater likelihood of rain, though only for a period of around four days on average each month. As with January, February is a fantastic time to visit Dubai since the nights are cooler and the heat is tolerable for most tourists – yet the excellent weather means it’s also one of the busiest months to visit the city due to the high volume of visitors.

Dubai in March

During the month of March, Dubai’s 8 hours of sunlight are accompanied with temperatures of approximately 230 degrees Celsius and increasing humidity. It’s a fantastic time to take advantage of the mild temperatures before the searing heat and increasingly high humidity levels kick in.

Dubai in April

As summer approaches, the weather in Dubai becomes hot and humid in April. There are 10 hours of sunshine per day, and typical temperatures vary between 220C and 340C. Humidity is high, and there will be very little rain, according to forecasts. The sea temperature rises to over 250 degrees Celsius, making it ideal for swimming and relaxing on the beach.

Dubai in May

The weather in Dubai begins to heat up in May, with temperatures reaching as high as 370 degrees Celsius. Make use of the air conditioning, which is available practically everywhere in Dubai, and stay in the shade throughout the daytime.

Dubai in June

June in Dubai is quite hot and humid, with high humidity levels. Temperatures range from 260 degrees Celsius to 380 degrees Celsius on average, with 11 hours of sunshine every day, while sea temperatures are normally about 300 degrees Celsius. If you are not comfortable with hot temperatures, we recommend avoiding Dubai at the height of summer.

Dubai in July

In July, Dubai is much hotter than usual – days with temperatures reaching 400 degrees Celsius are frequent, and getting about may be intolerable for most tourists. We recommend that you avoid traveling to Dubai in July unless you are prepared to endure intense heat.

Dubai in August

The high heat and humidity of Dubai’s environment continues in August, with average temperatures ranging from 290 degrees Celsius to 410 degrees Celsius and sea temperatures averaging around 330 degrees Celsius. We advise against traveling to Dubai in August unless you are prepared to deal with the heat or don’t mind staying indoors to keep cool.

Dubai in September

September is another scorching month in Dubai, with average temperatures ranging from 260 degrees Celsius to 390 degrees Celsius. The sea temperature is still a scorching 330 degrees Celsius, and the weather is likely to be too harsh for most travelers.

In late December and early January, Dubai is periodically enveloped in an atmospheric fog — a rare phenomenon that occurs in the early hours of the morning and is best captured from the top of a tower for a fantastic Instagram-worthy photo.

Dubai in October

The weather in Dubai cools down in October as winter approaches, while temperatures remain between 230 and 350 degrees Celsius on average. The sea temperature remains extremely high at 300 degrees Celsius, with just a modest decrease in humidity.

Dubai in November

In November, the temperature in Dubai begins to drop steadily. Days are sweltering, with average highs of 250 degrees Celsius and lows of 190 degrees Celsius, while the sea temperature is a scorching 270 degrees Celsius. The weather makes it one of the greatest seasons to visit Dubai, right before it becomes extremely crowded in December and January. As a result, visitor numbers begin to increase.

Dubai in December

December is one of the most popular times of the year to visit Dubai since the weather is lovely and pleasant. Days average 210 degrees Celsius, with lows around 160 degrees Celsius – a light jacket is recommended for nighttime excursions or treks to the desert.

Is Dubai THAT hot? What to expect visiting Dubai in Summer

Summers in Dubai are quite hot. It’s scorching hot. We’re talking about temperatures of up to 50°C (122°F). Is it still worthwhile to schedule a stopover or perhaps a longer vacation in Dubai during the scorching summer months, though? Yes, it’s going to be scorching hot, but this is a city that has been designed to withstand such intense temperatures. A summer stay in Dubai may not be as terrible as you imagine – let’s have a look at what you may anticipate to encounter!

Dubai Summer Survival Guide

In this guide on what to anticipate during the summer months in Dubai, we go over the following topics:

  • When it comes to Dubai weather, how hot does it truly get during the height of summer? In Dubai, dealing with the heat is essential, as is dressing appropriately for the heat. The best spots to visit in Dubai during the summer
  • In Dubai, there are several places to stay throughout the summer months.

If you’re seeking for information about winter travel in Dubai, check out our guide to Dubai in the winter.

Dubai Temperature – How hot does it actually get in Summer?

While summer average temperatures have been reported as 45°C (113°F), it is relatively common to have daytime maximum temperatures as high as 50°C (122°F). July and August are the warmest months of the year in Dubai. “Summer” in Dubai is generally defined as the period between May and October. The information for Dubai International Airport was obtained from the UAE National Centre of Meteorology’s climate report 2003-2018 for the city. What you experience in Dubai and what is portrayed in the media during the height of summer might be two completely different things!

In addition, having a weather app that provides you with the “feels like” temperature is beneficial!

It’s also worth noting that, despite the fact that you won’t be exposed to the intense heat of the sun overnight, temperatures don’t truly drop below 30°C (86°F).

Let’s be honest: it’s scorching. Find out more about Dubai’s weather patterns and the ideal time to visit by visiting this website. Also, have a look at these monthly weather forecasts for MAY|JUNE|JULY|AUGUST|SEPTEMBER|OCTOBER

Dealing with the heat in Dubai

For the most part, dealing with the summer heat in Dubai is not quite as difficult as it may appear. For one, practically everything is airconditioned to the hilt–sometimes to the point of being too chilly. It is anticipated that you will arrive at an airconditioned airport, transfer to an airconditioned automobile or Metro train, and then check into an airconditioned hotel. In many places, even bus stations are equipped with air conditioning! While the outside air temperature is quite high, most hotels will freeze their pools in the summer months to provide a pleasant respite from the scorching sun.

The ocean, on the other hand, is a very different story!

And, just in case it wasn’t evident, sand becomes unbearably hot during the summer months.

Dressing for the heat in Dubai

Always remember to dress appropriately for the weather. It is important not to have any illusions about whether or not women must wear a full head covering or burkha. This implies that you should ideally dress in loose cotton clothing that is still appropriate. We’ve put up a comprehensive guide regarding what to dress in Dubai, which you can find here. The following are some critical summer clothing observations:

  • The distinction between “resort dress” and what you wear in public is important for tourists to understand. Despite the fact that this has become more casual over the years (maybe too much? ), as a gesture of respect, please limit the use of scant apparel and bathers to the pool and beach. When strolling through public areas of hotels, taking public transportation, shopping malls, and dining establishments, you should ALWAYS dress respectfully for the Muslim nation in which you are traveling. At a bare minimum, think covered knees and shoulders for both sexes, as well as nothing too clinging or showing – yes, you will see a lot of people breaking this “law”
  • At the most extreme, imagine nothing at all. Choose fabrics such as cotton or rayon that are breathable. Man-made materials will leave you in even more of a hot, sweaty mess than you already are. Temperature reductions between the exterior and the internal air conditioning system may be dramatic and dangerous. Make no mistake about it, you’ll still want to bring a shawl or cardigan for when the weather turns chilly indoors.

Keep a copy of our Dubai Packing List in a convenient location.

Places to visit in Dubai in summer

Despite the fact that many seasonal favorites are closed, there is still enough to do indoors in Dubai to keep you entertained throughout the summer months. If you are specifically seeking for family activities in Dubai, check out this page, which has information on more than 60 indoor activities for children.

Dubai MallBurj Khalifa

Despite the fact that it is summer, one of the world’s largest malls is nevertheless bustling with activity. In fact, you could easily spend a couple of days here and not run out of things to do. Some of our favorite shops and restaurants in Dubai Mall, which is located in the center of “Downtown Dubai,” include:

  • A reservation for the Burj Khalifa Observation Deck (Levels 124125 “At The Top” is required in advance). The Dubai Mall’s basement floor serves as the entry point. For free, you may watch the world’s biggest suspended tank from within the Mall, or you can come inside and participate in a variety of interactive water life activities
  • Dubai AquariumUnderwater Zoo Kidzania Dubai is a realistic town where children “work” to earn Kidzos, which they can then spend on enjoyable activities. VR Park is a virtual reality theme park that is open to the public. Dubai Ice Rink provides indoor ice skating entertainment. Evening fountain show in the Burj Lake, as well as a laser light display atop the Burj Khalifa, among other things. Make sure to take the kids to the massiveHamleysstore, which also has The Toy Store in the basement, which provides lots of FREE fun entertainment.

Dubai Complex is by no means the only retail mall in the world with a lot going on. In reality, malls are where the majority of Dubai’s summertime activity revolves around throughout the day. Several other new indoor concepts are available in Dubai, including the following:

Mall of the Emirates

The Mall of the Emirates is around 30 minutes distant and is easily accessible via the Metro (adapt name station Mall of the Emirates). The Mall of the Emirates is relatively near by for anyone staying at any of the Jumeirah Hotels, and it is just around 10 minutes away from the Dubai Marina/JBR region if you are staying in one of those hotels.

  • Antarctic encounters on Dubai’s ski slopes — sub-zero temps in the middle of summer, yes please
  • A wide range of family entertainment options are available at Magic Planet, including Yalla! Think trampolines when you think about bowling and Gravity Air Park. Visit the massiveVox Cinemacomplex to see the latest releases
  • Dreamscape– Virtual Reality (VR) Experience Rooms

City Centre Mirdif

This fantastic suburban mall, which is located south of Dubai city, is jam-packed with entertainment and culinary options.

Because it is not accessible by public transportation, you would need to use a cab or Uber. Why not give it a shot?

  • Ifly is an indoor flight simulator that provides gravity-defying indoor entertainment. Sky Trails and a Climbing Wall – both of which are located within the Magic Planet children’s entertainment center
  • Vox Cinema, a massive 20-screen complex that hosts every form of film showing you can imagine

Times Square

Ifly indoor flight simulator is a gravity-defying indoor toy that provides hours of indoor entertainment. Sky Trails and a Climbing Wall – both of which are located within the Magic Planet children’s entertainment complex; Every form of movie screening you can imagine is available at the massive 20-screen Vox Cinema.

  • Adventure Zone by Adventure HQ — a facility that provides indoor climbing walls, obstacle courses, and other activities
  • Enjoy a desert drink in the chillout Ice Lounge, which is kept at sub-zero temperatures.

Top Dubai tourist attractions to visit in the summer

These are the most effective for keeping cool indoors, albeit you may need to go a short distance outdoors to get to them.

  • The Dubai Frame, in Zabeel Park, offers spectacular vistas as well as interactive displays about Dubai’s past and present
  • The Etihad Museum, in Abu Dhabi, provides further information about the country’s recent history and its route to unification
  • And the Dubai Museum, in Abu Dhabi. At City Walk, you can visit The Green Planet Dubai, a fully enclosed biodome experience that takes you to a tropical jungle (which is warm but much cooler than the outdoor temperature!). Al Habtoor City is home to Dragone’s La Perleevening spectacular, which is one of the city’s most highly praised stage acts and has a permanent home there.

Theme Parks

  • IMG Worlds of Adventure is a video game developed by IMG Studios. is the only indoor theme park in Dubai
  • Mattel Play! Town– a great themed indoor adventure playground for the younger kids in City Walk
  • Dubai Parks and Resorts– a favorite family offering that includesLegoland Dubai andMotiongate– is another popular family offering that includesLegoland Dubai andMotiongate. However, due to the fact that it is partially outside, it may not be suitable for everyone.

In order to be properly prepared for how hot it may be at Dubai Parks and Resorts in the summer, you should read our thorough description of what to anticipate while visiting the park.

  • In fact, our favorite indoor theme park is Warner Bros World in Abu Dhabi, which is readily accessible from Dubai on a day trip. If time permits and you have access to a transport, we recommend visiting Warner Bros World.

There are a plethora of other entertaining indoor activities, ranging from rock climbing to escape rooms, that can be enjoyed totally indoors throughout the summer months in Dubai – see our comprehensive guide to indoor entertainment in Dubai for more information.

Outdoor activities in Dubai over Summer

The water parks are the most popular outdoor attractions that are still open during the warmest summer months, despite the high temperatures.

Dubai Waterparks

  • Atlantis Aquaventure Water Park (entry is included if you stay at Atlantis the Palm)
  • Wild Wadi Water Park (entry is included if you stay at one of the Jumeirah hotels)
  • Atlantis The Palm Water Park (entry is included if you stay at Atlantis the Palm)
  • Atlantis The Palm Water Park (entry is included if you stay at one of the Jumeirah hotels). A highlight of Laguna Waterpark, which is part of the relatively new La Mer Waterfront development, is that it is best appreciated in the evening. Legoland Water Park (located in Jebel Ali and attached to theDubai ParksResortscomplex)
  • Yas Waterworld (located on Yas Island, Abu Dhabi but definitely worth considering as a day trip, alongside the entirely indoorsWarner Bros Worldwith a free shuttle service from Dubai)
  • And Dubai Water World (located in Jebel Ali and attached to theDubai ParksResortscomplex).

** There are still border restrictions between Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the summer of 2021– only attempt an Abu Dhabi trip if you are confident that you will be able to fulfill the stringent Abu Dhabi entrance criteria! It’s important to remember that even if you rent a cabana, apply sunscreen, and sit in the shade, it may still be brutally hot outside, even at a water park. Keep an eye out for hot surfaces (wear flip flops or non-slip pool shoes everywhere and be VERY careful of touching surfaces).

Outdoor evening activities to try in Dubai in Summer:

As long as you are prepared to be sweating even after the sun goes down, you may participate in these evening activities in Dubai after the sun goes down.

  • The Glow of the Dubai Garden In the past, Dinosaur Park was only open during the winter months, but it stayed open for Eid evenings last year and it appears like it will be open for a much longer season this year to brighten your pleasant evenings
  • Stroll through theAl Fahidi neighborhood, taking in several of the city’s museums and galleries along with a stop at Al Seef Creek before catching a traditional Abra across the gold and spice souks in Deira. In the Walkin JBR, a famous outdoor dining district along with the beach, there is still a thriving nightlife, despite the fact that outside dining is generally removed during the peak of summer. Not only does La Mer include a waterpark, but it also boasts a thriving nightlife zone that maintains a positive attitude even after the sun goes down
  • Souk Madinat Jumeirah is a much more contemporary souk experience, and from here you can enjoy excellent views of the Burj Al Arab and the surrounding area. The majority of the space is indoors and air-conditioned, and there are several food options and lovely canals. See the Dubai fountains up close and personal during this stunning nighttime sound and light extravaganza aboard a traditional dhow boat around Dubai Fountain Lake.

You can discover a comprehensive guide to the top nighttime activities in Dubai right here on our website.

Should I do a Dubai desert safari in Summer?

Many desert safari firms continue to operate throughout the summer months, but with a reduced schedule. However, based on our many years of experience, we believe that somewhere between late May and early October is when the weather starts to become really sticky. If you prefer the heat, you could still find it enjoyable, but if you have little children, I would be exceedingly careful about advising a desert safari during the summer. To avoid the brunt of the day’s heat, it may be preferable to go on a desert safari in the early morning instead.

What will be closed in Dubai over Summer

Our favorite attractions in Dubai that are not available during the summer (check the links for information on when they will re-open; it is usually towards the end of October/beginning of November) include the following:

  • Dubai Miracle Garden, Global Village Dubai, thriving outdoor markets, several day safaris, and beach sporting operators are all available in Dubai.

In recent years, several restaurants and attractions have remained open throughout the summer, sometimes with drastically reduced hours or just open in the evenings.

Outdoor breakfasts are no longer available throughout the summer months, and rooftop decks are only open in the evenings, if at all. Whenever possible, check opening hours throughout Ramadan (late April onwards) and during the summer months for anything that has an outdoor component to it.

Where to stay in Dubai over the summer

The good news is that the answer may be found practically anywhere. All of Dubai’s hotels will be air-conditioned, and it’s quite rare to find a hotel that does not freeze its pool during the warm months in Dubai. Choosing a hotel that is immediately connected to one of the malls or souqs will provide you with fantastic access to leisure and eating options without having to leave your hotel room. Why not give it a shot?

Dubai hotels attached to shopping malls

  • Among the best hotels in Dubai are the Sheratonat Mall of the Emirates and the top-end Kempinski
  • Address Dubai MallandAddress Downtown– both attached to Dubai Mall
  • Armani Hotel Dubaiin Burj Khalifa
  • Address Dubai Marinaattached to Dubai Marina Mall
  • Jumeirah Al Naseemattached to Souk Madinat Jumeirah
  • InterContinentalatDubai Festival City– very close to Dubai International Airport
  • And InterContinentalatDubai Festival City

Best Dubai hotels attached to waterparks

  • Wild Wadi Water Park is related to Jumeirah Beach Hotel
  • Atlantis the Palm is attached to Aquaventure
  • Lapita is attached to Dubai Parks Resorts and Legoland Water Park
  • And Wild Wadi Water Park is attached to Wild Wadi Water Park

Check out some of our favorite Dubai hotels that have a waterpark or water slides in their package!

Dubai hotels with good summer facilities

Several hotel resorts also have little water parks, lazy rivers, and children’s clubs on their premises. With virtually unlimited options and excellent summer values, there’s something for everyone this summer. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Dukesthe Palm is a meandering river that runs through the property. There is a Duksey kids club (with a magnificent infinity pool) on site. The Le Meridien Mina Seyahi has a children’s pool, a children’s club, a playground, and a variety of eating options. The Habtoor Grand Resort features water slides, a children’s pool, an infinity pool, and an indoor playground.

If you want to have a really one-of-a-kind experience during your Dubai layover – and if your budget allows it – consider staying at a hotel with a private pool. If you are only in Dubai for a brief stopover, you may choose to simply remain in the airport during the warmest time of the year. If you are in Dubai for an extended period of time, you may choose to stay in the hotel. We’ve put up a comprehensive list on things to do at DXB Airport.

Before you go…. final tips to help you plan the perfect Dubai trip (even in the hottest months!)

  • Take a look at our important planning information page, which covers all you need to know about getting about Dubai, a useful advice on what to pack, and top suggestions for first-timers on the dos and don’ts, rules and customs to be mindful of.
  • Consider checking out this great list of more than 150 locations you should see while in Dubai
  • To save up to 50% on major Dubai attractions, consider purchasing a UAE Tourist Pass.
  • Discover the greatest places to stay in Dubai, or get a great deal on a hotel room, by visiting the following pages:

Booking.com Finally, a word of caution. We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to remain hydrated! You should take measures if you want to walk outside during the daily heat; be realistic about how far you can travel; and keep the Careem or Uber app on your phone at all times.

Take me back to the Dubai Travel Blog

Please keep in mind that we are not a travel agent. This website is a travel blog designed to assist newcomers to the United Arab Emirates and transit travellers in self-planning their trip; we are unable to arrange your flights, accommodations, visas, or connections on your behalf. If you choose to purchase something after clicking on one of our recommended links, we may receive a small commission. Plan your trip to Dubai with the help of our travel planner.

Weather in UAE

With scorching summers and cold winters, the climate of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is characterized by desert conditions. The majority of the days are bright and pleasant, with the exception of the middle of summer (i.e. July and August), when it is quite hot in the UAE. Visit and travel around the UAE at their most enjoyable during the winter season, which runs from October to March. The weather is temperate and pleasant during this time, making it an excellent time to embark on sightseeing tours or participate in outdoor sports.

During the spring months of March to May, when the temperature begins to steadily rise towards the summer highs, and during the autumn months of September to November, when the temperature begins to steadily decline toward the winter highs.

Winter season in UAE

The winter season in Dubai lasts from October to March, and it is a popular destination for tourists. Due to the fact that the temperature has reached a more reasonable level, this period is regarded to be the most pleasant in terms of weather conditions. During the winter season, the average daytime temperature is 25 degrees Celsius (77 degrees Fahrenheit). When it comes to temperature, the highest temperature recorded is 30 degrees, while the lowest temperature remains around 15 degrees.

Rainfall in Dubai is sporadic and does not linger for an extended amount of time. During the course of a year, Dubai receives just 5 days of rain, which is brief and uncommon. During the winter months, the majority of the rain falls.

Summer season in UAE:

Summer in the United Arab Emirates begins in late May and lasts until September. The weather in the United Arab Emirates is quite hot, with temperatures reaching 45 degrees Celsius (113 degrees Fahrenheit). The humidity level is quite high, averaging more than 90 percent. Despite the fact that the weather is scorching in the summer, there are still a few months to take advantage of, such as May, June, and September, when the temperatures are hot but manageable. We at Seawings can assist you in determining the most convenient time for your seaplane journey, whether you want to view the wonders of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the fauna on Sir Bani Yas Island, or fly to Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi.

Dubai Weather And Best Time To Visit Dubai (2022)

Are you thinking of taking a trip to Dubai? Here’s a look at the weather in Dubai, as well as the ideal time to visit the city. Dubai is a desert metropolis with a climate similar to that of the Sahara. In terms of weather, there isn’t much fluctuation from one month to the next. The city of Dubai has just two seasons, according to some, namely hot and hotter. The months of November through March are the most pleasant for visiting Dubai. During the so-called winter months, Dubai weather is pleasant with bright blue sky, making it ideal for travelling to the beach and seeing ancient Dubai, as well as having a stroll through the alleyways of Al Bastakiya and just wandering around.

Although Dubai does not receive much precipitation, the humidity here may be quite high.

Winter (November to March)

During the winter months of November to March, when Dubai experiences its “winter,” the greatest time to come is during this period. The winter in Dubai is pleasant and conducive to a wide range of outdoor activities of all types. At this time of year, particularly during the months of January and February, the city tends to get quite busy. The Dubai Shopping Festival, which takes place over the months of January and February, attracts a large number of visitors, bringing the city to life. The cost of hotels is rising, as is the cost of plane travel, and everything appears to be out of reach.

The rainy season in Dubai is meant to last from January to March, however the rains are not very strong at this time.

Summer (April to October)

In April, the temperatures begin to increase, and by May, the weather has become officially hot. Photograph by During the peak summer months, the temperature can reach the forties (centigrade). Summers in Dubai are extremely hot and humid, especially in the afternoons. Although there has been no rain, the humidity has remained quite high. It is nearly hard to go sight-seeing or explore the outdoors at this time. A trip to the beach is out of the question since the heat is oppressive. All of the malls and businesses, on the other hand, are air-conditioned, allowing you to shop in comfort.

Hydrate yourself by drinking plenty of water and other fluids and staying hydrated at all times.

Bring your own water bottle with you.

Never go outside during the middle of the day. A major advantage of visiting Dubai during the summer is that hotels will be inexpensive and you will not have to worry about finding a place to stay. In addition, the cost of airfare will be significantly cheaper than it is during the winter months.

Why Visiting Dubai In June Will Be The Best Decision You’ll Ever Make As A Traveler

Without a doubt, Dubai is scorching hot in June! But then it’s the same as it is in every other month, with a few degrees difference here and there. It is advantageous to travel to the capital of the Emirates in June because you will not be confronted with hordes of loud visitors buzzing around and will not be required to stand in long lines at the ticket desks of Dubai’s most popular sites. You will have complete control over the city! For those who are still not convinced, how about some low-cost travel and accommodation options for your consideration?

Weather In Dubai In June

The weather in Dubai in June is a little different from the weather in other months. Even though it is hot and dry in the afternoons in the Middle East, the nights are refreshing and enjoyable. The average temperature in Dubai during the months of May and June is approximately 32°C, with a mild wind blowing constantly. Water activities and swimming on Dubai’s beaches are also ideal in this temperature range.

Why Visit Dubai In The Month Of June

When compared to other months, the weather in Dubai in June is slightly different. Even though it is hot and dry in the Middle East in the afternoons, the evenings are cool and pleasant. Summer temperatures in Dubai average approximately 32°C in May and June, with a gentle breeze blowing across the city. It’s also the perfect temperature for water sports and swimming at the beaches in Dubai.

Things To Do In Dubai In June

There are several activities to do in Dubai in June 2022 that you may enjoy on your holiday. Continue reading by scrolling down the page!

10. Ski Dubai Snow Park – Play With Snow

Are you looking for something to do in Dubai in June? Take a trip to the snow park! Yes, you read that correctly. Ski Dubai Snow Park, the Middle East’s first indoor ski resort, offers a vast mountain-themed area where you can play with snow and ride gondolas. It is the region’s first indoor ski resort. If you want to enjoy a variety of icy rides and even get up up and personal with some penguins while in Dubai during the month of June, this is the place to go. What better way to fight the heat than to spend the entire afternoon rolling about in mounds of fresh, pristine snow?

Mall of the Emirates is the location of this event.

Recommended Reading: 10 Best Indian Restaurants in Dubai for Desi Flavors (Dubai).

9. Dive Atlantis – Go Deep Sea Diving

Image SourceDive Atlantis is a component of the famed luxury hotel Atlantis, which can be found in the Bahamas. Divers can pick from a number of routes based on their level of difficulty at the Palmand dive site. Divers from all over the world go to this location because it provides them with the opportunity to interact with over 65,000 aquatic critters. Having expert guides will ensure that you have the greatest possible time observing the colorful world that exists deep within the Middle Eastern seas.

Known for: A plethora of aquatic life The Gulf of Mexico is the location. The average cost per person is INR 3,500/-. (depending on the course opted for) Recommended Reading: The 6 Best Homestays in Dubai That Are All About Glitz, Glam, and Grandeur (Part 1)

8. Iftar Feast – Relish Scrumptious Dishes

Image courtesy of Shutterstock Iftar is a festive meal that is celebrated throughout Arabia throughout Ramadan with a great deal of fervor and delight. There is no question that Emirati food is among the greatest in the world! However, it is possible to witness it on a massive scale in Dubai during Ramadan, which takes place in June. During this week, several hotels hold all-you-can-eat buffets with traditional Arabic and Emirati foods such as slow-cooked lamb, rice, and date-based desserts. When visiting Dubai in June, you may also spend time with friends while enjoying Iftar cuisine offered in the many Ramadan tents set up by seaside hotels in the city’s downtown area.

Other hotels that hold Iftar dinners include the Four Points by Sheraton, The Palm, and the Crowne Plaza Dubai.

Famous for:Delicious meals and a wide range of entertaining activities.

7. Burj Khalifa – Watch The Dubai Fountain Show From The Top

The Dubai Fountain, which is located directly outside the world-famous Dubai Mall at the base of the iconic Burj Khalifa, is the world’s biggest choreographed fountain system and is the world’s most visited tourist attraction. This ‘dancing water show’ is a popular nighttime attraction for both locals and visitors, and it has the ability to halt people in their tracks the instant it begins! With water streams reaching up to 150 meters in the air, each multi-colored and lit jet sways in time with diverse musical numbers from across the world, creating an awe-inspiring spectacle to witness.

Known for: Having the biggest synchronized fountain system in the world.

6. Dubai Mall – Visit The Aquarium And Underwater Zoo

Another thing to do in June while on vacation in Dubai is to visit the world’s biggest suspended aquarium, where you can see hundreds of aquatic species up close. This aquarium on the ground level, as well as the underwater zoo on the second, house approximately 140 kinds of sea creatures such as sharks, stingrays, and Sand Tiger sharks. Together, they provide a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with marine life. Known for: Having the world’s largest underwater zoo. Dubai Mall is the location.

Visiting hours: Sunday and Wednesday, 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. Recommended Reading: These Sleeping Pods at Dubai Mall Will Make Your Luxury Shopping Experience Even More Comfortable

5. Aquaventure Waterpark – Thrill Out!

Aquaventure Waterpark, which is a component of the Palm Atlantis Hotel, offers a variety of record-breaking attractions and slides that will send your adrenaline levels shooting through the roof. In addition to exhilarating rides and entertaining water activities, this waterpark provides tourists with the opportunity to observe sharks and rays while relaxing on the hotel’s own beach. It is impossible to visit Dubai without stopping at this 17-hectare amusement park, which has unique attractions and slides that are unlike any other in the globe.

Houses one-of-a-kind water rides and is well-known for.

Hours: 10 a.m.

Read this article on the website: There are 37 Best Places to Visit in Dubai at Night in 2022 for a Vacation in Starry Landscapes, according to Travel + Leisure.

4. Night Markets – Shop Till You Drop

Image courtesy of Shutterstock Dubai’s nightlife becomes even more enticing during the month of Ramadan. While the streets may be quiet during the day, they come to life at night with celebrations, lights, and plenty of people laughing. It’s especially during the festival’s last 10 days that the night markets transform into a brightly lit and vibrant hive of activity, selling a wide variety of fantastic Eid goods such as food items, lanterns, home decor, clothing, and other products. There are other markets to choose from, but the best is held at the World Trade Center’s Za’abeel Hall.

Suggested Read more about the 15 best markets in Dubai in 2022 for pampering the shopping-obsessed among us.

3. The Walk JBR – Attend The RWAQ Ramadan

Image courtesy of Shutterstock If you want to see the flashy side of Ramadan in Dubai, then go over to the RWAQ Ramadan at JBR the Walk. This participatory event, which includes a sumptuous combination of art, cuisine, and shopping, provides guests with a new perspective on the celebration of Ramadan. In addition, if you are visiting Dubai in June, the Ramadan gallery and workshop will definitely take your breath away! In addition to fusion delicacies, retail therapy, art installations, food and beverage options and exhibitions inspired by Arabian culture, the festival will be one of the top events in Dubai in June.

to 2 a.m.

2. Mosques – Seek Solace

Image courtesy of Shutterstock The mosques in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are unquestionably beautiful structures. But, if you add a beautiful little Ramadan touch to them, you’ve got yourself a winner! During Ramadan, mosques in Abu Dhabi and Dubai not only provide a wonderful platform for understanding the religious significance of the celebration, but they also dazzle visitors with exteriors adorned with thousands of glittering lights! While mosques such as Imam Hussein, Al Farooq Bin Al Khattab, and Khalifa al Tajer provide beautiful lit-up vistas, nothing compares to the jaw-dropping views from the ultra-grand Jumeirah Mosque in Dubai and the Sheik Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi!

Known for: The tranquil ambience and majestic structures that surround it. Recommended Reading: 12 Dubai Travel Tips to Make the Most of Your Perfect Holiday in 2022

1. Dubai Creek – DineSail On The Dhow Cruise

Is there anything better than sailing the Dubai Creek on a luxurious boat? The Dubai Creek will be traveling on that boat during the month of June, to be precise. The classic Dhow Cruise is unlike any other, as it provides a huge portion of unrivaled luxury while you enjoy a lovely meal and beautiful views of the illuminated Dubai metropolis from the top of the ship’s deck. When it is not filled with visitors, this famous cruise becomes more more appealing, as you may experience its undivided luxury, atmosphere, and entertainment as if you were a wealthy Sheikh of the Middle East!

The location is Dubai Creek.

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Tips For Visiting Dubai In June

  • Bring hats, scarves, sunglasses, and plenty of sunscreen with you. Pack light-colored cotton garments that are not too formal. Carry water with you on your sightseeing trip to ensure that you remain hydrated at all times. Because bottled water in Dubai is pricey, it is best to fill your water bottles at the hotel. Don’t consume alcoholic beverages, smoke, eat, or even chew gum in public
  • Dress in a professional manner. During Ramadan, the laws governing clothing standards are more stringent. Fridays are a day off for local marketplaces such as Meena Bazaar, which are closed during the day. During Ramadan, bars are only open after sunset and are significantly quieter. If you are considering a desert safari in Dubai in June, you should be aware that there will be no belly dance performances in the desert safari during Ramadan
  • Otherwise, you should arrange another activity.

More information may be found at:Special Dubai Pass: Travelers can now enjoy cash-free access to major attractions and sightseeing tours! Are you planning a trip to Dubai in June? We’re sure you are! Do you have any other suggestions on how to enjoy Dubai during this period? In the meantime, let us know in the comments below and start planning your June vacation in Dubai for a whole lot of fun and excitement at this Emirati treasure! Disclaimer: Unless otherwise stated, TravelTriangle does not claim credit for any of the photographs that appear on our blog site.

Whenever feasible, we attempt to connect back to the original sources.

We think that correct acknowledgement should be given to the original author, artist, or photographer when possible.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dubai In June

Is it safe to go through Dubai during the COVID period? You must adhere to all of the travel regulations established by the authorities and have yourself tested no later than 48 hours before your scheduled departure. Maintain social separation by using appropriate disguises. If you have any of these symptoms while traveling, you should get yourself checked and placed on a required quarantine. Where does Dubai’s warmest month fall on the calendar year? In Dubai, the month of August is the warmest month of the year.

If you want to travel during this month, you will most likely be able to get excellent travel prices because hotels and tourist destinations are less congested at this time of year.

Yes, you may sunbathe in Dubai throughout the month of June, but make sure to do it first thing in the morning.

Al Mamzar Beach Park (Al Mamzar Beach Park is a park on the coast of Oman).


4) The beach in Umm Suqeim Park 5th Place: Mercato Beach Jumeirah Beach (number six).

If you’re traveling on a tight budget, June is an excellent month to visit Dubai because hotels and sightseeing excursions are still at their lowest prices during this month.

Is it too hot in Dubai in June?

Temperatures can reach 38 degrees during the day, while temperatures can dip to 26 degrees at night.

However, the location offers exciting vacation opportunities throughout the year and may be visited at any time of year.

The months of November through March are the most pleasant for visiting Dubai.

In addition, the weather remains favorable throughout this period, allowing you to arrange exciting trips.

Visit the Palm Jumeirah, Flyboarding, Desert Safari, Bastakiya Quarter, and Aquaventure Waterpark, among other attractions.

How can I go to Dubai?

Airports in different regions of the globe may be reached easily from Dubai International Airport.

People Also, check out: In June, South Korea will host the Winter Olympics. In June, Hong Kong will host the Asian Games. Austria will host the World Cup in June.

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