What To Do In Desert Of Dubai? (TOP 5 Tips)

When is the best time to visit desert safari in Dubai?

  • The best time to visit desert safari in Dubai is between November and March. The temperatures can moderately rise up but during this period of time, it should be okay. Dune bashing can be a rough ride. Pregnant women are not advised to do dune bashing.

What activities can you do in the desert?

7 Things to do in the Sahara Desert (Besides Riding a Camel)

  • Ride a quad bike.
  • Desert Spa Day.
  • Stargazing.
  • Sand surfing.
  • Sit around the camp fire.
  • Spot wildlife.
  • Watch the sunset (or sunrise!)

What is the famous desert in Dubai?

One of the closest deserts to the Emirate of Dubai, Al Qudra Desert, located less than an hour’s drive from the city, is one of the most popular camping spots amongst residents.

What can I do in desert safari?

The Morning Desert Safari Kicking off at the break of dawn, you can explore different activities, which include hot air balloons, quad bikes, wildlife, and not forgetting the thrilling camel rides. You should not limit yourself; you can also go ski on sands and sandboarding.

What do you experience in a desert?

In general, deserts are hot and dry; the desert sun is intense, evapo- ration is high and (except during the rainy season) there are generally few clouds and very little rain. You are outside, in the desert. You are outside, in the desert. It is the month of June before the rains of summer.

What are 3 interesting facts about the desert?

Desert Facts for Kids

  • A desert receives less than 10 inches of rain a year.
  • A lot of the animals that live in the desert are nocturnal.
  • The Sahara is the largest hot desert on Earth.
  • Antarctica is the largest cold desert on Earth.
  • 20 percent of the world’s land surface is desert.

Does desert have two S’s?

Desert, spelled with one S, refers to a dry region. Dessert, spelled with two S’s, refers to a sweet dish eaten after a meal. Sometimes, though, desert is an entirely different word referring to what you deserve, especially in the phrase just deserts.

Can you drive to desert in Dubai?

You can drive alongside the desert and take walks into it and there are various places along the Dubai-Kalba Road where you can stop and rent dune buggies or walk into the desert. To drive into the desert a desert safari is your best bet.

Why should I visit the desert?

Visiting a desert destination can help you avoid the crowds and enjoy a peaceful experience. For many of us, when we think of the desert, we think of those enchanting photos we have seen of the sun rising and setting amongst wildflowers and other-worldly wildlife.

Why is the life in desert difficult?

Deserts are perhaps one of the most difficult places to live. The main characteristic of deserts is that they are extremely dry. Because humans need so much water, surviving in deserts is very difficult. This, in turn, makes it even harder for human life to persist because there is always risk of running out of food.

How is the life in the desert?

Deserts are characterized by their rainfall —or rather, their lack of it. Plants, animals and other organisms that live in deserts have evolved to survive harsh conditions, scarce water and barren landscapes. Some desert habitats are short-lived—springing up to brighten the landscape only when the rains come.

What are the disadvantages of living in a desert?

Disadvantage: Lack of Water Lack of water, the most evident disadvantage to deserts in general, results from the combined effects of insufficient rainfall and rapid water evaporation by nearby land masses.

17 Best Things to Do in the Desert of Dubai – Sandboarding, Camel .

Discover the most exciting activities to participate in in Dubai’s desert! Go on a Jeep safari, try sandboarding, go camel riding, or learn more about falconry, among other activities. There are a variety of interesting and odd activities to participate in. Enjoy yourself and don’t forget to bring your shades. Things to accomplish throughout the course of the day (1 to 13)

1 – Go on a jeep safari

Travel into the desert in a 44 vehicle so that you may explore the desert comfortably and with the assistance of the driver. The cost of a jeep safari across the desert ranges from 40€ to more than 100€. Typically, these trips are bundled with a variety of additional activities such as dune bashing or sand boarding, so check for packages that include everything.

2 – Be brave to try out dune bashing

Get into a 4×4 and go dune bashing with a professional driver to get the whole experience. These dunes are ideal for adrenaline junkies, and the ride in the jeep up and down them will certainly be a sensation for you. Many of these sorts of excursions are included in jeep safari trips, so check out TourScanner for the most affordable options available.

3 – Ride a dirt bike in the desert…

A dirt bike journey in the desert will take you crashing through the sand dunes. An introductory instruction for novices is included, as is all of the necessary equipment to ensure their safety. These excursions are fairly pricey, but if you’re a bike enthusiast who wants to get your heart pumping, this is the tour for you.

4 -… or try out a fat tire bike

Explore the deserts of Dubai on two wheels, or even better, on a fat bike, for a unique perspective. You may explore the desert on these motorcycles, which have over-sized tires that are intended to handle the sand of the desert with the assistance of a knowledgeable guide. There are fat bike tours that take you around the desert for 5 hours, so if you’re feeling brave, put your fitness to the test on one of these tours!

5 – Hop on a hot air balloon and see the desert from the sky

By taking a hot air balloon ride above the desert, you can see the safari from a fresh viewpoint. These trips typically begin in the early morning hours in order to take advantage of the even more magnificent scenery as the sun begins to rise. If you’re feeling adventurous, take a ride in a hot air balloon and don’t forget to bring your camera to capture the scenery!

6 – Learn about falconry in the desert

Watch as trained falcons soar up to 4,000 feet in the air and perform a show for you. Combine the falconry demonstration with a hot air balloon trip and a sumptuous brunch to make the experience even more memorable.

7 – Have fun on a sandboard

Try your hand at sandboarding, a classic desert sport. If you enjoy sliding down the dunes on a board, you should certainly add this activity in your desert safari itinerary!

8 – Go on a camel safari and explore the desert

You’re almost certain to see camels in Dubai’s desert, so why not try your hand at camel riding? The proprietors of the camels will offer you lessons on how to board a camel, since they are well-known for being gentle animals.

Camel riding should unquestionably be included in your desert safari Dubai experience. Camel farms may also be visited if you’re interested in learning more about these specific creatures in their natural environment.

9 – Go horse riding

Horse riding over the desert is a similar experience to camel riding and is available in the same locations. These kinds of encounters are extremely rare and are ideal for unwinding and relaxing. A guide will accompany you at all times during the horseback riding excursion, which will last around 90 minutes.

10 – Ride a quad bike or drive a buggy

Riding a quad bike in the desert will undoubtedly be an exciting experience. They offer you training on how to operate the quad and outfit you with protective gear for the experience. Alternatively, if you like, you may ride in a buggy, which is often more comfortable. Both are a little pricey, but you can get the greatest offers on TourScanner, which generally include additional activities to do in the desert as well as transportation.

11 – Get in a vintage Land Rover

If you’re searching for something even more opulent, take a vintage Land Rover out on a desert safari and explore the landscape in style. These kind of trips are often pricey, but they are well worth your money because they include a variety of additional activities that will enhance your desert safari experience.

12 – Discover Hatta Heritage Village

Learn about living at the Hatta Heritage Town, a reconstructed mountain village where mud and stone cottages depict how people lived hundreds of years ago. Combine your visit to this town with a 4×4 ride to get the most out of your trip, while most excursions already include transportation.

13 – Encounter wildlife at Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

The Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve is best explored by range rover with a professional safari guide who will accompany you on your journey. You will be able to fully appreciate the pristine desert eco-system and animals, which is the most meticulously conserved location in the United Arab Emirates.

  • Tours to the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve are comparable in price.

Things to do at night and in the early morning (14 to 17)

14 – Spend a night at the camp in the desert

To make your trip even more memorable, consider spending the night in the desert. After a long day of activities, you may relax at the royal hideaway in the Dubai desert and unwind after a long day of activities. If you wish to stay overnight, look for the greatest offers on TourScanner. Prices might vary depending on how nice you want your stay to be.

15 – Taste local cuisine and enjoy a show

To make your trip even more memorable, consider spending the night in the desert! After a long day of activity, you may relax at the royal hideaway in the Dubai desert and unwind after your journey. If you wish to stay overnight, check out TourScanner for the best prices. Prices might vary depending on how nice you want your stay to be.

16 – Get mesmerisedby stargazing

Nothing compares to the experience of stargazing in the middle of the desert at night. It is one of the most beautiful sensations and the perfect way to unwind after the heat and intensity of the activities that you have participated in. If you want to get the most out of your nighttime stargazing experience, an astronomy expert may give you a tour of the night sky as you and your friends take in the breathtaking view.

  • Take part in a private night safari that includes an astronomy lesson.

17 – Try a desert safari by night

On a 5-hour trip, you’ll get to see the desert at night. As the sun sets, you’ll board a private vintage Land Rover and head out into the desert to see wildlife and admire the scenery.

You will be accompanied at all times by a professional driver and guide who will guarantee that you have a delightful experience. Afterwards, it is highly advised that you remain overnight at the retreat and stargaze with an astronomer guide during the nighttime hours.

BONUS – Check combos and don’t miss any good deals

Make the most of your time in Dubai by combining your desert safari with other activities. Tour around Dubai, including stops at various sights. A few examples are tickets that include a tour of Dubai, a trip to the top of the Burj Khalifa, a dinner cruise on the Arabian Gulf, and admission to the Dubai Aquarium all in one package. An excellent option to consider if you are short on time is a combination of two or more items. Visit TourScanner to see how the various combinations stack up against one another.

Travel tips

  • Between November and March, the best time to go on a desert safari in Dubai is during the day. It is possible that the temperatures may considerably climb, but this should not be a problem during this time period. Dune bashing may be a challenging experience. It is not recommended that pregnant women participate in dune bashing. Additionally, persons with neck or back difficulties, as well as those who suffer from nausea or vertigo, should avoid this product. Wearing a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun – which is fairly intense – should not be overlooked
  • Remember to bring warm clothes to put on later in the evening as the temperature begins to drop in the desert in the evening. Dress in loose-fitting clothing and shoes — preferably sandals so that you may quickly remove the sand
  • Before boarding a camel, pay attention to your guide’s instructions because it is not the same as doing so on a horse. Do not forget to bring your camera
  • There are several wild deer and reptiles that you will undoubtedly want to photograph with your device.

We hope that this detailed information will assist you in planning your schedule for your vacation to Dubai! More ideas for things to do and places to visit in Dubai may be found on our most comprehensive list of the best things to do in Dubai, which includes over 100 activities and attractions. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions in the comments section below. I wish you all the best of luck in the desert!

Top 6 things to do in Dubai’s desert

DesertMonday, August 24, 2020 8:00 a.m. There is lots to do in our ‘desert city,’ whether you want to increase your adrenaline levels with a desert safari or relax with a luxurious overnight stay. There is lots to do in our ‘desert city,’ whether you want to increase your adrenaline levels with a desert safari or relax with a luxurious overnight stay. 1

Embark on a desert safari

The desert safari is one of the most authentically ‘Dubai’ experiences you can have. Take a backseat (unless you like to be in the driver’s seat of your four-wheeled vehicle) and hang on tight while a skilled driver maneuvers the vehicle over sand dunes at high speeds while you watch. Feel the adrenaline rush as you teeter on the precipice of seemingly vertical drops, before plunging down sandy slopes and climbing back up for another go. If you book with the tour firm Arabian Adventures, you’ll have a few of pauses for sunset shots before being securely transported to a traditional-style Bedouincamp, where you’ll be treated to a feast beneath the stars.

Rev up for quadbiking

Instruct your taxi driver to take you to Big Red, Dubai’s most renowned sand dune, where you may rent a quadbike and explore the desert scenery on your own terms. These quadbikes, which are available for hire, are fast and easy to manage, but all riders must wear a helmet to ensure their safety. As you hurtle and bounce over Dubai’s most renowned piece of sand, you’ll be following the dunes’ natural route, kicking sand in the faces of your fellow riders. Big Red, or Al Hamar as it is called in the local community, is easily identifiable along the Dubai-Hatta (E44) highway.3

Go sandboarding in style

This is a thrilling ride for serious adrenaline junkies. Stabilize this snowboard-like device to your feet and glide through the sand dunes like you’re on the slopes of Ski Dubai! In addition to sandboarding rentals at Big Red, there are a number of firms, such as Dream Explorer Dubai, that provide a more comprehensive experience.

The five-hour morning safari and sandboarding package begins with a desert safari in a Hummer and concludes with a sandboarding lesson, during which you’ll learn all of the tricks of riding down a dune safely. 4

Indulge in a royal experience

In theDubai Desert Conservation Reserve, where you may see local species such as Arabian oryx, Platinum Heritage, a luxury tour operator based in Dubai, provides a number of safaris in Series 1 Landrovers. Guests will be transported through a genuine desert adventure while riding in antique automobiles. The morning wildlife excursion may be combined with a traditional Emirati breakfast and narration by a local Bedouin to create an unforgettable experience. Alternatively, go on a night safari, where you’ll pause to take in breathtaking sunsets before finishing with a sumptuous lunch at a royal desert hideaway.

Stay overnight in the desert

If camping isn’t your thing, the Al Maha Desert ResortSpa in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve takes glamping to a whole new level with luxurious tented-style villas in a resort setting, each with its own private infinity pool, and a spa on site. A location for leisure rather than risk-taking, it offers a variety of low-key activities, the highlight of which is sunset camel rides through the undulating dunes, which are particularly beautiful at sunset. Request a villa with a view of one of the natural oasis, where you can watch gazelles and Arabian oryx come and go for a drink while you relax.

Up, up and away with hot air ballooning

A hot air balloon journey above Dubai’s undulating desert dunes will provide you with a whole different view on the city. Book a flight with Balloon Adventures and experience the excitement of soaring above the clouds while taking in the breathtaking scenery below. Whether you choose to leave at sunrise or sunset, you’ll have the opportunity to see herds of Arabian oryx and gazelles grazing freely across the huge expanse, as well as take images that will make your friends green with envy. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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THE TOP 10 Dubai Outdoor Activities (w/Prices)

It is true that Dubai is known for its ultra-luxurious hotels, upmarket dining establishments, and world-class shopping malls, but the emirate’s picturesque deserts and turquoise sea provide the backdrop for a diverse range of outdoor activities. Safaris in the Sahara Desert The desert dominates the terrain of the United Arab Emirates, and many of Dubai’s most popular outdoor attractions, which are set among the undulating sand dunes, may be incorporated into a one day excursion. There are several options for visiting the region, including a classic desert trip on a camel or horse, or something a bit more adrenaline-pumping like negotiating the dunes in a Hummer, Jeep, dune buggy, or quad bike.

  1. Cruises and boat excursions are available.
  2. A variety of boat excursions from the city are available, ranging from a romantic dhow dinner cruise to an exhilarating speed boat ride around the Palm Jumeirah (the world’s largest artificial island).
  3. Getting into the water in Dubai is the best way to cool off after a hot day out in the sun.
  4. Swim with dolphins, scuba dive with sharks, and snorkel in the Lost Chambers Aquarium, all of which are available at the luxurious Atlantis Resort.
  5. It is possible to capture snapper, grouper, catfish, barracuda, and even baby sharks in the calm waters of the Persian Gulf’s deep sea fishing grounds.

Falconry excursions are also quite popular in Dubai, and while you won’t be catching supper during this trip, you will be able to learn about the sport and even try handling a falcon in the deserts just outside of the city limits.

10 TOP Things to Do in Dubai Desert (2022 Attraction & Activity Guide)

Discover what it is that makes the Dubai Desert tick with some of the most popular day excursions from the city. Investigate our, and book with confidence knowing that we provide free cancellation with no further fees. Discover dozens of experiences ranging from activities and sites to day excursions and transportation services and everything in between. Skip the lines and buy tickets to major attractions online in minutes. Many activities offer free cancellation, so you can avoid waiting in line.

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Most popular experiences in Dubai Desert

Looking for sports, concerts, or theatrical events in Dubai Desert? Look no farther than Eventbrite. Look for event tickets to see what’s going on today or to plan what you’re going to do this weekend!

Frequently asked questions

One of the world’s largest retail and entertainment malls offers a variety of activities such as browsing, shopping, playing, and dining. Dubai Mall is a shopping mall in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The world’s highest man-made building is a city in the sky that contains luxury residences, offices, and a hotel. It is the world’s tallest man-made structure. The Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world. Nothing says vacation quite like spending a quiet day at Dubai’s Jumeirah Beach, which is a famous tourist destination.

  1. Jumeirah Beach is a popular tourist destination in Dubai.
  2. Discover the desert vistas and stores of the surrounding region.
  3. Take a journey to Sheikh Zayed Road, which is a well-known tourist destination in Dubai.
  4. Sheikh Zayed Road is a road in Dubai.
  5. Gold Souk is a place where gold is traded.
  6. Dubai Fountain is a water feature in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Dubai AquariumUnderwater Zoo

Bring the whole family to Dubai AquariumUnderwater Zoo to see the sea animals that call it home and discover why it is one of the most popular attractions in the city. Take a stroll along the riverside or browse the shops in this bustling neighborhood. The Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo are two of the most popular attractions in the city. Explore the city’s waterways, where you’ll witness both old and new Dubai, as well as a wide diversity of species. Dubai Creek is a waterway that runs through the city.

Day trip destinations from Dubai Desert

Welcome to the desert of Dubai, traveler. Your journey has brought you to this point, and fresh experiences are beckoning you to join them. Now that you’ve arrived, you have the option of remaining in the safety and security of your hotel and watching the world go by.or you may choose to embrace this new environment that you’ve discovered.

Learn the layout of the city’s streets. Meet the individuals who live there. Learn about the organization’s history. Isn’t it true that your hand is already on the doorknob?

Things to Do in Dubai Desert

There are plenty of things to do in Dubai Desert if you don’t mind the heat. In quest of museums and boutiques.or the next fantastic meal.explore the downtown area and its surrounding areas. What catches your attention? Have you heard about the delicious five-course meal at the restaurant you’ve been hearing so much about? Alternatively, you could want to read the newspaper while drinking hot coffee at one of the many cafés that can be found around the city. Visit the theatre or simply stroll down the main avenue, taking in the sights of the passing traffic.

  1. As you travel through this new location, allow the possibilities to wash over you.
  2. Choose from a variety of smaller stores to get the right memento, or visit a gallery to completely rediscover your creative style and discover a new favorite one.
  3. Rent a car and drive it outside the city boundaries, all the way out into the great wide open.
  4. A trip to the county fair is a great way to relive childhood memories while eating cotton candy that melts in your mouth.
  5. Your options are limitless—and so are the adventures that await you.
  6. After all, the money you save when you book your vacation with us is better spent on activities and excursions along the route.

Desert Safari Dubai

Dubai’s scenery is characterised by a sandy desert pattern, which contributes to the city’s extraordinary attractiveness despite its geography being distinct from the rest of the United Arab Emirates. As a result, a visit to one of the most important emirates in the United Arab Emirates is an exciting experience for the majority of visitors. Desert Safari in Dubai transports you on an exhilarating journey into the adventure of a lifetime, where guests may take pleasure in the pristine white sand that is clean and very fine.

You will ride in a 4×4 vehicle, camels, or even hot air balloons to get to the camping site. Change the course of yourDubai ToursExperience with stunning additions that include a blend of Modern City Highlights and Authentic Heritage, which will include the following:

  • The Dubai Burj Khalifa, the Burj Al Arab, the Dubai Mall, the Dubai Museum, the Dubai Miracle Garden, and the Spice Souk are all worth seeing.

In addition to discovering UAE’s major and beautifulDubai Desert Safariin its most fantastic hues, with a definitive excursion into the Arabian Desert, you can take your vacation to a whole new level of excitement by visiting the UAE’s significant and beautifulDubai Desert Safari.

Types of Desert Safari Tours in Dubai

By discovering UAE’s important and beautifulDubai Desert Safariin its most fantastic hues, with a definitive adventure into the Arabian Desert, visitors may take their enjoyment of the modern attractions to a whole new level of excitement.

1. The Morning Desert Safari

To begin with, this is the first trip that is designed to accommodate those with demanding schedules. Because most individuals don’t have time to go on an evening safari, the morning safari will suffice in this case. Visitors may take advantage of the first rays of sunlight, which provide a spectacular view of the dawn, while enjoying the cold morning temperatures. Starting at the crack of dawn, you may take part in a variety of activities such as hot air balloon flights, quad biking, wildlife viewing, and, of course, exhilarating camel rides, amongst other things.

Even though the length of the morning safari might vary depending on your tour package, most firms provide a 2-hour package travel to the majority of clients.

Explore the Treasures of Dubai Desert and more on yourDubai Trips!

Starting with the fact that this is the first trip that is designed to accommodate those with demanding schedules, Because most individuals don’t have time to go on an evening safari, the morning safari will suffice in most cases. Visitors may take pleasure in the first rays of sunlight that illuminate the sky and provide a spectacular view of the dawn while enjoying the cool morning air temperatures. Starting at the crack of dawn, you may take part in a variety of activities such as hot air balloon flights, quad biking, wildlife viewing, and, of course, thrilling camel rides, amongst other options.

Even though the length of your morning safari might vary based on your tour package, most firms provide a 2-hour package travel to the majority of clients.

3. The 4×4 Desert Safari

Dubai City is a treasure trove with infinite things to discover and enjoy. In general, the safari is more than an adventure, and you may participate in a more remarkable experience while remaining on the outskirts of town. Once the 4×4 vehicle has arrived at the event location in the desert, there are a plethora of things to participate in. Camel riding, for example, is a must-do activity on this sort of vacation itinerary. ATVing on your own is also thrilling, as is getting henna tattoos done on your hands for a change of pace.

These vehicles, on the other hand, have limited capabilities and may be unable to reach some locations.

4. Overnight Desert Safari

The night sky is all you need to look at if you want to have a profitable experience in the Arabian Desert. Consequently, be sure to bring your camera with you in order to capture some images of this breathtaking place. As everyone retires to the comfort of their respective camps, this is where you will create lasting memories. After supper, you may have some time away from your teammates to listen to the sound of the wind as it smashes the sand in the stillness of the nighttime. It is also the greatest time for some entertainment to take place at night.

You may enjoy yourself while watching a belly dancer perform and have fun with your friends in a variety of ways. Make certain, though, that you have enough sleeping bags and blankets to last you through the evening and into the night.

5. Hot Air Ballon Desert Safari

The night sky is all you need to look at if you want to have a profitable experience in the Arabian desert. To capture the beauty of this location, make sure to bring your camera along with you. While everyone is relaxing in the luxury of their camp, this is where you will create wonderful memories. If you want to spend some time alone after supper, you can leave your team and listen to the sound of the wind as it smashes the sand on a quiet night. It is also the finest time for some light entertainment in the evening hours.

Make certain, though, that you have enough sleeping bags and blankets to last you through the evening and into the morning.

6. The Camel Safari in Dubai

Camel riding is one of the most exhilarating excursions available, and it is one of the oldest modes of exploration. Camel riding, in contrast to the 4×4 trip, is a slower-paced and more calm experience for tourists, and it also provides them with more time to ponder as the desert breezes strike their skin. Furthermore, camels are capable of traveling to locations where motor vehicles are unable to travel. Once you’ve returned to the camp with your camel, you may try your hand at some additional pastimes.

Here is where you may conjure up all of the fascinating and colorful images of Dubai that you desire.

Plan your Next Trip with Memphis Tours Experts and Tailor-make yourDubai VacationNow!

Plan your trip to Dubai and take advantage of a diverse range of attractions, activities, and places to visit in a schedule that is ideally adapted to your preferences and time constraints. Memphis Tours Dubai will provide you with the most authentic and in-depth experience in the Arabian Golf, in the Dubai Desert, and with the City of Gold!

Guide to Your First Desert Safari in Dubai: 5 Things You Need to Know

Xun-Lin Wong contributed to this article. 12th of July, 2021 Photograph courtesy of Aline Grubnyak/Unsplash Taking a step back from Dubai’s towering skyscrapers, cutting-edge architecture, and breathtaking skyline, you’ll discover a city that is rich in culture, tradition, and history, all of which is preserved in the surrounding deserts by the city’s Bedouin residents. Find out more about the fascinating Emirati culture on a desert safari into the unknown. You’ll also get to see the diverse and ever-changing landscapes that surround this desert metropolis, from the peaceful lakes of Al Qudra to the “Big Red” dunes of Al Badayer.

What are the different types of desert safaris in Dubai?

There are many various forms of desert safaris available for you to enjoy the beauty and rich culture of Dubai’s deserts, whether it’s in a luxurious range rover or a thrilling 4×4 drive, at dark or at dawn. The following are some of the most common types of vacations for you to pick from, based on your hobbies and travel choices.

Morning desert safaris

Photograph courtesy of Hot Air Balloon UAE/Tripadvisor Most morning desert safari trips will pick you up from your hotel accommodation as early as 4:30 a.m. and transport you directly into the heart of the desert. The sunrise excursions allow you to see the sunrise and revel in the peaceful and cool morning before the tourists begin to trickle in. This is ideal for enjoying adventurous sports on the dunes while avoiding the scorching afternoon sun. The proverbial adage says that the early bird gets the worm.

In a Bedouin-style tent, finish off your morning with a fantastic breakfast that includes Arabic coffee, dates, and traditional pastries, among other things.

Following your early-morning Red Dunes desert safari excursion with Oscar Knight Tours, you will be returned to your hotel by late afternoon, allowing you to take use of the remaining time to explore the magnificent city of Dubai.

Evening desert safaris

The image is from of Hot Air Balloon UAE/Tripadvisor Starting as early as 4:30 a.m., most morning desert safari trips will pick you up from your hotel accommodation and transport you directly into the heart of the Sahara Desert. The sunrise excursions allow you to watch the sunrise and revel in the calm and cool morning before the tourists begin to trickle in. This is the ideal time to enjoy adventurous sports on the dunes without the strong midday heat pounding down upon you. To paraphrase a popular proverb, “the early bird gets the worm.” Evening activities such as hot air balloon flights over the desert are included in some early morning desert tours.

Taking this morning Red Dunes desert safari trip with Oscar Knight Tours will return you to your hotel by early afternoon, allowing you to spend the remainder of your day seeing the magnificent city of Dubai.

Overnight desert safaris

Photo courtesy of Abed Ismail/Unsplash If you can’t decide between a day and a night desert safari, an overnight desert safari tour allows you to experience the best of both worlds in one trip. Your whole desert experience takes place over 14 to 18 hours and begins in the late afternoon with adventurous activities that will get your heart racing. During the evenings, guests may take in live entertainment and delectable cuisine, as well as an unforgettable camping experience beneath the glittering desert sky in a Bedouin-style tent.

Photograph courtesy of Orient Tours – Day Tours on Tripadvisor.

How much does a desert safari in Dubai cost?

Desert safari prices vary depending on a number of factors, including the operator, the length of the trip (whether it is day, night, or overnight), the number of activities included, the type of transportation supplied, meal options, and a variety of other considerations.

Budget-friendly desert safaris

The cheapest desert safaris in Dubai start from as little as AED36 to AED73 (USD10 to USD20) and include hotel pick-up. If you’re looking for a no-frills desert experience — exploring the dunes on foot or in a self-guided vehicle — some of the cheapest desert safaris in Dubai start as little as AED36 to AED73 (USD10 to USD20) and include hotel pick-up However, for an extra AED110 to AED183 (USD30 to USD50), you may enhance your desert safari tour to a higher level of luxury and include a few of must-do desert activities in your schedule, all while keeping the cost of the tour reasonably low.

Photograph courtesy of Ishan @seefromthesky/Unsplash TheDubai Red Dune Desert Safari by Dream Journey is a terrific value-for-money tour choice that includes camel riding, sandboarding, dune bashing, sunset picture opportunities, and an upgrade option to include a desert camp visit with fun camp activities and cuisine.

Prices start at just AED146 (USD40). In case you’re traveling in a group, theDubai Desert Safari Private Car trip is an excellent deal, as it costs only AED183 (USD50) per person for a party of five participants.

Luxury desert safaris

Explore the Dubai desert in the style of Emirati royalty and indulge on a luxury desert safari, which may cost anywhere from AED367 to AED1836 (USD100 to USD500) per person, depending on the package. In addition to hotel pickups in a luxurious private car, these high-end trips frequently feature upscale beverages and multi-course meals, private campsites and accommodations, and other premium extras. Photograph courtesy of Platinum Heritage/Tripadvisor ThePremium Luxury VIP Desert Safari andDubai Heritage Land Rover Desert Safari are two luxury desert safari options that include unique touches such as a wildlife safari on a vintage Land Rover, bread and coffee-making demonstrations, multi-course dinners, and an overnight stay in a retreat fit for royalty for a small fee of AED367 to AED734 (USD100 to USD200).

Photographs courtesy of Platinum Heritage/Tripadvisor You can spend up to AED1818 (USD495) on a luxurious desert safari that includes a private Range Rover desert tour, a wildlife safari in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, and a decadent six-course dinner in the middle of the desert.

When’s the best time to go on a desert safari in Dubai?

Desert safaris in Dubai are best enjoyed between November and March, when the weather is not too scorching in the afternoons. These are the finest months to go on a desert safari in Dubai. However, because of the excellent weather, it is also peak tourist season, which means that crowds at famous sights are to be expected. The climate in the desert, on the other hand, is very different from the climate in the main metropolis of Dubai. Because temperatures in the desert are typically lower than those in the city in the evenings and at night, an afternoon or evening desert safari during the summer months can be a wonderful experience, with many desert safari operators providing cooling units at camps and the option of closed air-conditioned vehicles.

What to wear on a desert safari?

Photo courtesy of David Billings/Unsplash When it comes to desert safari clothing and gear, if you don’t want sand and dust to chafe every inch of your body, here’s what to wear and bring for your trip:

  • Choose textiles that are breathable and loose, such as linen and cotton, in light hues that will absorb less heat. In order to shield yourself from the sun while also keeping you warmer at night, long-sleeved shirts and leggings are the best option. Also more comfy when you’re sitting on a camel or riding a quad bike, as you’ll discover. If you want to participate in any adventurous activities, avoid wearing skirts. Pack a jacket in case the weather turns cool in the evenings and at night. When it comes to staying warm throughout the day while also shielding yourself from the sun and dust, a shawl is an excellent choice. Wear sunglasses, a sun hat, and plenty of sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun. When it comes to footwear, covered shoes are a good choice, but sandals are the greatest choice since they remain on and are simple to wipe off of the sand

Other tips for your first desert safari in Dubai

Photo courtesy of Toa Heftiba/Unsplash Getting ready to go on your first desert safari in Dubai is equally as exciting as it is terrifying. Prior to that, we’d want to leave you with a few final pointers on how to get the most out of your epic journey across the deserts of Dubai.

  • Maintain your hydration. Bring lots of water with you, and keep cash on hand in case you need to purchase more along the road. Make sure you don’t bring or wear anything precious because you can lose them in the sand. Dune bashing may be a dangerous sport. Avoid overindulging in food or alcohol before the event, and refrain from participating if you are pregnant or suffering from a significant medical condition.

Find the finest desert safari trip in Dubai that fits your budget, travel style, and interests by conducting research and reading reviews online. But, most importantly, let go, let loose, and allow yourself to be carried away by the grandeur of the Arabian desert. More along the lines of:

The BEST Dubai Desert Safaris 2022 – FREE Cancellation

Escape the hustle and bustle of Dubai and immerse yourself in the tranquility of the surrounding desert to satiate your spirit of adventure in the UAE. Choose between a communal or a private room, and bask in the warmth of famed Arabian hospitality. Pick up from your hotel is a simple way to begin your journey, followed by a 4WD drive out into the woods. Make your way to the distant desert region of Lehbab, which is around 50 kilometers from Dubai’s central business district. Take in the smooth red sand and towering dunes that surround you.

As you drive across the desert in your 4WD Land Cruiser, you’ll feel like you’re on a rollercoaster as the vehicle slips and slides through the dunes.

Attempt your hand at sandboarding, or simply relax and snap photographs of the amazing sunset views, before being dropped back off at your accommodation.

2. Dubai: Desert Safari, Quad Bike, Camel RideAl Khayma Camp

Escape the hustle and bustle of Dubai and immerse yourself in the tranquility of the surrounding desert to satiate your sense of adventure and relaxation. The famed Arabian hospitality is waiting for you whether you choose a communal or private room. Pick up from your hotel is a simple way to begin your journey, followed by a 4WD drive out into the woods. Visit the distant desert region of Lehbab, which is around 50 kilometers from the center of Dubai. Observe the towering dunes and smooth crimson sand on this beautiful beach.

As you drive across the desert in your 4WD Land Cruiser, you’ll feel like you’re on a rollercoaster as the vehicle slips and slides down the dunes.

3. Dubai: Premium Red Dunes, Camel Safari,BBQ at Al Khayma

Journey through the Dubai Desert from morning to sunset on an incredible day-to-night adventure. Traveling over red sand dunes and experiencing the hospitality of a Bedouin desert camp, where you may participate in participatory cultural events and feast on a great BBQ buffet, are two unforgettable experiences. A 4×4 Land Cruiser will take you out of the hustle and bustle of the city and into the tranquility of the desert. When you arrive, take advantage of a peaceful rest break and an optional quad bike ride to pass the time before the remainder of the convoys arrive.

  • Take advantage of the opportunity to go sandboarding for an added rush of excitement.
  • During the checkout process, select this activity as an add-on and either a bike for yourself or a bike to share with one of your trip companions.
  • Say hi to the camp’s resident camels and, if you’d like, take a 10-minute camel ride through the dunes to get a better sense of their personalities.
  • At sunset, the barbeque buffet will be put up.
  • Various sweets from throughout the region will be served as a sweet ending to your supper.

4. Dubai: Red Dune Safari, Camel Ride, SandboardBBQ Options

Enjoy an exhilarating and entertaining trip in the desolate desert region known as Lahbab. Choose between a 4-hour tour option that includes dune bashing, sandboarding, and a camel ride, or a 7-hour tour option that includes a BBQ meal as well as all of the activities associated with the desert camp. In a 4WD vehicle, your safari guide will pick you up from your accommodation and take you on your safari. The first part of your journey begins with a 50-minute drive into the desert. From the comfort of your automobile, take in the breathtaking views of Dubai.

  1. The desert rest area will be your first stop on the journey.
  2. While you’re waiting, your safari guide will deflate the tires of the vehicle in order to improve driving conditions for everyone.
  3. After that, embark on an exhilarating 30-45-minute dune drive over the desert.
  4. Further into the desert, you will be taken up to a high desert dune for a photo stop before continuing your journey.
  5. Before travelling to the desert camp, take advantage of this photo opportunity to try your hand at sandboarding (sand-surfing).
  6. If you’ve chosen the 7-hour trip, your journey will continue with a visit to a secret desert base camp.
  7. Your safari guide will inform you about the numerous activities that are offered at the camp throughout your stay.
  8. – As the evening draws to a close, sit down to a delicious BBQ meal of kebabs, hummus, and salads, which will be complemented by sodas, water, and other beverages from the bar.

Take some shots with the Arabian falcons that are present at the camp, and don’t forget to bring your camera! Finally, following the conclusion of the last concert, return to your hotel in Dubai.

5. Dubai: Red Dune Safari, Camel Riding, SandboardingBBQ

The greatest ways to explore Dubai’s desert are dune bashing in a Land Cruiser, camel riding, sandboarding, and the option of participating in a full Bedouin camp experience complete with a BBQ meal and concerts. After being picked up in Dubai, head out into the desert in a 4×4 vehicle, where you can share this exhilarating experience with family and friends. In addition to dune bashing in a Land Cruiser, you’ll get the opportunity to try your hand at sandboarding on the red dunes. At a Bedouin camp, you and your company may capture images of the spectacular desert sunset.

Relax in a Bedouin camp while taking in the sights and sounds of a traditional Tanura show and a belly dance performance.

6. Dubai: Desert Quad Bike Safari, Camel Ride, Sand Surf,BBQ

Exploring the spectacular Lahbab Desert on an exciting guided trip that includes quad riding, sandboarding, a camel ride, smoking shisha, watching a Khaliji dance performance, and more is a must. Starting with a pickup by your guide in an air-conditioned vehicle, you will go on your desert journey, where you will enjoy the splendor of Bedouin cultural traditions. When you get in the desert, take a little pause to use the restroom before embarking on your quad bike expedition. Pay attention to your guide as he or she provides you with safety instructions for quad riding, including how to properly wear a helmet.

  • As you sprint across the sand to the top of the red dunes, you’ll experience a burst of excitement and adrenaline.
  • When you reach the summit of the dunes on your bike ride, take a moment to rest and take in the grandeur of the desert landscapes.
  • Strap the board to your shoes and glide down the dunes to your destination.
  • While you’re having a good time with the sport, take some pictures of your exciting journey and the beautiful desert.
  • When you arrive at the camp, you will be greeted with traditional Arabian coffee, sweets, and dates.
  • Return to the camp to take part in traditional activities like as posing with the falcon, getting Henna tattoos, and smoking a Shisha, among other things.

Once the artists hit the stage, guests may enjoy a Tanoura show as well as a belly dance performance while also enjoying a delectable BBQ dinner. Upon completion of the red dunes desert excursion, you will be transported back to your hotel or other selected location in Dubai.

7. Dubai: Half-Day Desert Safari, Camel RideQuad Bike Option

After being picked up from your accommodation in a 4×4 Land Cruiser, you’ll be driven to the desert with your local guide, which is only 45 minutes away from Dubai. When you get in the Lahbab Desert, you will have around 20 minutes to rest. Quad biking, which is an optional sport, is available for those who want to be a little more daring. As soon as your 4×4 vehicle is ready, you’ll head out into the desert for around 30-45 minutes of dune bashing action. As the Land Cruiser travels up and down the tall red dunes, you can feel your stomach churning.

  1. Optional quad bike rides may be added to your desert excursion to make it even more memorable.
  2. Following your dune bashing adventure, you will have the opportunity to try sandboarding or simply take in the view.
  3. The next stop is Al Khayma camp, where you’ll be greeted with traditional Arabic coffee, sweets, and dates before continuing on to your destination.
  4. After taking a brief camel ride, you will be taken back to your hotel in Dubai for the evening.

8. From Dubai: Red Dunes and Camel Safari with Overnight Camp

In Dubai, you may go on a desert safari. Ride a camel, experience adrenaline dune bashing, and have a genuine BBQ while watching traditional dance performances. Then spend the night in a Bedouin tent before embarking on a camel trip the next day. In a luxurious 4WD Land Cruiser, you will be transported to the Lahbab desert after being picked up from your accommodation. The drive will take around 60 minutes. Once you get in the desert, you will have 20 minutes to take a rest before the safari begins.

  1. Then embark on a 30-45-minute dune bashing excursion, during which you’ll experience the thrill of your Land Cruiser climbing up and sliding down sand dunes as it passes through the desert.
  2. Stand on the wooden board that has been supplied, maintain your balance, and glide down the dunes.
  3. As a welcome gift, you will be able to sample Gahwa (Arabic coffee), Gaymat (sweets), and dates after you have settled in here.
  4. When you return to Al Khayma Camp, you may relax by smoking shisha and getting your henna painted.
  5. Enjoy a delicious buffet supper including a variety of BBQ delicacies, while a belly dancer performs on the stage to keep you engaged.
  6. Learn how to prepare Arabic coffee/tea while relaxing by the campfire in the middle of the night, taking in the calm of the desert and the darkness of the night sky above you.
  7. In the evening, you will retire to your tent and sleep in a Nawar bed (Bedouin-style bed), which will be furnished with a pillow and blanket for your comfort.
  8. With the assistance of a camel caravan that will be waiting outside the tent, your guide will transport you to the desert.

After your camel walk, you will return to your tent, where you will have a freshly prepared Arabian breakfast before heading out for the day. After that, you will be transported back to Dubai and dropped off at your hotel or other location there.

9. Dubai: Safari, Quad Bike, Camel Ride, and More

Learn about the fascinating and gorgeous Arabian Desert on a trip that is sure to keep you entertained and informed. Exploring the desert and seeing the Buried Village will provide you with an insight into the severity and intensity of the desert sands, which will help you prepare for your journey. Sandboarding on the silky red sand dunes and dune bashing in a 4×4 Land Cruiser (which is fully equipped with all required safety equipment) are all options for later on in the day. Following that is the quad bike section, where you will receive a training on safety procedures before experiencing the exhilaration of cycling around the massive sand dunes on four-wheelers.

Eat a great barbeque supper while being entertained by belly and folk dancers and listening to live music.

10. Dubai: Evening Desert Quad Bike Tour with BBQ Dinner

A fascinating and gorgeous tour of the Arabian Desert that will keep you entertained for the duration of the journey is available. Exploring the desert and visiting the Buried Village will provide you with an understanding of how harsh and intense the desert sands can be. Sandboarding on the silky red sand dunes and dune bashing in a 4×4 Land Cruiser (which is fully equipped with all required safety equipment) are all options later on. You will then be taken to the quad bike area, where you will be given a quick safety training before experiencing the exhilaration of riding through the immense sand dunes.

While enjoying a fantastic barbeque supper, you may be entertained by belly and folk dancers.

Planning Your Visit

In order to safeguard the natural terrain and indigenous wildlife from overspill as a result of Dubai’s fast growth, the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve was established. It is located in the southeastern part of the Emirate of Dubai and has an area of 87 square miles of land. It was established in the year 2000. Some safaris are permitted to take you out to these pristine dunes, but not all of them.

How hot does it get?

Summer temperatures in Dubai average 106 degrees Fahrenheit (41 degrees Celsius), although they may sometimes climb much higher than that. Temperatures are more tolerable between December and March, although you may have to deal with intermittent bursts of rain throughout this time period.

Can you camp?

Camping is permitted in some areas, but unless you’re an exceptionally experienced hiker, we don’t advocate it unless you’re accompanied by a qualified guide. There are various overnight camping safaris offered, which is a welcome relief.

What is a desert safari?

What can you anticipate from a safari excursion, in all seriousness?

There’s a lot more to it than you think! Drive across dunes and take part in a range of traditional desert sports, including camel riding and sandboarding. You can also sample traditional desert food and enjoy henna tattoos as well as live entertainment.

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