How Much Is Saffron In Dubai?

You can find high quality saffron at Lulu or Emirates genera market and the price ranges from 120 – 250 aed depending on quantity.

  • (Export of saffron to Dubai) Saffron prices are as follows: Saffron prices for Grade 1 are between 1 and 10 kg. We will deliver your order any country in the world, at your request. Price of Sargol Saffron Day in March 2021 Today’s Price of Conventional Sargol Saffron 1.150 $

What is the price of saffron in Dubai?

AED 27.20 (Inc.

How much does 1 kg of saffron cost?

Kesar, Pack Size: 1 Kg Pack, Rs 120000 /kilogram M/S ARYA VARTA ENTERPRISES | ID: 18475114691.

How much does 100 grams of saffron cost?

Kashmiri Saffron PURE SAFFRON, 50g,100g,200g, Packaging: Packet,Plastic Bottled, Rs 100 /gram | ID: 19026891030.

How much does real saffron cost?

Real saffron can cost you over $10,000 per kilo. Here’s what makes it so expensive. Real saffron can cost you over $10,000 per kilogram. The minuscule harvest means the amount you get from each flower is roughly 0.006 grams.

Which country saffron is best?

Top 5 Saffron Producing Countries

  1. Iran. Iran is considered to be the largest producer of high-quality saffron in the world.
  2. India. India is the second saffron-producing country.
  3. Spain. In our top 5 saffron-producing countries, Spain comes in third.
  4. Greece.
  5. Morocco.

Is saffron cheaper in Dubai?

From the spice souk in Deira, near to the gold souk. You can haggle, but it will be so much cheaper than the price in the UK.

How much does 1g of saffron cost?

1 gm saffron price in India One Gram of Pure and best GI tag certified Kashmiri saffron costs you around 500 rupees.

Is saffron more expensive than gold?

With a gram, 0.035 of an ounce, of the sought-after spice selling for up to £75, saffron is more expensive than gold because harvesting it is so laborious. Each crocus flower yields just three stigmas which are picked by hand by an army of volunteers then dried to create the precious saffron strands.

How much is Kashmiri saffron?

For Kashmiri farmers, crop sells for as much as 250,000 INR or $3,400 USD a kilogram, or $1,550 a pound, in what was once a booming industry. Most of Kashmir’s saffron is grown in Pampore, south of the state’s summer capital, Srinagar.

What is the price of 1kg saffron in India?

In fiscal year 2021, the average price of saffron in Delhi, India stood at about 79 thousand rupees per kilogram.

Why is saffron so costly?

Since such a small part of the flower is used, it takes 75,000 saffron flowers to make one pound of saffron spice. The small amount of saffron spice per plant, along with the fact that harvesting must be done manually, leads to saffron’s being majorly expensive.

How can you tell if saffron is real?

Rub the Saffron threads with your fingers Rub the threads with two fingers back and forth a few times. Pure Saffron threads will not break apart, whereas fake saffron will fall apart or turn to dust or liquid.

How many saffron bulbs are there in 1 kg?

It takes between 15,000-16,000 flowers to produce 1 kilogram of saffron spice. In terms of labour, producing this amount takes 370–470 hours!

How much is saffron in UK?

Saffron: £10 per gram The most expensive spice in the world, saffron costs between £5 and £10 per gram at the supermarket.

Is saffron worth the money?

There are less expensive varieties available, but real saffron has a high base rate of expense that its price just can’t sink below. “its flavor and distinct aroma elevate its surrounding flavors into something ethereal.” When purchased in small quantities from reliable sources, saffron is definitely worth it.

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So, you’re looking to purchase saffron online. Is saffron available in Dubai, and if so, what is the saffron price that you will have to pay? Saffron comes in a variety of colors and varieties. Zafran/Kesar is available in Dubai, and it is imported from Iran and Spain. So, if you ask me which is the better of the two options, I’ll say the first. To be honest, both are excellent choices; however, due to the large amount of mixture, extreme caution should be exercised. In order to sell Saffron, the market in Dubai has become so bad that they have even dyed the yellow hairs of corn red and scented it in order to increase sales.

How much saffron will cost?

The price of pure saffron is around 15-25 AED per gram. You may be able to locate something cheaper than that, but it will be of worse quality, perhaps 10-15 AED.

From where can I buy pure Saffron

There are several stores where you may purchase. Keep in mind to bring an expert along with you so that he can assist you in selecting the highest quality possible. Therefore, you may get saffron from us online, and we ensure that you will be completely delighted with your purchase. It all depends on where the stem is sliced, so now you know what saffron is and why it has such a distinct appearance.

saffron cost per kg in uae

A major importer of Iranian saffron, the United Arab Emirates is among the world’s largest. Dubai is ideally situated to serve as a transportation hub for saffron exports to other nations. If you travel to Dubai, you will be able to see Iranian saffron in the marketplaces there. Saffron from Iran is popular in Dubai, where it has a large following. The grade of Iranian saffron is superior to that of Spanish saffron, Indian saffron, and Afghan, which are also numerous in Dubai’s saffron markets, and the Arabs are well aware of this.

saffron in dubai

Dubai is one of the world’s largest importers of saffron, with the majority of its saffron originating in Iran. Morshed Bazaar, Karameh Bazaar, and Direh Old Bazaar are just a few of the saffron sales locations in Dubai. There are various minor marketplaces and shopping centers located inside these markets. It is worth noting that Iranians account for a sizable proportion of the stores in this sector. Iranian saffron may be found at a variety of places in the Deira spice market in Dubai. Because Iranian saffron exports to many countries are prohibited as a result of sanctions, Dubai is regarded as a transit point for saffron shipments from Iran and exports to other nations in the region.

best saffron brand in uae

It is generally known in the United Arab Emirates that Iranian saffron is of exceptional grade. Iranian saffron is the most popular saffron brand in the United Arab Emirates. With the great quality of Iranian saffron, as well as the country’s close proximity to the United Arab Emirates, the country’s daily saffron shipments to the UAE have increased significantly.

In addition, the United Arab Emirates sells Iranian saffron to a number of European nations and Asian neighbors.

best place to buy saffron in dubai

It is commonly known in the United Arab Emirates that Iranian saffron is of superior grade. Saffron from Iran has been voted the top brand in the United Arab Emirates. With the great quality of Iranian saffron, as well as the country’s proximity to the United Arab Emirates, the country’s exports of saffron to the UAE have increased significantly. In addition, the United Arab Emirates sells Iranian saffron to a number of European nations and Asia-Pacific countries in its region.

  • Grocery stores, spice shops, perfumeries, herbal pharmacy, and other similar establishments

Saffron may be purchased in Dubai’s well-known marketplaces, such as Morshed Bazaar and Deira Bazaar, among other places. You may also visit one of our saffron sales locations, which is located in Deira Bazaar, to learn more about our products.

zafran price in uae

Prices for saffron in the United Arab Emirates are quite volatile and fluctuate daily. Pricing varies depending on where you acquire your saffron from, for example, whether you buy it directly from a producer or a retailer. An individual saffron seller in the United Arab Emirates takes into account the costs of purchasing saffron, transportation costs, and any permits required to ship saffron before offering a final price to the buyer of saffron. As a result, the price of saffron purchased from this seller differs from the price of saffron purchased from a manufacturer.

iran saffron price in dubai

Prices for saffron in the United Arab Emirates are quite volatile and fluctuate often. If you are purchasing saffron from a saffron producer or an independent shopkeeper, the price will differ. An individual saffron seller in the United Arab Emirates takes into account the costs of purchasing saffron, transportation costs, and any permits required to ship saffron before offering a final price to the buyer of saffron. As a result, the price of saffron purchased from this seller differs from the price of saffron purchased from a manufacturer in the UAE.

saffron price in dubai

You should be aware that the retail price of saffron differs from the wholesale price of saffron if you are looking for saffron prices in Dubai, so keep this in mind when looking for saffron prices in Dubai. Saffron retail is very sensitive, necessitating the acquisition of certain legal permissions and the establishment of a corporation. Saffron wholesale is far less responsive to temperature changes. For example, if you observe that the price of a gram of saffron in Dubai ranges between 15 and 25 UAE dirhams, you should be aware that the retail price of saffron changes on a daily basis as well as the wholesale price.

buy saffron online uae

You should be aware that the retail price of saffron differs from the wholesale price of saffron if you are looking for saffron prices in Dubai, so keep that in mind when looking for saffron prices in Dubai. Due to the sensitivity of the saffron retail industry, many legal permits and business registrations are required. Bulk saffron is substantially less responsive to temperature changes. It is important to note that if you are looking at the retail price for each gram of Saffron in Dubai, you should keep in mind that the price of Saffron changes on a daily basis (15 to 25 UAE dirhams per gram of Saffron).

The kind of saffron used and the grade of the saffron used will be the most critical factors affecting the price of saffron in the marketplace.

negin saffron price

Negin saffron is the finest variety of saffron available. Specifications for Negin saffron include the following characteristics:

  • Everything is saffron-colored
  • The lack of a white spot at the end of the saffron stigma
  • High level of coloring ability
  • The stigmas of saffron are quite long and dense

Because of the excellent quality of Negin saffron, the price of Negin saffron is more expensive than the price of other varieties of saffron in general. The price of Negin saffron per kilogram is less expensive than the cost of packaging. Our firm sells super Negin saffron and first class Negin saffron for export, both of which are in high demand. Saffron is subjected to rigorous testing in our facility in accordance with international standards. We promise that those who order saffron will receive only the highest quality, most authentic saffron.

saffron 1kg price in dubai

Perhaps you are planning to purchase a kilo of saffron and would want to know the cost of a kilo of saffron in Dubai before making your purchase. Before determining the price of saffron, it is important to assess the quality of the spice. When purchasing saffron in kilos, the expense incurred by the consumer is considerable due to the large amount of saffron purchased. When purchasing saffron in bulk, the buyer of saffron is worried about the authenticity of the saffron and the quality of the saffron.

These certifications attest to the validity of the saffron and the results of the tests conducted on it.

Please get in touch with us if you would like to know the pricing of a kilogram of saffron or how to purchase saffron in bulk.

iranian saffron price in dubai

What is the cost of saffron from Iran in Dubai these days? What is the value of saffron exports to the United Arab Emirates? How can I get a quotation from Saffron in Dubai right away? What is the finest saffron to use for export to the United Arab Emirates? May you tell me where I can get top-quality saffron at a reasonable export price?

iranian saffron price in dubai:

The price of saffron in worldwide markets is determined by the supply and demand for saffron in the market, as well as the quality of the saffron.

saffron brand in dubai:

Saffron ghaenat is considered to be one of the top saffron brands in the world. This brand is well-known across Iran and the rest of the globe, and it is noted for its exceptional quality. In Iran, the Ghaenat saffron enterprise is one of the most major players in the production and marketing of bulk and packaged saffron. The firm supplies saffron to a variety of nations, including Dubai, China, Spain, Italy, India, Russia, the United States, and others. Saffron sales are handled by the Ghaent Saffron Company, which has an office in Dubai.

is saffron cheaper in dubai:

Saffron comes in a variety of forms, which will be discussed more below, ranging from expensive to inexpensive:

  • Super negin saffron, negin saffron, sargol saffron, pushal saffron, and more varieties are available.

The grade of Super Negin saffron is the greatest of any saffron available.

This sort of saffron is distinguished by its distinctive color and look. However, the color strength of pushal saffron is diminished, as is the curve of its form, as well as its low cost.

saffron wholesaler dubai:

In Dubai, there are a plethora of saffron sales outlets. These facilities sell saffron in bulk and package it for distribution. Saffron is often purchased in bulk from saffron wholesalers and then sold in gram weights by the major consumers of the spice. Due to the fact that the main price of saffron is less expensive than the price of packed saffron, big consumers of saffron choose to purchase it in bulk. Purchase saffron in bulk and by the kilogram in order to increase your profit margins on saffron sales.

Saffron Ghaenat extends an invitation to you to purchase the finest Saffron Products.

Aromatic saffron dubai For Extra Taste

About the products and exposes you to the most authentic and ethnicsaffron dubaifor producing all sorts of delectable and healthful meals available everywhere. In addition to being unmatched when it comes to producing traditional foods, these perfectly natural, fragrant, and flavorfulsaffron dubaiare also rich with health advantages. When used in cooking, the saffron dubai offered here is not only fragrant and nutritious, but it also tastes incredibly delicious. On our website, you may purchase these items from the top spice suppliers and wholesalers in the world.

  1. In order to make them palatable, these classic and authenticsaffron dubaido not use any chemical additions or colors; they are therefore 100% all-natural flavorings that retain their nutritional value.
  2. A variety of fiery, tasty, and exquisitesaffron dubaicollections can be found on the website, including varieties made with black pepper, turmeric, chili pepper, and cinnamon, to mention a few.
  3. These items are available in a variety of packaging options that may be tailored to meet your specific needs.
  4. When you shop on, you can find a diverse selection of saffron dubai that will meet your needs and match your budget.
  5. These are also ISO and CE certified, which ensures that they are genuine.

Red Gold Saffron Premium Quality Saffron 1g UAE

With the noon VIP credit card, you may get 3.5 percent cashback, which is worth AED43.00 (including VAT). Fill out an application today.

How shipping fee applies

  • Free delivery is available on all orders placed before noon and totaling more than 100 AED. When the order value is less than 100 AED, a shipping cost of 10 AED will be imposed at the time of checkout. Shipping fees of 10 AED per seller will be assessed on all products sold on the market
  • If your purchase includes both noon expressmarket products and market items, a 10 AED shipping cost will be applied to market items per seller. Bulky products will be subject to a shipping surcharge.


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Ingredients 100% Pure Saffron Threads
Packaging Disclaimer Packaging may vary

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Saffron from Iran is available for 40Dhs. SKU:N/ACategory:SAFFRONProduct ID:1217SKU:N/ACategory:SAFFRON


SAFFRONS ARE ABOUT The stigmas of the Crocus Sativus flower are used to make affron. There are just three stigmas (also known as saffron threads) present on each blossom. It takes anywhere from 70,000 to 250,000 blooms to produce one pound of saffron, depending on the kind. Saffron is believed to have originated in Western Asia, most likely in Persia (Iran). Saffron was brought to India by the Mongols from Persia, while the crocus was first farmed in Europe thousands of years ago. Saffron was utilized as a medicinal herb and as a culinary colour in ancient times, according to historians.

  • BENEFITS FOR YOUR HEALTH Saffron aids in the improvement of digestion and the stimulation of the appetite.
  • Anti-oxidant: It aids in the protection of the body against oxidant-induced stress, cancer, and infections, as well as acting as immunomodulators.
  • Pregnancy: Consuming saffron milk during pregnancy can assist to improve pelvic blood flow, as well as relieve cramps and gas bloating, according to research.
  • MineralsVitamins: A good source of minerals such as copper, potassium, calcium, manganese, iron, selenium, zinc, and magnesium.
  • Saffron may be used in a variety of cuisines, on top of desserts, and even in your daily glass of milk.

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Saffron Sales to Dubai, bulk saffron? Day Price of saffron in Dubai

Saffron sales and exports to Dubai are underway. What is the price of saffron in Europe these days? Saffron is a plant that is both extremely beneficial and extremely pricey. Saffron exports to the United Arab Emirates. Dubai is considered to be one of the major Asian countries. It is quite profitable to export saffron and other items to this country. The prices of the many saffron kinds will be discussed in the next section. Sales of Saffron to the United Arab Emirates

Price of saffron per kilo

What is the price of saffron per kg, exactly? (From Asia to Dubai) Saffron Trading Prices on a Single Day (Prices are in euros) The price of bulk saffron is governed by the quality and kind of saffron being sold.

The following is a list of the kilogram sales of bulk saffron throughout Asia and Europe, with a specific emphasis on Dubai. More information about Saffron Export may be found here. Saffron purchases and exports are made.

What is the sale price of bulk saffron?

The cost of purchasing and selling saffron per kilo varies on a daily basis. What is the underlying cause of the disparity in saffron export prices on the international market? The price of bulk saffroni is decided by the quality of the product. Each of the three kinds of Sergl, Negin, and Pushal has four levels of quality to offer consumers. They begin with many variables of the growing method, including the type of nutrients used, and go through the cultivation process through the way of storage and packing used.

Saffron prices are as follows:

The price of Grade 1 saffron ranges between one and ten kg. We will ship your order to any nation in the world if you specify so in your order. In March 2021, the price of Sargol Saffron Day is expected to be higher. Price of Conventional Sargol Saffron today: 1.150 $Pen Powdered Saffron Price in March 2021: 1.210 $Pen Powdered Saffron Price in March 2021: 1.210 $Pen Powdered Saffron Price in March 2021: 1.210 $Pen Powdered Saffron Price in March 2021: 1.210 $ Negin SaffronDay Price in March 2021 Negin Saffron Price 1.269 $ Negin Saffron Price 1.269 $

Saffron price chart

Price of Super Negin SaffronDay in March of 2021 Price of Super Negin Saffron is 1.390 dollars. Please check the table below for a price per kilogram of saffron in weights ranging from 10-25 kg, 25-50 kg, and 50-100 kg, depending on the type of saffron being purchased. Price of saffron in a graph

Day Price of saffron in Dubai

In Dubai, the best saffron exports are produced. Sales of Saffron to the United Arab Emirates Purchase saffron in quantity from a grower. You can purchase bulk saffron from us (a farmer and producer) after going through the process of obtaining export certificates and passing lab tests, among other things. The first and most significant benefit of being associated with the saffron king business company collection is that you can purchase bulk saffron from us (a farmer and producer). Our firm is based in Rotterdam, and we export saffron to all of Dubai’s areas, as well as Asian and European nations.

In Dubai(), the language of saffron is spoken.

The 2nd and most obvious advantage

Individuals and businesses who act as middlemen between a saffron producer and a client will benefit the most from the selling of large quantities of the spice. Because they do not have to pay for the costs of packaging and shipping. Additionally, receiving saffron in bulk at a more reasonable price than partial packing allows for greater profitability. More information about Saffron Sales to Dubai may be found here. The second and most evident advantage is the fact that

Saffron in the saffron market

It is critical to have a thorough understanding of the saffron market, target audience, and advertising.

We are involved in the export of saffron to Dubai as well as the sale of saffron in Dubai and other countries, as well as Europe. Saffron in the saffron market is a type of spice.

Bulk Saffron SalesSaffron export in Dubai

Purchase saffron in bulk for export purposes. When it comes to wholesale saffronsale, how much does the bulk export saffron selling center charge? Under the supervision of specialists and experts from this complex, and in accordance with international standards, the center completes all of the production activity necessary for saffron exportation. If you are looking to purchase Iranian saffron, Afghan saffron, Moroccan saffron, or Spanish saffron, you may get in touch with our specialists. Sales of Saffron in Bulk Dubai is a major exporter of saffron.

Pay different packaging costs

You’ll make a profit in the future (unless you sell at least 10,000) In the retail market, it is important to match the packaging to the tastes of the customers. Lowering costs by providing a lower-quality product Price Concerns in a Market That Is Price-Oriented (Saffron Price) Export and sale of saffron to the United Arab Emirates. Different packaging costs must be paid.

Saffron Export

Sales are mostly and partially completed in the markets of Mashhad and Tehran. For persons who wish to work in this industry (buying and exporting saffron), however, which option is preferable? We’ll get to the bottom of this question. Partially completed shopping presents issues such as: If you want to buy saffronin Dubai, other Asian nations, and Europe, we can provide you with the best saffronin available. +31613963190 Export of Saffron

It is wise to make major sales of saffron

Rather than spending your money on partial packing, you save money. Earnest Profits are those that are made in good faith (Selling at least 5 Kg of Saffron in a Deal) You won’t have to be concerned about different sorts of packing. You have a high-quality product to offer. Export and sale of saffron to the United Arab Emirates. In a quality-driven game where saffron quality is critical, this is our specific offer for purchasing saffron from a reputable source. In order to get the best saffron available, you should get in touch with our professionals right now.

Exporting and sales of saffron to Dubai

Because we are working in the business ofwholesale sales, it is feasible for any firms to purchase products both domestically in Iran and internationally in other countries after acquiring the necessary international approvals and certifications from us. Businesses who wish to sell wholesale or partly domestically or internationally can get their order in either our business default packaging or their own packaging, depending on their preferences (on a per-order basis). It is advisable to achieve significant saffron sales.

Saffron King Business Company

Based on our company’s capabilities, we are willing to collaborate with local and international industrial businesses that are either consumers or exporters under a formal contract (quarterly / six-monthly / one-year / three-year / five-year, etc.) Sales of Saffron to the United Arab Emirates A written contract will be forwarded to the opposing company after first confirmation of the order and preliminary agreements on the terms and conditions of export cooperation.

a business entity known as Saffron King Business Company

Buy the best saffron

Partnership (cross-section): Because the price of bulk saffron changes on a daily basis, the terms of delivery and the price per kilo of saffron will be changed on a daily basis as well. Export and sale of saffron to the United Arab Emirates. Provisional certifications will only be provided for the export of the same products that have an expiry date that is the same as the expiry date of the provisional certificate. The order will include all of the documentation needed for a temporary export of goods.

One of the largest saffron growers and manufacturers in the world, Saffron King Business Company is located in India.

Best place to buy saffron

The most recent post was made on April 12, 2014, at 22:45. I told a buddy in the United Kingdom that I would bring back some saffron from Dubai. She is a cook and baker, and she makes extensive use of it. She assures me that purchasing goods in this country will be significantly less expensive? I have absolutely no notion, and I don’t believe that supermarkets are the ideal location to shop, and they may not even provide the best rates. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks Log in to the forum and start posting new stuff.

  1. Ohman, As your buddy correctly points out, the world’s greatest saffron originates from Iran and Spain, however I believe you’ll be more likely to locate predominantly Iranian saffron in Dubai than elsewhere.
  2. Hello, I hope you are having a wonderful day.
  3. In my professional life, I am a saffron dealer who exports saffron all over the world.
  4. You can contact me if you want to get the greatest Saffron in the world at the best possible price and with the best quality.
  5. Thank you so much in advance for your consideration, honestly yours The most recent post was made on January 11, 2019 at 22:28.
  6. You are aware that Iranian saffron is the finest available anywhere in the globe.
  7. I want to ship Saffron to the United Arab Emirates as soon as possible, and subsequently to Spain, China, and other countries.

Please do not hesitate to contact me by email at the above address.

Sam7, You caught me when I made a blunder!

The advice to get saffron in thread form is one I agree with.

You are aware that Iranian saffron is the finest available anywhere in the globe.

I’m hoping to export Saffron to the United Arab Emirates in the near future.

You can contact me if you want to get the greatest Saffron in the world at the best possible price and with the best quality.

Thank you so much in advance for your consideration, honestly yours The most recent post was made on June 7, 2018 at 15:07.

Alternatively, you may get it from your local supermarket in order to save time (I know I certainly don’t have the luxury of time to travel to the Deira spice souq).

I’ve purchased saffron in Australia, and it is incredibly costly for a wee eeny box that will be used once and then thrown away.

In exchange for the same price, your friend will still receive far more value for her money, especially if she intends to use the device frequently.

The most recent post was made on April 14, 2014 at 16:52.

The pricing of Dhs 200 per gram is reasonable.

The most recent post was made on April 13, 2014, at 11:53.

What a wonderful source of assistance!

The most recent post was made on April 13, 2014, at 11:31 a.m.

However, I believe you will be more likely to locate predominantly Iranian saffron in Dubai.

Quality saffron will sell for US$2,500-$3,000 per kilogram, but it is more commonly sold by the gram to domestic users in this country because it is only necessary to use a tiny quantity while cooking with it.

Choose threads rather than powder (which is more easily adulterated); the deeper the red color, the better, with no yellow or white parts showing; “sargol” is the best Iranian grade saffron; it should smell flowery and pleasant rather than musty.

Wishing you a pleasant buying experience:) The most recent post was made on April 13, 2014, at 09:05.

For whatever reason, he was of the opinion that Persian saffron was the greatest (I have no idea what he was talking about!) The most recent post was made on April 13, 2014, at 08:26.

The price of genuine saffron will always be high, and Spanish saffron is often considered to be the best available.

I’ve purchased saffron in Deira and saffron in Carrefour, and there was no discernible difference between the two.

The most recent post was made on April 12, 2014, at 23:23.

Located beside the Naif Police Station in Deira, this retail center offers a variety of goods and services.

The most recent post was made on April 12, 2014, at 23:18. Alternatively, you may visit the spice souk in Deira; just remember to utilize your negotiating talents if you do go there;) em modified by Alismum on 12/04/2014 /emLog into the forum and add new content.

The 15 Best Places for Saffron in Dubai

City Walk 2 (Al Safa St), DubaiCafé Al Wasl 209 recommendations and reviews. 1.L’ETO8.7City Walk 2 (Al Safa St), Dubai, Dubai The iced latte, saffron cake, and the classic are all excellent choices. Excellent service; I would certainly suggest it. All of the desserts, such as the honey cake, the saffron cake, and the white hot chocolate with rose petals, are really delicious. The interiors are very stunning. Faleh Alsuhaimi (Faleh Alsuhaimi): All of the desserts are very excellent. Made especially for you (Dolce de leche Milk CakeSaffron Cake) This establishment serves excellent Arabic coffee.

  1. Excellent service, according to Fatima Al Hashimi.
  2. The wagyu sizzlers, chicken sliders, and saffron risotto were all excellent choices.
  3. Amal: Wagyu sizzler, burrata, saffron risotto, M T chicken sliders, and a variety of other dishes Desserts such as the Saffron Rose tre lache are recommended.
  4. M.Alghafis:I absolutely like this branch!
  5. M.Alghafis:Their Arabic Coffee Cheesecake had such a great and unusual taste!
  6. Much more delicious than the Saffron Cake that everyone is raving about.
  7. 4.Amal9.0Armani Hotel – Burj Khalifa (Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Blvd), Dubai, United Arab Emirates 35 recommendations and reviews for a North Indian restaurant in Downtown Dubai Dr.

Take advantage of their saffron set meal and savor every bite.

Although they are overpriced, I can’t say that I blame them.

Meshal’s Saffron Set Menu may be found here.

Altaf Kw: 5.Sarabeth’s8.9Al Safa St, Dubai, United Arab Emirates The Breakfast Spot Al Wasl 358 recommendations and reviews Ahmed: This is a fantastic location for breakfast.

a strong recommendation Bedour✨: The milk saffron toast and the club sandwich were both excellent choices.

85.:Try their newsaffron milk french toast, which is delicious.

Chef Maina Khoja says that their Tres leches with saffron infused cream are to die for.

Lucy Oztamur says, “The milk cakes here are just delicious!” Opt for the saffron-colored one!

Then refrain from ordering a speciality coffee.

It is not inexpensive.

Saffron cheese cake, courtesy of Fred du Plessis 8.Spice Souk7.5Baniyas Rd.

Michelle Bolton: I’d want to thank you for your time.

Tea roses are available for purchase.

There is a lot of saffron from Iran.

You have to make a deal.

Don’t let yourself be taken advantage of.

Paul Michael Puno Christian Respati: “Go to Saffron!” he exhorts.

A: Make your way to Saffron!

Try the Saffron Tea if you’re in the mood for something different.

11.Kulfilicious8.6Shop 4, Saeed Al Nabooda Building (18 A Street), Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

There are many more varieties to choose from, such as pistachio, mango, and chocolate.

Bloggsy Malone (Bloggsy Malone): The Royal Falooda Kulfi – my very first one – was very delicious.

Make up your own concoction.

You can’t simply come once, twice, or three times because you’ll miss out on the exquisite tastes.

12.Filli Cafe (also known as “Filli” in Italian) 8.3Yellow Hat Building, Nad Al Hamar, Dubai (Nad Al Hamar Rd), Dubai, Dubai, Dubai, Dubai, Café Nad Al Hamar – 19 recommendations and reviews.

Alia Alawi: The best saffron tea with milk, hands down.

Shamsa Abdulrahman (Shamsa Abdulrahman): This is a good location.

The combination of chips oman with a cheese sandwich is delicious.

The chbab with cheese reminded me of home.

Try it with chbab nutella.

That is the proper consistency, not the thick pancake variety.

Karak was quite tasty, however the saffron Karak was a complete turnoff.

A spongy cake that is great when served cold and served with a nice dressing.

M J: I’m sorry, but I don’t know what you’re talking about.

The service was also excellent.

9.1The back of Nad Al Hamar Avenue C12 (9th Street), Dubai, Dubai, Dubai, Dubai, Dubai, Dubai Dessert Shop in Nad Al Hamar with 10 recommendations and reviews Mohamad Abdulla is a fashionable, lively individual who makes wonderful coffee.

I really like the sparkling ice cubes. If you’re in the mood for ice cream, try the saffron IceKage. Mayed Al Kamali (Mayed Al Kamali): Saffron icekage (saffron ice cream) shreer:piccolo and a Spanish latte are two of my favorite drinks.


A common component in the world’s most premium health and beauty products, saffron is used to enhance the appearance of skin and hair. Saffron has a red gold appearance, and as a result, it is often referred to as Red Gold Saffron. Our Red Gold Saffron has earned widespread acclaim because, when it is hand-picked and harvested, each stigma is carefully handpicked to guarantee that we give only the best and highest-quality product possible. It’s understandable that if you’re thinking of purchasing Saffron, you would wonder where you can get it for the best price.

It is found in both whole dried and powdered forms.

Purchasing Negin Saffron in Dubai is made possible with the use of the website

You should be aware of Negin Saffron, which is the highest grade of the Saffron variety that you may be familiar with.

Saffron prices in Dubai. Sale of bulk saffron. Saffron sales branch

The United Arab Emirates is one of the top five main purchasers of Iranian bulk saffron. A wide variety of red gold is available in the United Arab Emirates through the Saffron Kingsaffron locations in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Depending on the brand, the price of saffron in Dubai ranges between $ 650 and $ 1,100.

Sale of bulk saffron

The cost of saffron in Dubai Currently, the red gold market is not particularly steady, and we are experiencing unusually high levels of activity in terms of both purchasing and selling this commodity. At the moment, one kilogram of saffron may be purchased for between $ 890 and $ 1,500. One question that has been on the minds of economic activists in the red goldfield is if there is an economic reason for exporting saffronto directly the UAE and other export destinations despite the high price of the commodity.

Saffron sales branch in the United Arab Emirates

Saffron King Company is an Iranian red gold and Afghan saffron importer, distributor, and exporter based in New York. The sales branches of the multinational corporation are present in nearly every country. The Saffron sales agency in the United Arab Emirates is one of the most successful and active centers for the KING brand in the world. The greatest varieties of items are given in bulk and packaged at reasonable costs in this location.

Bulk saffron prices in Dubai

Prices of saffron in bulk in Dubai Each kilo of KING grade coffee is worth $1.50. An average saffron bulb sells for between $ 1,200 and $ 1,600 on the Dubai market per. Of course, the total quantity of the order has a direct impact on the final price that is determined.

For example, if you order 1 50 kg of the product, the previously specified value will be used. While the price of bulk saffron in Dubai is lowered up to $ 620 710 for purchases of 200 kg or more, the price of bulk saffron in the United States is discounted up to $ 620 710.

Export of saffron

All countries in which the KING Company has an office or sales branch will receive the product order and deliver it to the customer’s address. The DDP technique is used to export saffron to Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Iraq, among other countries. In other words, if the respected buyer wants any quantity of goods (ranging from 1 kg to several tons), it will be delivered to the specified destination in the shortest period of time feasible. Because of the company’s recent expansion into the United Arab Emirates, the price of saffron in Dubai is currently being provided at a 15 percent discount to commemorate the event.

Price per kilo of saffron

Saffron is sold for a set price per kg. There are several factors that influence the price of red gold while it is on the market. Product kind and grade are important considerations. Order total Order delivery location Order total Product packaging is classified as follows: The price per kilo of saffron in Dubai is determined by a combination of these four variables and a number of additional factors.

Buy bulk and packaged saffron

The KING shop in Dubai mostly sells the company’s items. Packages ranging from 250 grams to 5 kilogram are available for purchase in bulk at this location. You will receive a delivery of 5000 one-gram packets if you place an order in retail. In addition, while purchasing tonnage or bulk in Dubai, the buyer will be given with 250 grams of the commodity that they have ordered.

Wholesale saffron

Saffron at wholesale prices The Saffron sales center in Dubai, like the other branches of the KING Company, primarily sells the goods of the company. This store carries Iranian red gold and Afghan saffron, among other things. Due to the fact that the products of this collection are supplied directly from the company’s farms in the Ghaenat and Herat regions, the sales rate is favorable for buyers, and they can make a good profit by preparing saffron from this collection and selling it to the market in the United Arab Emirates.

Saffron prices in Dubai

Because this product is available in a variety of packaging options, the price of saffron in Dubai is determined by a number of factors. To get high-quality saffron, get in touch with our specialists. We are a saffron wholesaler and distributor. Do you want to be able to get the highest-quality items at the most competitive prices as well?

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