How To Get Dubai Health Authority License? (Solution found)

To apply for your medical license in the UAE, here’s what you need to know.


How to get a Healthcare Practice Licence in Dubai?

  • Healthcare professionals in Dubai need a DHA license to pursue their career. This healthcare practice licence in Dubai is issued by the Health Regulation Department (HRD) of the Dubai Health Authority (DHA). Professionals in the healthcare industry must apply for a DHA license and pass the skill test and assessments to obtain one.

How much does DHA exam cost?

The current exam fess is Rs: 7000 and the exam is scheduled in Trivandrum, Kerala every week Monday to Friday. Students need to register exam one week prior to their intended date.

What is DHA eligibility?

Getting Eligibility certificate would purely depend on applicants certificates and experiences. Applicant should be presently working and should have minimum 2 years continuous working experience certificate which should not be more then 3 months old. Preferably the Applicant should be presently working.

What is Dubai Health Authority exam?

DHA Exam Procedure Guide (Dubai Health Authority Exam) DHA Exam is a Licensing exam given to all medical professionals who are interested to work in Dubai. Healthcare Professionals are mandatory to pass a DHA exam in order to obtain a professional license and practice their profession in the Emirate of Dubai.

Is DHA exam online?

DHA conducts online test through Prometric, a professional and well-established entity in applicant testing and assessment. To book the online test the applicant have to submit the application online through “Sheryan”.

Can I take DHA exam without experience?

Candidate should have graduated from a recognised Medical school. If he/she is a Non UAE Nationals then he/she should have atleast 2 years’ clinical experience post internship out of which one year must be in general practice setup.

How can I pass DHA exam?

How to Pass DHA Exam Easily?

  1. Know the DHA exam syllabus.
  2. Clearly understand the exam duration.
  3. Attend the DHA mock tests.
  4. Revise the previous years’ question papers.
  5. Be mindful of DHA exam types.
  6. Understand the DHA test score.
  7. Prepare the exam documents.
  8. Be updated on the DHA exam syllabus.

What is the passing score for DHA exam?

EXAM DETAILS: For Registered Nurse & Registered Midwife – Total 100 Questions, 21/2 Hours Exam duration. Pass Percentage for DHA-RN & RM is 70%.

What is the pass mark for DHA exam?

Total attempts allowed for the exam are three, afterwards candidate will not be allowed to reapply for DHA license unless proof of upgrading relevant qualification or training is provided. Exam result will be based on total number of correct answers, candidate shall score 60% to be considered as PASS.

What are the documents required for DHA exam?

According to the DHA license requirements, you need to submit the following documents for initial processing:

  • A recent photograph (passport size)
  • Copy of your valid passport.
  • Your educational qualifications.
  • Your experience certificates.
  • Practice license or registration.
  • The Good Standing Certificate (GSC)

How many questions are there in DHA exam?

The Dubai Prometric exam is a 2 hours multiple-choice question with ONE BEST ANSWER. It consists of 70 questions and you are expected to score AT LEAST 60% (42 questions ). Results are usually released within 5 working days.

How much is a DHA license?

The overall cost to get a DHA license is approximately AED 5000 (about $1400) if you take care of every step by yourself, however it can cost more than double if you give your application to process to one of the many agencies who will take care of each step for you.

What is the difference between HAAD and DHA?

HAAD;- Health Authority Abu Dhabi: The only regulatory body for all healthcare professionals in the Emirates of Abu Dhabi the capital of United Arab Emirates. DHA; — Dubai Health Authority: The only regulatory body for all healthcare professionals in the Emirates of Dubai the commercial hub of United Arab Emirates.

How many times can you take DHA exam?

Number of Retakes: You can take DHA examination up to 3 times. If you fail all the 3 times, you will be disqualified from further applying to same or low-quality examinations.

Dubai Health Authority

Qualification Requirements for Professional Positions In accordance with federal laws and international best practices and standards, the Unified Healthcare Professional Qualification Requirements (PQR) is a standardized licensing document developed by UAE health authorities, including the Ministry of Health and Prevention, Department of Health – Abu Dhabi, and Dubai Health Authority, to set out the necessary requirements for licensure of healthcare professionals opting to practice in the UAE.

Qualification Requirements for Healthcare Professionals in a Single System (PQR) Privileges associated with the Self-assessment Tool In healthcare, privileging is the procedure through which certain functions are delegated to healthcare workers by the facility’s Medical Director.

Dubai Health Authority (DHA)

In June 2007, Law 13 was issued by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai, and it established the Dubai Health Authority (DHA). As the strategic health authority for the Emirate of Dubai, the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) is tasked with developing health policies and strategies, as well as ensuring that such policies and plans are implemented. Mr. Qadhi Saeed Al Murooshid is the Director General of the Dubai Health Authority, and he has been in the position since 2007.

  • With its mission to offer an accessible, effective, and integrated healthcare system while protecting public health and improving the quality of life in Dubai, the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) is dedicated to achieving these goals.
  • The DHA’s objective is to assure access to health services, maintain and enhance the quality of those services, improve the health status of citizens, residents, and tourists, and supervise a dynamic, efficient, and creative health sector, all while keeping the strategic plan in mind.
  • Quality, efficiency, patients, and staff are the four fundamental pillars of service delivery at DHA health institutions, according to the organization.
  • An key component of the service delivery strategy is to place a strong emphasis on patients, their requirements, and satisfaction, as well as to recruit, retain, develop, and support great employees.
  • Unless otherwise stated, any website or training provider claiming to give the official exam content is illegal and does not get endorsement from the Dubai Health Authority or Prometric.
  • [email protected] Note:Under the Green Passsystem, only those persons whose status on the Al Hosn app is “green” will be authorized to visit the testing centers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Please call 0031 320 239 540 if you have any general questions about candidates, including scheduling.

How to Apply for DHA Exam – Overseas Healthcare Consultant

How to Submit an Application for the DHA Licensure Examination The DHA test is a screening procedure that you must go through if you are a certified healthcare professional in India and want to continue your career here in Dubai. Let’s get some things straightened out first so that you can completely comprehend the phrases and vocabulary that you will encounter when you submit your application.

  1. The Dubai Health Authority may be thought of as the Department of Health for Dubai. (HAAD for Abu Dhabi, and the Ministry of Health for the whole United Arab Emirates)
  2. Prometrics is the organization that administers the examination for DHA candidates, and it is based in the United States. Pearson Vue is used for the NCLEX and the HAAD. This credentialing authority, Primary Source Verification (PSV), checks that your documentation, stated educational background, and job experience are all legitimate
  3. And

There you have it, I hope this has helped to clarify things. STEP 1: Gather all of the necessary documentation.

  1. At this moment, you will not be required to get your documents notarized at this time. In light of the fact that you will be scanning all of these papers, I recommend that you put a halt to your plans to have everything authenticated as early as this point. You will have difficulty folding and fitting the “red-ribbon document” into the scanner’s opening. Also, be certain that you have scanned all of the papers in their whole and without any modifications
  2. The following are the documents that you will require:
  1. Transfer of Records (TOR)– You can utilize the same transcript of records that you used for your local board exam as long as you have all of the pages remaining in your possession (this includes the RLE record). If you do not already have one, you can work with your school to figure out how to apply for a replacement. While you’re at it, ask them to get it DFA Authenticated (Red Ribbon) already, as you won’t be able to submit for one unless your school records are in your possession. Only your school, not anybody else, should be in charge of forwarding it. Work Experience– A minimum of two (2) years of relevant experience is required for this position. Applicants who work as clinical nurses (from hospitals), school health nurses, occupational health nurses, company nurses, and private duty nurses or private clinic nurses are all eligible to apply, as long as there is no more than a 6-month gap between the time of application and the time of scheduling the exam. Notice: If you are a recent graduate, you may be excluded from presenting any work experience certificates, as one of my friends was, and she is currently employed as a nurse at one of Dubai’s hospitals. Go ahead and take advantage of this opportunity as soon as possible!)
  2. 1 color passport-sized photo
  3. 1 copy of your passport
  4. Obtaining an Authorization Letter for the Department of Housing and Urban Development (DHA)– You will be able to get this at the conclusion of your online application when you will have to download a file, sign it, scan it, and then submit the file
  5. Proof of professional registration in the country of INDIA — this contains the following documents:
  • License from the PRC – it shall not be out of date
  • Board Certificate — this is the diploma-like document that you receive from the PRC. Certificate of Good Standing – you may obtain this from the Public Records Commission (PRC) without any difficulty.
  1. Scan through all of the materials. You should double-check that your papers have been completely scanned
  2. Otherwise, they may send you an email claiming that certain crucial portions (such as the registrar’s signature) are missing and that you will have to submit them again.

The second step is to register for a Sheryan account.

  1. You will process and monitor everything that is related to your license application using your Sheryan account, which is an online account. Create an account by visiting this website. You should have a look at this:
  1. Create an account, and you’ll be brought to the Online Registration and Licensing section of the website. Upload your papers using a document title that represents the file in broad terms, such as “Passport,” “Passport Photo,” “Transcript of Records,” and so on.

STEP 3: Sit tight till you receive your Eligibility ID.

  1. Obtaining such will take up to 6 weeks, after which you will be able to begin the following phase (PSV and scheduling of Prometric Examination). You will be able to keep track of the credentials evaluation procedure that they are performing on the papers that you have uploaded using this method. Make certain that you will use a credit card issued in the UAE to pay the charge at the conclusion of your DHA application process. This is merely the phase in which you will be required to make use of the specific types of credit cards

STEP 4: Submit an application for PSV

  1. Following pre-evaluation of your papers by the DHA, they will give you an email that will provide a link to complete the Primary Source Verification
  2. Pay your costs with credit cards that are internationally recognized, such as Visa or Mastercard. Wait for your PSV report, which might take up to 6 weeks to arrive once again

STEP 5: Make an appointment for your Prometric exam.

  1. Once you have your DHA Reference Number, which you will get at the conclusion of STEP 3, you may schedule your exam
  2. It is now time to study for your exam! Alternatively, you may put your email address in the comments section below and I will give you a set of remembered questions and an anonymous reviewer. Take Note: Do not underestimate the importance of the test! In spite of the fact that our local board test is far more challenging than this, a large proportion of Filipino DHA-Prometrics takers failed the aforementioned examination due to a lack of preparation for it. You certainly don’t want to squander any of your valuable time, do you?

STEP 6: Make your way to the Testing Center. A) Arrive at the testing center one hour before the planned test to ensure that you have enough time to prepare. In Bangalore, PROMETRIC TESTING PVT LTD is located on the third floor of Tower B of the Prestige Shanti Niketan. PROMETRIC TESTING PVT LTD is located on the 9th floor of Unit – 2 of the Kapil Towers Information Technology Block in Hyderabad. In such case, if you are taking the taxi, make sure to offer the right instructions, otherwise you will wind up being late since you would have arrived at the wrong spot.

  1. Do not forget to bring your original passport and appointment receipt with you
  2. They will take your biometrics and check the papers that you have brought with you before granting you access. Furthermore, they will provide you with a locker key, which you may use if you have any belongings with you, as you will not be permitted to carry ANYTHING into the testing area. Two (2) hours are allotted for the examination, which consists of seventy (70) items. If you are taking the exam, avoid making any unnecessary movements since a camera will be placed directly in front of you to watch your behavior while completing the test. Do not engage in conversation with anyone, especially your seatmate.

STEP 7: Sit back and wait for the outcome

  1. The results of the exam will be available two (2) to five (5) days after you have completed it. Once you have completed the examination, your Sheryan Account will reflect that you have succeeded
  2. I received mine in two days. According to my personal experience, I was instantly issued an Eligibility Letter because I had booked my PSV far sooner than my prometric examination. So my best bet is that everything had already been completed by the time I received the results of my exam, making the “Passed” designation on my Sheryan Account superfluous.

STEP 8: Make your way to Dubai.

  1. Once you have passed the exam, it is time to begin preparing your documents for travel abroad
  2. Your license will be finalized once you have been offered and accepted a position in another country. You will deliver your eligibility letter to your employer, who will then complete the licensing process on your behalf
  3. It is now time to begin practicing your profession in a foreign country. Congratulations

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns, and I will respond as quickly as possible. Thank you very much.

How to Get a Medical License to Practice in Dubai is the most comprehensive online resource for healthcare professionals in the Gulf region. It enables healthcare professionals from many career fields to communicate directly with companies about available positions in a timely and discreet manner. Sign up today on to apply for jobs and to receive notifications of new openings that become available in your field of expertise. For the purpose of this brief series on medical licensing in the United Arab Emirates, we will explore how to get medical license from the various healthcare agencies in the cities of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and throughout the country.

  • First and first, it is vital to note that the United Arab Emirates vary from many other nations in that there is no unified healthcare licensing authority for physicians.
  • The licensing system in the nation is segmented as follows: The DHA (Dubai Health Authority) is in charge of licensing on the Emirate’s mainland, which is controlled by the government of Dubai.
  • Because it also owns and runs Dubai’s four government hospitals, the Dubai Health Authority serves as both a regulator and a supplier of health services.
  • The free zone was developed to serve as a hub for healthcare, medical education, and wellbeing.
  • A license from the Department of Health and Human Services’ regulatory department (DHCR) is only valid for professionals and hospitals who practice within the DHCC’s jurisdiction.
  • Finally, the Emirate of Abu Dhabi has its own licensing and regulating authority for the healthcare industry.

Though the Professional Qualification Requirements (PQR) for physicians have been unified by these four authorities, despite several attempts by the Authorities to enable automatic conversion between the different licenses, obstacles continue to exist, and a physician licensed to practice under one authority will still be required to apply all over again to practice under a different authority when moving to a different location.

Medical Licensing under the Department of Health and Human Services DHA licenses doctors under the following titles, which are issued by the DHA:

The DHA licensing process is a step-by-step procedure that may be completed fully online. A schematic of the many processes may be found by clicking here. To begin, the doctor who desires to submit an application must first register as a new user by visiting this link. The procedure may be completed in theory in two months from the time of the original application, but in practice it can take up to a year, with the majority of successful applicants obtaining a DHA license in 4-6 months from the time of the initial application.

Detailed information on all DHA licensing processes may be obtained here, thanks to a document provided by the DHA.

  • All of your educational credentials, as well as your transcripts of academic records. Any of the following items may be included on an education certificate: Diploma, Bachelor’s, Postgraduate, and more degrees are available. On the basis of DHA PQR, recent professional and job experience is provided. For the past two years, keep a journal (for surgical specialties only). Also required are the facility stamp and signature of the Medical Director or other authorized individual. Valid medical license or registration from the medical licensing agency of the nation where the most recent job was obtained
  • Physicians are required to present a valid Good Standing Certificate issued by the licensing body of their previous nation. a medical fitness exam (if the candidate is over the age of 65), and the test should only be performed by a DHA-affiliated medical fitness center
  • Copy of a valid passport
  • A recent photograph

You will be required to submit a first payment of AED 220 at the conclusion of the Initial Application procedure in order for the papers to be processed. After all of the papers have been successfully submitted and validated (which typically takes 2 weeks), a process known as Primary Source Verification (PSV) must be carried out to ensure that they are authentic. A specialist worldwide firm known as “Dataflow” does Primary Source Verification, which is the act of verifying the applicant’s papers directly from the original or primary source.

  1. Specifically, this procedure of verification is referred to by the moniker “Sheryan” on the DHA’s website.
  2. When using dataflow, the cost of the PSV is AED 1235, and the verification process begins 48 hours after the payment has been made online.
  3. The exam can be scheduled online using the same website that was used to submit the original application.
  4. Although it is widely agreed that passing the test should not be a problem for a skilled physician, the majority of those who take it perceive it as difficult and time-consuming.
  5. It is fairly unusual for doctors to fail the verification test on more than one occasion or to fail the exam numerous times.
  6. It is only after arranging the verification exam and paying the AED 520 fee online that the exam may be taken, provided that the PSV has produced a successful result.
  7. Medical practitioners who have received a job offer from a DHA-recognized healthcare facility are only eligible to receive DHA licenses.
  8. It is fairly unusual for physicians to complete all of the preceding parts of the DHA licensure process, including the verification exam, and then begin looking for work in Dubai after that.

Following successful completion of the test, the following documents must be presented (together with a payment of AED 3020):

  • It is necessary to have an offer letter from the recruiting facility that was issued recently (within the previous three months), and it must include the professional title, facility stamp, and signature of the Medical Director or other authorized person. If the linked document becomes invalid throughout the procedure, the applicant will be subjected to a medical fitness exam (if the applicant is 65 or older). Insurance against malpractice from the recruitment facility
  • Copy of your passport if the one you have attached is no longer valid
  • It signifies that the facility must first add the applicant’s specialization before the license can be issued
  • Otherwise, it means that the facility must add the applicant’s specialty first
  • Otherwise, it means that the license cannot be issued.

This process takes approximately two working days following the submission of the required paperwork, after which the successful candidate will be authorized to operate in the Emirate of Dubai.

4 Steps to Follow Before Starting Your Application to the Dubai Health Authority (DHA)

One of your primary goals should be to submit an application that is free of errors. You will need to be familiar with the procedure in order to do this. By visiting the DHA website and the Sheryan portal, you may learn more about the Professional Qualifications Requirements (PQR) set out by the Department of Homeland Security. The more you study about the application process step-by-step, the more probable it is that you will make mistakes or submit wrong paperwork throughout the application.

The Department of Health and Human Resources (DHA) sets out the necessary requirements for licensure of healthcare professionals who choose to practice in the UAE in accordance with federal laws and international best practices and standards, which can be viewed on the Professional Qualifications Requirements (PQR)document listed on the DHA website.

  • Sheryan also includes a self-assessment component that will assist you to determine whether or not you are eligible for the license you wish to apply for.
  • The verification procedure can begin once you have finished your registration on the DHA website and your profile has been completed.
  • The DataFlow Group will then conduct a direct check with the original or main source to ensure that the papers necessary for licensing are accurate.
  • The DataFlow Group controls and executes the verification process from beginning to finish, and they have high expectations for the quality and structure of the papers that are supplied through the internet.
  • Learn more about how to submit an application for DataFlow DHA.
  • Through thorough monitoring and verification of applications, it is committed to attaining this goal, which includes improving the overall quality of healthcare services.
  • Watch the complete video on ‘how to apply’ by clicking here.

The authority only examines applications that are up to date and complete in their information. Before beginning your application process with the DHA, make sure you follow the step-by-step method outlined in the four sections above carefully.

How to apply DHA Exam Application

The DHA test is a countrywide examination for healthcare professional licenses in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. A medical licensing test is administered by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), which also administers the comprehensive health system in Dubai and is in charge of managing professional licenses for medical practitioners. It is the goal of the DHA to establish and sustain an accessible, effective, and integrated healthcare system throughout the Emirate. Be aware that there are several sets of application criteria for DHA exams according on the candidate’s Professional Qualification Requirements, or PQR, which range from one profession to the next, as detailed below.

How to apply for the DHA exam online?

DHA is the first step. Pre-eligibility and Dataflow Application Phases are both required.

  • Candidates can discover if they are eligible for the category they applied for during the Pre-Eligibility and Dataflow or Primary Source Verification (PSV) application process, which is mostly based on their educational and work experience. A highly reliable background screening procedure must be completed by the candidate once they have determined that they are qualified to proceed with the DHA exam application process. This process verifies the candidate’s personal or professional credentials directly from the source that issued them. The prerequisites for DHA Dataflow differ based on the profession of the individual in question. As a result, please double-check that the information you submit in your application is accurate. It is possible that any disparity may trigger a red alert. It is possible for a candidate’s Dataflow report to reflect two DHA application statuses or results: either a positive or a negative outcome for the candidate. For each applicant who has submitted their papers for the verification process, they will be assigned a unique DHAdataflow reference number and log in information to use as a reference.

Phase 2 of the DHA Exam Scheduling Process

  • In the DHA exam booking and scheduling step, the candidate’s DHA exam schedule is confirmed as well as the candidate’s pre-registration for the DHA exam. At this stage, you should prepare for the DHA test questions that you may encounter on the exam and familiarize yourself with the DHA exam format in order to be well-prepared. If you haven’t taken advantage of a review course yet, now is a good opportunity to do so.

STEP 3: Pass the DHA Examination

  • As a reminder, on the day of your exam, be sure to bring appropriate forms of identification, and plan to arrive at the test center at least 45 minutes before your scheduled test time to allow for orientation and check-in procedures. If you are late or arrive at the test facility without proper identification, you will be turned away and will have to re-register for the exam scheduling process. Additionally, you will be required to pay for another DHA exam price.

STEP 4: Request a copy of your DHA Exam Results

  • Candidates can obtain their official test results by logging in with the DHA login credentials that were provided to them. There are just two possible outcomes for the DHA exam: pass or fail. If a candidate does not pass or fails the examination, there will be no examination scores or exam certificates provided to that applicant.

Phase 5 of the DHA Prof Credentialing Evaluation Process

  • Once the candidate has gotten their Dataflow report and has passed the exam, they will be able to move to the Prof Credentialing Evaluation step of the application process. This is the procedure by which the candidate’s eligibility letter will be made public
  • This document is required in order to complete the DHA license application process. If you haven’t already done so, you must identify an employer that will link their application to the DHA regulating organization for the purpose of obtaining a DHA license before you may proceed with your application.

From searching the application requirements for the DHA exam and other qualifications can be overwhelming, especially to foreign healthcare candidates who are not acquainted with or had no knowledge in applying for the DHA exam. Due to this licensure application process for DHA, candidates are advised to seek assistance from a specialized application preparation center likeNEAC Medical Exams Center. NEAC‌ is an innovative pioneer medical exams application center that offers easy and fast exam applications for DHA and will do all the work for your DHA application for the best price to avoid financial losses and delays that may cause rejections of your application.

If you have any more questions concerning the DHA Exam Application, including the prerequisites, qualifications, and costs, please contact us at [email protected].


As long as they satisfy all of the prerequisites and credentials required for the test application, any medical professionals are eligible to apply for the DHA examination. Candidates do not need to go to Dubai and submit their DHA exam application in person to the licensing authority in order to complete their DHA exam application. Candidates may complete their DHA exam application online. Prometric offers a number of test locations located across the world. Candidates from a variety of nations throughout the world will be able to register, schedule, and sit for the tests in their native countries or at the nearest testing facility that is accessible.

  1. However, a candidate subject to a test retake must follow specific procedures in order to be qualified to sit for the exam again.
  2. If a candidate already has a Dataflow report issued to the aforementioned exam application, the candidate’s Dataflow report can be processed along with the candidate’s accounts and proof of documents for the test application in question.
  3. The DHA exam exemption and Credentialing application for the applicant are authorized, and their new company can submit them to the DHA for their license issuance after they have been approved.
  4. Candidates can obtain their official test results by logging in with the DHA login credentials that were provided to them.

There are just two possible outcomes for the DHA exam: pass or fail. If a candidate does not pass or fails the examination, no scores or certificates will be awarded.

Dubai Health Authority Professional Licensing Guidelines

Are you thinking about pursuing a medical profession in Dubai? Here’s all you need to know about it! Medical practitioners who wish to operate in Dubai must first get a license from the Dubai Health Authority (DHA). The Health Regulation Department (HRD) of the Dubai Health Authority is responsible for issuing licenses to healthcare professionals in the city (DHA). Healthcare practitioners who wish to get the license must submit an application and pass a skill test and evaluation. WHO IS ELIGIBLE TO APPLY FOR A DHA LICENSE?

  • Physicians, dentists, nurses, midwives, allied healthcare and traditional complementary (i.e., beauty therapists, laser technicians, and so on)
  • Alternative medicine professionals
  • And other professionals.


  • Completing the initial self-assessment is essential. Visit the Sheryan self-assessment portal for further information. Fill out the essential information and send it to us. Based on the information you give, the portal will decide whether or not you are qualified to become a member of the Dubai Medical Registry. If you meet the requirements, you can go to the next level. Otherwise, you can request that your profile be personally examined
  • However, this is not required.

You must complete the following tasks in order to participate in the Manual Review:

  • Submit an online application with all of the necessary information and documentation
  • Pay the fines and penalties
  • Wait for the DHA to assess your application, which might take up to 10 days.

THE SECOND STEP IS TO CREATE A SHERYAN ACCOUNT Before beginning the DHA licensing procedure, you must first create a personal ID on the DHA Sheryan site. Take the following steps:

  • Visit the DHA’s “Single Sign On” site for further information. Select “Register New Account” from the drop-down menu. After you have entered the essential information, click “Register.” You will get an email containing account authentication credentials.

STEP 3: COMPLETE THE REGISTRATION PROCESS You must first register on the DHA Sheryan website in order to legally process the license application. Simply follow the instructions outlined below:

  • Select “Register a Professional” from the drop-down menu. Provide all of the necessary information
  • Upload all of the required papers
  • In addition, you must pay the DHA registration costs (AED 200) and submit your application. Based on your CBT and PSV findings, the DHA will evaluate your application before deciding whether or not it should be approved, rejected, or returned for further information.

IN STEP 4, you will do primary source verification and oral or computer-assisted coding. For individuals who are qualified for a DHA license in Dubai who have completed their Primary Source Verification (PSV) and passed the CBT testing, the DHA will certify the legitimacy of your profile (if required). A collaboration between DataFlow Group and the PSV via DATAFLOWDHA has resulted in a screening process for professional applicants for the Dubai healthcare business. The PSV conducts a comprehensive investigation of the educational histories and credentials of all professionals who have submitted for a DHA license application form.

The DHA licensure test is administered by Prometric, an independent review board, and is used to assess the degree of experience and skill of candidates.

Fees for assessment:

Profession 2 Hour Assessment Fees (USD) 3 Hour Assessment Fees (USD)
Physicians/Dentist 220 280
Others 180 240

STEP 5: MAKE AN APPOINTMENT FOR AN ORAL ASSESSMENT The DHA may need you to participate in an oral evaluation depending on the professional healthcare position for which you are applying. Make a time for the oral evaluation to take place. Fees for oral (standard) consultations:

Profession Fees (AED)
Physicians/Dentist 520
Others 270

Remember that payment must be completed within 2 hours. If this is not the case, the scheduled evaluation date will be canceled. THE SIXTH STEP IS TO ACTIVATE YOUR PROFESSIONAL LICENSE As soon as you pass the oral examination, you will be officially recognized as a DHA professional. All that remains is for you to complete the activation of your DHA professional license. Using your Sheryan account, you must complete the following tasks:

  • Activate your DHA license by submitting an offer letter and a malpractice insurance certificate. Pay the costs associated with the license activation

Fees for issuing licenses:

Profession Fees (AED)
Physicians/Dentist 3,020
Others 1,020

Following the activation, the DHA will issue a temporary license that will be valid until the original is received by the customer.

CERTAIN DOCUMENTS ARE REQUIRED. Make sure you have all of the papers you need to register with the Dubai Medical Registry before you begin. The following documentation must be submitted with your first processing application in compliance with DHA licensing requirements:

  1. Recent passport-size photo (with a white backdrop)
  2. A copy of your valid passport
  3. Qualifications in the field of work
  4. Certificates of work experience are required. It is necessary to have a medical license or registration in order to practice medicine. a certificate of good standing (GSC)
  5. A surgical journal (for surgeons) that is published every two years. If the applicant is over the age of 65, he or she will be submitted to a medical examination and examination.

When your DHA license application is accepted, you will also be required to provide the following documents:

  • A letter of acceptance from your recruitment facility
  • You must provide a malpractice insurance certificate from your recruitment facility.

Please contact us at [email protected] or +971 4 568 6522 or +971 52 979 8169 for further information. Follow our blog to remain up to speed on the most recent and most accurate news from the UAE government and its officials. We often address subjects such as company formation and structuring, visas, product registration, and other issues relating to doing business in the United Arab Emirates. APPRECIATE THIS ARTICLE? DISSEMBLE IT WITH THE WHOLE WORLD!

What is DHA ? A general guide for the DHA exam

Blessy Babu is a blessing. Healthcare personnel are well-known for putting their lives on the line in order to provide the best possible service to their patients. Different certification boards and organizations play an important role in assisting medical professionals in validating their abilities via appropriate training and certification. One of the notable institutions established by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai, is the Dubai Health Authority (DHA).

Consequently, you must pass the DHA test before you can begin working in the Dubai healthcare industry.

What is DHA?

It was established by Law 13 to strengthen the health sector and only focus on health service delivery. The DHA (Dubai Health Authority) is a body established by the Department of Health and Medical Services to improve the health sector and exclusively focus on health service delivery. One of the most important missions of the Dubai Health Authority is to develop the city into a premier healthcare destination by cultivating highly competent medical personnel and increasing community involvement.

A healthcare worker may only begin their employment in Dubai if they have the DHA certification in hand.

The primary pillars of the DHA Health Facilities are the provision of high-quality, cost-effective, and integrated healthcare services to the public.

They will gain the trust of their patients and give them with great treatment and assistance if they have a dedicated crew.

Why should you take the DHA exam?

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) test is an obligatory licensing exam for all healthcare professionals who wish to practice in the Emirate of Dubai. The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) certification program seeks to qualify individuals before they begin working in the Dubai medical business, regardless of whether they are seasoned professionals or are just starting out in their careers. According to the Dubai Health Authority, the government places a strong emphasis on characteristics such as customer experience, efficiency, quality, and transparency, which serve as the foundation for Dubai healthcare facilities to meet international standards.

There are a variety of DHA examinations available, each tailored to an unique medical field. The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) is in charge of licensing all healthcare personnel in the city, whether they be Allied Healthcare Professionals, dentists, doctors, psychologists, or nurses.

DHA Exam Pattern

There are various distinct route certifications for healthcare workers in different medical professions that have been developed by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA). Each test has its own curriculum, which includes criteria as well as a standard format. Because the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) is the gold standard for healthcare services in the city, you will need to put in the necessary effort to qualify for these difficult tests. The use of enough DHA practice examinations and training might assist you in passing the test on your first try.

The format of the test includes the basics, medical, and surgical themes that differ depending on the individual exam.

It offers a variety of curriculum options, like :

  • Medical Doctors, Dentist Specialists, Nurses, Medical Lab Technicians, Pharmacists, Physiotherapists, Radiographers, and Allied Healthcare Professionals are all included.

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DHA Exam Duration and Passing Score

Candidates for the DHA test must have a primary degree qualification as well as two years of clinical experience in order to be qualified. If you pass the test, you will join the ranks of those in the medical field who are dedicated to protecting the public’s health and improving the quality of life in the Emirate of Dubai. The computer-based testing session will last two hours, during which you will be required to answer 70 multiple-choice questions. In the following specialties, 70 multiple-choice questions based on clinical scenarios are available to take:

  • Medical specialists include: general practitioner, general dentist, assistant nurse, dermatologists, orthodonticists, paediatricians, physiotherapists, Obstetricians and Gynecologists, radiographers, and registered nurses.

DHA tests are assessed on a scale of zero to 100 points, with a passing score of at least 60 points required to be eligible for licensure. Exams are administered online and are scored on a computer. This scale applies to all DHA tests, and passing the test on your first attempt will need extensive preparation. The registration price for the DHA test is AED 210, and the amount might vary depending on the specifications chosen. When taking the test, you will have a maximum of three chances to pass it; if you fail, you will get another chance after one year.

DHA Licence Requirements

All medical practitioners who wish to operate in the Dubai healthcare business are required to get a DHA license. How to Obtain a Medical License in Dubai in Order to Practice Medicine? There are several conditions that must be met in order to obtain a DHA license, the most important of which are as follows:

  • To operate in the Dubai healthcare business, all medical practitioners must get a DHA license. To practice medicine in Dubai, you must have a medical license. If you want to obtain a DHA license, you must complete a number of prerequisites, including:

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A general guide for DHA exam: Way to apply for prometric exam in UAE

Health professionals who intend to pursue a career in the United Arab Emirates must first pass a certain test in order to obtain a working license from the Ministry of Health. What does the abbreviation DHA stand for? The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) is an assessment organization tasked with supervising the health-care system in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The Health Regulation Department (HRD) of the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) is solely responsible for licensing certified professionals who possess the necessary abilities to ensure the quality of healthcare services and the safety of residents in Dubai.

  • You should write down your name and spellings precisely as they appear on your identity document (passport). Upload the relevant documents in “JPEG/PDF format only” to the appropriate folder. The needed papers (scanned copies) should be labeled with the certificates’ numbers. Don’t offer them sequential numbers such as 1, 2, 3, etc. Consider the following: Passport
  • Degree
  • Transcript
  • Photograph
  • And Experience Letter. If an applicant does not have the needed documentation, he or she must upload a letter of explanation. There must be a log book for surgeons that is too detailed to be entered in the experience area.

Please keep in mind that if an applicant fails to provide the requisite papers after three tries, the application will be denied. Submission of an Application

  1. If a candidate wishes to preserve information, he or she can do so by selecting the option “Save as draft” from inside the application portal, which is located at the bottom of the page.
  1. Once the application has been filed, an automated reference number is generated, which may be used to track the progress of your application. It makes it easier to track the application’s progress more simply.
  1. Additionally, the payment form will be generated automatically upon the submission of an application.
  1. The candidate should check their application site on a regular basis to see whether they have received any feedback from the DHA.

Want to know more about how to make a payment? There is a cost of 210 AED for all health professionals who submit an application. The payment should be made online using a credit card, if possible. Information about the application that was evaluated by the DHA: The Licensing Accreditation Section at the Department of Human Resources and Development (DHA) will review and verify the candidate’s application. If you provide all of the required papers, the application will be processed in 6 weeks.

  1. Verification of the primary source (PSV) Upon approval of your application by HRD, your educational credentials will be submitted to the institutions where you received your degree in order to be verified.
  2. Following verification, an email will be issued to the applicant requesting payment of the PSV.
  3. Other types of health-care providers include: The price starts at AED 700.
  4. Professionals wishing to apply for a license from the DHA must pass the examination ” with the exception of certain applicants who have specific certifications “.
  5. Assessment fees: For physicians and dentists, the following costs are charged: Professionals in other categories should expect to pay the following rates: Normal: AED 510Urgent: AED 2010 AED 260 is the standard rate; AED 2010 is the urgent rate.
  6. Issue of an Eligibility LetterOnce the assessment has been finished and the applicant has successfully passed the exam, an eligibility order will be provided online, which the candidate will be able to access through his or her application profile.
  7. A pending task will also be displayed in the pending tasks area, which will need you to post a work offer with a location and insurance.
  8. After passing the test, the applicant is eligible for one year of relevant work at a healthcare facility in Dubai after passing.
  9. Following the uploading of the file, the next and last stage is the granting of a license issuance.
  10. As soon as the offer has been examined and validated, a task will appear in the application site requesting payment of the licensing price.

Fees for obtaining a license include: AED 3010 is the rate for doctors and dentists. AED 1010 is for other health-care workers. After receiving payment from HRD, the candidate is able to pick up his or her DHA license within two business days.

Specialist Licensing Requirements – Dubai Health Authority

1. SPECIALISTS IN THE FIELD In order to determine an applicant’s eligibility for licensing withstrong Dubai /strongstrong Health /strongstrong Authority /strong (DHA) as astrong Specialist /strong, the applicant must meet the following eligibility requirements: Avicenna Database, recognized medical schools, and four years of full-time equivalent study totaling at least 5,500 hours (or four years full-time equivalent study) result in the award of a primary medical certification (formerly the WHOdirectory of medical schools) Upon successful completion of the internship program (a one-year program), Postgraduate certification in accordance with Recognized Specialty Certificates is available.

  • Those who possess Tier 1 credentials are free from the requirement to get post-certificate experience and to undergo competence testing.
  • Tier 3 Certificates: Applicants must have a minimum of three (3) years of experience following the completion of the certificate.
  • (iv)(v) A valid practicing license in the country of graduation and/or the country of previous employment is required.
  • 1.1.
  • (2) Evidence of successful completion of an approved medical education program.
  • A valid practicing license in the nation of graduation and/or the country of employment/appointment is required.
  • Good Standing Certificate from the medical council/association in the nation of previous employment (Certificates are only valid for six (6) months from the date of issuing).

Medical Licensing and Registration system in the GULF (United Arab Emirates)

In the United Arab Emirates, there are four different types of licenses that allow Health Care Professionals to work. DHA (This honor was bestowed by the Dubai Health Authority.) This license only permits you to practice in the city of Dubai and nowhere else in the world. DHCC — Department of Health and Human Services (Issued by Dubai Health Care City-a free zone) Harvard International has issued a separate license. This license permits you to practice exclusively within the DHCC free zone, and you are not permitted to practice anywhere else in Dubai.

  • MOH (Ministry of Health) (Granted by the Ministry of Health) This allows the bearer to practice law everywhere in the United Arab Emirates, with the exception of the Emirates of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
  • DUBAID LICENSE APPLICATION The Dubai Health Authority has issued the HALicense.
  • The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) is a governmental organization formed by legislation to oversee the health-care sector in the Emirate of Dubai.
  • Healthcare Professionals with relevant skills and credentials are required to be licensed by the Health Regulation Department (HRD) of the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) in order to ensure the high quality of health care services and the safety of the people in the Emirate of Dubai.
  • Harvard International has issued a DHCCLicense to a company.
  • This license enables the holder to establish a practice just inside the DHCC free zone region.
  • LICENSE IN THE CITY OF ABU DHABIAL AINHAAD The Health Authority of Abu Dhabi has issued a license to this establishment.
  • A health authority is a regulatory agency that regulates and oversees the healthcare sector in an emirate.
  • It is also in charge of providing licenses for Health Professional Licenses that are valid in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Following successful completion of the Abu Dhabi Ministry test, the bearer is permitted to practice in Sharjah or Ras Al Kheima. The following are the papers that must be submitted in order to begin the application licensing processes in Dubai:

1.Recentpassportsizephotograph (4) / white background
2.A copy of valid passport
3.EducationalqualificationsCover the minimum requirements of theUnified Healthcare ProfessionalQualification Requirements Higher Secondary School certificate is required if the qualification is lower than a BSc
4.ExperiencecertificatesCover the minimum requirements of theUnified Healthcare ProfessionalQualification Requirements Include professional title / designation. Stamped and signed by the human resources or Medical/Hospital director
5.License/ registrationIssued by the Health Regulatory Authority in the country(s) of last employment.Valid and not older than six (6) months.Mandatory for Physicians, Dentists and Nurses / Midwives.Allied Healthcare and TCAM professionals may be requested in certain.
6. CertificateofGoodStanding(CGS)Issued by the Health Regulatory Authority in the country(s) of last employmentValid and not older than six (6) months.Mandatory for Physicians, Dentists and Nurses / Midwives.Allied Healthcare and TCAM professionals may be requested in certain.
7.LogbookforsurgicalspecialtiesFor the last 2 years stamped and signed by Medical Director or authorized person.
8.Medicalfitnesstest(ifapplicantageis65andabove)The test should be conducted only by government medical fitness centers -DHA.
9.JobofferLetterfromthehiringfacilityLetter not older than 3 months including the new professional title, stamped and signed by the human resources or Medical/Hospital director

Although the above-mentioned list is not exhaustive, it is possible that extra documentation may be required to support the registration and licensing application.

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