What Really Happens In Dubai? (Solution)

What are fun things to do in Dubai?

  • In Dubai, you can enjoy Jet-skiing, snow skiing, desert safari, scuba diving, hot air balloon ride etc. And the most interesting part is you can enjoy all these things in a single day. I prefer jet skiing most. Jet skiing in Dubai is the funniest thing I’ve ever enjoyed.

Is Dubai a sexist country?

Dubai is considered to have the most popular sex industry out of the UAE. Prostitution starts with pimps luring women from different parts of the world, like Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, East Africa, Iraq, Iran, and Morocco.

Is Dubai built on slavery?

Like the rest of the Gulf region, Dubai and Abu Dhabi are being built by expat workers. They are strictly segregated, and a hierarchy worthy of previous centuries prevails.

What is Dubai punishment?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Capital punishment is a legal penalty in the United Arab Emirates. Under Emirati law, multiple crimes carry the death penalty, and executions can be carried out through either a firing squad, hanging, or stoning.

What is forbidden in Dubai?

Dubai severely punishes acts that many Western travelers would never even imagine are illegal, including drinking alcohol without a permit, holding hands, sharing a room with someone of the opposite sex other than your spouse, taking pictures of other people, offensive language or gestures, and unsanctioned social

Can a woman walk alone in Dubai?

Is it safe for women to travel solo in Dubai? Yes, unreservedly. Dubai is considered among the top 10 safest countries for female solo travellers, so there is no need to hesitate before getting that Dubai visa.

How many wives can you have in UAE?

Polygamy is allowed as per the UAE’s law. A Muslim male may have four wives, provided he offers equal sustenance and equal treatment to all. Here are the key legal requirements for Muslim marriages: Marriage contract needs to be registered in a Sharia court in the UAE.

Are there poor in Dubai?

The UAE is one of the top ten richest countries in the world, and yet a large percentage of the population lives in poverty — an estimated 19.5 percent. Poverty in the UAE can be seen in the labor conditions of the working class. Migrants come to Dubai looking for work and send remittances back to their families.

Is Dubai a dirty city?

Development in the region has caused a rise in power stations and cars – and a drop in air quality. However, Dubai, where the number of cars – a major source of nitrogen oxides – increased from 740,000 in 2006 to 1.4 million in 2014, is the most heavily polluted city in the region and the 10th worldwide.

What happens if u steal in Dubai?

Theft carries a punishment of imprisonment from 6 months up to 3 years or a fine. Attempted theft, which is also a crime, carries the punishment from 3 months up to 18 months or a fine. The punishment for the crime of attempted theft by such methods carries a prison sentence of 3-15 years.

What happens if you swear in Dubai?

Swearing in public is completely prohibited in the UAE, with the use of the F-word being a crime, as it “disgraces the honor or the modesty” of a person, according to Article 373 of the UAE Penal Code. Swearing is punishable by up to a year in prison and a fine as high as 10,000 dirhams.

What happens if you fight in Dubai?

Assault is considered a violent crime in Dubai. Being accused of assault can result in either a misdemeanor or a felony charge. Either charge will result in jail time, fines, and restitution to the victim, parole and a mark on your criminal record for life.

Is it OK to wear shorts in Dubai?

There are no fixed rules regarding wearing shorts. When it comes to wearing shorts in Dubai, even in case of tourists, remember that thigh grazing shorts, hot shorts, booty shorts and mini-skirts that barely cover may not be a good choice in Dubai, unless you are wearing them at a beach.

Is Bible allowed in Dubai?

Christians are free to worship and wear religious clothing, if applicable. Non-Muslim religious leaders reported that customs authorities rarely questioned the entry of religious materials such as Bibles and hymnals into the country. Conversion from Islam is not permitted.

Are tattoos illegal in Dubai?

While getting a tattoo is not legally penalised in the UAE, it is forbidden in Islam by virtue of a Fatwa issued by the Official Fatwa Centre at the General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments, and considered a form of self-injury.

What did I just read? What happens in Dubai doesn’t quite stay in Dubai

According to a Nigerian lady (NAME WITHOUT DISCLAIMER), a large number of Nigerian ladies travel to Dubai to sleep with and consume the excreta of Arab males in order to gain money. The woman who posted the unsettling story on her Instagram page said that her buddy is one of these ladies who makes a good career from this type of business. The Arab guys are rumored to shovel poo directly into the mouths of these girls before exchanging cash for their services. So the next time you want to be envious of a wealthy Nigerian woman who has just returned from Dubai, think carefully before doing so.

After watching her on TheDirty, I called out a really good friend of mine for being a Porta-Potty, and she readily confessed she was a porta-potty.

I spoke about it with her a few months ago, and she responded by saying that if an opportunity arises, she will notify me.

The trip paid a total of $40K for an ANYTHING GOES weekend in St.

  1. That is more money than I make in a year, so I decided to call it quits.
  2. I was really considering this as my new job, and I was thinking it would be simple as f*ck.
  3. Three thousand dollars went toward travel expenses to St.
  4. I was overjoyed.
  5. Nik, I was thanking you for the $10K you’ve already given me for absolutely nothing.
  6. There are nine Arabian men on it, including my friend, myself, and one other lady.
  7. It was intense.

They basically sat about and played board games and smoked cigars, which was all they did.

We are all taken to separate rooms, where the maids instruct us to strip down to our underwear and lie down on the bed without moving.

Three of the men entered the room, all of them were dressed in robes; the first man removes his robe and forces me to go closer to the edge of the bed, after which he inserts it in me.

My hand tries to wipe it out of my eye and he slaps it away, then slaps me so hard in the face that c*m splatters all over the place and shouts at me to “don’t move, you white b*tch!” As a result, the following two guys take a bit longer, perhaps 7 or 8 minutes, and repeat the process.

The servant comes to fetch me and instructs me not to wash my face, then takes my hand and guides me to the shower.

While I’m in the shower, my three male companions walk in and literally just start urinating on me.

They essentially washed their urine all over my face and body.

We settled down once we had showered off, enjoyed an excellent supper, drank, and blew some more.

I didn’t do badly at all.

After a long day at sea and in sex, the maids inform us that tonight is the most important night of the year, and we should dress accordingly.

As a result, this time, instead of three people entering the room, just one does.

and then Nik comes along.

He then pops a squat and sh*ts all over my chest.

He then informs me that he is not through with me.

He informed me, in bad English, that if he didn’t complete, I wouldn’t be compensated for my time.

I wanted nothing more than for him to hug me and snuggle with me.

So I was separated from the rest of the group for the entire day on Sunday, fed only once, then dropped back down at the pier with the rest of the group.

I couldn’t care less because I still made $10,000, but I’m baffled as to how these women manage to do so.

Nik, thank you for instilling the notion in my mind that it is OK to work as a Porta Potty; nevertheless, this is not the case at all.

I’m baffled as to how these gals manage to do it over and over again. It’s not worth the money or the loss of self-respect. Information NG is the source of this information.

Wipe your potty mouth if you please

Until you move into Dubai, the true nature of the city remains a mystery. Once you obtain the keys, the mysteries will progressively come to light, causing you to become dissatisfied. WHY WOULDN’T YOU WANT TO MOVE TO A CITY WITH 365 DAYS OF SUN, TAX-FREE INCOME, AND Jennifer Aniston advertising the best lifestyle from 40,000 feet above ground level? This was a question I posed to myself in 2015, as I prepared to make the big move to Dubai. In Gigi Hadid’s holiday Instagrams, the Dubai I was moving to was the Dubai I had imagined: a city of the tallest, the largest, and the brightest buildings on the planet.

  1. At first, it appears to be acting in a responsible manner.
  2. After that, you’ll get to see the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest structure, as well as a huge imitation of Las Vegas’ Bellagio fountains.
  3. However, amid all of this, the real Dubai will remain concealed until you decide to go there.
  4. Similarly to the city’s and its residents’ integrity, Dubai’s history has been buried behind layers of sand, metal, glass, and steel to preserve the city’s modernity.
  5. The Dubai Museum, which is currently the city’s oldest standing institution, is located two stories below ground level and is the only architectural building that tells the real story of the city’s founding.
  6. The villagers were camel herders at the time, and they were completely bewildered and uninformed about what to do with the actual pot of gold.
  7. He offered a tax-free lifestyle in a desert in exchange for a makeover of the city’s image, and he has subsequently succeeded in persuading generations of non-Emiratis to make Dubai their permanent home.

The population of Dubai has gotten much more complicated as a result of decades of imbalance.

The first is the idealistic class, which consists mostly of the local Emiratis who are inexhaustibly prosperous.

Exotic animals as pets are not permitted in the United Arab Emirates, yet they are a regular sight among the wealthy.

Those CEOs, bank managers, and project managers who will gather in sports bars on a Tuesday night to debate their home country’s failing political situation, followed by shots of tequila, are the ones that make the news.

They work 12-hour shifts at a construction site in the midst of the desert on a hot day with temperatures reaching 50 degrees.

Nonetheless, it is these gentlemen who have adorned Dubai with its shining radiance.

The existence of modern-day slavery in the United Arab Emirates is brutally clear, yet propaganda-style tourism movies and Instagram accounts will lead you to believe otherwise.

The government will not allow you to believe it.

Imagine yourself standing in the middle of Dubai Marina, gracefully sipping your $38 glass of Bombay Sapphire garnished with Lebanese cucumber while taking in the uninterrupted views of construction workers on tiptoes atop a crane.

Because of Islamic nation rules, you would not be able to purchase alcoholic beverages in bottles at any grocery, but hotel bars would sell champagne costing $1000 on tap.

“Please don’t bring it up.

“Don’t write anything about it.” Isn’t it true that if you can’t see something, it doesn’t exist?

People stay so obnoxiously inebriated in their little sanctuary of seven-star hotels, Friday alcoholic brunches, and ladies’ evenings that they forget about the realities that come with living in this area of the globe, which is a shame.

I fell in to the temptation of living an ostentatiously managed existence, and it was a mistake that came back to haunt me.

The opulence of a world-class hotel on the Palm Jumeirah would be a welcome respite on a scorching hot day, but the awful living circumstances of the working class would be brought home to me the next afternoon.

This is the equivalent of Disneyland for grownups.

A generation of millennial Emiratis exists between between the cool white robes and the somber burqas, and they are being rewarded simply for existing.

When you are married, you are presented with a mansion.

All of your international travel expenses have been covered.


There’s nothing to worry about.

Expats are watching Dubai play Santa Claus from the comfort of their homes in the simple desert to the east of the city, where the chaos is unfolding.

When I looked back on the past two years, I realized that it wasn’t my obligation to contribute to a society that respected fundamental human and cultural rights.

When I moved to Dubai, I didn’t realize that the high-rise building I was living in wasn’t built by a local sheik, but rather by an anonymous blue-collar worker from a hamlet in India.

The bright electric lights and gleaming marble of The Dubai Mall began to irritate my eyes and make my eyes water.

The calm jazz music grooving in the background of a speak-easy bar in Cavalli Club Dubai heralded the arrival of loneliness.

Every expat has their own way of life. As a result, I made the decision to depart. I managed to pull out of its grasp before collapsing, but I have a sneaking suspicion that Dubai will not be able to break free from its own metal shackles very soon.

20 Reasons Not to Move to Dubai (In No Particular Order)

Being a resident in Dubai is not as fantastic and glamorous as many people would have you believe it to be. Forget everything you’ve read, seen, and heard; those gleaming structures and man-made islands are nothing more than a smokescreen to deceive the public. There are so many things wrong with this town that I’ve decided to build a list of them, which you should read if you’re thinking on moving to Dubai in the near future.

1. Try Getting Something Delivered To Your Place

Because there is no standard address system in place, mail-to-door delivery is not an option. In fact, it makes practically everything nearly hard to accomplish. The cab driver, who has just been here for two days and has only learned English through listening to old Beatles recordings, has no idea where your home is. He won’t tell you that, of course; he’ll simply keep phoning and repeating, “All right, all right. “Yeah, that’s right.” When you purchase something that requires delivery, you will not see an address line, but rather a box in which you will be requested to create a map of the location.

As an example, consider the following: After the airport road, but before the roundabout, I live on a side street that is quiet and peaceful.

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The government of the United Arab Emirates has blocked all websites that it considers to be “offensive” to the “religious, moral, and cultural values” of the country. That’s difficult for a freedom-loving American to accept, but I understand why. Why all VOIP access and related web pages are restricted, on the other hand, is something I don’t understand. I suppose the government is also offended by folks who use low-cost methods to communicate with their family back home. Calls made using the analog service offered by the government-owned telephone monopoly will be charged at a higher rate, although they will be significantly more expensive.

Even though the government claims that voice over internet protocol (VOIP) is forbidden for security reasons, people of communist China and North Korea have access to these low-cost calls.

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Excellent podcast with Paul Rosenberg about virtual private networks (VPNs).

3. It Is Hot Here, Like REALLY Hot

Not hot like Florida in July; hot like if you were stranded in a car in Florida in July with enough humidity to make you feel like you are drowning. Heat indexes of 120 degrees with approximately 100 percent humidity are considered extreme. Avoid looking on the wind for assistance. Using this method is the equivalent of directing a hairdryer directly at your face at full intensity. You should imagine that you are pouring fine moon dust-like sand over your head while doing this.

4. Does Anything Even Grow Here?

There are much too few trees, plants, and grass — indeed, there are far too few living things other than us insane people – in the world. Have you ever seen a bird pant? Yes, I have. Human beings were not created to exist in such a hostile environment, in my opinion. If we were, there would be enough of water and shade for everyone. The only vegetation in the area is provided by the roadside gardens established by the government, which is responsible for watering them constantly throughout the day.

Thank you very much! Were you not the one who stated that we should reduce our water use since you were unable to keep up with the demand? It occurred to me that we should all relocate somewhere where it is not 120 degrees outside.

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This country takes such pleasure in its glitter and glamour that it has emblazoned an image of its 7-star hotel on the back of its registration plates. Despite this, the public bathrooms in the glitzy Gold Souk neighborhood are nothing more than holes in the ground with no toilet paper or soap available. Hoses, on the other hand, are provided for cleaning your underwear. Due to the accumulation of water on the floor, you must stand up to go to the bathroom. You may try squatting without putting your hands on anything and not letting your trousers come into contact with anything.

In addition, the temperature is 120 degrees in there.

6. Modern-Day Slavery

It is encouraged by this government for companies to employ individuals from other poor countries to come and work in this country. They force them to sign contracts that are ten years in length, and then they confiscate their passports. Despite the fact that snatching passports is technically against the law, the government is aware of the practice and does nothing to enforce the law. They are promised a specific wage, but the corporations fail to inform them that they would be subtracting their cost of living expenses from their paychecks, leaving them essentially destitute – if they choose to pay them at all – as a result.

They are imprisoned when the employees go on strike as a result.

These individuals will never be able to earn enough money to purchase a return ticket home, and even if they do, they will not be able to do so since they will not have their passports.

The kicker is that they are constructing hotels that will cost more to stay in for a single night than they would earn in an entire year, according to Forbes.

7. Things Are Not Cheaper Here

I’m tired of hearing people say things like that. People remark to individuals who worry about the growing expense of living in this nation, “Well, it’s cheaper than your home country or you wouldn’t be here,” according to the letters to the editor page of the newspaper I am reading. The only thing that is less expensive here is labor. Yes, you can hire a cleaner – but a bag of washed lettuce can set you back about $6 in labor costs.

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This is what I perceive to be cheating. Where have all the police officers gone? I traveled around this city for several weeks before I ever came across a police officer. I can assure you that traffic officers are desperately needed here. People behave in a clumsy manner. Turning left from the far right lane is totally legal, however exceeding the speed limit by even a few miles can result in a fine.

These cameras are deliberately positioned when you travel down slopes or just before the speed limit changes to prevent accidents. Before you know it, you’ve been BAM! Fined. You will have your automobile detained if you do not pay your payment on time.

9. What The Hell Are You Wearing?

The clothes that some of these women are wearing is just incomprehensible to me. I realize that you are obligated to dress in a certain manner as part of your faith, but wearing a black robe over your jeans and turtleneck and covering your head while it is 120 degrees outside seems a little excessive. Some ladies go to the gym dressed in five layers of clothing.sweatpants and t-shirts over sweaters with headscarves, for example. The men’s apparel, on the other hand, is completely logical: white, breezy, and with nothing below except their skivvies.

10. People Stare At You

I’m tired of being gazed at all the time. Men who have never seen a fair-skinned blue-eyed woman before, or who have seen one but believe we are all prostitutes and so it is OK to gaze, look at me. Whether I am fully clothed or with my spouse, they look at me and sometimes even follow me around the room. It’s just frightening, and it’s reduced me to tears on more than one occasion in the past. Men are not the only ones who are gazing at you. My husband and I are having a few drinks at the bar when we are approached by a group of female prostitutes who are enraged that I am intruding on their domain.

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There are prostitutes, there is no doubt about that. There were a ton of them. To clarify, I am not allowed to look at a naked photo of someone on the Internet in my own house, but I am allowed to go out in public and purchase a few for the night? Is that correct?

12. Alcohol Can Only Be Sold In Hotels And a Handful of Private Clubs

To enjoy alcoholic beverages in the privacy of one’s own home, one must possess a valid liquor license. If you want to receive a liquor license, you must first gain written clearance from your supervisor, then verify that you earn a particular amount of money, which affects how much you are permitted to buy, and then submit numerous mug shots (also known as passport photographs) to the state for review. Drinking at home is permitted if you pay the charge as well as the additional 30 percent tax on every purchase.

Why not simply go out to Ajman, where it’s a free-for-all, and fill up the SUV with all of your belongings instead?

It’s strange how things work out.

13. I Have to Ask Permission For Everything!

To get a liquor license, you must first seek permission from your employer. You must also receive permission from your employer if you wish to rent property, use a telephone, or subscribe to satellite television.

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While traveling down the highway at 160 kph, I’ll stop if I see one more youngster standing up and waving to me from the back window. How did seat belts end there in the first place?

15. When is the Weekend Again?

I want to make sure I understand what you’re saying: the weekend used to be Thursday and Friday, but no one took off all of Thursday, only a half-day at the most. However, although though the government declares Friday and Saturday to be weekends, many employees choose to merely take off Friday, while others choose to work a half-day on Thursday, while others choose to work a half-day on Saturday instead.

Monday through Friday are considered workdays, with only a sliver of activity completed on Sundays and Monday through Wednesday.

16. There are a Few Satellite Television Operators

The movie networks broadcast films that are antiquated and out of date. Many of them moved directly to video when they returned to the United States. Every comedy that was a failure in the United States has been acquired and is being broadcast here. Old episodes of Knight Rider are marketed as though they are the most amazing thing that has ever happened to mankind. Because the television ads are repeated so frequently, I am resolved not to purchase anything offered on television in this country just for the sake of principle.

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It is not uncommon to have to drive 10 minutes out of the way in order to perform a U-turn. People are unable to provide instructions the majority of the time (remember reason1), and maps are of little assistance because they do not have road names or have only a few of them. What is the location of interchange number four? The only thing you can do is hope you got on the motorway in the correct spot and start counting because they are not numbered on the freeway. If you miss it, you’ll most likely find up on the other side of town before you have the opportunity to turn around and return.

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Cab drivers work really hard to make a livelihood in this country because, despite the fact that the cost of living is rising, travel by taxi is still quite affordable (see reason7). As a result, you may find yourself with a driver who has had little sleep or had no time to shower for many days. In addition to having just as much difficulty finding their way about as you do, many of these drivers have a driving style reminiscent of a third-world nation and are extremely exhausted. Please remember to strap up for your own protection.

19. Speeding is an Emirati sport and Emirates Road is Just an Extension of the Dubai Autodrome

I know I keep bringing up the subject of the roads, but the fact is that many of the city’s problems can be traced back to the chaotic and illogical behavior that is demonstrated on its streets. As I pull into the highway, visions of flashing lights on even flashier, limo-tinted SUVs plague me. Somehow, locals are able to obtain the sun-blocking black window tint that we lowly foreigners are refused, and they use it to conceal their faces while they tailgate you ceaselessly at ridiculously high speeds, their lights flashing constantly on and off and their horn blasting constantly.

Don’t even consider giving someone the middle finger; doing so might result in you being arrested and sentenced to prison.

20. Dubai is Far From Environmentally Friendly

You’ve probably wondered how much harm those man-made islands are causing to the fragile maritime environment. A deluge of dredged up sea sand has engulfed coral reefs, seagrass beds, and oyster beds that were formerly part of protected marine areas, causing them to become strangled. When you combine the garbage generated by the construction of structures on top of these sand monsters and the waste generated by the people who live in them with the lack of an effective recycling program, you have the makings of an environmental disaster on your hands.

The fact that there are more gas-guzzling SUVs on the road than fuel-efficient vehicles, as well as the necessity for strong air conditioning that is available 24 hours a day, makes it clear that the environment is not a top priority in the United Arab Emirates.

20 Reasons Not to Move to Dubai (In No Particular Order)

Apart from tax incentives, multi-cultural surroundings, and gorgeous skyscrapers, I’m sure there are many advantages to living in Dubai. But if any of the reasons listed above resonate with you, I strongly advise you to reconsider your decision to relocate to this city. Dubai is a metropolis that is suffering from an identity problem. With its head stuck somewhere between its ambition to be a playground for the wealthy and its allegiance to traditional Islamic traditions, the city of Karachi struggles to maintain its delusions of grandeur while lacking the necessary infrastructure to sustain them.

If you are looking for the ideal location to call home, please contact our officeHERE, and we would be delighted to discuss your future plans with you.

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Dubai: A Riveting Mystery – Jessica Alba and Zac Efron’s new tourist ad continues a Captivating Saga

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve probably noticed that neither Jessica Alba nor Zac Efron are very effective at concealing their distaste for the entertainment industry. Alba hasn’t appeared in anything remotely like a high-profile role in over a decade, preferring instead to devote her time and energy to her consumer products business. Efron, on the other hand, produced a Netflix documentary last year in which he criticized Hollywood and its policies on a number of occasions. Despite this, they are both gorgeous and well-known performers in their own fields.

  • And by “a plethora of other venues,” I’m referring to “theDubai Tourist Board.” Efron and Alba have been quietly working on a series of short films to promote Dubai, which has gone unnoticed by the general public.
  • Dubai: A Riveting Mystery is a 96-second short film in which Alba portrays a visiting professor who is ready to wrap up a mesmerizing lecture on whichever subject she happens to be a professor of at the time.
  • Some heavy hitters show up.
  • As a trained archaeologist, Efron admits that he isn’t used to taking on such a daring trip.
  • Some more heavy hitters show up.
  • It’s finally over.
  • Dubai: A Fascinating Adventure It was only a month ago when Alba abandoned her relationship with Zac Efron in order to ride a camel into the middle of the desert and get some vaguely sexually explicit messages.

Dubai: A Romance to Rememberis an uncannily precise tribute to Wes Anderson’s film The Grand Budapest Hotel.

There are a slew of things about these videos that might be criticized right now.

There is no one in their right mind who would want to be the public face of Dubai, and in this regard, Efron and Alba’s public appearances simply serve to further tarnish their reputations.

They’re costly and well-made, directed by Cruella de Vil’s Craig Gillespie, and both of the performers appear to be enjoying the time of their lives on the big screen.

He completely immerses himself in each and every area of his projects.

A Brand New You has him playing both the disheveled present–he and the sleek future–him with equal aplomb.

He’s uncannily skilled at what he does.

There are a plethora of more genres to explore. Sci-fi. Found footage is a source of dread. Thriller with erotic elements. It’s a musical. This is a violent war picture. A drama set in a courtroom. A biopic of Princess Latifa is in the works. To be honest, I’d be content to see them all.

Did They Really Make It Rain Over Dubai? Does It Matter?

When I was driving along the Mississippi coast last month, it started to rain. It began by spitting on the windshield, a few drops of rain falling from the sky onto the glass of a 2009 Honda Accord. In moments between frenzied wiper swipes, the bucket toppled, the road vanishing into a smear of light and water falling on the windshield as the bucket tipped. I parked my car in the flooded parking lot of a doughnut store and settled in to watch the show. I was reminded of the rain by an intriguing series of short films released to Instagram last month by the National Center of Meteorology of the United Arab Emirates, which brought back memories of that downpour.

  • Another depicts cars speeding through heavy rain while palm fronds shiver and the sun peers meekly through clouds, casting the scene in sepia tones.
  • S.U.Vs are seen navigating what looks to be a bumper-deep lake in a third image.
  • We may expect to see heat radiating from the tarmac; we might expect to see sand, swept up by the vehicles and glinting in the blinding light of the daytime sun.
  • The slow pans from side to side that the videographer uses appear to channel our disbelief.
  • Like every detail is being recorded more than once, so that the proof becomes undeniable, as if it were true.
  • It’s possible that such stories are a little overstated.
  • Airplanes have been doing this for years, and unmanned drones have been used to produce electrical charges that have a similar effect in the past year or so.

Whatever power these videos want to convey will always be dwarfed by a greater one.

The United Arab Emirates is investigating this technology because its environment is arid and hot, and it is becoming hotter as the earth warms. This year, temperatures in certain sections of the nation have reached 125 degrees Fahrenheit or more so far. The growing population of the United Arab Emirates further complicates matters: Between 2005 and 2010, it nearly doubled, reaching around 8.5 million, and it is currently hovering around 10 million. More people require more water, yet just 4% of the water available in the United Arab Emirates comes from renewable sources.

  1. It’s unclear if the 14 cloudseeding flights done by the United Arab Emirates in the week before the severe rains were even directed towards the clouds that caused them.
  2. The similar level of ambiguity permeates the world of technology in general.
  3. ) Although there is some evidence that warm-weather clouds can modestly boost snowfall in specific conditions, experimental research on warm-weather clouds has not been definitive due to a variety of factors.
  4. Experts are also divided on whether creating rain in this manner would result in less precipitation for places downwind, leading to allegations of rain theft being leveled at all levels.
  5. It is not a new pastime for human beings to attempt to conjure rain by calling on the gods.
  6. According to the first appearance, what these movies from the United Arab Emirates are attempting to depict is a loop closing: human ingenuity changing the dream of weather manipulation into practical practices of control.
  7. After all, the Emirati rulers preside over a sweltering nation whose economy is based on the export of crude oil, which is a source of controversy.
  8. The films, like a lot of public relations material, show us something that has miraculous connotations but ends up creating fear instead.
  9. But then it dawns on me what the situation is.
  10. After watching the films a few times, you’ll see that this truth lurks in the background of each one, casting a shadow over the pictures.
  11. It is possible that human engineering of the environment, as well as technology for things like carbon capture, will be critical components of our long-term survival on planet Earth.

However, what may be the most deflating aspect of these videos is what they tell us about how those possibilities will become realities — not as part of some international agreement to limit our damage to the environment, but, perhaps, as a result of unilateral deployment by wealthy nations or billionaire monarchs.

For a brief period, I was enthralled by the sight of rain pelting down on Emirati motorways, accompanied by television broadcasts claiming that the downpour was caused by human activity.

Then the moment was gone, along with the hazy hope that we might be able to halt the terrible sweep of sea and heat that was sweeping across so much life.

I wasn’t staring at a hurricane like the one that was raging in Mississippi at the time.

I was seeking for information. Shutterstock provided the image used in this post. Paul McAdory is a writer and editor originally from Mississippi who now resides in Brooklyn with his family. His most recent article for the magazine was on his pet snake.

Ten things you can’t do in Dubai

Getty Images is the source of this image. United Arab Emirates laws have once again been brought into the limelight when a British citizen living in Dubai was detained for posting a charitable message on his Facebook page, according to reports. The vast majority of people are aware that Dubai is strict on drugs, that tourists may get in trouble for consuming alcohol outside of approved locations, and that those who have sex in public can face the full weight of the law in the United Arab Emirates.

  • Scott Richards encouraged people to participate in a charity campaign to purchase blankets and tarpaulins for Afghan refugees.
  • The fact is that he is not the first foreigner to find himself in difficulty because of their social media posts.
  • An American was sentenced to prison the next year for creating a parody film on Dubai’s youth culture.
  • After his video of a crime was put on YouTube, the man was apprehended for distributing videotape of a crime.


When it comes to foul language, Dubai is a pretty conservative city. Using obscene words such as profanities, insults, and “all kinds of filthy language” are deemed obscene activities, as is using offensive gestures, and anyone who engage in these acts can be punished or imprisoned. Earlier this year, a local website claimed that a judge had ordered the retrial of a man who had been convicted of cursing at a coworker in a WhatsApp message.

Holding hands

Getty Images is the source of this image. Kissing and embracing in public is completely forbidden, according to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s guidance to British tourists visiting the country. The Foreign Office of the United Kingdom states that married couples holding hands is “accepted,” but that all other public shows of love are “usually not tolerated.”

Allegations of rape

Of course, rape is against the law in Dubai. However, claimed victims have also found themselves in the position of being arrested on occasion. Marte Deborah Dalelv, a Norwegian woman who lived in Dubai at the time, said she had been raped by a coworker while on a business trip there in 2013. However, after prosecutors disregarded her rape accusation, the woman was arrested and charged with having extramarital sex, drinking alcohol unlawfully, and lying after she reported the incident to the police.

Her assailant was sentenced to 13 months in prison for extramarital sex as well as illicit alcohol usage, according to Ms Dalelv.


Although Dubai is home to several pubs and nightclubs, the Foreign Office advises against dancing in public. In accordance with the guidance, “dancing is permitted in the quiet of your own house or in licensed clubs.” In accordance with the Dubai Code of Conduct, dancing and loud music are not permitted in public spaces such as beaches, parks, and residential neighborhoods. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) describes it as “indecent and offensive.”

Sharing a hotel room

According to Foreign Office instructions, it is against the law in Dubai to live together or share a hotel room with someone of the opposite sex if you are not married or otherwise closely connected. To put it another way, in principle, every unmarried couple that shares a hotel room is breaching the law, but travelers are seldom arrested in this situation.

Photographing women

Getty Images is the source of this image. According to the Foreign Office, taking photographs of women in public places without their agreement, as well as arbitrarily addressing women in public places, is “strictly prohibited.” Showing any contempt towards religious ideas or practices is deemed very disrespectful and is highly likely to result in a significant punishment or jail as a result of the offense.


Non-payment of a debt is a criminal offense that can result in a person being sentenced to prison. If a cheque bounces, and you do not pay your debts, which may include your hotel bill, you may be sentenced to jail.


It should come as no surprise that narcotics are completely prohibited in Dubai. The Foreign Office, on the other hand, states that if authorities discover signs of illicit narcotics in someone’s blood or urine, they are likely to prosecute them. During a visit to Dubai in 2008, British tourist Keith Brown was sentenced to four years in prison after Dubai customs authorities discovered a crumb of cannabis on his foot, weighing only 0.003g. He was apparently released a few weeks later, according to reports.


Science Photo Library is the source of this image. Importing some medications into the nation, notably those containing psychoactive chemicals, is also prohibited. According to the Foreign Office, if you are taking prescription medications, it is recommended that you bring a doctor’s letter with you, and you may need to obtain prior approval from the authorities.

10 Things I Wish I Knew About Dubai Before I Moved Here

Science Photo Library is the source of the image. Importing some medications into the nation, especially those that contain psychoactive drugs, is also prohibited. Using prescription medications, the Foreign Office advises that you bring a doctor’s letter with you, and that you may need to request permission from the authorities in advance of your trip.

  • 1. It is humid
  • 2. Transportation is inexpensive and convenient
  • 3. Tinder is a real thing
  • 4. Everyone smokes indoors (cough)
  • 5. Yes, people are indeed that wealthy
  • 6. It is outrageously risk-free for women. I swear to you
  • 7. Yes, you are permitted to consume alcoholic beverages at this establishment. 8. Yes, there are individuals who speak English. And, certainly, there are people who speak Arabic. 9. It does, in fact, become chilly (at least in my perspective)
  • 10. No, not all women are required to cover their heads. However, witnessing individuals in hijab, kandura, abaya, and niqab rapidly becomes a part of one’s everyday life

1. It ishumid.

Seriously, what is it about the internet that makes it so dysfunctional? What was going on that no one told me about? How could I have been so blind? When I left the United States, I was aware that Dubai was quite hot, but I had the impression that it was a dry heat—you know, because of the desert. When I first arrived on the island on September 1, I was taken aback by how humid it was outside. It seemed as though I was walking into a steaming hot shower when it happened.

I requested that my taxi driver stop at a gas station so that I could withdraw some dirhams (UAE money) from an ATM, and the window panes of the petrol station were pouring with water due to the amount of humidity outside the vehicle.

2. Transport is affordable and effortless.

The Dubai Metro System is faultless in every way. There are stations around every mile or so, and they are all quite accessible by car. Even my school has a metro station right in front of it, which is less than a one-minute walk from the building. Most importantly, each journey on the metro costs only 3.5AED (1USD/.88EU), which is quite affordable. Taxis are also very inexpensive, with a minimum fare of 12AED (3.2USD/3EU) for every ride—most 5 to 10 minute journeys don’t even wind up exceeding the 12AED fare if you don’t get stuck in traffic—and most rides are less than that if you don’t get stuck in traffic.

With them, I always tend to find up in a talk about where they’re from and what brought them here.

3. Yes, Tinder is a thing.

Before I moved to the UAE, I had heard a lot about how restricted the government was when it comes to personal use of applications, software, and other technologies. However, since moving here, I haven’t seen much of a shift in my everyday routine. Although I have not personally used the meet-up app in question, let’s just pretend that it is functional. Other dating apps, such as Hinge, Bumble, Plenty of Fish, OkCupid, Match, and others, follow a similar pattern. (I assure you, Mom, I’m not going to use all of these.) Yes, it is a Muslim nation, but due to the large number of expatriates who live here, dating applications such as Tinder are becoming increasingly popular among them.

To send a tweet, simply click here.

  • Snapchat (although you can’t do Snapchat live video)
  • Netflix (but only about a third of the episodes are accessible)
  • And other services. Whatsapp (although you cannot make a Whatsapp call)
  • IMessage

4. Everyone smokes indoors (cough).

I definitely shouldn’t limit myself to only saying inside. Every building, park, and restaurant in the entire city, as well as on its roof, is filled with people who smoke. Since the Middle East has been a cultural standard for centuries, smoking tobacco is probably more prevalent here. Shisha (hookah, for you hipster Americans) has long been a cultural norm in the region. However, I was completely unprepared for the amount of smoke that was present inside. People smoking shisha at every sofa and countertop, as well as cigarettes at every hand in a bar, are particularly common at nightclubs and bars.


5. Yes, people really are that rich.

Yeah, I’m not sure what it was about this that surprised me so much. Dubai is literally known for having the most affluent, lavish, and ostentatious individuals on the planet, and this is no exaggeration. The casual boat party invitations, the expensive automobiles, and the apartment parties in the Burj Khalifa are all examples of this. To send a tweet, simply click here. However, seeing it in person is a very other experience. For example, the Lamborghinis and Audis that occupy the parking lot at my school.

My first impression of the Mall of Emirates was based on the stores immediately surrounding me.

Of course, there are reasonably priced stores in this area.

I would not have brought my pillow and linens with me if I had known I would be staying here!

I had been invited to a boat party that one of my classmates was hosting. It’s a laid-back atmosphere.

6. Ladies, it isridiculouslysafe. I promise.

This came as a complete surprise. I’d heard before I came here that Dubai was a highly safe place since the penalties for disobeying the law are so harsh. I was skeptical until I arrived. As it turns out, this is entirely correct. So let me to alleviate some of your greatest concerns right now: In Dubai, I never have to worry about a terrorist assault, a bombing, or an abduction. No, I’ve never been assaulted or targeted in this community because I’m black, American, and 5’3′′ tall. No, I’ve never had anything taken away from me in my life.

  • Every.
  • time.
  • My experience with getting into a cab when inebriated in the middle of the night has been completely positive.
  • Of course, you shouldn’t deliberately choose to be reckless.
  • That means you should avoid being belligerently drunk in public, don’t disrupt the peace with fighting or swearing, and don’t dress scandalously while you’re in a public place like the mall.

7. Yes, you can drink here.

I had only turned 21 a few days before I arrived here, and one of my main concerns was that I would be unable to consume alcoholic beverages in this country. However, fortunately for me, there is a bar or club in almost every hotel in Dubai, which is a blessing in disguise. In addition, there are several hotels in Dubai. The nicest part about partying here is “Ladies Night,” and the best part about Ladies Night is that it happens almost every night of the week. That’s right, ladies, you may enjoy up to three free cocktails every night from a variety of establishments.

Dubai is also well-known for its weekend brunch specials, which are normally held on Fridays.

At Cove Beach, we had a lovely breakfast table.

8. Yes, people speak English. And yes, people speak Arabic.

As a student who traveled to Dubai to learn Arabic, you would not believe the amount of negative feedback I received for my decision to study here.

“No one even speaks Arabic there”, “It’s so Westernized everyone just speaks English”, “WHY would you go to Dubai to learn Arabic?”

I received a lot of negative feedback for picking Dubai as a study destination for Arabic language learning.

9. It actually gets cold (in my opinion).

Ugh. What the hell, I’ll take it. I came to this place because people told me it had summertime feelings all year round, yet it’s now early December and the temperature at night is 60°F/15°C.

I’d like my money back. Okay, I’ll admit that I’m being dramatic. But I honestly imagined it would be 90 degrees all year, and now I’m asking my mother to mail me my leather jacket from back home in the United States. It’s strange how things work out.

10. NO, not all women have to wear hijab. But seeing people wear hijab, kandura, abaya, and niqab becomes daily life very quickly.

Eat your heart out, you cretin. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is the ruler of Dubai. Please understand that foreign/visiting women are not required to wear hijab or to cover themselves entirely at all times in the United States. You are not required to dress in black. You are not required to dress in long abayas. You must be aware of when it is suitable to dress. For particular fashion suggestions and wearing circumstances, please see my post on what ladies can wear in Dubai in 2019 for more information.

  • And if I did, all I’d be able to think about would be where she was born and when she came to the United States of America.
  • I honestly believed that every man dressed in the kandura (a white robe with a long scarf tied over his head) was the Sheikh.
  • However, it didn’t take long before I began to notice this particular style of attire as the standard.
  • Not only do we have Emirati clothing, but we also have Pakistani, South Indian, Omani, and other national costumes.
  • But I’ve discovered that anyone can wear a hijab—only it’s a scarf, after all.
  • Dubai often seems to receive a terrible name in the media, and this is no exception.
  • The detention and imprisonment of individuals for reasons that they would not have been held and imprisoned for in other parts of the globe have occurred in Dubai in recent years, and these are horrific events.
  • Just because one country lives and runs in a specific way does not imply that it is incorrect; rather, it indicates that you must open your mind and attempt to comprehend their point of view, even if you do not completely agree with it.
  • In any case, you’ll need a lot of papers to be able to reside here.

Have you ever been to Dubai? Have any more questions about it?Let me know in the comments below.

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