What Season Was Bts Bon Voyage In Dubai?

BTS members have travelled to various international locations courtesy of their international tours and variety shows. One of their trips was to Dubai, as part of their BTS 2016 Summer Package.

  • BTS leave their mark everywhere they go, and that includes Malta. Malta is a small island (approximately 1/6 the size of Jeju Island), located in the Mediterranean Sea. In 2018, BTS traveled here to shoot Season 3 of their annual travel-reality show, Bon Voyage.

When did BTS go to Dubai date?

As BTS was performing at the K-Con in Abu Dhabi on the 25 March (RM’s tweet), they took the occasion to shoot their third Summer Package at Dubai, between the 26 and 28 March 2016. While they were going to the desert, the team 두개 (Du-gae meaning “dog of Dubai”), made of Jin, j-hope, RM, and V played games.

Why did BTS summer package end?

Big Hit Entertainment decided to discontinue the Summer Packages. They will no longer go on the summer trip. It’s possible that this is because it interferes with their tour schedule, as these trips are usually filmed somewhere between March-June. Tata is not a cute BT21 character.

When was the first BTS summer package?

The 2019 BTS summer package was open for pre-orders starting on August 19, 2019. The official release of the package was on September 26, 2019, and the package quickly sold out.

Did BTS ever visit Dubai?

BTS last performed in the UAE in 2016 as part of KCon Abu Dhabi and after their “Love Yourself: Speak Yourself” world tour brought them to Saudi Arabia in 2019, the supporters in the UAE have high hopes that they will be back to perform in the region.

Is Dubai a Indian?

Dubai is not in India either. It is very much in the country of The United Arab Emirates which is in the Southeast of the Arabian Peninsula.

What did BTS do in Saipan?

Jin, RM, and Jimin went to sea stingrays at Sea Touch here. Everyone went to do jetovator in the sea on the South-West of Sea Touch. Jin, RM, and Jimin also did the “off-road buggy adventure”. The depart and arrival were at Marianas Trekking Saipan (starting 57:45).

What is winter package BTS?

Full Shot Making DVD 4×6 Photo Set Mini Poster Set Photocard. Pouch Wappen Photobook Mini Photo Box 6-Cut Film Photo Photo Sticker. Release date: February 26, 2021.

When did BTS go to Kota Kinabalu?

Today, even non K-pop fans recognise the name ‘BTS’. When the seven-member K-pop idol visited Kota Kinabalu back some time in May 2015, it was just about two years after they debuted.

How many BTS reached 1 billion?

BTS is currently the only musical group to have six music videos with over 1 billion views.

How many episodes does BTS Bokbulbok have?

BTS: Bokbulbok This short five-episode series is the first uploaded to BTS’ V Live channel way back in 2015. In it, they play a variety of games chosen from a bowl, ranging from charades to table tennis. There’s a lot to love and of course, a lot of memes.

Who edits BTS videos?

Kim, an acclaimed director known for making music videos with a unique creativity and sensitivity, earned fame after working on BTS’ music videos including “Dope,” “Save Me,” “Young Forever,” “Not Today” and “MIC Drop.” Other K-pop stars he has worked with include Red Velvet, Big Bang’s Taeyang and SHINee’s Taemin.

Where can I see Bon Voyage BTS?

Watch and download VODs on Android and iOS devices. Downloaded VODs can only be viewed on the V LIVE app. If you have not signed up for the channel where this video is uploaded, you will become a member as soon as you make a purchase.

What are BTS packages?


  • Full Shot BTS Pin Button Set Random Photo Card. BTS Official Slogan (Summer ver.)
  • Full Shot Tag. Box, Photobook & Disc and Special Goods Case Stickers Case.
  • Full Shot Special Goods.
  • Full Shot Selfie Book.
  • Full Shot Making DVD Mini Poster Travel Topper.
  • Full Shot Making DVD Charm & String Folding Screen Folding Poster.

BTS Summer Package

As part of the first BTS anniversary celebrations, the BTS Summer Package (stylized in all capitals) was first launched as a photobook re-compilation of the year 2013 together with other merchandise. The following year, they released a summer vlog and a photobook, which featured the members participating in photoshoots around various locations for the photobook and a DVD with behind-the-scenes footage from the photoshoots and playing different games. They continued in this format until their final volume, which was released in 2019.


BTS’s official slogan is shown in full (Summer ver.) Set of BTS Pin Buttons BTS 1st Memorial Photobook (2013 Edition)Random Photo Card The film will be released on July 18, 2014.

2015 SUMMER PACKAGE BTS in Kota Kinabalu

Complete ShotBox, PhotobookDisc, and Special Goods are included. Stickers for the Case CaseTag is scheduled to be released on July 22, 2015.


a full shot, an out box, a little poster, a photobook, a making DVD, and other special goods The film will be released on August 12, 2016.


Detailed PhotographsPhotobookMaking a DVD Sticker with the words “ARMY Fan” on it. The Selfie Book will be released on August 22, 2017.

2018 SUMMER PACKAGE in Saipan

The Complete ShotOut Case Mini PosterStrapTravel TopperPhotobookMaking DVDGuide BookMini PosterStrap Date of publication: August 14, 2018

2019 SUMMER PACKAGE in Korea

Case in Point: Full ShotAcrylic Case DVD for photobook creation Folding Paper FanCharmStringFolding ScreenMini PosterFolding PosterDrawing DiaryFolding Paper FanCharmStringFolding ScreenMini PosterFolding PosterDrawing DiaryFolding Paper FanCharmStringFolding Paper FanCharmStringFolding Paper FanCharmStringFolding Paper FanCharmStringFolding Paper FanCharmStringFolding Paper FanCharmStringFolding Paper FanChar Date of publication: August 27, 2019


(BTS) SUMMER VACATION IN 2015!? PREVIEW BTS () 2016 Summer Package in DUBAI PREVIEW BTS () 2016 Summer Package in DUBAI BTS (Bangtan Boys’ Choir) ‘BTS 2017 Summer Package’ The BTS (BTS 2018 SUMMER PACKAGE in SAIPAN) is a PREVIEW BTS (BTS). “BTS 2019 SUMMER PACKAGE in KOREA” is a preview of the upcoming BTS () summer package. PREVIEW BTS (BTS) ‘BTS 2019 SUMMER PACKAGE in KOREA’ PREVIEW SPOT 2 PREVIEW BTS (BTS) ‘BTS 2019 SUMMER PACKAGE in KOREA’


  • Release date: August 12, 2016
  • Starcast article
  • Outfits recognized by @GetOnSwag: main thread, Jin’s shirt
  • Release date: August 12, 2016

The Summer Packages are a series of boxes that were issued at the end of summer between 2015 and 2019. In addition to photobooks, a DVD, picture cards, and summer-themed accessories (beach ball, mini-fan, etc.), it contains other goodies. BTS took use of the fact that they were playing at the K-Con in Abu Dhabi on the 25th of March (as confirmed by RM’s tweet) to film their third Summer Package in Dubai between the 26th and 28th of March 2016. While on their way to the desert, the squad (Du-gae, which translates as “dog of Dubai”), which consisted of Jin, j-hope, RM, and V, entertained themselves by playing games.

  1. V said that they had two lumps that contain water.
  2. Then RM inquired as to why fennec foxes had large ears (3:47), and he pointed out that arctic foxes have short ears (at 3:48).
  3. The temperature of the environment has an effect on the size of the ears and their shape.
  4. We are aware of the fate of some of the presents that the lads gave to each other (32:38).

During Bon Voyageseason 1, we saw Jimin utilize his cards in the background of episode 2 and in episode 6 of the season (9:43). The lads shared a number of photos shot in Dubai on Twitter, including:

  • Jung Kook shot by RM on the 27th
  • 160403 KimDaily
  • 160404V’s selca
  • 160803j-images hope’s at the hotel and in the desert
  • 160803Jin in front of the Burj Al-Arab
  • 160803RM, Jimin, and Jung Kook
  • 160820Jin’s pictures that he presented in the DVD
  • 160820RM, Jimin, and Jung Kook
  • 160820RM, Jimin, Jung Kook sent 160912RM a birthday greeting card on his birthday.


They decided to travel to Dubai and stay at thePalazzo Versace Dubaiat Jaddaf Waterfront this time around. With the help ofTravco, they headed to the desert. It appears they were in the desert conservation reserve at the time of posting on the company’s Facebook page in the evening. Most likely in a desert safari camp in the Sahara Desert. And they came to this location to deflate tires (4:19). They visited the spice souk, the textile souk, and the gold souk in order to purchase a present. A few of the areas where they may be found are listed below.

  • The first shop on the right at 19:43, 19:49, 19:52, 19:59, and 20:17
  • The first shop on the right at 19:43
  • 22:12, where Jimin purchased the box for Jin
  • 24:13, where Jin and V pass
  • 25:56, where Sope passes in front of this Shop, somewhere on this street
  • 24:39, where Sope passes in front of this Shop, somewhere on this street
  • 26:11
  • 26:21
  • 26:22 In this location, Jin and V are waiting for a boat to take them to the gold souk, and they have arrived at the Deira Old Souq Water Taxi Station. 26:33
  • 26:38
  • 26:39 Jimin comes to this location to meet Jin and V before they board the ferry. They do the “RUN” dance in front of this café at 28:03 and 28:11. 28:41
  • 28:47
  • 28:51
  • 28:52 On their way back, Jin and V stop here to get their bottle of colored sand, which they purchased from Jimin at 30:15, 28:55, and 29:02 on their way back. They proclaim that they have completed their shopping here at 29:20
  • 29:58 SUGA, j-hope, RM, and Jung Kook dined at Bayt Al Wakeel Restaurant in Dubai (official website). It was here when RM snapped the photograph of Jung Kook.

When they get in Bastakiya, it will be at 30:36.

  • V walks across this area at 30:36, 30:40, and 30:42. In addition, a portrait of V is displayed in front of the Center for Cultural Understanding.
  • Photographs of 30:43V and Jung Kook are taken in front of this door
  • 30:51 and 30:54 on the same street
  • 30:55 and 31:24SUGA and Jimin
  • 30:51 and 30:54 on the same street
  • 30:55 and 30:54 on the same street
  • 30:55 and
  • A SUGA is in front of the right-hand wall at 31:26, while another SUGA is in front of the left-hand wall at 31:31.
  • 31:30 Jimin and Yoongi meet on this street
  • 31:30 Jimin’s solo
  • 32:00
  • 31:47 In the same location as V and Jung Kook, you may find Jin, j-hope, and RM. They’re having a good time on this street at 31:55, and at 32:00, they pose at the corner on the left

_On the final day of their stay, they played in the pool of the Versace Palazzo (43:37). The following shooting session (49:05) took place in the garden beyond the pool, which was shot on location. In the afternoon, they traveled to Jumeirah (53:05) and posed for a photograph in front of the Burj Al-Arab, which is located nearby (53:18). They completed the day by shopping at the Dubai Mall (53:23). They were most likely eating and watching the fountain at the Abdel Wahab restaurant, which is located in this structure.

In the period between 55:14 and 55:39, they are on this promenade.

This is how the DVD concludes, with RM departing towards the end of the esplanade.

Songs played in the DVD

  • “Fire” is on the front page
  • 00:00 is “Fun Boys”
  • “No More Dream” was heard while the group was leaving the motel (00:55). “Jump” is heard on the way to the desert (04:42).
  • “Fire” is heard in the desert (07:20). During the sunset (10:18), the song “Butterfly” is played. When Jung Kook chooses j-hope as his secret buddy, he sings the first verse of Hobi’s “First Verse” (21:54)
  • When Jung Kook chooses j-hope as his secret friend, he sings the first verse of Hobi’s “First Verse” (21:54). Jin, Jimin, and V do the dance “RUN” in order to receive free ice cream (28:16)
  • “Miss right,” says the narrator at Bastakiah (30:28). “Converse High” is played during the bedroom photoshoot (40:45). During the pool photoshoot (49:40), the following lines are heard: “Look Here”

BTS: When V performed belly dance in Dubai and Jungkook cheered for him, watch

BTS members RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook had previously been to Dubai as part of a summer package special offered by the company, BTS Travel. Throughout their visit, the group participated in a variety of events, one of which featured a belly dance performance by vocalist V. Members of BTS2016 Summer Package were seen eating dinner together while a troupe of belly dancers performed for them, according to a video clip that has been published online. During the concert, BTS member Vwas approached them and asked to join them for a dancing session.

  • The vocalist put on the hip belt and started swaying to the beat of the music.
  • Jungkook even exclaimed, “Oh yes!” at one point during the performance.
  • BTS has had a fantastic start to the year 2021.
  • This week, Permission to Dance took over the top spot on the worldwide music chart, which Butter had held for seven weeks until it was replaced by Butter.
  • Watch The group has also been nominated by the President of South Korea, Moon Jae In, to serve as the Special Presidential Envoy for Future Generations and Cultural Development.
  • BTS has previously attended the United Nations General Assembly in 2018 and was scheduled to make a speech at the UN General Assembly in 2020, among other things.
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BTS Bon Voyage: All Seasons Summaries

Bon Voyage is a reality television show hosted by BTS, the most popular South Korean boy band. The members of BTS are featured in this reality show as they travel across the world. When they are put in everyday circumstances, it demonstrates how they cope and live their lives as travelers. This concert provides us with a glimpse into the personalities of each of the members of the group. BON VOYAGE follows the group’ adventures as they visit other locations and do new activities, all while spending more time together and away from the confines of composing music and embarking on international tours.

Bon Voyage Season 1

Season 1 of BTS’s Bon Voyage Season 1 of Bon Voyage follows the guys on a journey around Northern Europe, stopping at various sites such as Bergen, Norway, and Finland. Their activities included going on cruises, camping, and visiting Santa Claus Village, as well as writing Christmas letters to the other members. It was clear during this season how vital and close they were to one another. Furthermore, they have misplaced all of their belongings at least five times in total. Jimin had forgotten where he had put his baggage three times.

While searching for BTS’s Vlost, the team discovered that he had gotten himself lost and that he was still roaming about, making it much more difficult for them to locate him.

There are a lot of amusing moments that will make you laugh and enjoy you, and they will also make you understand that the biggest strength of the BTS group is the camaraderie that exists between its members.

BTS Bon Voyage Season 2

Season 2 of BTS’s Bon Voyage BTS traveled to the tropical islands for the second season of Bon Voyage, which was a dream come true for many of the members of the group. This time, they separated themselves into small groups and attempted to discover their own personality as well as their compatibility with the other members of their group. It was during this period, for example, that Namjoon’s famous remarks, “Please use me, please use BTS to love yourself.” were inspired by, since Jin had something to say along those such lines when RM and Jin were paired together.

BTS Bon Voyage Season 3

Season 3 of BTS’s Bon Voyage is currently under production. After a long journey, the boys arrived in Malta, where they once again divided themselves into friendship groups to travel around and explore the beautiful local sites, which have a great deal of historical and moral significance. In Season 3, the boys traveled to the scorching hot city of Malta, where they divided themselves into friendship groups to travel around and explore the gorgeous local sites, which have a great deal of historical and moral significance.

We can also notice that the members were displaying their fun side by participating in water sports.

Due to a family issue, Suga had to abandon the trip in the middle and return to Korea, continuing the habit of sending letters. A special meal was held at the end of the tour, literally suspended from the sky, while they read their letters aloud for the other members to appreciate.

BTS BonVoyage Season 4

Season 4 of BTS’s Bon Voyage When the lads arrive in New Zealand for Bon Voyage Season 4, they are able to enjoy the winter season since they have opted to spend their days camping and cooking for themselves. While RM was highly stressed out with a ton of work to complete for the soon-to-be-released, Map of the Soul: 7, the film depicts how the members assisted him in feeling better during the journey and were really supportive towards one another. From completing the simplest of tasks, such as grocery shopping, to visiting glaciers and taking advantage of the snow season, we witness the guys cherishing and respecting their time together, as well as savoring every moment spent in one other’s company.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is “bon voyage”? Bon Voyage is a reality television show hosted by BTS, the most popular South Korean boy band. The members of BTS are featured in this reality show as they travel across the world. Is BTS the subject of a television show? Yes, BTS has their own television show, which is called Bon Voyage. Is the BTS Bon Voyage album complete? After season 4 of Bon Voyage came to a close, everyone was looking forward to the lads coming up with season 5. However, 2020 arrived and they were unable to produce season 5.

  • In 2016, BTS traveled to Dubai.
  • During the first season, there are a total of 8 episodes.
  • It was the boys’ dream come true to visit Lake Tekapo, which is located in the midst of New Zealand’s South Island.
  • In September, BTS will film the fourth season of Bon Voyage.
  • The members of BTS are not allowed to take photographs with fans since doing so may engender jealousy among admirers who live in different areas or in other countries.
  • What was Jin’s motivation for taking a separate trip to New Zealand?
  • In which year did BTS travel to Hawaii?
  • Bon voyage has an IMDb rating of 8.0 out of 10.
  • When did the boys start writing letters for the first time?
  • Is it possible that BTS will continue to write letters in the upcoming seasons?

What were the reactions of the viewers after seeing this television show? The spectators were overjoyed and delighted in every second of the concert; it was amusing, heartfelt, and demonstrated our appreciation and significance for the people in our life.

BTS – BTS – [SUMMER PACKAGE IN DUBAI 2016] DVD+2p Poster+196p Photo Book+Special Goods K-POP Sealed – Amazon.com Music

BTS – (Battle of the Sexes). Included in this bundle are a Making DVD, a 1p Standing Photo, a 2p Poster (on Pack), a 196p Photo Book, and Special Goods (PVC Zipper Bag, a Beach Ball, a Tattoo Sticker Set (2 pieces), and a Charm Accessory. CD that has been officially issued and is brand new and factory sealed. Your purchase amount will be taken into consideration for the Korea HANTEOGAON Chart! Region codes are as follows: 1, 3, 4, 5, and 6. Time allotted: 55 minutes Subtitles are available in Korean, English, and Chinese.

NTSC 16: 9 WIDE SCREEN is the aspect ratio.

Product details

  • Is it being phased out by the manufacturer: No
  • Dimensions of package: 11.25 x 9 x 1.5 inches
  • Weight: 2.65 pounds
  • Manufacturer: KT MUSIC The album was released on August 12, 2016, under the label KT MUSIC, with the ASIN code B01KAHMBQI.

A little excerpt of the material is available; double tap to view the complete excerpt. Double touch to view the abbreviated content if the full material is not accessible.


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It was in excellent shape when it came.

The thing has arrived in perfect condition!

BTS ‘Bon Voyage’ season 3, episode 4 recap: Taehyung arrives!

After a long journey, V eventually met up with his bandmates in Malta on BTSBon Voyageseason 3, episode 4, “7-1=7.”

BTS ‘Bon Voyage’ season 3, episode 4 recap:

On BTS’s third day in Malta, the members swiftly divide into two groups to go on a tour of the island! Jungkook is the driver of the first automobile, which also has Jimin and RM as passengers. While Suga and Jin are passengers in J-second Hope’s automobile, J-Hope is driving the first. As they all battle with their GPS systems once more, there are plenty of antics, and Suga is particularly interested in finding out who farted in their car. Everyone is also looking forward to the first time the automobiles will be transported by boat!

  • They’re all looking forward to seeing V, who has just arrived in Malta and will be joining them later in the day.
  • It is necessary for Suga to deliver some terrible news to the boys after receiving information about a personal crisis back home.
  • Jin is particularly angry about the fact that he has lost his fishing companion so early in the trip.
  • The lads, with the exception of Suga, who remains on the sidelines, don their dive gear and practice in a pool with their teacher.
  • After that, the group goes to lunch, where everyone appears to be nervous over Suga’s impending departure.
  • It brightens the atmosphere as everyone welcomes him cheerfully and expresses their gratitude for having missed him.
  • V is eager to inquire about the current room issue at the residence and learns about their game to choose which room he would be assigned.

After a brief discussion with the camera about leaving early and leaving notes for all of his band members, the gang moves out to have some fun with diving.

Also, he wishes that Jin would stop asking everyone whether they are familiar with the BTS group.

They had a fantastic time speeding through the water, and Jin goes into his exuberant screaming mood.

After the lads have finished splashing around in the water, they all return to their automobiles.

In addition, because they arrive at the ferry terminal first, V brings out some Korean rice cakes for them to snack on while they wait for Jungkook, RM, and Jimin to arrive, only to realize that J-Hope has taken care of all of their financial obligations.

After another ferry ride, it’s time for the group to go horse back riding!

The group quickly learns that J-Hope is a little scared of horses and the rest of them don’t really know what they’re doing!

They enjoy a ride together to watch the sunset and V gets to show off some of the things he learned about riding — giving the rest of the band members something cool to watch.

Jungkook, Jimin, RM, Jin, and J-Hope wait in the living room and answer a few of his questions as he tries to figure out which room he wants to pick.

After trying to get as much information as he can, V ends up picking the room that Jungkook is staying in.

They decide on some quick and easy Ramen after their long day of activities.

Jimin can’t help but yell out “I miss you, Suga” after visiting their room that’s now empty of all Yoongi’s things.

Next week on BTSBon Voyageseason 3, episode 5, the members are heading out camping! It looks like the driving groups will be split into J-Hope, Jin, and Jimin vs. Jungkook, V, and RM. They’ll also stop for pizza, go fishing, and enjoy the water!

Where to watch BTS ‘Bon Voyage’ season 3:

BTSBon Voyageseason 3 can be viewed online at theBTS V Live, which can be found here. It is possible to purchase a season bundle for 900 coins (equaling $17.73) that includes eight full episodes, eight behind the scenes episodes, two extra clips, and two bonus episodes from previous seasons. It will run on October 16 at 9:00 p.m. KST/8:00 a.m. EST in the third season of Bon Voyage, episode 5, “A method to become a camping expert.”

Where to watch bts bon voyage

The fourth season of Bon Voyage will not be available for purchase on VLIVE, in contrast to the previous seasons. Towards the end of the video, Big Hit confirmed that this season will be accessible on Weverse rather than VLIVE this year. BTS’ merchandising app, Weply, is currently accepting pre-orders for Bon Voyage Season 4 at a discounted price of $19.58.

Is Bon voyage on Weverse?

Beginning on November 19, the episodes of BTS BON VOYAGE Season 4 will be accessible exclusively on Weverse at 9 p.m. every Tuesday.

Does BTS bon voyage cost money?

Beginning on November 19, the episodes of BTS BON VOYAGE Season 4 will be accessible exclusively on Weverse at 9 p.m. on Tuesdays.

How do you say bon voyage?

Beginning on November 19, the episodes of BTS BON VOYAGE Season 4 will be accessible exclusively on Weverse at 9 p.m. every Tuesday!

Why was V left behind in Bon Voyage?

V’s grandfather died suddenly just a few weeks before the start of Season 3 of BTS’s travel-reality program, The Journey. As a result, V did not accompany his family on their holiday to Malta until shortly after his grandfather’s burial was held.

Is BTS in the soop free?

Season 2 of BTS’s In theSoop is currently available for pre-order. It costs $27.99 to subscribe for the complete season. Purchases of In the Soop must be made through the Weverse Shop app, which is the official store for BTS merchandise. To purchase so, you must first download and register for the app. More information may be found in the section above.

When did BTS go to Dubai?

It is presently possible to get BTS In theSoop Season 2. This season’s price is $27.99, which is a great deal! Downloading and registering for the Weverse Shop app, which serves as the official store for BTS items, will allow you to purchase In the Soop whenever it becomes available. Details can be found in the section above.

Is BTS a virgin?

No. They were all somewhat inexperienced when they made their debut. Koreans often lose their virginity between the ages of 21 and 26. Jin was exactly 21 years old when he made his professional debut, and he is the eldest of the three brothers.

When did Taehyung lose his grandma?

No. They were all quite inexperienced when they made their professional debut. Koreans often lose their virginity when they are between the ages of 21 and 26 years. Jin was exactly 21 years old when he made his professional debut, and he is the eldest of the three brothers in the family.

When did BTS lost Taehyung?

Watch the scene as V explores Sweden’s countryside after becoming disoriented and members get concerned for his well-being. During BTS’s tour to Sweden, V became disoriented after getting on the incorrect bus.

Why Jungkook hide his tattoos?

Tattoos are considered a medical service under Korean law, and as such, they can only be performed by a trained medical practitioner.

… As a result, several celebrities have chosen to conceal their tattoos in public. As a result, when Jungkook makes a public appearance, his tattoos are frequently covered up.

Is Kim Taehyung pure Korean?

Korean legislation considers tattooing to be a medical service, and as such, it is only permitted to be performed by a trained medical provider. … In response, several celebrities have chosen to cover up their tattoos in public places. As a result, when Jungkook makes a public appearance, he frequently covers his tattoos with his shirt.

At what age BTS will marry?

Jin, on the other hand, is closer to the age at which he would like to tie the knot, which is 31 years old. This indicates that the 27-year-old Jin has around 3-4 years until he expects to walk down the aisle with his future wife. Suga, who recently turned 27 years old, plans to wait a bit longer before getting married because his ideal marriage age is 35.

Is Tattoo illegal in Korea?

South Korea continues to be the only developed country in which the act of tattooing is prohibited unless you are a licensed medical professional. Pop singers feel compelled to conceal their tattoos while appearing on television, with BTS vocalist Jeon Jung-kook frequently wrapping his hands in bandages while performing.

Why does Jungkook touch his ear?

Even though his hair isn’t very long, Jungkook prefers to tuck it behind his ears as a fashion statement. It’s common for people to tuck their hair behind their ears when they’re frightened or feel the need to pick up their game, according to body language researchers.

Is Jungkook afraid of microwaves?

He, on the other hand, is not terrified of stingrays, unlike Jin. Since the formation of BTS, Jungkook has expressed his apprehension over one particular household appliance: microwaves. It is not completely unreasonable, on the other hand. … Jungkook confessed that he is afraid of microwaves exploding, which is why he avoids using them whenever he has the opportunity.

Is Google banned in South Korea?

To prevent app store operators such as Google and Apple from pressuring developers to adopt their in-app payment systems, South Korea took steps on August 31, 2021, to outlaw such practices.

Is Jungkook tattoo real?

The Meaning of BTS Jungkook’s Tattoos. .His armhand tattoos are 100% authentic! Preface: The SAME article, with the addition of additional members’ tattoo details, can be seen here: The beginning The very first tattoo withness happened back in early September 2019, during BTS’s first extended hiatus from the music industry.

What are Jimin tattoos?

Jimin has just a few tattoos that we are aware of, and because they are mostly covered, we haven’t seen much of them. He has the word “Nevermind” tattooed on his right side; it was originally a temporary tattoo that he supposedly loved enough to get it engraved on his body permanently.

Is Apple banned in Korea?

South Korean MPs enacted a measure on Tuesday prohibiting Apple and Google from requiring software developers to use their payment methods, thereby declaring their lucrative App Store and Play Store monopolies unlawful. Apple and Google have argued that the law is unconstitutional.


  • Season 1 of Bon Voyage took place in northern Europe in 2016, Season 2 took place in Hawaii in 2017, Season 3 took place in Malta in 2018, and Season 4 took place in New Zealand in 2019.

Season 1 took place in northern Europe in 2016, Season 2 took place in Hawaii in 2017, Season 3 took place in Malta in 2018, and Season 4 took place in New Zealand in 2019 Season 1 in northern Europe aired in 2016, Season 2 in Hawaii aired in 2017, Season 3 in Malta aired in 2018, and Season 4 in New Zealand aired in 2019.

  • Bring the soul docu-series(2018)
  • Bring the soul the movie(2018)
  • Burn the stage docu-series(2018)
  • Burn the stage the movie(2018)
  • Bring the soul docu-series(2019)
  • Bring the soul the movie(2019)
  • Break the Silence docuseries (2020)
  • Break the Silence the movie (2020)
  • Break the Silence the documentary series (2019).


  • It includes the following performances: Bts live trilogy episode III the wings tour the final(2018)
  • Bts world tour ‘love yourself: speak yourself’ the final in wembley(2019)
  • Bts world tour ‘love yourself: speak yourself’ in saudi arabia(2019)
  • Bts world tour ‘love yourself: speak yourself’ the final in seoul(2019)
  • Bts world tour ‘love yourself: speak yourself’ the final in wembley(2019 permission to dance on stage in Seoul (in 2021)
  • Permission to dance on stage in Los Angeles (in 2021)
  • Map of the soul on:e concert (in 2020)
  • Permission to dance on stage in Seoul (in 2020)
  • Permission to dance on stage in Los Angeles (in 2020)




  • Happy bts day party(2016)
  • Prom party -reviewpreview-(2018)
  • Bts Japan official fanmeeting vol.4 ‘happy ever after’ (2018)
  • 4th muster in Korea DVD (2018)
  • Bts Japan official fanmeeting vol.4 ‘happy ever after’ (2018)
  • In 2019, the 5th muster’magic store’ will be held in Seoul
  • The 5th muster in Korea DVD will be released in 2020
  • Bangbangcon the live will be held in 2020
  • And the 6th muster’sowoozoo’ in Korea will be held in 2021.


  • Christmas wishes for 2016
  • Christmas wishes for 2017
  • Christmas wishes for 2018
  • Christmas wishes for 2019, Christmas wishes for 2020
  • Christmas wishes for 2021
  • Christmas wishes for 2022


  • Summer package in Kota Kinabalu (2015)
  • Summer package in Dubai (2016)
  • Summer package in Palawan (2017)
  • Summer package in Saipan (2018)
  • Summer package in Korea (2019)
  • Winter package in Finland (2020)
  • Winter package in Gangwon (2021)
  • Summer package in saipan (2018)
  • Summer package in korea (2019)


  • Memories from 2017, memories from 2018, memories from 2019, and memories from 2020

10. OTHERS……………….

  • Bts behind+
  • Army membership
  • 2021 new years eve live concert
  • 210516 lotte duty free family concert
  • 210709 ‘a butterful getaway with bts’
  • 2021 new years eve live

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