When Is Dubai Hottest? (Question)

The hottest month is August with the average high temperature exceeding 43 °C (109 °F). January is the coolest month with the highs of about 24 °C (75 °F) and lows of about 16 °C (61 °F).

  • Summer in Dubai begins around the last week of April and ends around the first week of October. This period is characterized by extremely hot weather, hot winds and high humidity. Due to the city’s close proximity to the sea, the temperatures in Dubai are slightly milder in summer in comparison to other Gulf cities such as Kuwait City and Riyadh.

What is the best month to go to Dubai?

The best time to visit Dubai is in September and April, when it’s sunny but not too hot. While much of the Northern Hemisphere is wrapped up for winter during this period, the city continues to offer bright skies and balmy temperatures. Temperatures soar from May to August, so hotel prices drop and crowds disperse.

Is Dubai hot all year?

Dubai’s weather is warm all year round with two distinct summer and winter seasons. The lowest average temperatures are around 20⁰C in January, while the summer months (between June and August) have averages of around 30⁰C.

When should you not go to Dubai?

The months of June, July and August have searingly hot temperatures in Dubai. Think an average high of 106 degrees Fahrenheit every day, with temperatures not dropping below 86 overnight. Temperatures can even hit 117 degrees Fahrenheit in these months.

Is July or August hotter in Dubai?

Dubai Weather in August: August is similar to July, only it’s even hotter, with the average high now a whopping 41°C.

Is Dubai on the red list?

Travel to Dubai has been off limits for most of 2021 as the United Arab Emirates was added to the red list back in January to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

How hot is Dubai in August?

August is one of the two hottest months in Dubai, and temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius are considered normal. Visitors at this time of year are unlikely to see temperatures dip much below the 30 degree mark. There is practically no rainfall during August, and the humidity and UV levels are extreme.

Why is the sky not blue in Dubai?

The sky over Dubai is deep blue all year round due to generally low amount of water vapour and water droplets in the air. The sun light passes through a thicker layer of air so the blue is scattered more.

What is the hottest country on earth?

Mali is the hottest country in the world, with an average yearly temperature of 83.89°F (28.83°C). Located in West Africa, Mali actually shares borders with both Burkina Faso and Senegal, which follow it on the list.

Is Dubai on the green list?

Dubai has not been added to the green list for quarantine-free holidays.

Can you kiss in public in Dubai?

The Dubai code states: “Holding hands for a married couple is tolerated but kissing and petting are considered an offence to public decency. “Public displays of affection, as well as sexual harassment or randomly addressing women in public places, is liable to be punished by imprisonment or deportation.”

What is forbidden in Dubai?

Dubai severely punishes acts that many Western travelers would never even imagine are illegal, including drinking alcohol without a permit, holding hands, sharing a room with someone of the opposite sex other than your spouse, taking pictures of other people, offensive language or gestures, and unsanctioned social

How strict is Dubai?

DUBAI has very strict rules even for tourists entering the UAE. Dubai is a predominately Islamic city in the United Arab Emirates, despite a large expat community. This can mean travellers who enter the country, lured by cheap flights and good weather, can easily be caught out by strict laws.

How hot is Dubai in January?

The typical high temperature in Dubai during January is 24ºC, so it’s great for some winter sun. You’ll want to bring some warmer clothes for the evenings as things do get quite cool, while sea temperatures are around 21ºC. Humidity’s low, while average rainfall’s 11mm over two days with rain.

Is Dubai too hot in May?

Dubai weather May Dubai is on the Persian Gulf Coast in the United Arab Emirates, meaning the city has a hot desert climate with high temperatures all year round. You’ll find that things are really hot in May, and there’s virtually no rain but it’s still a bit cooler than the summer’s peak.

Can you swim in Dubai in January?

You can swim all year round in Dubai In January, the sea temperature is a little cool with around 20°C (68°F) but you can always fall back to one of the many hotel pools that are often heated in winter.

All year weather in Dubai

With a tropical desert environment (that is, very warm and sunny) and high humidity levels, Dubai, located on the Persian Gulf in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), has become a popular tourist destination (depending on the season). It is the second-largest city in the United Arab Emirates, and it has ambitions to grow to at least double its present size – through the usage of man-made islands – in the future. About 87 percent of the United Arab Emirates is covered by desert (mostly the Arabian Desert), but there is some additional topography in the form of mountains and coastal regions along the Arabian Gulf.

The height of the city is just around 16 meters above sea level, which is very near to the sea level.

Yes, please!

Annual Weather Averages for Dubai

Temp ↓
January → 19 °C
February → 20 °C
Mars → 23 °C
April → 26 °C
May → 31 °C
June → 33 °C
July → 35 °C
August → 36 °C
September → 33 °C
October → 29 °C
November → 25 °C
December → 21 °C

Weather Averages in Fahrenheit for Dubai

Temp ↓
January → 65 °F
February → 67 °F
Mars → 72 °F
April → 79 °F
May → 87 °F
June → 90 °F
July → 94 °F
August → 96 °F
September → 91 °F
October → 84 °F
November → 77 °F
December → 70 °F

Seasons? Yeah we only have about 2 over here; the hot one, and the REALLY hot one

With high humidity levels of over 90 percent and temperatures typically in the mid-40s (°C), summertime in Dubai (from June to September) is nearly unbearably hot. During the summer, the unusually high humidity level urges practically everyone to stay indoors in the wonderful air-conditioned buildings. Temperatures drop to an average of roughly 30°C throughout the evening hours. Because rain is virtually unheard of during this time of year, the only way to cool off will be to plunge into the sea.

  • August is the warmest month in Dubai, with temperatures reaching record highs of about 55°C, making it swelteringly hot.
  • Over the course of the year, these temperatures tend to average out at approximately 23°C, which is still rather warm for most people (and comparable to a hot summer day in the Nordic countries!).
  • The tiny quantities of rainfall that do fall in this city are most common during the winter months.
  • The average annual rainfall is an extremely low 5 days per year – making this a fantastic vacation option for those who loathe rain!
  • During the previous several years, rainfall in the region has actually increased ever so little, but not by enough to satisfy the needs of the locals.
  • It has been noted that “No one has come up with a flawless answer to the water scarcity problem.
  • Only time will tell whether or not this study will prove to be fruitful.
  • The sea temperature in the Persian Gulf (Abu Dhabi and Dubai) will be approximately 20°C.
  • However, when the oceans are at such high temperatures, it may still be excessively hot for most people – in such instances, seek out your local swimming pool, which is normally kept at more moderate temperatures and will effectively cool off every visitor to the facility.
  • You would have to be prepared, though, for the fact that certain days would be too hot for you (depending on what temperatures you are used to).

Several individuals have said that the United Arab Emirates has just two different seasons: the hot season and the REALLY hot season, owing to the consistently high temperatures throughout the year.

Climate influences

Because the Tropic of Cancer line goes directly over the United Arab Emirates, producing a great deal of heat, one of the reasons Dubai has such hot weather is because of the Tropic of Cancer. This line runs at 23.5°N of the equator and passes across various nations, including Mexico, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and others. It is the longest line in the world. It is represented by this line on both solstices, and it indicates when the sun is directly above the Earth at midday. The axial tilt of the Earth’s axis was used to calculate the precise position of this line at this specific latitude.

Best times to visit?

This is somewhat dependent on how much heat you can tolerate. If you are accustomed to mild summers with temperatures averaging 20°C (or perhaps even lower), you should aim to visit between October and April, when temperatures range between 25 and 28°C and humidity is high. The summer months in Dubai (June to September) are extremely hot and humid, and if you are not prepared for the heat or humidity, you will melt if you are suddenly confronted with over 90 percent humidity levels and temperatures reaching 40°C or more.

  • However, if you are exposed to the sun for an extended period of time without adequate protection, you will burn.
  • When it comes to this, Dubai does not disappoint!
  • Indeed, one of the largest aquariums in the world may be found in this shopping complex!
  • There are also indoor skiing facilities for those who miss the cooler temperatures – or just for those who want to cool off and get away from the oppressively hot outdoors temps – in addition to the shopping mall.

Dubai, Dubai – Average Annual Weather

The weather data is being loaded. Please be patient.

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
°C 19 20 23 26 31 33 35 36 33 29 25 21
°F 66 68 73 79 87 91 94 96 91 84 76 70

Average High/Low Temperature:

The weather information is being loaded. Please allow for a brief moment of silence.

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
High °C 23 24 27 32 37 38 40 41 38 35 31 26
Low °C 14 15 17 20 24 26 29 30 27 23 19 16
High °F 73 75 81 90 99 100 104 106 100 95 88 79
Low °F 57 59 63 68 75 79 84 86 81 73 66 61

Average Day/Night Temperature:

Weather data is being loaded. Please bear with me.

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Day °C 21 22 25 29 33 35 37 37 35 32 27 23
Night °C 21 22 24 29 32 34 37 36 35 31 26 22
Day °F 71 72 76 84 91 95 99 98 94 89 80 73
Night °F 69 71 75 84 90 94 98 98 94 88 79 72

Average Rainfall:

Weather information is being loaded. Please allow for a moment’s consideration.

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
mm 10 40 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 20
Days 6 4 6 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 4

Average Daily Sunshine Hours:

The weather data is being loaded. Please be patient.

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Hours 8 8 9 10 11 12 11 10 10 10 9 8

Average Sea Temperature:

The weather information is being loaded. Please allow for a brief moment of silence.

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
°C 21 21 22 25 28 31 32 33 32 30 27 23
°F 70 70 72 77 82 88 90 91 90 86 81 73

So when is the hottest time of the year in Dubai?

The summer months in the United Arab Emirates seem to melt together into one big steamy blur.

When it’s too hot to have lunch outside, there are months like this, and then there are days like these when we can’t walk from our car to the workplace without having a small tantrum. At the present, it appears that we have firmly established ourselves in the latter stage.

But which month is actually the hottest?

To be more specific, data from a meteorological station at Dubai International Airport has been collected by the National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) for 41 years, from 1977 to 2018. And what were the findings? In fact, practically all of the temperature indices reach their highest levels in August, making it the warmest month in Dubai overall.

It’s a minimal difference, but still, here is the 41 years of data broken down…

The typical temperature (through both day and night) is 33.3 degrees Celsius in June, 35.2 degrees Celsius in July, 35.3 degrees Celsius in August, and then 33 degrees Celsius in September. The maximum temperature recorded at the Dubai weather station was 47.9 degrees Celsius in June, 48.5 degrees Celsius in July, 48.8 degrees Celsius in August, and 45.1 degrees Celsius in September. During June, the maximum mean humidity is 76 percent, followed by 74 percent in July, 73 percent in August, and 79 percent in September, respectively (which explains why September can often feel just as oppressive, heat wise, as super-hot August).

ALSO READ: What is the record for the highest temperature ever recorded in the United Arab Emirates?

The hottest temperature recorded in the UAE

Because the NCMS collects daily temperature readings from their numerous weather stations around the UAE, they were able to determine that the UAE had its warmest temperature ever in July 2002, when temperatures reached an enticing 52.1 degrees Celsius. Ouch.– Follow us on Facebook to have the latest news about Dubai sent directly to your newsfeed. Image courtesy of Getty Images. Sign up for FREE to receive special updates on topics that you are interested in learning more about.

Is Dubai THAT hot? What to expect visiting Dubai in Summer

Summers in Dubai are quite hot. It’s scorching hot. We’re talking about temperatures of up to 50°C (122°F). Is it still worthwhile to schedule a stopover or perhaps a longer vacation in Dubai during the scorching summer months, though? Yes, it’s going to be scorching hot, but this is a city that has been designed to withstand such intense temperatures. A summer stay in Dubai may not be as terrible as you imagine – let’s have a look at what you may anticipate to encounter!

Dubai Summer Survival Guide

In this guide on what to anticipate during the summer months in Dubai, we go over the following topics:

  • When it comes to Dubai weather, how hot does it truly get during the height of summer? In Dubai, dealing with the heat is essential, as is dressing appropriately for the heat. The best spots to visit in Dubai during the summer
  • In Dubai, there are several places to stay throughout the summer months.

If you’re seeking for information about winter travel in Dubai, check out our guide to Dubai in the winter.

Dubai Temperature – How hot does it actually get in Summer?

While summer average temperatures have been reported as 45°C (113°F), it is relatively common to have daytime maximum temperatures as high as 50°C (122°F). July and August are the warmest months of the year in Dubai. “Summer” in Dubai is generally defined as the period between May and October. The information for Dubai International Airport was obtained from the UAE National Centre of Meteorology’s climate report 2003-2018 for the city. What you experience in Dubai and what is portrayed in the media during the height of summer might be two completely different things!

In addition, having a weather app that provides you with the “feels like” temperature is beneficial!

It’s also worth noting that, despite the fact that you won’t be exposed to the intense heat of the sun overnight, temperatures don’t truly drop below 30°C (86°F).

Let’s be honest: it’s scorching. Find out more about Dubai’s weather patterns and the ideal time to visit by visiting this website. Also, have a look at these monthly weather forecasts for MAY|JUNE|JULY|AUGUST|SEPTEMBER|OCTOBER

Dealing with the heat in Dubai

For the most part, dealing with the summer heat in Dubai is not quite as difficult as it may appear. For one, practically everything is airconditioned to the hilt–sometimes to the point of being too chilly. It is anticipated that you will arrive at an airconditioned airport, transfer to an airconditioned automobile or Metro train, and then check into an airconditioned hotel. In many places, even bus stations are equipped with air conditioning! While the outside air temperature is quite high, most hotels will freeze their pools in the summer months to provide a pleasant respite from the scorching sun.

The ocean, on the other hand, is a very different story!

And, just in case it wasn’t evident, sand becomes unbearably hot during the summer months.

Dressing for the heat in Dubai

Always remember to dress appropriately for the weather. It is important not to have any illusions about whether or not women must wear a full head covering or burkha. This implies that you should ideally dress in loose cotton clothing that is still appropriate. We’ve put up a comprehensive guide regarding what to dress in Dubai, which you can find here. The following are some critical summer clothing observations:

  • The distinction between “resort dress” and what you wear in public is important for tourists to understand. Despite the fact that this has become more casual over the years (maybe too much? ), as a gesture of respect, please limit the use of scant apparel and bathers to the pool and beach. When strolling through public areas of hotels, taking public transportation, shopping malls, and dining establishments, you should ALWAYS dress respectfully for the Muslim nation in which you are traveling. At a bare minimum, think covered knees and shoulders for both sexes, as well as nothing too clinging or showing – yes, you will see a lot of people breaking this “law”
  • At the most extreme, imagine nothing at all. Choose fabrics such as cotton or rayon that are breathable. Man-made materials will leave you in even more of a hot, sweaty mess than you already are. Temperature reductions between the exterior and the internal air conditioning system may be dramatic and dangerous. Make no mistake about it, you’ll still want to bring a shawl or cardigan for when the weather turns chilly indoors.

It is important for tourists to understand the distinction between “resort attire” and what they wear in public places. Keep scant apparel and bathing suits to the pool or beach, even if this has become more casual over the years (maybe too much? ), as a symbol of respect. Dressing respectfully for the Muslim nation in which you are visiting is mandatory when strolling through hotel public areas, taking public transportation, shopping malls, and dining establishments. If you’re looking for a bare minimum, think covered knees and shoulders for both sexes, and nothing too tight or showing – yes, you’ll see a lot of people breaking this “law”; at the very least, think modesty and modesty.

You’ll be in an even hotter, sweatier mess if you use man-made materials.

Never underestimate the importance of packing a wrap or cardigan for those chilly indoor moments.

Places to visit in Dubai in summer

Despite the fact that many seasonal favorites are closed, there is still enough to do indoors in Dubai to keep you entertained throughout the summer months. If you are specifically seeking for family activities in Dubai, check out this page, which has information on more than 60 indoor activities for children.

Dubai MallBurj Khalifa

There’s still plenty to do indoors in Dubai during the summer months, even though many of the city’s seasonal favorites are closed.

If you are specifically seeking for family activities in Dubai, please see this page, which has information on more than 60 indoor activities for children.

  • A reservation for the Burj Khalifa Observation Deck (Levels 124125 “At The Top” is required in advance). The Dubai Mall’s basement floor serves as the entry point. For free, you may watch the world’s biggest suspended tank from within the Mall, or you can come inside and participate in a variety of interactive water life activities
  • Dubai AquariumUnderwater Zoo Kidzania Dubai is a realistic town where children “work” to earn Kidzos, which they can then spend on enjoyable activities. VR Park is a virtual reality theme park that is open to the public. Dubai Ice Rink provides indoor ice skating entertainment. Evening fountain show in the Burj Lake, as well as a laser light display atop the Burj Khalifa, among other things. Make sure to take the kids to the massiveHamleysstore, which also has The Toy Store in the basement, which provides lots of FREE fun entertainment.

Dubai Complex is by no means the only retail mall in the world with a lot going on. In reality, malls are where the majority of Dubai’s summertime activity revolves around throughout the day. Several other new indoor concepts are available in Dubai, including the following:

Mall of the Emirates

The Mall of the Emirates is around 30 minutes distant and is easily accessible via the Metro (adapt name station Mall of the Emirates). The Mall of the Emirates is relatively near by for anyone staying at any of the Jumeirah Hotels, and it is just around 10 minutes away from the Dubai Marina/JBR region if you are staying in one of those hotels.

  • Antarctic encounters on Dubai’s ski slopes — sub-zero temps in the middle of summer, yes please
  • A wide range of family entertainment options are available at Magic Planet, including Yalla! Think trampolines when you think about bowling and Gravity Air Park. Visit the massiveVox Cinemacomplex to see the latest releases
  • Dreamscape– Virtual Reality (VR) Experience Rooms

City Centre Mirdif

This fantastic suburban mall, which is located south of Dubai city, is jam-packed with entertainment and culinary options. Because it is not accessible by public transportation, you would need to use a cab or Uber. Why not give it a shot?

  • Ifly is an indoor flight simulator that provides gravity-defying indoor entertainment. Sky Trails and a Climbing Wall – both of which are located within the Magic Planet children’s entertainment center
  • Vox Cinema, a massive 20-screen complex that hosts every form of film showing you can imagine

Times Square

Ifly indoor flight simulator is a gravity-defying indoor toy that provides hours of indoor entertainment. Sky Trails and a Climbing Wall – both of which are located within the Magic Planet children’s entertainment complex; Every form of movie screening you can imagine is available at the massive 20-screen Vox Cinema.

  • Adventure Zone by Adventure HQ — a facility that provides indoor climbing walls, obstacle courses, and other activities
  • Enjoy a desert drink in the chillout Ice Lounge, which is kept at sub-zero temperatures.

Top Dubai tourist attractions to visit in the summer

These are the most effective for keeping cool indoors, albeit you may need to go a short distance outdoors to get to them.

  • The Dubai Frame, in Zabeel Park, offers spectacular vistas as well as interactive displays about Dubai’s past and present
  • The Etihad Museum, in Abu Dhabi, provides further information about the country’s recent history and its route to unification
  • And the Dubai Museum, in Abu Dhabi. At City Walk, you can visit The Green Planet Dubai, a fully enclosed biodome experience that takes you to a tropical jungle (which is warm but much cooler than the outdoor temperature!). Al Habtoor City is home to Dragone’s La Perleevening spectacular, which is one of the city’s most highly praised stage acts and has a permanent home there.

Theme Parks

  • IMG Worlds of Adventure is a video game developed by IMG Studios. is the only indoor theme park in Dubai
  • Mattel Play! Town– a great themed indoor adventure playground for the younger kids in City Walk
  • Dubai Parks and Resorts– a favorite family offering that includesLegoland Dubai andMotiongate– is another popular family offering that includesLegoland Dubai andMotiongate. However, due to the fact that it is partially outside, it may not be suitable for everyone.

In order to be properly prepared for how hot it may be at Dubai Parks and Resorts in the summer, you should read our thorough description of what to anticipate while visiting the park.

  • In fact, our favorite indoor theme park is Warner Bros World in Abu Dhabi, which is readily accessible from Dubai on a day trip. If time permits and you have access to a transport, we recommend visiting Warner Bros World.

There are a plethora of other entertaining indoor activities, ranging from rock climbing to escape rooms, that can be enjoyed totally indoors throughout the summer months in Dubai – see our comprehensive guide to indoor entertainment in Dubai for more information.

Outdoor activities in Dubai over Summer

The water parks are the most popular outdoor attractions that are still open during the warmest summer months, despite the high temperatures.

Dubai Waterparks

  • Atlantis Aquaventure Water Park (entry is included if you stay at Atlantis the Palm)
  • Wild Wadi Water Park (entry is included if you stay at one of the Jumeirah hotels)
  • Atlantis The Palm Water Park (entry is included if you stay at Atlantis the Palm)
  • Atlantis The Palm Water Park (entry is included if you stay at one of the Jumeirah hotels). A highlight of Laguna Waterpark, which is part of the relatively new La Mer Waterfront development, is that it is best appreciated in the evening. Legoland Water Park (located in Jebel Ali and attached to theDubai ParksResortscomplex)
  • Yas Waterworld (located on Yas Island, Abu Dhabi but definitely worth considering as a day trip, alongside the entirely indoorsWarner Bros Worldwith a free shuttle service from Dubai)
  • And Dubai Water World (located in Jebel Ali and attached to theDubai ParksResortscomplex).

** There are still border restrictions between Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the summer of 2021– only attempt an Abu Dhabi trip if you are confident that you will be able to fulfill the stringent Abu Dhabi entrance criteria! It’s important to remember that even if you rent a cabana, apply sunscreen, and sit in the shade, it may still be brutally hot outside, even at a water park. Keep an eye out for hot surfaces (wear flip flops or non-slip pool shoes everywhere and be VERY careful of touching surfaces).

Outdoor evening activities to try in Dubai in Summer:

As long as you are prepared to be sweating even after the sun goes down, you may participate in these evening activities in Dubai after the sun goes down.

  • The Glow of the Dubai Garden In the past, Dinosaur Park was only open during the winter months, but it stayed open for Eid evenings last year and it appears like it will be open for a much longer season this year to brighten your pleasant evenings
  • Stroll through theAl Fahidi neighborhood, taking in several of the city’s museums and galleries along with a stop at Al Seef Creek before catching a traditional Abra across the gold and spice souks in Deira. In the Walkin JBR, a famous outdoor dining district along with the beach, there is still a thriving nightlife, despite the fact that outside dining is generally removed during the peak of summer. Not only does La Mer include a waterpark, but it also boasts a thriving nightlife zone that maintains a positive attitude even after the sun goes down
  • Souk Madinat Jumeirah is a much more contemporary souk experience, and from here you can enjoy excellent views of the Burj Al Arab and the surrounding area. The majority of the space is indoors and air-conditioned, and there are several food options and lovely canals. See the Dubai fountains up close and personal during this stunning nighttime sound and light extravaganza aboard a traditional dhow boat around Dubai Fountain Lake.

You can discover a comprehensive guide to the top nighttime activities in Dubai right here on our website.

Should I do a Dubai desert safari in Summer?

Many desert safari firms continue to operate throughout the summer months, but with a reduced schedule. However, based on our many years of experience, we believe that somewhere between late May and early October is when the weather starts to become really sticky.

If you prefer the heat, you could still find it enjoyable, but if you have little children, I would be exceedingly careful about advising a desert safari during the summer. To avoid the brunt of the day’s heat, it may be preferable to go on a desert safari in the early morning instead.

What will be closed in Dubai over Summer

Our favorite attractions in Dubai that are not available during the summer (check the links for information on when they will re-open; it is usually towards the end of October/beginning of November) include the following:

  • Dubai Miracle Garden, Global Village Dubai, thriving outdoor markets, several day safaris, and beach sporting operators are all available in Dubai.

In recent years, several restaurants and attractions have remained open throughout the summer, sometimes with drastically reduced hours or just open in the evenings. Outdoor breakfasts are no longer available throughout the summer months, and rooftop decks are only open in the evenings, if at all. Whenever possible, check opening hours throughout Ramadan (late April onwards) and during the summer months for anything that has an outdoor component to it.

Where to stay in Dubai over the summer

The good news is that the answer may be found practically anywhere. All of Dubai’s hotels will be air-conditioned, and it’s quite rare to find a hotel that does not freeze its pool during the warm months in Dubai. Choosing a hotel that is immediately connected to one of the malls or souqs will provide you with fantastic access to leisure and eating options without having to leave your hotel room. Why not give it a shot?

Dubai hotels attached to shopping malls

  • Among the best hotels in Dubai are the Sheratonat Mall of the Emirates and the top-end Kempinski
  • Address Dubai MallandAddress Downtown– both attached to Dubai Mall
  • Armani Hotel Dubaiin Burj Khalifa
  • Address Dubai Marinaattached to Dubai Marina Mall
  • Jumeirah Al Naseemattached to Souk Madinat Jumeirah
  • InterContinentalatDubai Festival City– very close to Dubai International Airport
  • And InterContinentalatDubai Festival City

Best Dubai hotels attached to waterparks

  • Wild Wadi Water Park is related to Jumeirah Beach Hotel
  • Atlantis the Palm is attached to Aquaventure
  • Lapita is attached to Dubai Parks Resorts and Legoland Water Park
  • And Wild Wadi Water Park is attached to Wild Wadi Water Park

Check out some of our favorite Dubai hotels that have a waterpark or water slides in their package!

Dubai hotels with good summer facilities

Several hotel resorts also have little water parks, lazy rivers, and children’s clubs on their premises. With virtually unlimited options and excellent summer values, there’s something for everyone this summer. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Dukesthe Palm is a meandering river that runs through the property. There is a Duksey kids club (with a magnificent infinity pool) on site. The Le Meridien Mina Seyahi has a children’s pool, a children’s club, a playground, and a variety of eating options. The Habtoor Grand Resort features water slides, a children’s pool, an infinity pool, and an indoor playground.

If you want to have a really one-of-a-kind experience during your Dubai layover – and if your budget allows it – consider staying at a hotel with a private pool. If you are only in Dubai for a brief stopover, you may choose to simply remain in the airport during the warmest time of the year. If you are in Dubai for an extended period of time, you may choose to stay in the hotel. We’ve put up a comprehensive list on things to do at DXB Airport.

Before you go…. final tips to help you plan the perfect Dubai trip (even in the hottest months!)

  • Take a look at our important planning information page, which covers all you need to know about getting about Dubai, a useful advice on what to pack, and top suggestions for first-timers on the dos and don’ts, rules and customs to be mindful of.
  • Consider checking out this great list of more than 150 locations you should see while in Dubai
  • To save up to 50% on major Dubai attractions, consider purchasing a UAE Tourist Pass.
  • Discover the greatest places to stay in Dubai, or get a great deal on a hotel room, by visiting the following pages:

Booking.com Finally, a word of caution. We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to remain hydrated! You should take measures if you want to walk outside during the daily heat; be realistic about how far you can travel; and keep the Careem or Uber app on your phone at all times.

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Over 51°C twice in 3 days: Is this the hottest UAE summer?

Published at 5:06 p.m. on Sunday, June 6, 2021. The most recent update was made on Monday, June 7, 2021, at 10:33 a.m. The United Arab Emirates has achieved the hottest temperature of the season so far: 51.8 °C. According to the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM), the scorching temperature was recorded on Sunday around 2.30pm in Al Ain’s Sweihan neighborhood. In the span of three days, the temperature has risen beyond the 51°C threshold for the second time. Sweihan recorded a temperature of 51°C on Friday.

  1. Temperatures, on the other hand, tend to rise by 2°C to 3°C in June when compared to May, according to him.
  2. “Clouds are developing over different locations at various times, with the possibility of cumuliform clouds forming over the eastern highlands.
  3. However, the possibilities of fog or mist forming are less likely to occur – particularly in the second half of the month”, the official continued.
  4. The weather in Dubai, according to Nausheen Shamsher, a local, is becoming hotter by the day.
  5. However, being in Dubai, where there is access to air conditioning everywhere, makes it easier to cope with the heat.
  6. Finally, I try to wash in the morning or late at night to avoid being exposed to the scorching heat.” Katina Svalova, a Russian resident who lives in the UAE, said she generally travels to her native country to escape the summer heat.
  7. They have a tough time going outside to play at the park.
  8. I make every effort to stay indoors as much as possible and to keep myself hydrated at all times.
  9. “I pay particular attention to (taking care of my automobiles).

since vehicle fires are a major concern in the UAE, particularly during the hot summer months.” So, in addition to taking care of myself and my body, I keep an eye out for fluid leaks under vehicles, cracked or blistered hoses, and other problems that are frequent during these months.”

Climate & Weather Averages in Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The averages are for Dubai International Airport, which is located 7 kilometers from the city center. Weather reports from 1985 to 2015 were used to create this map.

All Year ClimateWeather Averages in Dubai

High temperature: 41 degrees CelsiusLow temperature: 15 degrees Celsius ean temperature: 28 degrees Celsius recipitation:0.0mm 57 percent relative humidity Dew Point: 17 degrees CW the wind speed is 13 km/h and the pressure is 1009 mbar 10 kilometers of visibility

January ClimateWeather Averages in Dubai

Clockwise from top left: High: 41 °CLow: 15 °CM 28 degrees Celsius on average recipitation:0.0mm 56 percent relative humidity Dew Point: 17 degrees clockwise across the world the wind speed is 13 kilometers per hour and the pressure is 1009 millimeters of mercury Distance to see: ten kilometers

February ClimateWeather Averages in Dubai

High temperature: 41 degrees CelsiusLow temperature: 15 degrees CelsiusCM ean temperature: 28 °CP recipitation:0.0mm Humidity: 56% Dew Point: 17 degrees clockwise the wind speed is 13 kilometers per hour and the pressure is 1009 millibars Visibility is 10 kilometers.

March ClimateWeather Averages in Dubai

High temperature: 41 °CLow temperature: 15 °CM ean temperature: 28 °C recipitation:0.0mm Humidity: 56 percent Dew Point: 17 degrees CCW ind:13 km/hPressure:1009 mbar Visibility: ten kilometers

April ClimateWeather Averages in Dubai

High temperature: 41 degrees CelsiusLow temperature: 15 degrees Celsius ean temperature: 28 degrees Celsius recipitation:0.0mm 57 percent relative humidity Dew Point: 17 degrees CW the wind speed is 13 km/h and the pressure is 1009 mbar 10 kilometers of visibility

May ClimateWeather Averages in Dubai

Clockwise from top left: High: 41 °CLow: 15 °CM 28 degrees Celsius on average recipitation:0.0mm 56 percent relative humidity Dew Point: 17 degrees clockwise across the world the wind speed is 13 kilometers per hour and the pressure is 1009 millimeters of mercury Distance to see: ten kilometers

June ClimateWeather Averages in Dubai

High temperature: 40 degrees CelsiusLow temperature: 28 degrees Celsius ean temperature: 34 degrees Celsius CP recipitation:0.0mm 53 percent relative humidity Dew Point: 21 degrees CW the wind speed is 14 km/h and the pressure is 1000 mbar 9 kilometers of visibility

July ClimateWeather Averages in Dubai

High temperature: 41 degrees CelsiusLow temperature: 31 degrees CelsiusCM ean temperature: 36 degrees Celsius CP recipitation:0.0mm 52 percent relative humidity Dew Point: 23 degrees CW speed:14 km/h pressure:997 mbar ind:14 km/h 9 kilometers of visibility

August ClimateWeather Averages in Dubai

High temperature: 41 degrees Celsius; Low temperature: 31 degrees Celsius 36 degrees Celsius on average recipitation:0.0mm The humidity is 52%. Dew Point: 23 degrees clockwise across the world the wind speed is 14 kilometers per hour the pressure is 997 millimeters per square inch 9.7 kilometers of visibility

September ClimateWeather Averages in Dubai

High temperature: 39 degrees CelsiusLow temperature: 29 degrees Celsius ean temperature: 34 degrees Celsius CP recipitation:0.0mm 57 percent relative humidity Dew Point: 23 degrees CW the wind speed is 13 km/h and the pressure is 1005 mbar 9 kilometers of visibility

October ClimateWeather Averages in Dubai

High temperature: 36 degrees CelsiusLow temperature: 25 degrees CelsiusCM ean temperature: 30 degrees Celsius CP recipitation:0.0mm 58 percent relative humidity Dew Point: 20 degrees CW the wind speed is 11 km/h and the pressure is 1012 mbar 10 kilometers of visibility

November ClimateWeather Averages in Dubai

Clockwise from top left: High: 36 °CLow: 25 °CM The average temperature is 30 degrees Celsius in the winter. recipitation:0.0mm 88% relative humidity The dew point is 20 degrees north of central. 1012 mbar at 11 km/h, ind: 11 km/h Distance to see: ten kilometers

December ClimateWeather Averages in Dubai

High temperature: 36 degrees CelsiusLow temperature: 25 degrees Celsius ean temperature: 30 °CP recipitation:0.0mm Humidity: 58% Dew Point: 20 degrees Celsius clockwise the wind speed is 11 km/h and the pressure is 1012 mbar. Visibility is 10 kilometers.

Quick Climate Info

Hottest Month August(36 °C avg)
Coldest Month January(20 °C avg)
Wettest Month March(0.2mm avg)
Windiest Month July(14 km/h avg)
Annual precip. 0.4mm (per year)

Weather forecasted by CustomWeather for 2022

Best Time To Visit Dubai – A Month On Month Guide To Visiting Dubai

.columns” data-row-detection=”true”>.columns” data-row-detection=”true”> When one thinks about Dubai, the first three things that come to mind are likely to be golden deserts, sky scrapers (the Burj Khalifa, of course! ), and most likely shawarma. While these activities certainly scratch the surface of what the city has to offer, Dubai offers a plethora of more activities to offer. Before you purchase your tickets, research the best time of year to travel to Dubai. Every month, the city changes and offers something new that appeals to a diverse range of people.

Best time to visit Dubai – Know Before You Plan Your Trip

November to February is the finest season to visit Dubai because you can take advantage of all the city has to offer, from the desert and outdoor activities to thrilling events and live entertainment. March, April, September, and October are the best months to visit if you want to have a relaxed vacation without the crowds. However, because to Dubai’s innovative construction and building technologies, there is always something to do in the city throughout the year!

Best time to visit Dubai – For All Traveler Types

The best months to spend time outside in Dubai are November, December, January, February, March, and April. The best months to go to the beach are March, April, September, and October. The best time to go on a honeymoon is in December, January, and February. The best months to travel on a budget are May, June, July, and August. The best time to go shopping is in January and July.

Dubai Through The Year

  • The peak tourist season in Dubai begins in November and lasts until April. Warm temperatures and brilliant winter sun characterize the weather throughout this time period, which contrasts with the chill and gloom that prevails in other regions of the planet during this time. It is the season of pleasure in Dubai, with concerts, live events, shopping festivals, and thrilling trips such as dhow cruises and desert safaris all taking place during this period. It is the time of year when foreign tourists flock to Dubai, driving up airline and accommodation prices
  • Low Season in Dubai is the time of year when the sun deters even the most well-intentioned tourists from visiting. The summer months in Dubai begin in May and last in August. Because flights are inexpensive and everything else is reduced, this is the greatest time to visit Dubai for backpackers and people on a tight budget. Because most of Dubai’s attractions are indoors and air-conditioned, it does not significantly degrade the overall vacation experience. However, you will not be able to take advantage of the sea or outdoor activities
  • Shoulder Season in Dubai is the time to hit the waves! In September and October, the temperatures begin to drop, making the sea suitable for swimming and exciting water adventure sports such as jet-surfing and wakeboarding. It is the beginning of the school year all around the world, and international travelers are in less numbers, resulting in lower prices for nearly everything.

Best Season To Visit Dubai

While Dubai does not have all four seasons in full swing, the weather is similar to the weather seen in other parts of the world. Take a peek and you’ll see what I mean.

Dubai in Spring

Dubai is located in the desert, and as a result, unlike other regions of the world, it does not have a spring bloom like other parts of the world. Nonetheless, you will be able to enjoy it in beautiful weather with just the proper amount of sunshine. The months of March and April in Dubai have spring-like weather, making it one of the greatest seasons to visit the city. Enjoy outdoor activities and the water, which is at the right temperature for swimming, during this beautiful season.

Dubai in Summer

The summer months in Dubai are lengthy and hot, and they last from June through August. The days are long, with more than 13 hours of sunlight each day, and you may venture out easily in the early mornings and late evenings for outdoor activities without feeling uncomfortable.

This is the greatest time of year to visit Dubai’s attractions and theme parks because it is the low tourist season and there will be fewer people in the parks and attractions.

Dubai in Autumn

Dubai’s autumnal months of September and October are comparable to the rest of the globe’s autumnal months, albeit, unlike the rest of the world, they are not marked by vibrant foliage but rather by a drop in temperature. The stifling heat of summer is passed, and you may begin enjoying the great outdoors once more. In the fall, the city begins to offer cultural events, which makes it an exciting time to be a visitor to the city.

Dubai in Winter

Winter in Dubai lasts from November to February and is the ideal winter retreat for individuals who do not enjoy snow or freezing temperatures! Season for enjoying the outdoors, visiting the desert, and participating in adventure activities is in full swing. The sea, on the other hand, can be less merciful and is sometimes too chilly to enjoy a leisurely dip. However, it is unquestionably the finest time to visit Dubai, owing in part to the city’s outdoor festivals, events, and shopping fair, which attract visitors of all ages and interests.

Weather In Dubai Year Round

The weather in Dubai throughout the year has been shown on the graph below. The Highs are shown in red, and the Lows are shown in blue.

A Month-By-Month Guide To Visiting Dubai

Follow our step-by-step guide to choose the best month for your Dubai explorations.

Dubai In January

Temperature range: 15°C to 25°C on average. Winter in Ubai is lovely, and you’ll want to spend as much time outside as possible. Indulging in adventurous sports like as sky diving, zip line, and hot air ballooning are made possible by the temperate weather. In addition, the city is seeing less tourists as the international vacation season comes to an end following the New Year’s break. However, there is still much to be happy about, particularly the annual Dubai Shopping Festival. The month-long event provides discounts at shopping malls and designer boutiques, allowing you to indulge your inner shopaholic without breaking the bank.

Recommended Experiences for Dubai in January

More tickets may be found here!

Dubai In February

Temperatures on average range from 6°C to 26°CI. In February, the temperature in Dubai is similar to that of springtime in Europe, making it an excellent winter destination for travelers. The mix of bright days and mild temperatures is perfect for taking part in outdoor recreation activities. You may go on a desert safari and take part in activities such as dune bashing, camel riding, and traditional desert life, or you can take a Dhow cruise to relax and enjoy the pleasant nights on the water.

Due to the fact that it is back-to-school season almost elsewhere in the world, Dubai is devoid of family crowds in February.

Recommended Experiences in Dubai in February

Temperature range: 18°C to 29°C on average. The weather in Dubai begins to rise in March, and this is the perfect time of year to spend a day relaxing on the beach. Several great beaches, including exclusive resort beaches, are available in Dubai, and the sea temperature is ideal for swimming in the summer months. Go jet skiing, flyboarding, parasailing, or paddleboarding with the stunning Dubai skyline as a backdrop if you want to engage in high-octane activities that will pump your adrenaline.

Dubai is quickly establishing itself as a cultural center in the Middle East, and the city will host the Sikka Art Fair and the Annual Festival of Literature in March. March is one of the final months of the year when you may spend as much time as you like outside in the sun.

Hit the beach With these exciting water sports!

Temperatures range from 22°C to 33°C on average. In Dubai, summer has made an appearance in April, and the rising heat can be felt! The days are becoming longer and hotter, while the evenings are starting to cool off in contrast, resulting in the movement of all the enjoyable activities that take place in the evenings to the daytime. During the month of April, you may take part in events at WOW JBR, Global Village, and the other activities held in the city’s various amusement parks. One of the most important events in Dubai is the Middle East Film and Comic Con, which attracts attendees from all across Asia.

Get out and about in Dubai!

The Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, as well as the Burj Khalifa, make for an excellent combination. Dubai Frame is a type of frame that is used in Dubai. Skip the Line Tickets are available for purchase online. Tickets to the Louvre Abu Dhabi that allow you to skip the line In Duba, there is a Dhow Dinner Cruise with Live Entertainment. VR Park: Super 7 Attractions Pass (Visual Reality Park)

Dubai In May

Summer in Dubai in May is defined by high temperatures ranging from 26°C to 38°C. Bring out the sunscreen and hats because it is summer in Dubai in May. In order to spend the greater part of the day inside the amazing shopping malls, dhow cruises, thrilling attractions, or theme parks, you will need to organize your itinerary accordingly. Take a group of friends and family members and head to Dubai to see everything it has to offer. You will not be subjected to any heat at all!

Recommended Experiences in Dubai in May

More adventures may be found here!

Dubai In June

More adventures may be found right here.

Stay indoors with these activities in Dubai

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Dubai In July

Temperature range: 31°C to 41°C on average. Jule is one of the hottest months in Dubai, and the only time you can safely step outside is at night, which also happens to be the perfect time to take in the glitz and glam of Dubai’s glittering cityscape and glittering beaches. A large number of international tourists avoid the country as a result of the heat, resulting in decreased flight and accommodation charges. However, the good times never stop in Dubai; shopaholics will delight in the plethora of bargains available during Dubai Summer Surprises, which is the summer counterpart of the Dubai Shopping Festival and takes place every summer.

Book Tickets for Theme Parks in Dubai

More tickets may be found here!

Dubai In August

Temperature range: 31°C to 42°C on average. August is the hottest month of the year in Dubai, and the temperatures are climbing. Even the water will not provide any relief, with daytime sea temperatures reaching 30°C or more! Despite the fact that it is the height of the international holiday season, this is the least congested month in Dubai, and prices are extremely low, while offers are plentiful, with many freebies thrown in. In other words, if you are looking for a low-cost Dubai holiday, now is the greatest time to come!

You may still partake in activities like as aDubai Night Tour, aDhow Dinner Cruise, or aBig Bus Panorama Night Tour, among others. August in Dubai is the perfect time to spend time in the cool, air-conditioned confines of the museums and attractions.

Recommended Experiences in Dubai during Summers

Dubai Aquarium is a marine aquarium located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Combination of the Underwater Zoo with the Burj Khalifa Creek Park Exotic Bird Show at the Dubai Dolphinarium is a must-see. Dubai City Tour + Entry inside the Dubai Frame

Dubai In September

Temperatures range from 28°C to 39°C on average. Photograph courtesy of Al Wasl Dhow August and September have arrived, but not at a fast enough pace to see out the summer! Although the average temperatures in Dubai are lower in September, the weather is still hot and humid, which means you must still plan your day carefully to avoid the heat and dress appropriately for the weather conditions. Beginning in September, the live entertainment and event scene in Dubai begins to ramp up with shows such as La Perle Dragone and concerts at the Dubai Opera House.

Dubai is a year-round destination for shopping and entertainment, and the month of September will not let you down!

Recommended Experiences in Dubai in September

More adventures may be found here!

Dubai In October

Temperature range: 25°C to 36°CD on average. Due to the fact that Dubai is located in the desert, summer extends for a long period of time and there is no sign of fall; nonetheless, temperatures in Dubai continue to drop in October. The sea becomes a popular tourist destination once more as the sea temperatures begin to cool, making it excellent for swimming and other water adventure sports. It is the season of camel racing in Dubai, and you can take part in traditional activities that take place in the surrounding area.

Opera performances are still taking place in the city, and Halloween celebrations are beginning to take hold in the city’s high-end restaurants and shopping complexes.

Try These Exciting Experiences in Dubai in October

21 degrees Celsius to 31 degrees Celsius in the average. If you are seeking for a winter vacation and want to get away from the chilly weather that has gripped the rest of the planet, Dubai is the place to go! Because it is the beginning of winter in Dubai, the temperatures in November become more comfortable. Even during the day, it is possible to step outside and participate in outdoor activities without feeling uncomfortable. There are several international events taking place in the city, such as Dubai Design Week and Downtown Design, among others.

Check Out These Exciting Tours of Dubai in November

More tickets may be found here!

Dubai In December

Temperature range: 17°C to 26°CD on average. Ubai in December may be regarded as magnificent, both because of the weather and because of the celebrations that take place! In Dubai, it is one of the cooler months, so you should bring light sweaters to remain warm at night, while the days are wonderfully cool. The month of December is jam-packed with activities, beginning with the UAE National Day, also known as the Emirates Independence Day, and continuing with the Dubai International Film Festival and the Rugby Sevens competition.

With bargains and Christmas markets, the Dubai Winter Festival will infuse the city with the necessary festive spirit. PS: The Burj Khalifa New Year’s Eve fireworks are the highlight of any New Year’s celebration in Dubai. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

Visit Burj Khalifa in Dubai in December

More adventures may be found here!

Dubai Itineraries

In a city as vibrant as Dubai, there is an almost limitless number of things to see and do. Consider looking at our itineraries if you’re not sure how to organize your trip. We have designed one-day, three-day, and five-day itineraries to assist you in planning your visit, depending on the duration of your stay. With these itineraries, you can be confident that you will see all of the key sights and events in the city, as well as receive reduced tickets and important tourist information.

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