Where Is The Title Deed Number Dubai? (Solution)

Now, from the homepage of the Dubai Rest or DLD website, select the Title Deed Verification. You are required to provide some information on the title deed, like: Certificate Number: You can find it below the barcode or QR code of the. title deed.

  • Now, from the homepage of the Dubai Rest or DLD website, select the Title Deed Verification. You are required to provide some information on the title deed, like: Certificate Number: You can find it below the barcode or QR code of the

How do I find my title deed number in Dubai?

Certificate Number (Can be found below the barcode or QR code of the. title deed; Contract Number for Oqood) Certificate Year (Can be found below the barcode or QR code of the title. deed; Contract Year for Oqood)

What is a title deed number?

Title Number This identifies the property and distinguishes it from other properties having similar addresses. The Title Register, Title Plan and registered Deeds all contain the Title Number at the top of the document, in large bold type.

What is title deed in Dubai?

A title deed is the document registered at the Land Department which shows ownership of a plot of land. The original title deed is kept with the bank as security until the mortgage has been fully repaid.

How do I find the title deed number?

The Title Number is found on the top of each page of the Title Register and also at the top of the Title Plan. This is so whether the property is freehold or leasehold, and whether it applies to a legal estate in land or a legal interest in land.

How do I find my title deed?

How can I get a copy of my title deed? A copy of a title deed, for information purposes, is obtainable from any Deeds Office upon written application to the Registrar of Deeds and payment of the prescribed fee which changes from time to time.

Is a deed the same as a title?

The biggest difference between a deed and a title is the physical component. A deed is an official written document declaring a person’s legal ownership of a property, while a title refers to the concept of ownership rights.

Who holds the deed to my house?

The title deeds to a property with a mortgage are usually kept by the mortgage lender. They will only be given to you once the mortgage has been paid in full. But, you can request copies of the deeds at any time.

Is Land Registry the same as title deeds?

HM Land Registry records are digital, they don’t store paper title deeds. Generally, they have the original title deeds when land or property is registered for the first time, as they need them to prepare the register. If the register refers to deeds being filed, we should have copies.

What is original title deed?

A title deed on the other hand is not an agreement, but a statement. It only talks about the rightful ownership of a person over a particular property. Apart from the ownership, title deed also speaks of rights, obligations and mortgage obligations of the owner.

How much is title deed in Dubai?

How do I obtain a Title Deed? A. In case the Pre-Title Deed has been issued, you will need to make a payment of: AED 540/- in cash to “Dubai Land Department” (for The Villa and Mudon customers- AED 390/-).

How can I get a copy of my deed in Dubai?

If you do not have one, this can be obtained in advance at the Dubai Land Department main office (ground floor, customer services) and costs AED 270 for an apartment / AED 120 for land. Once you have all of the above, you will submit the application and pay approx. AED 1,150 fees for the replacement Title Deed.

What is register of title?

The Title Register provides the owners, names and addresses, the price paid and date purchased, the tenure of the Title owned (freehold or leasehold), the Class of Title, length of lease (if leasehold), restrictive covenants, personal covenants, easements such as rights is way, mortgages, charges, restrictions and


Investing in real estate is a popular choice in today’s market, and although it is vital to keep an eye out for and recognize the correct chances, it is also necessary to be diligent when it comes to the paperwork. Being a savvy investor requires conducting thorough due research before putting your money, time, and effort into a particular investment property. As a buyer or a tenant, it is essential to verify the authenticity of proof of ownership (title deed for completed properties; Oqood for off-plan properties) before placing a security deposit cheque and signing a contract because you must be certain that the property is free of encumbrances, pending litigation, or any other legal impediment before proceeding with the purchase or rental of the property.

You should also be able to spot the indicators of investment fraud when you encounter them.

The Dubai Land Department, which has set itself the goal of bringing all information together in one spot, making it quicker and more easy for everyone to examine the legitimacy of the Title Deed in the city.

Checking the legitimacy of your title deed is as simple as clicking a button, so make sure it is the first step in making the appropriate investment decision.

3- Provide information about the title deed, such as the following:

  • Oqood’s Certificate Number (which may be located below the barcode or QR code of the title deed
  • The contract number for Oqood)
  • And the date of birth. Oqood’s Certificate Year (which may be found below the barcode or QR code of the title or deed
  • The contract year for Oqood is also listed)
  • Specify the type of property you want: land, unit, or villa. Name of the proprietor

4-Click on the Validate tab to examine the current status of the title deed, which includes whether it is legitimate, mortgaged, restricted, blocked, or otherwise ineligible. Simply said, that’s all there is to it. Before you invest, there is one basic action you should do. 16k

Lost Your Title Deed? Here Is What To Do!

According to what you should already be aware of (and, if you are not, you should be), the Title Deed is the most crucial document when it comes to owning a piece of real estate in Dubai. While other countries (the United Kingdom, for example) require a separate and definitive confirmation of legal ownership, in Dubai, the Title Deed is the only document necessary for both renting and selling real estate in the region. The possession of a legally registered Title Deed is, as a result, an obligatory need for allDubai real estate investors.

Is it possible to acquire a duplicate?

All of these are reasonable questions, and we shall address them in further detail below.

If you find yourself in the unfortunate circumstance of losing your Title Deed, it is highly suggested that you follow the steps outlined in this article. This will save you time and money in the long run, and it will also prevent any undesirable security concerns with your investment in the future.

Registration at Dubai Land Department – Oqood v Title Deed

Despite the fact that it is not directly connected to missing Title Deeds, it is certainly worth addressing the procedure of registering your property in the first place. It is important to register your real estate interests with the Dubai authorities for the same reasons as stated above: to protect your investment. As a result of the huge amount of off-plan property transactions in Dubai, the Oqood (Arabic meaning ‘contract’) was implemented. It is, in essence, a pre-registration of ownership of an off-plan (incomplete) property with the Dubai Land Department before the project is completed.

  1. It once again serves as evidence of the legal ownership of a certain piece of property.
  2. In the end, this is the most effective method of safeguarding your money.
  3. As of late 2013, this cost has been raised from 2 percent to 3 percent.
  4. Once the payment has been received, the property is registered in the name of the owners with the Dubai Land Authority.

I have lost my original Title Deed, what should I do?

In contrast to the Oqood Certificate, which can be easily reissued by the Dubai Land Department, there are certain particular steps that must be taken in the sad event that a Title Deed is misplaced or destroyed. It is important to note that if your property is mortgaged, the original will be held by your bank/mortgage provider, and you will only ever have a true stamped copy of the document. It’s best to know this now rather than later when you’re spending money and effort applying for a new Title Deed.

Step 1 – Obtain a Police Report

Due to security concerns, the Dubai Land Department requires that the owner acquire a report from the Dubai Police explaining that they have lost or misplaced the original Title Deed as a matter of course. Generally speaking, the procedure is quick and may be completed in a couple of hours. For AED 70, a report is generated on-site, and it is sent within 24 hours. You will be required to provide proper picture identification as well as a copy of the missing Title Deed to the appointment. Our preferred location is the Bur Dubai Police Station (located close to the Al Jafiliya immigration agency), where we have found both the employees and the processes to be quite straightforward.

Step 2 – Place an Advertisement in a Local Newspaper

Despite the fact that it appears to be quite dated, this is a necessary step. You must put an advertising in a local newspaper declaring that you have misplaced your Title Deed and providing some contact information so that someone may get in touch with you if it is really located. The Dubai Land Department demands a minimum of a three-day-long advertising advertisement.

Please keep in mind that most news outlets are not inexpensive, with fees for a three-day advertisement ranging from AED 2,500 to AED 3,000 per advertisement. Tip: We advertise with Gulf News since they are fast to respond and simple to work with on a consistent basis.

Step 3 – Application for Replacement Title Deed at Dubai Land Department

Once you have met all of the aforementioned conditions, you may submit your application for a new Title Deed to the Dubai Land Department for processing. The most recent update (as of August 2018): Since then, the application procedure for replacement title deeds has been delegated to particular DLD Registration Trustees for processing. All of the paperwork listed below will need to be submitted at this time, and the new Title Deed will be issued within one calendar month of receiving all of the required documents.

  1. At this time, there is no choice for a price for an express service.
  2. They are a great resource.
  3. It is necessary to have hard copies of the newspaper advertisements for each of the three days.
  4. The Affection Plan is a site plan that depicts the specifics of the land plot as well as its location.
  5. Once you have gathered all of the required documentation, you will submit the application and pay about AED 1,150 in costs for the new Title Deed to the government.
  6. The same may be said about the Dubai Police Report, as well.
  7. While not the most difficult procedure to complete, it may be time-consuming and stressful if you have no prior experience dealing with these specific authorities.
  8. It is also usually advisable to take action as soon as possible rather than later.
  9. It is the single most crucial document in any real estate deal in Dubai, and as such, it should not be taken lightly.

What does a Dubai Title Deed look like?

A number of various considerations must be made when renting a house in Dubai, with the documentation being one of the most significant. Each of these documents is an integral element of your legally enforceable Tenancy Agreement. The Land Department of the Dubai Government is in charge of delivering the Title Deed to the property’s proprietor. Despite the fact that some appear to be slightly different from others, you may double-check the facts by calling the Land Department. The Title Deed must be provided to all renters in order to arrange EJARI, which is the statutory recording of all rental contracts in Dubai.

  1. When examining homes, always snap a photograph of the structure and write down the complete address.
  2. You should cross-reference the name on the Title Deed with the name on the Landlord’s passport copy.
  3. If the Title Deed has two names on it, you should be able to view the passports of both parties.
  4. The signature on the passport copy should be the same as on the original.
  5. In order to ensure that you are working with the proper individuals, you can check the Title Deed by contacting the Land Department.
  6. Verify their qualifications before hiring them.

Readers are urged to obtain suitable independent legal counsel before taking any action. Though it may seem tedious, theCopyrightandDisclaimerare extremely essential rights. have a look at this » Sherpas Return to Dubai

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All your Property-Related Questions Answered

Q. Does Dubai Properties provide freehold properties? A. Yes, Dubai Properties does. a. Yes, both local residents and overseas investors can purchase freehold homes from Dubai Properties. The company has communities and towers in some of Dubai’s most popular locations, such as the following:

  • One of the most luxurious residential buildings in Jumeirah Beach Residence is 1/JBR
  • Residential skyscrapers near Business Bay, such as Bellevue Towers, are also available
  • Mudon, Villanova, Serena, and Remraam are examples of mixed-use residential communities in Dubailand
  • The Dubai Wharf and Manazel Al Khor residential complexes on the Dubai Creek are examples of mixed-use residential communities in Dubailand.

Q: Who is the owner of Dubai Properties? As a subsidiary of and the real estate arm of Dubai Holding, the worldwide investment giant, Dubai Properties is a leader in the global real estate market. Q. Is it legal for you to purchase real estate in Dubai? In Dubai, locals and international investors are permitted to acquire property on the freehold market, which is regulated by the Dubai Land Department. Q. Can foreigners and expats purchase real estate in Dubai? Any individual of any nationality, whether they are a resident of Dubai or located overseas, is eligible to acquire property on the freehold market in the Emirate.

  1. Q.
  2. A.
  3. Setting up a buyer and seller agreement is step one.
  4. They will assist you in communicating with the owner, negotiating with him, and outlining the conditions of the transaction.
  5. Execution of a purchase and sell agreement The selling agreement, also known as the Memorandum of Understanding, is signed when all of the specifics have been worked out (MoU).
  6. Following the signing of this contract, it is usual procedure in Dubai for the buyer to pay the seller a ten percent deposit of the property’s worth.
  7. Submitting an application for a Certificate of No Objection (NOC) It is necessary to apply for and pay for a No Objection Certificate from the developer of the unit you are acquiring in order to complete the transfer of ownership.

The developer will be able to issue a NOC once all outstanding service charge payments have been received and processed.

Is it possible to transfer ownership to Dubai Land Department?

Before the title deed may be issued, DLD asks that the buyer submit a payment of the purchase price in the form of a check to the DLD office.

What is the typical time frame for purchasing a new house in Dubai?


An AED 4,000 primary market purchasing fee is charged in all DLD Registration Trustees offices for transactions exceeding AED 500,000 and AED 2,000 for transactions below this threshold.

For purchases made on the secondary market, the total fees include a 2 percent commission fee (for the sales agent or broker), the NOC fee, and a fee for the transfer appointment.

How do I go about purchasing real estate in Dubai in installments?

You will need to submit an application for a mortgage with one of the banks in the United Arab Emirates.

Residents of the United Arab Emirates are typically required to submit the following documents in order to receive mortgage approval:

  • Copy of the purchaser’s passport and visa
  • Copy of the purchaser’s Emirates ID
  • Proof of current address, such as an Ejari or Dewa bill
  • A copy of one’s salary certificate or other proof of regular income a set of bank account statements over the previous three to six months that represent the salary credit
  • An agreement for the purchase and selling of real estate
  • The title deed to the property to be acquired
  • A copy of the seller’s passport
  • And a No Objection Certificate from the developer are all required.

Q. Are homes in Dubai subject to value-added tax (VAT) or not? A. On January 1st, 2018, the UAE government launched a historic policy by establishing value-added tax (VAT) at a rate of five percent, effective immediately. According to the VAT legislation, all real estate transactions, with the exception of the sale of unoccupied commercial buildings and the leasing of commercial property, are either not subject to tax or are exempt from taxation. Therefore, no VAT is levied on the rental of residential property.

  • Q.
  • A.
  • The existing property visa is a two-year renewable property investor visa provided by the Dubai Land Department for freehold properties with a value of Dh1 million or more on the title deed, as determined by the Dubai Land Department.
  • Is Business Bay a decent place to reside in terms of quality of life?
  • Business Bay is a mixed-use attraction located in the center of the city’s contemporary district.
  • Lonely Planet, the world’s leading travel book publisher, selected the master-development as the world’s fifth must-see neighborhood, ranking it fifth in the world.

Due to its convenient location in the heart of Dubai’s business district and close proximity to the city’s commercial hub, Downtown Dubai, the area is ideal for young professionals who want to live in the heart of the city’s business district while remaining close to the city’s commercial hub.


In order to sell real estate in Dubai, you must first get a broker license from the Dubai Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA), which is the sole authority that provides broker licenses.

The Department of Economic Development (DED) issues licenses to sole-owner and multi-owner limited liability corporations (LLCs) established by UAE locals and foreigners. The following papers must be submitted with the application for registration in the Brokers’ Registry:

  • DED-issued trading license in good standing
  • A certificate proving membership in the Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry
  • And the original or identical copy of the brokerage shop’s ownership certificate or lease
  • For the establishment’s owner and senior manager(s), a certificate of good behavior is required. A past bankruptcy, breach of honor, or trust case involving any of the firm’s directors or partners who are allowed to operate the company is prohibited. Course certification or a degree in real estate from an educational institution that has been approved by the Dubai Land Department is required. Passing the examination for the brokerage profession

Individual registrations and sole-ownerships must be completed using the following documents:

  • Two pictures the size of a passport
  • The original and a copy of the passport
  • A copy of the visa for permanent residency
  • A copy of an Emirati labor card (the occupation must be the same as the one listed on the visa)
  • And A completed application on the prescribed form, signed by the company’s representative, must be submitted.

Upon acceptance of the broker registration application, the broker is required to utilize his broker registration number in all communication and reports that he issues. Q. What are the specific stages involved in purchasing a home from Dubai Properties? A. A. Once you have reviewed the online brochures for Dubai Properties’ developments, you may call one of our sales specialists who will be pleased to walk you through the whole process. Contact 800 DPUAE (800 37823) or +971 4 871 3700 if you require any further information on how to acquire a home from Dubai Properties, or submit your inquiry using the following link.

  • I’m relocating to Dubai; where can I begin looking at potential properties?
  • There are a variety of approaches you may take to begin your search for real estate in Dubai.
  • Q.
  • Which area in Dubai is the most advantageous for purchasing real estate?
  • The premium residential skyscraper located on Jumeirah Beach Residence – 1/JBR is Dubai Properties’ flagship project.
  • To obtain offers on luxury flats in our complexes, please call 800 DPUAE (800 37823) or +971 4 871 3700, or submit your inquiry using the following website.
  • Is it a good idea for me to purchase a home in Mirdif?

Mirdif, a family-friendly residential complex, many Emirati and expatriate families live together in peace and harmony.

Other projects in the pipeline include Mirdif Hills, which will be finished by the second quarter of 2019 and is now under development.

Apart from that, there are a number of major parks in the vicinity, including Uptown Mirdif Park, Mushrif Park, Al Khawaneej Pond Park and the pet-friendly BarkPark, all of which are worth a visit.

It also includes a variety of shopping and dining options.

A number of major arterial roadways, including Mohammed Bin Zayed Road and Al Awir Road, provide easy access to the community as well.


An example of a distinctive and popular mixed-use location in Dubai, the Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) is characterized by chic cafés and restaurants and a plethora of unique retail establishments.

As a residential neighborhood, JBR is particularly popular with families, thanks to the presence of multiple nurseries and a plethora of safe and open play places where families can spend quality time together.

Is it a smart idea to invest in real estate in Dubailand or The Villa?


A comprehensive community, the destination offers an extraordinary blend of world-class leisure, entertainment, and sports activities as well as family-friendly residential areas, making it a one-stop shopping destination.

Community developments by Dubai Properties in Dubailand, such as The Villa, Mudon, Remraam, Serena, and Villanova, range from affordable to luxurious options, each with a distinctive lifestyle offering, and each replete with amenities such as schools, nurseries, medical clinics, and shopping centres – these communities are tailor-made for families looking to grow up in the same place.

Q. What happens if you are unable to make a payment on your off-plan Dubai property? A. If you are unable to complete the payment of your off-plan property, the developer may use the following rights on your behalf:

  • The developer may keep all of the money received from the buyer and sell the unit in a public auction to recoup the payments, or the developer may deduct more than 40 percent of the purchase price and cancel the contract if 80 percent of construction is completed. If 60 percent of the construction is completed, the developer has the option to deduct 40 percent of the purchase price and terminate the agreement. If work has begun but has not yet achieved 60 percent completion, the developer has the option to remove 25 percent of the purchase price and cancel the agreement. The developer is authorized to remove 30 percent of the purchase price and cancel the contract if circumstances beyond the developer’s control prevent the construction project from being completed on time.

Q. How do I calculate the value of a property in Dubai? A. Property Finder Group, an online real estate site, has developed a free application that allows individuals to estimate the worth of a piece of real estate in Dubai. The Rent vs Buy Calculator gives a straightforward breakdown and analysis of the expected expenses, as well as how much money investors may save in the long run if they choose to own rather than rent real estate property. For the calculation, you will need to provide your own monthly rent, the price of the home you are interested in, and the number of years you want to spend in the property.

Click here to use the Rent vs Buy Calculator.

Do persons who live on rent in Dubai have to pay VAT?

Other services, on the other hand, may be subject to VAT and may either be included in the rental agreement or charged separately.

How do I get a new title deed in Dubai? – Runyoncanyon-losangeles.com

If you do not already have one, you may get one in advance from the Dubai Land Department main office (ground floor, customer services), which costs AED 270 for an apartment and AED 120 for land, depending on the size of the property. Once you have gathered all of the required documentation, you will submit the application and pay about AED 1,150 in costs for the new Title Deed to the government.

What happens if I lose my title deed?

A conveyancer, acting on behalf of the registered holder of a title deed, may submit an application to the registrar of deeds in order to get a certified duplicate of the original title deed if it has been lost or damaged by fire or other natural disaster. Furthermore, in the event that the original title deed is discovered, the Registrar of Deeds shall be furnished with a copy of the title deed.

How do I find my title deed number in Dubai?

Number of the Certificate (Can be found below the barcode or QR code of the. title deed; Contract Number for Oqood) Year in which the certificate was issued (Can be found below the barcode or QR code of the title. deed; Contract Year for Oqood)

What do I do if I have no title deeds?

If you own a property and have never received your title deeds, you should contact the person who acted on your behalf and request that they be delivered to you immediately. In certain situations, the deeds to the property may still be in the possession of the individuals who sold it to you. If this is the case, you will not require paper copies of the deeds.

How long does it take to get a title deed in Dubai?

TIME FOR PROCESSING* Regular Application: 30 days from the date of a successful application submission. Upon receipt of your Title Deed, the Dubai Land Department will mail it straight to you by Aramex. Application for Priority Consideration: 3 days from the date of a successful application. Upon receipt of your Title Deed, the Dubai Land Department will mail it straight to you by Aramex.

What do I do if I lost my original land title?

Process of Obtaining Jurisdiction

  1. Fill up the Affidavit of Loss and submit it for annotation. Request a Certified True Copy (with annotated indication of loss) of the document. Filing a petition with the Regional Trial Court is recommended. Attend the hearing on the jurisdictional issue
  2. Please provide proof or evidence. Continue to wait for the publication of a Court Decision

Where can I find my title deed number?

Guide to Verifying a Title Deed Certificate Number: Step-by-Step Instructions It may be found just below the barcode or QR code on the title deed document.

Dubai Real Estate Frequently Asked Questions

1. Being a foreigner who owns a property in the United Arab Emirates. You must be over the age of 21 in order to acquire property in the United Arab Emirates. If you meet this condition, the first step is to submit an offer to the company. A formal sales contract is drafted and agreed upon by the parties; a deposit is paid; the buyer obtains financing, if necessary; the seller ensures that the property is not encumbered by anything that is in conflict with the terms of the contract; the final payment is made by bank draft or cash in the land department, and the title deed is transferred to the newly acquired property.

A different set of protocols applies if you are purchasing a completed property from a developer and are a first–time buyer, if you are purchasing property that has not yet been constructed from a developer, known as a “off–plan” purchase, or if you are purchasing property from an individual private seller, known as a “resale purchase.” If you are purchasing from a developer, there is typically a payment plan in place, as well as a mortgage or loan in place.

  • The seller will frequently request that an expatriate be “pre–approved for home finance” before signing the sales contract if the buyer is seeking financing from a bank or other lending institution.
  • What is the definition of a “freehold” property?
  • It is the property owner’s option whether or not to sell, lease, or rent their home or other property.
  • For properties valued at more over AED 1,000,000, a two-year resident visa is provided.
  • Documents necessary for the purchase of a piece of real estate A valid passport is required.
  • The reservation form must be completed and submitted with the property along with a copy of the buyer’s passport if the property is purchased straight from a developer and has not yet been constructed – this is known as a “off–plan” purchase.
  • Make certain that the purchase agreement for a developer’s unfinished property specifies the completion date as well as the amount of compensation that will be granted if the property is not completed within that time period.

You must transfer the deeds in order to finish the process of purchasing a home in Dubai.

The Title Deed is issued in two originals, one of which is retained by the bank until the mortgage has been paid off, and the other of which is held by the land department until the land is sold.

When the mortgage is paid in full, the bank issues a letter of release and a notice of cancellation, with the original being transferred to the buyer.

The NOC indicates that the developer has no objections to the property being transferred, and that if there are any obligations associated with the flat, the developer will notify the transferee of any liabilities.

Investing in “second-hand” real estate in Dubai Purchases made from private sellers (referred to as “resale” purchases) necessitate the negotiation of terms and conditions between the buyer and seller through the use of a Sale and Purchase Agreement.

It is not legally binding.

Except in exceptional circumstances when the seller is unable to transfer title to the buyer, this money is frequently non-refundable to the buyer.

While the Buyer’s Agent drafts the Sale and Purchase Agreement, the Seller’s Agent is responsible for making the ten percent payment, which is paid payable to the Seller.


The Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA), which is a division of the Dubai Land Department, is a government agency that licenses real estate agents, brokers, and developers, as well as oversees and regulates all real estate activities in the Emirate of Dubai.

In spite of the fact that there are intriguing innovations taking place from Abu Dhabi to Ras Al Khaimah, more than 95 percent of market activity is centered in the Dubai market.

It is essential that you get expert counsel when considering a purchase from a real estate broker, a financing broker, or from the development company.


It’s also a good idea to inquire about the company’s area(s) of specialization as well as its variety of services.

Is it mandatory for all agents, sales representatives, and consultants to be qualified and registered with the RERA?

Every individual who works for a brokerage business or as a real estate broker in Dubai is required to register with the authorities and is granted a picture identification card with a license number by the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA).

Every agent is required to be registered under the auspices of a real estate corporation.

Do all agents and sales professionals need to keep their registration cards with them at all times?

It is mandatory for agents and sales professionals to carry their RERA cards at all times.

Agents and sales representatives who are registered with RERA are expected to adhere to the RERA code of ethics as well as the best business practices as established by RERA in order to maintain their registration.

Dealing with an unlicensed agent is risky, and there is no protection against malpractice at the present time, according to the FTC.

Buying a property

How much of a distinction is there between the list price, the sales price, and the assessed value? List Price: The list amount is the price that the seller is seeking for the property; nevertheless, this price is adjustable. Sale Price – The sale price is the amount that the owner is willing to accept. The appraised value is provided by the real estate agent in order to offer the buyer with a clear understanding of what has sold and at what price, as well as what is currently available in the market for a comparable property.

  • 2.
  • Even though the cost of registration of the Title Deed should be divided between the buyer and the seller, this is not always the case and is often paid entirely by the buyer.
  • 3.
  • Get the property examined as soon as possible after purchasing it.
  • Maintenance is assured for the first year following the completion of the development.
  • 4.
  • When purchasing a home with a mortgage, it is wise to do so.


The optimum time to purchase a home is when the supply of available real estate outstrips demand, causing the price and value of the home to become more appealing to buyers; this is referred to as a ‘Buyer’s Market.’ 6.

It is possible that there may be additional expenses such as land registration fees and maintenance fees in addition to the payments that must be paid to the developer or real estate agency.

The Owner’s Association determines the amount of the maintenance cost.

Are there any additional expenses that I should be aware of in addition to the mortgage payment?

Seller’s Commissions

  • In order to proceed, the following items must be completed: mortgage cancellation costs paid, service charges paid, district cooking fees paid, settlement of DEWA payments paid, and developer’s no-objection certificate (NOC) if applicable. Transfer fees with the land department
  • A commission
  • And other expenses.

B. Purchaser’s Fees

  • Deposits according to the terms of the purchase agreement between the buyer and the seller
  • Transfer costs with the land department
  • Connection fees with the Electricity and Water Authorities
  • And community service fees are all examples of fees that are charged. If a mortgage application is necessary, there will be expenses associated with it. Miscellaneous administrative costs to the land department
  • Commission

Getting a mortgage

1. How can I submit an application for a mortgage? In addition, many of the financial organizations that offer mortgages now provide the option of “pre–approved financing,” which allows you to get your loan authorized before deciding on which property in Dubai you would want to buy. There is a corresponding reduction in the total timeframe, as well as satisfaction for sellers who require finance before agreeing to sign a Sale and Purchase Agreement. The validity of a pre-approval is typically 30 days with most financial institutions.

The only people who may purchase such houses are cash purchasers who have an Oqood (pre-registration title).


Yes. If you have a mortgage on the property, you will be able to resell the property. In order to gain clearance, the mortgage must be paid off to the bank. The terms and conditions will differ from one financial institution to another.

Selling a property

1. What papers will I require in order to sell my home? You will require the following documentation depending on the state of your property, whether it is complete or incomplete:

  • A title deed or an Ooqood developers contract is required. Copy of a valid passport
  • Proof of residence
  • And a certificate of completion of the property There is no letter of opposition from the developer to the transfer of property
  • Receipts for payments made to the developer If the property is completed, proof of payment of service costs is required. According to RERA requirements, the listing agreement has been signed.

A property professional from Group Seven Properties will assist you on the documentation that will be required in order to sell your property. 2. How do I go about putting my property up for sale? When you want to list your property with us, you must fill out the information on the listing form, which contains all of the pertinent information about the property. and submit the following papers in order to promote your home and rent it. Without accurate information and the permission of the owner, a broker will not be able to offer the property for rent.

  • Proof of ownership of real estate (a copy of the purchase contract)
  • A copy of the title deed of the property or oqood A POA – Power of Attorney – that has been certified in Dubai Court is required if the unit’s owner authorizes someone to act on their behalf. A copy of your valid passport
  • A signed listing agreement

How many different listing tools are there?

  • A sign board that will be erected on the property to advertise its availability for purchase
  • Advertising

Advertising; a sign board that will be placed on the property to indicate that it is for sale

Leasing a property

1. How do I put my rental property on the market? It is necessary to fill out the listing form and provide all of the necessary paperwork in order for us to market your home and rent it out to prospective tenants:

  • Proof of ownership of the property
  • A copy of the property’s title deed Copy of a valid passport
  • A valid visa for permanent residency
  • In accordance with RERA standards, a listing agreement

2. How to determine the appropriate rental price for a property The specialist agent in your neighborhood will assist you with the pricing of your home by analyzing your property and comparing it to similar properties on the market in your area. It is typical for tenants and landlords to sign a one–year lease, however longer and shorter leases are also available. 3. What exactly is a tenancy agreement? It is a written agreement between an individual or corporation and a landlord for a term of one year or longer, depending on the agreement reached between the landlord and the renter.

  • All payments must be paid payable to the landlord in the tenant’s name only.
  • 4.
  • It is a written agreement between a landlord and a tenant that outlines the terms and circumstances of leasing a piece of real estate.
  • Lease terms and conditions Although most leases are for a one–year term, the length of the contract might vary based on the needs of the landlord and/or the tenant involved.
  • Although the rental price is usually computed annually, the payment arrangements differ from landlord to landlord.
  • Rental price and payment terms It is reasonable to expect a renter to provide the landlord with between one and twelve post–dated cheques for the rental property.
  • 7.

It protects both the landlord and the renter by serving as a formal confirmation that the landlord is the lawful owner and by protecting both parties in the case of a disagreement.




The commission should be paid by the party who chooses the real estate consultants; however, if both parties agree on the payment of the commission, the commission can be paid by either party.

Alternatively, they can assist you in finding a house to buy or rent out.

In all cases, commission is paid to the firm rather than to the person.

Is it possible to register my property lease?

The DEWA (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority) will not be able to connect the service until a leasing agreement with Ejari has been signed.

Disclaimer: The information presented on this page is taken from the RERA’s website and other reliable sources. Group Seven Properties LLC will not be held liable for any information given, regardless of how accurate it may be.

Dubai Land Department (DLD) Announces the Fractional Title Deed initiative

According to the Dubai Land Department (DLD), the project aims to lure foreign investors to the Emirate through the use of “fractional title deeds.” A fractional title deed separates what would typically be a single unit (owned by a single deed) into two or four pieces, depending on the circumstances. The investor has the option to purchase up to half or a quarter of the unit. It will be possible to mortgage or sell any part or fraction of the unit since each part or fraction will have its own title deed, which will be able to be dealt with or disposed of in the same way as any other deed.

As a way to appeal to smaller investors, the fractional ownership concept is especially applicable in the hotel-apartment industry.

However, according to a representative for the DLD, a fractional title deed may be recorded in anyone’s name, and so is not limited to any specific target market.

Pitfalls, risks, and disputes

Because the program is now in its experimental phase, according to a spokeswoman for the Dubai Land Department, how it will play out in the city has yet to be determined. As is the case with any shared ownership arrangement, there may be issues that may arise, particularly in the case of disagreements between owners and with property management. Therefore, the applicable laws pertaining to fractionally owned properties may be altered or expanded from time to time in later stages, depending on the nature of the issue being addressed.

  • Such agreements will very certainly be modified to include not just the routine operation of the fractional ownership, but also the processes to be followed in the event of conflicts or disputes between the parties.
  • When selling a partial ownership, there will often be more complexities involved than when selling a complete ownership.
  • When acquiring a fractional ownership unit, buyers will need to be informed of the other fractional owners as well as the management firm.
  • It will be in the hotel management’s best interests to manage the property properly, attract investors, and improve the value of the flats.

Following that, the owners will be entitled to a portion of the residual revenue in proportion to their fractional ownership percentage, after the rentals received have been pooled and the expenditures and service fees have been paid.

Prevalence of fractional ownership

In other worldwide cities, timeshares and other shared ownership notions reached their zenith before the period of home-sharing came to the forefront of public consciousness. While home-sharing (such as Airbnb) is geared more towards “users” than investors, there was definitely a demand for the service and a significant quantity of it available on the market. The concept of “timeshares” became popular a few decades ago, but its drawbacks, particularly its lack of exit alternatives and lack of a return on investment, have made it considerably more divisive in recent years.

The market for fractional ownership of real estate has witnessed significant expansion in recent years, particularly during and following periods of weak property markets.

The impact of COVID-19 on markets throughout the world, as well as the route to recovery for global markets, are anticipated to spur expansion in the fractional ownership industry in the near future.

Homefront: Dubai resident struggling to verify title deeds fears landlord rental scam

I am in the process of looking for a new apartment and have discovered a fantastic offer; however, I have some reservations regarding the transaction and the manner in which it is being carried out. This property is located in Downtown Dubai, and I have received scanned copies of the following documents:1. The company’s Rera (Real Estate Regulatory Agency) license;2. The property’s Rera (Real Estate Regulatory Agency) license;3. the property’s Rera (Real Estate Regulatory Agency) license; and4.



A copy of the property’s title deed It is said by the agency that the owner now resides in Oman and will only go to Dubai for the purpose of signing the contract.

After reading a number of blogs and articles, I attempted to get my title deed confirmed by a number of different organizations, but they refused to do so.

After entering all of the information into the DLD e-service portal with the help of the given title deed, I received no response.

What is the best way to continue with this situation?

If this does not yield the desired outcomes, I recommend that you physically contact the DLD to express your concerns regarding document verification in order to confirm that you are making checks to the proper persons.

Alternatively, you may make the verification of the title deed a condition of your signing the rental agreement, so shifting the burden of proof back to you.

Rental scams are becoming less common, but they still occur from time to time, so it is crucial to be watchful and conduct thorough due diligence.

More information may be found at: On the home front, the tenant should file a lawsuit against his vanishing landlord in order to obtain a refund of his security deposit.

On the domestic front, a tenant who was unable to connect his television or internet in his new flat owing to defective wiring was refused assistance by a “rude” estate agent.

When I moved out of my flat in November of last year, I received an e-mail confirming the amount of money we were expected to receive back from the landlord, which was reassuring.

Is there anything we can do legally to force them to reimburse us for our losses?

We don’t know precisely what kind of communication you’ve had with the property management company, but from what I can see, you’ve had a genuine reason to wait for the return of your security deposit since last year.

Then, if that doesn’t work, you’ll have to go ahead and file the lawsuit.

You will have to compare the expense of opening the lawsuit against the value of the deposit in order to determine which is more cost-effective from an economic standpoint.

Mario Volpi is the chief sales officer at Kensington Exclusive Properties and has been in the real estate sector for for 30 years, having worked in both London and Dubai.

The comments presented do not represent legal advice and are offered only for the purpose of providing information. If you have any queries, please contact Mario Volpi at [email protected]

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