Where To Have A Drink Dubai? (TOP 5 Tips)

  • Where to go out drinking in Dubai Almost every large hotel – unless it is dry – will have a bar attached, otherwise a few key dining spots we recommend you try out: Around Dubai Marina – known for its alfresco options and sports bars

Can you go clubbing in Dubai?

Partying in Dubai is restricted to star hotels as they have liquor license to serve alcohol in their lounges, bars and clubs. While Dubai’s world-class bars and clubs are not new among party goers, its is also important to know the law before you get into the party mode.

Do Dubai have pubs?

Whether you’ve just moved to Dubai or are a long-time resident looking for a new local, the pub scene in Dubai is extensive.

Do bars in Dubai serve alcohol?

However, restaurants will have to follow strict protocol in line with the current social distancing measures. Drinks will have to be served at tables and customers will not be permitted to stand at the bar.

Is Dubai expensive to eat?

Eating out in Dubai isn’t much different to most cities in the world, unless you are dining at the Burj Al Arab. There are a number of fine dining options to choose from, however on average the cost of a 2-3 course meal at a mid-priced restaurant would cost about Dhs100-150 per person (about US $30-40).

Can you kiss in a nightclub in Dubai?

Well, among public displays of affection, kissing might be the worst of the lot. It does not matter if one party kisses the other on the lips, on the cheek, or in a private place that would get them locked upon any part of the world; kissing is forbidden in public places in Dubai.

Is Dancing in Dubai illegal?

Dancing. Dubai has bars and nightclubs, but the Foreign Office says you should not dance in public. “Dancing is allowed in the privacy of your home or at licensed clubs,” the advice says. The Dubai Code of Conduct says dancing and loud music is forbidden in public places, such as beaches, parks and residential areas.

Can you smoke in bars in Dubai?

The only rules I’m aware of is no indoor smoking except at bars and licensed venues and places that have a sheesha license. If a restaurant doesn’t have a license it won’t allow indoor smoking. But there are so many restaurants and cafes with outdoor sitting areas and smoking is allowed there.

Can Tourists drink alcohol in Dubai?

Liquor licences are not available to non-residents in the other Emirates, but it is possible for tourists and visitors to buy and drink alcohol in licensed venues, such as hotels, restaurants and clubs. In Dubai and all other emirates besides Sharjah, the drinking age is 21. Drinking alcohol in Sharjah is illegal.

How can I enjoy nightlife in Dubai?

Here are some of the best places to enjoy Nightlife in Dubai:

  1. Dubai Marina – A Walk in Dubai to Remember.
  2. Madinat Jumeirah – The Souk of the Well-Dressed.
  3. Boudoir – The French Connection.
  4. Catwalk – A Tiny Place of Wonders.
  5. At.
  6. Buhayra Lounge – Where Luxury meets Extravagance.
  7. Stereo Arcade – Lights, Music & Party.

What do you do in a pub?

If you’re ready to boost your bar sales during downtimes, here are 15 fun and inventive ideas to try.

  • Trivia Night.
  • Viewing Parties.
  • Board Game Night.
  • Speed Dating.
  • Friendly Speed Dating.
  • Group Meetup.
  • Charity Night.
  • Host a Paint Night.

Can females drink in Dubai?

You will be absolutely fine. The only time people get into trouble is if they have too much to drink and then behave inappropriately and/or cause offence and come to the attention of the authorities/police.

Can u smoke in Dubai?

Normal cigarettes, e-cigarettes, vape, heating tobacco, and other tobacco products are all legal in Dubai. Only if you use it in a location where smoking is prohibited, such as an outdoor smoking cabin. Smokers caught using an e-cigarette in a banned place face a fine of up to Dh 2.000.

The best nightlife in Dubai, from rooftop bars to speakeasies

When less well-traveled individuals inquire as to how Dubai expats manage without bars, they frequently choke on their Dom Pérignon. In Dubai, there are a plethora of world-class pubs as well as covert drinking dens. The following polite euphemisms are employed in this book in order to respect cultural sensitivities: ‘hops’ refers to lager, beer, or ale; ‘grape’ refers to wine; ‘bubbly’ refers to prosecco or champagne; and cocktails are referred to as mixed beverages. Learn the code and you’ll be able to get access to the nightlife in the area.

Spend your time in one of the most calm havens in the emirate, or ponder on a sunset with your toes in the sand at one of the more energetic hotspots.

Dubai Marina

The Grosvenor House in Dubai is a luxury hotel with a rich history. is skilled in the creation of bars Commence your evening with the Siddharta Lounge, which is named after Buddha (Siddhrtha Gautama) and the spawn of the hotel’s famed Buddha-Bar; it is lavishly decked with enough Buddha busts to fill a Habitat for Humanity museum. If it weren’t so elegant, it may come off as cliched. An elevator transports guests to two al fresco decks, each with sofas, bar stools, and bleacher-style seating, one overlooking the city and the other overlooking the sea, with an indoor restaurant in between.

The music is set to Balearic beats, and the beverages menu is vast, including a guide to the numerous specialty sakes available.

Hours of operation: Saturday-Wednesday, 5pm-12am; Thursday-Friday, 5pm-12.30am The closest metro station is Dubai Marina.

An insider’s guide to the city of Dubai

The Jetty Lounge

An image of a jetty at One Only Royal Mirage, with its deck studded with guiding lights and offering views of the Arabian Gulf, is framed by Islamic archways. With a reservation, you may take a boat to sister propertyOne Only The Palm, where the 101 Lounge, gracefully poised above the sea, will vie for your attention with the 101 Restaurant. The Jetty Lounge’s mellifluous chill-out songs, its maze of white cube chairs dispersed across decking and sand, and its selection of five quality champagnes are all worth getting lost in first.

One and Only Resorts may be reached at 00 971 4 399 9999 or oneandonlyresorts.com. Hours of operation: daily from 2pm till 2am Palm Monorail Gateway Station is the closest metro station. Price:£££ Reservations are required for admission. The greatest restaurants in Dubai are listed below.

Jumeirah Beach Residences

This sports and entertainment pub, with an industrial American style and walls of reused audio speakers and mobile phones, is probably Dubai’s most Instagram-friendly sports and entertainment venue. Sports activity is shown on large screens, and live bands perform on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays in the LS B bar. The acoustic events on Mondays are laid-back, but the late-night Friday sessions include DJs spinning chart-toppers and dance oldies. Other attractions include pool tables for rent, pub cuisine, and the occasional inflatable sumo suited wrestling bout, but the most compelling draw is the low cocktails, which are available everyday from 4pm to 8pm, with free tipples for females on Tuesdays and daily happy hours from 4pm to 8pm.

Price:£ Getting in: Reservations are highly encouraged; you must be 21 or older and present a valid ID upon admittance.


When you enter this tropical-looking Indian bar-restaurant, you’ll be greeted with azure blue walls adorned with gilt-framed paintings and an enormous stained-glass elephant head jutting from behind the bar. The gin menu reads like a phone directory. Every day of the week has a different set of music; Monday is Gin and Jazz night, with live performances by local cover bands paying homage to Lauren Hill, Frank Sinatra, and Nina Simone; Tuesday is ladies’ night, with songs from the Eighties and Nineties to sing along to; and so on, with genres ranging from hip-hop to deep house, all mixed with a hint of Indian fusion.

Hours of operation: Thursday-Friday 12pm-2am, Saturday-Wednesday 12pm-12am Prices:££ Arriving in style: The dress code is casual chic.

The Rooftop at Folly

The expats of Dubai like to keep this pub a secret from the rest of the world. It’s not the kind of spot you’d expect to find in a tourist destination, but nestled away in the Madinat Jumeirah resort above Folly, a restaurant run by Gordon Ramsay’s sons Nick Alvis and Scott Price, is something special. Views of the medina-like Madinat Jumeirah unroll from The Rooftop’s vantage position, which is snaked by canals that convey guests in traditional wooden boats beneath the shadow of the iconic Burj Al Arab.

Try the Ginger Sour, which is made with fresh ginger, fennel seed syrup, and whiskey and costs AED 55 (£11.85).

00 971 4 430 8535,folly.ae is the contact number.

The top luxury hotels in Dubai are listed here.

Al Satwa

I n the midst of Dubai’s urban jungle of mirrored skyscrapers, towering signs, and street lights, Level 43, with its gentle ultraviolet lighting and Café del Mar-style music, provides a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of the city. Without the pretense seen in comparable sky bars, it serves classics such as Singapore Slings alongside light nibbles of sashimi, maki rolls, and more substantial mains, as well as a variety of specialty cocktails. This open rooftop bar, which is popular with young photographers, is also one of the greatest vantage locations in the city for nighttime photographs of the bustling Sheikh Zayed Road; please notify the staff if you want to bring a tripod.

Hours of operation: daily from 2pm till 2am The closest metro station is Financial Center. Price:££ Getting in: Reservations are required and are only accepted online. Saturday, Sunday, and Wednesday; must be 21 or older; dress code is smart-casual. The most popular attractions in Dubai

Business Bay

This Canadian bar and restaurant features 19th century-style portraiture on the walls, as well as antler-topped animal skulls on the ceiling, to create an Americana-Victorian atmosphere. Bartenders with beards perform cocktail-spinning stunts with colorfully inked arms in this Canadian bar and restaurant. The playlist ranges from obscure Oregon rock bands to British legends such as The Smiths and Radiohead, while late-night sessions are hosted by à la mode DJs, many of whom are brought in from outside, such as Orange Soda, who are regulars on the London radio station Hoxton.

Contact information: +971 4 560 1700; weslodge.ae Hours of operation: daily, 5.30 p.m.

Business Bay is the closest metro station.

The greatest all-inclusive hotels in Dubai are listed below.


Poppy is one of Dubai’s’secret’ bars; you’ll find it behind a door marked ‘private’, inside a cosy, dimly lit, chocolate-coloured speakeasy that specializes in cocktails. On Thursday evenings, however, it doesn’t appear to be much of a secret, as the UAE weekend falls on Friday and Saturday, making it the busiest night for after-work drinks in the city. It’s a part of Gypsy Chef David Myers’ Dubai portfolio, and it’s located above Basta!, one of his two restaurants at the Renaissance Downtown Hotel.

Poppy Dubai may be reached at +971 4 512 5555 or by email at poppy-dubai.com.

Price:£££ To get entry, you must be 21 or older and be able to locate the entrance.

DIFC (Dubai International Financial Centre)

Zuma Dubai’s bar, which is located on the first level above Rainer Becker’s restaurant, has received several distinctions throughout the years. Most recently, it was included in the World’s 50 Best Bars list, where it came in as a runner-up in 69th position, but was notable for being the only bar in the United Arab Emirates to receive a mention. Because of the beautifully constructed cocktails (like the Japanese Old Fashioned made with Zuma’s secret bitter) and above-par bar food (the salmon and tuna tartare with Sevruga caviar is delicious), it’s a popular spot on most nights of the week.

With local DJs blasting dance music, it’s a sure-fire formula for success.

Price:£££ Getting in: Reservations are required, and sophisticated attire is recommended.


Roger Moore’s James Bond would have produced lovely movies here, frolicking amid the sheepskin blankets and bubble seats that decorate this pub. Among the vintage musical memorabilia are ancient transistor radios, gramophone players, and framed vinyl records from the previous hit parades. The early afternoon playlist is a soothing mix of jazz, soul, soft rock, and blues from the early Seventies, and by night, the tempo picks up with songs by The Doors, David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, and Pink Floyd, among others.

Please contact us at: +91 9714 602 1814;seventyseventy.thepromenadedxb.com. Hours of operation: daily, 5 p.m. to 2 a.m. The closest metro station is Deira City Centre. Price:££ Getting in: Smart-casual attire is required.

Everything You Need to Know About Drinking in Dubai

Is it legal to drink in Dubai? It’s a possibility. “You have been extended an invitation to the Dubai Food and Wine Festival!” Wait. What? Is there a wine festival taking place in Dubai? Is it legal to drink in Dubai? The short answer is yes, but only as a tourist. One of the most common misunderstandings about Dubai is that it is a dry city where you cannot drink alcohol. And if you do, there are severe ramifications to bear in mind. However, this isn’t the case, and it isn’t a 24-hour booze-fueled celebration, either.

Non-Muslims are permitted to consume alcoholic beverages in Dubai as a result of this, as well as the vast number of expats that live in the city.

As a result, while Dubai tolerates the drinking of alcoholic beverages by non-Muslims, it nonetheless has rigorous regulations in place.

Drinking Is A-OK, in the Right Places

Tourists are authorized to consume alcoholic beverages at licensed restaurants, hotels, and bars that are attached to licensed hotels in the United States. It is prohibited and criminal to consume alcoholic beverages in public locations, including beaches. Dubai is quite severe when it comes to public intoxication, and it has zero tolerance for driving while under the influence of alcohol.

You Need a License to Buy Booze (But There’s a Way Around It)

Both locals and visitors are required to get a license in order to purchase alcoholic beverages from a retailer. However, there is a workaround: travelers may purchase alcoholic beverages at Duty Free in the airport and transport them back to their hotel to avoid needing to get a license. In order to be eligible for a license, you must be over the age of 21 and earn in excess of 3,000 AED (about $800) every month.

The Police Are Always Watching

The absence of police personnel in public locations in Dubai may lead you to believe it is safe to open a drink while you are visiting the country. Please be aware that the police will be there, disguising themselves as citizens. It is possible to receive a six-month jail term and severe penalties for being intoxicated in public, so hold off on the beer.

The Drinks Are Worth It

Aside from the strict fines, Dubai recognizes that its visitors and non-Muslim citizens enjoy a decent cocktail every now and then. In addition to cutting-edge mixology, jaw-dropping wine lists, and skillfully selected liquor options, hotels and restaurants have outstanding wine, beer, and cocktail programs to offer their guests. The four- and five-star hotels (and, of course, the extra-exclusive seven-star hotels) take great delight in bringing in some of the world’s greatest Champagne, bartenders, and sommeliers to serve their guests in their restaurants.

When It Comes to Social Media, the Vaguer, the Better

When there is alcohol involved, those who are active on social media should be mindful of what they post.

It is preferable to use the term “alcohol” in its broadest sense. When posting about alcohol-related activities, try to be as ambiguous as possible. For example, “I’m having a drink at the hotel,” rather than “This vodka cranberry cocktail is going down like water,” would be appropriate.

12 unmissable bars you’ll want to try in Dubai Marina & JBR

The nightlife in Dubai Marina is flourishing, and the region is home to several hotels. You will find something to suit your interests in and around Dubai Marina, whether you are looking for the most fashionable pubs and bars or peaceful rooftop vibes while sipping on a cocktail. There are a few of fantastic Jumeirah Beach favorites that you can easily visit when staying in Dubai Marina, as well as bars along the marina edge and those in adjacent JBR along The Walkas, as they are truly only a stone’s throw apart.

  • The ultimate guide to the greatest rooftop bars in Dubai
  • At Expo 2020, there will be bars and licensed venues. These are the greatest pubs and lounges in Downtown Dubai, according to us. The greatest places to stay in Dubai Marina are the aparthotels.

Buddha-Bar, Grosvenor House Hotel

Buddha Bar, as the name indicates, is magnificently glammed up with top-notch, elegant Asian décor to match. Consider the following: massive Buddha sculptures, gilded dragons, and glistening chandeliers. Expect to sample a wide range of foods from Japan, Thailand, and other countries. Handcrafted artisan cocktails, as well as an endless supply of champagne, are on the menu. Buddha Bar is the place to go if you want to be immersed in the best of Dubai Marina’s nightlife. Buddha Bar can be found in the Grosvenor House Hotel in Dubai Marina, which is located on the waterfront.

to 12:00 a.m.

to 2:00 a.m.


Siddharta Lounge By Buddha Bar

Are you looking for a sophisticated way to kick off your night out with friends? Siddharta Lounge, which is located within the Grosvenor House Hotel, is the right combination of comfortable and fashionable. This rooftop bar in Dubai Marina offers a panoramic view over Dubai Marina, the Palm Jumeirah, and the Arabian Gulf, making it one of the greatest in the city. If you are a party animal who enjoys having a good time on the dance floor, Siddharta Lounge has a large dance floor to accommodate you.

The location of Siddharta Lounge is the Grosvenor House Hotel in Dubai.

to 7:00 p.m.) For additional information, visit www.siddhartalounge.com.

Pure Sky Lounge

Pure Sky Lounge, with its minimalistic white and turquoise décor, is a tranquil retreat for those in need of some peace and quiet. It is located on the 35th level of the Hilton Dubai The Walk, and it is the ideal retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city below. Pure Sky Lounge, which exudes a serene seaside atmosphere, provides a spectacular view of the Arabian Gulf, the Palm, and JBR, making it one of the top bars with a view in the Dubai Marina region. Visit the bar in the evening to take in the stunning Dubai sunset as well as the bar’s sunset happy hour (discounts on beverages between 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm daily!) for the whole experience.

Pure Sky Lounge is located on the 35th level of the Hilton Dubai, JBR. “The Walk” is an abbreviation for “The Walk of Life.” athilton.com.

Atelier M at Pier 7

Atelier M is a Mediterranean/French restaurant located on the 7th level of Pier 7 in the heart of downtown Toronto. It effortlessly attracts the affluent clientele of Dubai Marina, thanks to a very accomplished live band and breathtaking rooftop views of the city. This gem in the center of Dubai, spread over three stories and featuring dining, a lounge, and a rooftop terrace, serves A La Carte cuisine as well as a diverse selection of desserts, drinks, and wines. In addition, you may watch live sports events in the lounge and on the rooftop terrace.

  1. It is widely regarded as one of the top restaurants in Dubai Marina, because to the high quality of its outstanding modern world cuisine.
  2. Atelier M can be found on the 7th floor of Pier 7 in Dubai Marina.
  3. to 3:00 a.m.; all other days: 6:00 p.m.
  4. More information may be found atatelierm.ae.

Cargo at Pier 7

Cargos’ interiors are a magnificent recreation of 1960s Hong Kong, with cargo crates, bare steel, concrete, and worn wood accents throughout the space. Cargo, which has a lovely atmosphere and is one of the top bars with a view of Dubai Marina, serves Asian street food-inspired cuisine in a picturesque setting. Think of it as street food, but more refined. Cargo is the finest spot to meet up, eat, and enjoy excellent company in a relaxed setting thanks to its vast beverage selection and amazing music.

Friday and Saturday 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm; Thursday and Friday 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

Hours: Sunday through Thursday: 4:00 pm to 2:00 am; Friday and Saturday: 12:00 pm to 2:00 am cargo-dubai.com.

The Scene Pier 7

Pier 7, a classic British gastropub with one of the most spectacular views of the contemporary skyline, was one of the places we couldn’t leave out of our list. Keep an eye out for ladies night deals, weekend brunch packages, and Happy Hour, which is available daily from 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm. What to look for Cargo is located on the fourth floor of Pier 7 in Dubai Marina. thescenedxb.xyz.

Nezesaussi Grill

Is it time to kick back, relax, and catch up on the latest sporting events at one of the greatest sports bars in Dubai Marina? Nezesaussi Grill is a casual eating establishment in Dubai Marina that offers a great selection of dishes. Guests may enjoy their favorite brews and distinctive cuisine while watching the finest of international sports on their numerous television screens. Pool tables and a juke box only serve to enhance the already lively ambiance at this well-known sports pub. Nezesassi Grill can be found at the following address: Dubai Marina.

to 1:00 a.m., seven days a week.

McGettigans Irish Pub

McGettigans Irish Pub is the go-to destination for the best of everything Irish in Dubai, and it’s recognized for its happy hour, live music, delicious Irish cuisine, and inviting Irish atmosphere. This modern bar, which is set in a warm and welcoming setting, provides live sports and the friendliest service in town, as well as traditional Irish hospitality. Keep an eye out for large meal servings that are certain to provide you with good value for your money.

McGettigans Irish Pub can be found in the Hilton Dubai Jumeirah, JBR area. Open from 12:30 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. on weekdays and 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m. on weekends. mcgettigans.com.

Lock, StockBarrel

JBR The Walk’s Lock, StockBarrel, a vintage-style bar known for its finger foods, foreign cuisine, and a large choice of beers, is a popular destination for visitors. Lock, StockBarrel, like the majority of bars in the Dubai Marina region, opens in the middle of the day and provides a buy one, get one free happy hour from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm daily. On Saturdays and Sundays, you may also watch live sports, which are complimented by the Roast of the Day menu. Live music is one of the main attractions of Lock, Stock, & Barrel, and with events such as Midweek Madness, Ladies Night, and Barrelled Brunch after party on a Friday, there’s always something interesting going on.

Open Sunday through Wednesday from 4:00 p.m.

to 3:00 a.m.; and Saturday and Sunday from 2:00 p.m.


JB’s Gastropub

It is a well-known gastropub that serves a wide variety of American and British bar food favorites, as well as an extensive assortment of alcoholic beverages. This restaurant, which is known for its low-key industrial design, is a favorite for its numerous sports screens, substantial servings, and whimsical fittings and décor, which extends even to the toilets! Amwaj Rotana and The Walk JBR are two locations where you may locate JB’s Gastropub. Open from 12:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m., seven days a week.

Barasti, Le Meridien Mina Seyahi

Find a continental beach bar with a terrific atmosphere and the ideal combination of cuisine, beverages and music in our directory. There’s no need to look any further! Barasti Bar promises to be a pleasant location with a magnificent view of the beach, and it is one of our favorite bars for beach sundowners in Dubai. It has comfortable beach chairs and sofas, as well as the most reasonably priced beers. There are burgers, pizza, and chicken wings on the menu, and there is also a large selection of beverages and beers.

A place to stay near Barasti is the Le Meridien Mina Seyahi Beach Resort.

to 2:00 a.m.; Thursday through Friday from 9:00 a.m.


The Rooftop Terrace Sports Lounge

The Rooftop Terrace, one of the greatest spots to complete out your Dubai Marina nightlife experience, guarantees a quiet, private, and elegant atmosphere. The Rooftop TerraceSports Lounger, on Jumeirah Beach, is a dramatic Arabian terrace with flickering candlelight and breathtaking views of the dramatic skyline, Arabian Court, and Palm Island. The Rooftop TerraceSports Lounger is a dramatic Arabian terrace with flickering candlelight and breathtaking views of the dramatic skyline, Arabian Court, and Palm Island.

It is well-known for showing live sporting events in their lobby area, and it is a wonderful place to spend quality time and have a good time with friends in a beautiful environment.

oneandonlyresorts.com. Is it permissible to consume alcoholic beverages in Dubai? You can find out more about the laws of consuming alcoholic beverages in Dubai by visiting this page. Always remember to drink responsibly!

Where to stay in Dubai Marina

There is a wide variety of accommodations available in and near Dubai Marina. The options include magnificent and spacious serviced aparthotels as well as a large range of Airbnb homes, some of which have some of the most spectacular metropolitan views in the world! Here’s where you can find them all: Booking.com Please keep in mind that we are not a travel agent. This website is a travel blog designed to assist newcomers to the United Arab Emirates and transit travellers in self-planning their trip; we are unable to arrange your flights, accommodations, visas, or connections on your behalf.

Plan your trip to Dubai with the help of our travel planner.

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1.Buddha Bar & Restaurant 9.0The Grosvenor House Dubai (El Emreef Street), Dubai, United Arab Emirates Cocktail Bar in Dubai Marina with 232 recommendations and reviews Lie down at the sake bar and order a once upon a time in Thailand drink and/or a raspberry daiquiri cocktail (all of which are buddha bar specials). Also available are buddha bar maki (cucumber wrapped sushi) and tempura. And take pleasure in the fantastic music. Mezo: Wow. Everything was fantastic, especially the music and beverages.

  1. The view from the outside is similarly spectacular.
  2. Trader Vic’s 8.2 (Trader Vic’s) Dubai, Dubai, Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai, Dubai Al Sufouh is a themed restaurant.
  3. Cocktails that are outstanding.
  4. Am Dee: This is an incredible collection of drinks, with each one being better than the one before it.
  5. Ana Vitik: Excellent cocktails that are extremely potent:) Clint Wilfred: Absolute Watermelon Martinis are a must-have for every occasion.
  6. Feras is a great place for seafood and beverages.
  7. JW Marriott Marquis Dubai (Dubai) 4.Vault8.4JW Marriott Marquis Dubai (Dubai) Cocktail Bar in Business Bay with 55 recommendations and reviews Marianne Skarff: Awe-inspiring vista, as well as fantastic beverages!

Althe: It’s a little space.

Al Sufouh 2 is a cocktail bar with 85 recommendations and reviews.


Nad’s Reviews: The mojito is just delicious!

One of my favorite destinations in Dubai is the Dubai Museum.

I’ve tried a couple different things, and they were all delicious.

7.Bar Grosvenor House Dubai (Al Sufouh Road), Dubai, United Arab Emirates 448.4 Cocktail Bar in Dubai Marina with 43 recommendations and reviews Haroon Ghazanfar says, “The Blackberry Mojito is just fantastic!” Try it, you’ll definately like it, and thank you for your time.

8.Shades The address is 8.5Al Marsa St (Emaar St), Dubai, DubaiLounge Dubai Marina 78 recommendations and reviews Margherita Nieri: Fantastic mojito and a breathtaking view.

Amazing spot for meals, cocktails, or simply chilling with a Top Class Shisha, according to Mirko Dxb.

Observation BarGrill (BarGrill Observatory) Hotel Dubai Marriott Harbour (rating: 8.3) Suites, King Salman Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud St, Dubai Marina, Dubai, Dubai, Dubai, Dubai, Hotel Bars in Dubai Marina – 73 recommendations and reviews Beatriz Carosini: From the 52nd story, you get a great view over Dubai Marina and the surrounding area.

  1. A spectacular view as well as a cocktail await you here, says Mila Star.
  2. So refreshing yet boozy at the same time!
  3. Excellent drinks, as always!
  4. My absolute favorite meals!
  5. The rose martini for ladies is quite good!
  6. Antonia Krasteva (Antonia Krasteva): I really like the soft shell crab.
  7. Don’t miss out on this SPECIAL ORDER!

Also, their rock shrimps and berry beauties are worth trying.

Churchill is a cigar lounge that is located on the premises.

If you go to Feras, try their beef sliders, strawberry mojitos, and veggie spring rolls; they’re all delicious.

OneChilled Beer Bhavin is a fantastic cocktail bar in the heart of downtown.

Nine-and-a-half-star Four Seasons Resort (Jumeirah Beach Road), Dubai, DubaiLounge Jumeirah 2 (65 tips and reviews), Dubai Excellent cocktail (Tiffany updated), says Eva Grek.

It is impossible to surpass the unmatched vista while sipping on delicious cocktails.

13.Karma Kafé (also known as Karma Kafé) Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Asian Restaurant in Downtown Dubai with 108 reviews and recommendations Dilara Merve Gursoy (Dilara Merve Gursoy): Excellent meal, excellent service, and excellent ambience!

Cocktails are very amazing!

Wine, cocktails, and liquor were available, albeit not all of them were listed on the menu at the time of our visit.

Lounge Commercial music, Asian fusion food, and excellent specialty drinks are all on the menu.

Ladies night is held on Tuesdays, with three complimentary cocktails and a 50 percent discount on some items served before 9 p.m.

The assistance of a Russian brunette waitress is invaluable when selecting a particular cocktail for a special evening;) Kamara Harding (Kamara Harding): Fantastic views of Dubai, knowledgeable service, delicious drinks, and an elegant, easygoing ambience are all features of this establishment.

Daria I-V: Daria I-V: Daria I-V: Daria I-V: Unquestionably a one-of-a-kind location.

The numbers 442, passion pearl, and green praline are among the most popular.

8.5Atlantis The Palm (Crescent Road, Palm Island), Dubai, United Arab Emirates Beach 156 tips and reviews for Palm Jumeirah Beach “Try the Nasim Signature drink,” says Mark Flook.

An excellent place for a little supper, shisha, and a beverage. Veronika: AlAnoud AlGhunaim: It’s very stunning! Come in the evening and enjoy the wonderful music while sipping on one of their outstanding redbull drinks.

6 Of Dubai’s Top Cocktail Bars

The Four Seasons Resort Dubai is located on the Jumeirah Beach. Image courtesy of the Four Seasons Resort Dubai on Jumeirah Beach. When it comes to nightlife, only a few cities can boast as much diversity as Dubai when it comes to what is on offer. From sophisticated clubs with panoramic views of the city skyline to easygoing retro-themed bars, this metropolis has something to offer everyone’s taste. Even the most discriminating cocktail enthusiasts are likely to be spoilt for choice when it comes to picking where to obtain their favorite libation, thanks to the availability of stylish bars in the area.

  1. COYA DUBAI is an acronym for “Coya Dubai.” Located within a Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star establishment A taste of Peruvian culture is available at the Four Seasons Resort Dubai on Jumeirah Beach, a bustling destination in the heart of Dubai.
  2. Even though the restaurant’s menu is an amalgamation of Peruvian, Asian and Spanish cuisines, the Pisco BarLounge provides a diverse and intriguing selection of drinks that cannot be found anywhere else in Dubai.
  3. Alternatively, try a Peruvian classic with a modern twist, such as a pisco sour with flavors such as mango and chile, pear and sandalwood, or pineapple and lime.
  4. From the time it originally opened its doors in 2005, this Asian-inspired establishment has been a popular nightlife destination and is unquestionably one of the city’s best cocktail bars.
  5. It is built to dazzle and wow.
  6. The supper menu, which includes outstanding sushi and Asian dishes, does not let you down either.
  7. Miss Lily’s is a place where you may relax and unwind.

There’s a laid-back yet unique and eclectic atmosphere to the place, thanks to retro paintings, checkerboard floors, and a gleaming disco ball.

While you dance to reggae and ska music, sip on island-style drinks such as Passion Lymin’ (vodka, passion fruit, banana, Creole bitters, and soda) and other tropical concoctions.

With scrumptious modern Japanese food servedizakaya-style (to be shared), as well as main dishes like as salt-grilled seabass and miso-marinated black fish, this upmarket club in the heart of Dubai International Financial Center sees a steady stream of customers every night of the week.

Reservations can take anything from a few days to several weeks, so contact well in advance if you want to guarantee a spot.

Looking for a place to have personal discussions while taking in breathtaking sunset views of Madinat Jumeirah’s charming meandering canals?

Bahri Bar, with its quiet, comfy surroundings that make you feel like you’re in a lovely house away from home, and a patio surrounded by thick palm trees, is the ideal spot for a romantic dinner for two or a relaxing afternoon with friends while enjoying light mezze dishes and gentle jazz music.

Opt for a cocktail that is inspired by the tastes of the region, such as Behind the Times (Glenfiddich Scotch and date honey syrup) or Witch’s Heart (Glenfiddich Scotch and date honey syrup) (gin with saffron, rosewater, lemon and rosemary).


In addition to quirky neon signs, bright lights, vibrant paper umbrellas, eclectic details and colorful stools that transport you to the bustling streets of Bangkok, the restaurant is an Instagrammer’s dream with its quirky neon signs, bright lights, vibrant paper umbrellas, eclectic details and colorful stools that transport you to the bustling streets of Bangkok.

When it comes to drinks, anticipate tropical rum and gin-based combinations with accents of lime and pineapple, such as the Komodo Dragon, and lychee and lemongrass-tinged concoctions like the Love You Lychee Time and the Komodo Dragon.

Top Ten Places for a Boozy Daytime Catch Up

Everyone here in Dubai works really hard throughout the week, which is why we recommend taking a day off midweek to catch up with your friends for a drink or two. Give yourself a break!

10. Marina Social – InterContinental Dubai Marina

If you want expensive cocktails or a fancy punch with a tasty bite to eat, come to Marina socialat the Intercontinental Dubai Marina for a luxury drink-fuelled catch up in a stylish environment with a stunning view of the marina. Make careful to consume the ingenious concoctions referred to as food before you become too inebriated to recall how delicious they were. In terms of dessert, we recommend the Eton Mess as well as the Choc & Peanut bar.

9. Nola – JLT

It’s hard to think that a year ago, Nolawa, a New Orleans-style bar, was still under construction, but today it’s so busy that getting through the door after 10pm is nearly impossible unless you’ve made a reservation in advance. Why? Because it’s loud, lively, and has excellent live music, not to mention that the beverages are amazing. Good news is that getting a table during the day is still reasonably simple, so take a seat inside or in the garden and order a few beers or glasses of wine, order a Cajun Shrimp Salad or stuff your face with the Voodoo Turkey Burger, and prepare to have a good time.

8. Claw BBQ – Souk Al Bahar

In addition to serving up no-nonsense, super-filling cuisine, Claw BBQ also has a fantastic beverages selection (try an entire A3-sized menu of them) and is open from midday, making it a great spot for day drinking in the evenings as well. With every drink imaginable and one of Dubai’s greatest jukeboxes, this is the place to be. You’ll be unable to tear yourself away!

7. Zero Gravity – JBR/Marina

If you enjoy your afternoon beverages with a little bit of sun and a pool, and you enjoy catching up with friends while lying on a sun lounger, then you won’t find a finer place to spend your time than Zero Gravity Resort. Pay AED 150 for a day pass to utilize the enormous pool and magnificent beach, and you’ll get AED 50 back to spend on drinks and food once the day is through. To us, this seems like a winning strategy.

6. JB’s Gastropub – Amwaj Rotana, JBR

The enjoyment that can be enjoyed at Zero Gravity is unrivaled for those who enjoy their midday cocktails in the sun and by the pool, as well as those who want to catch up on their emails while lying on a sun lounger. Pay AED 150 for a day pass to utilize the enormous pool and magnificent beach, and you’ll get AED 50 back to spend on drinks and food when you’ve finished. We think this is a good idea.

5. Roberto’s – DIFC

If you work at the DIFC end of town and have ever enjoyed a fantastic Italian lunch atRoberto’s, you’ll understand how difficult it is to leave and return to the office afterward. Next time, please. Take the day off and come back to this beautiful setting to drink the day away. Are you still there at 5 p.m.? Roberto’s serves an aperitivo every day from 5-8 p.m., which includes drinks and cichetti. Drinks such as aperol spirits, the traditional negroni, and bloody Roberto’s are on the menu.

4. Barasti – Le Meridien Mina Seyahi

There isn’t much that a bucket of Coronas at Barasti Beach Bar can’t heal, and that includes your problems.

And it doesn’t get much better than reclining on the beach and taking pleasure in them while your coworkers are slogging away at their computers at the office. Their superb pizzas and double-cooked chips are the perfect way to wash down the beer. Yum!

3. McGettigan’s – JLT

This watering hole would not be included on any list of places to drink if it were not included. It doesn’t matter what you think about how sloppy drinking can get at McGettigan’s, especially in the early morning hours. The midday drinking scene in this city is incredible. In addition, the waiters will never let you go more than a few minutes without serving you something (at the bar or table service), and the cuisine isn’t too shabby as well. Have you taken the day off on Thursday? Every Thursday from 4pm to 9pm, join us for ‘That Thirst-day Feeling,’ when house cocktails are just AED 25 or AED 19, depending on the drink.

2. Cocktail Kitchen – JLT

If you haven’t gone toCocktail Kitchen yet, where have you been spending your time? Not only is it the most fashionable hangout in JLT (even Sheikhs have been known to drop by for lunch), but it is also fast becoming one of Dubai’s hippest. In addition to a fantastic cocktail menu, this establishment also serves excellent wine and beers (see out Entertainer’s new Cheers app for incredible buy one get one free deals on certain beverages). Do you still want more? Every day except Friday, from 5.30pm to 7.30pm, a selection of beverages is available for AED 25.

1. Reform SocialGrill – The Lakes

When the weather is nice, Reform is the closest thing you’ll find in Dubai to a traditional English beer garden. When the outside becomes too hot, bring a chair inside for a relaxing environment to enjoy your craft beer in. While you eat your fish and chips and sip your Magners Pear Cider, you can leisurely pass the time away. Bliss. Now read: The Top Ten Places to Meet Up With Friends for a Non-Boozey Catch-Up Session

10 Best Places To Get Dinner And Drinks In Dubai

When you have way too many alternatives to pick from to check out, nightlife in Dubai may be a lot of fun, but it can also be a lot of work. And let’s not even get started on the prospect of selecting from a million distinct categories that will just leave you with a headache and an empty stomach. So don’t be concerned about your brains or stomachs, because you’ll simply have to select from among these eleven establishments that serve delectable food and beverages.

10. Ramusake, JBR

Ramusake, which is located in the DoubleTree by Hilton in JBR, has a distinct atmosphere from the other eateries in the region. This restaurant defies the usual rules of Japanese dining by serving all of your traditional favorites with a Ramusake twist – sushi rolls, dumplings, and hot plates, to name a few. In terms of beverages, you may choose from Japanese, Taiwanese, Irish whiskey, and other options. For all the single ladies out there, be sure to check out their Miss Independent nights, which are held every Wednesday and include free flowing wine till midnight.

9.Nola EaterySocial House, JLT

This New Orleans-inspired hotspot is the great get-away for any serious jazz fanatic looking to unwind. A real band will play all of your favorite jazzy melodies as you eat and drink your fill of hearty cuisine and beverages. Nola, which specializes on seafood, serves up a variety of mouthwatering meals such as jambalaya, lamb shank cassoulet, po-boys, and more.

In fact, it offers vegetarian choices for individuals who choose not to consume meat, such as vegie jambalaya, mushroom flatbread, and spinach-cheese dip, to mention a few. Call 04 39 98 155 for further information.

8. Folly, Madinat Jumeirah

The views from this terrace bar, which overlooks the spectacular madinat canal and the Burj al Arab, are extremely romantic and eye-poppingly beautiful. Folly by Nick and Scott has a European-inspired cuisine that includes dishes such as butterhead lettuce mousse, red mullet, sirloin steak, and portugal octupus, among others. Call 04 43 08 535 for further information.

7. Wakame, Downtown

New and inventive restaurant Wakame is merging fusion cuisines with Asian influences in an effort to create something really unique. Located in the Sofitel Dubai Downtown, you may pick from a bar menu or a meal menu that includes dim sum, asian sliders, bluefin tartar, lobster tacos, chilean seabass, and, of course, delectable sushi platters, among other things. On Tuesdays, ladies may enjoy complimentary wine and a 50 percent discount on appetizers at Wakame Restaurant and Bar. Call 0422 46 663 for further information.

6. Ambar, Jumeirah al Naseem

This pub with an Arabic theme is located in the heart of Jumeirah and offers spectacular views of the Burj al Arab and the surrounding area. As a result, you’ll be right next to it! This eatery, which serves Arabic finger cuisine, will offer all of your favorite arabic mezze platters, including hummus, shawarma, falafel, and arabic-inspired cocktails. So while you’re dining and drinking, take in the changing hues of the Burj Khalifa from the beach. Call 04 24 63 993 for further information.

5. 101 Dining LoungeBar, Palm Jumeriah

If you’re searching for a place to dine on the Palm, 101 on the Palm is the ideal option for a night on the town. 101, which overlooks the beautiful seas of the palm-shaped island, provides a bar menu as well as a dine-in menu that includes a vast range of imaginative snacks like as tapas, paella sushi, cheese churros, muhammara, and other dishes. Call 04 44 01 030 for further information.

4. Dusty’s, DIFC

Located in the center of the DIFC, this trendy eatery serves you some of your favorite Italian carbohydrates in their distinctive restro style. Salmon ceviche, burrata, black cod, and baked gnocchi are all dishes that should not be missed. If you’re just looking for something to snack on, try the cold-cut platter or the taco plate. Call 04 35 45 435 for further information.

3. Cargo, Pier 7

Cargo is only one of the numerous restaurants housed within Pier 7’s structure, many of which boast spectacular views of the marina canal. Platters of excellent food are available for you and your guests to enjoy at this Asian-inspired restaurant: vegetarian platters, dumpling platters, and dragon rolls platters for the sushi fans, all served with your choice of beverage, of course. (Are you not in the mood for a heavy meal? Listed here are the Top 10 Nibbles You Can Get In Dubai If You’re Feeling Peckish).

2. Ting Irie, Downtown

This restaurant, which is a new hotspot in Dubai, is unusual in that it serves both traditional and contemporary Caribbean food. It’s located at the Manzil Hotel in Downtown, and the décor will make you feel like your in the middle of a tropical paradise as you dine on their famous dishes such as the pork oxtail cocobread sandwiches, chips Oman burgers, curry goat, and oxtailbeans.

Apart from serving up delicious food and beverages, this establishment also has live music from the top Caribbean artists, which will have you dancing the night away. Call 04 44 89 093 for further information.

1. Asia Asia, Pier 7

This truly genuine Asian restaurant, which is also located in the Pier 7 building, has proven to be a popular destination in Dubai. Asia Asia specializes in Chinese, Thai, Japanese, and Indonesian cuisines, as well as other international cuisines. As a result, you should anticipate your taste receptors to be overwhelmed with everything Asian. If you taste their sushi, maki, duck, or dim sums, you’ll go back for more while taking in the spectacular Marina views. To reach us, dial 04 27 65 900.

6 Amazing Rooftop Bars In Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is one of the most magnificent metropolitan vistas in the world, but how can you best appreciate it in all of its glory? Here are some suggestions. The question is, where can you go to absorb up it all – turquoise seas, an uninterrupted view of the buildings, and the trendy youthful ambience of typical Dubai enjoyment in life – and not feel rushed? Here are some brief pointers. First and foremost, secure a front-row seat. Visit one of the six incredible rooftop bars on the list to have a front-row seat to all of the commotion.

Views are usually greater when accompanied by a drink.

1. Pure Sky Lounge

When individuals wish to get away from the noise and commotion of the city, they may choose to live in the suburbs in some areas. In Dubai, they just take an elevator and put the bustling world far below them behind them. The Hilton Dubai’s 35th level is where you’ll find us. The Walk, Pure is a haven of peace and tranquility in the middle of the city. The décor is basic and cool, with white and turquoise tones that soothe the eyes and soothe the soul. The sun coverings are designed to look like sails, and the entire setting has a pleasant coastal vibe to it.

The sunsets are really breathtaking here, and as if that wasn’t enough, there is also a sunset happy hour!

For those who enjoy martinis, you’re in luck.

The location is the Hilton Dubai.

2. Siddharta Lounge by Buddha Bar

A spectacular rooftop bar has been added to Buddha Bar, a legendary cocktail bar at the Grosvenor House that has been providing even more of the good stuff since its inception. In addition to offering 360-degree views over Dubai Marina, the Arabian Gulf and the Palm, Siddharta Lounge is one of the most attractive and elegant spots in the city! With its massive comfortable sofas and expansive dancefloor, this is a rare establishment that can accommodate both party animals and wallflowers.

You may dance to the sounds of the club’s regular club nights, which take place in front of a backdrop of city lights. What more could you possibly want? The location is the Grosvenor House Dubai Marina. The best occasion for this is:a sophisticated night out with friendsWebsite

3. Atelier M at Pier 7

Atelier M is concealing one of the most valuable assets in Dubai Marina, and I’m going to reveal the location of this hidden treasure. Besides a polished French meal and an opulent art deco bar, this fine-dining establishment has much more up its sleeve. Despite the fact that the name Pier 7 could lead you to assume that the building has seven levels, there is really an additional floor named 7M! Those who are in the know about this hidden rooftop are rewarded with some of the greatest views of Marina, which is located right in the heart of the city.

To help you ease into the workweek in style, they provide specials on cocktails and shisha on Sundays and Mondays at their establishment.

4. Shades

Shades is located on the 4th level, which may seem underwhelming by Dubai standards, but it is actually rather spacious. Don’t let this put you off your game! This rooftop bar is located right in the center of Marina, with glistening buildings rising above it and boats passing past on the water. Guaranteed to provide breathtaking views and Instagram-worthy photo possibilities. The romantic ambience makes it ideal for a quiet dinner date, and if you’re looking for a little more action, Pier 7 with all of its bars is only a few feet away from the restaurant.

Address: Dubai Marina, United Arab Emirates Ideal for: A romantic evening with your significant other Website

5. Ramusake at Hilton DoubleTree

It is the ideal location for those who do not wish to be blasted with all of the lights of Marina Towers at the same time and who like their views as a side dish rather than as the main course of their meal. Their dimly illuminated patio, complete with paper lanterns and lush plants, is a work of art in and of itself, and the vistas only serve to enhance its allure. Ramusake has all it takes to become an immediate favorite with the expat community: fantastic food, a laid-back environment, and hip, edgy decor to name a few things.

There is no doubt that you will be surprised by the cocktail menu, which is totally comprised of trademark Japan-inspired drinks made with sake, plum umeshu liquor, and other Asian alcoholic beverages.

This establishment not only boasts an extensive range of the greatest sakes, but it also has a Sake BarLounge that is specifically allocated for them. In which location: Hilton DoubleTree by Hilton in Jumeirah Beach Residence When it comes to: a no-frills eating experience Website

6. Tamanya Terrace

Tamanya Terrace, located on the 8th floor of the Radisson Blu Hotel, is a popular gathering place. During the week, you may relax on their comfortable sofas and take in the view of the city, but on Thursday and Friday nights, it becomes extremely crowded with the party population. You will be guided by the sparkle of city lights as you dance your way around the club to the bar for another drink in this dimly illuminated establishment. This rooftop bar is a little further away from Marina than the others, but it has the most spectacular views of the Highest Block (Marina’s tallest residential skyscrapers), which is the highlight of the night.

This holds true for both life decisions and rooftop bars.


The futuristic city of Dubai, the second biggest of the seven Emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates, got its origins as a town on a historic nomadic trading route. By the 19th century, it had developed into a fishing community, and until the 1960s, it was of little interest to visitors from other parts of the world. All of this has altered in the last few decades, as Dubai has developed into the world’s most cosmopolitan metropolis – as well as the living embodiment of extravagant wealth.

Despite the rigorous liquor rules that prohibit the sale of alcoholic beverages, the city’s best mixologists have won in ensuring that there is never a scarcity of high-quality cocktails to enjoy.

Here are some suggestions.

You’ll get a terrific first taste of Dubai’s breathtaking landscapes and scrumptious cocktail scene when you visit here.

Consider taking a coffee break at one of the city’s chic cafés before heading to the glitzyDubai Marina Mall for some shopping therapy.

Travel to nearbyJumeirah Beach, where you can see the world-famousBurj Al Arab, for an even more spectacular experience.

These exclusive day-to-night hangouts are the finest places to soak up the beach culture that the city is known for, while sipping on a cocktail in hand.

This is where the majority of the city’s lavish nightclubs are located, which are known for their sophisticated ambience and killer cocktails.

Lastly, don’t forget to stop at the Alserkal Art District on your way out of town.

A variety of visual and performing arts, as well as excellent cuisine, music, fashion, and pop-up concepts, are displayed in the abandoned warehouses that have been transformed into modern art galleries.

On weekends, the galleries and boutiques are alive with activity, so take advantage of the opportunity to visit them.

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