How To Report Unmarried Couple In Dubai? (Solution found)

Are unmarried couples allowed to stay together in UAE?

  • As per the new rule, unmarried couples in UAE will now be permitted to stay together. The new move is an effort to improve the living standards of the residents in the country. The new law is effective immediately. Also read: Divorce Rates In China Rise As Couples Spend More Time Together In Isolation Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak

Can I report unmarried couples living together in Dubai?

Put differently, the ever dynamic city — in fact, the UAE as a whole — has updated its laws on this matter and, consequently, unmarried couples in UAE can now and henceforth live together and/or have consensual sex in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and the rest of the UAE without penalties, queries or fear of getting

Can unmarried couples live together in the UAE?

By FDL 15/2020, Article 356 has been amended entirely, and the provisions for indecent assault have been removed. Following this, unmarried couples are allowed to live in the same accommodation and cohabit without marriage.

Can I share a hotel room with my boyfriend in Dubai?

Re: Is it totally illegal to share a room in a hotel? Yes it’s illegal. Yes thousands of couples visit and live together in Dubai without being married and have no problems. Keep out of trouble in general and you will be fine.

Can unmarried couples stay Dubai 2021?

On November 7, 2021, the UAE Government announced major changes to some of its personal and family laws, in a bid to improve the living standards for the country’s multicultural residents. One of the biggest amendments was the news that unmarried couples can now live together.

Can I stay with my girlfriend in Dubai?

It should be noted that in the year 2020, the UAE government announced reforms in personal laws, civil transactions law and the Penal Law of UAE. Therefore, you may travel with your girlfriend to Dubai and stay with her in the same hotel room without facing any legal issues pertaining to cohabitation.

Where can unmarried couples stay in Dubai?

What Dubai Hotels Allow Unmarried Couples?

  • Al Maha.
  • Atlantis, The Palm.
  • Burj Al Arab Jumeirah.
  • Grosvenor House.
  • Hilton Dubai Jumeirah.
  • Jumeirah Zabeel Saray.
  • London Suites Hotel.
  • Shangri-La Hotel.

Is Dating legal in UAE?

You are allowed to date; however, you should respect the guidelines and traditions of the place where you live. In the Gulf region, for example, dating is far different in Dubai compared to Saudi Arabia. In Dubai, dating is common and you can see men and women on dates in the malls or in restaurants.

Can unmarried woman give birth in UAE?

A new law that comes into effect in two weeks still does not offer unmarried women a clear path to acquiring birth certificates for their babies. At the same time, the law criminalizes women lacking such documents.

Can I bring a girl to my hotel room in Dubai?

As per local regulations, we are allowed to allow access to guest rooms only if the person has been preregistered on check in as an occupant and a valid ID is provided on arrival of the visitor. If the visitor does not have an ID, they are more than welcome to meet our guests in any of the public areas of the Hotel.

Can you kiss in Dubai hotels?

Most hotels are permitted to serve alcohol, but it is illegal just about everywhere else. All couples should avoid public displays of affection, including hand holding and kissing, as it is not permissible in the country’s culture.

Can unmarried couples stay hotel?

So what if you are unmarried? As long as you are adults, you are free to stay in any hotel together. There is no law that restricts you!

Can a man and woman share a room in Dubai?

As per laws in Dubai, it is illegal for unmarried couples to share a private room or accommodation. According to law, if you are caught under such circumstances, you may face punishment under Article 356 of UAE Penal Code. However, there are cases of people of mixed genders sharing a common accommodation in Dubai.

Can unmarried couples stay in hotels in UAE?

Unmarried couples can stay in a hotel but in separate rooms. It is illegal to stay in the same room as a member of the opposite sex if you are not married. However, hotels do not ask if you are married. Here is what you need to know about staying in Abu Dhabi, unmarried.

UAE Allows Unmarried Couples To Stay Together

The government of the United Arab Emirates has announced modifications to the country’s Islamic personal rules. Unmarried couples in the United Arab Emirates will now be able to live together under the new legislation. The new initiative is part of a larger attempt to raise the living conditions of those who live in the country. The new legislation takes effect immediately. As previously reported, China’s divorce rates have risen as couples spend more time together in isolation as a result of the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak.

UAE Announces New Regulations Over Divorce, InheritanceAlcohol

Divorce restrictions, women’s rights, and alcohol use are all modified under the new legislation. In the United Arab Emirates, men and women can now live together without fear of penalties. Until recently, it was against the law for unmarried couples, or even unrelated flatmates, to live together in the United Arab Emirates. Although authorities have occasionally sought and prosecuted those who have broken the law in recent years, this has been an uncommon occurrence. Additionally, consuming alcoholic beverages will no longer be considered a criminal violation in the UAE.

Individuals must, however, be over the age of 21 in order to purchase or consume alcoholic beverages.

The new regulation went into force in September of this year.

Divorce legislation has undergone other revisions.

Furthermore, strong penalties have been instituted for men who harass women, as well as serious repercussions in the event of a rape.

Saudi Arabia Now Permits Unmarried Couples To Share Hotel Rooms

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has revealed another another piece of good news for international tourists, after the opening of its doors to tourism. Unmarried couples visiting to Saudi Arabia for a holiday will now be able to share a room. What a tremendous jump, Saudi (slow claps)! New tourist regulations were authorized by the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage, which was recently established. Until recently, couples who booked into a hotel were required to provide proof of their marriage; however, this need has been lifted for overseas visitors.

The new regulation also makes it possible for international women going to the Kingdom to reserve hotel accommodations.

The massive progress is part of an initiative to bring in 100 million international tourists by 2030, which is currently underway.

Thus, tourism might contribute up to ten percent of the country’s gross domestic product. In the meantime, did you know that Saudi Arabia has also repealed its prohibition on female drivers?

10 Rules to Avoid Jail in Dubai –

If you are thinking about traveling to the United Arab Emirates or relocating there for employment, it is a good idea to keep certain dos and don’ts in mind. Dubai is largely a Muslim country, and as a result, it has customs and regulations that are distinct from those of other countries. The ten guidelines outlined below will assist to guarantee that both Emirati nationals and visitors have a memorable stay in Dubai (for all the right reasons), and will benefit both parties.

What to wear in Dubai

Emiratis in Dubai dress modestly or in traditional attire, like they do in all of the UAE’s other countries. Expats living in the nation as well as tourists visiting the country are required to follow the same laws. When entering public places such as shopping malls and restaurants, it is critical to dress correctly for the occasion. The rule of thumb is that nothing should be too short, and no material should be see-through. It is also recommended to avoid wearing clothing adorned with logos or statements that are likely to be objectionable.

Swimming gear must be appropriate, and once guests have exited these places, they must cover their bodies with appropriate clothing.

Religious issues

Despite the fact that Dubai is a Muslim country, expats and visitors are free to practice their own faith without fear of penalties. Muslims are required to pray five times a day, and expats and tourists should refrain from interfering with their prayers or the peaceful operation of Mosques. Muslims fast from dawn to sunset throughout the month of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month. Consumption of alcoholic beverages, smoking, playing loud music, and dancing in public locations during daytime hours are absolutely prohibited throughout this time period.

Unmarried couples in Dubai

In Dubai, it is against the law to have sexual relationships or live together as unmarried couples. Cohabitation, especially in hotels, is also prohibited; nevertheless, the majority of hotels in Dubai do not enforce the ‘only married couples’ regulation, which is uncommon. The premium hotels, which cater mostly to tourists from other countries, are very laid-back. Guests will be asked to provide their passports at the time of check-in at these hotels. Having distinct surnames, on the other hand, will not raise any suspicions.

As a result, guests will have greater peace of mind.

This regulation also applies to same-sex friends or couples who are sharing a room together. In Dubai, homosexuality is considered a criminal offense, and violators may face deportation. In these instances, it is frequently preferable to reserve a double room in order to avoid any complications.

Public affection

The scope of your public displays of affection, if you are a married couple, will be restricted to hand holding. The engagement in any sort of public affection by couples who are not married is strictly prohibited. Kissing and embracing in public is not permitted, and couples who are discovered doing so may face fines or even imprisonment if convicted.

Sexual harassment

Unless a guy knows an Emirati lady, he should not address her in public if he does not know her. Following a lady or photographing her without her consent is also seen to be impolite and inappropriate.

Alcohol in Dubai

Although the use of alcoholic beverages is not prohibited in Dubai, there are numerous laws that must be followed. Non-Muslims are permitted to consume alcoholic beverages at licensed establishments, which are often hotel restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. These establishments must be licensed to provide alcoholic beverages. It is against the law in Dubai to acquire alcoholic beverages and consume them in your own house. Nationals, on the other hand, can apply for a liquor license, allowing them to purchase and consume alcoholic beverages at home.

Dubai has adopted a zero-tolerance policy.

Being intoxicated in public is likewise not acceptable, and you may be arrested as a result of your actions.

Narcotics and Prescription Drugs

Drugs, including prescription pharmaceuticals, are completely prohibited in Dubai, including several over-the-counter medications. Consuming, transporting, purchasing, or selling drugs is a serious offense that carries the possibility of life imprisonment. If we’re talking about prescription medications, anything that contains codeine is prohibited for personal use. However, it can only be taken with a specific doctor’s prescription that specifies the length of time it should be used. It is preferable to obtain a copy of the list of prohibited drugs from your embassy.

The letter should include the dates of travel, the nature of the ailment, and the particular dose prescribed.

Hand and Feet Etiquette

If you are given beverages or meals in Dubai, you should take them without hesitation. Nonetheless, Muslims believe that it is preferable to drink and eat with one’s right hand since the left hand is seen as dirty because it is used for hygienic needs. Visitors should also avoid revealing the soles of their shoes or the soles of their feet, since this would imply to an Emirati that you believe they are ‘dirty’ in some way. Preventing offence by keeping feet flat on the ground and without crossing legs is an excellent method to keep from offending somebody.

Emiratis, on the other hand, are fully aware that expats and visitors may make mistakes from time to time and will not take offense if this occurs. Generally speaking, it is in the more formal settings that etiquette should be observed more strictly.

Writing Cheques in Dubai

In comparison to other nations, Dubai has a high proportion of people who utilize cheques. Expats frequently make use of them since they have difficulty obtaining credit in their home country. Bouncing a check, on the other hand, is prohibited in the United Arab Emirates. People might risk criminal prosecution if they produce a check for a sum more than the amount of money in their account to cover it. In Dubai, a cheque is regarded as a financial agreement in the eyes of the law, and so cannot be cashed.

Obscene Language

In Dubai, travelers who use profanity in public can be sentenced to 30 days in prison. Despite the fact that views regarding obscene language might be a little lax in the United Kingdom, it is best to hold your mouth and keep the insults to yourself. Furthermore, anyone who makes blasphemous statements about Islam should be prepared to suffer severe penalties; many foreigners have been imprisoned for making off-the-cuff remarks against Islam. It is preferable to exercise a little cultural awareness while also exercising common sense.

Can Unmarried Couples Live & Have Sex in Dubai (UAE) in 2022 & Onward?

Image courtesy of Let’s have a look at the Dubai regulations that will apply to unmarried couples in Dubai in 2021 and beyond. Can unmarried couples have sexual relations in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and the rest of the United Arab Emirates starting in 2021? Is it possible for unmarried couples to live together in Dubai, in the first place? In Dubai, may unmarried couples cohabitate – that is, have sexual relations – without being penalized for doing so? Will premarital sex in Dubai be reported to the authorities?

Yes, there are, and the following article provides answers to these issues and more.

In this regard, the architecture of the building is an excellent example.

As a result, “living with girlfriend in Dubai” has not always been a calm experience in the United Arab Emirates metropolis.

Can Unmarried Couples Have Sex in Dubai

Photograph courtesy of Dubai, and, of course, the United Arab Emirates, are fast developing, and, as a result of their dynamic nature, they have revised their laws to reflect this evolution, which is a positive step on their side. Accordingly, Dubai — indeed, the entire country of the UAE — has updated its laws on this subject, and as a result unmarried couples in the UAE can now and going forward live together and/or engage in consensual sex in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and the rest of the UAE without facing any consequences, questions or the threat of being reported to law enforcement authorities.

This is due to the UAE law revisions that will take effect in November 2020.

The development comes as no surprise, but it is a welcome one for many, given that the government has, for the most part, turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to persons who are discovered to be in violation of the law surrounding cohabitation, even when it is obvious that they are doing so.

Unmarried couples in Dubai should be certain that no one is observing them or that no one will come after them if they engage in sex outside of marriage, according to the law.

Benefactors of Dubai Sex Laws

A Filipina and an Egyptian couple, both 31 years old, who had a premarital affair that began in 2019 were found guilty by the Dubai Court of First Instance earlier this year of having a sexual relationship out of wedlock and were sentenced to one month in prison, followed by deportation, in October of the previous year. As a result, they filed an appeal with the Cassation Court, claiming that the law had been changed and that their actions could no longer be considered criminal. While the couple’s conviction was upheld by the Appeal Court, they were acquitted on this appeal.

At this time, it is also reasonable to claim that Dubai is a safe destination for unmarried couples who are visiting or staying in the country.

More on UAE Law Update – Language of Trial

Some people have expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that trials in the United Arab Emirates are conducted in Arabic rather than the language they understand, such as English. If a defendant or witness in court does not speak Arabic, the new rule requires that they be given with a translation, according to the law. It specifies that the court must make sure that legal translators are readily available. Furthermore, under new privacy regulations, evidence relating to cases of indecent actions will be required to be protected and will not be permitted to be exposed to the public.


That’s all there is to it. As a result of the facts provided above, I assume you will no longer have a question like “Can unmarried couples live together in Dubai?” on your mind. In addition, you will almost certainly no longer (or will not need to) seek for hotels for unmarried couples in Dubai in the future. In general, Dubai and the entire United Arab Emirates are trying hard to minimize their meddling with your personal affairs. This has influenced the recent amendments to the Dubai laws for couples, and more generally, the new legislation for unmarried couples in the United Arab Emirates.

They no longer have to worry about the government getting involved in their consenting sexual relationships.

The article Dubai laws for unmarried couples provides a more in-depth discussion of this subject.

Rules for Unmarried Couples Staying in Dubai Hotels

Despite its sophisticated appearance, Dubai maintains tight regulations regarding couples. ) (Photo courtesy of Sam Robinson via Digital Vision/Getty Images). ) Dubai, as compared to the other nations of the United Arab Emirates, is quite liberal. Although Islamic rule is still maintained, the tourism sector is also quite dominant in the country.

In other words, hundreds of people arrive in Dubai every week, many of them are single and looking for love. However, even if many Dubai hotels are likely to turn a blind eye to the problem, you should still exercise caution in what you do and say in public.


Despite its sophisticated appearance, Dubai nonetheless maintains tight laws around couples and their activities. ) (Photo courtesy of Sam Robinson of Digital Vision/Getty Images). ) Dubai, as compared to the other states of the United Arab Emirates, is a liberal state. However, while Islamic rule is being enforced, the tourism sector is also immensely important in the country. There are thousands of visitors arriving in Dubai each week, many of them are single and looking for love. Despite the fact that many Dubai hotels are likely to turn a blind eye to the situation, you should still exercise caution in what you say and do.

Practical Applications

The “only married couples” regulation is not strictly enforced in most Dubai hotels. Luxury hotels, which frequently cater to visitors from other countries, are known for being particularly accommodating, so you should have no problem reserving a room. When you arrive at the airport, you’ll be asked to present your passport, but having various surnames will not raise any suspicions. In Dubai, married women are frequently allowed to maintain their maiden names.

Public Conduct

In Dubai, it is not acceptable to express affection in public settings. When it comes to married couples, holding hands is permitted; however, kissing and embracing in public are not. Keep in mind that if you are pulled over by the police because you are holding hands and you are not married, you may find yourself in serious trouble. The likelihood of this occurring within the hotel is low, but it is more likely to occur in public venues such as restaurants or shopping centers. Keep your senses alert and aware of your environment.

If the police later learn that you are not married, you may find yourself in legal hot water.


Rather than referring to each other as “my boyfriend” or “my fiance,” once you’ve checked into a hotel, speak to each other as “husband” and “wife.” This might aid in the prevention of prospective issues. References Biography of the Author Tammy Dray has been a published author since 1996. She specializes on health, wellness, and travel issues, and her work has appeared in a variety of magazines, including Woman’s Day, Marie Claire, Adirondack Life, and Self magazine. Also, she has years of experience traveling alone and is a qualified personal trainer and nutrition expert.

Living Together Unmarried in the UAE is Now Allowed

Rather than referring to each other as “my boyfriend” or “my fiance,” once you’ve checked into a hotel, you should speak to each other as “husband” and “wife.” Possible difficulties might be avoided as a result of this. References Biographical Information about the Author. Originally from California, Tammy Dray has been writing professionally since 1996. She focuses in health, wellness, and travel-related issues, and her work has appeared in a variety of magazines, including Woman’s Day, Marie Claire, Adirondack Life, and herself.

Also, she has years of experience traveling alone and is a qualified personal trainer and nutritionist. While attending Penn Foster College, Dray is seeking a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice.

The new law amendment is effective immediately.

If you are intending to move to the United Arab Emirates with your boyfriend or girlfriend, expats may be wondering what the legislation is in the UAE regarding couples living together but not legally married. Unmarried couples will be able to legally live together starting on Saturday, November 7th, 2020, according to the UAE government. The cohabitation of an unmarried couple and non-related flatmates in the nation was formerly prohibited by law. There have been a large number of unmarried expats living together in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates for years without being sought or penalized by authorities for breaking the law.

The new legislation decriminalizes unmarried cohabitation and is part of a broader package of revisions to family and personal laws that includes a number of other provisions.

What is excluded in the new UAE law?

Individuals of the opposite sex are permitted to live together in the United Arab Emirates, regardless of their marital status. While the new regulation permits unmarried expatriates to live together, if the local police authorities need to inspect your residence as a result of a disturbance complaint or similar violation of the peace, criminal charges may be brought against you and your partner. Men and women who dwell together when at least one or both are married continue to be prohibited from doing so since doing so might be termed adultery, which is punishable by law in the United Arab Emirates.

Are unmarried couples allowed to sponsor each other’s visas in the UAE?

The new regulation simply eases the restrictions placed on unmarried couples who live together in the same house. If you are sponsored by your job in Dubai or the United Arab Emirates and you want to sponsor your boyfriend or girlfriend, you are not permitted to do so under UAE law. You must be married in order to qualify for a wife/husband visa in the UAE, which is presently exclusively available to married foreigners.

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The following is an update from November 7, 2020: An amendment to the laws for unmarried couples has been issued by the United Arab Emirates, which now permits unmarried couples to live together in the country. Expats will find this to be one of the most important issues as part of the country’s legislative reforms, which will help to boost the country’s position as a favored destination for expats. Listed below are some posts that have been made in response to these new updates: The President has approved modifications to the Personal Status, Civil Transactions, Penal Code, and Criminal Procedure legislation, according to WAM News Update.

  1. Additionally, the legislation on cohabitation of unmarried couples and legal processes have been amended: — — — — — — — — — — Hassan Sajwani (@HSajwanization) is a social media influencer.
  2. WamNews Continue reading: WAM English (@WAMNEWS ENG) on Twitter: The date is November 7, 2020.
  3. This is a frequently asked issue by visitors to our website, and we’d like to share some of our thoughts on the subject with you.
  4. A couple shouldn’t have any difficulties in their relationships or living together if they are legally married, which should be the case.
  5. Under the Sharia law, this is deemed unlawful.
  6. Check out these other articles: 21 Tips for First-Time Visitors to Dubai and the United Arab Emirates Disclaimer: The information provided on this site is based on the collected stories and experiences of other overseas Filipino workers.

Let us all be mindful of and respectful of the laws and customs of the nation. We hope you find the information provided to be useful. Couples will not have any difficulties as long as they are lawfully married, according to the law.

Rules on Couples Living Together in Dubai

Dubai is an open city that is accepting of people hanging out together, eating alcoholic beverages, practicing one’s faith or views, and so on. However, it is necessary that we are aware of the regulations that are in place and that we follow them. Sharia law is followed across the United Arab Emirates. Although Dubai is not as stringent as the other emirates, it is nevertheless beneficial to be aware of the following restrictions when living as a couple in the city:

  • Dubai is an open city that is accepting of people hanging out together, enjoying alcoholic beverages, exercising one’s faith or views, and so on. However, it is necessary that we are aware of the norms that are in place and that we adhere to them. Throughout the United Arab Emirates, Sharia law is in effect. Dubai is less restricted than the other emirates, however knowing the following regulations for living together as a couple is still beneficial.
  • It is against the law to share a private room (for example, a hotel room) with a person of the opposing sex who is not your husband or a member of your family. This is in accordance with the “Tajawed Clause.” When checking into a hotel, don’t be startled if you’re requested to show your passport or other documentation.
  • For example, in some jurisdictions (such as Sharjah), it is not uncommon for the police to knock on a couple’s door and demand to see the couple’s marriage certificate. A complaint of a man and a woman “living together” may also result in the police being summoned to investigate.
  • If a person is found or convicted of participating in consenting sex outside of marriage, he or she may be sentenced to prison and deported from the United States. This is in accordance with Article 356 of the Penal Code of the UAE.

A private room with a person of the opposing sex who is not a spouse or family member is regarded to be a criminal offense.

Factors to Consider When Living Together

In addition to understanding the rules, couples should be mindful of the following considerations: Getting yourself into trouble. The Dubai police may undertake random checks to determine whether or not a person is legally married. However, if you get into difficulty for other reasons — like as being intoxicated in public — authorities may decide to inquire about your marital status. Having extramarital relationships is a serious problem. If the person with whom you live is already married to someone else, your situation becomes even more difficult to deal with.

  1. Employers.
  2. if they find out that you are in a “live-in” relationship with someone, they have the right to denounce you to the authorities Pregnancy.
  3. This is due to the possibility that doctors will request a copy of your marriage certificate during a medical check-up.
  4. It is recommended that you conduct yourself in a professional manner.
  5. They may be reported to the authorities, who will then conduct an investigation into the situation.
  6. These are certain guidelines that should be followed by all Dubai residents.
  7. Further reading on this subject may be found in the following articles, which are also worth reading:

Unmarried Couples Living Together in Dubai

Dubai is governed by Sharia Law, which oversees the social activities and personal lives of its citizens. Living together or in a live-in relationship is illegal in this country, and as a result, it cannot be performed by anybody. So, in order to live together as a pair, you must first marry your so-called partner. If you wish to live together as a couple before being married, you must first get married. Without doingso, it is deemed “illegal” and is regarded to be in violation of the law. Unmarried couples living together in Dubai, on the other hand, are not uncommon, which means that it is feasible for unmarried couples to live together, but it is not legally authorized, and as a result, you must do so at your own risk if you want to do so.

In most cases, western couples are perplexed as to what a live-in relationship means in Dubai from the perspective of the locals. Even if the laws of other emirates of the United Arab Emirates differ from those of Dubai, the following laws apply in Dubai.

  • In the United Arab Emirates and Dubai, it is prohibited Sharia law to cohabitate with someone who is not your spouse or partner. If you are married to or have a family member who is of the opposite sex, you are only permitted to live together
  • Unlike Sharjah and Saudi Arabia, the Dubai police may not inspect every apartment complex or hotel, knock on doors, or verify marriage certificates
  • However, if someone complains about illegal activity, or if you are detained by the police for some other reason, the police may be required to investigate
  • And In reality, it is against the law to share a private room, or even a car, with an unrelated person of the opposite sex, and this rule applies to hotel rooms in Dubai as well as other parts of the world. The ‘Tawajed Clause’ is the name given to this particular regulation. Another term for this is the Al Khilwa Al Muharama Clause, which states that two individuals of opposite sexe who are unmarried and unrelated are not permitted to live together
  • Another term for this is the Al Khilwa Al Muharama Rule. According to Article 356 of the UAE Penal Code, anybody guilty of indulging in consensual sex outside of marriage, and if you are found in such circumstances, you will most likely be penalized with a prison sentence, followed by deportation. In practice, however, the police will not conduct a random check to determine whether or not you are riding in the same automobile with someone of the opposing sex who is not connected to you. If there is an issue, it is more likely to be caused by anything else, such as the police suspecting that an illegal taxi service is being operated, being involved in an accident, or breaking a traffic regulation. A great deal is dependent on your employment as well. When dwelling in company-provided housing, a conservative employer or a government employer may not be supportive of a live-in relationship
  • It should also be noted that while acquiring a residency visa for a spouse is conceivable, it is not allowed for unmarried couples who plan to live together. In the event that your live-in spouse is already married to someone else, the risk is increased. An investigation by the police is unavoidable if a spouse makes a complaint with the police alleging that their husband or wife is involved in an unlawful connection with another person. In order to get a visa in the UAE, you must sign a new tenancy contract in your name. According to the law, you are not authorized to live with someone who is not a relative or member of your family. As a result, if you intend to share your property with a live-in partner who is not related to you, you will require two lease contracts. In the event that you happen to reside in an expat community and keep your business to yourself, while maintaining your status as an expat who respects the fact that this is a Muslim nation and adheres to the rules of the country, you will be able to avoid police verifications to a significant extent
  • Dubai is a country that runs under and implements Sharia Law, and it should go without saying that expatriates who live in Dubai are also subject to the laws of the country in which they are now resident. The importance of understanding that Sharia is also a rule of behavior in the country cannot be overstated.

Unmarried Couple Sharing Hotel Rooms

In Dubai, it is usually assumed that hotel rooms are solely shared by married couples, which is correct. In most cases, the hotels do not require a copy of the marriage certificate, but they do request to see merely the apassport. The ‘only married couples’ restriction is not enforced in the vast majority of Dubai’s hotels, notably in the city’s finest hotels. As a result, unmarried couples should have no difficulty in reserving a hotel room. You may be needed to present your passport at the time of check-in.

Unmarried Couple Sharing Common Accommodation

Unmarried couples are not permitted to share a private room or lodging in Dubai, according to local legislation. The legislation states that if you are found in such conditions, you may be subject to penalty under Article 356 of the United Arab Emirates Penal Code. In Dubai, however, there have been instances of persons of different genders sharing a similar living space. However, there is always the possibility of being apprehended, since the neighbours may become irritated and file a complaint with the police.

It is also preferable to refer to your partner as your wife/husband when presenting them to people if you are sharing accommodations, as the notion of living together is not acceptable in the United Arab Emirates and many other non-Western societies, as well.

Dating in Dubai

Dating is legal in Dubai, and many foreigners take advantage of the opportunity. However, just because something is acceptable does not imply it is lawful. Dubai has strict rules for dating, in spite of the fact that the city is filled with modern amenities, including a slew of popular nightclubs and bars that attract people from all over the world. Visitors to the emirate are also required to follow the rules if they wish to visit or live in the emirate. Dubai is home to a plethora of prominent nightclubs and bars, which serve as excellent gathering places for individuals of many countries and backgrounds.

  1. Among the most notable distinctions is that modern dating behavior should be matched with a more traditional Arabic ideal of socially acceptable behavior.
  2. It is also against the law to live together or have sexual relations before marriage.
  3. As a result, whether dating or living together in Dubai, one must proceed with prudence.
  4. For example, while approaching a girl at a bar or nightclub and asking for her number or attempting to engage her in conversation is acceptable, any sort of harassment will result in you being booted out of the establishment or, in the case of significant offenses, jail.
  5. Following or constantly hitting on an Emirati lady is OK if you are admiring her from a distance; nevertheless, doing so can get you into problems very soon.
  6. In fact, this is true even for married couples, because public shows of affection are deemed obscene by the local populace, even if the pair is legally married.
  7. A traditional people, the Emiratis take great pride in their ancestors and traditions.

However, there are boundaries to the kind of behavior that are permitted. Consequently, there is nothing intimidating about dating in Dubai, as long as you adhere to the rules of the community, particularly in public settings. However,

Kissingsomeone in public

Public shows of affection are considered improper behavior and are typically frowned upon by Emiratis. If you are found guilty of a significant offense, you may be sentenced to prison with the prospect of deportation. Several foreign couples have been imprisoned in the past for what appeared to be harmless behavior. However, holding hands in public or giving your lover a short peck on the cheek is about as far as you can go when it comes to showing your affections for your relationship in public.

In Dubai, however, public hugging, grabbing, or kissing is strictly forbidden.

Role of Police in Such Activities

This is fully dependent on the cause for which you initially drew the attention of the police. It has already been stated that police officers in Dubai do not go to every apartment or hotel room to see whether there are any unmarried couples who are living in the same place together. A lot of it also depends on your connection with your neighbors, for example, whether or not someone has informed the police that a couple is living together. Alternately, they intervene when couples are discovered breaking the law in public or when a member of the public complains about unlawful behaviors taking place in a particular location.

Holding hands is permissible for married couples; however, kissing and embracing in public are not permitted under any circumstances.

As a result, it is critical to be mindful of your surroundings.

Overall, adhere to the rules to the greatest extent feasible, be secure, and lead a dignified life even though you are in a foreign location far away from your native country.

Living together in Dubai

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Living together with boyfriend or girlfriend in Dubai

This material is not intended to incite anybody to disobey the law; rather, it is a perception or observation of life in Dubai from the perspective of a couple who is cohabiting with another person. Nothing in this section should be construed as advice. Whenever you breach the law, you run the possibility of being arrested and prosecuted. This is true in any nation. The TLDR version is as follows: It is true that there are unmarried couples who live together in Dubai. The fact that you may live together with your boyfriend or girlfriend does not imply that it is acceptable, just as it is possible to do numerous activities that are forbidden in other nations.

If a couple does find themselves in difficulty with the law, it is typically because they have done something that has drawn the notice of the police, or because they have offended someone who has reported them to the authorities.

This is the extended version. The prospect of living together in Dubai but not married has piqued the interest of many (mainly western) couples. Keep in mind that the following observations are specific to Dubai, and that rules and regulations may differ in other emirates as well.

  • In the United Arab Emirates and Dubai, it is prohibited Sharia law to live together with someone you are not married to in the traditional western sense. Living together with a member of the other sex is only permissible if you are married to them or if they are a member of your family. As a result, the western expression “living in sin” is taken more literally in the United Arab Emirates
  • For example, Dubai police officers do not spend their time walking through apartment complexes and hotels knocking on doors and asking for marriage certificates (although they do so in Sharjah, according to news reports from April 2010)
  • And there are no morality police, such as the Mutawwa in Saudi Arabia. But if someone files a complaint about unlawful behavior, the police are required to investigate, and if the complainer has more information than the police and/or the accused offenders, the police will naturally conduct an even more extensive investigation into the complaint. Being in a private room, or even in a private automobile, with an unrelated member of the opposite sex is strictly prohibited under the law in most jurisdictions. This holds true for rooms at Dubai hotels as well. The Tawajed clause is the official name for this rule. The Al Khilwa Al Muharama clause (?) (which means two people of opposite sexes who are unmarried and unrelated are not allowed to live together) is another description. If you’re caught, you’ll most likely be punished under Article 356 of the UAE Penal Code, which reportedly states that anyone convicted of engaging in consensual sex receives a minimum one-year jail sentence followed by deportation. Nevertheless, it appears that the most majority of criminals are sentenced to 1-6 months in jail, followed by deportation (this is merely a general observation based on reading newspaper accounts, not a comprehensive review of court sentencing)
  • Gulf News Express published statements from a lawyer, Haroon Tahlak of Dubai Advocates and Legal Consultants, on June 9, 2011, in which he stated: “According to UAE legislation, it is unlawful for an unmarried man and woman to live together or occupy a close area with one another. Tahseen Al Ma’asiya is the name given to this clause. According to the legislation, the punishment is a prison sentence of between one and six months, followed by expulsion from the country.”
  • In fact, and hopefully, the situation is not quite as dire as it appears on the surface (like many things in Dubai. unless you get caught). Specifically, according to a Gulf News article published in November 2007 (see Unmarried couples living together in Dubaiforum topic for more comments on Sharia law, culture, customs, and other aspects of men and women mingling in the UAE), one official stated, “There is no prohibition on men and women living together in the UAE.” “Deputy Director of the Dubai Courts Department Mohammad Yousuf explained that while the Federal Punitive Law is in effect throughout the UAE, the situation in Dubai is quite different from that. According to him, the Tawajed or Tahseen Al Ma’asiya provision is not enforced in the Emirate of Dubai.”
  • According to a Gulf News Express story dated June 9, 2011, an attorney from Al SuwaidiCompany, Amer Syed, was reported as saying “According to my observations, persons are charged with unlawfully living together only if they have already breached another legislation. Rarely are people apprehended for cohabiting with a member of the opposite sex, unless there is some sort of tip or complaint lodged against them “(However, he did tell a story of a couple who were arrested, convicted, and deported after the police were called to their apartment to investigate a complaint about theft by a maid.) It is almost unheard of for anyone to get into trouble because they are sharing a car with someone of the opposite sex who is not related to them
  • It is almost unheard of for anyone to get into trouble because they are sharing a car with someone of the opposite sex who is not If there is an issue, it is more than likely due to another factor, such as the authorities suspecting that an illegal taxi service is in operation or an accident involving alcohol, for example. Nationality and/or culture may make a difference – It appears that Asians, particularly unmarried moms, are more frequently mentioned in press reports than western ethnicities as getting into trouble. Unlike a Muslim man living with a non-Muslim girlfriend, a Muslim woman living with a non-Muslim boyfriend, or two unmarried Muslims living together, a Muslim woman living with a non-Muslim boyfriend is more likely to encounter legal difficulties. Your place of employment can also make a difference, because your employer is typically also your sponsor, and he or she may be held liable if you violate the terms of your agreement. A conservative employer, such as a government employer, is unlikely to look favorably on a couple that lives together, especially if they are staying in company-provided housing. Keep in mind that while it is feasible for one party to secure a residency visa for their spouse in the UAE, if you are not married, this will be impossible for you to do. At the very least, no visa for a husband or wife. In the event that you hire your boyfriend or girlfriend, it is probable that they may be considered an employee by the government. Living with someone who is married to someone else increases the likelihood of encountering difficulties, especially if their spouse also resides in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is almost guaranteed that the police will investigate if they submit a complaint with the police about their spouse or wife having an unlawful connection. If a couple has split but has not divorced, they are still legally married under the law.
Couples sharing hotel rooms in Dubai
  • Unmarried couples frequently share hotel rooms because of the high cost of a wedding. In our experience, no hotel has ever demanded to see a marriage certificate, and they often just want to see one passport. The fact that the surnames on the passports are different would not cause anybody to raise an eyebrow, even if both passports were produced, because it is customary in the UAE for Arab women to retain their original surnames after marriage. In 2009, the Dubai police went to a Dubai hotel and detained a couple who were staying in the same room as the police officer who made the arrest. According to the woman’s husband, she was sharing a hotel room with her lover, who had come to see her. The police were called and the woman was taken into custody.
Men and women sharing accommodation in Dubai

It is fairly typical in Dubai for groups of unrelated mixed-gender persons to share flats and villas (and sometimes even rooms, but normally roommates are of the same sex) in order to save money on housing. People are more likely to be arrested or detained if they have enraged their neighbors, who have lodged complaints with the police about noise and/or drinking in Dubai and/or illegal narcotics being sold in Dubai. It is important to note that the Dubai Municipality (DM) has threatened and evicted bachelors, single persons, and families from what they consider to be overcrowded homes in the city.

As a result, classified ads for flatmates continue to appear in Dubai publications and on classified ad websites.

When interacting with non-Westerners, you may find it more comfortable to refer to your partner as your wife or husband rather than your girlfriend or boyfriend because the notion of having a girlfriend or boyfriend is not commonly accepted in many non-Western countries.

Take, for instance, if your partner becomes pregnant in Dubai.

Living together in other emirates

It looks somewhat like this (in our view only) when the risk of issues is ranked from lowest to greatest in order of likelihood:

  • It looks somewhat like this (in our perspective only) when the risk of issues is ranked from lowest to highest:
Police crackdown on unmarried couples living together in Sharjah
  • In the United Arab Emirates, newspapers reported on April 22, 2010, that the Sharjah Police Department had launched a campaign to apprehend unmarried couples who were living together in the city
  • The National reported that “Police are knocking on doors and demanding proof that couples living under the same roof are married.” Police “would rush the scene and demand identity documents and marriage certificates,” according to a story in the Khaleej Times.
  • The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the Sharjah Police was quoted as stating, “We are first targeting locations that have a reputation for harboring numerous illegal inhabitants and infiltrators, as well as couples who are not legally married, ” according to Gulf News.
Living together stories in Dubai and the UAE
  • 09 June 2011 – Gulf News Xpress published an article about couples living together in Dubai, which included comments from individuals who do so as well as a few of stories concerning those who were apprehended. Taking the example of a 34-year-old German male who got into trouble for living with an unrelated woman, “Amer Syed, an advocate from Al SuwaidiCompany, describes how police investigated his apartment and discovered a woman living with him after the man filed a complaint against the maid who stole from him. ” When questioned about his connection with her, the German agreed to having consensual intercourse with her despite being ignorant that doing so was against the law in Germany. A month in detention later, the couple was deported from the country.
Last updateSunday 08-Mar-2015. Page development 4L 5C.

As a 19-year-old Sri Lankan lady recently discovered, it is against the law for those living in the United Arab Emirates not to report unmarried couples who live together. In a report published by the Khaleej Times, the young lady, now named as B.K., was sentenced to prison and deportation “for neglecting to notify to the authorities that her female roommate was residing in the same apartment with an unrelated guy.” The defendant was prosecuted by the Sharjah Criminal Court and sentenced (in absentia) to six months in prison, followed by deportation, by the Sharjah Criminal Court.

The woman’s flat was raided by police after they got a tip that an unmarried Asian couple was living with her, according to the police report presented before the Court.

was also staying with them and they detained the couple, who are both in their twenties.

The couple were also found guilty of “beautifying sin”

After being found guilty of “beautifying sin,” the defendant’s roommates were also accused in the case and brought to trial. As reported by the Khaleej Times, “They were sentenced to one year in prison, to be followed by deportation.” The couple’s Sri Lankan roommate appeared in court on Tuesday and confirmed that she did not report the pair to the police, according to the most recent hearing in the case. She said that this was due to the fact that she was new to the country and had not realized that cohabitation was considered a crime in the United Arab Emirates.

While her legal implications have been mitigated, she is still facing legal consequences since, according to UAE law, “failure to inform the relevant authorities of offenses is punished by law.”

Cohabitation is strictly prohibited in the UAE and across the Gulf

In the United Arab Emirates, a couple living together outside of marriage is considered unlawful. In addition, sex outside of marriage is prohibited in the nation, and couples who violate this ban are sometimes imprisoned. An Egyptian lady and her Emirati lover were apprehended by police earlier this year after her father reported their connection to authorities in Jordan. In recent years, a British lady living in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) was sentenced to prison and deportation for having consensual sexual relations with an Emirati man.

A Japanese couple was also held and interviewed after they were seen having sex on a Dubai beach and reported to authorities.

Status of pregnancies outside marriage still unclear in UAE after law change

The UAE flag is flown above a yacht in Dubai Marina on May 22, 2015, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Photograph by Ahmed Jadallah for Reuters/File Photo/File Photo

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  • Cohabitation and premarital sex were decriminalized in the United States last year. However, a marriage certificate is still required in order to register newborns. Unmarried maternity care is not covered by health insurance companies. Some women find themselves in a state of administrative limbo as a result of the disconnect.

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, May 20 (Reuters) – According to official instructions, attorneys, and medical workers, seven months after the UAE decriminalised premarital sex, the legal shift is not necessarily reflected in how pregnancies outside marriage are addressed. Despite the fact that women are no longer imprisoned for premarital sex, new births require the presence of the parents’ marriage certificate, health insurers do not provide maternity coverage to unmarried women, and unmarried women in private online chatrooms remain wary of seeking medical attention for pregnancy-related issues.

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May 20 (Reuters) – The United Arab Emirates is preparing to host the FIFA World Cup in June. According to government instructions, attorneys, and medical workers, seven months after the UAE decriminalised premarital sex, the legal shift is not always reflected in the way pregnancies outside marriage are addressed. Even though women are no longer imprisoned for having premarital sex, birth certificates are still required, and health insurers do not provide maternity coverage to unmarried women.

The discrepancy highlights one of the challenges facing the United Arab Emirates, which includes the holiday and business capital of Dubai, as it strives to become a secular, more socially liberal state while maintaining its role as a major investment and tourism destination.

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