What Is Off Plan Property Dubai? (Question)

An off-plan property is an unconstructed property purchased directly from a developer or in some cases a first owner. In the case where the buyer is buying directly from the developer at time of purchase the buyer usually pays a 10-20% down payment and signs SPA (Sales Purchase Agreement).


  • Off-plan properties in UAE or off plan properties in Dubai is one that has been fully planned, registered with the Dubai Land Department, and has an escrow bank account. It is sold with a payment plan that may include post-handover payments in order to maximize the ROI.

What does off-plan mean in property?

What Does “Buying Off-Plan” Mean? Buying off-plan property means purchasing property – typically an apartment – in advance of its completion. Off-plan property is typically sold prior to construction beginning at a significant discount, often with a small deposit requirement.

How do I sell an off-plan property in Dubai?

The process of re-selling off-plan property in Dubai is similar to selling ready properties. You will need to first find a buyer who is willing to purchase the property. This buyer will need to need to get a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the developer which registers the new buyer with the developer.

Can you get a mortgage for off-plan Dubai?

Yes, however, mortgages for off-plan properties in Dubai have a maximum loan-to-value ratio of 50%, which can only be done once the buyer has paid off 50% of the property. Banks will also have conditions on which type of properties and projects they are willing to finance when it comes to off-plan properties.

Can I sell my off the plan property?

As long as your contract is unconditional, you can legally resell the property. There is an exception to this. Some developers expressly disallow re-sales prior to settlement. This is so that they don’t have to compete with you while selling the remaining units.

Is it good to buy off the plan?

An advantage to buying off the plans means that you could save a lot of money on stamp duty, as most states offer greater discounts on newly constructed properties. If a buyer signs a contract before construction begins, stamp duty will only apply to the land value, not the finished product.

What happens when you buy off the plan?

When you buy off the plan, you are paying for a property where the end product may not only differ from your expectations, but be worth less than you have paid by the time it is finished. If you want to buy off the plan, NSW Fair Trading will equip you with the tools to make a decision.

How can I get Oqood certificate?

In order to register Oqood the buyer has to pay at least 25% payment to the developer before they can register Oqood with RERA.

What does buying off-plan mean UK?

Simply put, to buy off plan means to purchase a property before it has completed construction – and in some cases – before building work has even begun. This element of Help to Buy is only available on new build properties, many of which will first go on sale before their construction is complete.

When a client purchases an Offplan when can he resell the property?

Investors can sell off their off plan property contracts prior to a project’s completion and so it varies from developer to developer.

Why you should never buy off-the-plan?

When purchasing off the plan, you run the risk of paying too much for a property if the market enters into a decline. Expectations. As many builders don’t allow you to see the property until construction has completed, there is the risk that the quality or layout of the build may not be what you had in mind.

What are the risks of buying off plan?

What are the Risks of Buying off the Plan?

  • Construction delays. One of the risks of choosing to buy an off the plan property is that unexpected delays to the construction can occur.
  • Builder bankruptcy.
  • Development quality.
  • Market changes.
  • Financial situation changes.

Can you negotiate price when buying off-the-plan?

While most off-the-plan properties come with a fixed price, vendors might still be open to a negotiation. Your best bet is to get in early once the properties hit the market – or during pre-sales – as they will likely want to show a good sales rate during the early phase.

Risk associated with buying off-plan properties in Dubai and ways to overcome them!

In addition to its advantageous payment plans and lower pricing, off-plan (also known as “off the plan”) properties are a popular investment opportunity for investors. Are you looking to purchase an off-plan home in Dubai? When purchasers complete the appropriate research and take the required precautions to protect themselves, purchasing an off-plan house may be a highly successful investment. MyBayut has put up a helpful checklist of items to bear in mind while purchasing off-plan property in Dubai.


While off-plan houses in Dubai offer attractive rates and a wide range of options, there are certain concerns to consider when contemplating an investment in the off-plan property market in Dubai.


It is critical to conduct thorough due diligence on the developer and the project before making an off-plan investment in Dubai, and this is especially true for people who are wondering if it is a good idea to buy off-plan property in Dubai. One of the most significant drawbacks of purchasing off-plan property in Dubai is the lengthy period between when the property is purchased and when it is completed. Unfortunately, projects do not always proceed according to plan, and building delays can occur, making it one of the most dangerous investments to make when purchasing off-plan property.

There have even been instances when a project has been stopped or abandoned before completion, resulting in consumers losing the money they have invested thus far in the project.

Examine their historical track record with previous developments: have the projects been completed on schedule?

Before purchasing off-plan property in Dubai, check to see that the developer, real estate project, and escrow account are all registered with the Dubai Land Department and the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA).


Another risk associated with purchasing off-plan real estate in Dubai is the changing of market circumstances over time. It is possible that market values fall after you have purchased the off-plan property, resulting in the property being worth less than what you paid for it. One of the best ideas for purchasing off-plan property is to do it in a growing market so that you can take advantage of competitive prices while also reaping more profits after the home is completed due to the increased worth of the market.

Also, make certain that the project is in a decent position, is well-connected to other sections of the city, and has a good surrounding infrastructure, services, and attractions to attract visitors.


It is possible that the actual unit you purchase will not be what you imagined when purchasing off the plan property. This may be prevented by ensuring that the developer has a proven track record in the industry. When it comes to the quality of the property, it’s equally crucial to do your homework on the developer. While the show houses and brochures may appear to be of high quality, the ultimate product may not be up to the same standards or be to your satisfaction when it is delivered. This is where purchasing off-plan property in Dubai varies from purchasing ready property, which allows you to physically inspect the flat you intend to purchase.


If you purchase an off-plan house with the intention of selling it before it is completed, you may find yourself in a tight spot. Nowadays, developers frequently demand purchasers to have paid off a particular proportion of the purchase price of their off-plan house in Dubai before they will sell it. If you are purchasing off-plan property, one of the most crucial buying off-plan property tips is to verify with the developer to see what the minimal threshold is for selling your off-plan apartment.


One of the downsides of acquiring off-the-plan property is that investors will not see immediate profits until the home is completed, but those who purchase ready-to-rent properties will begin to reap the benefits of rental returns immediately. People who purchase property in Dubai off-plan will benefit from lower pricing while also being able to take advantage of growing property values once the project is completed. As a result, while there are certain dangers associated with purchasing off-plan property in Dubai, purchasers may mitigate these risks by taking specific safeguards and procedures in order to reap the numerous benefits associated with off-plan purchases.


There are several advantages to purchasing such homes, including a reduced purchase price and a higher capital gain. For a variety of reasons, off-plan property purchases have become increasingly popular among both first-time purchasers and seasoned investors in Dubai in recent years. Those who purchase off-plan property in Dubai will benefit from lower pricing than those who purchase ready-to-move-in apartments. Meanwhile, the market value of the off-plan house may rise while the buyer continues to pay only the ‘locked-in’ price, resulting in exceptional profits when the buyer decides to sell the property.

As a result, investors have a wide selection of new off-plan apartments in Dubai to pick from, all of which are tailored to their specific needs and preferences.

Learn more about the benefits of investing in off-plan properties in Dubai by reading our in-depth dedicated article on the subject.


The maximum loan-to-value ratio for off-plan properties in Dubai is 50 percent, and mortgages for these properties can only be obtained after the buyer has paid off 50 percent of the property’s purchase price. When it comes to off-plan properties, banks will also have restrictions on the types of properties and projects that they are willing to finance. If you are considering purchasing off-plan real estate in Dubai, it is important to keep this in mind. However, there are now attractive post-handover payment plans for off-plan properties in Dubai, which have significantly lessened the burden on investors, particularly first-time buyers, by reducing the amount of money they have to pay upfront.


You must confirm with the developer the terms and conditions that apply to off-plan property transactions. Prior to selling a house, developers frequently demand buyers to have paid down a particular proportion of the mortgage. This proportion varies from developer to developer, so do your homework before making a decision to purchase off-plan property in Dubai. You can find out more about selling your off-plan house in Dubai in Bayut’s comprehensive guide, which covers the full procedure as well as the fees associated with it.

Make use of this information on the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing off the plan to conduct your own extensive study before picking the appropriate property for you.

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Pros and cons of off-plan real estate in Dubai.

Purchasing flats under construction in Dubai is a widespread activity, and it is one of the most cost-effective methods to generate money in the city. Is it worthwhile to purchase a home that has not yet been built? What exactly are the dangers? What are the pros and disadvantages of purchasing a home in a building project when it is still in the planning stages? These and other questions can be answered by looking into the source.

About the profitability of buying housing under construction

Purchasing an apartment in a residential complex that is currently under development is an investment in one’s future. There are several ways to make money in the United Arab Emirates, and in especially in Dubai, where real estate is one of the most profitable investment options available. Off-plan apartments have one distinct advantage: they have a guaranteed payback period. The cheaper the price of an apartment is, the newer the project is, and vice versa.

The investor obtains ready-to-live home when the development is done, which he or she may either rent out or resell at a bigger profit margin. What factors contribute to the profitability of off-plan home investments?

  • In most cases, the cost of building is less than the cost of the finished property. A diverse selection of home options from a variety of developers in popular locations in Dubai
  • Housing is in high demand, both for purchase and for rental
  • Return on initial investment is quite quick
  • A high level of profitability may be achieved based on the nature and attributes of the property
  • The annual income profit can range from 12 to 15 percent.

Advantages of off-plan real estate

Among the benefits mentioned by buyers of units in the project now under development are the following:

  • A quick transaction – within two weeks
  • Direct communication with the developer
  • A customized payment plan
  • Protection of the buyer’s rights, including backing from the state during the entire process Risks are kept to a minimum
  • Profitability
  • Return on investment, either instantly or over a period of several years. There are no income taxes
  • Purchase made on the internet

Disadvantages of off-plan property

It is critical to underline that the Arab real estate market is under protection from foreign competition. The legislation in the United Arab Emirates rigorously controls all transactions involving the acquisition and sale of real estate. All developers with their projects, as well as real estate agents, must be accredited and licensed in order to operate. Without it, no specialist is permitted to practice in this profession. Because of this, the likelihood of getting duped by merchants is low in this area.

  • Following the completion of construction and commissioning of the project, real estate values are expected to decline. Market prices for ready-made houses may be equal to or lower than the prices paid by the investor during the building phase
  • Putting a project on hold or terminating it. An event of this nature in Dubai is out of the usual. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, the project is passed to another developer, who completes it, although investors must wait a bit longer to receive their keys.

Buying a property in Dubai

Are you looking for real estate in Dubai Marina or another prominent region of the city? Ax Capital has a catalog where you may select the choice that best suits your needs. Furthermore, there are more options from the best developers in the United Arab Emirates available on the website!

The Process of buying an off plan property in Dubai

There are several advantages to purchasing a house off plan, but it may also be a source of anxiety if the procedure is not clearly defined, which is why we have outlined the processes for you below. Before we get started, let’s take a brief look at some of the reasons why you should consider purchasing a home off-plan.

  1. Your opportunity to purchase the best unit(s) at the lowest feasible price for the project, therefore increasing the likelihood of a positive return on your investment On the premise that the project proves to be popular and that the market is operating well, there is a possibility to sell second hand, even before the project is done, for a significant profit. Better payment arrangements are available for off-plan houses, and the upfront expenses are typically lower as well.

The decision on the sort of property to purchase is then based on a combination of factors including budget and requirements. Working with an experienced agent / agency is a wonderful first step in this process since they will be in touch with off-plan projects and developers as soon as they become available, and will be able to show you the best prospects as they occur. What happens after that?

  1. If you are looking for an off-plan investment property, whether you are an investor or a home buyer, it is critical to check your budget and requirements with the market availability in several projects before making a decision. Having a trustworthy and competent agent may make a significant difference in enhancing your chances of obtaining the optimum return on your investment. A visit to the developer sales boutique is the next step, where you will gain a thorough understanding of the project advantages, as well as every component of your future property and project, which will be demonstrated using demonstration tools such as a Project Miniature Model, brochures, or a virtual tour. Some developers will also have a Show Property accessible for you to tour
  2. This will depend on the developer. Booking– Once you have selected the unit type, you will be required to pay a booking fee in order to ensure that it is removed from the list of available units for other customers. When signing the booking form for the selected unit, most developers need a 5-10 percent booking fee in addition to the signed booking form. The very first installment After you have completed the booking procedure, you will be asked to complete your first installment, which will be as follows: Payment of the “down payment,” which is in addition to paying the Government Registration Fees: normally 4 percent, however some developers give DLD exemptions or some other type of reduction
  3. Signing the SPA- Regardless of whether you live within or outside of the nation, the developer will give you the “Sales and Purchase Agreement” for your signature before sending you the dually signed copy after getting it signed by the authorized signatory from the developer’s end
  4. Oqood registration is required (This step is highly important to guarantee your purchase is already registered in the governmental authorities) Following completion of this process, you should get your initial contract of sale from the Dubai Land Department. Settling Past-Due Installments– In accordance with the agreed-upon payment plan, you will be required to settle a specific proportion of the purchase price before you will be entitled to transfer ownership of your home. Accordance with the provision in the SPA stating the project completion date, the developer will be expected to produce the same and finish construction before sending a completion notification to all clients at the same time
  5. Project Completion Date Check-in/Handover– Once you have made the requisite payment for handover, you will be invited to check your apartment on a certain day that has been scheduled in conjunction with the handover team representing the developer. If you are able to engage a Professional Snagging team to accomplish this stage, it will make a significant difference in the overall condition and quality of your equipment for future use.

It is now time for you to move into your new home! If you have performed all preceding processes in a professional, timely, and correct manner, there will be nothing more for you to do here but enjoy the new lifestyle that you have carefully selected. 1k

Off-Plan Properties for Sale in Dubai: Real Estate from Developers

There are a number of important factors contributing to the surge in demand in Dubai’s real estate business. The price of off-plan property is significantly lower than the price of ready-to-move-in home for several reasons. Another advantage of purchasing off-plan residential homes in Dubai is that most of them provide post-handover payment plans, which allow you to purchase a property and pay for it in monthly payments rather than paying the entire amount up front. Finally, given the ever-increasing popularity of real estate in Dubai, purchasing off-plan property from a developer is an excellent investment opportunity with a high return on investment.

Most real estate developers have unique incentives, such as DLD waivers or free property management, to entice customers.

There are a number of important factors contributing to the surge in demand in Dubai’s real estate business.

Second, most off-plan houses in Dubai are available with a specific payment plan, which allows you to acquire a property and pay for it in monthly payments rather than paying the entire purchase price up front.

For the last time, taking into consideration the ever-increasing demand of real estate in Dubai, purchasing off-plan property is an excellent investment option that offers substantial returns on investment (ROI).

Off-plan property – Wikipedia

Off-plan property is a piece of land that has not yet been developed with a building on it. Pre-constructions are typically offered to real estate developers and early adopters as developments in order for the purchaser to be able to obtain more advantageous financing arrangements from their lending institutions. Property investors and property speculators acquire off-plan property with the intent of realizing big capital gains on their investments. Because developers that sell off-plan property frequently give financial incentives or discounts to early adopters, it is possible that this financial return may be realized.

It is common for off-plan property to be judged desirable in areas where there is a high degree of infrastructure, such as a new university or express highways, which have either already been constructed or are scheduled to be constructed over the next several years.

Advantages of buying off-plan

Off-plan property is land that has not yet been developed with a building on it. In most cases, pre-constructions are offered to real estate developers and early adopters as developments so that the purchaser may obtain more advantageous financing conditions from their lending institutions. Property investors and property speculators acquire off-plan property with the intention of realizing big capital gains on their investments. Because developers that sell off-plan property frequently give financial incentives or discounts to early adopters, it is possible that this financial return may be generated.

When there is a high degree of infrastructure in the nearby region, such as a new university or express highways that have been built or are scheduled to be developed over the next few years, off-plan property is often thought to be more appealing than other types of property.

Risks of buying off-plan

It is more risky to purchase a property off-plan, whether for personal use or as an investment, than it is to purchase a property that has already been constructed.

  1. The finance firm may cut the amount of the loan or even refuse to provide financing if property prices begin to decline before construction is done. This is especially true if the buyer is purchasing the property as an investment rather than a primary residence. Alternatively, if the buyer withdraws from the agreement and the promoter sells at a lower price after the buyer pulls out, the promoter may sue the buyer for breach of contract. Alternatively, the constructor may go out of business before construction is completed, and the buyer may be unable to recover any monies advanced. There have been several instances of this occurring in Spain, where the building industry has been particularly severely impacted by the country’s economic downturn. Bank guarantees (aval bancarios) are increasingly common in Spain’s new-build real estate complexes, which cover buyers in the event of a builder’s bankruptcy. As a result of media coverage in 2015, a loophole in state legislation in New South Wales, Australia, was revealed that permitted developers to drop out of an off-the-plan purchasing deal at the eleventh hour. With the “sunset clawback,” developers take a buyer’s initial deposit and hang on to it for an extended period of time while construction is being completed. Then, when the project is almost completed, they decide to back out of the agreement and sell the land at a higher price. Purchasers now have some protection thanks to the addition of Section 66ZL to the Conveyancing Act 1919 (NSW). Another issue with off-plan property is that the finished property may not meet the buyer’s original expectations, either due to subjective reasons or due to material defects in the construction. A new-build home in the United Kingdom may have up to 80 minor flaws when it is completed.


Fill out the interactive form to receive advice that is personalized to your specific needs and tastes. I’m interested in learning more about The Dorchester Collection is one of the most popular projects in Dubai right now. Dubai The Royal Atlantis Residences are located on the island of Atlantis. Property or a development that is completely planned, registered with the Dubai Land Department, and has an escrow bank account is known as off-plan property or a development project. It is offered with a payment plan that may include post-handover payments in order to optimize the return on investment.

  1. You can purchase an off-plan home while it is still in the planning or building stages.
  2. By clicking here, you can obtain a free e-book that explains the best practices for purchasing off-plan and how to avoid key hazards.
  3. Buying these assets does not require buyers with limited financial resources to wait for market interest rates that are more in line with their financial resources because payments are phased in over a few years.
  4. However, in recent years, developers’ strategy have turned away from high-end luxury and toward more cheap and mid-class off-plan constructions rather than luxury.
  5. The expanding trend of affordability is likely to meet the increasing demand from this rapidly growing and underserved customer category in the future.
  6. To make informed selections about this investment opportunity, as with any other, it’s essential that you arm yourself with information.
  7. Meraas Meraas is a holding company that was founded with the goal of making a good contribution to the national economy and environment.
  8. Dubai Properties, founded in 2004, is a renowned master-developer located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, with a global presence.
  9. Motivated by a desire to pursue a career in the infl.
  10. Azizi Developments is regarded as one of the most cautious developers in the region, having withstood time and scrutiny.

The Sobha Organization Sobha Group is a global, multi-product organization with advances and investments in the United Arab Emirates, Brazil, and other countries. Media One Tower FZ-LLC is a limited liability company. false.

8 useful tips for buying property off plan in the UAE

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Saturday: Ahmed Aldoulah, a renowned real estate consultant, has identified eight considerations that a real estate investor should keep in mind when purchasing an off-plan property in the United Arab Emirates. Off-plan properties are becoming increasingly popular in the UAE due to their lower price when compared to ready-to-use properties, as well as the facilities that are made available to buyers. “For many purchasers, the off-plan purchasing procedure is a fantastic alternative since it allows them to make a profitable investment.

  • The information he will receive will be comprehensive and will include all of the specifics of the property that have been agreed upon.
  • 2 / The reputation of the developer The buyer of an off-plan house should look for a real estate developer with a strong reputation before making a decision.
  • Investors have a plethora of channels and resources at their disposal to check the developer’s reputation, as well as the developer’s track record in terms of building, delivery, and pricing.
  • Developers are not permitted to practice unless they have been registered and licensed by the DLD and have complied with the requirements.
  • It allows the department to hold real estate developers’ cash until the property is handed to the buyer, so preserving the rights of all parties.
  • Return on investment (RoI) 3/ ROI is an acronym that stands for return on investment.
  • The rate of return on investment fluctuates depending on the state of the market.

4 / The location of the project Property in a prime location, close to all the amenities that inhabitants require, such as schools, hospitals, and shopping centers, is extremely vital to consider when purchasing a home.

It is also necessary to examine the floor on which the planned unit is located, as well as the view that it affords.

It is recommended that they visit the project site and speak with the people in order to obtain more information on the spot.

This comprises the quality of the complex or the area in which the property is constructed, as well as the availability of critical services.

It is possible that the quality does not correspond to what we see or hear from sales people, brochures, or photos.

6-percentage-point completion rate When selecting a real estate developer to purchase a residential unit, one of the most crucial factors to consider is the developer’s capacity to deliver the property within the timeframes established before to beginning construction work.

To ensure credibility and achievement rates of real estate management companies at this point, it is necessary to look into their previous projects and determine if they are committed to completing the housing project on time, and if there are any delays in the distribution of housing units (if applicable).

  • It is essential to check the performance and reputation of the real estate management business, as developers have been known to abandon projects and not complete them, resulting in difficulties in the refunding of the money that was originally paid.
  • The buyer must indicate the price of the property that has been agreed upon, as well as the payment plan, because real estate developers provide a variety of payment plans that can last up to ten years.
  • There cannot be no payment in full of the property price prior to the conclusion of the building work and the delivery of the unit.
  • 8.

Clients can benefit from free real estate consultations from Aldoulah, who believes that there are five main factors that encourage real estate investors to purchase a property off plan, the most important of which are the lower price and more flexible payment plans when compared to ready-to-use properties.

  1. A high rental return, Aldoulah said, is one of the most enticing reasons to purchase an off-plan house, in addition to the provision of rigorous rules to safeguard the interests of real estate purchasers and investors.
  2. Real estate purchasers and investors in the United Arab Emirates benefit from a favorable legal framework that protects their interests.
  3. This implies that the rules must be thoroughly researched and examined in order to understand the rights of all parties and how to comply by the rules in order to meet the duties of each party.
  4. Through the use of social media, they were able to maintain investor trust in a record amount of time.
  5. They also supplied free consultations, real estate concepts, and a vision for the future that helped to create awareness about the housing market.
  6. On Plan’s long-term goal is to become the most successful real estate firm in Dubai.
  7. He has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the real estate market in the United Arab Emirates.

Aldoulah holds a “Intensive Real Estate Diploma” from the Emirate of Sharjah, which he earned through hard work and dedication. Press Release for the Year 2021

Off Plan Real Estate Contract In Dubai: Everything You Need to Know

The United Arab Emirates has opened its property market to all buyers as a result of an increase in foreign investment and money inflow from various nations across the world. Many innovative investment and payment schemes are being introduced to assist both investors and purchasers in their endeavors. Furthermore, investors from all over the world, whether they are from the United Kingdom or India, are welcome to purchase and own property in any of the UAE’s freehold districts. Purchasing a home off-plan may be defined as contracting to purchase a property before it has been completely completed or developed.

As a result, off-plan property is a property that has not yet been created or is still in the process of being developed, and it can be purchased straight from a developer or a first owner.

Depending on the developer, the remaining payments might be made through a variety of different payment schedules.

Buying an Off-Plan property in Dubai and its Benefits:

  1. Exceptional payment options that need less money as a down payment (10 percent, for example). Buyer can purchase brand new and at a cheaper price as compared to the cost of a completed product
  2. More sites to choose from, as well as the opportunity to choose your buy from throughout the entire region
  3. An increase in the value of the property while it is under development will be favorable to the transaction. Option to sell at a profit before the project is completed in the event that the market rises

If ‘A’ has committed to purchasing a house off-plan, for example, this can be stated more effectively. In order to do so, he will be required to make a down payment that can range from as little as 10 percent to as much as 20 percent of the total cost of the home. The remaining balance is due only when the property has been completed in its entirety. ‘A’ year later, the property is still under construction, but rising property values in the surrounding region have resulted in a 10 percent rise in the property’s market worth when it is completed.

A has thus achieved a profit of one hundred percent on the investment he made while purchasing an off-plan house.

If they fall, or even if they remain the same, a buyer will not sell it on to another party.

Risks of buying off-plan property:

  1. Delayed Completion Time– Developments and construction projects may not always proceed as planned, and there have been several instances in which projects have been finished after their originally scheduled completion dates. As a result, it is usually essential that the buyer conduct thorough research on the developer before making a purchase. The buyer must make certain that the selling agreement he signs stipulates that he will be paid in the event of a delay. However, delays can be beneficial in a rising market, particularly in situations in which the price of the property is rising and a buyer has already committed to a purchase at the same time. As long as the developer is providing you with frequent updates and explaining the reasons for the delay, it makes sense, the consumers should be watchful. But if the buyer receives nothing but silence or phony explanations, it may be time to express some worry and begin asking questions. Instability in the Market: A downward trend in the price of real estate might result in a decrease in the value of a property owned. However, this type of risk is not limited to off-plan houses
  2. In fact, it may be more prevalent in off-plan properties because off-plan assets are more difficult to sell than ready ones. Difficulty in Obtaining a Mortgage: For large developments and building plans, the off-plan phase may be lengthy, lasting many years — during which time a great deal might happen in the mortgage market. For the most part, a mortgage offer is only valid for six months, so a buyer cannot lock in his mortgage at the same time as he reserves his land. Thus, finding a willing lender is a challenging endeavor. A developer falls bankrupt: It has happened quite a few times that developers have been unable to recover losses from a handful of failed projects or have had problems obtaining financing, and as a result, they have gone bankrupt either before building the project for the buyer or during the development process.

As a result, in order to avoid any injury to the buyer in the situations described above, the buyer should ensure that his deposit is properly protected (he gave at the time of signing the SPA). The buyer can alternatively choose to have the money put in escrow, which means that the developer will not be able to access it until the property has been delivered. Furthermore, the deposit might be covered by an insurance policy that would reimburse the buyer if the developer is unable to complete the building project.

Termination of Off Plan contract:

The property developers must inform the Dubai Land Department (DLD) of the buyer’s default in order to avoid going through the courts and cancel the contracts in question. Heikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum published Law No. 19 of 2017 in 2017, which revised Article 11 of Law No. 13 of 2008 on the Interim Real Estate Register in the Emirate of Dubai, which was issued by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum in 2008. Given that the requirements of Law 19 of 2017 constitute public policy considerations, any contract between a developer and a buyer is likely to fall under the jurisdiction of the law.

Before unilaterally cancelling an off-plan transaction for an investor (buyer) who has defaulted, the developer will be obliged to follow a number of steps at DLD, including the following: (i)Notify the DED of the defaulter’s actions; (ii)following notification, the DED will serve a notice to the defaulting buyer; and (iii)in the event of non-compliance on the side of the buyer, the DLD will issue a Report of deregistration.

After receiving a DED notification from the DED, the defaulting buyer will have 30 days to fix and cure the default on their part.

In the event that there are legitimate grounds, the DLD may be able to facilitate a mutually beneficial settlement between the developer and the buyer. Only after this 30-day period has expired will the DLD proceed and produce its report, which will include the following key points:

  1. The developer is entirely compliance with the obligations imposed by Law 19 of 2017
  2. And, the project is currently in the final stages of construction.

The significance of this report is that the DLD will deregister the Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA) at the developer’s request, without the requirement for a prior court decision or arbitral judgement to be granted, following the issuing of the DLD report: The developer may affirm the SPA and request that the buyer complete the transaction if the completion rate exceeds 80%. In the alternative, the developer can request that DLD sell the property at a public auction, with the proceeds of such sale being offset by the unpaid balance of the purchase price in the developer’s favor, or the developer can unilaterally terminate the SPA and retain 40% of the purchase price, whichever is greater.

  1. The developer is entitled to retain 40% of the purchase price and only the excess funds are returned to the buyer if the project is completed between 60% and 80% of the original price.
  2. In all of the instances described above, the buyer must receive the money back within one year of the termination or within 60 days of the property’s successful selling, whichever is earlier.
  3. On the other hand, this does not apply to real estate projects that have been canceled.
  4. Such a cancellation of a real estate project relates to and demonstrates the developer’s failure to execute an SPA, rather than the purchasers’ failure to do so.

Seek legal advice from experienced Laureates

Fotis has the potential to be your most trusted legal group with which to collaborate. You may be confident that your legal concerns are in the best possible hands with our experienced team of attorneys.

Default of the Developer:

According to UAE Civil Law, the buyer has the right to terminate the contract if the developer fails to submit or deliver the property within the specified time frame. However, if the buyer has reason to believe that the expected time of delivery of the property has not been established, the buyer may be able to seek compensation from the court. Furthermore, the occurrence of a Force Majeure event may be a factor in the cancellation and payment issues. Buyers who believe the developer’s termination of their purchase agreement was abusive or unreasonable have the right to take their case to court or arbitration, according to Law No.

The Law has a legal retroactive effect in order to provide more protection to buyers in off-plan developments, which is an exception to the constitutional norm of non-retroactivity of legislation.

The transactions benefit from predictability and transparency, and the Law enables developers to safeguard the cash flow of their projects without the need to resort to legal proceedings.

We should also mention that developers will no longer be able to collect registration fees from investors under the new Law.

With reference to Escrow Accounts for Real Estate Development in Dubai, under the new Law No. 19 of 2017, if the project is cancelled by a resolution from Rera (Real Estate Regulatory Authority), the developer is required to refund any payments made by the buyer.

New Judicial Committee for Cancelled projects:

The New Decree, which came into effect on July 23, 2013, provided for the establishment of a special judicial committee (the New Judicial Committee) to oversee cases in which the developer of an officially-cancelled construction project has failed to refund the money paid by the buyer, or any other similar issue arising out of the cancelled project (As per Article 2A). The primary function of the New Judiciary Committee is the authority to liquidate projects that have been cancelled under RERA, as well as to consider and further decide issues and claims that may arise between real estate developers and purchasers that have as their subject matter or cause the cancellation of real estate projects.

No court in Dubai would be authorized to hear cases involving a canceled real estate project, according to Article 3 of the New Decree on Real Estate Development.

Because of this, the New Judiciary Committee gains sole jurisdiction over all canceled real estate projects, which will be overseen by the committee.

Amicable settlement for off-plan Disputes:

Investors and developers can also establish an amicable agreement to resolve disputes over unpaid invoices or any other violation of contract. By providing the investor with a grace period during which to pay the arrears and insuring that the investor will be able to acquire the property, such a settlement might alleviate a portion of the financial difficulties.

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  • The changing trend of affordability for new off-plan housing is seen below.
  • It may be a possible rewarding investment for knowledgeable property owners wishing to get their feet wet in the rental sector, especially if the neighborhood is considered to be a premier rental market with a high rental yield.

The key to making smart selections about this investment opportunity, as with any other, is to empower oneself with knowledge regarding the newest off plan developments in UAE middle east.

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Off-plan developments in Dubai are one of the most popular investment locations in the world. Dubai has no boundaries in the realm of building and real estate, as they are unstoppable in their pursuit of architectural innovation. It establishes a real estate marketplace on the planet, with competitive developers presenting luxurious residences to prospective buyers. Dubai is the most well-known real estate business and market in the United Arab Emirates. Emaar, Merras, Damac, Meydan, Sobha Realty, Aziz, and Danube are just a few of the leading developers in Dubai that have luxury off-plan projects in the works, among them.

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In Dubai, each developer has their own freehold properties, which people choose because of the community-based surroundings inhabited by individuals of many nationalities in the city.

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This year, Dubai surpassed London as the most favoured real estate investment area for the upcoming year. Dubai was founded with more than 200 Arabic nations and currently has a population of over 2.7 million people worldwide, with more arriving every day. East Europe and Western Asia can fly in 4-8 hours from the Middle East, which is about halfway between the two regions. Dubai, which is widely recognized across the world as a favorite off-plan property finance location, had some jaw-dropping statistics from 2016 to 2018.

The data was officially issued by DLD.

Dubai’s development is reportedly unconstrained under its inspiring and forward-questioning leadership, as seen by the sixteen.19 percent increase reported in the first half of 2019.

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