What Is Special About Dubai? (Correct answer)

Dubai is famous for sightseeing attractions such as the Burj Khalifa (the world’s tallest building) and shopping malls that come complete with mammoth aquariums and indoor ski slopes. But this city has many cultural highlights and things to do, as well as all the glamorous modern add-ons.

What are fun things to do in Dubai?

  • In Dubai, you can enjoy Jet-skiing, snow skiing, desert safari, scuba diving, hot air balloon ride etc. And the most interesting part is you can enjoy all these things in a single day. I prefer jet skiing most. Jet skiing in Dubai is the funniest thing I’ve ever enjoyed.

What are 5 interesting facts about Dubai?

18 strange but true facts about Dubai

  • Dubai was founded in 1833.
  • There were only 13 cars registered in 1968.
  • When it opened in 2009, Dubai Metro was the longest automated rail network in the world.
  • The Palm Jumeirah can be seen from space.
  • There are 2.3 males to every female in Dubai.
  • The UAE has a Minister for Happiness.

What is a good thing about Dubai?

Dubai also has the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa, that lights up the city from wherever you look. You’ll never tire of looking at it, and its light shows and fireworks at New Years are just another reminder why this city is so special.

Why Dubai is my Favourite city?

Walking through the beaches of jumeirah to the unending passages of creek makes it so mesmerizing that you would never want to turn back from there. Dubai is just a perfect place for the extremists like me, on one end you have world’s tallest tower while on the other are oldest the trading zones of creek.

Does Dubai use toilet paper?

Toilets in souqs and bus stations are usually only for men. The hose next to the toilet is used for rinsing (left hand only if you want to go native); toilet paper is used for drying only and should be thrown in the bin to avoid clogging the toilets.

What are 3 interesting facts about Dubai?

So here are some interesting facts about Dubai and The United Arab Emirates:

  • Dubai weekend is 2.5 days.
  • Dubai was mostly a desert 20 years ago.
  • Dubai has the world’s tallest building.
  • There are 7 times more foreigners than locals in the United Arab Emirates.
  • UAE population growth is one of the highest in the world.

Can a woman work in Dubai?

Can women work in Dubai? A common misconception that people often have is that women can’t work in Dubai. In fact, the opposite is true; women can work in Dubai and many who do would claim the opportunities are better than many places in the West.

What food is in Dubai?

13 of the best foods in Dubai

  1. Khuzi. Considered the national dish of the UAE, Khuzi is comprised of roasted lamb or goat served atop a bed of exuberantly spiced rice, often studded with assorted nuts and finished with some vegetables.
  2. Samboosa.
  3. Margoogat.
  4. Manousheh.
  5. Camel Burger.
  6. Seafood.
  7. Fattoush.
  8. Dates.

Why are there showers in toilets in Dubai?

Bidet showers are used by Muslims in Muslim countries and all parts of the Arab world as well as in Asia in order to cleanse themselves with water after using the toilet. Here, water is commonly used instead of, or together with, toilet paper for cleaning after defecation.

Which country does not use toilet paper?

France, Portugal, Italy, Japan, Argentina, Venezuela, and Spain: Instead of toilet paper, people from these countries (most of them from Europe) usually have a bidet in their washrooms. A bidet like a toilet, but also includes a spout that streams water like a water fountain to rinse you clean.

Why do Muslims not use toilet paper?

Millions of Muslims and Hindus around the world were bowled over by this need to buy toilet paper since they typically wash their backsides with water. “Muslims are required to clean themselves well with water before offering prayers. Cleanliness is half of the faith, according to the teachings of Prophet Mohammad.”

11 Things That Make Dubai Truly Unique

Because of its deep links to culture and history, Dubai continues to be distinct. Dubai is one of those places that never fails to leave a lasting impression on visitors. The city’s central position, the large number of expats living there, the wealth, the traditions, and the lively culture are just a few of the reasons why so many people are drawn to this dynamic metropolis. If you haven’t been to Dubai yet, then be ready to pack your belongings; and for those who have, then here is the section for you.

Besides the fact that it has every single store and kind of entertainment possible, the ambiance within the mall is similar to that of a mini-community or metropolis, where the majority of inhabitants of Dubai assemble every weekend to catch up with one another.

Never get tired of gazing at it, and the light shows and fireworks displays around New Year’s are just another example of why this city is so amazing.

As a result, Dubai is one of the most varied and international cities in the world, making it a really unique and diversified destination for visitors and residents alike to visit or live in.

  1. Because there are so many different cultures celebrating different holidays, there will always be something fun to look forward to throughout the weekend!
  2. |Photo courtesy of Amit Kar/Flickr Most major cities across the world will offer a diverse selection of delicious cuisine, butDubai’s culinary scene is particularly noteworthy for its variety.
  3. Most things can be delivered in Dubai, including furniture, gadgets, and groceries.
  4. Due to the extreme heat of the desert and the cultural norm of not many people wanting to venture out alone, Dubai caters to all of our requirements and allows us to order in rather than go out.
  5. Who wouldn’t want delicious cupcakes delivered to their door anytime they wanted them?

His Royal Highness is also well-known for transforming Dubai into what it is today, including the development of Dubai Internet City, Dubai Media City, the Dubai International Finance Centre, the Palm Islands, the Burj Al Arab Hotel, and the world-famous Burj Khalifa structure, among other things.

  1. From the St.
  2. Regis Saadiyat Island Hotel and its $35,000-per-night Royal Suite From the gold-infused coffee you may have at brunch to the gold-infused coffee you can order at any time, Dubai certainly has its moments of excessive luxury.
  3. |Abdullah AlBargan/Flickr |Abdullah AlBargan Since the country’s independence, Dubai has grown tremendously, and it’s hard to realize that only a generation ago, many residents in the little coastal town of Dubai were still pearl divers or fishermen, as is the case now.
  4. Despite Dubai’s rapid expansion and modernisation, what distinguishes it from other cities is its ability to maintain a strong connection to the local culture, religion, and customs.
  5. Even before its economic boom, Dubai had a long history of dealing with and for gold|Tribes of the World/Flickr|Even before its economic boom, Dubai had a long history of trading with and for gold|

The recently established UAE Gender Balance Council will continue to fight to guarantee that women and men are treated equally in school and the workplace, and the future appears bright as more and more women achieve success in government, the public sector, universities, and the scientific fields.

What Makes Dubai One of the World’s Most Unique Cities?

The deep links that Dubai has to culture and history ensure that it will remain distinct. When it comes to cities that never fail to dazzle, Dubai is one of the most impressive of them. The city’s central position, large number of expats, wealth, traditions, and lively culture are just a few of the reasons why so many people are drawn to this dynamic metropolis. If you haven’t been to Dubai before, then get ready to pack your belongings; and for those who have been there before, here is the section for you!

  1. Although it has every store and entertainment option conceivable, the ambiance within the mall is similar to that of a mini-community or city, where the majority of Dubai residents congregate every weekend to catch up with one another and exchange news.
  2. Never get tired of looking at it, and the light shows and fireworks displays around New Year’s are another another reminder of why this city is so amazing.
  3. As a result, Dubai is one of the most diversified and international cities in the world, making it a really unique and diverse destination for visitors and residents alike to visit or live in the city.
  4. Because there are so many various cultures all celebrating different holidays, there will always be something wonderful to look forward to throughout the weekend.
  5. Photo courtesy of Amit Kar/Flickr.

From delicious food stalls on the beach to five-star restaurants that serve gold with their food, from traditional Emirati cuisine to the most diverse culinary scenes in the world due to the large number of expats, you’ll never have a problem satisfying your wildest food cravings in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Everything is only a click or phone call away, and it’s easy to obtain what you want.

Also a big plus is the delivery service for take-out meals.

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Phil Campbell.

Additionally, His Royal Highness is well-known for transforming Dubai into what it is today, including the development of Dubai Internet City, Dubai Media City, the Dubai International Finance Center, the Palm Islands, the Burj Al Arab Hotel, and the world-famous Burj Khalifa building, among other projects.

  • From the St.
  • Regis Saadiyat Island Hotel and its $35,000-per-night Royal Suite, Dubai has it all.
  • It’s good to know that the problem of unmarked police cars isn’t present in Dubai.
  • In addition to the discovery of oil in the region, Dubai’s astonishing expansion has been made possible by the ingenuity and hard work ethic of both the Emiratis and the immigrants and expats who have settled there in recent decades.
  • Numerous young Emiratis from Dubai are still aware of and actively participate in their local customs and cultures, and they are glad to be a part of a city that accepts change and newcomers while also remaining faithful to its historical roots and values.
  • Despite the fact that most nations across the world still have a long way to go when it comes to women’s rights, Dubai stands out in the area due of the number of native Emirati women and their influence in education and the labor force there.

With the recently established UAE Gender Balance Council, the UAE will continue to promote gender equality in education and the workplace, and the future appears promising as more and more women achieve success in government, the public sector, universities, and the sciences.


The rate of growth in Dubai is pretty remarkable, and it has ensured that it is among the world’s most contemporary cities in terms of infrastructure. There are several renowned structures in the city, such the Burj Al-Arab and the Emirates Towers, that look almost like they belong in a science fiction film. The Mall of the Emirates is one of the world’s largest retail malls outside of the United States (interestingly, the Dubai Mall now maintains that distinction), and it is also home to some of the world’s most technologically advanced ski slopes.

Theme Parks and Resorts

In a manner that no other entertainment complex has managed to achieve, PlanetWare.com depicts Dubai’s Parks and Resorts in a way that incorporates both Eastern and Western cultures. Theme parks truly do have something to offer visitors of all ages. A visit to Bollywood Park is like visiting the Disneyland of the Indian film industry, since it has attractions based on some of the country’s most successful films. At Motiongate, they’ve taken a page out of Universal Studios’ playbook by creating rides based on the studio’s biggest hits.

While the region is a must-see for tourists, there are also annual tickets available for locals to enjoy the attractions.


The fact that Dubai is known for its world-class shopping is unquestionably the number one reason why tourists come to the city. The city’s shopping malls and markets offer a diverse selection of items and draw in a large number of people on a yearly basis. They come from all over the world, including Europe, the Middle East, North America, and India. The souks of Dubai are a favorite destination for those who want to get a true sense of the culture while shopping. The Gold Souk and the Spice Souks are two of the most popular souks in Abu Dhabi, and they provide tourists with an opportunity to practice their bargaining abilities in the classic Middle Eastern way of trading.

Eastern culture

When it comes to seeing Gulf Arabs in their abayas and dishdash, tourists from all over the world may expect to be greeted by the sounds of mosques at prayer time. Even while this may come as a culture shock to some, many tourists are captivated by the manner the residents live and eat as well as the amazing domination of the architecture. The exquisitely detailed calligraphy, the scent of Arabian shisha, and the constant flow of Arabic talk are all part of the rich daily life here in this beautiful city.


The city’s variety is what distinguishes it from other cities throughout the world. While there are other cities in the globe that are incredibly varied, such as London and New York, Dubai is unique in this regard. The majority of expats who live in this city are first-generation immigrants who have instilled a wide range of cultural customs in the area.

Dubai is regarded as one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities, and the city’s cultural richness is unparalleled. Dubai is home to people from more than 200 different nationalities, with 90 percent of the population having been born in foreign countries.


In compared to other big cities, Dubai does not have as many museums as other major cities; yet, this does not lessen the cultural relevance of the city. What makes them appealing to both locals and visitors, however, is the fact that they are either completely free or quite affordable. There are a plethora of museums in this magnificent city that provide a satisfying education in the architecture and history of the area. According to Statista, the number of people that go through the doors of Dubai museums has decreased from 2014 to 2016.

In 2014, there were 1.9 million visits, while in 2015, there were 1.85 million visitors.

7-star accommodation

Dubai is home to some of the world’s most luxurious hotels, with the Burj Al Arab, which has a seven-star rating, regarded the finest of a very outstanding collection. The hotel, which first opened its doors in 1999, has since grown to become a genuinely iconic emblem of the city it calls home. Visitors throng here, while residents take pride in a genuinely spectacular structure that they may be proud of themselves. It is situated on its own artificial island, which is connected to the mainland by a private bridge built just for this purpose.

When to visit

Dubai has pleasant weather throughout the year, making it a popular destination for tourists from across the world. For those who like to travel during the cooler months, January and February are the best months to plan a trip to the area. From June through September, the temperatures surge to temperatures of up to 40 degrees Celsius. Summer months in particular are filled with tempting temptations, including fantastic sales, indoor attractions, and air-conditioned shopping complexes in addition to the usual suspects.

Tourism performance

Last year, according to a research published by TheFirstGroup.com, it was discovered that Dubai is making gradual but steady progress toward meeting its tourist goals. According to Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing, the city had 14.9 million overnight guests in 2016. That figure was five percentage points higher than the previous year and eight percentage points higher since 2012. This gain is even more amazing when you consider that the growth rate for the travel sector as a whole was four percent over the same time period.

Facts About Dubai – Some Funny, Some Crazy, Some Shocking

Last year, according to a research published by TheFirstGroup.com, Dubai is making gradual but steady progress toward meeting its tourist goals. Approximately 14.9 million overnight visitors were recorded by Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing last year. Five percentage points more than the previous year and eight percentage points higher than the preceding two years.

This gain is even more amazing when you consider that the growth rate for the travel sector as a whole was only four percent during the same period. Attracting 20 million visitors by the year 2020 is a goal for Dubai.

What is Dubai Known For?

According to a research published by TheFirstGroup.com last year, Dubai is making gradual but steady progress toward meeting its tourist goals. According to the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing, the city received 14.9 million overnight guests in 2016. This was a five percent increase over the previous year and an eight percent increase since 2012. The overall growth rate of the travel sector was four percent during the same time period, making the surge all the more noteworthy.

Facts About Dubai – From Funny to CrazyShocking!

According to a survey published by TheFirstGroup.com last year, Dubai is making gradual but steady progress toward meeting its tourist objectives. The Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing in Dubai claimed that the city had 14.9 million overnight guests in 2016. That figure was five percentage points higher than the previous year and eight percentage points more than it had been in 2012. The growth rate for the travel sector as a whole was four percent during the same time period, making the surge all the more significant.

2. Dubai’s Artificial Palm Islands Use Enough Sand to Fill 2.5 Empire State Buildings

Dubai information courtesy of Richard Schneider’s photograph. The construction of Dubai’s Palm Islands necessitated the use of 94,000,000 cubic meters of sand. A mere 37 million cubic meters of space is occupied by the Empire State Building. According to some estimates, the quantity of rock and sand used here could be used to construct a wall 2 meters wide (6.5 feet) that could be stretched around the world three times! More information regarding the building of these one-of-a-kind islands may be found on this page.

3. The Police Force in Dubai Spends More on Each of Their Super Cars Than It Costs to Send a Child to College in the USA

Observe this police car in Dubai – an interesting information about the city Dubai’s police force utilizes supercars to dazzle tourists and demonstrate how “classy” the city is, according to a fascinating truth about the city. Ferrari FF (US$ 500,000), Lamborghini Aventador (US$ 397,000), and an Aston Martin One-77 (US$ 1.79 million) are among the vehicles on display. In addition, they own the world’s fastest police vehicle, a Bugatti Veyron that they acquired for US$ 1.6 million! In comparison, four years at New York University, the most costly institution in the United States, will set you back almost $248,000!

4. The Tallest Building in the World is Located in Dubai

Located in Dubai, the Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest structure, at 163 floors high and visible from 95 kilometers away. When completed in 2009, the Burj Khalifa stood at a total height of 829.8 m (2,722 feet) and a roof height (excluding antenna but including a 244 m spire) of 828 m (2,717 feet). It was the world’s tallest structure and skyscraper at the time of its completion. Aside from that, it is home to one of the fastest elevators in the world, which can transport you to the observation deck, where you can take in a magnificent view of Dubai.

5. 25% of All Cranes in the World Were Once Located in Dubai

Although there are still many cranes in Dubai, this is an interesting fact about the city. During the height of the real estate boom, the skyline of Dubai was dotted with construction cranes. According to some estimates, the city was home to about 25% of the world’s cranes!

However, this may be a bit of an urban legend, as other sources only indicate that 2 or 3 percent of the population is illiterate. Despite this, the number of cranes in Dubai was and continues to be insane, and the city continues to grow and flourish.

6. Roughly 85 Percent of Dubai’s Population Is Foreign

The foreign population of Dubai – Interesting facts about Dubai It is believed that around 15% of Dubai’s population are Emiratis, with the other 85% consisting of expats. The majority of the laborers who are constructing Dubai’s hundreds of skyscrapers came to the United Arab Emirates from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, according to official statistics. This has resulted in them currently constituting more than half of the city’s total population. The gap between rich and poor is wide, with many immigrant laborers living and working in appalling conditions, while Emiratis have their rent, schooling, and medical expenditures covered, and upper-class foreigners make exceptionally attractive wages.

7. In Dubai Robots Are Replacing Illegal Child Labor in Camel Racing

Dubai facts are sourced from wonderfulengineering.com. Camel racing is a hugely popular sport in Dubai, much as football is in the United States and hockey is in Canada. Camel racing is analogous to football in the United States and hockey in Canada. Children were utilized to ride the camels in order to reduce the weight of the jockeys to a minimum. As an alternative to permitting youngsters from Dubai to participate, there has been an issue in the past with minors being illegally transported into the nation and used to race camels in the event.

It’s up to Dubai to come up with a workable answer.

Depending on the model, they may range from $300 to $10,000.

8. Until Recently Dubai Had No Addresses, No Zip Codes, No Area Codes, and No Postal System

Facts about Dubai from wonderfulengineering.com For the people of Dubai, camel racing is a very popular sport, much like football is for the people of the United States and hockey is for the people of Canada. Child jockeys were employed in order to maintain the jockeys’ weight as low as possible. As an alternative to permitting youngsters from Dubai to participate, there has been an issue in the past with minors being illegally transported into the nation and used to race camels in the races.

You can rely on the people of Dubai to come up with an innovative answer.

Depending on the model, they can range from $300 to $10,000 in price.

The robots also have a tiny automated whip that can be controlled remotely.

9. You Pay No Income Tax in Dubai

Dubai has several interesting facts about it. Aside from receiving a wage that is frequently extremely appealing, you will not be required to pay any income taxes when you earn your money in Dubai.

This draws a large number of people who travel to Dubai with the goal of saving a significant amount of money in a short period of time. Unfortunately, it is quite simple to spend a lot of money in Dubai as well.

10. Dubai Loves Gold

Photograph by Theodore Scott– Some interesting facts about the city of Dubai Are you interested in purchasing some gold? In Dubai, there are ATMs that may be used to withdraw gold bars! Alternatively, you may pay a visit to Dubai’s famed Gold Souk, a traditional market with over 380 vendors. A total of more than 25% of the world’s physical gold was transported via Dubai. Nonetheless, the most amusing detail about Dubai’s obsession with gold is that they hold the global record for producing the world’s longest gold chain.

11. Dubai Has the Longest Automated Metro

Dubai is the holder of yet another Guinness World Record. The Dubai Metro Red Line is the world’s longest driverless metro line, stretching 52.1 kilometers (32.37 kilometers) in length. The Green line, the second line of the Dubai Metro, is 22.5 kilometers (13.98 kilometers) in length. When these two lines are combined, the overall length exceeds that of the Vancouver Skytrain. Another intriguing fact about Dubai that has to do with public transportation is that the bus stations are all air-conditioned.

12. The Miracle Garden Is the Largest Flower Garden in the World

Do you have a soft spot for flowers? The Miracle Gardens are a must-see if you have the opportunity. There are more than 50 million flowers and 250 million plants in the Miracle Garden, which spans 72,000 square meters (780,000 square feet) and covers an area of 72,000 square meters (780,000 square feet). For flower enthusiasts, this is one of the most intriguing facts about Dubai!

13. There’s a Dinosaur Inside a Shopping Mall

Photograph courtesy of Scott Edmunds – Dubai Facts and Figures The Dubai Dino, a 155-million-year-old fossil of a Diplodocus Longus that has been nicknamed “the Dubai Dino,” is on exhibit within the Dubai Mall. It’s pretty rare because there are very few fossils in this excellent condition elsewhere in the world!

More Useful and Interesting Facts About Dubai

  1. Dubai has a population of 3.3 million people in total. Arabic is the official language of the country. The currency used in the UAE is the dirham (AED). The time zone is UTC+4 (Greenwich Mean Time). In the United States, the country code / prefix is +971. Islam is the official religion of the country. Only non-Muslims are permitted to purchase and consume alcoholic beverages and pork. Making out-of-public displays of affection, such as kissing or holding hands, can result in penalties or deportation. Saturday and Sunday are the days of the weekend in Dubai.

Is Dubai a City or a Country?

Dubai is a city, not a nation, according to the United Nations. However, and this is where the mistake arises, Dubai is also the name of the Emirate in which the city of Dubai serves as the capital, and here is where the confusion arises. In the United Arab Emirates, the emirate of Dubai is one of the seven emirates that make up the country (UAE). Although the emirate of Dubai is comprised of numerous additional municipalities and villages in addition to Dubai, the latter is by far the biggest and most significant municipality in the emirate by population and importance.

The United Arab Emirates is a nation with Abu Dhabi as its capital and Dubai as its major metropolis.

Is Dubai a State?

Yes, the emirate of Dubai is one of the seven states that comprise the United Arab Emirates. So, if you’re talking about the emirate as a whole, rather than simply the city, then Dubai is a state. I hope this has helped to clarify things, and I hope you have enjoyed learning about Dubai through these facts!

Dubai is Larger Than Life

Aiming to have the largest and finest of everything all of the time appears to be Dubai’s ambition. Its hotels strive to be the most sumptuous on the planet, including the Burj Al-Arab, which is often regarded as the greatest hotel in the world. On top of that, the city is home to one of the world’s largest indoor malls, one of the world’s largest aquariums, the world’s largest automated fountain, the world’s tallest hotel, and one of the world’s largest indoor ski slopes.

In addition, Dubai will be home to the world’s highest observation wheel starting in 2021. If you ever get the opportunity to visit this extremely unusual city, take advantage of the opportunity! Regardless of whether you end up loving it or not, it will make a lasting effect on you.

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What’s So Special About Dubai?

Over the course of the last twenty years or more, the Middle Eastern city of Dubai has risen to become one of the world’s most popular holiday and business destinations. It is a quickly rising, fabulously affluent future metropolis situated within a centuries-old Arab civilization that is swiftly developing and fabulously wealthy. If you seek for them, you will find that the ancient ways are still in use. However, they are rapidly being supplanted by the plethora of new attractions and projects that are coming up almost on a daily basis.

  • Visitors can also explore rugged mountains and majestic sand dunes, which are only a few miles away from pristine sandy beaches and lush green parks, among other things.
  • When it comes to luxury hotels in Dubai, there is no dearth of options.
  • Apartment rentals in Dubai give tourists with greater value for their money while also providing a more intriguing close-up view at this distinctive metropolis.
  • As a result of futuristic buildings such as the Emirates Towers and the Burj Al-Arab, which is the world’s highest hotel, the city’s skyline has been transformed.
  • In addition, Dubai is home to one of the world’s few 18-hole golf courses that is completely illuminated at night.
  • To mention a few examples: When finished, the Dubai Mall will be the world’s largest indoor mall, according to projections.
  • A ten-fold increase in size compared to what is now available at Dubai International Airport and Dubai Cargo Village, Dubai World Central and the Dubai World Central International Airport will be the world’s most important passenger and cargo hub.

It will be comprised of a system of canals and artificial islands that will house a variety of business, residential, and resort areas.

Throughout the city, market areas and shopping malls offer a diverse selection of consumer items, attracting millions of tourists who come to shop every year.

The souks of Dubai provide the most unique shopping experience available in the city, and they are located across the city.

The Spice Souk and the Gold Souk are two of the most popular markets in the city.

When it comes to buying and selling at the souks, it is an essential component of the process.

Fantastic shopping malls and upmarket shops can be found all around the city, and they offer practically every consumer item you can think of, including apparel, housewares, luxury products, automobiles, furniture, jewelry, electronics, and sporting equipment, among other things.

The Duty Free complex, which is located at Dubai International Airport, is another another shopping haven for visitors.

Dubai World Central International Airport, for example, will offer even larger duty free facilities than the current complex, which is already one of the largest in the world.

As new developments take place, it is expected that Dubai will become even more significant as a world-class corporate hub and a sanctuary for visitors looking for a unique and thrilling experience.

22 Fascinating Dubai Facts (From Must-Know to Fun Trivia)

Looking for some fascinating facts about Dubai? Look no further. It is, without a doubt, a fascinating country, with so many distinct characteristics and a diverse range of customs and traditions. When you travel, one of the most enjoyable elements is the opportunity to learn about different cultures and ways of doing things. Even in this day and age, when the globe has become a global village with the same stores and restaurants everywhere you look, it never fails to astonish me that the resemblance only extends to the apparent surface of things.

  • It is not because Arabs sip Starbucks coffee in Dubai and post pictures of their adventures on Facebook or Instagram using the latest iPhones that they have lost their sense of belonging to the Middle East.
  • In no way, shape, or form!
  • The fact that it is different does not suggest that it is better or worse.
  • From serious Dubai facts, to local laws and customs, to astounding figures, we’ve compiled a list of the most interesting ones for you to read here.
  • It’s important to realize that Dubai is modernizing and has lately amended a number of its rules that were previously considered strange in the perspective of a westerner.
  • We have left the original information intact so that you can see what has been altered.

1. Dubai weekend is 2.5 days

Working hours and weekend schedules in Dubai have lately been revised in order to better match with those in the rest of the globe and on international marketplaces. Saturday and Sunday are now included in the weekend in Dubai’s new 2.5-day format: half a day from noon on Friday, plus Saturday and Sunday. Monday through Thursday, the official working hours are 7.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m., and on Friday, the hours are 7.30 a.m. to 12 p.m. For a long time, a weekend in Dubai did not take place on Saturday and Sunday as it did in the western world.

Instead, Friday and Saturday were designated as weekends in Dubai.

2. Dubai was mostly a desert 20 years ago

When you take a look at how far the city has come, you can’t help but admire the vision of the city’s leaders. Beginning with Sheikh Rashid, who was concerned about the future of Dubai once the oil runs out, the movement spread. Sheikh Mohammed is credited for transforming Dubai into the worldwide metropolis that it is today. It seems like every time you go to Dubai, the city has altered a little bit more than the last.

It seems like there is always something going on, whether it be new construction or tourist attractions, for example. It is certainly a location that is always evolving and has something fresh to offer every time you visit.

3. Dubai has the world’s tallest building

When it comes to everything in the United Arab Emirates, they like to be the best: the biggest, the tallest, and the wealthiest. The tallest structures in the world, the largest retail malls in the world, the most costly hotel rooms in the world, man-made islands. You name anything, and they’ve got it. Located in Dubai, the Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest building at 828 meters (2,717 feet) and 163 stories, making it the world’s tallest structure. The Eiffel Tower in Paris, for contrast, stands 300 meters tall.

At 1.300 meters (4,265 feet) in height, it would surpass the Empire State Building as the highest man-made building ever completed.

However, just as the project in Saudi Arabia was halted, the project in Dubai was also halted.

For the time being, the Burj Khalifa will continue to be the world’s tallest structure.

4. There are 7 times more foreigners than locals in the United Arab Emirates

According to the most recent figures, foreigners constitute more than 88 percent of the population of the United Arab Emirates. This figure is likely to be substantially higher in the city of Dubai. Expats who have lived abroad for more than 20 years are eligible to submit an application for citizenship. The vast majority of foreigners in Dubai are construction workers from India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan, according to official statistics.

5. UAE population growth is one of the highest in the world

Recently released data indicates that foreigners constitute more than 88 percent of the population in the UAE. In Dubai, this figure is very certainly significantly higher. Expatriates are only eligible to apply for citizenship after 20 years of residence in the country. India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan are the countries with the highest concentration of foreigners in Dubai – construction workers.

6. There are 2 times more men in UAE than women

The male-to-female ratio in Dubai is 7 to 3. This is mostly due to the fact that many international employees do not migrate with their family. The vast majority of them travel to the United Arab Emirates to work and earn money, leaving their families behind in their own countries. Men constitute 69 percent of the population of the United Arab Emirates, with women accounting for only 31 percent. Over two guys for every woman, to put it another way. It’s happening in a place where it’s not uncommon for a guy to have a number of wives.

7. Premarital sex used to be illegal in the Emirates

This is one of those Dubai facts that has sparked a lot of debate in the past, and for good reason. Fortunately, the regulations have recently been changed, and pre-marital sex is no longer considered criminal in Dubai. In the past, you were not permitted to share a hotel room in Dubai with a guy or a woman with whom you were not legally married – at least in principle. Close family members were exempt from this rule, therefore brothers and sisters were permitted to remain together. It didn’t matter what kind of relationship you were in or whether or not you lived with your partner at the same time.

For as long as nothing occurred, no one made a huge fuss about it, although some foreigners have gotten themselves into considerable problems for doing so.

All of the unmarried foreigners who live with their partners in Dubai can now rest easy knowing that no one will ever find out that they are not officially married. Keep in mind, however, that in Dubai, same-sex relationships are still prohibited by law.

8. Kissing in public is not done

Hugs and kisses in public are still frowned upon in the United Arab Emirates, and they may even be considered unlawful. It’s OK to hold hands with your husband or wife, but that’s about the extent of the relationship. Although Dubai is far more laid-back than the other emirates, it is far more straightforward to just follow the rules rather than pushing the bounds. Several disturbing messages have been sent to me, including one about an unmarried couple being imprisoned for public show of affection and another about females getting into difficulty after being raped.

Nonetheless, in the event that the unimaginable occurs in Dubai, it is preferable to call your embassy first before contacting the local authorities.

9. There are no personal or income taxes in Dubai

Now you know why all of the expats are flocking to Dubai and why the city is growing! My husband (who works in the financial sector) has already expressed interest in relocating to Dubai. We would almost certainly be applying for a visa right now if it weren’t for the excessive heat of the summer.

10. In the recent past, Dubai had no standard street address system

Until recently, Dubai did not have a regular postal system in place at all. It was common for them to utilize Post Office Boxes, and the instructions on the letter or parcel would frequently contain directions on how to reach the location. Something along the lines of’second street to the right behind the great mosque, the third home with a white door on your left’ might suffice for now. This most likely explains why the majority of the postcards we sent from Dubai on our 2015 trip never made it to their intended recipients.

However, it appears to have improved recently, as Dubai began issuing unique identifiers to all streets and structures in order to aid in their identification.

TIP: Here’s some advise for those who are traveling (apart from not wasting your money on cards and stamps).

In addition, all of the newly constructed hotels are springing up like mushrooms after a rain, making it impossible for any cab driver to keep up with the influx of new guests.

11. No alcohol consumption under 21 years of age

The drinking of alcoholic beverages is severely regulated in the United Arab Emirates. In the past, only international visitors or foreign residents who had obtained a special alcohol license were permitted to purchase and drink alcoholic beverages in Dubai. Fortunately, this is one of the laws that has lately been loosened. Despite the fact that alcohol can still only be drunk privately or in approved public locations, homeowners no longer require a specific permission to do so. The biggest limitation now is that those under the age of 21 are not permitted to purchase or consume alcoholic beverages in Dubai.

Alcoholic beverages are offered at licensed hotels and nightclubs in Dubai, although it is not permitted to consume alcohol (or be under the influence of alcohol) in public places.

Another recent development is that consumption of hog meat is now permitted in Dubai, and you may eat during the day during Ramadan as well.

12. Dancing in public is considered provocative and is a big no-no

Who would do anything like that in Dubai, dancing on the streets? Seriously. I did it without realizing it, and the look on the face of a passing local told it all. It wasn’t that I was dancing, but it was New Year’s Eve and I was strolling by a restaurant with live music when I decided to playfully ‘dance’ with my 5-year-old kid. After that, I simply had to look it up on the internet, and it turns out that dancing in public is not permitted in Dubai. So now you’re up to speed.

13. Dubai police has the coolest cars

Ferrari FF and Lamborghini Aventador are among the luxury vehicles used by Dubai police. Each of them was between 400 and 500 thousand dollars. They even have an Aston Martin One-77 on the premises (1.79 million USD). Photograph by slava296/Depositphotos.com of a luxurious police cruiser in Dubai.

14. They keep on building skyscrapers

In Dubai, at least ten buildings are constructed each year. 2007 was a record-breaking year, with 41 structures higher than 100 meters built in a single calendar year. Dubai, along with cities such as Hong Kong and New York, is one of the world’s top-5 cities with the greatest number of skyscrapers, ranking third overall. In recent years, several too ambitious projects, such as the Meydan One Complex (which included the world’s largest residential skyscraper, the Dubai One Tower, at 771m (2,333ft), the world’s longest indoor ski arena, and other features), have been shelved.

15. Number plates matter

Many wealthy individuals in Dubai have a liking for automobiles, particularly luxury automobiles. The number plate on your automobile reveals how significant (=rich) you are in the community. The number plate with the fewest digits is the one that is most sought for. When plate No. 1 was auctioned off in 2008, it brought in $14.5 million USD.

16. They have ATMs for gold

Some ATMs in Dubai are equipped to disburse gold rather than money. Dubai is responsible for around 40% of all physical gold trading in the globe. The Dubai Gold Souk is one of the greatest places to buy gold in Dubai, and it is open seven days a week. Dubai Gold Souk is a gold market in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

17. They keep on building new hotels

In Dubai, there were 544 hotels that were open for business in 2019. In Dubai, there are now about 100,700 hotel rooms available. To give you a sense of how things used to be, there were just 64,000 hotel rooms only three years before that.

18. No food on the metro

In Dubai, you can be fined if you consume food or drink in a metro station.

19. They use robot jockeys for camel races

Middle Easterners like watching camel races, which are quite popular in the region. Due to the size of the camels, only youngsters are permitted to compete in the races. The sport has unfortunately been associated with a large number of child trafficking and abuse cases in the past, which has prompted several governments to ban it entirely.

Qatar has come up with a solution to the problem. The sport of camel racing, which continues to be a multimillion-dollar enterprise in the region, is now dominated by remote-controlled child-sized robots. In the United Arab Emirates, robot jockeys are being utilized in camel racing.

20. They consume lots of water

The United Arab Emirates has the greatest per capita water use in the world, at 550 liters per day. Compared to the worldwide average, it is almost 80 percent greater. They require cooling, which is one of the factors contributing to their situation. Dubai is a city in the middle of a desert, with sand storms and temperatures exceeding 50 degrees Celsius (120 degrees Fahrenheit). Engineers have a significant issue when it comes to cooling buildings. Vertical cooling systems, which may reach heights of more than 100 storeys, employ water pumped from extremely deep down to cool the structures.

21. Dubai bathrooms have water hoses

Every toilet in Dubai is equipped with a water hose, yet 98 percent of the international expatriates who live in the city are completely unaware of what it is for. When you enter a toilet, the water is streaming down the walls and dripping from the ceiling, yet the person who just left is entirely dry. This is called a “wet” toilet. When you go to the toilet, you stand there and wonder what on earth they have been doing in there, and you decide to search for another toilet instead. The vast majority of Muslim nations clean themselves using a toilet hose.

If you find yourself in a less-than-modern toilet in the Middle East, you’ll quickly learn to appreciate the convenience of the water hose.

22. They love luxurycrazy prestigious projects

Dubai is home to a large number of wealthy individuals, who may be found everywhere. Luxury automobiles and boats draw a great deal of attention, and individuals enjoy being seen. Sheikh Mohammed, the ruler of Dubai, is the owner of the third-largest yacht in the world, the Dubai World Yacht. The yacht, dubbed MY Dubai, is 162 meters (531 feet) in length and costs 400 million dollars. It can accommodate up to 115 people! Dubai is home to numerous prominent projects that, at first glance, appear to be too good to be true, but are in fact genuine.

Despite this, they manage to pull it off again and time again.

They certainly have leaders that dream big and work hard to make their dreams a reality!

Some useful facts about Dubai

The wealthy populace of Dubai is numerous, and they can be found everywhere. Many people are drawn to luxury automobiles and boats because they enjoy being noticed. Sheikh Mohammed, the ruler of Dubai, is the owner of the world’s third-largest yacht, the MV Rashid. It measures 162 meters (531 feet) in length and costs 400 million dollars to construct. 115 people can fit inside! When you first hear about one of Dubai’s high-profile developments, you may think it’s too good to be true. Many of them appear to be unachievable fantasies at first glance.

Consider the magnificent Palm Jumeirah (seen below), but there are countless more examples of this type of architecture across the world as well.

Leaders that think big and put their plans into action are certainly in abundance! Located in Dubai, the Palm Jumeirah is an artificial archipelago in the shape of a palm tree.

  • Dubai’s official language is Arabic, and the official religion is Islam. Dubai is located in the United Arab Emirates. The dirham (AED) is the currency of Dubai, which is the currency of the United Arab Emirates. GMT+4 is the time zone in question. In Dubai, it seldom, if ever, rains. Typically, only a few drops and 15-30 days a year are required
  • The greatest time to visit Dubai is during the colder months of November to April, when the weather is pleasant. Summer temperatures frequently approach 40 degrees Celsius (103 degrees Fahrenheit), and temperatures remain around 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit) even during the night.

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7 Great Things about Dubai –

I’ve heard a lot about Dubai because I used to work in the oil and gas sector in Houston. Every week, someone I know takes a trip to the United Arab Emirates, and they invariably return with mixed feelings. It’s like a huge sandbox. It’s quite fascinating. I can’t wait to get back there. I’ll never go back to that place. As a traveler, I want to see everything and seldom let other people’s ideas to influence my decisions too much one way or another. For Dubai, the situation is the same. Since Emirates provides daily flights to Dubai from Houston, I’m certain that I’ll be able to visit one day.

  • Kristin, please take it away.
  • Think of multiplying that combo by 10, and you have Dubai.
  • The world’s tallest hotel.
  • The only archipelago of islands that has been created by humans.
  • Skiing on a treadmill.
  • All of this makes me wonder if the radio volume doesn’t go all the way up to 13 (I didn’t test this).
  • If you swear in public, you might face a fine or perhaps jail time.
  • It is possible to be fined or imprisoned for making public demonstrations of affection.
  • As a result, I packed carefully, dressed modestly, kept my voice down, and controlled the flow of four-letter curses that may have escaped my lips.
  • The people were kind and welcoming, the weather was wonderful, and the cuisine was exceptional.

There is a great deal to see. Given that Dubai appears to come under the category of the Seven Wonders of the World, I selected seven of my favorite aspects about the city, including:

The Souks

Dubai offers an astounding variety of goods for purchase, with the sparkling gold market in particular being a must-see. At the entryway, you’ll see the words “Dubai City of Gold,” and you’ll pass store after shop filled with stunning bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and other trinkets as you travel. When it comes to gold, it is stunningly dazzling and alluring, and if you are anything like me, you will have a difficult time resisting the temptation. Even when you inquire about the cost of the gorgeous cuff you just tried on, you are informed that it costs about 30,000 dirhams (around $10,000).

  1. If you’re looking for an excellent knockoff, they have a huge selection to offer.
  2. We had a good time bargaining with the shopkeepers, and they seemed to have a good time as well.
  3. In one shop, I inquired about two pashminas and a gorgeous hand-painted table runner, and the salesperson quoted me a price of 650 dirhams on the spot.
  4. Keep an eye out for the spice souk, which is a festival of fragrances, sights, and promises of rare saffrons, crystals of frankincense, and other aromatic treasures.
  5. You can cross the stream for a single dirham on what amounts to a wooden raft with a motor, and it is quite enjoyable.

The Service

Even though Dubai is well-known for its excellent service – the city was home to the world’s first “seven-star” hotel, after all – I was nevertheless taken aback by the amount of consideration shown by the personnel of the JW Marriott in Business Bay, the world’s tallest building. The hotel, which debuted only a few months ago, will make you feel like royalty from the time you get out of your taxi and walk through the front door until the moment you check out. Due to the fact that I have an allergy to tree nuts and peanuts, the service in the dining room was really appreciated when I arrived.

Even more amazing was the fact that they didn’t need to study an ingredient list because they already understood what they were doing.

Whenever Prashant, one of the pastry chefs, prepared a plate loaded with miniature sweets that were safe for me, he brightened my day. And while I was in a meeting, he brought four plates of my favorite: baked yogurt with blueberries and gold flake, which I devoured. (Yes, there is gold flake!)

The Food

You may have noticed the gold flake on some of their desserts, which is stunning in and of itself (you won’t notice it because it’s completely unnoticeable). The buffet at my hotel was, as you might expect, enormous. Whether you’re craving Indian, Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Middle Eastern, or even American cuisine, you’ll be able to get it in this city. Breakfast included pancakes and miso soup, as well as an omelette station and fresh fruit, among a slew of other options. Dinner consisted of the smoothest, tastiest hummus I’ve ever eaten, as well as dolmas and shawarma (in this case, marinated chicken and French fries wrapped in a wrap), as well as two different chocolate fountains.

The Beach

Even in conservative Dubai, women may be found at the beach in bikinis, despite the fact that they are prohibited from doing so. I went to the public beach near the Burj Al Arab to take some shots, and the sunset reflected in the water was as beautiful as any beach I’ve ever seen in my life. I highly recommend it. Dubai has lots of coastal beauty, and I didn’t have a chance to visit the archipelago The World or the palm tree formation, but I’d want to see them from the air first if I ever get the chance.

A new acquaintance traveling from Los Angeles joined my two colleagues and myself for lunch by the beach at her base at the Sofitel, where we all had a great time catching up.

While there, we dined at a Turkish restaurant that had unusual drink mixes and small pickles as appetizers, and we rested along the beach.

The Malls

Is it possible to talk about Dubai without bringing up the subject of malls? The Mall of the Emirates and the Mall of Dubai, the two largest shopping malls in the world, exceed all expectations. Choose a brand – any brand – and you’ll find it right here on this page. Do you need to take a camel milk break? That’s what I meant. What about a pinkberry yogurt snack? That’s what I meant. What is couture fashion? That’s what I meant. A massive ice skating rink can be found inside the Mall of the Dubai, providing welcome relief from the sweltering heat that prevails during most of the year.

What an amazing sight to witness.

Unlike the Bellagio in Las Vegas, which has a water display that is at least twice the size of this one, it is also at least five times as gorgeous.

The Cars

Is it possible to discuss Dubai without bringing up the subject of shopping malls? The Mall of the Emirates and the Mall of Dubai, the two largest shopping malls in the world, are beyond comprehension. If you want to look for a certain brand, any brand will do. Do you need a vacation from camel milk? Okay, I see what you’re saying. Dessert with pinkberries in it? Okay, I see what you’re saying. What do you think about haute couture?. Okay, I see what you’re saying. A massive ice skating rink can be found within the Mall of the Dubai, providing welcome relief from the sweltering heat that prevails across most of the country.

To view it is an experience in itself.

There is no doubt that the water display at the Bellagio in Las Vegas is significantly larger and more gorgeous, but it is also at least twice as large and five times as stunning.

The People

I’ll confess that I was apprehensive about how I would be treated as an American in the Middle East, but the advice I heard from others who had previously gone was dead on: the people are nice and kind. They are warm and open to visitors even in the midst of the souks, which is a tourist attraction but also very much at the heart of the local culture. I never felt intimidated or endangered at any point during the experience. That being said, no matter where I go, I keep my eyes peeled for danger and try to travel as much as possible with friends and coworkers.

I would like to return to Dubai at a later date, when my son is a bit older, to further explore the place.

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She grew up in Elkhart, Indiana, which is known as the RV center of the world, and she is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati.

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