Where To Stay Dubai Stopover? (Solution)

Where can I get a stopover in Dubai?

  • Alternatively, Emirates offers special ‘Stopovers on Arrival’ packages that are on sale exclusively at the ‘Hotels Visas for Dubai’ desk at Dubai International. You’ll find it in the Arrivals area, prior to Passport Control/Immigration. Do I need a visa to visit Dubai?

Can I stay in Dubai airport during layover?

If your layover is between 10 and 24 hours, you could qualify for a complimentary night at a four- or five-star hotel, plus airport ground transfers, meals at the hotel, and assistance with your UAE visa on arrival, if required.

Is it worth doing a stopover in Dubai?

Now that you know that Dubai stopover is well worth it and you won’t get bored in the city, you need a place to stay for 1 or 2 nights. Below is a small selection of Dubai hotels that are well located for a short stopover in Dubai.

How much does a stopover in Dubai cost?

Dubai Stopover packages start from $48, plus I would qualify for a complimentary visa since the visit is less than 36 hours.

What can you do on a long layover in Dubai?

10 Things to do on a layover at Dubai Airport

  • Eat. With dozens of dining options, you’ll undoubtedly find something yummy to eat.
  • Relax in an airport lounge.
  • Shop.
  • Go sightseeing.
  • Freshen up with a shower.
  • Unwind at the spa.
  • Relax or work out at the Health Club.
  • Stop by the indoor gardens.

Can I stopover in Dubai Covid?

All passengers transiting through Dubai from the specified countries must: Present a valid negative COVID‑19 test certificate issued within 48 hours from the time the sample was collected and from and approved health service, which includes a QR code.

Do Emirates put you up in a hotel?

We’ll provide you with a complimentary hotel stay so you can enjoy some down time before your next flight.

Is 2 hour layover enough in Dubai?

Your luggage should be checked straight through to your final destination and two hours is plenty of time to transit through Dubai.

Do I need visa for Dubai stopover?

Transit visas for 48 hours are issued free of charge to passengers transiting through the UAE’s airports. You need to apply for the visa in advance through a UAE-based airline. The validity of the visa is 48 hours from entry into the UAE, and you must leave the UAE within 48 hours from arrival.

How long can you stopover in Dubai with Emirates?

Dubai Connect Services are available to passengers with a connecting stopover time of 10 to 24 hours. This applies to all cabin classes (First Class, Business, and Economy). Further conditions may apply*.

Can I leave the airport during a stopover?

Yes, you can leave the airport during domestic layovers. For instance, if you’re a US citizen and have a layover within the country, it is legal and safe to leave the airport. Be aware that you’ll probably be getting two boarding passes if the domestic layover is more than an hour.

How can I get free accommodation in Dubai?

In order to avail the free night stays at the five-star hotel, passengers coming from India to Dubai on Emirates flights will have to send an email to [email protected] with their confirmed booking, the name of all the passengers in the booking, phone numbers and email addresses.

What can I do with a 12 hour layover in Dubai?

Here’s how to spend a 12 hour layover in Dubai

  1. Dubai Mall.
  2. Dubai Aquarium.
  3. Dubai Ice Rink.
  4. The Gold Souk in Dubai Mall.
  5. Galeries Lafayette.
  6. Sega Republic.
  7. The Dubai Fountains.
  8. Things to do:

Can I explore Dubai on a layover?

Can You Visit Dubai During a 4-Hour Stopover? This is something I was asked in the past and the answer is no, you can’t. Dubai International Airport (DXB) is a huge place and it will take you long to get out of the plane, go through immigration and leave the airport.

Does Emirates offer free hotel?

We’ll provide you with a complimentary hotel stay so you can enjoy some down time before your next flight. You may need to show a credit card at check‑in just to secure any extras like mini‑bar snacks, spa treatments or dining expenses that aren’t included in the Dubai Connect service.

Can you see Burj Khalifa from airport?

It is not possible not to see it. It does not matter where you are in Dubai, you are always able to see the Burj Khalifa (Khalifa Tower), of course depending on weather conditions. Burj Khalifa is located next to the Dubai Mall and it’s in the middle of Downtown Dubai, the Centre of now.

Dubai Stopover: What to See & Do in 6 Hours, 1, or 2 Days (+Planning Tips)

Are you flying via Dubai and have a few hours to spare at the airport? Are you thinking of taking a stopover in the city? Or are you considering a lengthier layover in Dubai for one or two days. but aren’t sure if it’s worthwhile or what to see and do during your stopover in Dubai? This page should provide you with all of the answers you need! Read on to find out more about things to see and do during a brief stay in Dubai — whether it’s for 6 hours, 1 or 2 days. A few practical suggestions are also provided to assist you in making the best use out of your Dubai stopover or brief layover.

Additionally, towards the end of this post, you will get a few hotel recommendations for a quick vacation to Dubai.

The following guide will assist you in making the most of your time in Dubai, whether it is for a couple of hours or for one or two days.

TIP: Don’t waste your lengthy stopover in Dubai by lounging around the airport.

Check to see if you can fit at least one night in Dubai into your plan if you still need to arrange your flights through Dubai.

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Dubai stopover suggestions –overview

  • Layover in Dubai for 6-12 hours
  • One-day stopover in Dubai
  • Two-day stopover in Dubai
  • Where to stay during a layover in Dubai

Short layover in Dubai – see the best in just a few hours

For those of you who have at least 6 hours to spare during a layover in Dubai and want to make the most of your time, I have two recommendations based on our personal experience and the locations we considered to be the most worthwhile to visit in the city. Just bear in mind that immigration might take a lengthy time in Dubai, so plan ahead of time!

OPTION 1: Visit Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa

The Dubai Mall is one of the greatest places to visit in Dubai if you just have a limited amount of time to see everything. If you arrive by plane, you may take a cab or the metro to your destination – further information on public transportation in Dubai can be found here. A private airport shuttle, on the other hand, might save you both time and money if you schedule it in advance. Neither alternative is too expensive, but the metro, particularly during rush hour, may be the fastest option.

It is possible that booking a private transfer will be the least stressful choice.

Dubai Fountains

Try to witness the (free) music and light performance at the Dubai Fountains. Showtimes: 1 PM and 1:30 PM daily, except for major holidays (except Fridays). between 1:30 and 2 p.m. (Fridays only). Evening performances are broadcast everyday between 6 p.m. and 11 p.m., every half hour. The show itself is completely free, but you may also choose to take a traditional boat trip on Burj Lake in addition to it.

Due to the fact that it is one of the most popular tourist sites in Dubai, it is necessary to get your tickets in advance. Tickets for the Burj Lake Ride by Traditional Boat may be purchased right here.

Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest structure, is equally breathtaking from the ground level as it is from the pinnacle of the edifice. If you have the opportunity, I recommend that you climb to the observation deck for spectacular views over Dubai. The Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world. The At the Top event is extremely popular and frequently sold out, so if you want to participate, you should get your Burj Khalifa tickets well in advance. View of the Dubai Fountain Show from the top of the Burj Khalifa.

Dubai Aquarium

The Dubai Aquarium is housed within the Dubai Mall complex. From the mall itself, you can view the large aquarium that is on display (no need to purchase a ticket). In the event that you decide to pay a visit to the aquarium itself, plan on spending at least an hour there. It is recommended that you buy your tickets in advance for Dubai Aquarium, just as you would for most other sites in Dubai. The ticket wait at Dubai Aquarium can get exceptionally long at certain times of the day. Furthermore, if you book in advance, the price is less expensive.

TIP: If you want to visit many sites, purchasing a combination ticket is frequently the most cost-effective option.

Dubai Aquarium is a marine aquarium located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall is one of the largest shopping malls in the world, with over 100 stores. Even if you were to spend a week there, you would not see all. After seeing the fountains, the Burj Khalifa, and the Dubai Aquarium, you may want to go shopping or tour the rest of the city, depending on how long your Dubai layover is and how much time you have left after seeing them. The spectacular waterfall located within the mall should not be missed. An ice rink, dinosaur museum, cinemas, a kids’ playground called KidZania, games and attractions from SEGA Republic, and the Emirates A380 Experience are just a few of the attractions.

OPTION 2: Join an organized Dubai layover sightseeing tour

If you have a stopover in Dubai between 5 and 9 hours, booking this highly-rated private Dubai layover sightseeing tour is definitely the finest thing you can do. This customized trip with airport transfers takes you to some of Dubai’s most iconic attractions, including the Burj Khalifa and the Burj Al-Arab hotel. It also includes a ticket to the Burj Khalifa, which is already included. You won’t have to worry about any practical matters since your guide will pick you up from the airport and take you on a tour of the finest of the Emirate in a short period of time, saving you time and money.

One thing to keep in mind: the trip concludes in the Dubai Mall, where you may take part in the Burj Khalifa experience, so you’ll have to arrange your own transportation back to the airport.

This trip will pick you up and leave you off at Dubai International Airport, as well as take you to some of the most renowned destinations in the country.

Needless to say, you won’t have much time to see any of the sites, but it’s a nice opportunity to get a feel for the city and a better option than spending half a day at the airport. The Burj Al Arab and Jumeirah Beach are two of the most famous attractions in Dubai.

One full day stopover in Dubai

In order to maximize your time in Dubai, you should plan to spend at least one night or one full day there. You may combine your visit to the Dubai Mall with a brief tour of the city. Every single one of the top things to do in and around the Dubai Mall has previously been covered in detail. A half-day is sufficient time to see the main attractions. In addition to that, I recommend taking advantage of one of the short excursions that will show you a little more of Dubai in a short amount of time.

Take a look at this!

Best half-day tours for your Dubai stopover

On your Dubai stopover, you should take advantage of some of the greatest short tours the city has to offer:

  • Dubai’s past and future are intertwined. You will see some of Dubai’s most renowned attractions, such as the Blue Mosque, Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah, Atlantis the Palm, and the water taxi on Dubai Creek. You will also visit the famed traditional marketplaces of the Spice Souq and Deira Gold Souq. A visit to the Dubai Frame, a new icon in the city, is also included in the itinerary.
  • Dubai Marina is a waterfront development in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Several businesses provide Marina dinner cruises with traditional Tanouri dance performances, and they are all essentially the same in terms of quality and service. We chose the Alexandra Dhow Cruise since it was the greatest value-for-money trip available, especially for families with children, and we were not disappointed. If you’re looking for something a little less ‘conventional,’ this sunset dinner cruise has received rave reviews. Even if you don’t go on the cruise, you should visit Dubai Marina, which is a must. The atmosphere is especially active in the evenings.
  • The Dubai Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tour allows you to view the city’s greatest sites at your own speed, while also saving money. If you have a whole day to spare on your Dubai layover, this is a fantastic alternative. This is the most highly recommended hop-on hop-off tour in Dubai.
  • Tour through the desert in the morning. In case you just have a morning in Dubai and want to see the desert, theSunrise Camel Trek with Breakfast is a fantastic alternative.

Views of Dubai Marina on a dinner cruise

Two-day Dubai stopover

In the event that you have two days on your Dubai layover, you should spend one of those days viewing the finest of the city’s attractions, which are listed above. I propose that you spend your second day participating in one of the activities listed below, which will help to make your brief vacation to Dubai even more memorable. Take a look at this!

Spend a day at the water park in Dubai

Atlantis Aquaventure Water Park and Wild Wadi Water Park are two of Dubai’s most popular water parks, according to the Dubai Tourism Board. As a result, I can’t compare the two because we just went to Aquaventure at Atlantis, but it was fantastic.TIP: If you reserve your entrance tickets for the Dubai water parks in advance, you may save up to 40% on the cost of admission.

Take a day tour to Abu Dhabi

If you would prefer to go sightseeing rather than dune bashing or swimming, and you want to make the most of your brief layover in Dubai, you might want to take this highly-rated full-day excursion to Abu Dhabi. It’s an excellent method to explore the most of Abu Dhabi in a short amount of time.

Go on a Dubai desert safari

There are a plethora of firms that conduct desert trips in Dubai. Here are two of the most attractive alternatives I could find. We combined the first one with the previously stated city trip to make a full day of it. Dubai Desert Safari is 1.444 miles long. This 4- to 7-hour trip provides a brief introduction to everything Emirati, including dune bashing, sandboarding, camel riding (for no more than 5 minutes), and a BBQ dinner. 2.Sunset Camel Trek with ShowsBBQ in the evening. This trip is a little longer and a little more opulent than the last one.

Safari in the desert by 4WD

Where to stay on your Dubai stopover

As soon as you realize that a layover in Dubai is well worth it and that you will not be bored in the city, you will need a place to stay for one or two nights. The hotels listed below are a tiny selection of those in Dubai that are conveniently positioned for a brief visit in the city. TIP: I strongly advise you to spend at least one night in Dubai rather than merely passing through on your way to another destination. Because of the high volume of people passing through immigration, it will be quite stressful if you just have a few of hours between flights.

While staying near the airport or the Dubai Mall is preferable for a single night or two, it is recommended that you stay near the airport or the Dubai Mall, since this is one section of the city that you should not skip during a brief layover in the UAE.

TIP: Although staying close to the airport is less expensive than staying in the city center, staying close to the Dubai Mall provides you with greater freedom and allows you to spend more time exploring.

Good price-quality hotels at Dubai Airport:

  • Hotels in Dubai include the Holiday Inn Express Dubai Airport, Le Méridien Dubai HotelConference Center, Al Bustan Rotana – Dubai, and Al Bustan Rotana – Abu Dhabi.

Good price-quality hotels close to Dubai Mall:

  • Sofitel Dubai Downtown (conveniently located near the Dubai Mall metro station)
  • Steigenberger Hotel – Business Bay
  • Sofitel Dubai Downtown (conveniently located near the Dubai Mall metro station).

Luxury hotels close to Dubai Mall:

  • It is possible to book rooms with views of the Burj Khalifa as well as the Dubai Fountain at the Palace Downtown Dubai. The location is the Dubai Mall Hotel (rooms with views of the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Fountain are available)
  • The address is The Armani Hotel Dubai (located within the Burj Khalifa structure and offering spectacular views of the Dubai fountain)

As a result, here is our guidance to a brief layover in Dubai. I hope you were able to get some inspiration for the greatest activities to do during a stopover or a brief layover in Dubai. There is simply so much to see and do in the city that it is impossible to recommend a single layover plan that is suitable for everyone. Any of the possibilities listed above, however, will be a fantastic decision for your Dubai layover, in my opinion. Take pleasure in your journey! ALSO WORTH READING: Choosing the Right Clothes for Dubai Additional recommendations for visiting Dubai include: How Expensive Is Dubai on a Budget?

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Stopover in Dubai and enjoy the glitz and glam of the city

Dubai is an excellent starting point for exploring the many wonders of the world. In and of itself, it’s a terrific destination, but it’s also a fantastic pit stop on the way to Asia, or perhaps Australasia. Have you ever considered taking advantage of that 4-hour stopover and turning it into a full-on mini-vacation instead of rushing through it? The best chance to experience this beautiful city while resting your head in a nice hotel and adapting to the local time zone before jumping on another plane and continuing on to your final destination is a layover in Dubai.

Before we get into the details of what there is to see and do in Dubai, let’s take a look at some of the logistics.

Can I leave the airport during a layover in Dubai?

It is possible, but there are some restrictions, and it will all depend on how much time you have between flights. The simple answer is yes, but there are some restrictions. Consider the following scenario: if you just have a few hours between flights, it isn’t worth it to leave the airport. There are a variety of activities available at the Dubai International Airport to keep you engaged. If, on the other hand, you have a layover in Dubai, you are free to leave the airport as long as you have the proper documentation and visa.

However, travelers from the vast majority of nations will require one in order to exit the airport.

If you’re flying with Emirates or Etihad, which you almost certainly will be if you’re stopping in Dubai, you may obtain a visa through the airline’s travel department.

Why Dubai?

If you’d like to have everything planned for you rather than doing it yourself, you can even pre-book a custom-designed Dubai layover tour in advance.

Take a look at every reason why you should consciously arrange yourself a stopover in Dubai and add an extra mini-holiday to the beginning or finish of the main event now that we’ve covered the basics. Start thinking about what you’re going to do in Dubai during your stopover right away.

1. Flights via Dubai: the perfect stopover location, wherever you’re going

A tailor-made Dubai layover tour may be pre-booked in advance if you’d prefer not to deal with the hassle of planning everything yourself. Take a look at every reason why you should consciously plan yourself a stopover in Dubai and add an extra mini-holiday to the beginning or finish of the main event now that we’ve covered all of the reasons above. Plan what you’ll do in Dubai during your stopover right away.

2. Stopover in Dubai, and you might just be in town for a big event

There’s always something intriguing going on in Dubai, but the year 2021 is going to be particularly noteworthy, so if you’re planning a trip to the city around this period, you’ll want to keep this in mind. Expo 2020 will take place in Shanghai from October 2021 to March 2022, and more than 190 nations have confirmed their attendance. As far as we can tell from the sneak peaks that we’ve been getting, it’s going to be spectacular. Aside from the Expo, throughout the beautiful winter months, the city hosts a slew of major festivals, ranging from cinema to literature to jazz, all of which are free to attend.

3. What to see in Dubai if you’re on the quest for history

If you’re looking for a dose of history or culture during your stay in Dubai, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to do so. Traditional souks, where you may haggle over textiles and spices, can still be found in some parts of the world. Visit the Al Shindagha Museum to have a better understanding of how this city evolved into the futuristic environment that it is today.

4. Dubai airport to the Burj Khalifa: see the world’s t allest building

Take advantage of your layover in Dubai to see the world’s tallest structure and cross it off your bucket list. The Burj Khalifa, which stands at an astonishing 828 meters tall and is an awe-inspiring sight, is only a 15-minute cab trip or half-hour journey away from the airport via public transportation from the airport.

5. Shopaholics spending 1 day in Dubai can enjoy the ultimate retail therapy

TheDubai Mall is the second-largest shopping mall in the world, which is sure to pique the interest of any fashionista who plans to pay it a visit. If you’re looking for a relaxing way to pass the time between flights, look no further than shopping malls.

6. Activities around Dubai: discover the desert

Regardless of where you’ve come from or where you’re going, the deserts of Dubai will almost definitely provide a stark contrast to your surroundings. Spend one of your nights in Dubai among the sand dunes if you have a lengthy layover in Dubai and book a flight with a long layover in Dubai. Discover what life was like for the people who lived in this severely gorgeous region, yet with a splash of luxury tossed in for good measure.

Where to stay on a Dubai stopover

One of the most important steps in making the most of your layover in Dubai is to book yourself into one of the best hotels in Dubai, whether you’re only coming for a night or want to stay for many days. Are you unsure of where to begin your hotel search? Make no compromises on luxury if you want to choose the finest stopover hotel in Dubai for your travel needs. Dukes The Palm is home to the legendary Dukes Bar, as well as its own private beach, making it the ideal destination for a relaxed weekend.

More than that, it has a whiskey and cigar bar, a champagne and tea bar, and it is well-known for its mouth-wateringly delectable fusion cuisine. All of this, plus it’s only a short walk away from the Dubai World Expo 2020.

Relax and enjoy your long layover in Dubai

As you can see, there is no shortage of things to do in Dubai during a stopover, no matter what your interests are or where you want to go after your layover. So take a few days to unwind at your hotel, get acclimated to the new time zone, and explore your surroundings before continuing on with your journey. YOU MIGHT ALSO BE INTERESTED IN:

  • Relax on the greatest beaches in Dubai
  • Find out what to do in Sharjah
  • And learn everything you need to know about the Dubai Expo 2020.

Emirates offers a free hotel stay with your Dubai layover

(CNN) – The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is urging farmers to plant more crops in the coming year. Flying in 2020 may be a stressful experience, with anything from Covid testing to flight cancellations. There is some good news in that if you are stopping over in Dubai for more than 10 hours, Emirates airline may provide you with a complimentary hotel stay. The Dubai Connectservice, operated by the national airline of the United Arab Emirates, will resume operations on December 1, making travel a bit easier for those navigating flight schedules that have been disrupted by the coronavirus outbreak.

In the event of a stopover lasting between 10 and 24 hours, you may be eligible for a complimentary night in a four- or five-star hotel, in addition to airport ground transfers, meals at the hotel, and assistance with your UAE visa on arrival, if necessary.

In such instance, business and first class travellers may be offered a complimentary stay at the Dubai International Hotel at Dubai Airport – subject to availability – as well as access to Emirates’ Dubai Connect airport lounge, which is located at the airport.

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What To Do In Dubai During A Layover 2021

In recent years, the once-obscure city of Dubai has blossomed into one of the world’s most attractive metropolises, with a skyline that is among the most futuristic in the world. Over 15 million people visited the city in 2016, many of which came to shop for some of the world’s most prestigious brands, to escape the winter blues, or to attend business meetings and conferences. DXB airport, which is home to one of the world’s top airlines, is a massive hub, and many travellers crisscrossing the globe have a layover in Dubai for at least a couple of hours or more.

As a result, just follow me as I show you some of the things to see and do in Dubai during your layover, based on my own personal experience of stopping in the city on several occasions and for varying lengths of time.

It is significantly different from what you can see and do in a 12-hour stopover in Dubai, for example, than it is in 5 hours.

In addition, if you had already visited the area once or twice, you would most likely follow a different itinerary than first-time visitors would. Just to be clear, I’m assuming that you have a midday stopover and that you’ve never been to the city before when I write this.

Can You Visit Dubai During a 4-Hour Stopover?

In the past, people have inquired about this, and the answer has always been “no, you cannot.” When you arrive at Dubai International Airport (DXB), it will take you a long time to get out of the plane, go through immigration, and finally depart the airport grounds. Aside from that, returning to the airport, going through immigration once more, and getting to your departure gate would take a significant amount of time. Leave the airport only if you have at least 6 hours to spare; even then, it would be difficult to get out of the airport without being caught in traffic.

6 Hours Dubai Layover

If you have a 6-hour layover in Dubai, it’s vital to realize that in reality, you only have approximately 3 hours to kill before your flight takes off. I recommend that you take a taxi. The Dubai Metro system is excellent and up to date, but because it is quite lengthy, it might take some time to go from point A to point B. The Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest structure, was completed in 2010. The Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest structure, is the primary attraction you should see during your layover.

  • Absolutely breathtaking panoramas can be seen from the top of the mountain.
  • Travel by cab to Jumeirah Beach, where you may snap photos with theBurj al Arabhotel in the backdrop.
  • Unfortunately, you may only enter if you are a guest at the hotel or if you have made a reservation in one of the restaurant’s rooms.
  • The Burj Al Arab, Dubai’s most iconic landmark, can be found on Jumeirah Beach.

8-Hour Layover In Dubai

While returning from your visit to the Burj Khalifa and Jumeirah beach, you should make a pit stop at the souks (bazaars) in Deira district, which are located near the airport. The Gold Souk, a covered section of the bazaar with stores offering gold jewelry at an affordable price when compared to other sites, is the most visited section. There is a store in the Gold Souk. An additional intriguing location is theAl Sabkha Souk, where you may purchase unusual spices, like as saffron, from the various stores and booths that line the streets.

10-Hour Stopover In Dubai

During the day, you can see quite a few of Dubai’s biggest sites in just ten hours if you plan carefully. You may now begin exploring the Gold Souk and Al Sabkha Souk, which will be followed by a visit to the Burj Khalifa. Afterwards, take a cab or the metro to Dubai Mall, which is the world’s largest retail mallby area and contains more than 1200 stores. Even if you are not particularly interested in shopping, the Dubai Mall is a worthwhile stop because it contains an ice rink and a big aquarium, in addition to multiple cinemas.

Take in the sunset at Jumeirah Beach, with the Burj al Arab hotel in the background, before heading to the airport for the final leg of the day.

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Layover in Dubai? Emirates Offers Free Hotel For Transiting Passengers

Transportation via Dubai has suddenly become considerably more convenient, which is needed now more than ever because flying during a pandemic is not business as usual at this time. A large number of travelers are having difficulty getting direct flights due to a shortage of worldwide availability, and are being forced to make a number of stopovers in order to reach their final destination. As an example, have a look at my recent trip to Mexico. What would normally be a straightforward direct journey ended up requiring me to stop at three different airports over the course of 24 hours.

Anyone who has to transit via Dubai will find that their connection has become a little easier as a result of Emirates.

Because of the program, travelling with the airline becomes more appealing because the carrier takes care of all of the stress and expenditures associated with having a layover.

Everything You Need To Know About Dubai Connect

It has simply become much simpler to travel through Dubai for long periods of time, which is critical right now because traveling during the epidemic is not business as usual. A lack of worldwide availability has resulted in many tourists being unable to obtain direct flights to their destinations and being forced to make a number of stopovers along the way. To illustrate, consider my recent trip to Mexico. Over the course of 24 hours, I had to stop at three separate airports, which is unusual for a basic direct journey.

Thanks to Emirates, anyone who needs to transit through Dubai will find their connection to be a little smoother now.

Flights with the airline become more appealing as a result of this initiative, which relieves passengers of the stress and expenses associated with having a stopover.

How long can my layover be?

For layovers lasting between 10 and 24 hours, Dubai Connect is offered.

Can I purposely choose an extra-long layover so I can take advantage of Dubai Connect?

No. Emirates only provides the program to travelers who do not have a better choice available at the time of booking. Consider the following scenario: you are travelling from London to Tanzania, with a stopover in Dubai. If your stopover in Dubai is barely 2 hours and you have purposefully chosen a later flight that day, you will not be able to use Dubai Connect because Emirates has a faster alternative route. However, if your next flight to Tanzania is 13 hours away and you need to book a hotel as soon as possible, Dubai Connect is an option for you because Emirates does not provide a speedier route for your itinerary.

“To be eligible for the offer, the passenger must be booked on the best available connection, which is defined as the connection with the lowest transit time in Dubai, between the incoming flight into Dubai and the departure flight from Dubai,” according to the terms and conditions of the promotion.

What Hotels Are Included in Dubai Connect?

In addition to the Copthorne Hotel Dubai and the Le Meridien Airport Hotel Dubai, Emirates also employs the Le Meridien Airport Hotel Dubai for the Dubai Connect program. In accordance with the program rules, if certain hotels are not available, Emirates reserves the right to pick an alternative hotel of its choosing. The type of accommodation you are assigned is determined by the class of flight you are taking. Business and first-class guests are more likely to have better accommodations than economy passengers, although both hotels are pleasant regardless of class of travel.

  1. 5-Stars The Le Meridien is unquestionably the more luxurious of the two establishments.
  2. Even the most basic of rooms here are more than 300 square feet in size and provide a view of the verdant garden.
  3. Even though it is not as opulent as the Ritz-Carlton, the Copthorne is an excellent place to spend a free night.
  4. It also has a swimming pool and two restaurants on the premises.

What Meals Are Included?

Emirates will cover the cost of one dinner at the hotel where you will be staying, which will be determined by the time of your arrival. Example: If your stopover in Dubai begins at 3pm, your meal will be included in the price of your flight ticket. If you arrive in Dubai around 6 a.m., it’s probable that your hotel will provide breakfast for you.

How Do I Get To The Hotel?

When you arrive at the airport, a representative from the Dubai Connect support desk will direct you to the shuttle bus stop where you will be picked up for free.

How Do Visa’s Work With Dubai Connect?

Many countries, including the United States, Canada, and members of the European Union, can enter the UAE without a visa or with a free visa on arrival. When you arrive in Dubai and choose to stay at the Dubai Connect hotel, you will be required to comply with all applicable visa laws and restrictions, since you will be leaving the airport and legally entering the United Arab Emirates. Fortunately, the Dubai Connect program also serves as a type of concierge service, assisting passengers in acquiring their free visa on arrival in Dubai.

Covid-19 Rules with Dubai Connect

Due to the unusual circumstances, this program is subject to some extra (and hopefully temporary) Covid-19 limitations, as is only to be expected. In order to enter the UAE during the pandemic, all travelers will be required to produce documentation of a negative PCR test that was taken no more than 96 hours before their arrival in the country. A traveler will not be authorized to participate in Dubai Connect unless they can provide documentation of passing this exam, and they will be required to remain within the airport terminal.

Economy Those that travel – Consider the following scenario: your final destination is a country that does not need a PCR test, and you were unable to obtain one in time for your Dubai stopover, forcing you to remain in the terminal for your layover.

The lounge is equipped with comfortable chairs, refreshments, beverages, outlets for charging gadgets, restrooms, and other amenities.

Travelers on business or in first class – Visitors to the Dubai Connect lounge, as well as those staying at the ‘Dubai International Hotel’, which is located within the airport, are available to premium class travelers who need to stay inside the terminal.

Can You Leave Your Hotel With Dubai Connect?

Yes. Consider the following scenario: you’ve been assigned to the Le Meridien for a 20-hour stopover and you’d want to visit the local shopping center or Gold Souk market. You are welcome to leave the hotel premises, but you will be responsible for any fees incurred as a result of your departure.

Be on your best behavior…

Even while Emirates maintains the right to terminate the program at any time or reject any ticket based on the fare paid or other factors, they also have a few provisions in place for misbehaving passengers. The fine print states that if any passenger uses indecent language, appears to be under the influence of alcohol, or fails to take health and safety precautions seriously (such as wearing masks on the flight), all Dubai Connect benefits will be immediately forfeited, according to the terms and conditions.

How To Book Dubai Connect

A reservation for Dubai Connect must be made at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure time of your flight. Following the booking/confirmation of your flights, you will be able to log into Emirates using your last name and the booking reference code you received. Once you’ve signed into your booking, select’manage’ from the drop-down menu and then ‘Dubai Connect’. All qualifying itineraries will be possible to book the Dubai Connect features through the airline’s website.

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Disclaimer: Current travel regulations and limitations are subject to change at any time without prior notice. In the end, the decision to travel is yours to make or not to make. Before going, check with your consulate and/or local authorities to confirm your nationality’s entrance requirements and/or to inquire about any changes to travel requirements. Travel Off the Beaten Path does not promote defying official government advice.

These Stopover Programs Allows You To Explore Dubai In 24-Hours

Most likely, at some point during your foreign travels, you’ll have to pass through Dubai to get to your destination. The city, which is regarded as one of the most beautiful and dynamic in the world, is not only the luxury capital of the globe, but it also serves as a gateway to numerous destinations around Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. The unfortunate reality is that most people’s visits to Dubai are limited, with the most of their time (10 hours or less) being spent in the airport or leaving quickly to see the famed Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest structure.

  1. Resorts with a high level of luxury There is only one Royal Mirage, and there is only one Royal Mirage.
  2. Visitors going to and from far-flung areas via Dubai will be enticed to learn the city’s rich traditions and legacy while also having time to relax at a One Only resort as part of the Stopover in Styleexperience.
  3. With the recently reinstated flights to Asia and Africa via Dubai and Abu Dhabi, theStopover in Styleexperiences help travelers make the most of their layovers when traveling internationally, enticing them out of the airport and into the fresh air to explore the United Arab Emirates.
  4. Passengers transiting via the airline’s Dubai hub who have a connecting time of more than 10 hours can take advantage of a complimentary 4- or 5-star hotel stay.

According to the airline’s statement made late last year, “with Dubai Connect, Emirates customers will enjoy a complimentary night’s stay in a four- or five-star hotel, ground transports to and from the airport, meals at the hotel, as well as a UAE visa on arrival if applicable.” A more convenient travel route is intended for clients whose best connection time is between 10 and 24 hours away from their destination.

It is possible to receive a complimentary night at a four- or five-star hotel, ground transportation, meals at the hotel, and assistance with your UAE visa upon arrival if your stopover is between 10 and 24 hours long.

The service is available to all travelers, regardless of their travel class, unless they are heading to a place that needs a PCR test for COVID-19 upon arrival, in which case the service is not available.

You should not miss out on taking in the vistas from the Burj Khalifa’s observation deck, browsing the designer shops at Dubai Mall, riding camels in a desert camp, or simply relaxing on the beach at La Mer.

You’ll also have no problem finding a flight schedule that works for you with Emirates, which has a large number of daily flights to 140 locations worldwide across six continents.

Dubai Stopover Package

There’s a good chance that you’ll have to pass through Dubai at some time during your overseas travels. The city, which is regarded as one of the most beautiful and dynamic in the world, is not only the luxury capital of the globe, but it also serves as a gateway to numerous destinations in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, as well as the Mediterranean Sea. The unfortunate reality is that most people’s visits to Dubai are limited, with the most of their time (10 hours or less) being spent in the airport or leaving quickly to see the famed Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest structure.

  • Resorts with the highest level of luxury Royal Mirage is a one-of-a-kind and one-time only Visitors visiting the Palm in Dubai, for example, may prolong their journey and “Stopover in Style” by staying at the resort.
  • During the two-nightStopover in Styleexperience, guests are encouraged to immerse themselves in local culture, learn new things through guided excursions, rejuvenate themselves through sumptuous wellness, and go on an epicurean journey through rich, world-class food.
  • Additionally, the national carrier of the United Arab Emirates, Emirates, began itsDubai Connectservice on December 1, making travel a bit simpler for individuals navigating flight schedules that have been disrupted by the coronavirus outbreak, according to the company.
  • A transit passenger flying on two Emirates flights utilizing the greatest available connection for your selected itinerary is required in order to qualify for this service — therefore don’t even think about booking a ticket with a longer stopover just to get around the rules of the game.
  • A more convenient travel route is intended for clients whose best connection time is between 10 and 24 hours away from their home.
  • Customers who qualify for Dubai Connect but are unable to leave the airport will be granted access to the Emirates Dubai Connect airport lounge, where they will be able to “unwind and relax,” according to the airline.
  • Early this year, Emirates became the first airline to promise to reimburse passengers’ medical expenditures and quarantine charges in the event that they develop COVID-19 while traveling.

And, with a plethora of daily flights to 140 locations worldwide, covering six continents, you’ll have no problem finding a flight time that works for you on Emirates’ schedule.

Dubai Layover Emirates

Everybody will find something to their liking, and our product is simple to book and immediately includes all of the savings offered by cooperating vendors and lodging establishments. Booking provides a delightful experience that cannot be replicated by any other web page. As a matter of fact, we are the only website that is solely dedicated to the city of the deserts. Make a reservation with us and explore all there is to do in the UAE. Because there are so many hotels, excursions, and sights to select from, it might be difficult when deciding where to schedule your layover.

Dubai Stopover Package

Because of the scale of our firm, we can ensure that we will always have the best pricing. When it comes to marketing travel, we have more than 50 years of experience in the tour running industry.xxIf your web search seems unending, consider a targeted solution that is entirely focused on only a stopover. We provide the most extensive Desert safari alternatives from leading vendors in the United Arab Emirates, some of them have received excellent reviews on Trip Advisor. Because of the scale of our firm, we can ensure that we will always have the best pricing.

How to Rock a 24-Hour Layover in Dubai – Never Ending Footsteps

I had no intention of traveling to Dubai. However, after I unintentionally cancelled my trip from Cape Town to Lisbon, the cheapest alternative route carried me via the United Arab Emirates, and it would cost me nothing more to spend an extra 24 hours in the city. I couldn’t imagine turning down such an opportunity. So, with less than a day’s notice, I found myself unexpectedly in Dubai, having no idea what to do or where to go. I managed to pull off one of my most effective layovers to date, and I was able to pack a significant amount of activity into my limited time there.

Here’s how to make the most of your 24-hour stopover in Dubai.

First Up: Hit the Sand

The Arabian Peninsula is known for its sand, and as a lover of all things desert, I knew I wouldn’t be satisfied with my stay in Dubai until I found a way to get out and explore it. Fortunately, I did just that. Finding a tour was not a problem because I wasn’t the only one with this fixation, and there were hundreds of options to pick from! There were a plethora of options, but just one that worked for me. The fact that I didn’t want to spend my whole day in the desert eliminated any options that didn’t leave in the morning, as the afternoon trips frequently extended far into the evening, if not overnight.

  1. I booked it immediately.
  2. that had excellent ratings, didn’t penalize lone travellers with an annoying single person extra, and would allow me to have a taste of the desert without taking up the most of my day.
  3. However, as was typically the case, the desert was well worth the trip.
  4. We only had three hours to see as much of the desert as we possibly could, so we were out on the sand and running from one thing to the next from the time we arrived.
  5. Because it cost an additional $20, the vast majority of individuals, including myself, chose not to participate.
  6. My attention was drawn away from the desert and towards our driver when I heard a hissing sound.
  7. Which, to my astonishment and disgust, turns out to be just as brutal as it appears on the surface.

If you do, take a triple dosage of dramamine before you get on the bus because your stomach is going to feel this ride.

Until you know it, you’ll be spinning in circles, twisting and turning, before you’ll catch some air and smash into a second dune.

No matter how much my stomach churned throughout my time on the dunes, I never felt in any danger.

He’d shown us a video of himself driving a car on its right side while riding on two wheels while we were in the automobile.


And then I cracked a grin.

The driver took out a pair of sand boards for anyone who wanted to give it a shot, and one of the older women instantly went down the slide halfway.

I swear I thought she’d broken her neck when she swerved out of control and into the trees.

After a little less terrifying trip back to base, camel riding was the last item remaining on our desert to-do list before heading home.

I’ve rode a camel in the Sahara Desert before, and I know how unpleasant it is to ride on one for an extended period of time.

In the event that you just have a limited amount of time in Dubai, my trip seemed to be the ideal approach to get a brief taste of what life is like in the desert without devoting too much of your important travel time to it.

For a total of $47 (which included transportation, a drink, dune bashing, sandboarding, and an ATV ride; the camel ride is an additional cost), I was able to spend three hours out on the sand, and it was just what I had been hoping for.

Time to Explore the Souks

After returning to my accommodation, I had a little nap to get rid of any leftover motion sickness, and then went exploring through the souks of Old Dubai to see the less glittery side of the city. My hotel was within walking distance of the marketplaces and mosques, which made it really convenient to move about this section of the city. I had only seen souks in Marrakech and Muscat before this trip, and my experience in Dubai was a breath of fresh air in compared to prior experiences. Each item in Dubai has its own souk, whether it’s gold, perfume, spices, or textiles, and as a result, these well-organized markets were everything from perplexing.

  • In contrast to the touts in Morocco, who would lunge out at me every few seconds, the touts in Dubai didn’t even bother to holler at me.
  • With my pricey cameras draped over my shoulder, I never felt in any danger of being robbed while walking about town.
  • While all of this contributed to a lot more delightful buying experience, I must say that it resulted in a less fascinating trip experience as a result of it.
  • Speaking of spices, the spice souk in Dubai was without a doubt my favorite, which isn’t a huge surprise considering how much I like it.
  • I used to like inhaling their aromas and planned which recipes I’d include them into.
  • One of the most memorable experiences was visiting the perfume souk, which was brimming with Arabian fragrances, incense, and an incredible amount of frankincense.
  • In the case of the gold one, it just looked like a series of garish jewelry stores.

Head to Burj Khalifa for Sunset

If you want to see the most of Dubai, you should take a ride up the world’s highest structure, the Burj Khalifa, to the observation deck. Moreover, I recommend that you treat yourself because tickets are not inexpensive. I spent 205 AED (55 USD) to visit the 125th floor, which was rated as the best value choice by reviewers. You can pay even more to get much higher (500 AED/135 USD! ), but I’m of the opinion that once you’re that high up, it doesn’t make that much of a difference to the views whether you’re on the 125th or the 148th level of the observation deck.

  1. When is the best time of day to visit?
  2. My long-held desire has always been to photograph the elusive Dubai fog at sunrise, but due to my early morning arrival and departure, this was not feasible, so I had to make do with images of the sunset instead.
  3. made it a little better, y’know?
  4. I realize this seems absurd, but you must allow yourself a significant amount of time to locate the entrance to At the Top, since Dubai Mall is an aggravating maze, and you will become disoriented if you don’t plan ahead.
  5. It was almost as if it had occurred to me.
  6. You’ll go in that way for quite some time without seeing another sign until you reach a fork in the road.
  7. Afterwards, you’re just like, “Oh my gosh, it looks like I just paid $55 to run around a shopping mall.” It took me thirty minutes to get to Dubai Mall before my boarding time, and I ended up checking in ten minutes late after dashing through the mall for a total of 40 minutes.

The views of Dubai are more than worth the trouble of stumbling about a shopping mall in quest of the entrance, which is not easy to find.

When I was 18 years old, I traveled to New York City for the first time, and one of my first visits was the Top of the Rock, which is now known as the Empire State Building.

And while it happened more than a decade ago and has never happened again, every time I dare the climb to the top of a large structure, a small part of me worries that I will lose my mind once I reach the top of the skyscraper.

The bulk of Dubai was visible from where I was standing, despite the haze and clouds that were there.

Hanging out at the top of the Burj Khalifa was one of the least vertigo-inducing locations I’ve ever visited, and I believe that a significant part of that is due to the fact that we were so far up on the building.

), and being at the top of the Burj Khalifa felt a little bit like being at the top of the Empire State Building.

Given that grey skies were the overriding theme of my day in Dubai, I skipped out on what would most likely be a dull sunset and hurried off to the next site on my itinerary after an hour of staring out at the scenery.

Checking Out the World’s Largest Choreographed Fountain

Much though seeing the Burj Khalifa is one of Dubai’s most popular attractions and activities, I was delighted to hear that something even better was practically just next door. The Dubai water show is the largest choreographed fountain performance in the world, and it runs every half hour after 6 p.m. till the early hours of the morning. Arabian music echoes across the lake, as dazzling lights illuminate the fountains and water sprays as high as 500 feet into the air. The entire experience is breathtaking.

  1. The only drawback is that it isn’t free.
  2. Just as I was getting into the performance and was ready to go for my camera, it came to an abrupt halt.
  3. It just takes ten minutes to finish.
  4. It wasn’t long before I returned to my hotel since, not only had I come on an overnight trip, but I was also departing on an early morning flight that would have me getting up at four o’clock in the morning.

My First Impressions of Dubai

For a variety of reasons — including immigrants forced into slavery, laws that penalize women for being raped, and regulations that may result in the death sentence if you’re LGBT — Dubai had never piqued my interest, and I knew I’d never make a serious attempt to visit there in the future. I’m not a believer in boycotting countries because of their questionable ethics because, once you start down that path, you’ll find that there are virtually no countries you can visit, including, most likely, your own country.But I do try to be as ethical a traveller as possible, ensuring that my money goes to locals and small businesses rather than large hotel chains and restaurants.So, how did Dubai fare for me?

It wasn’t my favorite location that I’ve ever visited, but it wasn’t my least favorite either, which was a relief.

I chose to stay in Old Dubai because, in addition to being more economical, it seemed to be more in keeping with what I was looking for.

It was raining and cloudy, and the sky was perpetually grey, so I’m sure everything would have looked better against a brilliant blue sky.

I stayed in a lovely hotel in Old Dubai that was only a few minutes’ walk from the souks and had a staff that was warm and welcoming.

It’s not a destination I’d go out of my way to see, but if I had a stopover in the city and had the option, I’d take advantage of the opportunity to visit the spice souk.

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