How Much Are Taxis In Dubai? (Solved)

Do taxis in Dubai take credit cards?

  • Yes all Dubai Taxis are accepting cash and credit cards. I traveled and tried many times. Taxi travelers in the emirate of Dubai can now pay the fare for their trip by debit, credit or Nol card, according to an announcement made by the Road and Transport Authority (RTA) on Feb 2014.

Is taxis expensive in Dubai?

Dubai taxis are very cheap, depending on what part of the world you are coming from. There will always be some visitors to Dubai who are unused to European, UK or North American expectations of the costs of hailing and riding in a taxi.

What is the cost of taxi in Dubai?

The minimum fare for a general taxi ride in Dubai is Dhs12. Therefore, for any distance that you go to, you will be charged Dhs12 at least. Your fare will be calculated depending on the distance you go during the peak and non-peak hours.

Is Uber or taxi cheaper in Dubai?

In Dubai, Uber and Careem typically cost more than a taxi. The advantage is that Uber offers a flat rate, so if there’s traffic and you’re going a long distance, it can also be cheaper. In general, Careem is less expensive than Uber for shorter distances and Uber is less expensive for longer distances.

Is taxi cheaper in Dubai?

Between Uber, Careem and the Dubai Taxi, the DTC taxis fares in Dubai are the most affordable. They are also the most convenient. With a fleet of over 5,000 vehicles, RTA taxis in Dubai can be easily found and hailed from any part of the city.

Can I pay by card in Dubai taxi?

Yes, All taxis in dubai accept credit cards, debit cards, nol cards and cash.

How do you pay for taxis in Dubai?

Yes, all taxis in Dubai have the necessary equipment to accept debit, credit and Nol cards. However, there are times when these machines are ‘out of order’, so if you need to pay by card, be sure to ask your driver before you get in the taxi.

Will my debit card work in Dubai?

It’s pretty uncommon to pay for goods and services in Dubai with any currency other than the Dirham. However, International credit and debit cards, such as Visa and Mastercard, are widely accepted at retailers. ATMs are situated nearly everywhere, and foreign debit cards can usually be used in order to take out cash.

How much is a plate of food in Dubai?

While meal prices in Dubai can vary, the average cost of food in Dubai is AED164 per day. Based on the spending habits of previous travelers, when dining out an average meal in Dubai should cost around AED65 per person. Breakfast prices are usually a little cheaper than lunch or dinner.

Are Dubai taxis safe?

The Roads and Transport Authority says all of Dubai’s taxi drivers are safe, well-trained and held to the highest standards. DUBAI // The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) says its new In Safe Hands programme is a personalised taxi service, and carries no stigma for drivers who are not part of it.

How can I get around Dubai cheap?

The easiest way to travel around Dubai is by taxi. Taxi in Dubai is very cheap and it’s also about the same price as Dubai Uber. Taxi in Dubai costs less than a euro per kilometer. We used taxis a lot and with five of us in a car, it was often the cheapest way to travel around.

Can I use USD in Dubai?

Yes, US dollars are widely accepted in Dubai. You will have to ask for a translation from their currency to determine price but there is no problem.

Is driving in Dubai easy?

Driving in Dubai is one of the most dangerous things I have done. There is no courtesy on the highway and everyone drives at speed. Drivers have no lane discipline – they change lanes without warning and drive slow in the “fast” lanes and vice versa. Construction makes a mess out of trafffic.

Are there Ubers in Dubai?

Complete your plans today by reserving a ride with Uber in Dubai. Request a ride up to 30 days in advance, at any time and on any day of the year.

In 9 Minutes, I’ll Give You The Truth About Taxi Dubai Costs

Actually, it won’t take nearly as long as you think it will. If you are traveling from one area of the world to another, you will find Dubai cabs to be quite affordable. There will always be those tourists to Dubai who are unaccustomed to the prices of hailing and riding in a cab that are expected in Europe, the United Kingdom, or North America. According to the Mumbai Taxi Fare Calculator, a journey of fourteen kilometers (nine miles, for those of you who aren’t familiar with the metric system) costs slightly more than US $3.00.

From the Airport to Your Hotel

If what I’ve said thus far hasn’t persuaded you, you’ll probably want to continue reading to find out why. Take the trip from Dubai International Airport (DXB) or Dubai World Central Airport (DWC) to your hotel, which will most likely be the first cab ride many of you will ever take in Dubai. The first point is that taxis look like taxis. You can be contacted by a pleasant individual who inquires as to whether or not you require a cab. Make no mistake about it: he’s running an unlawful taxi business out of an unmarked automobile that’s also unlicensed and unregularly inspected.

You won’t have to wait for long because the distribution of consumers to taxis is systematic and effective.

You will be charged the exact amount that the meter indicates at the end of the journey.

According to Dubai standards, the airport to hotel ride is always the most expensive because the flag-fall charge (what you pay just for getting into the taxi) is twenty dirhams (AED20), as opposed to only AED 5 for hailing a cab on the street or getting into an AED 5 taxi at a taxi-stand (which is the least expensive).

Is it possible for you to budget for the expenditures in advance?

Calculate the real distance between the airport and the hotel using Google Maps or Apple Maps, and then enter the information into the following calculator to determine the cost.

When traffic conditions are varied throughout the day, waiting periods are longer, and while the taxi is sitting in traffic, the meter is still running.

The most important thing to remember is that the fare you are asked to pay will not be much different from what you had anticipated. It is unlikely that there will be any unpleasant shocks at the conclusion of the journey that are “twice, or triple what I expected.”

Give Me Some Actual Nnumbers

OK. The distance between the Hotel Atlantis (which is the one out on the point of the Palm Jumeirah) and the Dubai Mall is around AED 60, which is approximately US $16.50 for a 26 kilometer (17 mile) ride. Isn’t it a little less than a dollar per mile? That’s what I’d call inexpensive. While we’re on the subject of cabs from hotels to other parts of Dubai, the fancier hotels generally have similarly lovely courtesy vehicles, which they are more than delighted to summon for you when you need them.

Are There Any Other Surprises That I Might Need to Know About?

If you want to go to a nearby Emirate, specifically Sharjah, which is located immediately north of Dubai, you will be charged an additional AED 20 fee. This is added at the point when the cab crosses the border into the country. For those of you who enjoy watching taximeters tick over, you might be curious as to why the fare suddenly increases by twenty dirhams at a specific point in the journey. At the end of the ride, you are still required to pay only the amount displayed on the meter. You could come into a rogue driver who attempts to take advantage of you, thinking that you’re an easy prey because you’re new to the nation, fatigued and jet-lagged, and unsure of how much you should be paying.

  1. Take the cab’s license number and threaten to file a complaint with the RTA, which is the official government entity in charge of overseeing and regulating all modes of transportation in the UAE.
  2. The concierges at the hotel will also intercede on your behalf and inform you whether or not the fee is correct.
  3. Their pink roofs make it easy to spot them from a distance.
  4. On the other hand, if you request that your wife waves instead, the driver has the option of pulling over to pick you both up if she so desires.
  5. No matter how much you believe in equality, you should not sit in the front seat of an unaccompanied male cab passenger while you are traveling alone.
  6. This is an uncommon occurrence, yet it has occurred.
  7. I’m sorry, but I don’t have any personal experience with this.
  8. For those traveling long distances for a fixed fare, such as from Dubai to Abu Dhabi or from Dubai to one of the northern Emirates, such as Ras Al Khaimah, an Uber cab may be an excellent option.

In accordance with Uber’s open and transparent approach, you may utilize the web URL provided above to obtain an estimate for the journey you desire to take, whether it is inside Dubai or from Dubai to another city.

Dubai Taxi

Travel in comfort and safety with Welcome Pickups. 96 out of 100 reviews in the last 7 days137 reviews Safety Rating (Net Safety Score) As part of our response to the COVID-19 epidemic, we’ve developed a statistic that measures how safe travelers feel when utilizing our services. Upon completion of each voyage, we request that each traveler provide a review.

  • A 20-minute interval exists between transfers. Each journey is followed by at least 20 minutes of thorough cleaning of the vehicle’s interior surfaces and ventilation of the cabin by our drivers. Car sanitation should be performed on a regular basis. Our drivers meticulously clean and disinfect their vehicles in accordance with the Welcome Safety Protocol. Ride with no contact When you make your reservation, you may specify that you do not want to communicate with the driver throughout the transfer with a single click. The driver will not assist you with your bags or shake your hand in this situation. Every vehicle should have a hand sanitizer. Every one of our travelers will have access to hand sanitizers and hand wipes courtesy of us. The sanitizer that our drivers apply before and after each ride is provided by us.

Taxis in Dubai

The fact that traveling around Dubai without taking cabs is exceedingly tough will become apparent to you as soon as you set foot in the city. With limited public transportation and excessively high temperatures for wandering about on the streets, Dubai is mostly a taxi-centric city with little public transportation. Fortunately, obtaining a cab in Dubaicouldn’t be much simpler, and riding in one is incredibly comfy as well. You can hail a Dubai taxi from the street, call for a radio taxi, or walk to one of the 50 official taxi ranks and get into the first cab to arrive at the front of the line.

  1. The Dubai Taxi Corporation also operates a number of other government-licensed vehicles.
  2. The base fare is 2 euros.
  3. DRIVERS WHO HAVE BEEN TRAINED Drivers that are fluent in English have been hand selected.
  4. Quality Support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week by email and phone.
  5. TRAVELING FROM DUBAI TO ABU DHABI 60 €62 €1H 40MIN 60 €62 €1H 40MIN

Dubai Taxi Prices

The average cost of a travel in the city is 6 euros. Taxis in Dubai do not charge predetermined rates for trips throughout the city; instead, they utilize a taximeter that calculates the fare depending on the distance traveled, which is controlled by the government. When taking aDubai taxi, the basic fare varies based on your location and the time of day, but the price per kilometer traveled remains constant. The rate per kilometer traveled is always 0.45 euros (1.82 AED). It is possible to travel from 6:00 am to 22:00 pm for a basic ticket of 2 euros (8 AED) From 22:00 to 6:00 p.m., the base cost is 2.20 euros (9 AED) If you prefer to have your hotel concierge arrange for a taxi for you, the basic rate will increase to 2.90€ (12 AED), although, unlike most other large cities, the pricing per kilometer will stay at 0.45€ per kilometer traveled (instead of 0.45€).

If you leave your taxi waiting for more than one hour, you will be charged an extra fee of 6€.

(25 AED) What our clients have to say about Welcome. “Anabelia, our tour guide, was just fantastic. She took us on a tour of Greek history and cuisine, gave excellent recommendations, and helped us to better appreciate Greek culture and cuisine. This excursion comes highly recommended by me.”

How to get a Taxi in Dubai

A travel in the city will cost you on average 6 euros. Instead of charging a predetermined charge for trips throughout the city, taxi drivers in Dubai utilize a taximeter that is based on distance, and the rate is established by the Dubai Municipal Council. When taking aDubai taxi, the basic fare varies based on your location and the time of day, but the price per kilometer traveled remains same. Always 0.45 euros per kilometer driven (1.82 AED). It is possible to travel from 6:00 am to 22:00 pm for just 2 euros (8 AED) The standard fare is 2.20€ from 22:00 to 6:00 p.m.

(1.82 AED).

The tour guide, Anabelia, was outstanding.

It is without a doubt a worthwhile experience.”

Book your Dubai Taxi Transfer in Advance

Reserving yourDubai transport in advance gives you the option of using a local Dubai Taxi Corporation car or booking through a third-party service provider. You will be required to pay a 2€ (8 AED) extra during the day and a 2.90€ (12 AED) surcharge during peak hours if you want to book with a local taxi operator. Your fee will be determined based on the distance traveled at the standard rate per kilometer traveled. To schedule a fixed-rate Dubai transport so that you know precisely how much it will cost, contact a private transfer service, such as Welcome Pickups, which specializes in airport transfers.

Dubai Taxi Tips

  1. Although it is not mandatory to tip your taxi driver in Dubai, it is always appreciated when you do so. If you had a pleasant travel, a gratuity of 5 or 10 AED will go a long way toward making it even better. Make careful to have tiny dollars with you because taxi drivers don’t always have a lot of change on them. The majority of major credit cards are accepted in Dubai cabs. The majority of taxi drivers in Dubai are expats from places such as South Asia, and as a result, they don’t speak much English and are unfamiliar with the city’s roadways. To ensure that your driver arrives at his or her location using the nearest landmark, make sure to look up the landmark before your travel. Before you begin your journey, double-check that your driver has set the taximeter to the right base fare. It is safe for women to ride in cabs in Dubai
  2. Nevertheless, it is recommended that they sit in the rear seat solely because riding in the front seat might be misinterpreted. There are women-only taxi businesses with exclusively female drivers, which are referred to as Ladies Taxis and feature pink roofs
  3. There are also women-only limousine services. Baby seats are not provided by Dubai Taxis as a normal feature, so be sure to carry your own.

Wheelchair Accessible Taxis in Dubai

The Al Khair Travel program, launched by the Dubai Taxi Corporation in the first quarter of 2019, allows persons with impairments to ride for free in taxis. With the use of specially designed ramps and chair lifts, all of the vehicles in the Al Khair Ride fleet are totally accessible to those who use wheelchairs. As part of their training to ensure the safety of all handicapped passengers, the drivers are also taught to help those with impairments. In order to reserve an Al Khair Ride cab, please phone the following number: 042080808.

Dubai Taxi Safety and Complaints

The possibility that your taxi driver would attempt to charge you the incorrect fare, be unpleasant, or cause issues during your Dubai transfer exists although it is rare. Alternatively, you can file a complaint with the Road and Transport Authority (RTA) by email or phone if this happens. You may anticipate a response by email within 3 days, and a phone resolution within 7 days if you contact us by phone. RTA:Email:[email protected]:8009090 Before filing a complaint, make a note of the date, time of day, cost, and route of your travel, as well as the license number and name of the driver who provided you with the service.

You should also request a receipt from your taxi driver because it contains the majority of the information you want.

Frequently asked questions

Dubai taxis operate under a government-standardised fee scheme that is dependent on distance traveled. The base fare varies depending on the time of day and the location of the pickup. It costs 2€ (8 AED) from 6:00 to 22:00, and it costs 2.20€ (8 AED) from 22:00 to 6:00. (9 AED). It is possible to boost the standard fee to 2.90€ by requesting a pickup from a hotel or calling for a cab in advance (12 AED). The price per kilometer, on the other hand, is always 0.45€. (1.82 AED).

Are taxis in Dubai safe?

Dubai Taxi Corporation regulates and regulates all taxis in the city, which means that all taxi drivers and cars must adhere to tight laws and rules. Women might even take use of customized cabs that are available in the city. These pink-topped vehicles are driven by female drivers and are available 24 hours a day. Although this has been said, if you have any concerns during your ride, such as overcharging or impolite behavior, you may contact the Road and Transport Authority (RTA) of Dubai through email at [email protected] or telephone at 8009009.

Do taxis in Dubai accept credit cards?

Yes, all cabs in Dubai are equipped with the technology necessary to take debit, credit, and Nol cards. But there are instances when these devices aren’t working properly, so if you need to pay with a credit or debit card, make sure to ask your driver before getting into the cab.

Dubai Taxi

Using advanced technologies that make the request for various transportation services smooth, the smart application “DTC App” is intended to enable customers to reserve taxis and limousines in an easy, smooth, and innovative manner, in an integrated manner with the Dubai Taxi Corporation’s Control Centre and with the Reservation and Distribution Center of the Public Transportation Agency of the Roads and Transport Authority, in an easy, smooth, and innovative manner.

Fast downloads and registration are followed by the selection and reservation of a car in three simple stages, saving the consumer time and allowing them to book in three simple steps.

The application also provides options for direct payment or payment by credit card.

Read on to find out more

People of Determination Taxi

People with a Strong Will to Succeed To put it another way, the taxi service is truly “Special Wheel for a Special Need.” The highly advanced car has been outfitted and designed with the passenger’s comfort and convenience in mind. It is possible to reserve it in advance through the Dispatch Center for all of your destination needs throughout the United Arab Emirates.

In addition to their size and red roof top, these cars may be identified by the blue universal special needs symbol insignia, which is located on the side passenger doors and rear windshield of the vehicle. Read on to find out more

Taxi Fare in Dubai

Distancemiles EstimatedPrice* Distancemiles EstimatedPrice* Distancemiles EstimatedPrice* Distancemiles EstimatedPrice* Distancemiles EstimatedPrice*
3 23.95 AED 13 63.78 AED 23 103.61 AED 33 143.44 AED 43 183.27 AED
4 27.93 AED 14 67.76 AED 24 107.60 AED 34 147.43 AED 44 187.26 AED
5 31.92 AED 15 71.75 AED 25 111.58 AED 35 151.41 AED 45 191.24 AED
6 35.90 AED 16 75.73 AED 26 115.56 AED 36 155.39 AED 46 195.22 AED
7 39.88 AED 17 79.71 AED 27 119.54 AED 37 159.38 AED 47 199.21 AED
8 43.87 AED 18 83.70 AED 28 123.53 AED 38 163.36 AED 48 203.19 AED
9 47.85 AED 19 87.68 AED 29 127.51 AED 39 167.34 AED 49 207.17 AED
10 51.83 AED 20 91.66 AED 30 131.49 AED 40 171.33 AED 50 211.16 AED
11 55.81 AED 21 95.65 AED 31 135.48 AED 41 175.31 AED 51 215.14 AED
12 59.80 AED 22 99.63 AED 32 139.46 AED 42 179.29 AED 52 219.12 AED

The fare shown here is an estimate. Due to factors such as the time of day, tolls, work (available routes), various vehicle companies, errors in collecting pricing, and other human or software mistake, the real rate may change from the quoted fare.

Dubai Taxis

Dubai is not a city that is particularly hospitable to pedestrians. Taxis are a convenient mode of transportation around the city if your destination or departure location is not close to a Metrostation. When compared to other western cities, taxi charges are reasonable (partly due tolow petrol and fuel prices). Drivers are generally courteous, and the most of them speak understandable English. In Dubai, there are essentially three types of taxis to choose from:

  • Dubai Taxi Corporation – official taxis
  • Uber – multinational taxi and transportation firm
  • Careem – a Dubai-based taxi and transportation company (which was bought by Uber in 2019)
  • And others.

Fare Comparison – All Taxi Services (Dubai Taxi Corporation v Careem v Uber)

Installing the RTA’s S’hail smartphone app is the quickest and most convenient method to find out how much a taxi journey would cost. Enter your starting place and destination, and the app will provide you with an estimate of the cost of all available taxi services (including Careem and Uber). Fares and travel times for various means of transportation (such as the Dubai Metro, buses, and taxis) are also provided. The Dubai Taxi Corporation also offers a standalone app that provides fares for only its own services, which is available for download.

  • The standalone Uber application may be obtained by clicking here.
  • Instead of downloading applications, all providers provide web-based taxi fare calculators, such as the ones listed below: The web-based fare estimator for the Dubai Taxi Corporation may be accessed here.
  • Careem provides a fare estimation tool, which may be found here.
  • There are, however, a variety of circumstances that might influence the fare (surge pricing, vehicle type chosen, vehicle type availability, traffic conditions etc.).
  • Taxi service on Sheikh Zayed Road

Dubai Taxi Corporation

The Dubai Taxi Corporation is a subsidiary of the Dubai Government Roads and Transport Authority, which is responsible for road infrastructure in Dubai (RTA). It is responsible for the operation of official taxis in Dubai. The fleet as a whole consists of more than 10,000 vehicles (although taxi operations are franchised out to other companies). All of these official taxis have cream-colored paint on their bodies. The colors of the roofs vary from business to company. The cars of the Dubai Taxi Corporation (with red roofs) account for almost half of the overall fleet.

Company Roof Colour
Arabia Taxi Green
Cars Taxi Blue
City Taxi Purple
Dubai Taxi Corporation Red
Metro Taxi Orange
National Taxi Yellow
Oneroad Brown

Dubai Taxi Corporation – Fares

Fahrenheit rates for Dubai Taxi Corporation cars are controlled and are determined by the meter reading.

The bare minimum fee is 12 AED. Standard taxi fares are listed in the table below. Vans, ladies taxis, and special needs vehicles are charged at different rates. These charges are also applicable to franchisees (Arabia Taxi, Cars Taxi etc.)

Fare Day 06:00 – 22:00 Night 22:00 – 06:00
Starting fare – street pickup 5 AED 5.5 AED
Starting fare – booked 10 AED 12 AED
Meter fare – charge per km 1.82 AED / km 1.82 AED / km
Waiting fare 0.5 AED / minute 0.5 AED / minute

Toll charges (Salik) of 4 AED are applied to the cost each time the cab goes through a toll gate. Fares from Dubai International Airport are slightly more expensive than those from other locations. The introductory fee is 25 AED (about $2.50). It costs 1.96 AED per km traveled if the meter is switched on. If the meter is not turned on, the journey should be free.Fares can be paid in cash or with a credit card, Nol card, or smartphone (Apple Pay, Samsung Pay).

Dubai Taxi Corporation – Telephone Booking Number

For reservations of a Dubai Taxi Corporation/RTA car over the phone, use the number 04 2080808.

Dubai Taxi Corporation – Taxi Ranks

Additionally, cabs can be hailed on the street or hired via a taxi rank, in addition to being booked online or over the phone. At Dubai International Airport, taxi ranks can be found in all of the terminals. There is no need to make a reservation in advance. Taxi ranks can also be seen in retail malls, Dubai Metro stations, hotels, and bus terminals, among other places. Dubai Mall, taxi rank, and other points of interest

Dubai Taxi Booking Apps

Online reservations are available through the applications of the Dubai Taxi Corporation, Uber, and Careem. The Dubai Taxi Corporation app may be downloaded from the following link. The Uber app may be obtained by clicking here. Careem’s application may be obtained by clicking here. The RTA’s S’hail app allows users to compare fares and make reservations for all three services.

Dubai Taxi Rates and Types

The RTA (Roads and Transport Authority) is responsible for the operation of local public transportation in Dubai, which includes the metro, buses, water buses, and trams. Summer temperatures in Dubai may rise over 45 degrees Celsius, making it an unsuitable destination for pedestrians to explore. The five-lane motorways and 100km/hr speed limit make it unsafe to ride a bike around, and it is nearly hard to go about on foot because of the traffic congestion. Traveling about in Dubai, on the other hand, is not a burden at all because there are several modes of transportation available to assist travelers.

Dubai Taxi Fares

The answer to this question is dependent on where you are coming from on the planet in the first place. Visitors who are accustomed to the prices of hailing and riding in a cab in Europe, the United Kingdom, or the United States may find Dubai to be more reasonable. Naturally, there are cheaper locations in the globe to rent a cab than Dubai, but if you are traveling to Dubai from a city like London or a city like Sydney or a city like New York, you may be in for a nice surprise. Taxi charges in Dubai are quite inexpensive when compared to those in western cities, owing to low gasoline and fuel prices.

Every time the cab passes through a toll gate, a Dh.4 toll charge (Salik) is applied to the fare.

In the event that the meter is not working, the ride is free. According to the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), taxi charges in Dubai are still among the most affordable in the world when compared to most other major cities.

Starting Meter Fare:

Time of day taxi fee 06:00am to 10:00pm- The starting meter rate may vary based on where you are booking the taxi and what time of day you are taking the taxi. It is possible that the starting meter charge will be Dh.20 when hired from the Dubai International Airport area during the daytime (between 6am and 10pm), while it could be Dh.3.00 when hired on Road/Street pickup, and it could be Dh.6.00 when hired through the Dispatch Center, depending on where you are located and when you book. Cab fare throughout the night (between the hours of 10:00pm and 6:00am): When hiring a taxi during the night (between the hours of 10:00pm and 6:00am), the beginning meter price will be Dh.3.50 when hired on the road and Dh.7.00 when booked through the dispatch center.

Waiting Taxi Fare

Once the taxi comes to a halt, the waiting charges begin. Taxi waiting charges in Dubai are Dh.30.00 per hour, with an extra Dh.0.50 per minute levied for each additional minute of waiting.

Which is cheaper – Taxi or Uber?

Taxis are a more convenient mode of transportation for getting from one location to another. Taxis are readily available at the airport and in the surrounding area. You may also hire a cab online or phone Dubai Taxi, which is the city’s official taxi company. Recently, ride-sharing applications have become increasingly popular in Dubai, and they have emerged as a serious competitor to Dubai Taxi. In Dubai, Uber and Careem (a home-grown startup that operates in 53 locations across the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia) are often more expensive than using a cab.

If you’re traveling small distances, Careem is less expensive than Uber, but Uber is more economical when traveling longer distances.

Further to this, Uber has established an open and transparent policy, and as a result, you may visit their website and obtain an estimate for the journey that you intend to take from Dubai to a different location.

Are Taxis Safe in Dubai?

Generally speaking, the public transit system in Dubai is safe and dependable. Taxis and ride-sharing services are typically considered to be safe, at least in most cases. When you get into a taxi, make sure that the driver’s name and identification number are clearly visible on the rear of the vehicle, so that in the event of an emergency, the information may be provided to the authorities. Make certain that you only utilize legal taxis or other recognized modes of public transportation, and that you never accept a trip from a complete stranger.

Instead, proceed to the main stairwell.

Keep away from visiting the city fringes and such similar remote regions at inconvenient times of the day.

In terms of women riding alone in a cab, it is typically OK, but it is important to remember to sit in the back seat rather than the front, as this may be misinterpreted.

To be on the safe side and be more careful, use a pink-roofed cab with a female driver (also known as a “Ladies Taxi” in Dubai) when traveling. For information on public transportation journey planning, contact 800 9090 or go to.

Types of Taxi Services

This general service is available to any and all clients who desire to utilize DTC cab for any and all of their travel needs inside the United Arab Emirates. Despite the fact that the public taxi does not have a distinctive logo, it is easily identifiable due to its plain red roof top with no other colors and occasional ads on the doors and rear bumper. Reservations for this service may be made by phoning 04 2080808.

Airport Taxi

These are reserved only for the purpose of assisting passengers arriving at Dubai International Airport. In order to differentiate the Airport Taxi from other taxis, the vehicle’s front left and right sides are marked with letters and numbers. The Airport Taxis can even assist you in getting to and from different emirates around the country. Nothing more than looking for the taxi sign symbol at Terminals 1, 2 and 3 will enough to get you on your way. Visitors who wish to make a reservation in advance can do so by calling 04 2080808, sending an SMS, or making an online reservation.

DTC VIP Taxi (Luxury Taxi Service)

In addition to offering exquisite comfort and privacy, this service differs from traditional taxi service in that it employs a dedicated driver. Everyone using Dubai International Airport Terminals 1, 3 and the surrounding area can take use of it. Choose from about 20 premium black automobiles, ten 2012 Infiniti M37s, and ten 2012 Lexus S350s with white license plates number, all of which are available for purchase. There are approximately 45 drivers available who are dressed in a formal black suit and wearing a special cap.

Booking a cab may be done by dialling the number 04 2080808.

Ladies and Families Taxi

Females and Families Taxi is a service that is only for ladies and is operated by female drivers. According to availability, this roomy cab is allocated especially for ladies and families of all nationalities. It may be reserved by dialing 04 2080808 directly, or picked up at the Dubai International Airport, major shopping malls or hospitals. This service has a bright pink roof top and is the only one in the DTC network that does not have a red roof top.

Special Needs Taxi

The Special Needs Taxi service is specifically created to be a ‘Special Wheel for Special Needs’ and is a smart vehicle that has been outfitted and developed with the traveler’s convenience in mind. It may be reserved up to 24 hours in advance by dialing 04 2080808, and it is identified by the blue icon emblem with the universal special needs symbol that is displayed on the side doors and back window of the vehicle. For a Special Needs Taxi, the beginning meter fee is Dh.6.00 during the daytime and Dh.7 during the nighttime, depending on the distance traveled.

Hatta Taxi

This service is only available to inhabitants of the City of Hatta, despite the fact that it has the permission to pick-up and drop-off consumers from anywhere in the world, including Dubai.

The service is available between Al Sabkha (near the Public Bus Station) and Al Aweer (near the Airport) (Fruit and Vegetable market).

Hala Taxi E-hailing Service

Hala — an e-hailing service for taxis – is the most recent addition to the list. The Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) announced the official inauguration of the joint venture with Careem – Hala in August 2019. It is the newest method of reserving a cab in Dubai, and it can be done using the Careem app. Hala is planning to have a fleet capacity of over 5,500 Dubai taxis available on the Careem app by September 2019, which would account for half of the RTA’s taxi fleet at that time. Also in the works at this time is a reduction in the projected time of arrival to less than 5 minutes in the next months.

In Safe Hands Taxi Service

This service is available to all clients on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, depending on the customer’s wish. Aside from the fact that the drivers are well qualified, the service is distinguished by the comfort of prompt service, privacy, and overall excellence. The service is available to all members of the community, with a specific emphasis on women and children, students, families, and persons with special needs, among others. To make use of the service, phone 04 2080555 or complete the application online and send it to the address shown below.

SMS Taxi Service

The SMS Cab Service has been implemented to make taxi reservations more convenient and efficient. To use the service, all you have to do is send a text message to 4774 with the area code displayed on the SMS board in the subject line. Because the service is linked to the RTA’s Distribution and Reservation System, all requests are routed immediately to the system, and the next available taxi within the customer’s location is sent. Only Etisalat numbers, on the other hand, may make use of the SMS Taxi numbers.

You will receive an SMS containing your reservation number.

Taxi Rental Service

The DTC provides a taxi rental service with a driver for local travel if you make a reservation at least 24 hours in advance by phoning 04 2080808. The rental charge for 6 hours is Dh.500, while the rental rate for 12 hours is Dh.800. Taxi rental services provide a set fee of Dh.1000 for 24 hours, Dh.800 for 12 hours, and/or Dh.500 for 6 hours rental of a car with a driver for government agencies, strategic partners, and private enterprises.


When it comes to driver services, Mashweer is a new service that provides fully-trained, competent drivers (without the use of taxis) to individuals who are interested in hiring a driver for a short length of time, as agreed upon between the two parties. You will, however, be responsible for providing a car, as well as appropriate insurance and gasoline. You can reach us at 04 2080555 if you require service.

Visit the DTC Customer Service Office, located in Terminal 3 of Dubai International Airport, to obtain the service as well. Dh.40 per hour for a minimum of two hours, Dh.250 every eight-hour block of time, Dh.1000 for a week, and Dh.3500 for a month are the rates paid for this service.

How to book a taxi?

Telephone arrangements for taxi service may be made by calling 04-2080808 (toll free) (for enquiry and reservations). In the case of dialing from a landline, the prefix “04” is not required. Another option is to use the RTA’s online taxi booking service, which may be accessed by signing on to the agency’s website. Since the middle of 2014, cabs may now be hired using the RTA Smart Taxi app, which was developed by the Dubai RTA. The program allows users to book a cab directly from their smartphones, saving them time and money.

  • The taxi’s progress may also be watched in real time on the screen.
  • During the day, the starting fare for booking a taxi using the app by phone is Dh.6, and at night, the starting fee is Dh.7.
  • DTC Address:Dubai Taxi Corporation P.O.
  • Box 2647Amman Street, Al Muhaisanah Area,Main Building, First Floor,Tel: +971 4 2641111 Email:

Taxi Rental Rates within Dubai

Telephone arrangements for taxi service may be made by dialing 04-2080808. (for enquiry and reservations). When dialing from a landline, the prefix ’04’ is not essential. There is also the RTA online taxi booking service, which may be used by signing on to Since the middle of 2014, cabs may also be hired using the RTA Smart Taxi app, which was developed by the Dubai Roads and Transportation Authority. A cab may be ordered using the program, which is accessible through a smartphone or tablet.

  • Also available is real-time tracking of the taxi’s whereabouts.
  • If you order a taxi using the app on your phone during the day, the initial charge is Dh.6 and at night, it is Dh.7.
  • DTC Contact Information:Dubai Taxi Corporation P.O.
  • Box 2647Amman Street, Al Muhaisanah Area,Main Building, First Floor,Tel: +971 4 2641111 Email:

Airport Taxi Fare

The fundamental requirements are the same for all sorts of taxis, just as they are for any other mode of transportation. The first meter fee will be Dh.25.00 when you enter the region around Dubai International Airport. There are running meter costs of Dh.1.00 every 571 meters and Dh.1.75 each kilometer for use of the machine. The waiting charge rates are Dh.30.00 per hour, with a rate of increase of Dh.0.50 costs each minute.

Special Needs Taxi Fare

The fundamental requirements are the same for all sorts of taxis, just as they are for any other mode of transportation. The first meter fee will be Dh.25.00 when you enter the region around Dubai International Airport. If you make a reservation through the Dispatch Center inside Dubai during the day (from 6:00am to 10:00pm), the initial meter price for road/street pick-up is Dh.6.00, and if you make a reservation during the night (10:00pm to 6:00am), the starting meter charge for road/street pick-up is Dh.7.00.

For bookings made through the Dispatch Center outside of Dubai, the prices are computed from the point of departure to the point of arrival at the final destination. The meter fare for 285 metres is Dh.0.50, while the rate for 1 kilometer is Dh.1.75. The fare for 1 kilometer is Dh.1.75.

Ladies Taxi Fare

The fundamental requirements are the same for all sorts of taxis, just as they are for any other mode of transportation. The first meter fee will be Dh.25.00 when you enter the region around Dubai International Airport. If you make a reservation through the Dispatch Center inside Dubai during the day (from 6:00am to 10:00pm), the initial meter price for road/street pick-up is Dh.6.00, and if you make a reservation during the night (10:00pm to 6:00am), the starting meter charge for road/street pick-up is Dh.7.00.

There are running meter rates of Dh.1.00 every 625 meters, Dh.1.75 every 571 meters (Airport) payable at Dh.1.75 per kilometer and Dh.1.60 charged per kilometer.

The waiting charge rates are Dh.30.00 per hour, with a rate of escalation of Dh.0.50 levied every minute.

Mashweer Taxi Fare

It is possible to hire this service for Dh.40 per hour for a maximum of two hours. There will be a fee of Dh.250 for eight hours of service, Dh.1000 for a week, and Dh.3500 for a month.

Major Taxi companies in Dubai

  • GreenTel: +971-4-2855566 Toll free:
  • Color: Green

City Taxi

  • Blue is the color of choice. Contact number: +971-4-2693344 Toll-free number: 800-227789
  • Website:

Dubai Taxi

Keep a map of Dubai ready at all times. Make an effort to become familiar with the prominent landmarks in your vicinity. Always try to stick to the cream-colored Dubai Taxi franchise cabs when traveling around the city. It is not recommended that you utilize private unmarked taxis since they are unlawful and may become engaged in frauds.

Taxi by SMS

It is possible to order a cab by sending an SMS message. Getting a cab in Dubai is as simple as sending an SMS text message to 4774, requesting one at any of the taxi ranks in the city. Each taxi rank has a unique location number, which must be mentioned in your SMS request in order to be fulfilled. An email confirmation will be sent to you, as well as a phone call from a local taxi service.

Private Taxis

Although private taxis are readily available and widely used in Dubai, employing them is considered unlawful, and customers who use an illegal car pool service may be subject to a fine.

Tipping Taxi Drivers

In contrast to New York and other cities, this is not required in Dubai or even the rest of the United Arab Emirates. Some customers leave no gratuity at all, while others leave up to 15 to 20 percent of the whole bill, depending on the situation.

Taxis to Other Emirates

Taxi licenses are issued by the government of each emirate. As a result, if you take a taxi in Dubai, you should ensure that the taxi is registered in Dubai and that it takes you to your destination. In a same vein, if you wish to go from Sharjah to Dubai, you should only get into a cab that is registered in Sharjah.

Dubai Taxi Fare: Starting Price, Calculator & More

Taxis are one of the most convenient modes of public transit in Dubai, and it is easy to hail one. Various taxi alternatives are available via the service, allowing it to meet the demands of a wide range of customers. The Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) provides a wide range of services, ranging from the traditional use-by-all fleets to ladies-only taxis and special cabs for persons of determination.

The fare for these cabs is also vary from one another. Here is a comprehensive reference on Dubai taxi fares, including how to calculate them, how to pay them, and more.

Taxi Fare according to Types in Dubai

The rate for a taxi in Dubai varies based on the type of cab you choose. The number of openings is varies, as is the cost per kilometer traveled. Furthermore, any salik and toll-gate taxes are the responsibility of the passengers and are not included in the ticket. In Dubai, the Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) provides the following types of taxi services:

General Taxi

This is a generic cab that anybody may order by dialing the DTC number or by reserving it online through the DTC website. These do not provide any special services and do not have any needs that are unique to them.


Starting fares are AED 5 for travel between 6 AM and 10 PM and AED 5.50 for travel between 10 PM and 6 AM. Booking and distribution are charged at a rate of AED 10 to 12. Taxis are one of the most convenient modes of public transit in Dubai, and you may call one by hailing it.

Airport Taxi

This service is only available to tourists who are arriving at Dubai International Airport and no one else.


When it comes to taxi fares at Dubai International Airport, the initial rate is AED 25, with additional charges of AED 1.96 every kilometer traveled after that.

Limousine Taxi

DTC Limousine Taxi is a chauffeur-driven luxury car service that mostly caters to tourists and business travelers. Anyone, on the other hand, can take pleasure in a ride in it.


Airport Fees: The starting charge is AED 25, and the fee per kilometer traveled is AED 3.25. Outside the airport: AED 7.5, then AED 3.50/km after that once outside the airport grounds.

Hatta Taxi

Despite the fact that the taxi is especially built to serve the inhabitants of Hatta, it is also permitted to pick up and drop off clients in and around Dubai.


25 Dirham per passenger for a seven-seater. For other cars, the starting cost is AED 6 in the morning and at noon | AED 7 after 10 p.m. for the rest of the day.

Ladies Taxi

In order to provide convenience for ladies and families, a females-only taxi service operates a fleet of automobiles driven solely by female drivers. However, this service is only available to families and women, and it is only one of the numerous initiatives being taken to improve transportation for women in the United Arab Emirates.


Charges at the airport: The starting fare is AED 25, 1.96/km. The following prices are applicable outside the airport: AED 5 for 6 AM to 10 PM | AED 5.50 for 10 PM to 6 AM | AED 10-12 for booking and distribution. In order to provide convenience for ladies and families, a females-only taxi service operates a fleet of automobiles driven solely by female drivers.

Taxi for the People of Determination

These vehicles, which are more frequently referred to as special needs taxis, are intended to provide convenience and comfort to those with special needs and disabilities. These taxis are a part of a larger network of transportation options for those who are determined to live their lives comfortably. These are well-equipped for that function and are accessible to those who use wheelchairs.


Charges at the airport: The starting fare is AED 25, 1.96/km.

The following prices are applicable outside the airport: AED 5 for 6 AM to 10 PM | AED 5.50 for 10 PM to 6 AM | AED 10-12 for booking and distribution.

Taxi Rental

The DTC taxi rental service provides the option to rent cabs with drivers. With this service, you may travel across Dubai at your leisure. To use the service, you must make a reservation through the Dispatch Center at least 24 hours in advance.


AED 500 for 6 hours | AED 1800 for 12 hours | AED 3000 for 24 hours

In Safe Hands Taxi

It is possible to use this service on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Using only the most experienced drivers, the service promises a private, safe, and comfortable travel that is both quick and efficient.


Starting fare is AED 25, followed by AED 1.86/km after that, with AED 0.50/min waiting costs | refundable deposit is AED 200 |

Dubai Taxi Fare Calculator:

If you use the rates shown above, you may quickly estimate the Dubai RTA taxi charge for a certain journey. You may, however, utilize the DTC fare calculator to make things a little simpler for yourself. Simply enter the kind of taxi, pickup point, and drop-off destination into the website’s input fields, and you will receive an exact estimate of the lowest taxi cost in Dubai, as well as the estimated travel length for that specific ride.

Book a Taxi in Dubai

You can quickly and simply hire a cab in Dubai using the internet. It’s as simple as visiting the DTC website or app and selecting the book now option.

DTC Smart App

Getting a cab in Dubai is simple if you use the internet. Select the Book Now option from the DTC website or mobile application.

Careem, Uber or Taxi Fares in Dubai: Which is the cheapest?

  • Fare Breakdown
  • Taxi Costs in Dubai
  • Careem Prices in Dubai
  • Uber Fares in Dubai
  • Frequently Asked Questions

There are several modes of transportation available in Dubai. Of course, having a personal vehicle is the most convenient option. You may, however, order an Uber or Careem, or even a local RTA cab, to get to your location swiftly even if you don’t have your own vehicle. In order to assist you in determining which of these three services is the most economical, we’ve put up a full comparison of Careem, Uber, and Dubai Taxi rates in the UAE.


While public transportation in Dubai is a convenient alternative, many individuals prefer to travel alone. Keep in mind that the cost of your taxi, Careem, or Uber travel is determined by the following factors:

  • Starting Fee/Base Fare– The cost at which the ride begins (which varies depending on the time of day)
  • The cost at which the ride concludes. Minimum Fare – This is the bare minimum amount that you will be required to pay
  • Cost per minute – This is the fee that is charged for any stops that are made along the journey. For example, waiting at traffic signals or at traffic stops during traffic congestion is included. Cost per Kilometre – This is a fee that is charged based on the distance that is traveled during a trip. In the case of Uber and Careem, this is the amount of time a driver must wait before a passenger enters the vehicle. Waiting charges for Careem begin to accrue after three minutes of waiting time. In the case of Uber, you will be billed five minutes after the driver has arrived. In the event that you seat in your taxi right after it arrives, there will be no further waiting costs applied to your bill. If you have pre-booked your ride by phoning the assistance center or using the app, you will be charged a booking fee. Valuation Added Tax (VAT), Salik toll costs, peak rates, and other surcharges are examples of factors that might influence your prices.

In this section, we will examine the pricing for a Dubai cab as well as the rates for Careem and Uber in Dubai. We have selected the three most prevalent sorts of rides, which are as follows:

  • Economists define economy as the most affordable
  • Luxury automobiles for business use
  • Max/Van – Cars that can accommodate up to six people


RTA taxis are the most affordable taxis in Dubai. If you’re looking to hire a cab in Dubai, ordinary taxis are the most cost-effective alternative. The DTC Limousine Service, which is a Business service that provides premium chauffeur-driven automobiles such as a Lexus, is the next best option. Groups of up to six persons can be accommodated in van taxis. The following are the taxi charges in Dubai for three different types of services.


Ride Type Base Fare Minimum Fare Additional Cost Per kilometre
Ride TypeRegular Taxi Base FareAED 5 (6am-10pm), AED 5.50 (10pm-6am) Minimum FareAED 10 – 12 Additional Cost Per kilometreN/A
Ride TypeDTC Limosoune Base FareAED 7.5 Minimum FareAED 12 Additional Cost Per kilometreAED 3.50
Ride TypeVan Taxi Base FareAED 7.5 Minimum FareAED 25 Additional Cost Per kilometreAED 1.96

In order to avoid paying the higher Dubai Taxi prices, you should avoid taking a taxi from the Dubai International Airport. The minimum taxi cost in Dubai from the DXB Airport is AED 25 for normal taxis and van taxis, respectively.

The taxi prices in Dubai for renting a DTC Limousine from the Dubai International Airport likewise start at AED 25. Please keep in mind that all RTA cab reservations must be completed through the app as well.


The Careem App is one of the top two ride-hailing applications in Dubai, ranking second only to Uber. Careem is one of the two most popular ride-hailing services in Dubai, along with Uber. The Toyota Previa, Chevrolet Impala, and Lexus ES-350 are some of the company’s economy vehicles. If you choose the Business service, you will be transported in high-end luxury vehicles. To accommodate a large group, the MAX option provides six-seater vehicles. A glance at the prices for Careem rides in Dubai may be seen here.


Ride Type Base Fare Minimum Fare Additional Cost Per kilometre Additional Cost Per Minute
Economy Base FareAED 6.7 Minimum FareAED 15 Additional Cost Per kilometreAED 2.48 Additional Cost Per MinuteAED 0.67
Business Base FareAED 6 Minimum FareAED 8 Additional Cost Per kilometreAED 2.64 Additional Cost Per MinuteAED 0.9
MAX Base FareAED 18 Minimum FareAED 20 Additional Cost Per kilometreAED 3.38 Additional Cost Per MinuteAED 0.9

Careem offers a wide range of options in addition to the three primary service categories. As a result, it is considered to be one of the greatest applications for travelers visiting Dubai. Please keep in mind that the prices for each of these alternatives varies significantly.

  • Premiere Class — These are luxurious chauffeur-driven limousines that provide superior service. Careem Kids – Cars that are equipped with a kid safety seat
  • Riders in a Tesla or comparable luxury electric vehicle can use Careem Electric to go around town.

In the Careem app, a Hala Taxi is an RTA cab that can be ordered directly from the app. Careem’s Hala Taxi costs the same rates as standard taxi fares in Dubai, plus the cost of reserving the taxi service in advance. The Dubai Taxi, Van Taxi, and People of Determination Taxi are some of the Hala Taxi alternatives available.


Uber provides its consumers with on-demand transportation. Unlike in other cities, Uber in Dubai provides three different ride options, which are equivalent to the Economy, Business and Max options stated above. The Select, Black, and UberXL options are the most popular. Prices for Uber trips in Dubai may be seen on this page.


Ride Type Base Fare Minimum Fare Additional Cost Per Minute
Ride TypeSelect Base FareAED 6.70 Minimum FareAED 15 Additional Cost Per MinuteAED 0.50
Ride TypeBlack Base FareAED 9.05 Minimum FareAED 20.25 Additional Cost Per MinuteAED 1.10
Ride TypeUberXL Base FareAED 15 Minimum FareAED 23 Additional Cost Per MinuteAED 0.81


Take, for example, the approximate cost of a transport from BurJuman Mall in BurDubai to The Dubai Mall in Downtown Dubai in order to determine which of these three tickets is the most cheap. There are no Salik Toll Gates on this route, hence the travel time is around 15 minutes.


Between Uber, Careem, and the Dubai Taxi, the DTC taxis’ fares in Dubai are the most economical option for travelers. In addition, they are the most convenient. Due to the fact that the RTA has a fleet of over 5,000 cars, taxis in Dubai may be readily located and summoned from any location in the city. If you find yourself in a situation where there aren’t any cabs available, you may always order one using the S’hail app, which is one of the most popular public transportation applications in Dubai.

However, it is still a viable alternative if you are seeking for a high-end chauffeur service with a fleet of luxurious automobiles.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re traveling on a route that passes through any toll gates, you should expect to pay an extra AED 4 for each toll gate you pass through.

Do VAT charges apply on booking a ride?

AED 4 per toll gate will be charged if you’re traveling on a route that passes through any of the toll gates in the country.

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