Where To Go Dubai Creek? (Correct answer)

  • Head towards the Dubai Creek area that connects the sea trading port to the desert as it passes through the heart of Dubai. On one side of it is the Gulf and on the other we have the Ras al Khor bird sanctuary. If you are on a look out for a hot and happening place this winter, the cool and calm Dubai Creek would you your destination.

Is Dubai Creek worth visiting?

Dubai creek is truly lovely It was because of the presence of the creek that people started living it the area, as they could go fishing or pearl diving. Located north of Al-Maktoum Bridge, one of best attractions is the Dhow Wharfage, where you can spot some beautiful dhows that are more than 100 years old.

Can you walk around Dubai Creek?

If you want to take your walk to the water, there are dhow boats offering tours where you can experience Dubai Creek from a different vantage point, or hop on an abra over to the Deira side of the Creek and continue your walk there.

Can you swim in Dubai Creek?

The Dubai creek is just that – a creek! You can walk along, take a swim, and enjoy a bar-be-cue.

Is Dubai Creek a good place to stay?

Most of the best Dubai hotels are modern, upmarket, and good value, but some with notable Arabian-style charm and history and a few boutique guesthouses can also be found. Even better for short (or longer) stays is the charismatic area around Dubai Creek (which resembles a river).

What is special about Dubai Creek?

Dubai Creek also called Khor Dubai is a saltwater inlet that separates Bur Dubai and Deira. It boasts traditional markets, souks and natural seawaters as well as high-rise buildings.

Is there any entry fee for Dubai Creek Harbour?

Tickets to enter Creek Park in 2020 cost just 5 AED (£1.01, €1.2, $1.36). Payment is by Nol card (contactless travel card) only. Entry is free for children under 2 and the disabled.

Is cycling allowed in Creek Park?

Rent a bike Creek Park Dubai lets you rent bikes too. For two persons, you can get a small bicycle and for four persons, you can get a big bicycle. The rental charges are AED 30 per hour.

How do you cross Dubai Creek?

For just AED1 (US$0.27), you can hop aboard one of many traditional ferry boats, known as abras, to cross the creek that separates Bur Dubai from Deira, Dubai’s city centre; the journey is one of the most affordable yet authentic experiences in the city.

How do I get to Dubai Creek by Metro?

The Union Metro Station station is the nearest one to Dubai Creek in Dubai.

Is there a beach in Dubai Creek?

Indulge in the 300-metre long stretch of immaculate beach and take in the magnificent beauty of Dubai Creek, the cradle of Dubai’s history. Take a scenic ride away and visit the Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary, one of the few protected urban areas in the world renowned for attracting migratory birds.

Are there sharks in Dubai?

But according to local experts, there is no reason to fear sharks lurking off the UAE’s coast. Whale sharks, which eat plankton and don’t attack humans, are one of the 29 different kinds of species calling the waters off Dubai home. They include hammerhead, white cheek, tiger and gray reef sharks.

Is JBR beach free?

JBR Beach is free. However, you must pay for activities you indulge in.

THE 10 BEST Things to Do Near Dubai Creek – Tripadvisor

We discovered 751 things to do in and around Dubai Creek for you. Dubai Creek is around 3 minutes away. Shiva Temple is located on the second Za’abeel Road in Al Sooq Al Kabeer, Dubai. Emirates of the United Arab Emirates Dubai Creek is around 2 minutes away. Bur Dubai Textile Souk is a market that sells textiles. In the vicinity of Bur Dubai Abra Station, Dubai, United Arab Emirates (zip code 75157). Dubai Creek is around 2 minutes away. Masjid al-Bur Dubai is the largest mosque in the world.

Emirates of the United Arab Emirates Dubai Creek is around 2 minutes away.

Dubai Creek is around 4 minutes away.

5 minutesfrom Dubai Creek Deira’s Old Souk is a must-see.

  • Dubai Creek is around 4 minutes away.
  • Dubai Creek is around 6 minutes away.
  • Emirates of the United Arab Emirates Dubai Creek is around 5 minutes away.
  • Emirates of the United Arab Emirates Dubai Creek is around 4 minutes away.
  • Deira Gold Souq is located across the street from Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
  • XVA Gallery is located at Al Fahidi Street in Bur Dubai.
  • Dubai Creek is around 5 minutes away.

Dubai Creek is around 5 minutes away.

Dubai Creek is around 6 minutes away.

Dubai Creek is around 6 minutes away.

Dubai Creek is around 5 minutes away.

Churchill Tower, 26th Street, Dubai, United Arab Emirates 43810 United Arab Emirates Dubai Creek is around 5 minutes away.

Emirates of the United Arab Emirates Dubai Creek is around 6 minutes away.

Dubai Creek is around 7 minutes away.

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Family in the month of January 2022 Dubai has made significant investments in this Creek. They transformed it into something similar to Istanbul Bosfoor, complete with a large number of boats and tiny traditional ships from which you can enjoy eating for hours while taking in a panoramic view of old and new Dubai. Written The 29th of January in the year 2022 This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and does not reflect the views and opinions of TripAdvisor LLC. Jan 2022I rented the Abrar for an hour for a very reasonable price and had a nice day.

  1. It’s something I’d absolutely suggest.
  2. 1st of January 2022Solo It’s a quick ride, less than 5 minutes!
  3. Try to sit in the front row in order to get a better photo or video.
  4. Written The following review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
  5. Family reunion in November 2021 Enjoy the classic ‘Abra’ horse-drawn carriage trip.
  6. According to legend, this was the site of the first settlement of a local tribe.
  7. The creek is located in the middle of the city, and the gold souk and spice souk are both close by to the creek’s location.

During the month of November 2021, the “CREEK” that separates Bur Dubai and Deirais will be traversed by the “Abra” boats for a fee of only one AED.

Written on November 23, 2021This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and does not reflect the views and opinions of TripAdvisor, LLC.

There are government-run boats as well as private ones that provide 4* meals while on the ride.

Family reunion scheduled for July 2021 A must-see, best experienced in the late afternoon or just before sunset.

Written on August 5, 2021This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and does not reflect the views and opinions of TripAdvisor LLC.

The course, the service, and the food were all excellent, as they always are.

I’m certain I’ll be back again soon!

May 2021FriendsThis location was breathtakingly gorgeous.

Written on May 22, 2021This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and does not reflect the views and opinions of TripAdvisor LLC.

4,729 individuals made contributions.

It is the primary reason the city is located on this site, owing to the historic trade post that was constructed on it, and it demonstrates a different aspect of the city than the main street.

The stream is quite broad in certain parts and provides a haven for a variety of creatures.

Visit the old part of the city, which is on either side of the creek and is bustling with life and spice, as well as food and souvenir souks, on either side of the creek.

Written on the 21st of May, 2021 This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and does not reflect the views and opinions of TripAdvisor LLC. Results 1 – 10 of 6,329 found.

10 Things to Do at the Dubai Creek

Winters in Dubai are characterized by a great deal of warmth and activity. Do you still not believe us? The Dubai Creek region is a waterway that connects the sea trade port to the desert and travels through the center of the city, so make your way there. A bird sanctuary called Ras al Khor can be found on one side of the peninsula, and a Gulf on the other. If you’re looking for a hot and lively spot to visit this winter, the cold and quiet Dubai Creek might be a great choice for you. “The Dubai Creek used to be the heart of the Emirate’s activity, but as the landscape of the Emirate has changed, the Creek has evolved into the place where Dubai’s legacy truly lives,” says Stephan Vanden Auweele, General Manager of the Sheraton Dubai Creek, which is located on the banks of the Creek.

  1. The Al Bastakiya District, Heritage Village, and Dubai Museum are all worth seeing.
  2. It is the oldest structure still standing in Dubai.
  3. Suspended 30 metres in the air, you can cover the entire 2.3km length of the Dubai Creek park in just one hour and fifteen minutes.
  4. Cruise-de-Creek (also known as Cruise-de-Creek).
  5. The Dubai Dolphinarium is number four on the list.
  6. Do not miss out on one of the most exciting live concerts on the planet.
  7. Take a stroll down the Lane.

The sailors are delighted to have you as a guest, and if you are lucky, they may even allow you to have a peek inside their dhows.

Go to a spice shop.

Take some back to your kitchen for later use.

Purchase gold.

Make your way to the Gold Souks and remember to bargain.


The Dubai Creek has played host to a variety of live shows, plays, music, and fireworks displays.

Mall hopping is number nine on the list.

A short metro ride or car ride will take you to the Deira City Centre, Burjuman, or even the Dubai Mall, depending on your preference.

The setting sun.

As you dine at one of the numerous restaurants in the Creek Area, you may watch the sun set over the water.

We recommend Vivaldi by Alfredo Russo, the hotel’s signature Italian restaurant, which is located in the SheratonDubai Creek hotel.

Do you know of any more entertaining activities to partake in in and around the Dubai Creek? Please let us know about it in the comments section and we will include it on the list!

Dubai Creek, Dubai: How To Reach, Best Time & Tips

If you want to take a Dhow Cruise, you’ll need to either go to Dubai Marina or to Dubai Creek. Your DhowDinner Cruise excursion on the Dubai Creek will begin at one of the docks, where you will be greeted with coffee, refreshments, and dates before embarking on your journey. Some cruise lines provide help for both pick-up and drop-off services to make it easier for their passengers to go about. The interiors of all of your Dhows are completely air-conditioned and surrounded by glass walls. Simply looking out through the glass panes of the dining room window while enjoying your meal will allow you to take in the splendor of this historic city as you dine.

  • As your cruise begins to sail through the waters of Dubai Creek, there are several scenic possibilities to take advantage of.
  • Dinners on a Dubai Creek Cruise are special, as the team on board provides a multi-cuisine international buffet type supper for all passengers.
  • A few hours spent on Dubai Creek will remain in your memory forever.
  • Tanoura, belly dance, magic shows, puppet shows, and puppet shows are just a few examples.
  • Every now and then, you might take advantage of a few of discounts or special deals to make your vacation more cheap.
  • to 05:30 p.m.
  • Your ticket will include all sightseeing activities, mineral water, soft drinks, audio commentary, and hotel transfers, as well as any applicable taxes (subject to change as per service provider).

Places to visit near Dubai Creek

Al Fahidi Fort: If history is something that interests you and provides you with fantastic and delightful amusement, do not forget to include AL Fahidi Fort in your schedule for Dubai Creek. There’s a 1787-built-in museum – the Dubai Museum – as well as the Al Bastakiya District and the Heritage Village, all of which demand your attention right away. The fact that it is one of the city’s oldest structures lends it a certain amount of distinction. Dubai Dolphinarium: Located in Dubai Creek, the Dubai Dolphinarium is an aquarium that is entirely dedicated to bottlenose dolphins.

Please take advantage of this amazing opportunity to take an uncountable number of selfies with them if you have the opportunity to visit here. Even sea animals are sympathetic to your plight!

Tips for Visiting Dubai Creek

-A dinner cruise, a skydiving adventure, golf games, and souk shopping are all available on the 14-kilometer-long Dubai Creek. -Fishing is one of the most popular pastimes among the people in this region. It is possible to travel between various sites using water taxis or abras, which are available on the island. When visiting the Dubai Dolphinarium, you are permitted to snap selfies with the dolphins.

10 Best Things To Do In Dubai Creek Park (in 2022)

Dubai Waterway Park is located on the outskirts of Dubai’s creek. In the midst of theDubai CityArea, the Dubai CreekArea connects the sea trade port to the desert, forming a link between the two.


In terms of size, it is the second-largest park in Dubai, with hundreds of acres of grass, gardens, and playgrounds for children. Its beautiful green surroundings, along with the refreshing sea wind, make it the greatest spot in Dubai to spend an evening with family and friends. When it first opened its doors in 1994, it was one of the oldest and largest parks in Dubai. Dubai Creek Park is located on the banks of a saltwater creek in the city of Dubai. Water access is available, as well as three helipads, a communication center, a cabin vehicle, and an emergency room on the premises.


There are five access gates to this enormous park. On the main street, there are three gates, while the remaining two are located on the other side of the Al Garhood and Al Maktoum bridges. The entrance fee to this magnificent park is only AED 5 per person per day for adults.


In the winter, the park is open from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. everyday, while in the summer, it is open from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. daily.

Park Sat-Wed Thursday Friday Saturday
Creek Park Dubai 8AM–10PM 8AM–11PM 8AM–11PM 8AM–11PM


The creek in Dubai, with its warm and shallow waters, is home to a diverse range of aquatic species. Dhows were traditionally used for fishing, but they may now be leased for a leisurely journey through the countryside, where you can take in the scenery. The creek region has historically made significant contributions to the development of Dubai’s financial position. As the city’s only port or harbor, it is difficult to overlook the beauty and significance of the creek area. Creek Park stands as a testament to the success and wealth that this area has provided to the state of Dubai, as well as to how it has led to Dubai being the world’s most visited tourist destination.

1. Shop and Stop

Dubai Creek is home to a number of gold shops. The pearling business in Dubai was formerly the most important sector of the economy, and the gold stores in Dubai continue to be the country’s principal source of exports. Dubai Creek Parks hosts a number of open market events throughout the year. Take advantage of the opportunity to Stop and Shop if you find yourself in the area on that lucky day.


On the Dubai Creek side, there is a restaurant. If you enjoy seafood, then the restaurants in Dubai Creek Park are the perfect spot for you to visit.

You will be able to sample food from all over the world. Simply sit back and enjoy the food, as well as the most spectacular sunsets. However, the creek area is home to some of the best seafood in the world.


A visit to the Dubai Dolphinarium in Dubai Creek Park is a must. The Creek Park dolphin performance at the Dubai Dolphinarium is one of the most memorable things you can do while in Dubai. Being able to spend time with seals and bottlenose dolphins will be one of the most memorable experiences you and your children will have in a lifetime. They juggle and jump through hoops to get where they want to go. They pull off tricks and win the hearts of everyone around them with their dexterous movements.

At the Dubai Dolphinarium, there are also information centers and small stalls where visitors can learn more about dolphins and other sea animals.

Make sure to keep an eye out for the Dubai Creek Park bird show, which takes place in the Dolphinarium every Saturday and Sunday.

Birthday parties can be held in the area, and school groups can frequently be seen visiting the area.

Look here:Local Tours in Dubai

The Creek Park in Dubai has a Children’s City, which is open to the public. If you want your children to spend the day with you, make it fun for them while also providing them with some educational opportunities. Creek Park Children’s City is the most suitable solution for you.

  • It is an indoor information and entertainment center where children may learn through a variety of hands-on learning activities. Among the attractions of Children’s City are a technology and earth science gallery, an international exhibition, a planetarium, and a wildlife center. In addition, there is a toddler’s play area for children under the age of six, which includes games that are appropriate for their age group. It also has an entertainment center with a theater for both children and adults, where you can spend valuable time with your children.

In addition, read:Dubai Aquarium


The Abra Station is located in Dubai Creek. You may take a ride on a wooden dhow or cab. Relax and take in the tranquility and peacefulness of the sea while taking a leisurely ride over the Creek Park Dubai. You will have the time of your life as you partake in the greatest activities. The atmosphere there will make you feel like you’re a member of the royal family in a Hollywood film. Additionally, a tiny boardwalk can be found near the dhow area at Creek Park Dubai, which you may explore.


BBQ areas may be found at Dubai’s Creek Park. Picnickers choose locations where they may prepare meals at their leisure and share them with friends and family. BBQ areas are only one of the numerous free amenities available at Creek Park, which features a number of bbq areas scattered around the park. A group of people gets together to cook and spend time with their families.

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Dubai Creek Deira is a great place to buy gold. There’s no way you’d want to pass up the opportunity to window shop for gold at one of the world’s largest gold collections, which happens to be one of the most extensive collections of gold ever amassed. If you happen to be there, Make your way to the Gold Souk in Creek Deira, and remember to bargain hard. Never accept the first offer you receive.

8. Ride A Mini Train

In Dubai Creek Park, you may take a train ride. The small train is another another service that you may take use of. Taking a short ride on the trails allows you to see the most of Creek Park, especially in the summer.

If you are limited on time, the little train is the most convenient way to ensure that you do not miss out on any portion of Creek Park. Get ready for the most amazing ride of your life. It’s appropriate for both youngsters and adults to use.

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Biking at Dubai Creek Park on two wheels. Even when you are an adult, going to a park and without riding a bike does not feel right. In themed gardens and flower beds, you can ride away all of your concerns while being one with nature. You may hire bicycles in Creek Park. Alternatively, you may hire a small bicycle for two to four people, or you can purchase a large bicycle.

10.R ide A Cable Car

In Dubai Creek Park, you may take a cable car ride. You’ve walked, taken the metro, and ridden your bike around the park, but something is still lacking. Dubai Creek Park provides something special for you to enjoy while taking in the sights and sounds of the neighborhood. A ride on a cable car for enthralling sightseeing. Take in the scenery from above with a bird’s eye perspective of the park. An exciting 30-minute ride that takes you 30 meters into the air and covers 2.3 kilometers of park land, with views of the skyline of Old Dubai, which can be seen from the water’s edge.

  • In a nutshell, Dubai Creek Park is a comprehensive product that can be had for a reasonable price.
  • At Creek Park Dubai, there are a variety of activities to select from.
  • From explorers to working parents, there is something for everyone.
  • The Creek Park parking lot, which is a major destination in the city, is also handy for guests, since it is relatively close to the attraction.

Popular Tourist Attraction:Desert Safari

Creek Park is located in what part of town? Creek Park is located on the outskirts of Dubai Creek Bay and is the second-largest park in the United Arab Emirates. What are the Creek Park operating hours? It is open from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Can you tell me how much the admission charge to Creek Park Dubai is? The Dubai CreekParkentrance cost is only AED 5 per person, each visit.

The Best Things To See and Do in Dubai’s Old Quarter

Visit the Dubai Creek to get a sense of what life was like in the Emirate a century ago. There’s so much to see and do in Dubai — from climbing the world’s tallest structure, the Burj Khalifa, to skiing indoors at Ski Dubai, there’s something for everyone. Dubai, on the other hand, was formerly a fishing community centered on a small stream. Dubai’s Old Quarter is the best destination to come and learn more about the history and traditions of this Emirate if you want to witness what life was like before the city began to develop at an alarming rate.

browse for reasonably priced items while getting a sense of what it’s like to be at a typical Arabic market The quality of all pieces is guaranteed by the Dubai government, so visitors may purchase with confidence at the souk’s hundreds of retail outlets, where bargaining is encouraged in order to get the best deals.

  1. It is possible to meander through the maze-like alleys and see the ancient architecture of this merchants’ neighborhood, which was founded in the 18th century.
  2. Nowadays, the area is no longer the dwelling of merchants who conduct business along the Dubai Creek.
  3. The Al Bastakiya quarter has been around since the nineteenth century|Culture Trip The XVA Gallery, located in Al Bastakiya, is perhaps one of the city’s most unusual and intriguing attractions.
  4. The gallery delivers exhibitions by significant regional artists to the area, as well as a touch of art to the neighborhood’s traditional and historical atmosphere.
  5. Visit to the XVA Gallery in Al Bastakiya|Cultural Outing A dream destination for coffee enthusiasts from all over the world, theCoffee Museumin Al Bastakiya is a must-see attraction.
  6. Local Arabic coffee, Ethiopian coffee, and Japanese coffee are among the most popular varieties of coffee supplied by the Coffee Museum, which is located in downtown San Francisco.
  7. The Coffee Museum is housed in a classic Arabic setting.

This is an excellent location to sample traditional Arabic cuisine and immerse yourself deeper in the culture of the region.

Enjoy classic Arabic cuisine in a traditional setting|Cultural Experience The Dubai Museum, which is considered to be Dubai’s most popular attraction, was created inside the old Al Fahidi Fort, which dates back to 1787.

To this day, the museum enables visitors to stroll through many reconstructions of what Dubai used to look like in the past – giving an immersive experience for travelers to observe how the city has evolved into what it is now.

The city provides a diverse selection of traditional things, ranging from the more commonplace presents such as magnets and mugs to the more unusual items like as camel-milk soap and Emirati apparel and jewelry.

Shopping in this traditional market, as opposed to shopping at a mall, provides travellers with the option to negotiate and acquire the best possible deal for their purchases.

The spice souk offers visitors the opportunity to shop for traditional and rare spices in a classic setting while also acquiring some of the highest quality spices available in the region.

The sights and fragrances of the spice souk are unlike anything else|Cultural Experience TheDubai Creekwas the starting point of life in the city – from the fishermen to the merchants, this saltwater canal has played an important role in the development of the city.

Visitors and residents may travel across the Dubai Creek in a sharedabra, a traditional boat that serves as a water taxi, for as little as one dirham (£0.22) each way.

Boat trip over the creek|Cultural Experiences The local laborers packing the trade ships is one of the few images visitors might view today in Dubai that more accurately depicts the city’s history than the one they are witnessing.

Neither the boats nor the packing method are in any way contemporary or sophisticated, which stands in stark contrast to the rest of life in this gleaming modern Emirate. Traditional dhows are still utilized for commerce today|Cultural Experiences

Dubai Creek Harbour – The new harbour district in Dubai

Dubai Creek Harbour is another another region of Dubai that we were unaware of till today. It is appearing more and more frequently on the list of Dubai’s most popular tourist attractions. As a result, we decided to have a look for ourselves and traveled to Dubai Creek, a new waterfront district that had recently opened.

The Dubai Creek Harbour

Located around 10 minutes from Downtown Dubai or Dubai International Airport, Dubai Creek Harbour is a new, massive city and port region in the Emirate of Dubai. There is, as far as we are aware, no adequate link to the public transportation system. That is why we took a cab from Downtown Dubai for 35 AED (about 8 Euro) to get to the hotel. Dubai Creek Harbour is located in the city of Dubai. The building surrounding the waterfront region has already progressed to a reasonable degree. For example, the promenade along the Creek has already been completed and is inviting you to stroll along it.

Once finished, the project would encompass an area of more than six square kilometres, which is more than twice the size of Downtown Dubai.

The Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary, located a short distance southeast of Dubai Creek, is home to over 450 kinds of animals, including the world-famous pink flamingos.

Photo spots at Dubai Creek Harbour

The World Flower Tree was our first stop on the tour. The floral tree, which was designed by the artist Choi Jeong Hwa, represents the interaction that exists between the natural world and the man-made world, says the artist. The artwork, which was expressly commissioned by Emaar, is made up of local flowers that have been arranged in the artist’s signature way. The Dubai Flower Tree is a large flowering tree in Dubai. The enormous flamingo sculptures that line the promenade are another well-known photographic theme.

  • Additionally, the circular archways on the waterfront are a highly popular Instagram theme.
  • However, the best time to take a photograph is in the late afternoon towards sunset, when the arches are illuminated in a very beautiful way.
  • The round arches along the shoreline are a nice touch.
  • The 840-metre-tall Burj Khalifa towering over all other structures in this area as well.
  • Several more photo opportunities exist, including the lighthouse and numerous other sculptures.

Is it worth visiting Dubai Creek Harbour?

At the World Flower Tree, our first visit was a must. The blossom tree, which was designed by the artist Choi Jeong Hwa, represents the interaction that exists between the natural world and the man-made world, according to him. A particular commission for Emaar, the artwork incorporates local flowers arranged in the artist’s signature way in a composition that is both beautiful and functional. The Dubai Flower Tree is a large flowering tree that grows in the middle of the desert. Flamingo statues that line the promenade are another well-known photographic theme.

On the shoreline, the circular archways are also quite popular as a photo subject on Instagram.

But it is better to take the shot in the late afternoon at sunset, when the arches will be illuminated in a distinctive way, rather than in the early morning.

Along the shoreline, there are several circular archways.

The 840-metre-tall Burj Khalifa towering over all else in this area, as well as in other parts of Dubai. From Dubai Creek Harbour, the city of Dubai is visible. In addition to the lighthouse and several other sculptures, there are plenty additional photo ops to be had here.

A map with all attractions in Dubai

On Google MyMaps, we have highlighted all of the most notable landmarks and attractions in Dubai. A map of Dubai that shows all of the tourist attractions.

Our travelogues from Dubai

Dubai is an immensely diversified city with a plethora of things to see and do on a daily basis. During our prior travels, we had only had the opportunity to get to know the city as a classic “stopover destination.” As a result, we didn’t get to see many of the city’s attractions because we were pressed for time. In addition, the desert metropolis is a genuine picture and Instagrammer’s dream come true. In comparison to the other, one motif is more lovely and stunning. Dubai is home to the world’s tallest building (Burj Khalifa), largest building ever constructed in the shape of a picture frame (Dubai Frame), largest shopping mall (Dubai Mall), largest Ferris wheel (Ain Dubai), largest flower garden (Dubai Miracle Garden), tallest hotel (Burj Al Arab), largest fountain system in the world (The Plam Fountain), and many other attractions.

  1. Find our travel stories about the city of superlatives in this section of our website.
  2. Photographic Opportunities at the Burj Al Arab In the Skyview Bar, it’s tea time.
  3. Dubai Butterfly Garden is a beautiful place to visit.
  4. The Jumeirah Al Seef is a luxury resort in Dubai.
  5. Ain Dubai is a city in the United Arab Emirates.
  6. The Glow of the Dubai Garden La Mer – Beach, shopping, and nightlife Walking along the boardwalk in Jumeirah Dubai Creek Waterfront is a new harbour neighborhood in Dubai that has recently opened.
  7. the Underwater Zoo (Zoo Subaquatico) The Burj Khalifa is one of the world’s most attractive Instagram picture locations.

A Visit to the Dubai Creek

Aside from being a culturally varied city, Dubai also boasts a plethora of tourist sites to choose from. Prior to this trip, we had only encountered the city as a standard “stopover place” during our prior travels. So we didn’t get to see many of the city’s famous landmarks since we were pressed for time. In addition, the desert metropolis is a genuine picture and Instagrammer’s dream come true, according to some. In comparison to the other motif, one is more lovely and outstanding. Dubai is home to the world’s tallest building (Burj Khalifa), largest building ever constructed in the shape of a picture frame (Dubai Frame), largest shopping mall (Dubai Mall), largest Ferris wheel (Ain Dubai), largest flower garden (Dubai Miracle Garden), tallest hotel (Burj Al Arab), largest fountain system in the world (The Plam Fountain), and many other notable structures.

  • Find our travel tales on the city of superlatives in this section.
  • Photo Opportunities at the Burj Al Arab In the Skyview Bar, it is tea time.
  • Aquarium Attractions such as the Aquaventure Waterpark are available.
  • Dubai Butterfly Garden is a place where you may see butterflies in their natural habitat.
  • Al Seef Jumeirah Resort and Spa is located in Dubai.
  • The Walk, The Beach, and Dubai Marina – JBR Ain Dubai is a fictional character created by writer Ain Dubai in the fictional world of Ain Dubai.
  • Gardens in Dubai are illuminated at night La Mer — Beach, shopping, and dining options The Jumeirah Boardwalk Docking at Dubai Creek Harbour – Dubai Creek Harbour is the city’s new harbour sector.

Shopping malls, aquariums, and other attractions are located across Dubai. Zoo Subaquatico (Underwater Zoo). Photographic opportunities at the Burj Khalifa include some of the world’s most spectacular skylines. Things to know about the Burj Khalifa The Dubai Fountain at the very top of the skyline.

The Creek: A Glimpse of Old Dubai

Old Dubai is divided into two portions by the Creek, which is known as Deira and Bur Dubai. It is around 10 kilometers in length and connects to the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary, which is a protected migratory bird sanctuary. For many years, the Dubai Creek functioned as a significant port, facilitating the movement of products between the emirate and surrounding towns and cities, as well as as far away as South Africa and India. Prior to the discovery of oil, the warm, rich, and shallow waters of the Creek were used to produce fish and pearls for export.

  1. An exciting two-hour cruise that takes you through the sights and sounds of Old Dubai will steal your breath away.
  2. Quartier de l’Al Bastakiya This is a historic settlement that is located along the Dubai Creek’s eastern bank.
  3. As a result of the city’s rich cultural legacy, Al Bastakiya is now a hive of art galleries, boutique hotels, heritage offices, museums, and restaurants that serve to remind us of the city’s old world charm and colorful past.
  4. In addition to the dhow cruise, you may take a trip on the “abra,” which is a traditional boat that dates back to the early days of the Dubai Creek.
  5. You may also charter an abra for a private voyage of your choosing.
  6. Clearly, the metropolis is comprised of more than only contemporary structures and towers of dizzying height.

Things to Do Near Dubai Creek During Your Vacation

While many visitors to Dubai are drawn to the glamour, glam, and modernism of the Palm, Downtown Dubai, and the Marina, they may overlook the authentic, cultural side lanes of Dubai Creek and the historic core of the city, which are worth exploring. In the historic marine ports of the Creek, merchants would bring their commodities from all over Asia and Europe to trade in Dubai’s seaport, resulting in the development of the modern metropolis we know today. Dubai’s modern city was born. The Dubai Creek region is filled with historical sites and attractions, which will offer color and meaning to your holiday in the Emirate as you meander around it today.

There are so many attractions in this region that you could nearly make a whole trip out of it. Take a look at our selection of the greatest local activities and attractions if you’re searching for something to do around Dubai Creek during your visit.

  • Food at Buca di Beppo, a trip to the Spice Souk, an exploration of the Al Bastakiya Heritage District, Glow in the Dark 18 Hole Mini Golf at TeePutt, and an indoor skydiving excursion at iFly Dubai are some of the activities available.

Save on Dubai Creek Area Attraction Admission

The Go Dubai Card provides access to a variety of popular Dubai attractions and activities, which are not included in the price of the card. You may choose from dozens of great attractions as you travel, and you can save up to 55 percent on combined entry compared to buying at the gate. See all of the possible passes and pricing for the various attractions –

Bateaux Dubai Gourmet Dinner Cruise

The Dubai Creek neighborhood has retained much of the city’s traditional beauty. Typical Arab architecture may still be seen in the neighborhood’s traditional maze of dwellings, which is interspersed with glass-walled office buildings, stores, and restaurants. On Bateux Dubai, you can take in the sights of the city while enjoying the comforts of an exquisite dinner cruise over the canals of Dubai Creek. Live entertainment and royal service will be provided to you within the glass-enclosed, air-conditioned, and luxurious boat.

After you’ve finished your dinner, you’re welcome to wander out to one of the boat’s two outside decks to take in the full extent of the breathtaking view from the Creek.

Dhow Dinner Cruise of Dubai Creek

Afterwards, you may unwind with a two-hour evening dinner cruise on the Dubai Creek aboard a classic wooden Arabic dhow boat, which will take you around the creek’s banks. There is a complimentary nonalcoholic welcome drink, a lavish meal, soft drinks, tea, musical entertainment, and breathtaking views of the city included in your five-star treatment on this trip. During your cruise, you’ll pass beneath some of Dubai Creek’s most renowned bridges, protected inlets, and iconic high-rises, including the National Bank of Dubai and the Chamber of Commerce building, which will all be illuminated in the night sky as you sail along the route.

Meal at Buca di Beppo

On your vacation to Dubai Creek, one thing is for certain: you will not be hungry at any point. Make another food-related pit break at Buca di Beppo, which is located in Dubai Festival City Mall and serves wonderful Italian cuisine. Enjoy a big three-course dinner of family-style meals prepared in a quirky and energetic dining atmosphere while indulging in the traditional cuisine of old world Italian cookery. Enjoy an excellent taste of the Mediterranean right in the heart of the Dubai desert!

Guests who purchase the Dinner Deal at Bucca di Beppo will receive a complete, three-course meal that includes their choice of an appetizer, small pasta dish, dessert, and beverage. How to Get There: A lunch at Buca di Beppo is included with the Go Dubai Card.

Spice Souk

Wandering around Dubai’s iconic souks will allow you to get a better sense of the spirit of Arabian culture. In the spice souk, which is located near Dubai Creek in the old city, you can immerse yourself in the seductive fragrances of saffron and frankincense while admiring the gleaming gold trinkets and jewelry, as well as the vibrantly colored fabrics, that are on display. These are the ruins of what used to be Dubai’s trade docks. As you meander around the various lanes of the souk, you may practice your bargaining skills by speaking to local shop owners about purchasing bags of spices and other things to bring back to your house as a memento of your trip.

Getting In: Entry to the Dubai spike souks is completely free for the general public.

Al Bastakiya Heritage District

Al Bastakiya Heritage District is the perfect way to round off your tour to Dubai Creek and Old Town with a visit to the region. Spend some time roaming through the area, which is full of beautifully maintained old Arabic buildings and courtyards, to get your cultural fix. A large portion of the Bastakiya District has been refurbished in order to preserve the integrity of some of the city’s ancient architecture. As a result, many of the houses have been transformed into a network of art galleries and museums, cafés, and stores where you can find anything from Arabesque calligraphy to photography exhibits, modern Arab art to traditional Emirati food and coffee, and everything in between.

Getting In: The Al Bastakiya Heritage District is open to the public and admission is free.

Glow-in-the-Dark Hole Mini Golf (located near Dubai Creek)

Al Bastakiya Heritage District is the perfect way to round off your tour to Dubai Creek and Old Town with a stop in the neighborhood. By strolling around the neighborhood’s restored historic Arabic buildings and courtyards, you may satisfy your cultural cravings. In order to preserve some of the city’s ancient architecture, most of the Bastakiya District has been refurbished recently. As a result, many of the houses have been converted into an extensive network of art galleries and museums, cafés, and stores where you can find anything from Arabesque calligraphy to photography exhibits, modern Arab art to traditional Emirati food and coffee, and everything in between.

The Al Bastakiya Heritage District is open to the public and admission is free of charge.

iFly Dubai Indoor Skydiving (located near Dubai Creek)

You may get your heart pounding at iFly Dubai Indoor Skydiving during your visit to the Dubai Creek region if you truly want to get your blood pumping. With an iFly flying session, you may soar like a bird and defy gravity without the need of an aircraft or a parachute while experiencing the exhilaration of freefalling. Sessions are available for one or two minutes. iFly is a combination of bungee jumping, skydiving, and base jumping that will offer you with an exciting and unique experience.

An acrylic glass vertical wind tunnel, measuring ten meters in height, produces a realistic skydiving simulation with wind speeds of up to one hundred and fifty miles per hour.

Using your Go Dubai Card, you’ll be granted access to iFly Dubai Indoor Skydiving, where you’ll receive a training session, as well as all of the necessary equipment, including a flight suit and helmet, as well as one-on-one assistance from your instructor during your one- or two-minute flight session.

Getting In: Tickets to iFly Dubai Indoor Skydiving are included with the Go Dubai Card, which may be purchased separately.

Remember to Save on Attraction Admission

So, there you have it: some excellent suggestions for things to do in and around the Dubai Creek neighborhood. Many of these exciting attractions, as well as others, are featured in the Go Dubai Card, which allows you to save up to 55 percent on combined entry when compared to purchasing tickets at the gate. We hope you would think about include a couple of these fantastic possibilities in your Dubai trip planning.

Visit Dubai Creek in Bur Dubai

Explore the city’s waterways, where you’ll witness both old and new Dubai, as well as a wide diversity of species. Dubbed “Dubai Creek,” it is a natural inlet from the Arabian Gulf that separates the city into two halves. Deira Dubai is located on the northeastern part of the city, and Bur Dubai is located on the southwest side. Since its inception, the creek has played an important part in Dubai’s history, first serving as a conduit for commerce between India and Africa as well as a safe haven for commercial ships.

  1. In traditional manner, take a ride in an abra, or water taxi, to travel along the water.
  2. There are designated abra stations at several sites throughout the river, with boats departing every few minutes, seven days a week, from which you can board.
  3. There are no tickets required; payment is made on board.
  4. On a traditional dhow, you may get a different perspective of the stream.
  5. Observe the day-to-day activities on the creek, including the loading and unloading of abras, yachts, and contemporary boats.
  6. Take note of the different architectural variances that exist between the two sides of the stream.
  7. Deira Dubai is a more contemporary neighborhood with a large number of towers.
  8. A delightful evening stroll may be enjoyed along these attractive asphalt paths, which are well-lit at night.
  9. It consists of marshes, mudflats, lagoons, and pools with a total area of 1,532 acres (620 hectares).

Dubai Creek

Locals refer the Dubai Creek as Khor dubai, which is a water mine that runs through the center of the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Once upon a time, it is thought that the creek extended to the same location. There are two portions of the city divided by the creek: Bur Dubai and Deira, where you may explore the Deira Gold Souk. The creek has played an essential role in Dubai’s history, beginning with the reintroduction of Bani Yas’s tribal inhabitants to this location in the nineteenth century and attracting visitors from as far away as India and Africa.

Additionally, the warm and shallow waters of the Creek are home to a large number of fish, which are vital to both the local economy and cultural heritage of the area.


From ancient times, the creek functioned as a secure and significant harbor for ships passing through on their way to the Gulf Arabian port of Alexandria. However, in the 1950s, a split of streams occurred as a result of the intensive sailing of ships in the area. Later, HH Sheikh Rasheed bin Saeed Al Maktoum dispatched a team to investigate the Creek’s enormous and untapped potential, which they did. Following the establishment of the Dubai Creek Dredging Fund, which was established particularly for the aim of assisting the Kuwaiti government, a canal approximately 44,000 feet long and six feet deep, with 1200 feet X 11 on both banks of the creek, was dug up.

The positioning of Dubai as a major port city in the Middle East has been a significant source of its breadth and diversity.


Kirk divides Dubai into two major neighborhoods, Bur Dubai and Deira, after passing through the city center. Each and every aspect of the stream and its environs has a nostalgic feel to it, and this is reflected in the architecture. Traditional-style wood wash and shaking, as well as old-fashioned structures that show the friendliness of the Arabs, may be found. All of these factors combine to make Dubai Creek a significant location in the city. Having said that, there are plenty of beautiful structures to be found among the region’s ancient attractions, such as Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary – a protected wildlife sanctuary in the United Arab Emirates.

Things to do

At Creek, you may take in an enormous amount of beauty and wonder. A stroll down the stream-lined canyons along the canal, cooled by the fresh beach wind, is highly recommended. You will be able to examine the existing structures, as well as conventional upgrades and wind towers, on the covered area. Alternatively, you may get into a contract with Abra and bridge Dubai Creek – if you are currently in the Dubai region, crossing the river will transport you to Dera. This is a really beautiful, blustery, and peaceful crossing spot to be at.

  • At Dubai Creek, you may find the After Dubai Venture.
  • These boats have been infected with unquestionable personalities, who return to the great expanses of carrying and thieving after a period of rest.
  • They are constructed of wood and have a lengthy, light drawing pattern on them.
  • Two venture ships must be forward-thinking and well-equipped, with hotel accommodations and glass distributors for watching.
  • Disco bars, bistros, discotheques, and luxury strip retail shops in the Dubai Creek region are surrounded by a strange scene of neon signs and neon lights.
  • You will never be dissatisfied with your purchase.
  • The club features a plethora of fairs and boating contests, including the prestigious Dubai Desert Classic, which takes place every year.
  • Find a dinner cruise on a boat or a catamaran and experience Dubai Creek like you’ve never seen it before.
  • You will travel by the Clock Tower, the Al Maktoum Bridge, the Dera Twin Towers, the Grand Mosque, and a number of other notable landmarks on your journey.

You assume that an actor has organized a three-course gourmet supper for you. In Dubai, the glass sweep approach is the most effective way to display the 2.5th floor of bliss, which is Upcoming Seeds.


As the sun begins to set, the area along the drain becomes a hive of activity. Along a walk toward creek, you’ll find everything you need to cater for nightlife, including a plethora of clubs, disco bars, discos, restaurants, cafes, retail outlets, and leisure spots. And if you’re looking to have fun with your family or friends, or just want to get away from it all, this is the place to be.

Things to do at Creek Park Dubai: Cable car, Dolphinarium & More –

The iconicCreek Park Dubai is conveniently placed in the middle of the ancient city between the Maktoum and Garhoud bridges, making it easy to go about. It is one of the most well-known parks in Dubai due to the fact that it is the second-largest park in the city after Mushrif Park. It is impossible to be bored in Creek Park Dubai, because there are so many varied activities to choose from.

About Creek Park Dubai

Creek Park Dubai, which covers 96 hectares of land, was established in 1994. Additionally, it contains three helipads, a communication center, a water cooler, and an emergency first aid facility in addition to being boat accessible. In addition, the AED 106 million building includes various one-of-a-kind leisure amenities. The location of Dubai Creek Park is as follows: In Umm Hurair 2, it is strategically situated between Deira and Bur Dubai, with easy access to the rest of the city. Creek park is a quick 10-15 minute drive away if you are staying in one of the Bur Dubai apartments for rent.

At Dubai Creek Park, there is an alley with a green lawn.

Creek Park Dubai entrance fee

There are five gates that lead into the vast park. Three of them are on the main street, and the other two are on the other side of the Al Garhood and Al Maktoum bridges, which are connected by a pedestrian bridge. The admission price at C reek Park Dubai is only AED 5 per person, per day. There are four berths available in the park to accommodate boats arriving from Dubai and Deira port. Alternative transportation options include taking the metro to Creek Park gate 4. A large number of tourists like to enter through Creek Park gate number two.

Dubai Creek Park timings

  • Creek Park Dubai is open from 08:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. on Sundays through Wednesdays
  • It is closed on Thursdays. On Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, as well as on public holidays, the store is open from 8:00 a.m. until 12:00 p.m.

Because of the amenities that the park provides, people come to the park all year long.

Which metro station is near Dubai Creek Park?

The nearest metro station to Creek Park Dubai is Dubai Healthcare City Metro Station, which is around a mile away. It’s only a half-mile away on the Green Line, which is convenient.

Things to do at Creek Park Dubai Creek

Creek Park Dubai offers a plethora of activities for visitors to enjoy. In Children’s City, children may take a trip to the planetarium. Adults are welcome to take a cable car trip. You may organize a picnic for your friends. There are a plethora of additional activities available in the park that you may look forward to.

Dubai Dolphinarium

  • At theDubai Dolphinarium, you can see the Creek Park dolphin display, which takes place every day. Other presentations even have seals that do tricks such as jumping through hoops and juggling
  • On some occasions, you can even go swimming with the dolphins! The Creek Park Dubai Dolphinarium, which features a 5D and 7D theater, a mirror maze, a trampoline area, and 20 different kinds of birds, is another place where you can learn about dolphins. This location is popular with children, and it is a great place to organize birthday parties. School groups are welcome at any time. Phone:+971-4-336-9773
  • The Dubai Dolphinarium is open from 10:00 a.m. to 07:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday
  • Sundays are closed.

Take in a dolphin performance at the Dubai Dolphinarium, which is located within Creek Park Dubai.

Children’s City (Indoor Infotainment Centre)

  • If you are looking for an instructive yet exciting day out with the family, Creek Park Children’s City is the place to go. It is an indoor infotainment center that allows children to learn via a variety of hands-on learning activities. Children’s City is home to a technological and earth-science gallery, a worldwide exposition, a planetarium, and a nature center
  • It is also home to a scientific museum. Dedicated play areas for children under the age of six are provided, with games tailored to their developmental stage. There’s also the Al Ajyal Theatre, which caters to both children and adults. Phone:+971-4-334-0808
  • On weekends, the hours are 09:00 am to 07:00 pm on Sundays through Thursdays and 02:00 pm to 08:30 pm on Fridays and Saturdays. Fees: AED 15-20 per person, each day

Bring your children to the Children’s City at Creek Park Dubai, where they may see the planetarium.

Visit one of the children’s play areas

Dropping off your children at one of the various play areas is another option if you need to take a break.

Your children would have a good time at the park because you would be having a good time as well. A variety of swings and slides are available for children at the park.

Ride the Dhows in Water

A wooden dhow, or a wooden taxi, as it is often called in Dubai Creek, might be arranged for you. That would allow you to take a deep breath and enjoy the tranquil stream surroundings of Creek Park Dubai. Additionally, a tiny boardwalk can be found near the dhow area at Creek Park Dubai, which you may explore. During your visit to Dubai Creek Park, you may take a dhow tour on Dubai Creek to see the sights.

Watch the Theatre

Creek Park Dubai is also home to a massive stone amphitheatre, which is open to the public. It has the capacity to accommodate more than 1,200 people at a time.

Plan a picnic at a BBQ spot

Picnics with family and friends are something that everyone enjoys doing all of the time! Several BBQ areas are available at Creek Park Dubai, allowing people to get together and enjoy themselves. Creek Park, with its specialized barbecue stations, is also one of our top selections for the best BBQ locations in Dubai! The picnic areas are large, occupying an area equivalent to two football fields. Creek Park in Dubai is a great place to have a picnic in a tent.

Play Mini Golf

Golf enthusiasts need not be concerned, asCreek Park Dubaifeatures a miniature 18-hole course as well. This feature alone draws a large number of inhabitants of Dubai to the area. Creek Park Dubai offers an 18-hole mini golf course for guests to enjoy.

Ride a mini train

At addition, you may ride the miniature railway in Creek Park Dubai, which goes specific distances across the park. It’s appropriate for both youngsters and adults to use.

Rent a bike

To see the themed gardens and flower beds, visitors may ride their bicycles through them. You may also hire bicycles in Creek Park Dubai. A small bicycle may be purchased for two people, while a large bicycle can be purchased for four people. AED 30 per hour is charged for the renting of the space. You may hire bicycles in Dubai Creek Park if you want to stay on the route and enjoy your time there.

Visit Restaurants

At Creek Park Dubai, there is only one main restaurant to choose from. Additionally, there are various food shops and kiosks located throughout the complex, which spans 2.6 kilometers in total length. As they walk by, many stop to buy small meals and refreshments from these establishments. There are also a few shawarma places and vintage cafés among these locations.

Ride a cable car

If you want to get a bird’s eye perspective of the park, you may take a ride on the Creek Park Dubai cable car. With a ride that takes you 30 metres into the air and covers 2.3 kilometers of the park, it is a 30-minute experience. Riders will be able to see the skyline of Old Dubai as well as the skyscrapers on Sheikh Zayed Road.

  • It costs AED 25 per adult and AED 10 per child. It is open from 08:00 am to 11:00 pm daily in the winter and from 05:00 pm to 09:00 pm in the summer. Wednesdays are reserved for ladies exclusively

To summarize, there are a variety of activities available in Creek Park Dubai for visitors to enjoy. The Dubai Creek Park bird display, which takes place at the Dolphinarium, is included in this category. The Dubai Creek Park parking lot is also a convenient location for visitors to this famous site in the city, since it is quite easy to find. The park is a popular location for open market events and other gatherings. You may also explore some of the other must-see attractions in Dubai.

Almost every neighborhood in Dubai has a park within walking distance. Residents in Al Satwa, for example, can take use of the fact that there is a park nearby. If you reside in the capital city, you may also visit one of the many public parks that Abu Dhabi has to offer.

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