Where To Go From Dubai? (Question)

11 Gorgeous Quarantine-Free Destinations From The UAE You Must Visit Right Now

  • Maldives. All UAE travellers will be given a 30-day tourist visa free of charge, upon arrival.
  • Bulgaria. A five and a half hour flight from Dubai takes you to this stunning destination.
  • Egypt.
  • Greece.
  • Kenya.
  • Lebanon.
  • Italy.
  • Seychelles.

Where should I go after Dubai?

The Cheapest Countries to Travel to From the UAE

  • Georgia and Armenia. Just a few hours by plane away from Dubai, the countries of Georgia and Armenia are hugely popular destinations from the UAE.
  • Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan.
  • Ethiopia and Kenya.
  • Egypt.
  • Tunisia and Morocco.
  • Oman.
  • India and Sri Lanka.
  • Turkey and Cyprus.

Which countries are close to Dubai?

It is bordered by Saudi Arabia to the west and south and by Oman to the east and northeast.

Which countries can be visited by road from Dubai?

Revealed: Five countries you can currently travel to from Dubai within six hours

  • Egypt. The shortest flight time of them all at three hours and thirty-one minutes, experience Egypt’s culture, historical monuments, and seasonal festivities on your stay.
  • Maldives.
  • Greece.
  • Kenya.
  • Tanzania.

What are the closest countries to UAE?

The UAE is bordering Oman and Saudi Arabia and has maritime borders with Iran. There is a disputed region in the west of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi; therefore it is unclear if the UAE actually has a border with Qatar. The coastal region of today UAE was known for a long time as the Pirate Coast.

Is UAE on the green list?

Abu Dhabi has removed the UK from its green list of travel destinations. The decision means unvaccinated passengers from the UK must quarantine in a residence or hotel for 10 days on arrival in Abu Dhabi.

How far is Maldives from Dubai by plane?

Flight Details from Dubai to Maldives! Distanced by near to 3000 kilometers, a direct flight from Dubai to Maldives would only take you less than 5 hours to reach. Valena International Airport in Male city is the major international airport in the country.

Can I travel to USA from Dubai?

Are U.S. citizens permitted to enter? Yes. Dubai and Abu Dhabi governments are issuing tourist visas. U.S. citizens may receive a tourist visa on arrival, typically valid for 30 days.

What are the 5 emirates of UAE?

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is situated in the Southeast of the Arabian Peninsula, bordering Oman and Saudi Arabia. In December 1971, the UAE became a federation of six emirates – Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al-Quwain, and Fujairah, while the seventh emirate, Ras Al Khaimah, joined the federation in 1972.

Is Saudi Arabia and UAE same?

Both Saudi Arabia and UAE (United Arab Emirates) are middle-east countries that have almost similar or same cultures. These countries follow the same religion that is Islamic and also speak the same language that is Arabic. The currency of Saudi Arabia is Saudi Riyal and the currency of UAE is UAE Dirham.

Where can I travel from Dubai without visa?

Visa-free destinations for Indians in the UAE

  • Barbados.
  • The British Virgin Islands.
  • Cook Islands.
  • Dominica.
  • El Salvador.
  • Fiji.
  • Grenada.
  • Haiti.

Which countries are open from UAE?

We perused through the list provided by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) outlining all the countries opening their borders to international visitors with no restrictions in place for UAE travellers. Egypt

  • Bahrain.
  • Cape Verde.
  • Djibouti.
  • Ethiopia.
  • Ghana.
  • Jordan.
  • Kenya.
  • Lebanon.

Is Dubai border open for tourists?

Dubai has been open again to visitors since August 2020, though all arrivals must have valid health insurance and a negative Covid test. Dubai International Airport, which in 2019 was the world’s busiest airport for international passengers, reopened its main Terminal One in June 2021, after being closed for 15 months.

Is Dubai near Egypt?

The distance between Dubai and Egypt is 2609 km.

How far is Greece from Dubai by plane?

Distance from Dubai to Greece The shortest distance (air line) between Dubai and Greece is 2,150.93 mi (3,461.59 km).

What can I combine with Dubai?

12 Best Countries to Visit near Dubai or from any Cities in UAE [My Guide with Visa Tips for Filipinos with GCC Residency Card]

  • INDIA.
  • NEPAL.
  • KENYA.

12 Best Countries to Visit near Dubai – Filipino Travel Guide

If you’re an expat working in the Middle East and want to take a vacation in another country that isn’t too far away from Dubai, you’re in luck since you have a lot of options! There are several wonderful nations to visit in the vicinity of Dubai. Isn’t it true that we all like traveling? That is one of the elements that motivates us to work at all hours of the day and night. Some of us even made the decision to leave our own nation in search of better pastures in a different country. I have some exciting news for all of our kababayans who are working in the United Arab Emirates!

When I arrived at the airport, the first thing I noticed was that there were a lot of Filipinos there.

It might serve as your entry point into these countries, which may not require a visa, may just require a Visa on Arrival, or may have a simple visa process for holders of such visas.

This is probably one of the perks of living in the world’s busiest airport by international passenger traffic (there are many connecting flights here), which also happens to be the headquarters of Emirates and FlyDubai.

So go ahead and explore the world to your heart’s content!:)


The government of Montenegro has recently worked to expand the bilateral connection between the country and the United Arab Emirates, particularly in the area of tourism. As a result, they decided to eliminate all visa restrictions for nationals of the United Arab Emirates. With your UAE Residency Card, you may now enjoy activities like as sailing in the Bay of Kotor, exploring their lovely beaches, being charmed by their breathtaking sceneries, and hiking up the Proliktije Mountains. From Dubai, the flight will take 8 hours and 55 minutes.

  1. Visas are needed, although Visa on Arrival is available for people who hold an Emirates Residency Card.
  2. Time period of validity: up to 10 days Turkey will remain one of my favorite countries for the foreseeable future.
  3. I’m telling you, this should be at the top of your list of things to do.
  4. 🙂 Aside from Istanbul, I strongly advise you to visit Gaziantep, Izmir, and Bodrum:) From Dubai, the flight will take 4 hours and 30 minutes.
  5. In the event that you hold a valid visa or residence permit from any of the Schengen nations, as well as from the United States, the United Kingdom or Ireland, you may submit your application online at.
  6. The cost of a visa is determined by the length of time you will be in the country.
  7. Documents that are required: Here’s a step-by-step guide to applying for an e-visa and sticker, as well as the documentation you’ll need to submit.

Validity: The visa is valid for 180 days, and the maximum period of stay is 30 days, unless you have requested for a longer period of stay.

It is a location where you may witness polar opposites in one setting: the affluent and the poor, the good and the terrible, the pandemonium and the serenity.

The Taj Mahal is a must-see attraction.

Believe me when I say that it is healthy for the soul:) Three to four hours of flying time from Dubai Filipinos must get an e-visa in order to enter the country.

Fee for Visa: $60 Requirements: It is necessary to give along a printed confirmation of the Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA).

In order to travel to India, you must have a return ticket or an onward journey ticket, as well as enough money to spend throughout your whole stay.

A valid visa is valid for 60 days from the date of initial arrival into India and can be used to visit the country twice within that time frame. It should be mentioned that a maximum of two e-Visas can be issued in a single calendar year is the rule.


Nepal is a hiker’s ideal destination exactly because it is the starting point for ascents to the world’s highest peak, Mt. Everest, which is located here. You’ll like Nepal just as much if you’re not a hiker since it offers lovely and lush valleys, stunning lakes with a picturesque backdrop, old temples, a rich history, and friendly folks. Consider flying an 18-seater jet to soar across the Himalayas, passing past its breathtaking mountains such as Mt. Everest, if you want to view the mountains up close but don’t want to risk your life climbing them.

  1. Filipinos are required to get a visa.
  2. Visa fees are as follows: 15 days – 25 USD, 30 days – 40 USD, and 90 days – 100 USD.
  3. Validity: 15 days, 30 days, or 90 days.
  4. If you are also planning a trip to Tibet, Bhutan, or India, this might be really important information.


The Monasteries of Haghpat and Sanahin, the Cathedral and Churches of Echmiatsin, and the Archaeological Site of Zvartnots are among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Armenia, according to Wikipedia. Other notable sites include the Monastery of Geghard and the UpperAzat Valley are also located in Armenia, according to Wikipedia. Isn’t that enough of a cause for you to come visit? Duration of the flight from Dubai: 3 hours and 10 minutes Filipinos are required to get a visa upon arrival or an electronic visa.

Visa fees: USD 6 for an e-visa for 21 days, USD 31 for a 120-day visa, and AMD 3000 for a VOA for 21 days, USD 15000 for a 120-day visa.

It is necessary to have a valid passport, a completed application form (which may be obtained at the airport), and an onward or return flight ticket.


Georgia is a country that is ideal for those with a longing for the past. In this region, there are other fortifications to be discovered, including the Narikala Fortress, which was erected in the 4th Century and still stands majestically now. You’ll want to climb every one of the churches and monasteries that have been erected on hills and caverns. Lakes and waterfalls may also be found all around the nation, and with your 90-day free visa, you’d be foolish not to take advantage of the opportunity:) Flight time from Dubai is 3 hours and 30 minutes.

If you are a resident of the GCC, you do not require a visa.

Fee for a visa: The charge for an e-visa is 20 USD plus a 2 percent service fee.

To enter Georgia, you must submit your GCC Residence permit, together with your travel document/passport, at the Georgian border crossing. Validity: The voucher is valid for up to 90 days during any 180-day period.


The African wildlife may be seen in close proximity to the city of Johannesburg, South Africa. The Nairobi National Park, which is only a few hours away from Dubai, is home to lions, rhinos, zebras, giraffes, elephants, buffalo, gazelles, and a slew of other animals. Click here for more information. There are other safari destinations nearby, so if you want to spend longer time in Kenya, you might consider visiting the Masai Mara and Amboseli National Parks. Karura Forest, Brown’s Cheese Factory, and Karen Blixen Coffee Garden are all must-see attractions in the area.

Documentation Requirement: Clear biodata page in the passport, clear passport photo, trip itinerary, and hotel reservations are all required.


Sri Lanka offers a beautiful and diversified terrain that I’m sure everyone would like visiting. They have gorgeous beaches, towering waterfalls, and old temples, as well as tranquil towns and National Parks where elephants and other wildlife animals are well-protected and cared for, as well as a variety of other attractions. Some national parks, like as the Elephant Freedom Project, enable visitors to interact with the elephants (but not ride them), and you may even get the opportunity to bathe with them in some cases.

  • Flight time from Dubai is 3 hours.
  • It may be obtained via eta.gov.lk.
  • Waiver The following documents are required: a return/onward ticket as well as an Electronic Travel Authorization.
  • Validity: For a period of up to 30 days from the date of arrival.
  • The Dead Sea, which happens to be the lowest spot on the planet, is a must-see destination.
  • The Petra World Heritage Site (today considered one of the seven wonders of the world) is a half-built, half-carved monastery surrounded by mountains that has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Flying time from Dubai: 4 hours and 30 minutes Filipinos are required to get a visa.
  • Fee for visa: 40 JOD (about 56.50 USD).

If you book with Fly Dubai, you will be offloaded, therefore avoid them at all costs!


Bishkek, which is relatively unknown outside of the country, is the Greenest City in the World, thanks to the abundance of parks and tree-lined streets. There are a plethora of mosques to be discovered. If you want to enjoy a hot spring in the heart of snow-capped mountains during the winter, Altyn Arashan is the place to go. Mountain Sulaiman-too, Karakol Gorge, and Alamedin Gorge are all fantastic places to visit if you’re an outdoor enthusiast. Flight time from Dubai is 4 hours. Philippine nationals must get a visa on arrival, or apply for an e-Visa at atevisa.e-gov.kg.

The following documents are required: Return/Onward Ticket 30 days / 90 days are the validity periods.


For those who enjoy wildlife, have your cameras ready because you’ll go crazy when you visit the Saiful Muluk National Park in Northern Pakistan, which is home to the snow leopard and the Asian black bear, among other animals. Pakistan is also blessed with breathtaking natural landscapes; among the most popular attractions are the Saif-ul Muluk Lake, Pir Sohawa, Margalla Hills, and the Hunza Valley. Flight time from Dubai is 2 hours. The following visa is required for Filipinos: E-visa atvisa.nadra.gov.pk.

Documents required: A printed confirmation of the E-Visa, a photograph, a valid passport, and a letter of invitation from the sponsoring organization.

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11 Gorgeous Destinations From The UAE For Those Who Love The Sun, Sand & The Sea

If you’re tired of traveling and looking for a spot to avoid quarantine, there are a plethora of options available to you. The majority of countries across the world are reopening their borders for tourism, and fortunately, UAE residents are authorized admission into an array of beautiful vacation locations. Whether you’re looking for beaches, history, or partying, there are places to suit any traveler’s needs. In addition, we’ve hand-picked ten breathtaking locations that are little under seven hours away from the UAE.

As a result, before purchasing your tickets, double-check that the regulations have not changed.

1. Maldives

Upon arrival in the UAE, all visitors will be issued a free 30-day tourist visa that is valid for the whole country. There will be no requirement for a minimum length of stay, but all visitors will be expected to have a confirmed lodging before coming in the Maldives. Travelers coming in the Maldives must present a negative PCR test result at the Male International Airport upon arrival in the country. The test must be completed at least 96 hours before departure. Passengers who have been in transit for more than 24 hours must retake the examination.

It is OK to use the first COVID-19 PCR test for transit/transfer passengers as long as their transit period is not more than 24 hours in duration.

But Special visa holders who plan to spend more than 7 days in the Maldives as well as those with Business visas who plan to spend more than 7 days in the Maldives, foreign diplomats and their accompanying family members, Maldivian citizens, and work visa holders are required to quarantine for 14 days in their place of residence or employment.

Travelers should download the contact tracing software TraceEkee in order to assist authorities in tracking down any probable transmission of the Zika virus. Continuing on that topic, meet the couple from Dubai whose 10-day honeymoon turned into a two-month adventure.

2. Bulgaria

This breathtaking resort is only a five and a half-hour flight away from Dubai International. Travelers who have not been vaccinated must have a printed copy of a negative Covid-19 test result obtained no more than 72 hours previous to their arrival. Travelers who have obtained their second vaccination must have had it at least 14 days before departure. Also eligible to go to Bulgaria are those who can provide documentation of recovery from Covid-19 that occurred no more than six months ago. The Sinopharm vaccine has also been approved for use.

3. Egypt

Egypt is now open to international tourists from all around the world, including the United States. Passengers older than six years will be required to submit a negative PCR test to demonstrate that they are clear of the coronavirus, according to the government. After arriving in the nation, the exam must be completed within 72 hours of arriving. Those who travel straight to Hurghada, Marsa Alam, Sharm El Sheikh, or Tabacan are subjected to a PCR test upon arrival in their destination. It will cost you $30, but you will be required to quarantine yourself in your hotel room until the findings are returned in the negative.

4. Greece

Greece has reopened its borders to all foreign tourists, including residents of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Those who travel, on the other hand, must adhere to a few regulations. To enter Greece, all travelers must complete the passenger locator form (PLF) before boarding their flight. In addition, travelers must present a negative PCR test report that was taken 24 hours before to their scheduled departure. Those who have a proof of immunization that was completed at least 14 days prior to their arrival in Greece are exempt from doing a PCR test in Greece.

5. Kenya

Kenya opened its doors to tourists from 129 countries on August 1st, allowing them to enjoy quarantine-free stays. All visitors to the African country are required to complete this health surveillance form and to provide a negative PRC test that was taken within 96 hours of their arrival. Internal flights to the national parks do not necessitate the use of any extra PCR testing or documentation.

6. Lebanon

Beirut is still recovering from the devastation caused by the enormous bomb, yet the country remains available to tourism. After all, what better method is there to aid the country than to spend a few pounds? Passengers flying to Lebanon are required to complete a health declaration form before to departure, as well as present documentation of a negative Covid-19 test performed within 96 hours of their departure. Additionally, travellers must submit to a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test upon arrival at the airport.


7. Italy

Residents of the United Arab Emirates who have been vaccinated and have had a negative PCR test performed no more than 48 hours before travel are permitted to visit Italy. In contrast, travelers who have transmitted the virus through Bangladesh (through Brazil), India (via India), or Sri Lanka (via Sri Lanka) during the last 14 days will be denied entry into Italy. Before arriving at the airport, all travellers are required to complete the following declaration papers. To enter the Italian territory, the EU Digital Passenger Locator Formmust be completed and submitted.

When the form is submitted, a QR code will be generated, and this code must be given at the time of check-in to be accepted.

Upon arrival in Italy, all travellers are required to submit to a Rapid Antigen Swab Test, which they must pay for themselves. Children under the age of two are exempt from this requirement. The exam will cost €20 ($25) euros and must be scheduled in advance online here.

8. Seychelles

Prior to departing for the Seychelles, travelers must submit proof of a negative PCR test result. The restriction also applies to children and newborns under the age of one year. Before boarding your flight, you must complete the exam at least 72 hours ahead to your scheduled departure date and submit it online before flying. In addition, all travelers must have current health insurance coverage that includes coverage for any medical care linked with Covid-19. It is mandatory for visitors to the island to only stay in resorts that have been declared safe by the local public health department.

In other words, there is something for every type of traveler here!

Aside from that, the island is home to a plethora of breathtaking golf courses, fishing excursions, and beaches.

9. Serbia

If you want to get away from the heat of the United Arab Emirates, Belgrade is the finest option. The return of three weekly flights to Belgrade by Etihad Airlines will begin on Sunday, August 16. From Abu Dhabi, it takes five and a half hours to go to this beautiful winter destination. Furthermore, travelers are not need to present a Covid negative certificate, and there are no quarantine requirements upon arrival. When in the nation, however, visitors must adhere to a rigorous set of regulations.

  1. Furthermore, the city’s thriving nightlife has not yet returned, so you may not be able to earn any brownie points during your visit.
  2. Travelers may immerse themselves in the city’s rich history while also indulging in its delectable cuisine.
  3. This little peninsula on the Save River is the perfect spot to escape the heat and humidity of the summer months.
  4. This location, which is 16 kilometers away from the city, is ideal for social distancing, soaking up some fresh air, and unwinding in the middle of nature.

10. Montenegro

Montenegro is available to tourists from 50 countries, all of which are on the green list, which also includes the United Arab Emirates.

Tourists are required to wear facemasks at all times and adhere to the rules of social separation. Partying, on the other hand, is severely outlawed. So, if you’re thinking about going on vacation soon, here are 7 hacks to help you have the best vacation possible while maintaining social distance.

11. Malta

Residents of the United Arab Emirates who have received vaccinations can now travel to Malta without being subjected to quarantine upon arrival. Emirates restored its Dubai to Malta through Larnaca route on July 14th, marking the first time the airline has done so since March 2020. To enter Malta, travelers must have received two doses of a vaccination authorized by the European Medicines Authority, such as Moderna, Pfizer-BioNTech, AstraZeneca-Oxford, or Janssen (JohnsonJohnson), before traveling.

Passengers must submit a vaccination certificate with all of the necessary information for both doses upon arrival.

Revealed: Five countries you can currently travel to from Dubai within six hours

Countries throughout the world may have relaxed travel restrictions, but they are continuing to take cautious precautions to prevent a return of Covid-19 infections in their populations. However, as a result of a significant decrease in the incidence of Covid-19 infections, numerous nations have decided to eliminate the quarantine time that was previously required for inbound travellers arriving from specific places. Instead, authorities now require convincing documentation of a negative polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test that was performed no more than 96 hours prior to entry into the target country.

  • Egypt With the shortest flying duration of them all (three hours and thirty-one minutes), you may spend your time in Egypt learning about the culture, historical landmarks, and seasonal celebrations that are on offer.
  • Covid-19 Maldives The Maldives, which are only four hours and ten minutes away by plane, provide for an excellent weekend tropical retreat.
  • Travel warnings can be found here: Private vacation villas in the midst of crystal blue waterways for a relaxing getaway Greece Travel time is four hours and forty-eight minutes to a nation that has everything you could ever want.
  • Travel warnings can be found here: Throughout the nation, you may take advantage of stunning white beaches, deep blue oceans, and lush foliage.
  • Travel warnings can be found here: The perfect escape for a full change of scenery and the opportunity to go exploring in the great outdoors.
  • Visitors can, on the other hand, take part in safaris, learn about local culture and food, and even attempt to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.
  • All of these countries are excellent vacation destinations during the Christmas season, and they have taken considerable efforts to safeguard the safety of its citizens and visitors.

Emirates, a Dubai-based airline, is also giving special prices to a number of locations in order to encourage the local traveler pool to go. Read more:Emirates Dubai’s has announced discounted fares to a number of locations.

Where can Dubai residents travel? Check out these 14 destinations

Due to the increased availability of foreign travel opportunities for Dubai residents throughout the world, we examine which countries are now accessible to UAE citizens and residents. This scenario is always changing, as are official travel restrictions, therefore it is important to double-check with local authorities for the most current information before making any trip arrangements or bookings.

Costa Rica

The sole need for traveling to Costa Rica is that you complete a digital health pass and confirm that you have appropriate travel insurance in case you need to be quarantined or receive medical treatment.


As on May 10, 2021, travelers from 65 countries (including the United Arab Emirates) who have received two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine will be allowed to vacation in Cyprus without having to submit to a negative Covid-19 test or undergo quarantine in the country.


In places such as southern Sinai, which includes the resorts of Sharm el-Sheikh and Dahab, Red Sea province, which includes the resorts of Hurghada and Marsa Alam, and Marsa Matrouh on the Mediterranean, Egypt has opened its principal beach resorts to all visitors. It is required that you do a COVID-19 PCR test and submit an official health declaration form before traveling to Egypt.


Travelers from the United Arab Emirates who have had a negative PCR test within 72 hours of their arrival in Georgia are permitted to enter the country. One more test will be required on the third day of your trip, however individuals who have received both doses of the vaccination will not be required to undergo either of the two examinations.


Greece is currently available to UAE nationals and permanent residents; however, they must remain in isolation for a period of seven days before returning (or the entire visit if less than seven days). You’ll also need to provide proof of a negative PCR test performed within 72 hours of your visit, as well as a quick test upon arrival (if you’re visiting Athens) and fill out a passenger locator form at least 24 hours prior to your flight departure. Greece, on the other hand, appears to be planning to ease these limitations as of May 14.


To be eligible to enter Greece, UAE nationals and permanent residents must first complete a seven-day quarantine period in a separate country (or the entire visit if less than seven days). Also required is a negative PCR test performed within 72 hours before the visit, as well as a quick test upon arrival (if visiting Athens) and the completion of a passenger location form at least 24 hours before your departure. These limitations are expected to be eased beginning on May 14, according to current indications.

The Maldives

Since July 2020, the Maldives has opened its doors to foreign visitors and visitors from other countries. Passengers must undergo a PCR test no more than 96 hours before departure, and they will need to do another one to return home once they have completed their trip.


As of March 29, Malta has placed the United Arab Emirates on its amber list, which means that you must provide a negative PCR test that was performed within the preceding 72 hours.

If you are unable to provide a PCR sample, you will be placed in a 14-day quarantine.


All Covid-19-related travel restrictions have been eliminated in Serbia – and you no longer need to provide documentation of a negative PCR test in order to enter the country – and you may now travel freely across the nation (however one is required to fly from Dubai). Shopping malls, restaurants, and several tourist sites have reopened in the Serbian capital of Belgrade, as well as in other cities around the nation.


Travel to the Seychelles has been allowed to foreign visitors since March 25. To enter the country, you must provide a negative PCR test taken 72 hours before departure, as well as submit a health declaration form before leaving.

Sri Lanka

Tourists have been allowed back to Sri Lanka, but they must stay in a hotel that has been certified by the government. Travelers will be required to submit a negative Covid-19 test that has been taken within the last 96 hours upon arrival at the airport. After being tested again at the airport, they will be subjected to yet another test at the hotel on the seventh day of your stay. All tourists must apply for a visa in advance online, and they can only stay in hotels that have been authorized.

Tanzania (and Zanzibar)

Visitors visiting Tanzania will only be required to do a PCR test if their airline needs it; nevertheless, you will be required to undergo one in order to return to Dubai. Travelers entering Tanzania only need to fill out aTraveller Surveillance Form before to arriving in Dar es Salaam, and they may be subject to screening after they arrive at the airport.


All travelers are welcome in the North African country, as long as they sign a Health Declaration form prior to leaving. In addition, you must have a printed negative Covid-19 PCR test result that was provided during the prior 72-hour period. You’ll need to isolate for 48 hours and then perform another PCR test at your own expense. This will cost you more money.


Travelers from the United Arab Emirates are welcome to visit Turkey; however, you must bring a PCR test that is valid for at least 72 hours and complete a passenger information form upon arrival. Images courtesy of Unsplash Sign up for FREE to receive special updates on topics that you are interested in learning more about.

7 Underrated Places to Visit in Dubai

As one of the world’s most visited cities, Dubai has constantly ranked within the top 10, welcoming about 16 million tourists in 2018. It’s also one of the most well-documented cities on the planet, and it’s often regarded as a top social media influencer hotspot. As a result of record-breaking visitor numbers and several honors, what surprises may the well-known location still have in store? Aerial picture of the city of Dubai The island of Palm Jumeirah in the United Arab Emirates Image courtesy of Delpixart/Getty Images In 2016, I spent a whole academic year studying abroad in Dubai, where I earned my bachelor’s degree.

In spite of the passage of four years, I still had friends who were eager to assist me in seeing the numerous areas of Dubai that I had not before visited.

And what I discovered over the three months that I recently spent working remotely in the city is that the city still has a few tricks up its sleeve to keep visitors interested. Here are a handful of the lesser-known treasures that I discovered.

Love Lake

The new man-made “Love lake” near al-Qudra desert in the Gulf emirate of Dubai is a romantic getaway for couples. Photograph courtesy of Giuseppe Cacace/Getty Images Love Lake is a lesser-known destination that is well worth a visit, whether you’re traveling with your significant other or searching for a fun buddy activity. Off Al Qudra Road, 45 minutes from downtown Dubai, this park provides a breath of fresh air, especially between October and April, before the heat of the summer sets in. It also offers a variety of relaxing activities, including walking the pathway, barbecuing, playing outdoor games, and bird-watching, all of which can be enjoyed in the shade of the trees.

As a wildlife supporter and want tobe Steve Irwin, discovering a natural animal encounter in Dubai was a complete and utter thrill for me.

It’s a terrific location to go when you want to relax.

Bab Al Shams Desert ResortSpa

The oasis of Bab Al Shams is another another secret desert haven that is well worth seeing if you want to get away from the noise and bustle of the city. Couples and families can stay in one of the 113 rooms decorated in the classic Arabian manner. In my case, as a solitary budget traveler, I discovered a fantastic option. Day visitors may experience Bab Al Shams’ 360° Nature Brunch picnics for as little as a $30 cab journey from the Dubai Marina and a $50 USD cost, which includes a huge umbrella for shade, a classic picnic basket and cutlery, and pillows to rest on in front of a table that is low to the ground.

Mosquitoes and flies don’t fare well in the desert, so you can enjoy your outdoor lunch in peace.

Queen Elizabeth 2

It is seen parked in Port Rashid in Dubai, where the Queen Elizabeth II luxury cruise ship, popularly known as the QE2, is docked. Photograph courtesy of Karim Sahib/Getty Images Dubai has had a long-standing connection with the United Kingdom, having previously been under the protection of the empire as a result of the General Maritime Treaty of 1820. The Queen Elizabeth 2 finished her final journey on November 26, 2008, and has since been stationed at Port Rashid, near Dubai’s Gold Souk, where it has remained since.

The docked ship serves as both a hotel and a museum, and you may take a Heritage Tour ($23 USD) to learn more about the ship’s rich history and culture.

However, the QE2 is a lovely site to go on a date and to watch the sunset without having to worry about crowds spoiling the view of the Dubai cityscape.

Lebanon Island

The Lebanon Island Bridge, part of the World Islands. Lebanon Island, The World Islands, is credited with this image. It’s likely that you’re aware with Dubai’s well-known practice of creating whole islands just for recreational purposes. And now they’re back at it with Lebanon Island once more. The exclusive beach club, restaurant, volleyball court, pool, and event area are all accessible only by boat, which is included in the rental price. Lebanon Island, one of Dubai’s World Islands, is often viewed as a failing project as a whole, yet it provides a fantastic opportunity to go off the peninsula and away from the throng for an unforgettable experience.

Palm Jebel Ali

In Dubai, United Arab Emirates, an aerial view of The Palm Islands may be seen. Photograph courtesy of Alain Benainous/Getty Images Palm Jumeirah, home to some of Dubai’s most prominent hotels and restaurants, is a name you’ve probably heard before. But did you know that it has a more powerful sister? Palm Jebel Ali is a man-made archipelago that is twice the size of the one that surrounds this world-famous monument and is located not far from it. This abandoned building project has been resurrected by Dubai’s outdoor enthusiasts, and you’ll discover a shooting range, motocross track, camping grounds, and a beach that has been fully taken over by kitesurfers on this property.

Although Dubai is well-known for its extravagant features, the kitesurfer’s beach had a more laid-back vibe.

The Cove Rotana Resort, Ras Al Khaimah

The Cove Rotana Resort may be seen in the distance. The Cove Rotana Resort provided the image used in this post. Despite the fact that it is technically outside of Dubai, The Cove Rotana Resortis a must-see. What is the most notable aspect of this hotel? The Santorini-style hotel buildings that are spaced down the slope down to the lagoon are a highlight of the resort. The Mediterranean atmosphere is maintained by the bright-pink bougainvillea that grows around the property, as well as the spectacular cloudless sunsets.

Arabian Tea House

The Arabian Tea House Restaurant’s exterior is shown here. The Arabian Tea House Restaurant provided the image for this cafe. Cafe Arabian Tea House has a number of sites in Dubai, however the branch at the Jumeirah Archaeological Site in Jumeirah is undoubtedly the greatest spot to visit. The site was excavated in 1969, and objects discovered there were found to be as old as the Abbasid era, which occurred in the ninth century A.D. It is currently under the management of the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority, and you may learn a little more about Dubai’s less well-known cultural heritage before or after your dinner.

It’s also best to go during the week for the best seats, and for a light dinner, try some basic karak tea and luqaimat (traditional sweet dessert dumplings) for a refreshing break from the heat.

You may have a peaceful sit-down supper with family or friends in the midst of this fast-paced metropolis.

Tourists travelling to, from and through Dubai

When passengers arrive at Dubai International Airport from one of the following countries, they will be asked to undergo another COVID-19 PCR test. Africa: Afghanistan, Algeria, Angola, Argentina, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Botswana, Burundi, Cameroon, Chad, Chile, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Djibouti, Egypt, Eritrea, Eswatini, Ethiopia, Georgia, Ghana, Guinea, India, Iran, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Jordan, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan,Lebanon, Lesotho, Liberi It is mandatory that you remain in your hotel or apartment until you receive the results of your test if it is administered at an airport.

If the test results are positive, you will be obliged to undergo isolation and adhere to the rules set forth by the Dubai Health Authority.

Dubai Travel Guide

When one considers the sheer size of Dubai, it’s difficult to realize that the vast majority of the city was constructed in the previous 50 years. It just adds to the awe-inspiring experience of seeing the world’s largest retail mall, tallest tower, and a slew of ultra-luxurious hotels. While Dubai has become synonymous with glitz and superlatives, there are still remnants of a pre-skyscraper Dubai to be seen in the city’s twisting souks and the wide, desolate desert that surrounds the city. Here’s how to get about on both sides of this constantly expanding metropolis.

35 Best Hotels in Dubai

We’ve taken the uncertainty out of it and compiled a list of 35 of our best Dubai hotels that cater to travelers of all ages, income levels, and travel interests.

Park Hyatt Dubai

  • The Park Hyatt is a huge resort that manages to preserve a pleasant environment owing to a well-trained and attentive staff. It is located just minutes from the airport. More information may be found here.

Burj Al Arab Jumeirah

  • The distinctive sail-shaped hotel in Dubai is home to a fleet of Rolls Royce cars, Hermès products, and a pillow menu for your king-size bed, among other amenities. More information may be found here.

One Only The Palm

  • A tranquil haven surrounded by palm trees, away from the hustle and bustle of Dubai. More information may be found here.

Taj Dubai

  • Families on the go with children flock to this 296-room hotel, which boasts an outstanding breakfast. More information may be found here.

Atlantis, The Palm

  • The Atlantis, Dubai’s first hotel on Palm Island, is essentially identical in appearance to its Bahamian counterpart, which is to say, it is equally spectacular. More information may be found here.

Mandarin Oriental Jumeira, Dubai

  • Spa and restaurants that are among the best in the region, as well as the long-awaited arrival of the hotel company in the Middle East, distinguish this beachfront haven. More information may be found here.

Dukes The Palm, a Royal Hideaway Hotel

  • Modern and stylish British hotel that has only recently opened its doors in Dubai’s business and leisure district. More information may be found here.

ME Dubai

  • In a city full with superlatives, this building is an architectural miracle. More information may be found here.

The Starlight Camp

  • In a city full with superlatives, this structure is an architectural miracle. More information may be found at:

Habtoor Grand Resort

  • This serene, family-friendly Arabian-style resort is located on a secluded stretch of Jumeirah Beach in the United Arab Emirates. More information may be found here.

Shangri-La Hotel, Dubai

  • Come to this freshly refurbished 42-story hotel for the Instagrammable pool, afternoon tea, and the stunning new rooms, which have all been recently remodeled. More information may be found here.

Fairmont the Palm, Dubai

  • The Fairmont, which is located on the trunk of Dubai’s iconic palm, is a favorite beach holiday destination for families. More information may be found here.

Explore the Inspiring Parts of Dubai with Photographer Rhiannon Taylor

Production by Condé Nast Traveler in partnership with Conrad Hotels & Resorts | Rhiannon Taylor continues her voyage in Conrad Dubai, where she meets photographer Katarina Premfors and visits the iconic Dubai markets, before heading to Fossil Rock and participating in a game of Dune Bashing.

Dinner in the Sky

  • It will wow a first date, a long-term spouse, or a closest friend because it is the only restaurant of its sort in the UAE.

The Friday Brunch at Jumeirah Al Qasr

  • Three of the Jumeirah al Qasr’s resort restaurants have joined forces to create a brunch so large that you’ll need a map to find your way back to your seat. Seriously

Maiden Shanghai

  • Its exquisite Chinese cuisine is almost as wonderful as the people-watching at Maiden Shanghai, which is the place to be for celebratory dinners, weekend brunches, and other special events.


  • An inviting café with an appealing menu that caters to all tastes, Logma’s has something for everyone, as well as a great outside terrace for when the weather is nice

Milas Restaurant

  • Many of Dubai’s Emirati restaurants are modest hole-in-the-wall establishments, but Milas distinguishes itself with a sleek interior and top-notch, soul-satisfying cuisine.

The Lighthouse

  • This Dubai Design District institution is a go-to for unique souvenirs, homewares, and art books, and it also boasts a nice all-day cafe that serves delicious pastries.


  • Everyone in the city took note when Kunal Kapur, Master Chef of India, created this modern fine dining venue in Souk Al Bahar.

Biryani Pot

  • Despite the fact that this Indian business may not have the most luxurious environment (picture mall setting with plastic tableware), it serves full and reasonably priced biryanis, curries, tandoori grills, and wraps, among other things.

10 things to know before you arrive in Dubai – IHG Travel Blog

When it comes to culture in Dubai, it may be fairly clear-cut. What kind of clothes should you wear? Should you give gratuities to waiters? Is it okay for you to drink alcohol? Here are some suggestions for having a safe and enjoyable trip to Dubai.

1. Visit between October and April

There are only two seasons in Dubai: hot and hotter. The months of October through April, collectively known as the winter season, provide clear skies and ideal beach weather to the city of Los Angeles. It is also the rainy season, although rain showers are not expected to continue for lengthy periods of time, so don’t allow this element influence your trip plans.

2. Look at flights six months ahead

In typically, international airlines issue their cheapest seats around six months prior to scheduled departure dates. This does not imply that you must get your tickets months in advance, but it is a good idea to begin exploring and comparing costs as soon as possible. Ideally, you should purchase your tickets at least one month in advance, if not more.

3. Book your hotel months in advance

Because Dubai is becoming such a popular holiday destination, and because the months of October through April are the most popular for visitors to come, you’ll want to make sure you have a beautiful place to stay before you arrive, such as one of these IHG hotels in Dubai.

Make your Dubai hotel reservation at least two to three months in advance if you want to avoid disappointment. The top 15 things to do in and around Dubai are listed below. Flyboarding is number eight on the list.

4. Show respect during Ramadan

If you happen to be in the country during Ramadan, which is observed during the ninth month of the 12-month Islamic calendar, please be respectful of the Muslims and their fasting practice. This implies that between the hours of sunrise and sunset, you are not permitted to eat, drink, or smoke in public in front of them.

5. Dress modestly

When packing your holiday outfit, choose modest clothing over exposing and showy attire. It is deemed indecent for women to dress in attire that is excessively short, too tight, or to be transparent, whereas males should never be seen walking around without a shirt on. Keep your clothing modest to avoid unwelcome attention and to show respect for Muslim culture.

6. Ask permission before taking pictures

You should never snap a picture of or with a stranger without their consent, unless you’re photographing a picturesque scene at a popular tourist destination. However, you should never photograph a Muslim lady without her consent, and you should avoid photographing government buildings, airports, military sites, and other such structures.

7. Should you tip?

Tipping isn’t actually demanded in Dubai, however it is a widely practiced habit. The majority of eateries will automatically add a gratuity to your bill. A tip is not expected of taxi drivers, however luggage carriers and grocery baggers are sometimes compensated with a little gratuity for their work. In Dubai, there is a new generation of amazing food. It’s a food truckers’ paradise.

8. Don’t just give your taxi driver an address

Taxis are an excellent means of transit in the city; there are enough of them, and they are a reasonably priced mode of transportation. However, you should not assume that your taxi driver is familiar with every street and restaurant in Dubai. They may not always be as familiar with the city as you believe they should be, so to ensure that you wind up where you want to go, provide them with references to major city landmarks, since they should be familiar with them.

9. Be careful where you consume alcohol

Alcohol is permitted in Dubai; however, it is not permitted to be consumed in public because public intoxication and driving while intoxicated are forbidden. Additionally, you are not permitted to purchase alcohol for personal use without a licence, and you must purchase it from an institution that has a license. Purchasing beverages at a pub or restaurant is not an issue; nevertheless, do not attempt to leave while intoxicated.

10. Stay away from PDA

In the United Arab Emirates, public expressions of affection are considered highly insulting. Many travelers to Dubai have been detained and imprisoned for possessing a personal digital assistant (PDA). If you want to be on the safe side, avoid touching hands or kissing your significant other in public places. Even with some of the tight rules in place, you should not hesitate to visit Dubai if the opportunity presents itself. It’s a one-of-a-kind place that’s well worth visiting on your alone, with your significant other, or with your entire family.

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