Where To Party In Dubai? (Correct answer)

Here is a list of the 11 Best Nightclubs in Dubai to Visit in 2020:

  • Armani/Privé Nightclub.
  • Cavalli Club.
  • Base.
  • Club 360.
  • Club Boudoir.
  • Billionaire Mansion Nightclub.
  • White Dubai Nightclub.
  • Chi @ The Lodge Nightclub.

What are the best pool parties in Dubai?

  • The best pool parties in Dubai include: Nikki Beach Dubai, Cove Beach Dubai, Soho Beach, Azure Beach, Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE, Summersalt, Dubai, Zero Gravity, Barasti Dubai, Andreeas Dubai. What are the best day drinking spots / dayparties in Dubai?

Where is the party area in Dubai?

The Jumeirah Beach Residence, also known as JBR, is a dazzling beachfront district with a thriving nightlife where you can enjoy some of Dubai’s top bars and clubs. Experience the best of Dubai nightlife with drinks at Lock, Stock & Barrel or enjoy great live music and sports on giant HD screens at McGettigan’s JBR.

Is Dubai good for nightlife?

Dubai has so much to offer regarding nightlife; it gives the right kind of environment to host safe but at the same time a wild experience. The emirate hosts some of the most popular club nights in the world. It is the home of many talented DJs and also regularly hosts the most well-known ones from across the globe.

Are night clubs legal in Dubai?

As anywhere, Dubai has numerous laws regarding clubs; they all must close at 3 am, you must be 21 to drink alcohol, 25 to enter a nightclub, and interestingly they are not allowed by law to refuse entrance to anyone, including members only clubs.

Is Dubai a party destination?

Dubai may be famous for the world’s tallest tower, but the nightlife in this city is something you cannot miss. Dubai’s clubbing scene has evolved in a large way from the 90’s, offering much more for party animals.

What happens in nightlife?

Generally, if they socialize, dance, meet strangers and meet up with friends. The night club is suitable for them. They come to nightclubs to dance, party, drink, and they also see if their favorite artist is playing.

How much does a party cost in Dubai?

Partying is a staple in a night owl’s lifestyle at least three nights a week. VIP ROOM has a minimum spend of AED8,000-12,000 ($2,190- $3,280) per table. For a party of six for the night the number can easily go beyond that. Same applies to Blue Marlin, Cavalli Club and White.

Can you kiss in a club in Dubai?

It does not matter if one party kisses the other on the lips, on the cheek, or in a private place that would get them locked upon any part of the world; kissing is forbidden in public places in Dubai.

Can you drink and party in Dubai?

Drinking Alcohol in Dubai ‘ The answer is yes – in some places. Tourists over 21 are allowed to drink alcohol in designated areas such as licensed bars and clubs attached to Western-style hotels.

Is alcohol legal in Dubai?

Alcohol has been legally available in bars and clubs in UAE, but individuals required a government-issued license to purchase, transport or possess alcohol in their homes. Previously, prosecutions for alcohol consumption were rare and most often seen when affixed to an arrest for another offence.

Can you dance in public in Dubai?

Dancing. Dubai has bars and nightclubs, but the Foreign Office says you should not dance in public. “Dancing is allowed in the privacy of your home or at licensed clubs,” the advice says. The Dubai Code of Conduct says dancing and loud music is forbidden in public places, such as beaches, parks and residential areas.

Is Dubai strict on ID?

The legal drinking age in Dubai is 21 years of age and night clubs always adhere to this rule. For visitors, a passport is an acceptable form of ID, while for residents, an Emirates ID or a driving license will suffice.

Is clubbing expensive in Dubai?

Some clubs say that running a nightclub in the city is simply an expensive business. “ The costs that clubs have to sustain in Dubai are very high,” said Arianna Gandola, a spokeswoman for Movida, a high-end club near Sheikh Zayed road. The lowest price of a table at Movida is around $800.

Are nightclubs open in Dubai during Ramadan?

Yes, they’re open.

Top 10 Best Nightclubs in Dubai in 2021 – Discotech

Dubai is well-known for its wealthy residents, who have a huge amount of discretionary cash to spend on leisure and tourist attractions in Dubai. Dubai has genuinely taken the necessary efforts to ensure that its residents would be able to experience the finest in everything, from shopping to sightseeing, when they live there. There is a lot to choose from when it comes to late-night entertainment in Dubai’s diverse and varied nightlife, and the United Arab Emirates is home to some of the world’s most in-demand artists, such as Solomun and David Guetta as well as Carl Cox and 50 Cent, as well as the more underground artists who come to Dubai on a weekly basis.

Discotech is the place to plan your night out.


There aren’t many clubs in Dubai city that can claim to have been the first to bring the notion of outdoor rooftop clubbing to the city’s nightlife. When WHITE Dubai, a groundbreaking nightclub concept that is the sister idea of WHITE Beirut, opened its doors at Meydan Racecourse Grandstand, it created history in the making. A night of high-octane excitement, banging music, and an overall positive mood can be found at WHITE Dubai thanks to its prime location. The best go-to party place for anybody looking to guide their evening exploits in the correct way.

URBN is a club night that takes place every Wednesday and Thursday at the venue.

WHITE Dubai undergoes nightly transformations for each event, placing it in a rarefied global partying elite among the few worldwide venues that also endure such weekly transformations.

The facility is notorious for bringing famous artists to its knees, and you can expect to be treated to an intriguing line-up each season at the venue.

1 Oak

The 1-OAK Brand, which was inspired by the tagline ‘One Of A Kind,’ has multiple locations around the world, including New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Tokyo. The 1-OAK Brand is the epitome of New York City chic, and it offers an unrivaled nightlife experience right in the heart of the Dubai Financial District. Remember to walk through the huge corridor etched with Charles Darwin’s writing before arriving to 1-Oak, a gigantic 9,000 sq ft beautifully designed work of architectural skill whose beauty is heightened by a one-of-a-kind art collection by Roy Nachum, before entering the building.

1-OAK Dubai caters to luminaries, celebrities, and other elite tourists with everything from personalized VIP experiences to a limitless array of excellent services.


In 2017, Base Dubai made its debut on the Dubai nightlife scene. Since then, they have provided their visitors with an immersive, exhilarating, and one-of-a-kind experience that has raised the standard on the worldwide nightlife scene. It is much more than a standard nightlife club; this enormous open-air arena hosts an infinite list of the world’s best musicians, who are accompanied by spectacular world-class spectacles and productions that are not to be missed. With its large-scale, cutting-edge sound, lighting, and pyrotechnic systems in place, BASE provides an unrivaled visual experience for its viewers.

The theme of the venue focuses around the elements of ice and fire, and it is set against a backdrop of exciting musical performances.

Afrojack and Rick Ross have performed at the venue in the past, and the venue continues to bring in worldwide DJs and performers for club nights that are unlike any other in Dubai.


A unique nightlife experience in the United Arab Emirates, Drai’s combines the magic of Las Vegas with the grandeur of Dubai, resulting in an unrivaled nightlife experience in the country. Drai’s Dubai, located in the heart of Meydan’s vibrant nightlife district, provides an extraordinary clubbing experience that includes great music, stunning light and sound shows, outstanding show-stopping live acts, and world-class attentive service. No matter whether you’re seeing musicians perform in front of mind-blowing visuals or simply enjoying a night of pure entertainment and amazing music, your night at Drai’s Dubai will be one you’ll remember for a long time.

Having hosted some of the greatest names in hip-hop and R & B, including Drake, Nelly, Nicki Minaj, and Kendrick Lamar, Drake’s is unquestionably the ultimate party destination.

BOA Lounge

BOA is a dual-story, 1000-person capacity ultra-luxe lounge and nightclub located on the 32nd level of one of the region’s most exclusive locations, the V Hotel in Al Habtoor City, perched above the bustling metropolis of Dubai. Its luxury decor, an indoor bar, and a magnificent balcony with spectacular views across the Dubai Water Canal and the Arabian Gulf distinguish the BOA lounge from the rest of the hotel. It is open seven evenings a week from 8 PM to 3 AM and serves first-class mixology, shisha, and international lounge food.

Enjoy the amazing social scene and service, as well as the opportunity to party your heart out to the beat of a live DJ.

While waiting for the weekend, the BOA Club is open every Thursday and Friday from 11PM.

Intense nightlife and party experiences are provided by the club, which includes elegant champagne, dance, and light performances.

Dancers from all over the world are entertained by resident DJs and international DJ guests, who keep the dance floor ablaze and the celebration going all night. You may change your weekend into a spectacular celebration of luxury lifestyle when you join the BOA Club!

Soho Garden

Soho Garden is a playground of exploration, an unrivaled entertainment venue that encapsulates the essence of authentic Dubai life — it is an experience like no other. We are catering to the intrinsic urge of every human being to be astonished, inspired, and to be a part of a larger social phenomena Soho Garden is a cosmopolitan enclave on the outskirts of the futuristic city that is equal parts bustling urban scene and tranquil walled garden. It offers a distinctively diverse mix of dining, pool lounging, and nightlife experiences in a tranquil, walled setting.

Toy Room

Formed in the premium London party scene, Toy Room opened its doors at the Soho Garden complex earlier this year after establishing a reputation for itself. Toy Room Dubai, which follows in the footsteps of the legendary London nightlife establishment, offers an exclusive but entertaining experience. A night at this immensely popular, award-winning institution is never dull. It has everything you could wish for in a nightclub — an enthusiastic audience, thumping beats, and let’s not forget, a lovely, party-loving mascot named Frank the Bear.

Nelly, Omarion, Jeremih, Busta Rhymes, and Ty Dolla Sign are among the worldwide acts that have played at Toy Room Dubai in the past, to mention just a few.

Billionaire’s Mansion

In Dubai, Billionaire’s Mansion is the first of its type: it is a one-stop-destination developed by Billionaire Life Group and is the first of its kind in the world. The venue, which is located in the Taj Hotel, Business Bay and is open from sunset until the wee hours of the morning, provides a unique dining concept that combines classic Italian food with modern Japanese delicacies from the award-winning restaurant Sumosan. The restaurant, Billionaire Mansion Lounge BarShisha Terrace, nightclub, and private Karaoke Privé are all connected in a simple and natural way, which makes for a seamless and enjoyable experience for all guests.

Billionaire Mansion is a one-stop shop for everything you need to have a good time on a Friday or Saturday night.

SKY 2.0

Dubai Design District, home of SKY 2.0, a groundbreaking freestanding nightclub by Sky Management that is anchored in the center of the Design District. SKY 2.0, which is renowned for its originality, authenticity, and innovation, builds on the success of the award-winning SKYBAR Beirut by reflecting the city’s renowned festive energy and celebrating its guests’ cultural diversity through topnotch global-scale music, entertainment, service, food, and beverage offerings that create unforgettable evenings.

Every night of the week, from Wednesday to Friday, pays homage to a different kind of music, ranging from R&B and Hip-Hop to top 40 and house, as well as karaoke favorites and pop masterpieces.

Secret Room

It was the first Secret Room boutique nightclub in Moscow that served as inspiration for Secret Room Dubai. The location in Dubai is perfectly placed underground in the ultra-chic Five Hotel on the Palm Jumeirah, with easy access from the surrounding area. The tiny area is constructed with a foundation of European furniture influenced by the 18th century, featuring a hand painted mural, antique candelabras, and elegant crown moldings throughout. The rose gold avant-garde bar, which was created by globally renowned architect Paolo Ferrari, acts as a memorable focal point in the room.

The Secret Room fingerprint emblem is an integral part of the brand’s identity and lends an air of exclusivity to the product line.

Advanced audio and lighting systems have been meticulously developed by and integrated by the region’s industry leader, guaranteeing that every guest enjoys an excellent audio/visual experience.

The resident and featured DJs explore all parts of these genres, but they also include genres such as trap, dancehall, reggaeton, Afro beat, houseEDM, and other electronic dance music (EDM).

Dubai Nightclubs FAQ

A Moscow-based boutique nightclub, the original Secret Room, served as the inspiration for Secret Room Dubai. Located underground in the ultra-chic Five Hotel on the Palm Jumeirah, the Dubai venue is well-positioned for guests. The tiny area is constructed with a foundation of European furniture influenced by the 18th century, featuring a hand painted mural, antique candelabras, and intricate crown moldings throughout. The rose gold avant-garde bar, which was created by globally renowned architect Paolo Ferrari, acts as a memorable focal point in the space.

In addition to being vital to the brand’s identity, the Secret Room fingerprint sign lends a sense of exclusivity to the organization.

Advanced audio and lighting systems have been meticulously developed by and integrated by the region’s industry leader, guaranteeing that every visitor enjoys an exceptional audio/visual experience.

The resident and featured DJs explore all parts of these genres, but they also occasionally include other genres such as trap, dancehall, reggaeton, Afro beat, house, and electronic dance music (EDM).

It is the nicest and most unusual feature of this event that certain attendees are permitted to drive their own cars straight into the heart of it.

Everything You Need to Know About Nightlife in Dubai

It doesn’t matter if you want to dance all night, sip rooftop drinks as the sun sets, party from midday to midnight at a beach club, see a live comedy performance, or sing Karaoke; Dubai, the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates, has a location to fit your tastes. Along with major international jazz and film festivals, “The City of Gold” hosts a regional shopping festival and a large international jazz festival. Tourists and residents alike may enjoy a lounge with live music in the world’s tallest skyscraper, the Burj Khalifa, which rises at an incredible 2,722 feet (828 meters) tall and has more than 160 storeys, making it the world’s tallest structure.

Modern Dubai is full of life, and there are numerous ways to explore the multicultural, dynamic city’s after-dark side.

Furthermore, Dubai is considered to be one of the safest cities in the Middle East.

Also, be cautious if you are traveling with a same-sex partner and/or a loved one with whom you are not married, as the regulations in Dubai are more stringent.


If you come here to have a good time, you’re in for a surprise. There are several notable musicians that have performed in Dubai, as well as some spectacular nightclubs that appeal to a wide range of preferences.

  • WHITE Dubai: For a night to remember, travel to what DJ MAG named one of the world’s top 20 nightclubs — and the finest in the Middle East — in 2012. Dubai: On Thursdays through Saturdays, this open-air superclub, located on the Meydan Grandstand Rooftop, features the greatest DJs and jaw-dropping light shows, as well as a dance floor that keeps the party going until the wee hours of the morning. Soho Garden: This adults-only playground, inspired by London’s Soho district, contains four pubs in one location near the Meydan Racecourse. Sashaying between the laid-back Glasshouse, the stylish Bellini Bar, the Italian-inspired Negroni bar with a sunset mezzanine, and the boisterous Tiki Bar with unusual cocktails are all options. Inspired by fashion designer Roberto Cavalli, this extravagant bar and restaurant is decorated with over-sized chandeliers, eye-catching fabrics, international musicians, and dance-floor-inducing DJ rhythms. Armani/Privé: The Giorgio Armani-approved interiors have a sleek design, with back-lit marble and surfaces that are as gleaming as the well-heeled clients that frequent the establishment. On Mondays and Wednesdays, you may spend your late evenings dancing to the sounds of DJs and international artists in this Hotel Dubai club (except on Mondays and Wednesdays).


Seek out one of Dubai’s sleek rooftop clubs with spectacular views for a more sophisticated party atmosphere. Alternatively, enjoy a once-in-a lifetime experience and view from the lounge in the world’s tallest structure, the Burj Khalifa.

  • Located on the 16th story of a luxurious hotel resort, The Penthouse at FIVE Palm Jumeirah offers jaw-dropping views of the Dubai Marina. Special occasions include, for example, Skyline Thursdays: During your visit, you’ll witness the air-conditioned patio change into a pulsating dance floor. 40 Kong: This palm-fringed rooftop club on the 40th floor of the H Hotel, in the heart of Dubai’s commercial sector, is a great place to mix with the city’s expat community. Set up a spot to watch the sun set over the city, then hang out till the wee hours of the morning, sipping French rosé and high-end spirits. Please keep in mind that the bar is closed during the summer. At the Oberoi Hotel’s Iris Club, located on the 27th floor, this award-winning industrial-chic lounge is a popular after-work hangout for live music and beautifully prepared cocktails. To get to Atelier M, take a taxi to the top of Pier 7 in Dubai Harbor, where a secret rooftop lounge with international DJs and stunning views of the marina can be found. Inside, in the Art Deco-style lounge, you may take advantage of happy hour specials five days a week. The ladies of Beautythe Beat may enjoy four complimentary cocktails and complementary beauty treatments on Tuesdays at the club. One of the best places to listen to live music or listen to DJs spinning songs while sipping on a drink and enjoying finger delicacies is in the Burj Khalifa’s Lounge, which is located 1,919 feet (585 meters) above Dubai.

Restaurants With Bars

Some of Dubai’s most alluring bars may be located in high-end restaurants that serve delicious cuisine, have beautiful design, and provide spectacular views of the city skyline. The best of them are located in the Dubai International Financial Centre, which is located in the heart of the city (DIFC, which is the principal financial hub for the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia region). Long meals have the potential to turn into late-night gatherings. Roberto’s Salotto Lounge Barbrings the Italian la dolce vita (the sweet life) to Dubai, offering sophisticated martinis, complimentary nibbles in the early nights, and panoramic views of the city skyline.

Coya, a stylish and colorful Peruvian restaurant with touches of Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese cuisine, is located at the Four Seasons Resort.

Enjoy an authentic English pub experience at The Lion by NickScott, located within the H Hotel.

If you like superb “Mediterranean” (Mediterranean and Asian) food and first-class beverages in a trendy setting with windows from floor to ceiling, visit the multi-levelPlay RestaurantLounge, which is also located in the H Hotel.

Beach Clubs

Make your way to one of Dubai’s beach clubs for a party that starts at noon and lasts until well after midnight, where you can drink, dance, swim, and mix.

  • At the northern end of Jumeirah Beach Residence, this company, which is frequently awarded the greatest beach club in the city, is located on the edge of the Drop Zone for Skydive Dubai in the marina, on the edge of the Drop Zone for Skydive Dubai. Once a long day of sunbathing and sipping cocktails on the beach or in the infinity pool (which is 130 feet (40 meters) in length), hit the dance floor after the sun goes down to listen to international performers and DJs
  • In close proximity to Barasti, located at the Le Meridien Mina Syahi Beach ResortMarina, Barasti competes with Zero Gravity for the title of Dubai’s hottest beach club. Barasti offers live music, tapas-style food and live sports on a big screen, a festive pool and beach scene during the day, and massive dance parties at night—all with the beautiful Dubai Marina as a backdrop. Bliss Lounge: Located on Jumeirah Beach, this club is a local favorite, offering late-night meals, champagne, and fresh juices to savor while watching the sunset and listening to the music played by the DJ. Wednesday nights are Heels and Wheels Ladies’ Nights, where you can get reduced sushi rolls and three complimentary cocktails
  • You can also take advantage of the restaurant’s Happy Hour, which is available Sunday through Thursday.

Comedy Clubs

If pubs and nightclubs aren’t your thing and you’d like to find a location to have a good time, Dubai has a number of entertaining choices. The Courtyard Playhouse is a great place to get a taste of improvisational theater or comedy, with the majority of the acts geared at adults. On Sunday nights, you may see Theatresports (an improv competition), as well as Genre Improv, which is based on a certain narrative style, period in history, or pop culture reference. On Monday nights, the most proficient performers in the room lead each other in Gorilla Improv; there are many other entertaining choices available at the theater during the week.

Enjoy these entertaining concerts in a variety of locations across Dubai.

Every Monday night is ladies’ night, during which complimentary beverages are provided.


In addition to all of the numerous nightlife choices available in Dubai, the city has certain well-known events that attract both international visitors and residents from all over the world. Music lovers may attend theDubai International Jazz Festival, which takes place in late February and is one of the most well-known music events in the Middle East. The Taste of Dubai Festival, which takes place in March, offers visitors the opportunity to participate in cooking demos and sample the food of renowned worldwide chefs, all while enjoying beverages and foreign music.

There’s also the Dubai Shopping Festival, which takes place every year from late December to early February and involves store discounts, music, fireworks, raffles, and other activities.

Tips for Going Out in Dubai

  • Dubai has various well-known events that draw large crowds of travelers and people from all over the world, on top of its many other nightlife alternatives. Visitors visiting the Dubai International Jazz Festival, one of the most prestigious jazz events in the Middle East, may take part in the festival, which takes place in late February. A opportunity to enjoy cooking demonstrations and the food of world-renowned chefs will be available at the Taste of Dubai Festival in March. Drinks and foreign music will be available at the festival as well. When it takes place every two years in December, the Dubai International Film Festivalspotlights both local and international talent while also highlighting Arab film. Additionally, the Dubai Shopping Festival is held annually from late December to early February and features store discounts, music, fireworks, raffles and other activities. Dubai Shopping Festival is open to the public.

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Partying At These 10 Best Places In UAE will Surely Make Your Evening Lit & Memorable!

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10 Best Nightclubs In UAE

Here is a list of the top ten greatest spots in the United Arab Emirates where you may party and chill for as long as you like with your friends and family. Take a look and make a note of where you should go!

1. WHITE, Dubai

Image courtesy of Shutterstock As the most elite nightclub in the city, WHITE is the finest spot to experience nightlife in the United Arab Emirates at its most vibrant and exciting. The vistas of the Dubai skyline will take your breath away, and the incredible music will have you on the dance floor for the whole evening. Residents and tourists alike enjoy the lively atmosphere, young crowd, delicious cocktails, and cutting-edge DJs that distinguish White from the competition. On Friday and Saturday, free beverages for females are available until 1AM, and they are a tremendous popular.

Take advantage of the opportunity to dress to impress and attend this crazy party with your closest friends for an amazing night out. Place of Meeting:Meydan Racecourse Grandstand Rooftop in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates Hours of Operation: 11PM to 4AM (Thurs-Sat)

2. MAD Yas Island, Abu Dhabi

Image courtesy of Shutterstock This great nightclub, which boasts the distinction of being the largest indoor destination for nightlife in the United Arab Emirates, is the ideal spot in Abu Dhabi for party-goers looking for a good time. Because of the 360-degree projection, large LED screens, and superb sound system, you will be thoroughly immersed in the experience. Every weekend, there are regular performances by the biggest names in music, as well as excellent lighting and fantastic music.

In this huge, bustling club, you may let loose and enjoy the best time of your lives with friends.

Hours of Operation: 11 p.m.

(Thurs-Fri) It’s essential to read:Ajman Shopping Guide: 7 Famous Places To Splurge And Shop In The UAE’s Capital!

3. Blue Marlin Ibiza Abu Dhabi

Image courtesy of Shutterstock In addition to being a beach club, it also functions as an outdoor nightclub, making it an excellent alternative for individuals who want to party from day to night in a magnificent setting. This isolated slice of Ibiza reproduced at the Golden Tulip is a must-visit for its wonderful ambience and great housetechno music, and it is a short drive away from both Dubai and Abu Dhabi. After dark, the glamorous party moves from the beach to the main club, with thumping music playing nonstop throughout the night.

Ghantoot – Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates – Golden Tulip Al Jazira Hotels and Resort, off Sheikh Zayed road, Exit 399, Golden Tulip Al Jazira Hotels and Resort Hours of Operation: 1-11 p.m.

4. Billionaire Mansion

Image courtesy of Shutterstock It lives up to its name as this posh location nestled away inside Taj Dubai provides you an opportunity to brush shoulders with the city’s most famous faces and who’s who of high fashion. Providing a comprehensive combination of excellent restaurants, a shisha bar, and a sophisticated nightclub, Billionaire Mansion takes you on a rollercoaster of stunning displays, wonderful music, and one helluva party every night, demonstrating why it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Dubai.

The Taj Hotel is located on Burj Khalifa Boulevard in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

to 3 a.m.

5. Cirque Le Soir

Source of the image Must Read: 10 Things to Do in Sharjah That Will Help You Unravel Your Confidence The Mysteries of the United Arab Emirates Magic and reality come together perfectly at one of the wildest clubs in the United Arab Emirates, where you can enjoy the hot nightlife. Circus Le Soir, a show that is not for the faint of heart, fascinates, shocks, and surprises with daring stunts, decadent partying, and sensory overload. Cirque Le Soir, which is frequented by celebrities, serves up a heady mix of foot-thumping music, mind-blowing entertainment, delectable food, and a fantastic selection of drinks, and lives up to its reputation as one of the best clubs in the United Arab Emirates.

Cirque Le Soir is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Located in the Fairmont Hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates Hours of Operation: 11 p.m. to 3 a.m. (Monday through Thursday); 11 p.m. to 12 a.m. (Friday) (Tuesday)

6. Cavalli Club

Image courtesy of Shutterstock It’s impossible not to be dazzled by the glistening Swarovski crystal chandeliers and the luxurious ambiance that pervades this nightclub. Cavalli has always been ranked as one of the best nightclubs in the United Arab Emirates, and everything about it exudes grandeur and luxury. You can expect amazing service, wonderful food, and the best international DJ sets and live performances. It was one of the first establishments to open in the United Arab Emirates’ nightlife, and it is now considered a symbol of the city and a must-see attraction for visitors.

to 3 a.m.

7. Armani/Prive

Image courtesy of Shutterstock This high-end club and bar, which enjoys the pleasure of being located at one of the most exclusive addresses in the city, is one of the most opulent locations to enjoy nightlife in the United Arab Emirates, according to its patrons. This club, which is unquestionably one of the most elegant in Dubai, offers guests the opportunity to relax, socialize, and dance the night away while being treated with typical Armani hospitality. The superb bar service, themed events, and fantastic music provided by resident and visiting DJs make this the ideal destination.

Hours of Operation: 11 p.m.

(Thurs-Sun, Tuesday)

8. Empire Yas Bar

Image courtesy of Shutterstock Empire Yas Bar is the only club in the world that is constructed on an F1 racetrack, and it is competing for the title of greatest nightclub in the United Arab Emirates with the biggest names in the business. The energizing environment, pounding music, and incredible vibes put you in the mood to party from the moment you walk through the front door. Partiers are drawn to this trendiest nightspot in the capital by its spectacular views of the Yas Marina racetrack, incredible themed evenings, enticing drinks, and world-class performances and events.

to 3:30 a.m.

9. People by Crystal

Image courtesy of Shutterstock In the historic Raffles Hotel, at the top of the pyramid, this is still one of the most popular nightlife destinations in the United Arab Emirates, popular with both visitors and residents alike. One of the most notable features of this iconic nightclub in Dubai is the stylish clientele, excellent music, superb décor, and a quirky raised DJ booth, among other things.

Place of Meeting: Raffles Hotel, Sheikh Rashid Road, Wafi – Dubai – United Arab Emirates, 18th Floor, Raffles Hotel Hours of Operation: 11 p.m. to 3 a.m. (Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday)

10. Zinc Nightclub

Image courtesy of Shutterstock Looking for a taste of United Arab Emirates nightlife with calm atmosphere, excellent music, and a fantastic staff? Look no further than this establishment. The Zinc nightclub, which has long been a staple of Dubai nightlife, continues to thrive because to its famous themed events such as Manic Mondays’ cabin crew specials and Tuesday-Wednesday ladies’ nights (post midnight). This popular nightclub will welcome you with thumping music, a laid-back ambience, and refreshing beverages.

  1. Hours of Operation: Daily, 10 p.m.
  2. Continue reading: 36 Places to Visit in the United Arab Emirates for a Luxurious Vacation The finest of United Arab Emirates nightlife is waiting for you on your next vacation to the UAE, thanks to a plethora of tantalizing alternatives for you to enjoy yourself.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Nightlife in United Arab Emirates

What does the United Arab Emirates have to offer the world? If not for its breathtaking architectural wonders, the United Arab Emirates is also recognized for its tall buildings, breathtaking tourist sites, luxurious lifestyle, delectable cuisine, and some of the most thrilling adventure and water sports in the world. When is the most favorable time to travel to the United Arab Emirates (UAE)? Because it is a desert country, the United Arab Emirates is extremely hot throughout the summer months, which are from May to September.

  1. Visiting this arid nation throughout the months of March through May is also a pleasant experience.
  2. Some of the most intriguing things to do in the UAE are as follows: 1.
  3. 2.
  4. 3.
  5. 4.
  6. Umm Al Quwain is a great place to go partying.
  7. Visit Ras Al-Khaimah and do dune bashing or beach hopping.
  8. Without a question, Dubai is one of the most exciting places to experience the UAE’s nightlife, and the city is dotted with a range of nightclubs where you can enjoy a broad choice of beverages and energetic music that will have you dancing till the wee hours of the morning.
  9. The majority of nightclubs in the United Arab Emirates open early around 9 p.m.
  10. There are no dress restrictions for nightclubs in the United Arab Emirates, however there are for restaurants.

Every nightclub in the United Arab Emirates expects its patrons to be properly dressed. Despite the fact that the UAE is a conservative country, wearing short dresses or micro-mini skirts while entering a nightclub is not prohibited.

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Where to Party with Your Friends in Dubai

Despite the fact that it is an Arab country, there is a thriving, albeit strictly regulated, nightlife scene here. Most bars and restaurants that serve alcoholic beverages must be affiliated to a hotel in order to get a liquor license. Nevertheless, there are certain specified locations in which independent establishments are permitted to operate, such as the Dubai International Financial Centre, which is home to some of the city’s most popular nightlife destinations. There are two things to keep in mind: The weekend brunch is a major event in this town, and most establishments provide their own version of an all-you-can drink drunken brunch on Fridays and Saturdays, which are the days when the festival is taking place.

  1. Zuma Dubai has graciously provided this image.
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  3. When Jay Z, Justin Bieber, and Will Smith are in town, they tend to congregate at this location.
  4. Voice of Good Fortune Forget about any preconceived preconceptions you might have about seedy back rooms.
  5. Initially and foremost, the 10,000-square-foot area serves as a busy bar, complete with a DJ and live entertainment most evenings.
  6. There will be standard party stuff, such as pulled pork tacos, sliders, and thin crust pizza, on the menu.
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Best Places To Live for Nightlife in Dubai – JBR, Marina & More –

  • Residential Areas with the Best Nightlife in Dubai
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Over the weekend, do you need to blow off some steam and relax a little? Whether you’re looking for a night out or a night in, Dubai’s dynamic nightlife has something for everyone. There are a range of bars, pubs, and clubs offering drinks, dancing, live music, and fun games to ensure you have the night you deserve.

It gets even better if you happen to be dwelling in one of Dubai’s most desirable neighborhoods for nightlife enthusiasts. Are you interested in learning more about those areas? Let’s have a look at this!


If you enjoy late-night partying, Dubai is a fantastic destination to call your home. There is a lot to see and do in this city, with busy pubs, bustling nightclubs, and luxurious bistros to choose from. Weekends in Dubai begin on Thursday night, and in some parts of the city, this is also when the partying begins. Bars, pubs, and lounges are open for business seven days a week in the finest areas to live in Dubai for nightlife, but they are also open on Sundays and holidays.


Take enjoy the breathtaking night view from the Jumeirah Lake Towers. The Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT) building in Dubai is a prominent mixed-use complex. A vibrant and sophisticated ambiance can be found in this autonomous neighborhood, which is located beside Sheikh Zayed Road. In this dynamic cluster of towers, there are several opportunities to take part in Dubai’s nighttime activities. As an example, Couqley French BistroBar in JLT is a popular nightlife attraction in the area, hosting events such as the Couqley Wine Club and the PaintGrape exhibition.

With beverages and live music, this establishment is the perfect place to spend an evening having a good time.

While soaking in the area’s nightlife, you might want to stop by one of the prominent restaurants in JLT, which will be sure to tantalize your taste buds with different flavors as you explore the neighborhood.


Take in the tranquil beauty of evening at one of the upscale clubs on the Palm Jumeirah. The Palm Jumeirah, named the “eighth wonder of the world,” is the world’s largest man-made island and has been dubbed the “eighth wonder of the world.” A world-renowned landmark, the Burj Khalifa is situated on the Arabian Sea’s beachfront in the cosmopolitan metropolis of Dubai. As a result, if you’re looking for some genuinely fantastic bars, the Palm Jumeirah is the destination to visit. A unique nightlife experience may be had at Bushman’s Bar, 101 Dining Lounge and Bar, and Barrel 12.

Why not relocate to Palm Jumeirah and rent an apartment if you want to take advantage of the fantastic nightlife on a regular basis?

In Palm Jumeirah, studio apartments for rent can be found for as little as UAE 50 per month and as much as AED 120 per month, while one-bedroom apartments for rent in Palm Jumeirah can be found for as little as AED 190 per month.


The nightlife in this suburban enclave of Barsha Heights is cheerful and enjoyable, as you would expect. Barsha Heights, formerly known as Tecom, is a beautiful residential neighborhood that is brimming with entertainment and nightlife opportunities. A variety of clubs and pubs can be found in this region, which is close to JBR and Dubai Marina and offers a fascinating nightlife scene for partygoers and late-night owls. Barsha Heights’ most popular licensed establishments are the Crystal Bar, the CrownLion English Bar, The Clavichord, and Nelson’s, to name a few.

After all is said and done, you’re going to enjoy the nightlife in Barsha Heights.

It will cost you between AED 28k and AED 66k to rent a studio apartment in Barsha Heights, and between AED 35k and AED 130k to rent a one-bedroom apartment in Barsha Heights, depending on the size of the unit.


If you want to get a wild taste of Dubai’s nightlife, you should consider living near Sheikh Zayed Road. Sheikh Zayed Road is yet another one of the greatest areas to reside in Dubai for nightlife enthusiasts (SZR). This major thoroughfare connects six of the seven emirates in the United Arab Emirates. High-rise buildings surround SZR, which provides a variety of amenities, including a long strip of hotels lined with restaurants, spas, and a diverse selection of nightlife options. The residential strip along Sheikh Zayed Road, in addition to a plethora of fine-dining establishments and world-class hotels, is home to numerous nightlife options, including Level 43 Sky Lounge at the Four Points by Sheraton, The Lion by NickScott, Trader Vic’s, Trophy Room, and Vii Dubai at the Conrad Dubai.

Renting a studio apartment in Sheikh Zayed Road will cost you anything between AED 30k and AED 107k, while renting a one-bedroom apartment in Sheikh Zayed Road would cost you anywhere between AED 34k and AED 125k.


Those who reside along Sheikh Zayed Road will get a wild experience of Dubai’s nightlife. Similarly,Sheikh Zayed Road is regarded as one of the greatest areas in Dubai to live for nightlife (SZR). It links six out of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates by a major arterial roadway. High-rise buildings surround SZR, which provides a range of attractions, including a long strip of hotels flanked with restaurants, spas, and a diverse selection of nightlife establishments. The residential strip along Sheikh Zayed Road, in addition to a plethora of fine-dining establishments and world-class hotels, is home to numerous nightlife options, including Level 43 Sky Lounge at the Four Points by Sheraton, The Lion by NickScott, Trader Vic’s, Trophy Room, and Vii Dubai at the Conrad Hotel.

It will cost between AED 30k and AED 107k to rent a studio apartment in Sheikh Zayed Road, and it will cost between AED 34k and AED 125k to rent a one-bedroom apartment in Sheikh Zayed Road.


Take advantage of Dubai Marina’s thriving nightlife by taking a boat ride. Similarly to the majority of other neighborhoods in the emirate, Dubai Marinahas a diverse selection of nightclubs, cafés, and pubs to offer people looking for an outstanding nightlife experience. Top-rated clubs and bars in Dubai Marina are the perfect place to party till the sun comes up the next morning. The Jetty Loungeis considered to be one of the greatest bars in the city, while Cargo and Atelier Moffer an incredible rooftop bar experience where you can enjoy shisha and amazing happy hour discounts are also among the best.

In order to take advantage of the fantastic nightlife prospects in Dubai, it is one of the finest areas to reside in the city.

A one-bedroom flat for rent in Dubai Marina can range in price from AED 35,500 to AED 1.4 million.


Take in the energizing atmosphere of Business Bay’s nightlife and allow yourself to get taken away by it. As one of the neighborhoods in Dubai with nighttime activities and a diverse selection of pubs and clubs to pick from, Business Bayis a perfect location for anyone looking to enjoy the city’s nightlife scene. In Business Bay, there are several licensed nightclubs and bars, including the Eloquent Elephantin Taj Dubai and the Vaultin JW Marriott Marquis. The RoseCrown and The Lobby Lounge are two more popular nightlife destinations in the area.

An AED 30k to AED 115k studio apartment for rent in Business Bay may be yours for the taking, while an AED 39k to AED 190k one-bedroom apartment for rent in Business Bay can be yours for the taking.


Downtown Dubai is one of the greatest areas to reside in Dubai if you want to enjoy the nightlife. Do you want to party and drink till the wee hours of the morning? Visit Dubai’s downtown area! It is considered to be one of the greatest areas to reside in Dubai for nightlife. In addition to world-famous sites such as the Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Mall, and the Dubai Fountains, the vibrant neighborhood is teeming with activities and attractions. Kanpai, one of the finest Japanese clubs in Downtown Dubai, is a great place to meet up with friends for a few drinks and some sushi.

Café and Nessaussi Grill are two of the best bars and nightclubs in Dubai’s Downtown district.

A studio apartment for rent in Downtown Dubai will cost you between AED 34k and AED 140k, while a one-bedroom apartment for rent in Downtown Dubai will cost you between AED 38k and AED 299k.


Female-only nights are often held on weekday evening, however the particular day might vary depending on the location. It is advisable to confirm the precise day of your visit with the institution you plan to visit.


In Dubai, there are a plethora of good bars to choose from. Traditional taverns to extravagant rooftop lounges may be found in abundance across the city. If you want to experience a nighttime atmosphere by the sea, visit one of the many beach bars in Dubai, such as Bliss Lounge, Azule Pool Bar, Wavebreaker, or Stars N Bars. Do you enjoy sports-themed venues? Here is a list of the greatest sports bars in Dubai, compiled by us. This takes us to the conclusion of our post on the finest areas to live in Dubai if you want to enjoy a lively nightlife.

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6 Things No One Told You About Nightlife In Dubai

Even though Dubai is known for having the world’s tallest building, the city’s nightlife is something that should not be missed. In comparison to the 1990s, Dubai’s nightlife culture has progressed significantly, and now provides much more for party animals. Because they have a liquor license to offer alcohol in their lounges, pubs, and clubs, star hotels are the only places to go out and party in Dubai. However, while Dubai’s world-class pubs and clubs are well-known among partygoers, it is crucial to be aware of the applicable laws before getting into the party mood.

From bar closing times to clothing codes and the legal drinking age in Dubai, these are the partying guidelines you need to know in the city.

1. Know The Law

It’s always a good idea to be informed of the law before heading out to let your hair down and hit the dance floor. The drinking age in Dubai is 21 (rather than 18, as it is in other countries), so make sure you have identification with you to prevent any issues at the entrance. Zuma Dubai is given credit for this. Drunk driving is not tolerated in Dubai at any cost. While visitors are permitted to consume alcoholic beverages in licensed establishments around the city, you are not permitted to drive even if you have a trace of alcohol in your system.

Consequently, it is recommended that you avoid driving to the party and instead use a taxi.

2. Dress Right

When it comes to Dubai, humility is essential! This is also true for establishments such as pubs and bars.

Pubs in Dubai have rigorous dress regulations that apply to both men and women. In addition, the dress code is heavily influenced by the location of the party. As a result, it is recommended that you phone the bar or pub and confirm. It is always preferable to be safe than sorry!


Being humble is essential when visiting Dubai. This is also true for establishments such as pubs or bars. Dress requirements for men and women at Dubai’s pubs are very tight. In addition, the dress code is heavily influenced by the location of the party you will be attending. Consequently, it is recommended that you contact the bar or pub to confirm. It is always preferable to be safe than sorry.

3. Happy HoursLadies’ Night

Images courtesy of bayut.com If you’re searching for a method to have a good time while staying within your budget, happy hours are your best option. Almost all of the city’s pubs (hi-endthe rest) provide happy hour discounts on particular days of the week, or even throughout the week at certain seasons of the year. It is customary for these to begin around 5 or 6 p.m. and go for two to three hours. Happy hours are popular among office workers since they are a great value for large groups of people and a relaxing way to unwind after a long day at work.

For good reason, ladies’ night offers are popular in the city; after all, women may take advantage of discounts of up to 50% on beverages, two-for-one or meal specials, and even a complimentary cocktail on occasion.

Apart from that, if you’re looking to improve your weekends by partying in a magnificent location, come to The Lounge at Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

4. Opening Hours

  • The hotel bars are open from the early hours of the morning until midnight (12 p.m.)
  • In the evenings, clubs stay open until 3 a.m., allowing you to party into the early hours of the morning. During Ramadan, the majority of nightclubs are closed.

5. DanceMusic

Images courtesy of bayut.com Beaches, parks, and residential areas are among the places where loud music and dancing are absolutely forbidden due to noise ordinances. Dancing and loud music are only permitted in establishments that have been licensed.

6. Cover Charge

Until recently, admittance to Dubai’s pubs was free of charge. However, due to the evolution of the nightlife in recent years, a minimum cover price is something that you should expect in the majority of nightclubs. However, the good news is that this fee may also include a complimentary drink.

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