How Long Does It Take From Ghana To Dubai? (Best solution)

Flights from Accra to Dubai • Airlines Flight Duration

Airline Journey Duration
Emirates Airline ACC ➝ DXB 7 hrs 30 mins
Qantas ACC ➝ DXB 7 hrs 45 mins
  • The total flight duration from Ghana to Dubai, United Arab Emirates is 8 hours, 24 minutes. This assumes an average flight speed for a commercial airliner of 500 mph, which is equivalent to 805 km/h or 434 knots. It also adds an extra 30 minutes for take-off and landing.

Is Ghana close to Dubai?

The distance between Ghana and Dubai is 6254 km. The road distance is 9697 km.

Can I travel from Ghana to Dubai now?

If you are travelling from Accra, Ghana to Dubai, UAE you need to do the following things before departing and upon arrival in the popular holiday destination. Before travelling, take a COVID‑19 PCR test: Other test certificates including antibody tests and home testing kits are not accepted in Dubai.

Does a Ghanaian need a visa to Dubai?

No, any ordinary Ghanaian interested in travelling to Dubai must process an entry visa because the visa is a prerequisite for entering the United Arab Emirates. Please note further that Ghana is not one of the countries that UAE allows visa-free or visa on arrival.

Is Dubai visa free for Ghana?

Ghana den United Arab Emirates (UEA) sign agreement which go allow some Ghana passport holders to travel to Dubai without visa. Per de agreement, diplomatic or special passport holders den other people who get official passports go fit enter UAE without visa.

How many hours does it take from Ghana to USA?

Ghana To Usa travel time Ghana is located around 8483 KM away from Usa so if you travel at the consistent speed of 50 KM per hour you can reach Usa in 169.68 hours.

How many hours is from Ghana to China?

Flying time from Ghana to China The total flight duration from Ghana to China is 14 hours, 12 minutes.

How much is visa from Ghana to Dubai?

Yes, you can get a visa on Arrival in Dubai if you are traveling from Ghana. It is going to cost you around AED 700 – AED 1000.

What is needed to travel from Ghana to Dubai?

What documents do I need to go to Dubai? Passport Validity: A passport valid for at least six months beyond the date of entry is required to enter the UAE. Personal travel of 30 days or less: A U.S. citizen with a regular passport may obtain a no fee visitor visa upon arrival.

How much is the Covid Test in Dubai?

Medcare offers Covid-19 PCR tests from the comfort of your home only for AED 250 per PCR test in Sharjah & AED 250 per PCR test in Dubai. Book a home visit for COVID-19 PCR Test.

Who can enter Dubai now?

Indian Nationals with a normal passport who are travelling to or from India via Dubai can obtain a visa on arrival in Dubai for a maximum stay of 14 days provided they: have a visitor visa or a green card issued by the United States, or. a residence visa issued by the United Kingdom or European Union.

Is flight available from Ghana to UAE?

Currently, there is only one airline operating non-stop flights from Accra ACC to Dubai DXB, which is Emirates.

Ghana to Dubai – 3 ways to travel via plane, and car

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“China’s short-term rate reaches near 6-year high on holiday demand, policy tightening concerns,” Reuters, January 26, 2021, page 2.

The 14th of August, 2021, is the date of the event.

Agency EFE (Spanish for “Eagle Eye”), 9.

As of August 16, 2021, the following sources were used: USA Facts, the United States Coronavirus vaccination tracker As of August 18, 2021, the COVID-19 Tracker maintained by the European Centre for Disease Prevention (ECDPR).

“2021 andCovid: What do we know about China’s coronavirus vaccines?” according to the BBC News website.

The 13th of July, 2021, is the date. “New limitations sweep China as authorities race to curb delta epidemic,” The Washington Post, August 3, 2021; “New restrictions sweep China as officials race to contain delta outbreak,” The Washington Post, August 3, 2021;


Globally, there is broad population transmission of the virus. A number of travel restrictions in the United Arab Emirates are being abolished. For the most up-to-date information about travel in the United Arab Emirates, please visit the official website. Visit our Rome2rioCoronavirus information page for more information on how to organize your trip around the virus.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Travel Advice

Is it possible to travel within the United Arab Emirates on a domestic level? From June 23, some restrictions on internal travel in the United Arab Emirates began to be relaxed. Is it possible for me to fly abroad to Dubai? At this time, we are unable to offer international travel restriction information for the United Arab Emirates in relation to Coronavirus infection (COVID-19). Please consult official guidelines for the most up-to-date information about travel in the United Arab Emirates. The most recent update was made on February 10th.


What is the most cost-effective mode of transportation between Ghana and Dubai? The quickest and least expensive mode of transportation from Ghana to Dubai is via plane, which costs €200 – €440 and takes 9h 15m. More information may be found here. What is the quickest mode of transportation between Ghana and Dubai? The quickest method to get from Ghana to Dubai is via plane, which costs between €200 and €440 and takes 9 hours and 15 minutes. More information may be found here. What is the distance between Ghana and Dubai?

  1. The road distance between the two points is 9697 kilometers.
  2. The flight from Ghana to Dubai takes approximately how long?
  3. More information may be found here.
  4. The quickest trip from Accra International Airport to Dubai International Airport is the direct flight, which takes 7 hours and 30 minutes.
  5. Can you tell me what the time difference is between Ghana and Dubai?
  6. Ghana is now at 11:25 a.m., while Dubai is at 15:25 a.m.
  7. There are 9697 kilometers between Ghana and Dubai, which is the driving distance.
  8. Obtain driving instructions.
  9. Airlines including as Emirates, Ethiopian Airlines, Rwandair Express, and two more provide flights from Accra International Airport to Dubai International Airport.
  10. Where can I find a place to stay near Dubai?
  11. Prices start at €87 per night and go up from there.

More information may be found here. What is the best way to go to Accra International Airport (ACC) from Ghana? The quickest and most cost-effective method to go from Ghana to Accra International Airport is by car, which takes 6 minutes and costs €1. More information may be found here.

What companies run services between Ghana and Dubai, United Arab Emirates?

There are four flights each day between Accra and Dubai, operated by Emirates, Egyptair, and three other carriers. Avenue Duration12h 25mWhenMonday, Wednesday, Thursday, and SaturdayEstimated price€410 – €850Estimated price€410 – €850 Qatar Airways has a website at Hours 57 minutesAverage duration13h57 minutesWhenEvery dayEstimated price€360 – €750 Fly Air Peace (Avenue Duration12h 47mWhenMonday, Tuesday, Thursday, and SundayEstimated price€800 – €1300Estimated pricing Air Arabia has a website at

Duration12h 45m WhenEvery dayAverage duration12 hours 50 minutesEstimated price€360 – €750 Hours and 30 minutesAverage duration7 hours and 30 minutesWhenEvery dayEstimated price€450 – €700 Ethiopian Airlines is a low-cost carrier based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Average duration15 hours 40 minutesWhen FridayEstimated cost€360 – €1600

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How far is Dubai from Accra

What is the distance between Dubai and Accra? Listed below is a simple solution if you have buddies who are willing to take turns driving so that you may complete the full trip without stopping. Driving distance: 6,294 miles (10129 kilometers) nonstop Time spent driving: 119 hours and 24 minutes Because this is a fairly lengthy route, it is not reasonable to expect to be able to drive nonstop. To get a better sense of how long this road trip would take in reality, scroll down to the bottom of the page and calculate how many hours it would take if you drove with breaks in between.

Flying non-stop from Accra to Dubai

Let us suppose you have access to a private jet and are able to fly between Accra, Ghana and Dubai, United Arab Emirates in the shortest amount of time feasible in a straight line. Because of the curvature of the Earth, the shortest distance is really the “great circle” distance, often known as “as the crow flies,” which is computed using an iterative Vincenty method to get the shortest route. A curve shows on the map when traveling a long distance, and as this is frequently the path taken by commercial planes, it is a decent approximation of the number of frequent flyer points you will accrue.

  1. Duration of flight: 8 hours and 19 minutes The straight-line flying distance is 2,385 miles less than the driving distance on roads, which indicates that the driving distance is nearly 1.6x the flight distance in straight lines.
  2. Because this is a lengthy journey, unless you own a Gulfstream G650 or a Boeing or an Airbus, you may want to consider taking a commercial aircraft.
  3. For a more realistic calculation that takes all of these factors into consideration, continue reading for a more accurate estimate of your actual flight duration.
  4. For example, suppose you’re planning a road trip to Dubai and you need to take a break somewhere along the way to recuperate.
  5. Trippy is ideal for this, as he can assist you in planning your trip in great detail.
  6. Road trip: six days on the road.
  7. Travel time: 119.5 hours on the road, including 5 nights in hotels.
  8. After driving for around 13 hours, halt in W National Park and spend the night.
  9. The next day, drive for around 17 hours before arriving in Sabh and spending the night.
  10. The next day, drive for around 23.5 hours before stopping in Cairo for the night.

Finally, after around 9.5 hours of driving, you will arrive in Dubai. Check out the whole road trip planner for more information on this schedule, including recommended restaurants, motels, and things to do along the way:

Accra to Dubai airports and flights

In the fast calculation above, we assumed you were flying in a private plane and were just interested in knowing how much time you would spend in the air traveling from one location to another. However, for the most majority of us, we’ll be using a commercial plane (whether in first class or coach) to get there. As a result, we must include in all of the additional time spent traveling to and from the airport, waiting for our flight, and arriving at our destination. A flight schedule with genuine airports has been created to provide you with a more accurate representation of real-world travel.

As an example, we’ve chosen the following scenario to give you a sense of how flying between airports may function in the future.

Accra Air Force Station is a military installation in Ghana (ACC) Dubai International Airport is the point of arrival (DXB) After we have picked the airports, we can estimate the journey time to and from the airports, taking into consideration how far the airport is from downtown.

It will take you 20 minutes to get to your destination.

Flight time on a commercial flight: 8 hours and 19 minutes In order to obtain an idea of the entire travel time from Accra to Dubai, we must first include the time spent travelling to and from the airports, an anticipated 2 hour waiting time for TSA screening queues at the airport, as well as the actual flight time.

Check out the flight planner for more information on this travel plan, including preferred airports, airlines, and routes:

How far is it the other way?

If you’re flying in a straight line, the distance is the same regardless of the direction you’re facing (or driving the same roads back and forth). However, for a genuine trip, there might be significant variances, so go ahead and check the reverse directions to find out the distance from Dubai to Accra, or go to the main page to find out the distance between cities and their surrounding areas. If you chance to be familiar with Accra, please consider assisting other tourists by answering some questions about the city!

Accra to Dubai Flight Time, Distance, Route Map

If you’re flying in a straight line, the distance is the same either direction (or driving the same roads back and forth). However, there might be significant variances on an actual trip, so go ahead and check the reverse directions to find out the distance from Dubai to Accra, or go to the main page to find out the distance between two locations. You can help other tourists by answering a few questions about Accra if you chance to be familiar with it.

What is the Flight Distance Between Accra and Dubai?

There is a 3903-mile distance between Accra, Ghana, and Dubai, United Arab Emirates, on a direct flight. This equates to 6281 kilometers or 3389 nautical miles in distance. The determined distance (air line) between two points is the straight line distance or direct flight distance between the two points in question. The distance between two points measured in miles and kilometers depending on their latitudes and longitudes.

It is possible that this mileage is significantly different from the real travel distance. Airports in Accra are served by Kotoka International Airport (ACC), whereas Dubai International Airport (DXB) is the closest international airport to the city (DXB).

Accra – Dubai TimezonesTime Difference

Accra is currently at 11:25:50 GMT on Tuesday, February 12, 2022. 2022-02-12 15:25:50 +04 (Dubai time) is the current local time in Dubai. It takes 4 hours to travel between Accra, Ghana (West Africa), and Dubai, United Arab Emirates (East Africa). Accra is 4 hours ahead of Dubai in terms of time.

Accra to Dubai Flight Route Map

The following is a map of the flight route from Accra, Ghana to Dubai, United Arab Emirates. To see the nonstop flight path and travel directions from Accra to Dubai, please use the map below.

Popular Searches from Accra

  • There is a map below that shows the flight route from Accra to Dubai, United Arab Emirates (ACD). To see the nonstop flight path and travel directions from Accra to Dubai, please click on the map.

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  • Flight time, duration, and distance between Dubai and Bujumbura

Flights from Accra to Dubai: ACC to DXB Flights + Flight Schedule

Kotoka International Airport is located in the city of Kotoka.


Emirates of the United Arab Emirates


Arab Emirates (UAE) is a country in North Africa.

Accra to DubaiFlight Schedule

Arab Emirates (UAE) is a country in the Middle East.

Airlines flying from Accra to Dubai

Emirates is the sole airline currently offering non-stop flights between Accra ACC and Dubai DXB, and it is the only airline in the world to do so. Every airline that offers direct flights on this route is represented in this section, which includes flight schedules and timetables for each airline. To check the flight schedule of an airline serving ACC DXB, select from the list below.

Emirates flight schedule from Accra to Dubai

February 202212345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728 10111213141516171819202122232425262728 10111213141516171819202122232425262728 10111213141516171819202122232425262728

Accra to Dubai Flights

202122232425262728 February 202212345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728 February 202212345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728 February 202212345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728

Frequently asked questions – FAQ

Al Maktoum International Airport (AMI) is the largest and busiest of the four airports in Dubai. Dubai International Airport (DXB) is the busiest, followed by Dubai Creek Seaplane Base (DCG), Sharjah International Airport (SHJ), and Al Maktoum International Airport (AMI) (DWC).

How many flights per week are there from ACC to DXB?

There are seven flights every week between Accra and Dubai (as of February 2022).

How long does it take to fly from Accra to Dubai?

The average flight time between Accra and Dubai is seven hours and thirty minutes.

How far is Dubai from Accra?

The distance between Accra and Dubai is 4,905 kilometers (6,284 kilometers).

What airlines fly nonstop from ACC airport to DXB airport?

Emirates is the only airline that offers nonstop service between Accra and Dubai.

What alliances have direct flights from Accra to Dubai?

A direct flight from Accra to Dubai is not currently available through any partnership.

What classes are available from Accra to Dubai?

Economy Class, Business Class, and First Class all offer non-stop service.

What aircraft types fly from Accra to Dubai?

The following are the aircraft types that fly from Accra to Dubai:

What is the earliest flight departing from Accra to Dubai?

From Accra, the earliest flight departs at 17:50 and arrives in Dubai at 05:50 local time.

What is the latest flight available from Accra to Dubai?

The most recent flight left Accra at 18:50 and arrives in Dubai at 06:20, the earliest departure available.

Popular routes operated by Emirates

Show all Emirates flights on a single page

Flights from Accra (ACC) to Dubai (DXB)

You may book up to nine passengers per booking, including adults, children, and babies. You can book up to nine passengers per booking.

Each adult traveller is permitted to bring one child. The full adult cost is charged to children traveling alone or in a different cabin class than their parents. Unaccompanied Minors are charged the full adult fare. Please get in contact with us if you are interested in booking this service.

Adults, teens, children, and newborns are all permitted to travel together in a single booking of up to nine persons. Each adult traveller is permitted to bring one child. The full adult cost is charged to children traveling alone or in a different cabin class than their parents. Unaccompanied Minors are charged the full adult fare. Please get in contact with us if you are interested in booking this service.

  • A total of nine people can be booked per booking, including adults, Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW), children, and newborns
  • Each adultOFW passenger is allowed to bring one infant. To be eligible for the tax exemption, all OFWs must provide the necessary documentation. The full adult cost is charged to children traveling alone or in a different cabin class than their parents. Unaccompanied Minors are charged the same fare as adults. Please contact us if you are interested in booking this service.
  • A total of nine people can be booked per reservation, including adults, Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), teens, children, and newborns
  • Each adultOFW passenger can bring one infant. To be eligible for the tax exemption, all OFWs must provide the necessary documentation. The full adult cost is charged to children traveling alone or in a different cabin class than their parents. Unaccompanied Minors are charged the same fare as adults. Please contact us if you are interested in booking this service.

Dubai! Who’s coming with me?

What is the duration of the flight from Accra to Dubai? A one-way nonstop (direct) flight from Accra to Dubai takes around 7.5 hours to complete. What is the distance between Accra and Dubai in terms of flying mileage? There is a 6295-kilometer flying distance between Accra and Dubai. When it comes to nonstop (direct) flights between Accra and Dubai, which airlines are the best? There are a number of airlines that provide flights between Accra and Dubai. Emirates is one of the airlines that provide nonstop (direct) flights.

Many travelers look for routes that connect Accra and London, as well as Kumasi, Lagos, Sydney, Tamale, Manchester, Perth, Melbourne, Johannesburg, Toronto, Leeds, Istanbul, Amsterdam, Birmingham, Port Moresby, Paris, Monrovia and Abuja, Sekondi-Takoradi, and Glasgow.

Frequently searched route combinations include Dubai and London, Mumbai and Manchester, Manila and Kuala Lumpur, New Delhi and Singapore, Doha and Dublin, Bengaluru and Kerala, Chennai and Los Angeles, Reykjavik and Birmingham, Kozhikode and Kerala, Muscat and Istanbul, Cairo and Pune, and Dubai and London.

  • Kotoka International Airport serves Accra as the city’s primary airport.
  • What airports are in close proximity to Dubai?
  • A number of other airports service the area, including Abu Dhabi International, Sohar, Ras Al Khaimah International, Al Ain International, and Khasab.
  • Yes, owing to our Virtual Interlining technology, it is possible to combine several forms of transportation between Accra and Dubai on a single trip.
  • On, you can find out more about how Virtual Interlining works.
  • What exactly is Virtual Interlining, and how do I go about using it?
  • It is possible to combine many forms of transportation, such as aircraft, trains, and buses, into a single itinerary.
  • The search tool, which makes use of the world’s largest carrier database, makes it simple for anybody to combine and match different means of transportation.
  • When is the most convenient time to fly between Accra and Dubai?
  • How many airports are there in the vicinity of Accra?
  • The departure time for nonstop (direct) flights between Accra and Dubai is as follows: What time do nonstop (direct) flights from Accra to Dubai arrive in the city of Dubai?

What time do flights between Accra and Dubai leave from the airport in Accra? The arrival time of flights between Accra and Dubai is as follows:

Dubai Visa For Ghana Citizenship How To Apply Dubai Visa

If you are going from Ghana to Dubai, this comprehensive article will show you how to obtain a Dubai visa if you hold Ghanaian citizenship. Dubai is without a doubt one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Middle East, with a population of over 8 million people. This city in the United Arab Emirates attracts a large number of visitors from across the world. From the world’s tallest structure to the world’s largest mall, Dubai is renowned for its cutting-edge architectural and cultural traditions.

There are several different sorts of Visas that people may apply for, depending on how long they intend to stay in the country.

Types of Visa for citizens of Ghana

Tourist visas (also known as travel visas) are visas that are provided to citizens for the purpose of traveling for pleasure. These visas ensure stays for just a fixed period of time, unless otherwise stated.

Types of Tourist Visas are:

  • 14 days
  • 30 days (single entry)
  • 30 days (multiple entry)
  • 90 days (single entry)
  • 90 days (multiple entry)
  • 14 days (single entry)
  • 14 days (multiple entry)

Transit Visa

A transit visa is a type of visa that is valid for just a limited amount of time before expiring. Assuming you have a stopover and want to spend your time seeing the city rather than sitting at the airport for hours, this is the visa you’ll need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, as a citizen of Ghana, you will require a visa in order to go to Dubai, United Arab Emirates. You may either apply for a visa online or visit a visa application center in person. The Dubai eVisa is an official certificate that enables you to enter Dubai legally and lawfully. It’s electronically connected to your passport, so it’s easy to find. The following are the documents that must be submitted:

  • Photograph the size of a passport
  • A color copy of your passport
  • Both the first and last pages of your passport are required
  • Airline tickets (one-way and round-trip)

When traveling to Dubai as a citizen of Ghana, you are only permitted to remain for a total of 30 days at a time. A tourist visa will cost you around 643 GHC (Ghanaian Cedi) The current currency conversion rate is 1.56 GHC to 1 United Arab Emirates Dirham (GHC to 1 UAE Dirham). The average price of a one-way flight from Ghana’s capital, Accra, to Dubai is $365, which is equal to 2109 Ghanaian cedis (GHC). The average cost of a round-trip flight is $583, which is equivalent to 3369 GHC. The Dirham (the official currency of the United Arab Emirates) is the finest money to bring with you to Dubai.

  • In order to live comfortably in Dubai on a day-to-day basis, you will need to spend between AED 900 – AED 1100.
  • It takes around 8-9 hours to fly from Ghana to Dubai on a commercial airline.
  • It will cost you around AED 700 – AED 1000 to do the task.
  • The cost of a 14-day Dubai expedited visa is between 500 and 600 GHC.

When you apply for a Dubai e visa, the process takes between 48 and 72 hours, depending on the type of visa you have. Yes, you will be allowed to cancel your Dubai visa; however, there will be a fee associated with the termination of your visa. There is a fee of 150 GHC.

Travel time from Accra to Dubai

The average travel time is 9 h28 minutes to 128 h8 minutes. Traveling Distance: 8172.58 kilometers

Travel time route map

The average journey time between Accra and Dubai is 45 hours and 23 minutes, assuming an average flight speed of 180 kilometers per hour and a distance of 8170 kilometers per hour (5077 miles)

Travel time by transport mode

Tranport Distance Time
Flight 6387km (3969 miles) 9h 28mins
Drive 9794km (6086 miles) 128h 8mins

Travel time by airplanes from Accra to Dubai

Air Plane Cruise Speed Max Speed
A300 7h 25mins 7h 5mins
A320 7h 36mins 7h 10mins
A321 7h 41mins 7h 15mins
A380 6h 31mins 6h 15mins
Boeing 707 6h 37mins 6h 23mins
Boeing 737 8h 11mins 7h 30mins
Boeing 747 7h 8mins 6h 43mins
Boeing 787 7h 1mins 6h 35mins
ATR 72 13h 53mins 12h 9mins


Speed (km/h) Speed (Ml/h) Duration
40 24.85 244h 51mins
50 31.07 195h 52mins
60 37.28 163h 14mins
80 49.71 122h 25mins
100 62.14 97h 56mins

Be prepared

Travel time between Accra and Accra is 7 minutes. Travel time from ACC to DXB is 8 hours and 0 minutes. Time required to get from Airport Terminal 3 Metro Station 2 to Rashidiya Metro Station 2 is 5 minutes. It takes 30 minutes to get from Gate 5 of Rashidiya Metro Station to Global Village 1.

Travel time chart

How long does it take to get from Accra, both by plane and on the road?

Ghana – Traveler view

Learn about the steps you may take to ensure your health and safety when traveling. Because vaccines are ineffective against many diseases in Ghana, your actions and attitudes are critical. Travelers’ diarrhea and other infections can be caused by contaminated food and water. Maintaining healthy eating and drinking habits might help to reduce your risk.

  • Food that has been prepared and is served hot
  • Eggs that have been hard-cooked
  • Fruits and vegetables that have been rinsed in clean water and peeled by you
  • Dairy products that have been pasteurized
Don’t Eat
  • Food that has been served at room temperature
  • Food purchased from street vendors. Eggs that are raw or soft-cooked (runny)
  • Meat or seafood that is raw or undercooked (rare)
  • Raw fruits and vegetables that have not been washed or peeled
  • Dairy products that have not been pasteurized monkeys, bats, and other wild wildlife are considered “bushmeat.”
  • Water that has been disinfected
  • Water that has been packaged in a sealed container ice that has been created using bottled or sterilized water Carbonated beverages
  • A cup of hot coffee or tea Milk that has been pasteurized
Don’t Drink
  • Water from the tap or from a well
  • Ice produced from tap or from a well
  • Consumption of beverages produced with tap or well water (such as reconstituted juice)
  • Consumption of unpasteurized milk
Take Medicine

Consult your doctor about the possibility of bringing prescription or over-the-counter medications on your trip in case you become ill. HideBugs (such as mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas) have the potential to transmit a variety of illnesses in Ghana. Many of these diseases are incurable and cannot be avoided by vaccination or medication. By taking precautions to avoid insect bites, you can lower your chance of getting bitten.

What can I do to prevent bug bites?
  • Wearing long-sleeved shirts, long trousers, and caps will help to protect exposed skin. Use an insect repellent that is suited for the situation (see below)
  • Make use of clothes and equipment that has been treated with permethrin (such as boots, pants, socks, and tents). Permethrin should not be applied directly to the skin. Stay in rooms with air conditioning or screens to keep out the bugs. If the location where you are sleeping is exposed to the elements, consider using a bed net.
What type of insect repellent should I use?
  • IN ORDER TO PROTECT AGAINST TICKS AND MOSQUITOES: A repellent with 20 percent or more DEET will provide protection that will last up to several hours. ONLY FOR THE PURPOSE OF PROTECTION AGAINST MOSQUITOES: Products containing one of the active substances listed below can also aid in the prevention of mosquito bites. Longer protection is provided by higher concentrations of the active component.
  • The ingredients DEET, picaridin (also known as KBR 3023, Bayrepel, and icaridin), oil of lemon eucalyptus (OLE) or para-menthane-diol (PMD), IR3535, 2-undecanone, and IR3535 are listed below.
What should I do if I am bitten by bugs?
  • Please avoid scratching any insect bites and use hydrocortisone cream or calamine lotion to relieve the itching. Ticks should be checked on your entire body after participating in outdoor activities. Make certain that ticks are adequately removed.
What can I do to avoid bed bugs?

Despite the fact that bed bugs do not transmit illness, they are an irritation. See our information page on preventing insect bites for some simple advice on how to avoid getting bitten. More information on bed bugs may be found at Bed Bugs. SeeAvoid Insect Bites for further information on how to avoid bug bites in greater detail. Bugs are responsible for the transmission of several diseases in Ghana, including dengue fever, leishmaniasis, and African sleeping sickness, which cannot be avoided with a vaccination.

Hide Make sure you follow these safety and health precautions if you intend to participate in outdoor activities while traveling in Ghana.

  • Maintain vigilance over shifting weather conditions and make adjustments to your plans if the conditions become risky. Prepare for activities by dressing appropriately and bringing along necessary protective goods such as insect spray, sunscreen, and a basic first aid kit with you. Before you go, you should consider studying basic first aid and CPR. Travel health kit with goods that are suited for your activities should be brought with you. Heat-related illnesses, such as heat stroke, can be life-threatening and even fatal. Drink plenty of fluids and eat regularly, dress in loose, lightweight clothing, and keep physical exertion to a minimum during hot temperatures.
  • If you are going to be outside in the heat for an extended period of time, consume salty snacks and drink plenty of water to keep hydrated and replenish salt lost via sweating.
  • Maintain sun protection by using sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15, wearing protective clothes, and seeking shade during the warmest time of day (10 a.m.–4 p.m.)
  • Particular caution should be exercised during the summer months and at high elevations. Given the reflection of sunlight off of surfaces such as snow, sand, and water, exposure to the sun may be enhanced when participating in activities such as skiing, swimming, and sailing. Extremely low temperatures can be life-threatening. If you are visiting a chilly place, dress in layers and make sure your head, hands, and feet are appropriately protected.
Stay safe around water
  • Swimming should only be done in specified swimming locations. Beachgoers should heed the instructions of lifeguards and caution flags. Practice safe boating by adhering to all applicable boating safety regulations, refraining from drinking alcohol while operating a boat, and always wearing a life jacket. It is not recommended to dive into shallow water. In underdeveloped countries or locations with inadequate sanitation, avoid swimming in freshwater
  • Swimming should be done with caution to avoid ingesting water. If you drink untreated water, you may contract microorganisms that make you sick. It is recommended that you wear shoes on beaches where there may be animal excrement in order to prevent illness.

Ghana is home to schistosomiasis, a parasite ailment that can be transferred by contact with fresh water. Swimming in fresh, unchlorinated water, such as lakes, ponds, and rivers, should be avoided. Hide While the majority of animals are cautious around people, they may attack if they feel threatened, if they are guarding their young or territory, or if they are hurt or unwell, for example. Bites and scrapes from animals can result in the transmission of dangerous illnesses such as rabies. Follow these precautions to keep yourself safe:

  • Keep any animals you don’t know from touching or feeding them. Allowing animals to lick open wounds is not permitted, and getting animal saliva in your eyes or mouth is not permitted. Keep rats and their urine and excrement away from your home. Pets traveling with their owners should be properly monitored and should not be allowed to come into touch with local animals. If you find yourself in a room with a bat, get medical attention right away. Bat bites may be difficult to detect.

All animals, including dogs, bats, monkeys, water animals such as jellyfish, and snakes, can be dangerous, thus use additional caution when in the presence of these creatures.

If you are bitten or scratched by an animal, call 911 immediately and follow the instructions:

  • Soap and warm water should be used to clean the wound
  • Consult with a physician as soon as possible. When you return to the United States, inform your doctor about your injuries.

Purchase medical evacuation insurance if you are in need of it. Rabies is a lethal disease that must be treated as soon as possible; yet, in some countries, therapy may not be accessible. Hide

Reduce your exposure to germs

Follow these guidelines to avoid getting sick or transmitting disease to others while on vacation or business:

  • Hands should be washed often, especially before eating
  • If soap and water are not available, clean your hands using hand sanitizer (which should contain at least 60% alcohol). Keep your hands away from your eyes, nose, and mouth. Clean your hands thoroughly before touching your face if you must. Using a tissue or your sleeve (not your hands) to cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing is recommended. Try to avoid contact with ill persons if at all possible. You should stay at home or in your hotel room if you are unwell, unless you require medical attention.

Avoid sharing body fluids

Diseases can be transmitted by bodily fluids, such as saliva, blood, vomit, and sperm, among other things. Take the following precautions:

  • Make proper use of latex condoms
  • Refrain from injecting narcotics. Consumption of alcoholic beverages should be limited. When people are inebriated, they take more risks. Never share needles or any other instruments that have the potential to cause skin breakdown. In this category are needles used for tattoos, piercings, and acupuncture
  • And If you are receiving medical or dental services, check to see that the equipment has been cleaned or sanitized before using it.

Know how to get medical care while traveling

Make a plan for how you will obtain medical attention if you become ill or injured while traveling:

  • Make sure to bring a list of local physicians and hospitals with you to your location. Examine your health insurance policy to discover which medical procedures it would cover while you are away on vacation. Consider obtaining travel health and medical evacuation insurance to protect yourself when traveling. Make sure you have a card with you that indicates your blood type, chronic diseases, major allergies, and the generic names of any drugs you are taking, all in the local language. Some prescription medications may be banned in other nations, despite being lawful in the United States. Call the Ghanaian embassy to make sure that all of your prescriptions are legal to carry with you to Ghana. Ensure that you bring all of the medications (including over-the-counter medications) that you anticipate needing during your vacation, as well as extras in case of flight delays. Inquire with your doctor about getting medications filled as soon as possible if necessary.

The Joint Commission International accredits a large number of hospitals and clinics across the world. Their website has a list of approved establishments that may be accessed (). The quality of medicine (both prescription and over-the-counter) may be inferior or counterfeit in various nations. It is preferable to bring the medications you will require from the United States in order to prevent having to purchase them at your destination. In Ghana, there is a chance of contracting malaria. Fill your malaria prescription before you depart, and make sure you have enough medication with you to last the duration of your trip.


Select safe transportation

Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death for healthy US residents traveling abroad. In many locations, vehicles, buses, huge trucks, rickshaws, bicycles, pedestrians, and even animals all occupy the same lanes of traffic, increasing the likelihood of a collision occurring.


Make wise decisions when you are traveling on foot.

  • Use sidewalks and crosswalks that are well marked
  • Pay close attention to the vehicles around you, especially if you’re in a congested place. It’s important to remember that in some nations, individuals on foot do not always have the right of way.

Select a car that is safe.

  • Official taxis or public transit, such as trains and buses, are the best options. Ride only in vehicles equipped with seatbelts. Avoid packed, overloaded, and top-heavy buses and minivans
  • Instead, use a taxi. Avoid riding motorcycles or motorbikes, especially motorbike taxis, if at all possible. (A large number of motorcycle accidents are caused by novice riders.) Purchase a recent car since it may have additional safety features, such as airbags, and will be more dependable
  • Make the choice of a bigger car, which may offer better protection in a crash.

Consider the perspective of the driver.

  • Drinking alcohol before driving or riding with someone who has consumed alcohol is prohibited. It is recommended that you choose a licensed, qualified driver who is familiar with the region. Make arrangements for payment before leaving.

Basic safety precautions should be observed.

  • Always use your seatbelt
  • Sit in the backseats of autos and taxis
  • And avoid driving drunk. Always wear a helmet whether riding a motorcycle or riding a bicycle. (If necessary, bring your own helmet from home.)
  • Avoid driving at night since the street lighting in some places of Ghana may be inadequate. Do not use a mobile phone or send text messages while driving (this is against the law in many countries)
  • Only travel during daylight hours, especially in rural regions
  • Only travel during daylight hours If you decide to drive a car in Ghana, be sure you are familiar with the local traffic rules and have the necessary documentation. Make sure you have all necessary driving licences and insurance. Learn how to obtain an International Driving Permit (IDP). Carry the IDP as well as a driver’s license issued by the United States at all times. Inquire about your vehicle insurance policy’s worldwide coverage, and purchase additional coverage if necessary. Check to see whether you have any liability insurance.
  • Avoid utilizing local, unscheduled flights
  • Instead, use scheduled aircraft. Fly aboard bigger flights (with more than 30 seats), if at all feasible. It is more probable that bigger airplanes will undergo frequent safety assessments. Flights should be scheduled during daylight hours and in excellent weather if possible.
Medical Evacuation Insurance

If you are critically injured, emergency care may not be accessible or may not be up to US standards, depending on where you are located. Trauma care facilities are rare in locations other than metropolitan ones. For these and other reasons, having medical evacuation insurance may be quite beneficial.

Helpful Resources

road safety abroad (information from the United States Department of State): contains information on driving in foreign countries, International Driving Permits (IDP), vehicle insurance and other resources. For a little price, the Association for International Road Travel offers country-specific Road Travel Reports for the majority of nations in the world. To find out more about traffic safety and road conditions in Ghana, see the Travel and Transportation section of the United States Department of State’s country-specific information for the nation.

Maintain personal security

Use the same common sense when traveling abroad as you would when traveling at home, and always be vigilant and aware of your surroundings at all times.

Before you leave
  • Learn everything you can about your destination(s), including the laws, customs, and culture of the area
  • Keep track of travel advisories and alerts, as well as travel suggestions from the United States Department of State
  • Enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) to get travel benefits. A friend or family member should be given a copy of your itinerary as well as your contact information, credit cards, and passport. Maintain a minimal amount of luggage and leave any items at home that you could not replace.
While at your destination(s)
  • Ensure that you have contact information for the nearest United States embassy or consulate. Bring a photocopy of your passport and entrance stamp with you
  • Leave the original passport in a safe place at your hotel. Follow all applicable laws and social conventions in the area
  • Do not dress or accessorize with pricey apparel or jewelry. Always keep the hotel doors closed, and keep valuables in safe places if you are staying there. Hotel rooms on the 2nd to 6th floors, if at all feasible, should be considered.

Emergency services may be reached by dialing 193 for an ambulance, 192 for the fire department, and 191 for the police department when in Ghana.

Make a note of these numbers and keep them with you on your journey. Before you visit to Ghana, learn everything you can about the country. The United States Department of State’s country-specific information about Ghana is an excellent location to begin your research. Hide

Traveling to Dubai during Covid-19: What you need to know before you go

Note from the editor: Coronavirus cases are increasing in number all over the world. Health experts advise that remaining at home is the most effective approach to prevent transmission until you have had your complete vaccination. The information below, which was last updated on January 18, will tell you everything you need to know if you still plan to go. (CNN) – The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is urging farmers to plant more crops in the coming year. You should be aware of the following if you intend to go to Dubai during the Covid-19 pandemic: 1.

The basics

Since August 2020, Dubai has been available to travelers again, albeit all visitors must have sufficient health insurance and a negative Covid test before entering the country. Following being closed for 15 months, Dubai International Airport, which in 2019 was the world’s busiest airport for international travelers, will reopen its main Terminal One in June 2021 after a 15-month closure.

What’s on offer

People travel to Dubai to get away from it all – sun, shopping, and some of the world’s top hotels are just a few of the reasons why. This trendy combination of a city and beach trip has everything from magnificent modern architecture to glistening beaches and high-end restaurants and hotels to suit every taste. Expo 2020 Dubai, a six-month, $7-billion spectacle that will feature pavilions from across the world displaying architectural and technical innovation, will open its doors on October 1, 2021, after being postponed by the Covid disaster in 2015.

Customers of Emirates will receive complimentary admission to the expo as well as a complimentary PCR test.

Who can go

Except for a few exceptions, such as UAE nationals and their immediate families, passengers who have visited or transited through the following countries in the previous 14 days are not permitted entry: Botswana, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Eswatini, Ethiopia, Kenya, Lesotho, Mozambique, Nigeria, the Republic of the Congo, South Africa, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe, among others. Passengers traveling from those countries who are not exempt must submit to obligatory PCR testing (full detailshere).

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) implemented an international travel prohibition on its residents who have not been vaccinated against Covid-19 as of January 10.

More information may be found here.

What are the restrictions?

The United Arab Emirates has opened applications for tourist visas to passengers who have received vaccinations from any country, with the exception of those from the African countries indicated above. When landing in Dubai from most countries, passengers are required to provide proof of a negative PCR test performed within 72 hours of their arrival in the country, as well as to register their vaccination status on the government’s health application (COVID-19 DXB app). Passengers travelling from Bangladesh, Ghana, Guinea, India, Pakistan, Rwanda, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Uganda, the United Kingdom, and Zambia are the exceptions, with a 48-hour test window in place for them.

In order to be permitted to board the aircraft, passengers arriving from the countries of Bangladesh, Ghana, Guinea, India, Nigeria, Pakistan, Rwanda, and Uganda must first get their certifications from certified labs.

In addition, random spot-check PCR testing has been implemented for arrivals from additional international destinations.

Travelers from the United Kingdom should be aware that certifications from the National Health Service’s Covid Test are not acceptable for international travel. The Emirateswebsite has comprehensive information on the current limitations in effect.

What’s the Covid situation?

A travel warning for the United Arab Emirates has been elevated to Level 3- “High” by the United States, which urges its nationals to be fully vaccinated before coming to the country. As of January 18, the United Arab Emirates had documented 2,195 fatalities associated with Covid-19, with a further 20,050 new cases being reported in the previous week. Its immunization program has been implemented in a timely and thorough manner. According to the John Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center, more than 94 percent of the population has now received a complete vaccination regimen.

What can visitors expect

The wearing of masks and maintaining a two-meter social distance are mandatory, with the exception of restaurants, cafés, offices, workplaces, gyms, shopping malls, beaches, and public and entertainment parks, where a one-meter regulation is in effect, and entertainment parks. Except when exercising, eating or drinking, and when in a barbershop or salon or when traveling in a car with individuals from the same family, or when traveling alone, you must wear an airborne mask when outside. At addition, hotels are now authorized to be completely booked, and live entertainment and activities are permitted in restaurants, cafés, and shopping centers.

Useful links

Are you concerned about the origin of the fish that will be served at your table? A restaurant in Dubai is utilizing technology to combat seafood fraud. Among other technological advancements, a virtual waiter business has witnessed a significant increase in demand during the epidemic. Modular houses are becoming increasingly popular in this city of towers, but if you’re interested in Dubai’s architectural heritage, have a look at these photographs taken in the 1970s to see how the city’s skyline looked in the past.

Emirates resume Ghana flights wit more requirements – Check am here

Where did this photo originate from, Emirates? This is what we call a photograph, and Emirates has resumed flights from Ghana with additional conditions. Emirates Airlines has lifted the restriction on passenger flights from Ghana, Guinea, Angola, the Ivory Coast, and Uganda to Dubai, according to a statement. On Tuesday, December 28, 2021, Emirates bin suspended the admission of travelers from ten African countries, including Ghana, for an indefinite period of time. In an announcement made on Thursday, January 13, 2022, di Dubai-based airline announced the restart of passenger services from des five African countries.

  • One is to require travelers from Guinea, Uganda, or Ghana to provide a negative PCR test within 48 hours
  • E is to submit a negative 6hour Rapid PCR test as well as a negative PCR test upon arrival
  • And F is to submit a negative PCR test upon arrival. Additionally, travelers from Angola and the Ivory Coast must present a negative 72-hour PCR test as well as a second negative PCR test upon arrival.

What is the source of this photo? OtherDis dey came after a ban wey di firm brought against 10 kontris for Africa last month, which many pipo believe was brought because due of Covid 19. Travelers who travel to Dubai as a final destination or who utilize Dubai as an anoda kontri are subject to a travel prohibition in Dubai. However, it has little effect on the pipo who has just arrived from Dubai. Where did this photo originate from? Emirates Airlines/Scree shot, to be precise. Nigeria and Kenya are also receiving palava from the United Arab Emirates and its parent country, the United Arab Emirates.

There is no end in sight for di kasala, which has been going on for a year.

In addition to the restriction on flights from the United Arab Emirates for the next seven days, Kenya has also banned flights from the country because Kenyan passengers are faking PCR testing. Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), is the home of Emirates Airlines.

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