How Long To Build A Atlantis Dubai?

  • Google maps says it’s 26km, so it should cost about 40-45 dirham. In rush hour, it would take more than half an hour, otherwise less. Just make sure you get a normal taxi and not some hotel taxi.

How long did it take to build the Atlantis?

Background of Atlantis In 1994, Merv Griffin sold his formerly popular Resorts International to Sol Kerzner. Kerzner created Atlantis on the site over the course of the next four years, spending over $800 million to build the massive resort.

When was Dubai Atlantis built?

Atlantis was developed as a joint venture between Kerzner International Holdings Ltd. and Istithmar, and officially opened in September 2008. The construction cost was reported to be US$1.5 bn.

How much money does Atlantis Dubai make a year?

Atlantis, Paradise Island reported net revenue and EBITDA in the quarter of $169.7 million and $61.0 million, respectively, as compared to $157.4 million and $63.4 million, respectively, in the same period last year. EBITDA margin for the quarter was 36% as compared to 40% in the same period last year.

Is Atlantis a 7 star hotel?

This is only Seven Star in the World, which needs no introduction. Must watch the Sea view from its hanging Restaurants. Ideally located on the Arabian SEA beach.

How much is Atlantis worth?

Together, their 4.5 million shares in the company are worth $200 million.

What is special about Atlantis Dubai?

Atlantis was the first resort to open its doors on Dubai’s revolutionary manmade island, The Palm. The ultra-modern luxury resort and a five-star hotel in Dubai harmoniously blend both magnificence and Arabian ingenuity and is themed around the mystical city of Atlantis.

Is Burj Al Arab a 7 star hotel?

The Burj Al Arab is a five-star hotel, the highest official ranking. While the hotel is sometimes erroneously described as “the world’s only ‘seven-star’ hotel”, the hotel management claims never to have done that themselves.

Is Palm Jumeirah sinking?

According to information from NASA, Palm Jumeirah was also sinking at a rate of five millimeters per year.

How many pools does Atlantis, The Palm have?

From the palm-lined private beach to the four large swimming pools and the wealth of daily activities, you can choose to do as much or as little as you like here.

Who owns Atlantis?

Atlantis Resorts, a subsidiary of Kerzner International, is a resort company that was created to operate the Atlantis resorts in Nassau, Bahamas, Dubai, United Arab Emirates and Ko Olina, Hawaii.

Is Atlantis Bahamas or Dubai better?

Atlantis Dubai or Atlantis Bahamas – The Winner Even though both hotels are up there with some of the best in the world, Atlantis The Palm comes out on top with a huge 4 points to 1. This goes to show just how good the hotels in Dubai really are!

Can you just walk into Atlantis?

Visitors not guest at Atlantis can walk the hallways between the Beach and Coral Towers but cannot enter or go past the lobby of the Royal Tower. Included in the walk is the Casino that you will pass thru and can wager. Without a tour or day pass, you cannot enter the water park outside grounds or beach.

How much does it cost to stay in Atlantis Dubai?

The average cost to stay in a standard room at The Atlantis Hotel in Dubai was found to be 1,235AED / £247 / $333 based on a one night stay for two (2022).

Atlantis The Palm, Dubai – Wikipedia

Atlantis The Palm, Dubai
Location within Dubai
Hotel chain Atlantis The Palm, Dubai
General information
Location Jumeirah Palm,Dubai
Coordinates 25°07′50″N55°07′02″E / 25.13044260°N 55.11714980°ECoordinates:25°07′50″N55°07′02″E / 25.13044260°N 55.11714980°E
Construction started 2006
Opening September 24, 2008
Management Kerzner International Resorts
Height 93.0 m (305.1 ft)
Technical details
Floor count 22
Design and construction
Developer Kerzner International Resorts
Other information
Number of rooms 1,548
Number of suites Suites (Regal, Terrace, Executive) Super Suites (Royal Bridge, Grand Atlantis, Underwater, Presidential)
Website /dubai /atlantis-the-palm

Atlantis Located at the tip of the Palm Jumeirah in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, The Palm is a premium hotel resort with a spa and golf course. It was the first resort to be built on the island, and it is designed after the story of Atlantis, but it also incorporates elements of Arabian culture. The resort, which was a joint venture between Kerzner International Holdings Limited and Istithmar World, officially opened its doors on September 24, 2008.


The East and West Towers of the 1,548-room nautical-themed resort are connected by the Royal Bridge Suite, which serves as a connection between the two wings of the resort’s lodging. Additionally, the Aquaventure water park and the Lost Chambers Aquarium, which is home to over 65,000 aquatic species, are located on site.

Underwater rooms

Located in Atlantis The Palm, the Poseidon and Neptune Underwater Suites are two of just a handful of underwater hotel rooms in the world, and they often appear on lists of the world’s most unusual accommodations. The top, entry floor, which is 165 square meters/1776 square feet in total, is at ground level, while the master bedroom and en-suite bathroom are submerged. The entire structure measures 165 square meters/1776 square feet. The Ambassador Lagoon, which is home to a variety of unique aquatic species, can be seen from the nearly floor-to-ceiling windows in both the bedroom and bathroom.


Atlantis The Palm, a joint venture between Kerzner International Holdings Limited and Istithmar World, officially opened its doors on September 24, 2008. It was announced in April 2012 that Istithmar World had bought Kerzner’s 50% ownership in the property for a total of US$250 million. Kerzner International Resorts is still in charge of the property’s administration. Wimberly, Allison, Tong and Goo (WATG) was the architectural company responsible for the design, which is an international firm that specializes in luxury hotels.

The 23-story hotel and water park was designed and built by Laing O’Rourke, which was also in charge of the building phase.

Official launch

Construction of the hotel, which was completed by Laing O’Rourkeit, was completed and the hotel formally opened its doors on September 24, 2008. As part of the celebration, a light display with moving pictures was projected onto the hotel’s façade. There were 100,000 fireworks fired, which was almost seven times the quantity used at the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and they lasted for 15 minutes. The spectacular display of fireworks along the whole 5 km (3.1 mi) stretch of The Palm illuminated the entire island, including Atlantis, The Palm, and the surrounding area.

Even though Fireworks by Grucci says the performance has established a new world record, the records curatorGuinness World Records has not yet announced the display’s official status as a world record.

The inaugural celebration is said to have cost a total of £15 million, with Kylie Minogue receiving £2 million for a 60-minute performance for the hotel’s 2,000 attendees.

Dolphin controversy

During the month of October 2007, the hotel received a cargo of 28 bottlenose dolphins from the Solomon Islands, which would be utilized as part of the hotel’s Dolphin Bay aquarium exhibit. Many environmental organizations were outraged by the decision, particularly given the fact that the Solomon Islands government had previously prohibited the export of dolphins from the country (after a similar controversial shipment toMexico). Although the dolphins are being educated to interact with tourists, hotel administrators have stated that they would not feature in any type of show or circus-like performance, despite their training.

Solomon Islands Marine Mammal Education Centre and Exporters Limited, a corporation registered in the Solomon Islands, was responsible for negotiating the agreement with the governments of the United Arab Emirates and Solomon Islands (who had overturned the earlier ban in court).

In popular culture

  • The water park was the location of a challenge on the sixth leg of The Amazing Race 15. In order to get down the resort’s Leap of Faith water slide, the 14 team members had to slide down sections of 60 metres (20 metres) and 30 metres (9 metres), respectively, down an 84° slope and via an underground tunnel beneath the aquarium’s shark lagoon. Following the retrieval of the clue from the bottom of the exit pool, teams were required to explore the water park for Dolphin Bay Beach, which was located near a lagoon and served as the sixth Pit Stop of the season. Nonetheless, only 13 team members made it down the slide, due to Mika’s fear of heights and water, which caused her and Canaan to be removed early in the game. On the eighth leg of The Amazing Race 28, the teams returned to the water park for another visit. For the Roadblock, teams had to work together to solve a task in an aquarium setting. Following that, they were required to slide down the Poseidon’s Revenge water slide as a miscellaneous task
  • In 2009, an episode of The X Factorwas partially filmed at the hotel, withDannii Minogueusing it to choose which female contestants would join her on stage during the live shows
  • In 2010, an episode of The X Factorwas partially filmed at the hotel, withDannii Minogueusing it to choose which female contestants would join her on stage during the live shows In the video gameAce Combat: Assault Horizon, mission 7 takes place in Dubai, where the player must fly past the hotel gates in order to complete the objective and earn a badge of honor. The accomplishment will provide the player with 10 Gamer score points on Xbox 360 and a bronze trophy on PlayStation 3 if they achieve it. The Palm was used nearly exclusively for the filming of the Bollywood film Happy New Year, directed by Farah Khan and starring Shah Rukh Khan. Aamir Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Deepika Padukone, Boman Irani, Sonu Sood, and Vivaan Shah also appear in the film, which was released on October 24, 2014. A visit to the Royal Bridge Suite on The Real Housewives of Melbourne’s third season was filmed at the Palm Atlantis in 2016, and three episodes of the show were filmed there in 2017. It was the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills that spent their 2015 vacation at the Palm Atlantis. Kim Kardashian West paid two visits to the Royal Bridge Suite as part of her reality television show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, in 2017 and 2010. The suite is available for rent for an average of $23,000 a night. It was the inspiration for the 2013 graphic novel Kissed by the Baddest Bidder, which was turned into a hotel. Two Guinness World Records were broken in 2020 by the American rock band Kiss, who live-streamed their New Year’s Eve 2020 Goodbye concert at the Royal Beach and set two new ones.


  • The design of one of the roofs. An aerial view of Atlantis is depicted on one of the hotel’s ceiling murals, which were created by EvansBrown, a decorative painting company headquartered in San Francisco, California. The Palm
  • The aquarium at the hotel

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  • A magnificent event marked the formal unveiling of the landmark project Atlantis, The Palm.
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In exchange for a 60-minute set at the Dubai Hotel’s grand opening celebration, Kylie Minogue will receive a $2 million payday “, Sunday, September 11, 2008, The Evening Standard On the 29th of December, 2020; retrieved On their journey to the Palm Hotel, 28 dolphins have been sighted.

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It will be published on the 2nd of January in Music Mayhem Magazine.

“EvansBrown murals have been commissioned across the world.” San Francisco’s Chronicle of Higher Education (SF Chronicle) On January 19, 2011, a copy of the original article was made available for download. September 26, 2019; retrieved

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  • Atlantis, The Palm is the official website
  • Laing O’Rourke is the contractor for Atlantis.

Five things you didn’t know about Atlantis, The Palm Dubai

1. Atlantis, The Palm, often known as the “Gateway to Dubai,” was the first resort to open its doors on The Palm Jumeirah in 2008. The resort’s present size is 46 hectares, and it will grow to 63 hectares in 2021 with the addition of Atlantis, The Royal, which is scheduled to open in 2020. (approximately 155 football pitches). For the building of Atlantis, which cost a total of US$1.5 billion, steel bars of more than 58,000 kilometers in length were employed, which is more than nine times as long as the Great Wall of China.

  • Dale Chihuly’s glass artwork in The Grand Lobby, which took over two years to complete, was a labor of love for him.
  • 3.
  • Frette linens, soap with 24-carat gold flakes, a dedicated 24-hour butler, and a private chef are all included in the purchase of the flagship suite.
  • The Ambassador Lagoon, the world’s biggest open-air aquarium in the Middle East and Africa, is an 11-million-litre, AZA gold-standard recognized marine ecosystem that is the largest in the region.
  • 5.
  • With the opening of Atlantis, The Royal in 2020, Atlantis Dubai will have more celebrity chef outposts than any other hotel in the globe, serving 4.4 million dining visitors each year.

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Atlantis, The Palm – 5 star hotel on an artificial island in Dubai

Atlantis, The Palm was the first resort to open its doors on the groundbreaking and biggest artificial island of Palm Jumeirah in 2008, and it remains the most luxurious resort in the world today. Atlantis Hotel was built at a cost of $1.5 billion, which was the entire cost of construction. The structure, which has 23 stories and is made up of two towers that are joined by a bridge, is constructed of reinforced concrete. The tallest point of Atlantis, The Palm, is 120 meters above sea level, and it is the highest point in the world.

  1. The current land area of the resort on the Palm is equal to 64 Wembley football fields, which is a record.
  2. Located in Atlantis, the “Royal Bridge Suite” is 924 square feet and costs $27,000 a night.
  3. The rooms provide panoramic views of the ancient remains of Atlantis and the 65,000 aquatic people that once lived there.
  4. The number of staff has reached 3,000, and more than 823 people check in each day at the reception desk, according to the company.
  5. A total of 513,600 pieces of luggage are checked in by the hotel’s bellhop each year, according to statistics.
  6. The Ambassador Lagoon aquarium, which is located here and has a capacity of 11 million gallons, is one of the top ten largest aquariums in the world.
  7. You can get up close and personal with approximately 65,000 creatures representing 250 species, which consume more than 400 kg of restaurant-quality seafood every day.
  8. It took 3,000 hand-blown pieces of glass to construct the 10-foot-tall Dale Chihuly sculpture in the Atlantis Grand Lobby.
  9. The sculpture is a valuable piece of art.

In addition, the hotel is home to the “Aquaventure” water park, which is the only one of its kind in Africa and the Middle East, with 700 meters of white and sandy coastline. Here, you’ll find the Atlantis Kids Club, which has the world’s first underwater theater and is open to children of all ages.

$1.4bn Royal Atlantis to complete in 2019, despite design changes

James Morgan contributed to this article. Aa+ is the font size. This entry was posted inConstruction. Despite changes to its design, Dubai’s The Royal Atlantis ResortResidences is still on track to be completed and open in 2019, according to Six Construct’s latest report on the project. Pierre Sironval is a French poet and novelist who lives in Paris. James Morgan contributed to this article. According to Pierre Sironval, managing director of Six Construct, despite design modifications, The Royal Atlantis ResortResidences is still on track to be completed and open in 2019.

  1. The project is being carried out as part of a joint venture (JV) with Ssangyong EngineeringConstruction and Kerzner International Resorts (Ssangyong E C).
  2. A spokesperson for Sironval informed Construction Week that the project’s anticipated completion year has not changed despite the incorporation of design amendments during the previous 12 months.
  3. “These modifications have been implemented over the course of the past year in close collaboration with the customer.
  4. “We are now working on the ground floor, and we have also begun work on the project’s six towers.” “The vertical shafts are being moved, and we are sealing the basement, which is enormous.
  5. In May 2017, NFT delivered ten Potain MR 418 tower cranes to the Royal Atlantis Residences development site to help with the ongoing construction.

Atlantis The Palm

Client Kerzner International Limited
Portfolio Hospitality
Size 2,255,766 SF (209,563 SM) – Royal Towers;113,730 SF (10,570 SM) – Conference Centre;361,396 SF (33,587 SM) – Lost ChambersAmbassador Tank;241,210 SF (22,410 SM) – Retail Village;42 acres – Aquaventure, Water Park with 784,170 SF (72,852 SM) of buildings
Location Dubai, UAE
Date 2008

Obtain a copy of the project page Download the PDF by clicking here. This spectacular man-made island, home to the world-renowned Atlantis Hotel, serves as Dubai’s magnificent focal point for visitors. In the middle of a seven-mile-long (eleven-kilometer-long) semi-circular barrier that protects the palm island from the sea, the hotel is located. The project, which was completed in September 2008, includes a 1,539-room hotel complex, a convention center, a 42-acre water park, and three big aquariums, which are home to more than 65,000 marine species in total.

On three continents and across twelve time zones, we handled approximately 120 architects and engineers from 35 different consulting firms located in nine nations spanning three continents and twelve time zones.

In addition to demonstrating NORR’s credentials as a premier integrated global design firm, the Atlantis Hotel in Dubai has opened ahead of time. Numerous worldwide hospitality and amenity awards have been bestowed to the establishment.


  • Interior design, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and architecture are some of the professions available.

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  • The Vice President of HospitalityRestaurants for North America is Peter Dubin.

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A typical situation would be one of a leadership role during either Schematic Design or Design Development, followed by a monitoring role through the CD and CA phases.

Material SupplierMaterial Supplier refers to organizations which supplied significant systems/materials for a building project (e.g. elevator suppliers, facade suppliers, etc).

A typical situation would be one of a leadership role during either Schematic Design or Design Development, followed by a monitoring role through the CD and CA phases. Construction Supervisory ContractorThe construction supervisory contractor is responsible for overseeing all construction activity on a project, including the administration of subcontractors and vendors, among other things. Although the title “Construction Manager” is often used, the CTBUH prefers to use the phrase “Main Contractor” solely for the sake of uniformity.

Ssangyong EngineeringConstruction

The Royal Atlantis in Dubai is in a strong position to achieve its goals. The landmark structure sits next to Atlantis, The Palm, and Palm Jumeriah, which is located at the point of the island’s tree-shaped peninsula. The Atlantis brand has had a significant impact on the hospitality sector. But, maybe more significantly, Kerzner International possesses a superpower: the element of water! Using a smart modern twist, Kerzner International has brought the lost city of Atlantis to life in a spectacular new way.

  1. The Atlantis Hotel offers an exhilarating way of life.
  2. The premium hotel, which is expected to cost $1.4 billion, is expected to open later this year, according to rumors on the street.
  3. We’re all quite enthusiastic about this!
  4. AllPrivateUpgradesmembers will be notified via email when Atlantis, The Royal will be available for booking on our website.

The Striking Design of Royal Atlantis in Dubai

Atlantis, The Royal was brought to life by professionals in the fields of interior design, architecture, real estate development, and luxury resort construction. Water feature designer Sybille de Margerie is a Paris-based interior designer who specializes in style and imagination. The dream team utilized their talents and creativity to bring the lost city of Atlantis to life via the design of a water feature. Since 1995, she has been transforming the interiors of high-end buildings.Kohn Pederson Fox (KPF) Associatesis an international business known for successfully designing sophisticated buildings that are both practical and pleasing to the eye.Knight Frank is an international real estate consultancy that has been bringing value and innovation to clients for 125 years.Kerzner International is the owner and developer of Royal Atlantis.Kerzner International is the owner and developer of Royal Atlantis.

Aside from that, the operator for additional high-end places and houses, as well as games and entertainment, is also available.

In Dubai, you will soon be able to enjoy opulent living with more than enough room to share with family and friends. You are dead, but you are about to be born again. Every morning, you’ll wake up to dramatic luxury and exhilarating experiences that embody all you’ve worked so hard for and deserve.

Your Royal Atlantis Home:

Architecturally speaking, your brand new Royal Atlantis property boasts international and modern design that screams drama. Enjoy elegant living with more than enough space to spend time with family and friends. The Royal Atlantis Hotel has 800 rooms on 43 stories and is located in the Bahamas. There are a total of 231 flats available. Have a backyard and the maximum privacy that you deserve by living in a tall building with a backyard. Every morning, you will be greeted with a theatrical display of luxury that embodies all you have worked so hard for and deserve.

  1. You’ll be 185 meters closer to them in the near future.
  2. You then gaze out your window, perplexed as to why you had doubts about yourself.
  3. Garden Suites are located in a garden setting.
  4. Perhaps you could do this in your own backyard, which is close to the clouds?
  5. In addition, you have total privacy, which allows you to wear your birthday suit whenever you want without anybody knowing.
  6. Enjoy extravagant living to the point that your pool appears to float.
  7. Then this luxurious penthouse is calling your name from every direction.
  8. It is not only possible to live like royalty in Dubai, but it is also quite affordable.
  9. Thank you to Kerzner International Limited, the company that owns the Royal Atlantis.

International Cuisine by Celebrity Chefs

After a day of adventure at the Royal Atlantis Hotel, guests may relax in one of the hotel’s 14 high-end restaurants. Guests may spend the evening dining on cuisine prepared by worldwide star chefs, including the following:

  • Gordon Ramsay, the Hell’s Kitchen chef, will prepare traditional British fare. Costa Spiliadis, a Mediterranean seafood expert, will prepare magnificent meals for the guests. Gourmet chef Gaston Acurio will make your taste buds sing when you try his Peruvian-inspired dishes. Ariana Bundy, an Iranian-American chef, will provide people with a delicious Persian meal to enjoy. Residents will enjoy fresh and delectable Italian meals prepared by Giorgio Locatelli, an Italian chef in residence. Using a fusion of Peruvian flavors and traditional Japanese cuisine, renowned chef Nobu Matsuhisa will transport your taste buds to a whole new level of deliciousness. Jose Andres, the founder of World Central Kitchen, will serve up innovative Spanish food to guests. Heston Blumenthal is a celebrity chef who is well-known for his out-of-the-ordinary delicacies such as bacon and egg ice cream. In addition to British and European food, Heston will include a wine bar.

Royal Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark

It is planned that residents and visitors of the Royal Atlantis Hotel will have access to the amenities of Atlantis, The Palm, which will open your eyes to out-of-this-world experiences filled with a slew of fun and amazing memories. Attractions at the Aquaventure waterpark include 28 brand new and out-of-this-world experiences to enjoy. Body slides, group slides, cliff jumping, underwater shark safaris, surfing, and diving are all available for you and your family to enjoy. Splashers Cove and Lagoon, a secure play place for children, is another attraction for them.

Furthermore, youngsters may go to the Aquarium and learn about many kinds of water animals. The Aquarium is home to more than 65,000 aquatic creatures in total. Children may also get up up and personal with sea lions and dolphins.

Aquaventure Record-Breaking Slides

Odyssey of Terror: Ride the world’s highest water slide, the Odyssey of Terror! For the Bold and the Courageous. It will cause you to accelerate and decelerate just before a huge fall. Shockwave is the world’s longest water coaster, and it allows you to shoot through many dark tunnels at high speeds. Medusa’s Lair is a rapid waterslide with steep slopes, dark tunnels, twists and turns, and a lot of excitement. Blackout: Be aware that this is the genuine deal, and that only the brave will brave it.

Hydra Racer (also known as Hydra Racer) is a type of racer that competes in a race against time.

It’s not too difficult to figure out.

Group and Body Slides

Zoomerango is a large water slide that can accommodate groups of up to five people! Together with your companions, glide around Dubai’s breathtaking scenery. Aquaconda is the world’s biggest tube-waterslide, including a variety of thrilling twists. Poseidon’s Revenge is a capsule-shaped waterslide with a top speed of 60km/h that will flip you upside down on a looping track. The Slitherine is the world’s first twin-racing waterslide, and it’s a blast. All inhabitants of Atlantis, The Royal will have access to luxurious hotel services and facilities such as:

  • Atlantis and The Palm attractions, as well as a 90-meter-high infinity sky pool Exclusive concierge service
  • A customized apartment
  • Celebrity restaurants
  • Exotic bars
  • A spa and fitness center
  • And other amenities. Security that is dependable
  • Exotic gardens
  • Private beaches
  • And other amenities.

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COVID-19 Travel Restrictions in Dubai

To all of the folks who have inquired, “Can you fly to Dubai at this time?” Of fact, the limits on Covid-19 travel in Dubai have been relaxed. The certificate of a COVID-19 PCR test is necessary whenever it is requested by your final destination. The PCR test should be performed no later than 72 hours before travel.

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After that, you will receive a customized service that will completely change your whole stay.

‘Atlantis 2’ joins Dubai’s new wave of elite hotels

(CNN) – The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is urging farmers to plant more crops in the coming year. Since it first opened its doors in 2008, the Atlantis, The Palm hotel has been synonymous with extravagance. The hotel, which is located on the man-made island of Palm Jumeirah, has developed a reputation as a destination for celebrities, who are lured to the property by amenities such as one of the most stunning – and pricey – suites in the Emirate. A sequel project, on the other hand, may outperform the first.

The $1.4 billion megaproject, which is also being constructed by the Kerzner group, will be located next to The Palm and will share 63 hectares of excellent oceanfront with it.

Customers may expect a “new age of unique luxury,” which includes everything from private infinity pools to famous chefs. In 2008, the first Atlantis, The Palm resort celebrates its grand opening with a fireworks show. Photograph courtesy of Clive Brunskill/Getty Images Europe

Striking look

The facility, which has been under construction since 2014, is approaching its completion. In an interview with CNN, Timothy Kelly, managing director of both Atlantis hotels, stated that “the external structure is complete.” “At this point, we are working on the interior and final details.” The distinctive design, according to the project’s lead architects KPF, is comprised of “a sequence of discrete human-scaled blocks designed for best vistas, piled to span across dramatic gaps.” Because of the precise quality of the design, there are no two portions of the structure that are same, according to Kelly.

The Royal Atlantis is separated into two towers, one of which is dedicated to a resort and the other which is dedicated to residential units.

Since 2014, the $1.4 billion megaproject has been in the planning stages.

Height of luxury

Having been under construction since 2014, the facility is approaching completion. As Timothy Kelly, managing director of both Atlantis hotels, explained to CNN, “the exterior structure is complete.” “With the inside and finishings, we are making good progress.” Its stunning appearance is described as “a succession of discrete human-scaled blocks placed for optimal vistas and stacked to span across dramatic gaps” by the project’s lead architects, KPF. According to Kelly, the precise precision of the design ensures that no two portions of the structure are same.

They are joined by a bridge that is surrounded by pools, lounges, and cabanas, among other amenities.

Royal Atlantis provided this image.

Crowded marketplace

A crowded market awaits the Royal Atlantis, as luxury hotel constructions accelerate ahead of the World Expo 2020 in Dubai, which is expected to draw 25 million people. “We’re seeing ambitious development objectives from hotel properties in Dubai, with the goal of launching in time for Expo 2020,” says Claudia de Brito, editor of Hotelier Middle East magazine. “We’re seeing ambitious development goals from hotel properties in Dubai,” she adds. “During the first six months of this year, more than 2,500 hotel keys (rooms) were added to the Dubai market.

There are Amazon Alexa voice assistants in every room at the newly openedJebel Ali Lake View Resort, which has a championship-standard golf course and a championship-standard spa.

A strong growth in the number of billionaires and luxury-seeking tourists is being seen in Dubai’s primary source markets, including India, Saudi Arabia, Europe, China, and Russia, according to Rupprecht Queitsch, CEO of the International Hospitality Consulting Group.

“As luxury takes on new forms, such new hospitality offers may (be) tailored to these rapidly expanding markets,” says the author.

How the Palm Jumeirah was built: 7 mind-blowing facts

Palm Jumeirah, which stretches 5 kilometers into the Arabian Gulf and is designed like a date palm, is Dubai’s self-proclaimed “eighth wonder of the world.” The extravagant emirate isn’t just bragging about itself; this man-made island is considered to be one of the most daring engineering undertakings ever attempted. Here’s how Nakheel, the government-owned developer, got things started.

1. It’s made from millions of tons of rock and sand

A total of 7 million tons of granite blasted from the adjacent Hajar Mountains was used to construct the foundations of The Palm, which replaced the traditional concrete slabs. And, despite the fact that the desert emirate is surrounded by sand, the island was formed by dredging 120 million cubic metres of the material from the ocean’s depths. In fact, the quantity of rock and sand utilized in the building of the Palm Jumeirah could be used to construct a 2m-wide wall that could be stretched around the world three times.

2. An 11km breakwater protects the island

Built as the initial portion of The Palm, the crescent-shaped breakwater was the focal point of the design. It shields the inner island from strong sea currents as well as the seasonal’shamal’ winds that blow across the Gulf from Iraq during the winter months. A geotextile membrane, which prevents the sand from washing away, was placed on top of a layer of one-ton boulders, which was then followed by two further layers of rocks weighing up to six tons apiece to complete the structure. In order to enable water to flow and prevent it from becoming stagnant, a 100m-wide aperture was constructed on either side of the crescent.

3. Engineers used satellites to plot the shape

Having set up a crescent, a fleet of dredgers worked around the clock to construct the trunk and 17 inner fronds of the palm tree. High degrees of accuracy were required for the exact palm form to be achieved, though. They used precision accuracy to spray the sand into place, thanks to a high-tech GPS system that guided them. The 560 hectares of reclaimed ground that will be developed was prepared with the use of vibro-compaction technology. Upon completion, the island would span an area comparable to 600 football fields and will be four times the size of London’s Hyde Park.

4. A temporary dam was built

The trunk is connected to the crescent by a 6-lane sea tunnel, which was constructed using 200,000 cubic metres of reinforced concrete, 30,000 tons of reinforcing steel, and 110,000 tons of granite. The tunnel is 25 meters below sea level. The construction of two 1.2km-long dykes, which served as a dam, allowed for the construction of the tunnel under dry weather. In less than 45 days, more than 5.5 million cubic metres of saltwater was pumped out, with almost 2,000 fish being rounded up and transferred to prevent them from being stuck inside the drained area.

5. It took just six years to build

The $12 billion construction project began in 2001, and the island’s first people moved in six years after that. As of now, around 1,500 coastal houses are located on the 17 fronds, with a further 6,000 apartments located on the trunk. The Atlantis, The Palm, and the Waldorf Astoria are among the major hotels on the crescent, with names like as Fairmont and Viceroy located on the trunk.

The Royal Atlantis, which will be built close to the existing Atlantis resort, and Palm 360, a two-tower resort joined by a 155m-long “sky pool,” are among the resorts now under construction.

6. A Trump Tower was originally on the cards

A 60-story hotel on Dubai’s artificial island was something Donald Trump had in mind even before he decided to run for President of the United States of America. The project, which had been hailed as “the startling focal point of the island,” was discreetly cancelled in 2009 as a result of the global financial crisis. It was in 2012 that Nakheel created Al Ittihad Park, which is located on the location of the proposed Trump building. Meanwhile, the Atlantis The Palm, which is designed around the underwater world, continues to be the flagship resort.

7. Two more palm-shaped islands were planned

The construction of an even bigger island known as Palm Jebel Ali began in 2002, but was halted by the global financial crisis in 2008. The reclamation of the land has been finished, and no additional development work is anticipated for the foreseeable future. The Palm Deira, which was completed in 2004 and is expected to be eight times larger than the Palm Jumeirah, completed the trio. Deira Islands is a scaled-back four-island project developed by Nakheel instead of the original Deira project.

The Deira Night Souk, which will open in late 2018 and include more than 5,000 businesses as well as approximately 100 restaurants and cafés, will be the first to open in Dubai.

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With increased tourism in Dubai and strong pandemic measures in place, Atlantis, The Palm has seen a spike in tourist demand since January, which has continued throughout the Christmas season, according to Linda Abdul Hay, senior director of public relations and communications at Atlantis Dubai. While the epidemic was going on, “we never stopped working on improving the resort, fulfilling our commitment to our guests that every time they return to us, they would find something new to enjoy,” she added.

  1. We are cautiously hopeful that tourism will only continue to increase in 2022.
  2. (Image courtesy of Atlantis, The Palm) The resort’s visitor numbers are expected to increase as a result of Expo 2020, which was postponed from last year and will take place from October 1, 2020, to March 31, 2022.
  3. “This is a tremendous driver for tourism in Dubai, and we’ve seen a huge increase in interest in our Expo 2020 packages, which include complimentary tickets to the greatest show on earth to visitors who spend five nights or more in one of our guestrooms or Imperial Club Rooms,” Hay added.
  4. “There is no question that the form of the building is known across the world,” she remarked.
  5. “The most well-known suites are the legendary Underwater Suites, which are a popular choice for honeymooners and celebrities alike who are looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience,” she explained.
  6. Among the many attractions of Atlantis, The Palm are the Lost Chambers Aquarium and the Ambassador Lagoon, both of which are open to all visitors for a fee.
  7. The resort also includes the Aquaventure Waterpark, which will be enlarged in March 2021, making it the world’s largest waterpark, according to Hay.

Aquaventure now has over 105 slides, rides, and attractions spread throughout its 22.5-hectare property, thanks to the installation of the brand-new Trident Tower, Splashers Lagoon, and Splashers Cove.

A suite with a view of the ocean.

In addition, “the design of Atlantis, The Royal rethinks the usual concept of the ‘iconic tower,’ and is focused on expanding the idea of indoor-outdoor living,” according to Hay.

One of the world’s largest jellyfish tanks will be housed in the lobby, along with a sky pool, 18 restaurants, and a variety of other amenities.

In addition, “we are taking steps to lessen our environmental impact, assist nature and animal protection, and to position ourselves as a socially and environmentally responsible tourism destination,” Hay stated.

Recent efforts have included a shark release program and the UAE Dolphin Survey, which aims to analyze and monitor the local dolphin population in the United Arab Emirates.

Finally, Hay expressed her optimism for the future in the ultimate analysis.

The Royal Atlantis Resort & Residences

Each tower is made up of three sub-towers made of reinforced concrete. As of November 2018, these were joined by a 45-meter-long sky bridge that was constructed at a lower altitude and hoisted into place using the strand jacking method. The primary skybridge connects the two core towers of the building and spans more than 50 metres between them. It was constructed on supports on top of the lobby roof, between floors 4 and 8. After then, the bridge was raised to levels 18-21. The steel structure, façade, and lifting were all constructed at a height of +44.5m above ground and completed at a height of +93.5m, with roughly 250 people employed on the project.

When completed, The Royal Atlantis ResortResidences will be about 500 meters long from end to end.

The resort and apartment will have roughly 90,000 square meters of glass on the façade and internal regions, which is the equivalent of ten FIFA football fields.

It was particularly difficult to complete the construction of the massive lobby and podium at such a young stage of the project.

The Royal Atlantis Resort

  1. Your place appears to be stunning
  2. If you have the opportunity, please keep us informed with photos. Although the interior is not fully equipped, I will publish some images later today to give you a better idea of what it looks like. In December, we got a letter informing us that the transfer of the houses and hotels will be delayed until the third quarter of 2022. Ours was purchased in 2019. I’ve been to the website three times. Even though it will be fantastic, they keep putting back the handover. The original post was made byGuest Every unit has its own unique design. Due to the fact that flats are privately owned. For our flat, we’ve enlisted the services of a completely separate organization. If so, do you happen to have any images of your apartment? It would be fantastic to see some real-life photographs from inside the apartments
  3. Each one has its own unique style. Due to the fact that flats are privately owned. It was decided to employ a completely different company to design our unit
  4. The interior design firm for the homes has published this film exhibiting the interior of their new apartments. The opulent ‘Atlantis Penthouse’ in Dubai is offered for sale for $49 million. The three-story penthouse triplex has five bedrooms. The Royal ResortResidences in Atlantis, created in 25,000 sq. ft. of space, is an example of a luxury hotel where tourists may experience both luxury and the charm of the city. In addition to 231 luxury apartments and 693 hotel rooms, The Royal Dubai also has 102 suites. The Royal Dubai is located on the crescent of The Palm and is part of the Atlantis development. Kerzner was in charge of the design and construction, as well as the operation of the facility. In addition to promoting this penthouse, which is offered for sale at $49 million with Metropolitan Premium Properties, the city’s premier real estate brokerage, is also marketing the property. The price, on the other hand, is predicted to triple as soon as the project is done for the benefit of tourists. A total of five bedrooms and six bathrooms are available in the penthouse. However, the penthouse’s outside deck, which has an infinity pool 90 metres above ground, is a stunning addition to the property, which is now widely recognized as Dubai’s most costly and finest lodging. Source:

Atlantis, The Palm Review: What To REALLY Expect If You Stay

With its large water park and extensive aquarium, the Atlantis, the Palm is one of Dubai’s most family-friendly hotels, ranking among the best in the world. This premium hotel is particularly well-known among the residents for its 23 restaurants and bars, which include celebrity-chef hot spots such as Nobu, as well as a nightclub, high-end boutiques, and a lavish spa and wellness center. Rooms, ranging from Deluxe Rooms to the one-of-a-kind Underwater Suite, are big and comfortable, with wide bathrooms and views of the Palm Jumeirah or the sea, among other amenities.

The position of the Palm Jumeirah Island brings attractions such as the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall within a 25-minute drive of the hotel.

More information may be found here.


It is important to note that this hotel is primarily a premium resort. You can sense the grandeur as soon as you walk into the hotel’s foyer, where the huge salmon-hued structure gives way to a towering Dale Chihuly glass sculpture, an eye-catching fountain, and nautically themed columns. There are lots of luxury resorts in Dubai that appeal to party-loving adults (which this resort does as well), but things are a little different here, and children are spoilt for choice when it comes to activities.

  • Although the property’s design aspects are inspired by the story of Atlantis, it does not feel as aggressively marketed as some of the other high-profile resorts such as Las Vegas or Disney World.
  • Yet the atmosphere is lighthearted, and you’ll frequently see youngsters in swimming suits roaming about the grounds of the resort.
  • The latter provides direct access to the water park, aquarium, the bulk of the restaurants, the Avenue retail area, and the children’s club, among other amenities.
  • In the evening, anticipate some of the restaurants to have a clubby ambiance that will attract both adult tourists and locals who are wanting to have a good time.
  • The general public, on the other hand, is not permitted to visit the main hotel grounds.

If you’re seeking for ultimate peace and quiet, the spa will be the most relaxing and rejuvenating adult-only retreat you can find. More information may be found here. Scene


A man-made island fashioned like a palm tree, the Palm Jumeirah is home to the hotel, which is positioned at the extreme point of the island. It is divided between luxury resorts and apartment complexes, and there are few additional attractions in the immediate vicinity. As of 2018, the island is still currently under development, albeit the Atlantis is located in an isolated enough location that you will not be disturbed by this. If you do decide to leave the property to see attractions such as the Burj Khalifa, the hotel is located roughly 15 kilometers southwest of Downtown Dubai and the airport (an approximately 25- and 30-minute drive, respectively).

In order to avoid this, it’s advisable to drive yourself, take a cab, or call an Uber.

The Miracle Gardens and Dubai Zoo, as well as the souks of Al Ras, are also less than a half-hour away by vehicle from the hotel.



There is a vast variety of accommodation types available, ranging from the entry-level Deluxe Guest Room to the Royal Bridge Suite and everything in between. As of our visit in 2018, the hotel was in the midst of a multi-year refurbishment that would bring the design of all of the guest rooms up to date. During our stay, we were not bothered by any noise or inconveniences caused by the renovations. Oceanic design motifs, such as coral-patterned throw cushions and seashell-inspired artwork on the walls, are featured in the older rooms, which are painted in pastel salmon and teal colours.

  • The outcome is a space that is sleeker and less beachy than the previous ones.
  • Minibars, electric kettles, and cable or satellite TVs are standard amenities in all hotel categories, with deluxe rooms offering additional amenities like as in-room iPads as an option.
  • Guests may also enjoy full or partial views of the Palm Jumeirah or the Arabian Sea from their own balconies, which are equipped with separate soaking tubs and showers in each room.
  • Families vacationing together will benefit from the fact that around 90 percent of the rooms here are interconnected.
  • Avail of the Imperial Club Lounges, which are jam-packed with freebies and benefits, which are listed further down in this section of the website.
  • There is an aquarium in the middle of this stunning triplex, which also has a living, kitchenette, and bedroom windows that go from floor to ceiling.

In addition to being substantially more costly than the other guest rooms, these suites represent some of Dubai’s most luxurious “go big or go home” experiences available. More information may be found here. Rooms


In addition to being divided into East and West Towers, the Atlantis boasts a slew of amenities that distinguish it as a destination in its own right. You should keep in mind that there is a distinct difference in the atmosphere between the two buildings, with the West Tower being slightly quieter than the East Tower. The ShuiQi Spa is located in the West Tower, and it features private treatment rooms, a whirlpool, as well as steam rooms and saunas. There are also separate men’s and women’s salons, as well as a fitness facility equipped with current equipment and offering workout courses.

  • A yoga session for all levels is also available at the aquarium’s East Wing, which is located on the second floor.
  • Also positioned outside the West Tower is a zero-entry pool that is suitable for children.
  • There are sports courts, a children’s playground, and the Nasimi Beach restaurant in the immediate surrounding area.
  • Despite the fact that children are permitted there, the mood is much more relaxed than at the zero-entry pool.
  • However, you will have to pay an additional fee if you are not a member of the Imperial Club.
  • (so check ahead with the resort if this is a concern).
  • Nobu Matsuhisa’s Nobu, Gordon Ramsey’s Bread Street KitchenBar, and Giorigo Locatelli’s Ronda Locatelli are just a few of the restaurants on the list.

There are no all-inclusive rates available at this time.

Room service can be ordered through an app at any time of day or night.

The Club Lounges are located on the ground floor of the hotel.

It is, however, a significantly more expensive upgrade.

and Porsche Design, among others.

There are 14 meeting and event spaces available, including ballrooms, and event planning and wedding services are available on-site as well. While Wi-Fi is available, it is only available for free with direct bookings. More information may be found here. Features


The aquarium and water park are unquestionably the resort’s most popular attractions – and both are available to visitors for no additional charge throughout their stay (though they are also open to the public). The Lost Chambers Aquarium is home to 65,000 aquatic species, many of which are kept in the Ambassador Lagoon, a nearly three-million-gallon tank that is one of the world’s largest aquariums. The Ambassador Lagoon is one of the world’s largest aquariums, with a capacity of almost three million gal.

  1. There is a cost for each activity.
  2. A maze of rooms intertwined with the aquarium has smaller tanks and decor inspired by the ruins of Atlantis.
  3. Additionally, visitors may schedule a behind-the-scenes tour to learn more about how all of the animals are cared for.
  4. There’s also a lengthy river ride that blends a leisurely river with rapids to make for a thrilling experience.
  5. Because of the high temperatures in Dubai throughout the year, the entire area may get packed, and lineups for certain rides can be quite long.
  6. Entertainment


The Royal Beach, which faces the lagoon of the Palm Jumeirah Island, is roughly a two- to five-minute walk from both towers of the hotel and is accessible by foot. It’s best suited for families, albeit none of the beaches here are very tropical in nature (they are, after all, man-made). Nasimi Beach Club is a 21-and-over beach area with a bar that conducts events throughout the day and night for those seeking an adult-only option. Those gatherings may often last until the wee hours of the morning, and if you want to use a lounger during the day, you’ll have to pay a food and beverage minimum.

It is possible to access the water park’s beach from the hotel as well as from other tourists who have paid to enter the park.

More information may be found here.

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