How To Connect Terminal 1 To Terminal 2 At Dubai International Airport? (Solution)

Which terminal is Flydubai in Dubai?

  • Terminal 2 is home to Dubai’s budget airline flydubai. It is located in the North of Terminal 1 with access from Al-Twar road and Rashidiya. Dubai Airport Terminal 2 has a capacity of 5 million passengers per year. Dubai Airport Terminal 2 consists of four levels:

Is Dubai Terminal 1 and 2 connected?

Unfortunately, terminal 2 is not connected to either terminal 1 or 3 and so you have to exit the airport and clear customs and immigration.

How do I get between terminals at Dubai airport?

When you arrive in Dubai, go to Connections and take the shuttle bus straight to your next terminal. At your departure terminal, go to the Connections desk to check in for your onward flight and ask for the Emirates baggage transfer service.

Can you walk between terminals at Dubai airport?

Dubai International (DXB) Terminal 1’s D-Gates are reachable via a short trip on an airport train. In Terminal 3, passengers can walk between B-Gates and C-Gates and take a short airport train to A-Gates.

Do I have to go through security again for connecting flight in Dubai?

Security checks while transiting in Dubai Airport One has to go through the security checks after reaching the other terminal. Your hand luggage will be checked. You can buy duty- free items at Dubai airport. Your other baggage passes security checking only once and it is directly forwarded to your connecting flight.

How do you get from Terminal 2 to Terminal 1?

The Airport authority, DIAL (Delhi International Airport Limited) shuttle service bus stop is located at arrival of T2. It is clearly marked as the station for shuttle services. From there the buses will go at regular intervals of 20 Minutes and it is a 10 Minutes ride to T1 and vice versa.

How do I get from t3 to T2 in Dubai?

Dubai RTA Bus operates a bus from Airport Terminal 3 to Airport Terminal 2, Departure every 4 hours. Tickets cost AED 2 – AED 3 and the journey takes 23 min.

How do I get from Terminal 2 to metro?

The nearest metro station to IGI Terminal 2 is IGI Airport Metro Station. IGI Airport Metro Station is located on the Airport Line of Delhi Metro. The distance between Terminal 2 and IGI Airport is 240 meters only. It will take only 3 minutes to reach there if you prefer to cover the distance by walking.

Is Dubai Terminal 1 and 3 connected?

Transfer between terminals Please note that Terminal 3 and Terminal 1 are connected through a transit area, where passengers are able to move freely after clearing security. On the other hand, free shuttle buses serve all Terminals at Dubai Airport.

Do I need a visa to change terminals in Dubai?

1 Answer. You do not need a transit visa. You can walk from Terminal 1 to Terminal 3. Terminal 1 is the original airport terminal, which is for all international airlines.

Do I need to go through immigration for a connecting flight?

A port-of-entry is the first airport you land at in the US Even if you have a connecting flight, you need to go through the immigration procedure, pick up your luggage, re-check it and get on the next flight.

Do you need to check in again for a connecting flight?

In cases where the connecting flight is one another airline or another terminal, passengers must go through a security and baggage check once again before you get on board the connecting flight to reach your destination.

How do connecting flights work Emirates?

It’s easy to connect to another Emirates flight in Dubai. When you arrive, simply follow the signs to Connections and make your way to the gate for your next Emirates flight. We’ll tag your bags right through to your final destination so you won’t need to collect them and check them in again.

Do I need to collect my luggage on a connecting flight Emirates?

You don’t need to collect your bags when you arrive. Simply go to the Connections desk and take the shuttle bus to your next departure terminal. Check in for your onward flight.

What happens if you miss a connecting flight Emirates?

What happens if I miss my connection? By booking your whole itinerary on one ticket you ensure that, in most cases, your onward travel will be guaranteed – meaning that if you miss your connection through no fault of your own, you will be rebooked on the next available flight.

Which terminal does Emirates land in Dubai?

Dubai International (DXB) is our home hub. Your Emirates flight will arrive at and depart from gates A, B or C at our own Emirates Terminal 3.

Transferring between terminals

If you have booked your tickets independently, you may save time and money by using our baggage transfer service to eliminate the stress of connecting planes. If you’re departing from a different terminal than where you’re arriving, we’ll collect your luggage and transport them to your next aircraft for an additional cost. You may just board a shuttle bus to your next terminal, and we’ll retag your baggage and dispatch them to the appropriate airplane terminal for your departure. How do I make a reservation for the luggage transfer service?

  • When you arrive in Dubai, proceed to Connections and board a shuttle bus that will take you directly to your next terminal. Go to the Connections counter in your departure terminal to check in for your subsequent flight and request the Emirates baggage transfer service. Pay your fare at the airport’s departure terminal. We’ll see to it that your luggage are retagged and transported from your arrival airport to your next departure terminal as needed.

Your connecting time must be at least three hours in order for us to have enough time to collect your baggage and transport them to your destination. When it comes to the cost of the luggage transfer service, the answer is simple. It costs USD 90 per individual to participate. If you have more than one person in your reservation under the same reference number, you will be charged an extra USD 20 for each additional person in your reservation.

Dubai Airports

We’re masters at bringing travelers together! On any given day, we handle thousands of transfer passengers. How we make your connection swift and seamless is described below.

Find your transfer desk

  • Following the signage
  • Utilizing our interactive maps
  • And other methods. Staff members who ask whether they may be of assistance

Dubai International (DXB)

Dubai International (DXB) is the world’s busiest airport, with three terminals and a total of 1.2 million passengers each year (1,2 and 3). A total of three concourses (A-Gates, B-Gates, and C-Gates) serve only Emirates and Qantas flights at Dubai International Airport Terminal 3. A large number of foreign airlines are based at DXB’s Terminal 1 Concourse D (D-Gates), while Terminal 2 (F Gates) is also a hub for regional and international flights. Getting to your gateTerminal 1’s D-Gates are accessible through a short rail ride from the main terminal building.

You should speak with your airline or our ‘May I Help You’ personnel before you arrive if you plan on changing between concourses and terminals when you arrive.

Dubai World Central (DWC)

The distance between DXB and Dubai’s second airport, DWC, is roughly 40 kilometers. It is possible that your connection will require you to switch from DXB to DWC or vice versa. As a result, you will need to clear immigration and collect your luggage before taking a cab or the Dubai Metro to Ibn Battuta station, from where you will be able to board a designated shuttle bus to the DWC.

Welcome to Dubai International Airport

Dubai International Airport, one of the world’s busiest airports, serves as a major hub for flights to and from the Middle East and is among the busiest in the world. Our Dubai International Airport directory provides contact information for the airport as well as information on transit to and from the city, parking alternatives, and terminal facilities.

Airport news:

Concourse D, a new concourse that debuted in early 2016, is the latest addition. An airport train connects it to the newly refurbished Terminal 1, which is located across the street.


A number of transfer desks may be found throughout the terminals at various locations.

When transferring between concourses and terminals, look for members of the ‘May I Help You’ team for further help.


The driving time from Deira’s city center to the airport is around 8 minutes if you use route D89.

Transfer between terminals:

It takes 15 to 25 minutes to get from one terminal to another utilizing either the airport shuttle service or the airport rail. Travelators link Terminal 1 (which services the majority of non-Emirates foreign aircraft) to the departures area (Concourse D) at Dubai International Airport. Flights operated by charter companies, low-cost carriers, and select routes within the Gulf area are handled by Terminal 2, whereas flights operated by Emirates and Qantas are handled exclusively by Terminal 3 (and its Concourses A, B, and C).

Airport Info

PO Box 2525 Dubai International Airport is the location of the Dubai International Airport. Dubai Getting There:Dubai International Airport is located 14 kilometers (9 miles) northeast of Dubai’s central business district. Phone number: +971 4224 5555 Gulf Standard Time is the time zone. The time is GMT +0400.

Public Transport

Bus: Bus services (tel: +971 800 9090; operate to the city center from stations opposite Terminals 1, 2, and 3) are available from stations opposite Terminals 1, 2, and 3. Buses arrive and depart from bus stops in front of Terminals 1, 2, and 3. Please refer to the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) website for the most up-to-date routes and timetables (). Keep in mind that no change will be accepted on public buses; instead, passengers will be required to purchase an electronic Nol card inside the metro station or from one of the vending machines outside the station.

Taxi: Prepaid taxis may be reserved 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and can be flagged down at each terminal.

It takes 10 to 15 minutes to get to the city from the airport.

Public transport rail:

Metro: A frequent Metro service connects Dubai International Airport with the city’s central business district (although no service runs on Friday mornings). Stations may be found at Terminals 1 and 3, respectively. The travel time to the city varies between 10 and 20 minutes, depending on the final location and traffic conditions.

Terminal facilities

There are a number of banks at each terminal and within the concourses that provide banking services, ATMs, and money exchange bureaux de change. Apart from duty-free shopping, Dubai Duty Free () provides foreign currency exchange, banking, and internet services.


At Dubai International Airport, there is a diverse selection of cafés, bars, and restaurants, with the greatest concentrations in Concourses A, B, C, and D. The airport also has a big selection of shops and services. The food court in Concourse C is home to a variety of fast-food restaurants; Concourse A is home to a fair selection of restaurants serving Asian and Western cuisine, as well as bars; and Concourse B has a more diverse selection of eating options. Concourse D is home to a diverse selection of fast food restaurants, cafés, and restaurants that specialize in international cuisine.

Food outlets may be found in plenty at Terminals 1 and 3, but just a tiny selection of cafés, restaurants, and fast-food establishments can be found in Terminal 2’s public areas.


Dubai International Airport offers a comprehensive duty-free shopping experience, which includes a large selection of duty-free shops on Concourses A, B, C, and D, as well as a smaller selection in Terminals 1 and 2. Duty-free shops are located on Concourses A, B, C, and D, as well as in Terminals 1 and 2. The shops in this area vary from newsagents to boutiques that sell expensive clothing and timepieces.


Personal things misplaced in the terminal area can be discovered through a specific lost & found service (tel: +971 4224 5555), which is open 24/7. Baggage storage is provided in Terminals 1 and 3 for a cost for short periods of time. More information may be discovered by using interactive maps at the airport.


Prayer rooms, bathing facilities, and well equipped medical centers are available in all terminals and concourses at Dubai International Airport, among other amenities. In Concourse B, spas are available for those who have some extra time before their trip. The Dubai International Hotel, which is located on the premises, also provides use to its swimming pool, Jacuzzi, and gym for a charge.

Airport facilities

In addition to a conference room that can accommodate up to 60 guests, the Dubai International Hotel (tel: +971 4 505 2000) provides five meeting rooms that can accommodate six to 18 delegates. Its amenities are divided over two terminals: Terminal 1 and Terminal 3. A specialized business lounge with work rooms and shower facilities is located in Concourse C, while Emirates lounges are located on the departure concourses of Terminal 3. There are also lounges in the arrivals area of Terminal 3.

A VIP service, the Al Majlis VIP Service (tel: +971 4504 5196), is offered at Terminal 3 and includes access to several lounges, limousine transfers to the aircraft, as well as assistance with check-in, immigration, and luggage.

Communication Facilities:

The airport provides travelers with free and unlimited high-speed Wi-Fi internet access in all terminals as well as at the gate entrances. On the third floor of Concourse C are touch-screen internet kiosks that accept credit card payments as well as cash. On Concourse C, near gate 18, there is a post office that is open 24 hours a day.

Disabled facilities:

In the main Terminal 1 departures hall, there is a helpdesk for travellers with impairments (tel: +971 4224 5555) that can assist them. To carry people to and from the concourses, where handicapped travellers can take use of special lounges, electric carts are provided for use. Passengers should seek help from their airline (before to traveling) and the airline will tell the airport of any special requirements.

Car parking:

There are automobile parking lots all across the airport that are both handy and reasonably priced.

Premium parking is provided at all terminals, whilst economy parking is only available at Terminals 1 and 2, respectively. In the case of short-term parking, the fee is paid hourly, and in the case of long-term parking, the fee is charged per day.

Car rental:

All airport terminals have a large number of vehicle rental firms accessible at the arrival areas. These companies include Budget, Dollar, Europcar, Hertz, and Sixt, in addition to a number of locally based operators.

Dubai Airport Guide for Arriving Passengers

Dubai International Airport (IATA:DXB, ICAO:OMDB) is the world’s third busiest airport in terms of passenger traffic, behind New York and Los Angeles. Dubai International Airport has the code DXB and is the primary airport serving Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Terminal 1, Terminal 2, and Terminal 3 are the three passenger terminals currently in operation at Dubai International Airport. At Dubai International Airport, there is a transfer between terminals. A single transit space with automated people mover connects Dubai International Airport Terminal 1 (Concourse D) with Dubai International Airport Terminal 3 (Concourses A, B, and C) (train).

  • When passengers depart from their plane and want to transfer to the next flight, they must follow the “Connections” signs to the transfer area, which is well marked.
  • Passengers arriving at Dubai International Airport (DXB) should follow the “Arrivals” and “Baggage Reclaim” signs.
  • Clear immigration at Dubai International Airport, pick up your bags at Baggage Claim (if there are any), and clear customs at Dubai International Airport.
  • At Dubai International Airport, there are multiple Currency Exchange desks in the Arrival Hall, as well as one in the Baggage Claim area before customs.
  • Make Your Reservations for the Airport The cost of a private Dubai International Airport transfer (DXB) is US$26.00 for pickup and drop-off.
  • Arriving passengers at Dubai International Airport will find the information listed below to be valuable when planning their ground transportation.
Dubai METRO (train) At Dubai Airport Dubai International Airport to City by Dubai METRO (Subway):Follow the signs to “METRO Trains” in the Arrival Hall of Dubai Airport Terminal 1 or 3.Terminal 1 and 3 of Dubai Airport are connected to the City by the Metro RED Line.Dubai Airport Terminal 2’s nearest Metro station is Abu Hail station (Green Line) which is 2km away from Terminal 2.If you arrive at Dubai Airport Terminal 2, check with the Arrival hall’s information counter on getting to other Terminals.A single ride ticket (or a stored-value NOL card) can be purchased at the Dubai Airport METRO stations. Take the METRO from Airport and exit at Your station.Dubai RED Line METRO runs between Rashidya and Jebel Ali, connecting Airport Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 to:1). Deira City Center,2). Al Rigga,3). Dubai Mall/ Burj Khalifa,4). Mall of Emirates,5). Dubai Marina,6). Jumeirah Towers area etc.Please note that the Dubai Metro is crowded during peak hours.Dubai METRO is good if your Hotel is within walking distance to the METRO station and you are traveling light without heavy bags. Exit the Dubai Metro train at the station near your hotel and walk to your hotel.Dubai METRO operates from morning 6 AM till midnight on weekdays (Sun-Thur).
Public Bus at Dubai Airport Dubai Airport to City by Public Bus:Dubai Airport is well connected to the City by RTA Buses.You will need an NOL card to pay your fare in Dubai Public Buses, run by Road and Transport Authority (RTA).You will have to purchase NOL Card in advance as RTA Buses are totally cashless, and drivers will not accept cash.RTA buses arrive and leave from the Bus Stop/Stand opposite Terminal 1,2 and 3 Arrival at Dubai Airport.
Taxi or Private Cars at Dubai Airport Taxi at Dubai International Airport:Taxis are available at the taxi stands at the Arrival levels of each Terminal at Dubai Airport Terminals.Fares are metered, and there is an additional Airport surcharge for all trips originating from the AirportTaxi in Dubai accepts cash and credit cards.Dubai taxi cabs are regulated by the Road and Transport Authority (RTA).RTA offers three taxi services from the airport – Red roof, Pink roof, and Limousine taxis, all available at the taxi queue.If you get approached by someone in the arrival hall offering a taxi, avoid them and head towards the marked taxi queue.Private Car Pickup service at Dubai International Airport:Arriving Passengers at Dubai International Airport can Pre-book private pickups such as:
Travel Tip Dubai Airport Airport – Dubai Airport Terminals have multiple Currency Exchange Counters in the Arrival Hall area.- Avoid Dubai METRO during peak hours if possible as it gets very crowded.- All passengers arriving and entering Dubai have to go through Immigration and Customs at Dubai Airport.- If you need a taxi, get one from the official taxi queue, which is safe and reliable.If help is needed with a taxi, ask the person in uniform available at the Taxi queue.- Currently, there are no Shared Shuttles at Dubai Airport that we know of.Book (Hassle Free) – Private Dubai Airport Transfers (DXB) to Hotel – US$26.00 Buy – 4G SIM Card (DXB Airport Pick Up) – US$10.35 Private Shared Dubai International Airport (DXB) Transfers to City – US$9.98
Dubai Private Arrival Airport Transfer- $38.95 Travel from Dubai International Airport to your Dubai city, Jumairah, Palm Jumairah, Sharjah, Jebel Ali Hotel or the Dubai Port. Transfer services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Dubai International Airport Hotel

Important Information Regarding the Hotel Please be advised that, as a result of the current COVID-19 situation, Concourses AD are now closed, and as a result, our services are not available on those concourses. The Dubai International Hotel is located inside the airport terminal buildings before Passport Control (Immigration and Customs), in only Concourses A, B, and C if you are flying into Dubai International Airport. In order to gain access to the hotel, you must be in transit. 2. Passengers are strongly urged to avoid passing through Immigration and Customs and exiting the Terminal since they will be refused entrance back into the Hotel until 3 hours before to the departure of their “outbound” aircraft.

  • The only hotels available are at Concourses A, B, and C.
  • 4.
  • When landing at Terminal 2, do not depart the terminal and do not go through Passport Control until you have cleared Customs (Immigration and Customs).
  • 6.
  • Access to the Hotel Reception may be gained using the elevators in Concourse B, which are located between the gates B14 and B22, respectively.
  • We do not have a hotel in Concourse D for your convenience.
  • If you are coming and departing on just Emirates Airlines flights, you may be denied admission to Concourse D at the airport.



If accompanied by an adult, children under the age of 12 are admitted free of charge to the hotel’s existing beds (we can accommodate a maximum of 2 Adults and 1 Child per room).

An extra bed is available at a cost of AED 110.00 per night.


Thirteenth, baby cots (for children aged two years and under) are provided at no additional charge, depending to availability.

If our guests prefer to have these products, they will be required to bring them along with them.

15. Unless otherwise stated, all advertising rates are subject to a 5 percent sales tax for any reservations made prior to the above-mentioned arrival date. 15. For all Executive Room reservations, please include the following information:

  • Guaranteed to be complimentary Meet If your aircraft is landing in Concourse B (Terminals 3), you will receive Greet Service as well as a seamless check-in process. Throughout the day at our Executive Lounge, a free Ala-carte menu is offered for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The Executive Lounge offers a limited range of quality complimentary beverages that are available throughout the day. Wi-Fi and high-speed internet connections are provided at no additional charge. Receptionists with their own desks
  • Check-in and check-out services that are personalized and expedited

MeetAssist is provided at no cost. Our team will make every effort to give you with a complimentary meet and greet service upon arrival if you have supplied us with your arrival flight details and your flight lands and parks at Concourse A, B, C, or D (Terminal 2 is not covered). We will meet you at the disembarkation/arrival gate and will be holding a paging board with your name written on it; our staff member will be waiting for you immediately after the aerobridge at your arrival gate, which is located just after the aerobridge.

Please keep the following in mind:

  • In order for us to make an effort and deliver this service to you, it is critical that you give us with your entire Arrival Flight Information (including your flight number, scheduled arrival date and time), as well as your contact information. This is not a service that is “guaranteed.” Please keep in mind that if your flight arrives and parks in a distant parking lot that is not directly connected to the Main Airport terminal, the Airport authorities will transport all passengers on that flight from the remote parking lot to the Main Airport terminal through a shuttle bus service. If this occurs, it will be impossible to guarantee a meet and assist since our Concierge personnel will have restricted access to the areas where passengers are dropped off by the Shuttle Bus. Please keep in mind that arrival and departure gates may be subject to change without prior notice at any time. It is not possible for the hotel to be held liable for any gate adjustments made by the airline.

B. Flight information not supplied: If your flight information was not provided at the time of booking, you do not need to be concerned since you may contact a member of our Reservations team to supply us with this information. We would be pleased to update your information in order to offer you with the possibility to be met and supported as effectively as possible. Our Reservations staff may be reached 24 hours a day, seven days a week at Cancellation and no-show policies apply. Please see below for information on our cancellation and no-show rules that apply to your reservation.

  • Any cancellations will be subject to a cancellation fee equal to 100 percent of the total price of the reserved space.
  • Failure to appear at the Hotel by the scheduled check-in time will be deemed as a “No Show,” and you will be charged a fee equal to 100% of the total reservation value.
  • B.
  • Reservations that are cancelled at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled arrival time will not be subject to cancellation fees.
  • Pre-authorization of credit cards is permitted.
  • When making a reservation request, we would appreciate it if you could include your credit card information and expiration date as a guarantee. Payment will be made upon arrival. Reservations that are not guaranteed will be released 24 hours prior to the scheduled arrival time. The one-night costs for the reservation will be charged to the credit card used to guarantee the reservation on the day of arrival. As part of the verification process, you will be requested to produce the credit card that was used to guarantee the reservation. Reservations must be canceled in accordance with the cancellation policy indicated by the hotel for the pricing and dates booked in order to avoid being charged.

Get in Touch With Us The following are phone numbers that you may call if you require any assistance upon your arrival at Dubai International Airport and during your stay at the Dubai International Hotel. Please see the table below for further information.

  • Customer Service Manager: +971 050 552 5894
  • Conceirge Team: +971 050 552 4829
  • Conceirge Team: +971 050 552 5894

This service is only offered to travelers arriving at Dubai International Airport through Immigration in Terminals 1 and 3 and is not available to passengers entering through other immigration checkpoints. It is not accessible for the following purposes:

  • Passengers arriving at Terminal 2
  • Passengers arriving at Dubai World Central (DWC)
  • Passengers arriving at Terminal 1

1. Any reservation form or subsequent booking confirmation that requests the provision of services is only valid for the date and flight number specified on the form or confirmation. Any changes to the date or flight details should be communicated to Ahlan no later than 6 hours prior to the start of the services being requested. Ahlan service reservations should be made at least 8 hours in advance to ensure that the service is not cancelled. Fourteen (14) days from the date of service provided, Ahlan will not take any liability for refunds and/or claims that are not submitted in writing to Ahlan.

  • 6.
  • Passengers who use the services provided by Ahlan unreservedly agree to release Ahlan Service from any liability or duty arising as a consequence of any delay in the delivery of the services requested.
  • It is the sole responsibility of the Passengers to ensure that all documentation necessary for entrance into Dubai is in order and that any conditions to which such documentation is subject are adhered to.
  • Ahlan Service will recover the Passengers’ baggage from the baggage carousels; nevertheless, Ahlan Service shall not be held accountable or responsible in any manner for incorrectly retrieved articles of baggage.
  • 9.
  • Any advertising prices are subject to this 5 percent VAT for all bookings made prior to the above-mentioned arrival date, regardless of the rate published.
  • The request for provision of lounge services is only valid for the date and flight number specified on the Reservation Form and subsequent booking confirmation, and not for any other dates or flight numbers.

Two (2) hours before to arrival, reservations should be made at the earliest opportunity.

Fourteenth, any refunds and/or claims should be sent to [email protected] for consideration.

Ahlan Lounges will not be accountable or responsible for any damage experienced by the Passenger as a result of its activities in an endeavor to deliver the service requested and/or any actions taken by third parties on its behalf.

The use of the lounge is limited to four hours.


Any advertising prices are subject to this 5 percent VAT for all bookings made prior to the above-mentioned arrival date, regardless of the rate published.

The spa service is only offered to travelers who are in transit to or from Dubai International Airport.

A reservation for a spa treatment should be made at least 8 hours in advance to ensure availability.


It is the duty of all passengers to ensure that they board their flights at the scheduled departure time on the day of departure.



We recommend that you come at the spa at least 15 minutes ahead to your scheduled appointment time in order to begin your relaxation experience.


Following that, you will be required to complete a medical consultation form for your own health and safety.



In the event that an item is misplaced or stolen, Timeless Spa will not be held responsible.

When canceling or rescheduling an appointment, please give at least 48 hours notice.

Reservations that are cancelled within 48 hours of the scheduled arrival date will be reimbursed to the credit card used to make the reservation.

In the event of a no-show, the entire amount will be charged.

11. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) will adopt a Value Added Tax (VAT) of 5 percent on January 1, 2018, effective immediately. Any advertising prices are subject to this 5 percent VAT for all bookings made prior to the above-mentioned arrival date, regardless of the rate published.

Dubai International Airport Map

Detailed information on the terminal complex, including the layout, important notices, terminal details (including the future Concourse D projects, which are detailed under ‘Terminal 1’ below), and current lounges Services that are unique: The passenger terminal complex at Dubai International now consists of three passenger terminals, T1, T2T3, which are connected by a 24-hour shuttle bus. The Metro also runs between T1T3 – the Red Line of the Dubai Metro has rail stations in T1T3 – while the Green Line Metro serves Terminal 2 and the north-eastern part of the airport.

According to its operator, Dubai Airports, DXB currently offers over 270 destinations and a diverse range of services designed to ‘delight’ passengers, whether they are arriving, connecting, or departing – including a Zen garden and family play area, spas, on-concourse hotels, and a variety of dining options.

  • In addition, free WiFi is provided on an unlimited basis.
  • Important Reminders:- If you are traveling during the busy summer season, you should be at your terminal three hours before your planned departure.
  • In T1, below gate C13 or Fox 7, and in T3, on the ground level between Fox 22 and Fox 23, there are medical centers (sign shows a moon sicle).
  • Before continuing to Al Maktoum International Airport, it is necessary to cross immigration and collect luggage at Dubai International Airport (DXB).
  • After passing through security, bilingual ‘Virtual Assistants’ stationed at post-security checkpoints help to reinforce security and brand messaging by providing travelers with information before they approach security screening and immigration facilities.
  • – Free toiletries are available at T1 (between gates C18-C22).
  • Ample prayer rooms and restrooms are accessible at all terminals and parking areas for Muslim pilgrims.

Al Ansari Exchange is located in T1, Arrivals (2), and at T2, Arrivals (3) terminals (1).

– Smoking lounges may be found in the following locations: T1, gates C923; T2, near the departure area; T3, at gates A222 and B727; and T4.

A new facility on Concouse B’s Zen Garden (between gates B7 and B8) has been established for families with children.

It was implemented earlier this year to make going through immigration smart gates faster and more easy for citizens of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

– If you require any more assistance, please do not hesitate to contact one of the Information Zones or a member of the ‘May I Help You’ team.

All major international airlines – with the exception of Emirates and Qantas – are served by Terminal 1 (the Sheikh Rashid Terminal), which has Concourse D.

Terminal 1 has finished its significant restoration and extension project, which included the installation of modern baggage screening, the enlargement of departures and arrivals halls, the addition of extra facilities, and the redesign of the arrivals forecourt and immigration hall.

There is a business-class lounge with workstations and internet access available in Terminal 1’s arrivals section.

04 224 5252), and the Central Bookings Center for hotel reservations in the Arrivals Hall, which also provides a waiting area for unaccompanied youngsters and those with disabilities who need to be picked up from the airport.

Baggage that has been checked in is labeled and scanned to make retrieval easier.

At one of the 40 passport check desks, present your passport or travel document with your visa.

The T1 departure areas include the departure hall, which has e-gate registration, Etisalat payment machines, a food court, and other amenities.

Passengers traveling in Emirates FirstBusiness Class have access to a separate check-in area.

The top floor of T1 provides food and beverages, as well as a few stores, a currency exchange, and a prayer area.

In February 2016, T1’s Concourse D (the Midfield Concourse) with gates D1-32 officially opened (boosting capacity from 75M to 90M passengers annually) Walking distances to boarding gates, a broad selection of restaurants and retail establishments, as well as nine lounges*, are all within walking distance.

  1. Passengers may board the aircraft immediately from the waiting room, which is only a short walk away from the aircraft.
  2. A total of 175 concessions are housed in the retail/high-end restaurant space of 90,400 square feet.
  3. The D 21 contact stands (4 for heavy aircraft) and 11 remote stands are available on the concourse.
  4. A one-level terminal with three portions, it is separated into three categories: Located in the center, Departures, Arrivals / Baggage Claim, and Check-in are located to the left and right of the center.
  5. Terminal 2 has been regularly enlarged and updated, and recent reports indicate that it may be expanded even more, or that it may be replaced by a new Terminal 2.
  6. Recently, new dining and shopping establishments have opened.
  7. Terminal 3 of Dubai International Airport, which includes Concourses AB (which are connected by an underground rail), is only served by EmiratesQantas Airways.
  8. Located on the Arrivals level of T3, there are two rows of luggage carousels – one with odd numbers 1 – 13 and one with even numbers 2 – 14 – the center of which is marked with the letters COSTA.
  9. It is flanked by airline gates on both sides of the center and provides bus links to Gates C and DF on either side of the center, as well as a railway station in the center that connects to Gates B, C, and DF.
  10. It contains the gates A1-24 on the right and the gates A1-A12 on the left, as well as the train to the B, C, and DF gates in the middle.

As of now, Concourse A offers a diverse selection of brand-name restaurants and duty-free shops, while its First-Class and Business-Class lounges are located on separate levels with direct access boarding gates and provide fine dining as well as conference rooms, business centers, a spa, separate areas for entertainment, smoking, and children’s play areas.

  1. Located in the center of the concourse are shops and food outlets, currency exchanges, a hotel desk, a prayer room, and the medical center; airline gates surround the concourse, as well as information desks and flight information counters.
  2. Recently refurbished and enlarged, Concourse B now has a comprehensive family area between gates B7 and B8, as well as a Zen Garden between gates B7 and B8.
  3. Guests may enjoy iconic Costa beverages like as iced coffees, cappuccinos and café lattes at the coffee bar, which will be served on-site by baristas who will be on hand to assist them.
  4. There is also a range of nutritious beverages, such as juices and smoothies, that are accessible.
  5. The newly remodeled lounge is nearly 10,000 square feet in size and can accommodate more than 1,500 passengers at once.
  6. The ‘Timeless Spa,’ which offers hair, beauty, and therapeutic services, has been completely rebuilt.
  7. T3’s Concourse C* is the exclusive domain of Emirates and its partner Qantas, and it is now home to gates C1-C50: gates C18-C1 are located to the left, gates C19-C35 are located to the right (with a link at C35 to gates B1-B32 of T3), and gates 36-46 are located to the north of gate C33.

The concourse is divided into two sections: the first has information counters and flight information; the second contains prayer places and currency exchanges.

Both Dubai International and Domestic Airports now provide limitless improved high-speed WiFi connectivity.

As a result, the number of A380 Code F gates at Concourse C will grow from three to thirteen, bringing the total number of A380 Code F gates at Concourse C to 47.

The ongoing project, which is a component of the ‘DXB Plus’ program, is expected to be completed by the end of 2018.

It includes a special check-in process, immigration baggage clearance, and an escort to the Sheikh Rashid International Airport Terminal.

In April 2016, a new SkyTeam lounge opened its doors (no detailed information available).

At Terminal 2, there is a Business Lounge at Gate C8, which can be reached at +971 4 2164060; and a First Class Lounge at Gate C8.

The Marhaba Lounge, located between Gates C23 and C25, can be reached at +971 4224 5780 for services.

Call +971 4 2165287 to arrange for Al Majlis service.

The new Concourse D contains ten lounges (five airline lounges, a new Al Majlis lounge, two Dubai Hotel lounges, and a Marhaba VIP lounge), which is a significant increase over the previous Concourse D.

At Terminal 2: On the third floor of Terminal 3, there is a waiting area for passengers.


Emirates First-Business-Class lounges in Concourse A.-DXB’s new sleep lounges at gate A1 of Concourse Ahouses 20 state-of-the-art sleep pods, as well as seven premium double-cabins with pullout child beds – DXB’s new sleep lounges at gate A1 of Concourse Ahouses seven premium double-cabins with pullout child

Dubai Airport Terminals

Concerning the Dubai International Airport Terminals The Dubai International Airport, which goes by the abbreviation DXB, is the busiest airport in the Middle East and the largest in the world. It also serves as a hub for Emirates, Dubai’s flag carrier, as well as the low-cost carrier FlyDubai, among other airlines. The recent inflow of tourists to the emirate demonstrates that the airport is in desperate need of modernization, since it might appear to be bursting at the seams, particularly during peak season and at peak hours of the day, especially during the winter months.

Terminal 1

Terminal 1 at Dubai International Airport is known as the main terminal since it is located in the heart of the city. This terminal is used by the majority of major airlines, and it is where most long-distance flights arrive and leave. In addition, there are various lounges in this neighborhood. Business class, first class, and two quiet lounges are all available on this flight. Check in at the hotel Arrivals Map – Departures Map – Location Map

Terminal 2

Terminal 2 at Dubai International Airport serves FlyDubai as well as a number of regional and low-cost airlines. This terminal is frequently used by airlines flying into Moscow from the former Soviet Union and Iran. Charter flights are another type of service that is provided by this company. Because this station is not visible to the majority of travelers, there are no lounges placed here.

Terminal 3

Terminal 3 of the congested airport serves only as the Emirates terminal. This terminal will serve as the arrival and departure point for all Emirates flights. It is also considered to be the most luxury of the three options available. In addition, there are four lounges on the premises. There are two of them: one for business class passengers and another for first class passengers. Another two that may be reserved ahead of time offer leisure as well as a variety of hospitality services are available as well.

  • It is in this location where the basic airport design may be discovered.
  • Although it has just undergone some repairs, Terminal 2 is similarly weak in terms of design.
  • The restaurants provide a diverse selection of foreign cuisine, allowing travelers to unwind before or after a journey with a delicious meal.
  • The prices are not always competitive, however the price of alcoholic beverages is competitive.
  • When departing the airport, you can take use of public transit options.
  • Public transit buses are available outside airport baggage claim to convey passengers into the city at regularly scheduled intervals throughout the day, if needed.
  • A taxi is a relatively economical mode of transportation that will carry guests directly from the airport to their destination hotel.

Because of the safety of the city and the cost of taxis, this is a highly prevalent and popular mode of transportation for those traveling outside of the airport after landing.


I’d like to extend a personal welcome to you. Ahlan, the premium concierge service at Dubai International Airport, invites you to sit back and relax.

Search and Book

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Your Passenger Information

Allow us to make your airport experience one that will be remembered forever. Read on to find out more Allow us to take care of you from the moment you arrive in Dubai and throughout your stay. We support our clients from the time they board the plane till they arrive at the hotel in a comfortable and calm manner. There will be no more concerns. We, the staff of Dubai International Hotel, will do everything we can to meet and greet you, our valued customer. AHLAN is a high-end, individualized concierge service provided by the Dubai International Hotel and Towers.

Convenience, quickness, and a personal touch are some of our distinguishing characteristics.

COVID19 Notification The safety and comfort of our workers, customers, and other stakeholders continues to be our top focus at DIH.

In addition, DIH has formed partnerships with third-party vendors to ensure that our lounges have access to industry-standard cleaning and disinfection supplies, as well as to give training to ensure that our clients receive smooth service.

Choose your Meet and Greet

Your Personal Concierge and Porter will meet and greet you at the airport’s arrivals gate, and they will assist you with the check-in and boarding procedures. Now is the time to book.

Premium MeetGreet on Departures

Your Personal Concierge will meet and greet you at the Departure Meeting Point, and you will get exclusive access to the Lounge facilities as well as assistance with immigration, bags, and departure. Now is the time to book.

Relax and Recharge with Our Premium Lounge Experiences

Your Personal Concierge will meet and greet you at the Departure Meeting Point, and you will get exclusive access to the Lounge facilities, as well as help with immigration, baggage, and departure procedures. Schedule an appointment today.

Airport Terminal 3 to Airport Terminal 2, Arrival – 4 ways to travel

In Rome2rio’s trip planner, select an option from the drop-down menu to get step-by-step directions and to compare ticket costs and travel times for that route.

Bus27 min

  1. Take the bus from Airport Terminal 3 to Airport Terminal 2, DepartureN30
  2. This will take you to Airport Terminal 2.

Subway, line 20 bus42 min

  1. From Airport Terminal 3 Metro Station 2 to Rashidiya Metro Station 2MRed, take the line 20 bus to Airport Terminal 2, Arrival20. From Rashidiya Metro Station Gate 3 to Airport Terminal 2, Arrival20, take the line 20 bus to Rashidiya Metro Station Gate 3 to Rashidiya Metro Station 2MRed.

Taxi6 min

  1. It will cost you $6.8 km a taxi to get from Airport Terminal 3 to Airport Terminal 2, Arrival

Towncar6 min

  1. Take a town car from Dubai International Airport to Airport Terminal 2, Arrival, which is 6.7 kilometers away.

Airport Terminal 3 to Airport Terminal 2, Arrival by bus and walk

A town car will take you from Dubai International airport to Airport Terminal 2, which is 6.7 kilometers away.


Is it more cost-effective to fly, bus, rail, or ferry from Airport Terminal 3 to Airport Terminal 2, Arrival than it is to drive there? Traveling by bus from Airport Terminal 3 to Airport Terminal 2, Arrival is the most cost-effective option, costing €1 and taking 27 minutes. More information may be found here. The quickest method to go from Airport Terminal 3 to Airport Terminal 2, Arrival is by using the shuttle bus. Traveling by towncar from Airport Terminal 3 to Airport Terminal 2, Arrival is the shortest and most cost-effective option, costing between €35 and €55 and taking 6 minutes.

  1. Is there a direct bus that runs between Airport Terminal 3 and Airport Terminal 2, which serves as the arrivals terminal?
  2. Services depart every four hours and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  3. More information may be found here.
  4. The distance between Airport Terminal 3 and Airport Terminal 2, Arrival is approximately 2 kilometers (kilometers).
  5. Getting from Airport Terminal 3 to Airport Terminal 2, Arrival without a car is the most convenient option.
  6. More information may be found here.
  7. The bus from Airport Terminal 3 to Airport Terminal 2 takes 23 minutes, including transfers, and leaves every four hours.
  8. More information may be found here.
  9. Arrival bus services from Dubai International Airport Terminal 3 to Dubai International Airport Terminal 2 are provided by Dubai RTA Bus and leave from the Airport Terminal 3 station.
  10. Where does the Airport Terminal 3 to Airport Terminal 2 Arrival bus drop off and pick up its passengers?

More information may be found here. Where can I get a place to stay near Terminal 2 of the airport? In Airport Terminal 2, Arrival, there are a total of 2238 hotels to choose from. Prices start at €87 per night and go up from there. More information may be found here.

What companies run services between Airport Terminal 3, United Arab Emirates and Airport Terminal 2, Arrival, United Arab Emirates?

Buses run from Dubai International Airport Terminal 3 to Dubai International Airport Terminal 2, with departures every four hours. The ride takes 23 minutes and costs €1. Tickets are available at the station. Dubai RTAD RTA Buses in Abu DhabiPhone: +971 9090800Website: rta.aeAve. 23 minutes is the duration. Estimated price: €1 per hour, every four hours atrta.aeAve has a schedule. 18 minutes is the length of time. Every 30 minutes is the frequency. Price range: €1 – €2 (estimated). atrta.aeTaxi schedules from Airport Terminal 3 to Airport Terminal 2, arrivals and departures JayrideAve.

Estimated price€35 – €55 on demand, depending on frequency.

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