How To Get Ejari Dubai? (Solution)

Register Ejari via the mobile app Download the Ejari app and register with your Emirates ID, passport and visa copy. Upload documents, including tenancy contract, Emirates ID, landlord and tenant’s passport and visa copy, and title deed copy, on the app. Your landlord needs to be registered on the Ejari app as well.

How to register Ejari in Dubai?

  • The responsibility to register Ejari rests with both the tenant and landlord, but in most cases, it is the tenant or the real estate agent who completes the process. There are two methods to register Ejari. Either you can do it online through the Ejari portal and Dubai rest app or by visiting any of the Ejari approved centres.

Can I do Ejari online in Dubai?

This step is mandatory by law and it is necessary for getting some other documents in Dubai. The entire process is managed online, from the submission of the required documents to the delivery of the Ejari certificate to the requester. The entire process takes 24-48 hours only.

Can a tenant register Ejari online?

Yes, you can! The Ejari Online service is available to the public through our website Tenants (and Landlords) can submit an Ejari Registration request here.

How much is the Ejari fees?

The price of the Ejari Online registration service is AED 365 only, VAT included. Along with the online fee, you will also be asked to pay for the Certificate registration fee, Ejari license and other charges. The total amount inclusive of RERA and other government charges is AED 585, VAT included.

What documents do I need for Ejari?


  • Original signed tenancy contract.
  • Security deposit receipt.
  • Tenant’s Passport (for non-GCC countries nationals)
  • Tenant’s UAE Visa (for non-GCC countries nationals)
  • Tenant’s Emirates ID.
  • Copies of landlord’s passport (if individual)

What is needed for Ejari?

These documents include your passport, your UAE visa, your Emirates ID, your tenancy contract, the title deeds of the rented property, your recent DEWA bill or connection receipt, and your landlord’s passport. If you opt to register for Ejari online, the fee is AED 170 plus 5% VAT.

What happens if Ejari is not done?

Registration of residential and commercial lease contracts through Ejari is mandatory and failure to comply may lead to a penalty, Gulf News has learnt. A Dh160 fee is chargeable to register a lease agreement with Ejari.

Do I need Ejari for DEWA?

Do I need to obtain Ejari for DEWA Move-in Service? Yes, effective July 1st, 2017 all customers will be required to obtain Ejari for DEWA Move-in service without visiting DEWA offices.

Who pays for Ejari renewal?

So, while registering the Ejari is primarily the responsibility of the landlord, it can be done by the tenant if needed. Paying for the renewal of the Ejari, however, is the obligation of the tenant, unless the lease agreement states otherwise.

Who should register Ejari?

Both the tenant and landlord of a property are responsible for registering Ejari once the tenancy contract has been signed. But, the process is completed by the tenant, who also bears the cost.

Can I register Ejari without Emirates ID?

Tenant’s passport and UAE Visa are not required in case tenants are UAE or GCC nationals. The tenant’s Emirates ID is mandatory. If the tenant is a company (or other legal entity), please upload the company’s Trade License as well as the Emirates ID of the company manager.

Do I have to renew Ejari every year?

Ejari renewal is required every time you renew the tenancy contract for your apartment or villa for rent in Dubai, which in most cases will be once a year. You can renew the contract online by submitting all the required Ejari renewal documents.

What is Ejari number Dubai?

Ejari is a modern online registration system that ensures full protection of rights to all parties involved in a property lease agreement. The regulatory system also guarantees that all government agencies are enforced to recognize and support the rights of the parties.

Can I get Ejari for 6 months?

EJARI is an electronic system designed by Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) and Dubai Land Department for registering formal terms and conditions of any Rental Agreements in Dubai, durations of which are longer than 6 months and shorter than 10 years.

BSO – Dubai property management company

BSO has raised the bar for professional property management in Dubai, offering great prospects to landlords in the United Arab Emirates. BSO property management services are preferred by landlords since they are. Own a residential or commercial property in the United Arab Emirates and want legal assistance with tenants? Trying to keep houses rented for a lengthy period of time Are you fed up with dealing with incompetent real estate brokers? Have renters who are finicky and always complain? Seek expert assistance with maintenance tasks.


The BSO network brings together over 500 real estate brokers, 1,000s of existing clients, and 40,000+ subscribers in order to locate any renters in a very short period of time. Because of the large number of properties under management by BSO, we are able to negotiate favorable maintenance supplier discounts for all of our clients. The BSO’s resources are being increased in order to better handle delays in rent payment collection and clearance concerns. BSO’s experience in rental litigation enables us to handle any rental problem in a stress-free manner while protecting the interests of our clients.

The attorneys at BSO draft a lease notice that is legally binding and mail it to the tenant in accordance with the specified time frame.


Building Services Organization is one of the most reputable and competent property management firms operating in the United Arab Emirates. Our professional qualities are those that our clients and partners have previously experienced as a result of our collaborative efforts. 01Comprehensive real estate services From A to Z in the world of real estate02 Business processes that are open and transparent Organization that has obtained RERA certification 03Cost-effective terms and conditions AED 200.00 per month is the rent.

Online facilities

Building Services Organization is one of the most reputable and competent property management firms working in the United Arab Emirates industry. Our clients and partners have already had positive experiences with us as a result of our collaborative efforts. The first step is to provide comprehensive estate services. From A to Z in real estate services02 Operational transparency in business a company that is RERA accredited Terms with a low cost-benefit ratio Month-to-month rent in AED 200.00

Use our technologies to organize your real estate portfolio

Business Services Organization is one of the most reputable and competent property management firms operating in the United Arab Emirates. Our clients and partners have already had positive experiences with us as a result of our collaboration. 01Comprehensive estate administration services From A to Z02, real estate services are provided. Business activities that are transparent Organization that has received RERA certification 03Affordable terms AED 200.00 / month is the rent.


In order to effectively manage real estate assets, it is necessary to assemble a team comprised of qualified professionals that operate together as a cohesive unit.

We put out significant effort on both an individual and a business level, respectively.

How to become BSO client

There are only three easy actions you need to perform in order to hire our real estate management company: The first step is to send the necessary documentation to our office project manager, along with a request for our charge structure and costs. Step 2: Read and agree to our terms and conditions, which include a service schedule that any property management company should have. Step 3: Take advantage of the best standard products provided by one of the most reputable property management firms in the UAE.

Step 2: Enter into a management agreement with the BSO.

Residential and commercial property management

From the administration of a single property unit to the management of a whole building, we are the specialists in the field of property management. Residential property management service providers are in high demand nowadays, whilst commercial and retail property management service providers are in high demand as well. Please take a moment to review our two primary areas of activity. Commercial property management is our area of expertise and enthusiasm. Corporate real estate asset management necessitates specialized understanding of the types of businesses that are sought by tenants in a certain area.

In order to make the leading real estate management standard as smooth and hassle-free as possible, we have improved it over time.

We have dealt with a variety of challenges that are prevalent in our line of business and have learnt how to resolve them quickly and effectively.

Full list of property management services in the UAE

Our services are designed to consistently add value to our clients’ businesses while also protecting their interests. Basic Property Management is a property management company that focuses on landowners that live outside of the United Arab Emirates. BSO provided property management services to all landlords, regardless of where they resided, since we were able to provide them with added value by handling each lease in a professional manner. As evidenced by data, we have established connections with more than 500 real estate leasing brokers in the United Arab Emirates, we have offered seamless services to more than 1,000 consumers, and our audience surpasses 40,000 subscribers, with the number growing on a daily basis.

Our property management office is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide you with the best possible pricing.

Rent collection becomes more sustainable as a result of BSO, and the likelihood of having a rental disagreement is reduced to a bare minimum.

We are prepared to assume responsibility, so that any concerns relating to your real estate will be appropriately resolved, even if there is a little risk of misappropriation. On a monthly basis, we present our clients with an up-to-date and transparent supervision performance statement. Everything you may possibly need to know is conveniently organized in a user-friendly manner. On a monthly basis, we present our clients with an up-to-date, transparent supervision performance statement. In a user-friendly format, everything you could possibly need to know is there at your fingertips.


Our normal service schedule is AED 200.00 each month, which is the amount we charge. BSO will contact you as soon as possible; simply provide your contact information!

Dubai property for Sale – Property for Rent

A group of real estate specialists with a combined total of more than 30 years of experience in the field created Binayah Real Estate, which was established in 2007. We provide a comprehensive range of services to our clients, ranging from real estate brokerage and property management to portfolio management and investment and development consulting, among other things. Binayah is responsible for the management of both residential and commercial buildings. We provide you with hassle-free access to Dubai’s most prestigious developments thanks to our extensive expertise and exceptional reputation.

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A number of international, regional, and local accolades have been bestowed to Binayah in recognition of its dedication to operational excellence and high quality standards.

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The most promising real estate investment projects in Dubai are shown below. In Dubai, you may purchase luxurious villas, flats, and penthouses.

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Paying rent is equivalent to making a payment on someone else’s mortgage. Why not quit paying rent and use the money you save to get a mortgage for your own house instead? Purchasing a home does not have to be a time-consuming or financially draining endeavor.

Dubai’s real estate market is diversified, offering a wide range of houses at a variety of price points. Expats account for over 92 percent of Dubai’s total population. As a result, the Dubai government has made purchasing real estate in the city particularly simple and secure for foreigners!

Our Property Managment Services Program Offers

  • The following services are provided: property handover and snagging, marketing, money management, tenant management, service charge payments follow-up, maintenance and other services, dispute resolution

Online Access to Your Property

  • Keep an eye on whether your property is rented or unoccupied
  • Check to see that checks are being deposited on time
  • Receive notifications on the progress of your cheque deposit
  • Have access to documents over the internet
  • Check on the status of the maintenance
  • Check the receipt for the service charge payment

What People Say

Client Testimonials in the Real Estate Industry I purchased the flat in the United Kingdom through Ms. Shireen Khan of Binayah, who provided excellent customer service from the time of showing me a few houses until the time of finalizing the purchase of the property. I was quite pleased with the entire procedure, which went extremely well. byRajivLandlord, London, United KingdomI I’d want to express my gratitude to those that provide me with exceptional service, particularly Zita Marian Hammond, who keeps me informed and is an excellent communicator.

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The country has revised its rules and now encourages 14-day self-monitoring for symptom detection.

Now, you can share ownership in Dubai property

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The following are some of the advantages of renting office space at the top business hub in Dubai: Office Configuration Options Everyone will find something to their liking at the top business center in Dubai. Whatever your company’s needs are, from virtual offices to private office spaces, we can accommodate them. We recognize that not all businesses have the same requirements or require the same amount of initial cash. Private office spaces are advantageous for organizations that require a stable basis of operations, whilst virtual office spaces are advantageous for firms that do not require such a foundation.

The following are some of the most popular office spaces available right now:

  1. The following terms are used: virtual office space
  2. Coworking office space
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●Affordability Permanent office space consumes a significant portion of every company’s initial startup cost. What is the sense of having a place if it does not deliver more advantages than it costs to maintain it? We recognize that, as a business owner, you must make investments that will yield a reasonable return on your investment. Coworking spaces and virtual offices are extremely cost-effective options that also provide a number of advantages that traditional office space does not. ●Flexibility As the COVID-19 epidemic shown, permanent office premises and long-term leasing arrangements come with a number of significant concerns.

  1. Because of this, it is critical for firms to have contracts that are adaptable.
  2. Personnel in the Administrative DepartmentWe have a team of administrative professionals who ensure that everything runs well on the grounds.
  3. The office premises are also maintained by them, which is a duty they have.
  4. Business AddressTypically, commercial real estate in high-traffic areas is quite expensive.
  5. As a result, small enterprises and new startups will be unable to establish a base of operations in these locations any other manner.
  6. On top of that, it exposes your company to a wide range of options that would otherwise be unavailable.
  7. Here is where you can build new contacts and profit-generating networks.

Because of the high-profile individuals that operate in these fields, you have the opportunity to generate new leads and attract possible investors.

‘Corporate Services’ is an abbreviation for Corporate Services.

PRO services, accounting services, administrative services, recruiting services, information technology services, and so on are examples of what is available.

We provide customised solutions for organizations that require an additional helping hand from time to time.

When subsidiaries work in conjunction with business centers, they can provide a variety of extra services.

Because these professionals have been working in their respective professions for a long period of time, they have the required experience to help you start your firm from the bottom up. Your company will be able to get off to a flying start with their assistance.

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Previously released videos1 month ago Located in Jumeirah, The Farmhouse is Dubai’s first live fire kitchen, and it has only recently opened its doors.

Previously released videos1 month ago


Property owners and tenants may claim and track their property in order to keep track of its estimated worth and learn about recent transactions for comparable properties in the area. By gaining a knowledge of your relationship to the property, we can adjust the information we present and provide you in order to make it more relevant to your position. More information about tracking the value of real estate

Property Price Index

The data on sales transactions in Dubai real estate are one of the elements to consider while investing in the city. This tool will allow you to track sales transactions on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis, among other things. When it comes to different forms of transactions, whether it’s a building, villa, land, or unit, it gives trustworthy information on each one. It also reveals which payment plan (mortgage vs. sell) was utilized in certain sales, as well as the ratio of off-plan to ready property types.

Property Supply

Property supply informs you of the amount of supply that is expected in each location, including the overall number of projects and the number of units.Learn more about property supply.

The World’s Finest Homes

The Al Andalus Tower (F) is a landmark in the city of Granada, Spain. The Jumeirah Golf Estates are located in Dubai. Jumeirah Golf Estates is a dynamic residential complex built around two 18-hole golf courses designed by the famous Greg Norman. Luxury Property is pleased to showcase Al Andalus Tower F in Jumeirah Golf Estates. Read on to find out more The Cradle of Civilization Sobha Hartland is based in Dubai. The Crest at Sobha Hartland is a modern development offering one- to three-bedroom homes with stunning views of the Dubai Canal and the surrounding area.

  • Dubai Creek Harbour is located in Dubai.
  • Read on to find out more Marina Sands is a luxury resort in the Bahamas.
  • Marina Sands is the last building of one- to four-bedroom contemporary apartments in Emaar Beachfront, and it is located close to the park.
  • Read on to find out more Kensington Waters is a body of water in Kensington, London.
  • Kensington Waters is a modern development in the Meydan neighborhood that offers studios and one- to three-bedroom apartments.

Dubai Hills Estate is located in Dubai. We are pleased to introduce Green Square, a collection of contemporary one, two, and three-bedroom apartments in Dubai Hills Estate. The project has a direct view of Central Park, which is a plus. Read on to find out more

Properties for rent and sale in Dubai Exclusive Links Real Estate

Our real estate expert team will provide you with unbiased and competent advise on all off-plan and ready developments in Dubai that are suitable for all budgets, from Dubai Marina to Palm Jumeirah, Downtown, Dubailand, and Jumeirah Village Circle, and will do so on a consistent basis. When it comes to delivering results in all elements of the sales process, we will tailor our sales strategy to meet your needs before and after you hold a property title deed in your hand and before you receive keys to your new home.

Dubai properties for rent

All of our agents are licensed to handle real estate transactions, and collectively, we provide a premium, professional, and flexible service to landlords and renters by offering a diverse range of flats, villas, and other property for rent in Dubai to suit their needs and preferences. When it comes to property demands, we make sure that all of our customers’ requirements are addressed during their house search. All of our agents have extensive knowledge of the locations and properties they represent, and they are also experienced and transparent representatives of the real estate business.

Property Management in Dubai

This service provides convenience as well as cost-effective cost-saving solutions for local and international property owners. Throughout the process, we always operate in the landlord’s best interests and treat the property as if it were our own. To guarantee that we manage and maintain a property’s condition in order to optimize home owner returns on investment while also reducing landlord expenses, we work independently with our business partners services group.

Commercial properties in Dubai

According to government and free zone laws, our commercial division offers a variety of choices for purchase or rental of commercial real estate. Our diverse selection of listings includes retail, offices, warehouses, hospitality and community services, shops for rent in dubai – ensuring that we have something to meet the needs of any type of business. An Exclusive Links Commercial agent/broker will explain a variety of real estate, licensing, and start-up services that can benefit your company’s growth.

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