What Is Dubai Worth? (Solution found)

The Economy of Dubai represents a gross domestic product as of 2018 of US$102.67 billion.

What makes Dubai such an expensive city?

  • Infrastructure. A wonder in itself,Palm Island in Dubai,is one of the examples and Burj Khalifa is another that represents the lavishness of the city.
  • Sand,sand,and sand. Special kinds of sand are imported from other places to the deserts of Dubai.
  • It’s A King’s Place.
  • Real Estate.
  • Gold That Glitters.
  • Education.
  • Taxes.

Is Dubai the richest city in the world?

In the Middle East and Africa region, Dubai ranked first for combined HNWI private wealth, followed by Tel Aviv, Israel, with a total of $312bn, New World Wealth found. Globally, New York City topped the list with total wealth held reaching $2.9tn as of June 2021.

Is Dubai rich or poor?

Its diverse economy makes Dubai one of the richest in the world. Unlike other states in the region, Dubai’s economy doesn’t rely on oil. The growth of its economy comes from business, transportation, tourism and finance. Free trade allowed Dubai to become a wealthy state.

Is Dubai full of millionaires?

There are around 26,000 millionaires in Dubai, newly-released research has found. London (339,200) was found to have the most millionaires of any city in the world, followed by New York (300,100) and Tokyo (226,500).

Why is Dubai so rich?

The UAE is the third-richest country in the world, below Luxembourg at number two and Qatar at number one, with a GDP per capita of $57,744. The bulk of its money comes from the production of goods and provision of services related to petroleum, petrochemicals, aluminium and cement.

Why is everybody so rich in Dubai?

Dubai is extremely wealthy because the government is investing all the oil profits in infrastructure, tourism, education, and many other businesses. Dubai and other small Gulf states such as Qatar or Bahrein also benefit from the fact that they have no competition for tourism and attracting business around them.

Is there homeless in Dubai?

There are no homeless people in Dubai. Expats here come with a job contract and leave if they have no job or business to attend to. Our mentally ill with no career or orphans or elders are homed in special care facilities. The locals provided with homes and lands or they live with their families.

Is Dubai expensive to live?

According to the Mercer Cost of Living, Dubai is an expensive city. It ranked as the 23rd most expensive out of 209 destinations. However, it is about 25% less expensive than New York City – and about 4% less expensive than nearby Abu Dhabi. As such, depending on where you live now, Dubai might look like a bargain.

Does Dubai pay you to live there?

Many people made strong fortunes in Dubai, and even to this day, it’s a centre of wealth and prosperity. Expats who relocate long-term to Dubai can legitimately earn their salary free from income tax.

What country owns Dubai?

Dubai, also spelled Dubayy, city and capital of the emirate of Dubai, one of the wealthiest of the seven emirates that constitute the federation of the United Arab Emirates, which was created in 1971 following independence from Great Britain. There are several theories about the origin of the name Dubai.

Who is the richest kid in Dubai?

The richest kid in Dubai, Rashid Belhasa, who is super popular among automotive enthusiasts, especially those who love spending time looking at car vlogs, has got a new wrap for his Rolls Royce Ghost.

Is there poor people in Dubai?

The UAE is one of the top ten richest countries in the world, and yet a large percentage of the population lives in poverty — an estimated 19.5 percent. Abu Dhabi and Dubai control 83.2 percent of the UAE’s wealth.

How was Dubai built so fast?

Coupled with the joining of the newly independent country of Qatar and Dubai to create a new currency, the Riyal, after the devaluation of the Persian Gulf rupee which had been issued by the Government of India, it enabled Dubai to rapidly expand and grow.

How is Qatar rich?

The emirate’s great wealth — it has the highest per capita income in the world after Monaco — is based on its small population and the very low lifting price of its oil and gas. The gas is found in shallow and easily reached basins.

Why Is the City of Dubai so Rich?

Taking a look across the marina from the Marina Walk|EmaarOil was found inDubaijust over 50 years ago, but it barely amounts for one percent of the country’s total profits today. So, what is it about the city of Dubai that makes it so prosperous? For most of the period from 1770 until the late 1930s, the pearl business was the primary source of revenue in the Trucial States, which are now included into the United Arab Emirates today. Pearl diving was a humble beginning in the profession for people of the peaceful fishing communities of the Persian Gulf, but it laid the groundwork for something far more significant later on in their lives.

The ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, began investing in infrastructure in 1958 and finished the country’s first airport in 1960 with loans totaling tens of billions of dollars from international financial institutions.

Dubai began shipping oil in 1969, and it was one of the United Arab Emirates’ seven emirates by 1971, when it gained independence from Great Britain and became one of the country’s seven emirates.

The city established its first free zone in 1985, known as Jafza, the Jebel Ali Free Zone, which is the largest in the world at 52 square kilometres (20 square miles).

Alamy Stock Photo: Jumeirah Public Beach in Dubai|JB-2078 / Alamy Stock Photo Jafza enterprises account for around 20% of foreign investment in Dubai, and the estimated 144,000 employees generate approximately $80 billion in non-oil revenue.

It is the third-richest country in the world, after Luxembourg at number two and Qatar at number one, with a GDP per capita of $57,744, placing it behind only Luxembourg and Qatar.

Why Is Dubai So Rich?

What Causes Dubai to Be So Wealthy? Dubai has become one of the world’s wealthiest nations or emirates as a result of its oil wealth. The city serves as a prosperous commercial hub for the Gulf region and northern Africa. Despite the fact that Dubai has little oil, the city has become wealthy thanks to the black gold.

In less than 50 years, Dubai’s thriving economy has elevated the country to the status of rich state appreciated across the world. A combination of the oil sector and forward-thinking businessstrategies has helped transform Dubai into a worldwide economic powerhouse.

What made Dubai so rich?

Dubai is a particularly prosperous emirate since its economy is not reliant on the sale of oil to survive. Its multifaceted economy is built on commerce, transportation, technology, tourism, and banking, to name a few areas of expertise. The city of Dubai has emerged as the gateway to the East, thanks to its international passenger flow, which is the world’s busiest. In any case, the emirate is no longer only a stopover for well-heeled tourists. Dubai is a worldwide acclaimed destination for the affluent and famous, as well as for everyone in the middle of the spectrum.

  • However, oil is not the key to the country’s tremendously successful economy.
  • Despite the fact that hydrocarbons have played a key role in the growth of Dubai, they account for just a small portion of the state’s gross domestic product today.
  • At the same time, the city has converted itself into a premier tourism destination for the rich and famous.
  • Dubai is a regal metropolis that is not ashamed to flaunt its riches to the world.
  • Dubai is not a tiny city in any sense of the word.
  • Dubai is the only city in the world where the police department’s vehicles are Ferraris, Bugattis, and Lamborghinis, rather of the more common sedans.

How did Dubai get so rich?

In order to discover the source of Dubai’s wealth, one must go no further than the city’s thriving marine industry. From its humble beginnings as a fishing village, Dubai has grown into a massive commercial port. It’s difficult to fail in such a prosperous city. The marine sector thrives in the city, which draws merchants from all across the region because of its strategic location. It lies in close proximity to both the Persian Gulf’s entrance and the Iranian border.

Dubai ports gateway to riches.

Looking at Dubai’s thriving marine industry is the best way to discover the city’s source of wealth. After beginning as a little fishing village, Dubai has grown into a massive commercial port. Failure in such a prosperous city is quite difficult. A prime position for the maritime business, with merchants from all over the region attracted to this port city. In addition, it is near to both the Persian Gulf’s entry and Iran’s northern border.

Building wealth with Dubai free-trade zones.

Thousands of businesses select Dubai as a location to take advantage of its free-trade zones. Today, there are more than 30 free-trade zones in Dubai, which account for more than 20% of total foreign investment in the United Arab Emirates, according to the World Bank. Dubai has risen to become the region’s most prosperous economy as a result of the establishment of free trade zones. The city is a favorite expat destination because to its thriving economy, high level of safety, and high standard of living.

The wealthiest state in the United Arab Emirates is Abu Dhabi, which serves as the country’s capital. Because of its vast oil reserves, Abu Dhabi has become extremely wealthy in recent years.

How is everyone in Dubai so rich?

With the number of families earning more than $250,000 per year, Dubai is the 12th wealthiest city in the world, according to the World Bank. Approximately 250,000 families in Dubai earn more than $250,000 each year. In Dubai, no one is very wealthy. Only roughly 15 percent of the emirate’s population is indigenous to the country. The remaining 85 percent are foreigners who work in Dubai on a contract basis. The majority of expatriates in Dubai are from Asian countries. While it is true that Dubai is a part of the United Arab Emirates, which is one of the world’s richest countries, not everyone in the emirate enjoys a comfortable lifestyle.

Can you get rich in Dubai?

In Dubai, it is possible to get wealthy. It has been done by a large number of people in the past. In the United States, like in any other country, becoming wealthy as an entrepreneur is more difficult than becoming wealthy as an employee. Increasing your revenue by a large amount is required if you want to become wealthy in Dubai. Unfortunately, as an employee, this is quite difficult to accomplish. If you are a highly compensatedPython developer or a Java programmer, it is common knowledge that you will become wealthy as an employee.

  • It is rather straightforward: you live below your means in order to save money.
  • This is a more secure and time-consuming method of accumulating riches.
  • If you want to get wealthy in Dubai quickly, you must be willing to take greater chances.
  • It is more dangerous, but if you succeed, you may become quite wealthy.

Which job has the highest salary in Dubai?

Dubai is a place where you may get wealthy. It has been done by a large number of individuals previously. In the United States, like in any other country, becoming wealthy as an entrepreneur is more difficult than becoming wealthy as a worker. Increasing your revenue by a large amount is required if you wish to become wealthy in Dubai. Unfortunately, as an employee, this is quite difficult to achieve. Employees that work in high-paying fields such as Python development or Java programming are considered to be wealthy.

Simply put, you live below your means in order to save money on your monthly expenses.

To accumulate money, this is a less risky and more gradual approach.

Even if it is not a very fascinating approach, it is a feasible one for the majority of individuals. Take greater chances if you want to get wealthy in Dubai as quickly as possible. Taking the way of an entrepreneur will be necessary for you. If you succeed, you may become wealthy, but it is risky.

How many millionaires are in Dubai?

An estimate from recently released data indicates that Dubai has around 26,000 millionaires. Only the city of Istambul in Turkey has more millionaires than the whole of the Middle East combined. In the emirate, one out of every 100 persons is extremely wealthy.

How many billionaires are in Dubai?

Dubai has the highest concentration of billionaires of any city in the Middle East. More than 30 millionaires have chosen Dubai as their residence.

Who is the richest person in Dubai?

When compared to other Middle Eastern cities, Dubai has the greatest number of billionaires. Dubai is home to more than 30 billionaires.

Here are the top ten richest people in Dubai:

  • Mr. Majid Al Futtaim has an estimated net worth of $6.1 billion. Mr. Abdulla bin Ahmad Al Ghurair has an estimated net worth of $4.9 billion. Mr. Ravi Pillai has an estimated net worth of $4.2 billion. Mr. M.A Yusuff Ali has an estimated net worth of $3.7 billion. Mr. Micky Jagtiani has an estimated net worth of $3.1 billion. Mr. B.R. Shetty has an estimated net worth of $2.6 billion. Mr

Is Dubai really rich?

Dubai is a very wealthy city. In the United Arab Emirates, Dubai and Abu Dhabi hold more than 83 percent of the country’s wealth. In Dubai, there are more than 30 billionaires who have made their fortunes.

Is Dubai the richest country?

Dubai is a wealthy metropolis, but it is not a sovereign state. Many people believe, incorrectly, that the country’s riches are derived from oil. However, oil accounts for just around 5% of Dubai’s gross domestic product (GDP). Numerous individuals believe that Dubai is the wealthiest country on the planet. Dubai has a broad economy, which makes it one of the richest cities in the world. Dubai’s economy, in contrast to the economies of other countries in the area, is not based on oil. Business, transportation, tourism, and finance are all contributing to the country’s economic growth.

Dubai is a renowned commercial location because to its low tax rate and lack of income tax.

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How Expensive is Dubai, Really?

19Advice on Traveling to Dubai Dubai is well-known for its extravagance and glitz, and is sometimes referred to as a “playground for the affluent” by its critics. This may be the impression that the majority of people have of Dubai, but it is far from accurate. Dubai is a fascinating mix of a sophisticated cosmopolitan city and a timeless Arabian culture, and it offers something for everyone. In terms of price, how pricey is Dubai really? Naturally, you have the option to spend an endless amount of money if you so like, but it is actually more sensible than most people would believe.


Especially when compared to other big cities across the world, Dubai isn’t that prohibitively costly. Take, for example, New York or London, where hotel rates, a night out, or a ticket to a tourist site would all be the same, if not significantly higher, than in Dubai, according to the World Travel Market. Let’s take a closer look at how much goods truly cost in the real world.


However, if you have ever traveled to New York, London, or Sydney, you will notice that the cost of transportation in Dubai is far less expensive than other cities. A trip between the Dubai Mall and the Atlantis Hotel, for example, will cost on average AED 60 (US $16.50) and will take around 17 miles or 26 kilometers. That equates to less than one cent per mile traveled. To put this in perspective, cabs in New York City cost more than $2.00 per mile, and that’s before you factor in traffic. Another alternative is to take the metro system in Dubai.

To summarize, you actually don’t need to spend as much money as you may imagine in order to go about and visit all of Dubai’s wonderful sites.


When it comes to picking a place to stay in Dubai, the sheer amount of options is overwhelming. As a result of the present economic climate, several of Dubai’s luxury hotels are providing staycation packages to both locals and visitors from across the world, making this the ideal time to indulge and enjoy these magnificent properties. Prices at One Only Royal Mirage start at Dhs1,500 per night ($408 USD), which includes breakfast and a Dhs500 resort credit. One Only Royal Mirage is located in Dubai, UAE.

If you are looking to spend less money,Rove Hotelsare a wonderful option.


Tourist attractions like visiting the sights in Dubai are not too expensive; for example, ordinary admission to the Burj Khalifa only Dhs109 (US $30), which is a bargain considering that it is the world’s tallest skyscraper. A genuine desert safari is another excellent example of getting good value for money in Dubai. Platinum Heritage offers a variety of safaris, ranging from an authenticHeritage Desert Safari, which showcases Bedouin culture, for Dhs595 per person (US $160), to an exclusivePlatinum Desert Safari, which is the most luxurious desert experience in Dubai, for Dhs1,750 per person (US $475).


Unless you are dining at the Burj Al Arab, dining out in Dubai is very similar to eating out in most other cities around the world. Despite the fact that there are a variety of great dining alternatives available, on average, a 2-3 course meal at a mid-priced restaurant would cost around Dhs100-150 per person (approximately US $30-40). If you want to explore ancient Dubai and all of its beauty, you can locate hidden jewels like Ravi’s, which will cost you up to Dhs45 (US $12) and will be worth it.


Tipping is absolutely optional in Dubai, however it is greatly encouraged. Although most products, such as meals, contain a service fee, many customers still leave a tip in the neighborhood of 10 percent. However, the final decision is yours. The Emirati dirham, the currency of Dubai, is based on the United States dollar. Because of its stability, it has been able to maintain a relatively inelastic value, and the value of the money is unlikely to alter drastically from year to year. To give you an idea of the value of one US dollar, it is approximately 3.67 dirhams.


We hope that this article has helped you gain a better understanding of just how pricey Dubai is. Dubai Taxis and the Metro make getting around very affordable, and you can take advantage of the current hotel deals and even spend the night in the heart of the desert. You can also visit the world’s tallest building and go on a desert safari that will enrich your experience with culture and adventure.

Choose from a variety of dining alternatives at a price that is within your financial reach. Are you planning a trip to Dubai? You can get all of the information you want for your travel right here.

Dubai ranks as 29th most popular city for world’s ultra-wealthy

In the first six months of 2021, more than 2,000 high-net-worth individuals relocated to the emirate, making it the 29th most popular city in the world for ultra-wealthy inhabitants, according to a research published by the Financial Times. According to the survey by New World Wealth, a research business that follows the wealth and mobility of millionaires, multimillionaires, and billionaires throughout the world, the city’s population of HNWIs increased by 3.8 percent to 54,000 in December 2020, up from 52,000 in December 2015.

  • According to the findings of the survey, the number of multimillionaires climbed to 2,480 in June from 2,430 in December 2020.
  • Centimillionaires are individuals who have a net worth of $100 million or more, while billionaires are those who have a net worth of $1 billion or more in reserves.
  • In addition, “it should be highlighted that overall private wealth and HNWI numbers in Dubai have decreased somewhat from the end of 2019, but have increased from the end of 2020,” according to Andrew Amoils, wealth analyst at New World Wealth.
  • ” A survey by global consultant Capgemini estimates that the overall wealth of HNWIs worldwide would have increased by 7.6 percent in 2020 to around $80 trillion, driven mostly by government stimulus measures and surging equities markets.
  • According to a research released in June by investment bank Credit Suisse, more individuals would become billionaires for the first time in 2020 despite the economic harm caused by the Covid-19 outbreak in the United States.
  • The number of ultra-high-net-worth people in the Middle East is expected to climb by 24.6 percent over the next five years, according to a separate analysis by global property consultant Knight Frank.
  • According to New World Wealth, Dubai placed #1 in the Middle East and Africa area in terms of combined HNWI private wealth, followed by Tel Aviv, Israel, with a combined total of $312 billion.
  • Globally, New York City topped the list, with total wealth held exceeding $2.9 trillion as of June 2021, according to the World Wealth Report.
  • This is followed by the San Francisco Bay region, which has a total value of $2.6 trillion in its possession.
  • According to the survey, San Francisco has been slowly advancing up the global wealth list over the past several years and is predicted to surpass New York City by 2030, according to the report.
  • According to the index, Shanghai ($1.8tn) is the sixth most valuable city, followed by Los Angeles ($1.3tn), Sydney ($1.1tn), Chicago ($1tn), and Mumbai ($970bn), among others.

Several city-states, like Singapore and Monaco, were removed off the list, according to the research firm. Updated at 12:54 p.m. on September 6, 2021.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum Net Worth

The net wealth of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum has not been disclosed.

Net Worth: $14 Billion
Age: 71
Born: July 15, 1949
Country of Origin: United Arab Emirates
Source of Wealth: Politican and Businessman
Last Updated: 2021

United Arab Emirates Vice President and Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is also the country’s Vice President and Prime Minister. The ruler of the Emirate of Dubai is Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Following the death of his brother, he has worked to restructure the administration of the United Arab Emirates. In addition to Emirates Airline, DP World, and the Jumeirah Group, he is also in charge of a number of other large corporations. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s net worth is expected to be around $14 billion by 2022, according to estimates.

Early Life

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum was born on the 15th of July in the city of Dubai, on the 15th of July in the year 1949. Al Maktoum is married to six women and has 30 children. Sheikha Latifa bint Hamdan Al Nauhyan was the name of his mother. Since he was four years old, he has had individual tutoring in Arabic and Islamic Studies, among other subjects. Al Ahmedia School, where he began his official education in 1955, was his first stop. He started attending Al Shaab school when he was ten years old.


In 2006, upon the death of his brother, Al Maktoum ascended to the position of Ruler of Dubai. The next day, he was appointed as the new Vice President of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), effective immediately. In addition to his political career, he is responsible for the expansion of a number of economic assets in the United Arab Emirates. Both Dubai World and Dubai Holding are responsible for the operation of these enterprises. In 2006, Dubai World became a holding company for a variety of businesses.

It has subsequently grown and now has assets in countries throughout the world, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and South Africa.

The airline is regarded as one of the world’s safest and most reliable airlines in the industry.

Dubai Holding manages the property, which was built by Sheikh Mohammed’s hotel management firm, Jumeirah, which was founded in 1997.

Mohammed Bin Rashid Global Initiatives is a nonprofit foundation he founded that brings together 33 other charitable foundations and companies under a single umbrella. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum’s net worth is expected to be around $14 billion by 2022, according to estimates.

How Does Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum Spend His Money?

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum spends his riches on trips, charitable endeavors, and extravagant activities such as elaborate wedding receptions.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum Marriages

In his personal life, he like to go all-out and be extravagant. With a budget of $100 million, his wedding in 1979 set a Guinness World Record for “Most Expensive Wedding,” culminating in a ceremony attended by 20,000 people in a stadium constructed particularly for the occasion.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum’s Vessel

Al Maktoum owns a 531-foot, $350 million yacht named Dubai, which has seven decks and adequate luxurious rooms for 24 guests and 80 staff members. Dubai is owned by the United Arab Emirates.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum’s Charity Work

Al Maktoum has been engaged on the humanitarian front, donating $5 million to the World Trade Center Victims Appeal as part of the organization’s efforts. In 2007, he made one of the greatest philanthropic gifts in history, donating $100 million to establish the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation, which remains one of the most successful charity organizations in the world.


Here are some of the most memorable moments in Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum’s professional life:

  • Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates
  • Founder of the Godolphin horse racing organization, which is controlled by the Maktoum family.

Favorite Quotes from Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum

Each day in Africa, a gazelle awakens with the knowledge that he must outrun the quickest lion in order to survive. A lion stirs and stretches at the same moment, knowing that he must outrun the quickest gazelle or he would starve. The human race is no exception to this rule. No matter if you think yourself a gazelle or a lion, in order to live, you must just run faster than others.” Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is the ruler of Dubai. ‘I’d like Dubai to be a location where people from all over the globe come together and don’t worry about fighting or hating each other; they simply love it and enjoy their sport,’ says the architect.

  • “I believe that life is a lovely thing.
  • You have a day, a night, a month, and a year at your disposal.
  • “It is up to you how you live your life.” Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is the ruler of Dubai.
  • We have no choice but to close this gap as soon as possible since our generation is characterized by knowledge.” Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is the ruler of Dubai.
  • We shall be there for one another when we are in need of assistance.” Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is the ruler of Dubai.

3 Lessons from Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum

Now that you’ve learned everything there is to know about Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum’s net worth and how he gained success, let’s look at some of the lessons we can take away from him:

1. Take the Opportunities

Opportunities are created, rather than simply sitting around waiting for someone to take advantage of them.

2. Challenges Is Key

Men are not made, and nations are not built, by living a comfortable existence. Challenges shape men, and it is these guys who are responsible for the development of nations.

3. Life is Beautiful

The notion of life holds that life is a thing of beauty. Nothing has changed in my life. You have a day, a night, a month, and a year at your disposal. We, as individuals, may change — we can be sad or pleased at any time. It is up to you to decide how you will live your life.


Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum is a businessman and politician from the United Arab Emirates. He is the Vice President of the United Arab Emirates and the Prime Minister of the country. Sheikh Mohammed is the majority shareholder of Dubai Holding, owning 99.67 percent of the company. He is the mastermind behind the development of palm islands in the Persian Gulf. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum’s net worth is estimated to be around $14 billion as of 2022.

What do you think about Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum’s net worth? Leave a comment below.

The tourist boom in Dubai is showing no signs of abating. During the first six months of the year, the city received more than eight million foreign overnight travelers, representing a 10.6 percent rise over the same time in the previous year. If you’re considering a vacation to the United States in the next months, here are some tips I’ve gleaned from my multiple journeys that you should be aware of.

1. There’s life beyond the skyscrapers

In fact, there are no signs that the tourism boom in Dubai will slow down anytime soon. During the first six months of the year, the city received more than eight million foreign overnight travelers, representing a 10.6 percent rise over the same time in the prior year. In case you’re considering a trip to the United Kingdom in the near future, here are some tips I’ve gleaned from my multiple journeys that you should be aware of:

2. The food is fantastic

Dubai’s vibrant culinary industry is one of the many advantages of having such a large expat population: there are several meal options to choose from. Moreover, it is not limited to high-end dining establishments — although there are many of those as well. In the Bur Dubai neighborhood, you may savor Iranian, Filipino, Yemeni, Bangladeshi, Indian, Pakistani, and even Afghan cuisines, among others. Frying Pan Food Adventuresprovides a variety of entertaining gastronomy tours. Bur Dubai is home to some of the best Indian street cuisine in the world.

  • Is this the world’s most underappreciated foodie destination?

3. You don’t need a burkini

A bikini will do the trick. Despite the fact that the United Arab Emirates is a Muslim country, it is not as conservative as you might assume. Dress in the manner in which you would in Europe: shorts and skirts are acceptable. In addition, there is no requirement to conceal your hair. The use of a burkini is not required. Credit:alamy

  • 10 shocking facts about Dubai that you probably didn’t know
  • A travel guide to Dubai
  • And more.

4. But bring a coverup

Because of all of the air conditioning, the retail centers are freezing. You’ll also want one if you intend to take a guided tour of the Jumeirah Mosque, which is highly recommended.

5. Taxis are cheap

Although the Metro is less expensive, the majority of its stations are in inconvenient places.

Instead, take a cab — and remember to tip the driver. What is the most efficient method of avoiding traffic on The Palm? Helicopters. Credit:alamy

6. The Palm is underwhelming

Take heed, urban planners: a palm tree does not make an appropriate form for an island. What a nightmare the traffic is! Those residing on the fronds will have to travel an additional half-hour in order to reach to Dubai Marina or Downtown – otherwise known as Dubai’s party spots.

7. There is alcohol

And there’s a lot of it. The sale of alcoholic beverages is restricted to hotel restaurants, bars, and nightclubs, which may seem strange at first, but is not in fact the case. From pubs with terrific live music to high-end Champagne bars, there’s a drinking establishment to fit any occasion in the city of London. Consult Time Out Dubai for ideas, or ask your concierge for suggestions. Before getting into a cab or going home, be sure you are not staggeringly intoxicated. This is strongly discouraged and may result in a police investigation being launched.

This isn’t your typical hotel bar.

8. Kissing is a no-no

Avoid smooching in public places since this will draw unwanted attention to yourself and your partner. Nightclubs, hotels, the backs of cabs, and the beach are all examples of where this is true. Several cases of couples getting detained for “having sex” in public locations have been told to us throughout the years. A casual kiss in public might land you in the same kind of problems as a serious infraction.

9. When it’s hot, it’s HOT

In the summer, the temperature is, to put it mildly, absurdly high. When the temperature is above 55 degrees Celsius in the shade, you have around a 60-second window before you transform into a dripping, puce-colored mess. Visit between November and March to enjoy a less humid environment.

10. Stop looking at the skyscrapers

Pavements in Dubai are shaky at best and non-existent at worst, making it difficult to get about. Keep your gaze fixed on the ground, or hire a cab as the locals do, and gawk to your heart’s content!

11. The spas are amazing

Even the most discerning spa connoisseur will find something to rave about – and for those who are unfamiliar with luxury spas, nothing will quite compare to what they will experience in Dubai. Avoid the beauty clinics found in shopping malls (although they offer a good mani-pedi), and instead book a stay at one of the luxury hotels — they’re expensive, but well worth it. Jumeriah Zabeel Sarayand is a name in the music industry. The Palace Downtown Dubai hotels are exceptionally nice, and there are frequently discounts available (especially during the summer months).


12. Malls are actually quite fun

Pay little attention to the folks who smell the beautiful malls in Dubai. Sure, they aren’t “culturally enriching,” but they are tremendously entertaining. In one of these sparkling temples of capitalism, you might easily lose track of time. Aquariums, ski slopes, ice rinks, movies, and other attractions are all available. A complete ‘district’ (district!) dedicated to shoes can be found at the Dubai Mall, which is the most impressive of the bunch.

Is Dubai worth visiting? • The Petite Wanderess

With achievements such as owning the world’s tallest skyscraper (the Burj Khalifa) and the world’s largest mall (the Dubai Mall), Dubai has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a desert. Despite what it has become in such a short period of time, each time famous travel websites such as Condé Nast Traveler post on Facebook about Dubai, you’ll read a slew of negative comments that will make you reconsider coming. If I hadn’t known any better, it would have been simple to conclude that many people despise Dubai on a personal level (but wait, a good number of them havenot even visited Dubai before).

Dubai’s ambiance, as a metropolis, isn’t really my cup of tea.

When the sun goes down, Dubai comes to life with sparkling lights on skyscrapers and billboards. When it’s daylight, the city has an uncanny sense of sterility about it – skyscrapers, a dusty fog filling the air, you get the picture. The issue is, is it worthwhile to travel to Dubai?

A few things to know before you decide about Dubai

Rain is quite infrequent. In fact, when I returned to Singapore from the United Arab Emirates, I found it strange to hear the rain hitting my windows. I’m not exaggerating. The weather in Dubai may turn extremely hot and humid. “There are two seasons: Hell and Spring,” according to a Quora user’s description (source). It will be hell for nine months, with milder temperatures for the remaining three months. If you aren’t visiting during the ‘Spring’ season, you should be prepared for the heat.

2. Dubai is not a cheap city to visit

It is true that Dubai is not inexpensive due to the fact that they rely on tourism for their survival. Not everything, on the other hand, is prohibitively expensive. It all depends on how well you prepare and what kinds of experiences you seek. For example, to climb the Burj Khalifa (the pointed building in the photo above), which is currently the tallest building in the world, you can purchase a General Entry ticket for access to levels 124125 for as little as AED 135 (S$50 / USD$37), as opposed to “At The Top” access to levels 124, 125148 during prime hours, which will cost you AED 525 (S$195 / USD$143).

The good news is that you will also be able to obtain digital copies of the many versions that they produced.

Update June 2018: Burj Khalifa recently changed their entry structurealso increased prices. When we went, they have an option of Immediate Entry which we didn’t take as there wasn’t a need.

It is completely free to visit this beach! With a complimentary view of the Burj Al Arab Hotel Some experiences, such as seeing Jumeirah Beach, being on The Palm Island, or exploring the souks, are completely free. Another inexpensive or fair option is to visit places like the Dubai Museum and the Dubai Miracle Garden (see my weblog on the Dubai Miracle Garden!). A lot more money will be required for more unique activities such as skydiving above the Palm Islands (AED 1999), high tea at the Burj Al Arab Hotel (from AED 400), or taking a helicopter trip (ranging from AED 795 to AED 12,850) to see the sights of Dubai.

  • Taxis may be found anywhere.
  • In Dubai, there is a metro station.
  • Food is not inexpensive in this country.
  • At Dubai Miracle Garden, fatayer (too much for one person) is served with Nutella.
  • This spaghetti dish cost AED 60 (S$23, USD$16) and was purchased at the food court at Dubai Mall (they serve them in plastic, disposable containers).

It was less than S$20 at the time. Shake Shack, here we come! At the Mall of the Emirates, to be precise. The price of each burger goes from AED 26 to AED 42. Fries and beverages are charged at different rates. McDonald’s serves a breakfast wrap.

3. It’s not a very walkable city

The metro system was constructed in order to link different places. I don’t believe you can walk from hotel to location unless you’re staying right next to Dubai Mall and that’s the only place you’re interested in seeing and doing. To get between tourist destinations, you must either use the train or a taxi.

4. Laws in Dubai are very strict

The metro system was constructed in order to bring different sections of the city together. I don’t believe you can walk from hotel to location unless you’re staying right next to Dubai Mall and that’s the only place you’re interested in seeing or doing. Taking the train or hailing a cab between tourist attractions is the most convenient way to move about.

The Appealing Side of Dubai

Dubai is a lavish and spectacular city. Humans were responsible for the creation of everything you see. You might call the city artificial and fictitious, but let’s not forget the amount of effort that went into the construction of each tower. Everything was constructed with a lot of work and labor. Contrary to popular assumption, Dubai is not becoming a wealthier city as a result of its oil wealth. The majority of Dubai’s present riches is derived from tourism, which is the product of a well-planned infrastructure that has enhanced the city’s economy.

Dubai’s Architectural Feats

The Burj Khalifa, now the world’s tallest structure and the most recognizable symbol of Dubai, rises to an impressive 828 meters in height. Even skyscrapers appear to be too short when viewed from above! Take a look at how small the automobiles on the road appear to be!

Impressive-looking Buildings

Have you ever seen a structure that twirls in the wind? (Source: Cayan Towers.) For attribution information, please see the conclusion of this posting.)

Islands in the shape of a palm tree

There are really many palm-shaped islands in Dubai, but the most well-known is The Palm, which is home to the luxuriousAtlantis Hotel. Although we drove to The Palm, it was difficult to tell that we were on a palm-shaped island until you looked at your phone’s offline map software. Because of the island’s size, there are several beaches to choose from. The Atlantis Hotel on The Palm in Dubai is a luxurious retreat.

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Do you want to go skydiving above the Palm Islands? It’s not an issue. Taking a helicopter trip and getting a bird’s eye view of the Burj Al Arab hotel? Do you want to go skiing at an indoor ski park (in the Mall of the Emirates)? Maybe an ice skating rink (Dubai Mall) within a shopping mall? Do you want to dive with sharks in the massive aquarium at Dubai Mall? Take a plunge down that insane rollercoaster at a water park (Aqua Venture) that you saw on Facebook? No problem. Conquer obstacle courses and a ramp at the world’s largest inflatable water park, which you may have seen in a Facebook video as well.

Everyone may look forward to having a good time in Dubai.

They even brought out a couple penguins for the occasion!

Interesting Attractions in Dubai

The Dubai Miracle Garden is a massive garden with a number of remarkable features (read more about it here!).

Every evening, the Dubai Fountains (located just outside the Dubai Mall) puts on a stunning fountain show.

The Way Dubai Managed to Retain Its Old Charm

In a relatively short period of time, Dubai transformed itself into a world-class metropolis. At Old Dubai, you can still get a taste of Dubai’s older, more historical side, complete with busy souks and a traditional-looking boat (called an abra) to ferry you over the creek. The Dubai Museum is located within Al Fahidi Fort, which is the city’s oldest standing structure. Because of this, this portion of Dubai has managed to maintain its old-world charm, which is rather charming (though for the sake of tourism, if you could see how many tourists were queueing to take the abra).

The Less Appealing Side of Dubai

Dubai, with its mega-everything and the fact that it was formerly a desert, somehow does not appear to be a genuine place. You will get the idea that everything is an illusion, and the bubble will burst directly under your feet, causing you to awaken with a startling sensation.

Fast cars, heavy road traffic, crowded malls

On highways, cars speed by in a flurry due to the abundance of road lanes. Drivers aren’t always concerned with the fact that they’re impeding your path or that you’re honking your horn incessantly. If I may say so, drivers in Dubai have a general disrespect for others around them, which is especially true if your automobile is the larger of the two. On one occasion, I was in Dubai Mall and, for a little period, it appeared as though I was in Singapore. The mall was full, and there was a lot of commotion all around.

Hierarchy and classes

In Dubai, I experienced only a smidgeon of the perplexity that comes with various races displaying a sense of superiority over one another. While it is true that there are a large number of expatriates in Dubai, there is a catch: they were employed by Emiratis to come work in Dubai. Thank you for your understanding if I cannot explain this better. It’s similar to an amusing game of Guess Who. Who’s the wealthier of the two? It is not the expats who are the solution. You may not have heard of someone who had 18 domestic assistants living in the same house as them.

(Written by an Emirati living in Abu Dhabi.) However, it is just a few hours away by automobile from Dubai.)

It feels soulless, somehow

There will be people everywhere, big buildings, and a sense of urgency in the air, as if people are hurrying to see this, cover that, but in reality, they are going to nothing. The irony is that everything in Dubai is stunning – whether it’s the biggest or most costly of anything in the world. For my part, the more someone attempts to impress me, the more I feel put off by them. When I think about Dubai, I get the same sense. Its richness and grandeur, on the other hand, do not appeal to me. I genuinely felt a feeling of serenity and connectedness when I returned to Abu Dhabi following my trip to Dubai, despite the fact that it was much quieter there than it was in Dubai.

So, was Dubai worth visiting?

As a world traveler who yearns to see new places and learn about new cultures, the answer for me is a resounding yes. (However, I must inform you that I was only in Dubai for around 2.5 days as part of my plan while in the United Arab Emirates.) For me as a travel writer, Dubai also provided me with lots of material to write about, and I valued the opportunity to experience Dubai with my own eyes. Seeing Dubai through the eyes of an outsider was certainly a fascinating experience! However, if I wanted to move away from Singapore for a short period of time, Dubai would not be my first option because both cities are modern metropolises that are melting pots of diverse cultures.

However, there are always positive and bad aspects to any place, which is even more significant. Always have an open mind and show respect for the cultures of those we meet, no matter where we go.

Have you been to Dubai? Did you like it?

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Why Visit Dubai: 10 Reasons Why Dubai Worth Visiting?

This post may include affiliate links, which means that if you make a purchase after clicking on one of my links, I will get a commission at no additional cost to you. For further information, please read my legal page. Charles de Gaulle airport is one of the things about Paris that I miss the most (apart from the avant-garde fashion styles and Laduree macaroons, of course). Hundreds of locations are easily accessible from Paris by direct flights at extremely reasonable fares, making it a very cost-effective option.

As a result of the limited number of international direct flights, excursions may last up to 24 hours or more, requiring extensive layovers (although for those of us who love to travel, these are sacrifices we are frequently prepared to accept!).

At an unbelievable bargain, we were able to get one of the first direct flights to Dubai and set off on our maiden journey to the Middle East.

I didn’t have any expectations going into this because it was a really spontaneous choice on my part.

Camels? Dress codes that are really stringent? Is there no booze? What about gold ATMs? There are several clichés about Dubai, and it has been discovered that not all of them are accurate. Consequently, here is my list of ten reasons why you should travel to Dubai.

1.Dubai is a paradise for photographers.

As a city lover, I appreciate metropolitan landscapes as well as buildings that are out of this world. If you’re like me, you’ll fall in love with Dubai. The majesty and grandeur of the city will truly steal your breath away as you stand there taking it all in. Dubai, on the other hand, is much more than an urban jungle! Check out The Flyaway Girl’s guide to Dubai for a list of the best Instagrammable sites in the city.

2. The United Arab Emirates is a safe haven in the Middle East

At the very least, it’s as safe as it can be. Unfortunately, given the present political situation, there are just a few Middle Eastern nations where you may visit without fear of being kidnapped or killed. Taking public transit and roaming about the city in Dubai made us feel quite comfortable and secure.

3. The Desert and other exotic destinations

The day we spent in the Sahara desert on our trip to Dubai was my favorite part of the trip. Ride old school jeeps through sand dunes and camels as the sun sets over the desert. Bedouins preparing a nice traditional supper in a makeshift camp. The entire experience was just fantastic! Dubai is also an excellent starting point for exploring the surrounding region. The possibilities are unlimited, ranging from a road trip to Oman to a vacation in Sri Lanka or Egypt. Read this guide to learn about all the locations to visit in Dubai!

4. The Souks in Old Dubai

When you cross the Dubai Creek to the Deira, you will be taken to a another planet completely. Spices that are fragrant and vibrant are displayed beside gleaming gold jewelry and stunning shisha pipes. Grab a great shawarma and take in the atmosphere of the historic district.

5. The most amazing aquarium in the world

When we first arrived in Dubai, we had no intention of spending any time at the Dubai Aquarium at all. When we first walked into the mall, we couldn’t wait to see what all the fuss was about. We were completely unable to express ourselves. The Dubai Aquarium is just incredible.

6. The proximity with the Abu Dhabi Sheikh Zayed Mosque

The Grand Mosque of Abu Dhabi is a short bus ride away, and it is truly stunning. The Mosque in and of itself is a compelling incentive to travel to Dubai and spend the day exploring Abu Dhabi.

7. Gorgeous Sunsets

Even though we were confronted with certain difficulties, we were overjoyed by the opportunity to get some spectacular sunset images in Dubai’s stunning surroundings. With skyscrapers as high as 300 feet and desert vistas as flat as a pancake, the goal is to be inventive with your angles. Take a look at these10 Best Spots for Sunsets in Kauaifor additional travel ideas if you’re a fan of the sun setting over the water.

8. Penguin and Camel Encounters

This is a particularly sensitive subject for me. mostly because I didn’t know about it until we got there, and we didn’t get to play with the penguins since it was all sold out when we arrived. Now, I realize that penguins are better off in their natural environment, and so on. but as someone who is completely obsessed with penguins, I would have liked to have been able to engage with them up up and personal. Sadly, this was not possible. The snow penguins at Ski Dubai are located in the Mall of the Emirates, and while it may be pricey for what it is, it is still a pretty darn great attraction to see.

We did, however, wind up riding camels in the desert, which is a must-do activity while visiting Dubai. Camels are really amazing creatures. There’s nothing else to say.

9. A foodie’s paradise

Exceptional Middle Eastern food can be found in Dubai, with the proviso that you can essentially find whatever your heart desires. In Dubai, every cuisine and nearly every chain restaurant from all over the world can be found under one roof. Do you want frozen yogurt with a billion different toppings? What about Laduree macaroons? A massive mezze dish, perhaps? Check!

10. A city of contrasts

There are a few things you should be aware of before traveling to the United Arab Emirates: the laws are different, and as a visitor, you should alter your conduct as a demonstration of respect for the local customs and traditions. However, I found Dubai to be an extremely rewarding experience as well, owing to the fact that the city is a world of extremes. On their way to the nightclub, Emirati men and women dressed in traditional attire and ladies in habayas patronize the same eateries as foreigners getting a drink.

Although Dubai is known as the “Land of Excess,” if you look past the supercars and gold ATMs, you will see the genuine beauty of this magnificent city.

Dubai is the ideal place to do business.

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Have you ever visited Dubai?

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