What To Do In Dubai During Ramadan?

10 Fun Things To Do In Dubai Ramadan

  • Enjoy a traditional Iftar or Suhoor.
  • Shop the sales.
  • Soar through the sky with Seawings.
  • Escape reality at the new VR Park.
  • Learn about the city’s heritage.
  • Check out La Perle.
  • Make it a movie date.
  • Rejuvenate with a spa day.

Can you eat in public during Ramadan in Dubai?

  • Eating, drinking and smoking in public by adults during Ramadan is prohibited. HOWEVER, contrary to laws that carry fines of up to 2000 AED for eating in public during Ramadan, general practice in Dubai has significantly changed over the last two years.

Is it good to visit Dubai during Ramadan?

Do visit. Dubai does not shut down completely during Ramadan. Many expats and visitors to the city enjoy this time of year because most things remain open but the city empties out as both Muslims and expats head off for cooler shores. Go to an iftar — the meal Muslims’ break their fast with every evening at sunset.

Is everything closed in Dubai during Ramadan?

Contrary to popular belief, most attractions in Dubai WILL remain open throughout Ramadan, especially those catering to tourists including the theme parks, Grand Mosque in Dubai and museums.

What can you not do during Ramadan in Dubai?

Non-Muslims do not have to fast in Ramadan. However, they are prohibited from eating, drinking and smoking in public during the fasting hours. This includes chewing gum.

What can you do in UAE during Ramadan?

5 things to do in Abu Dhabi during Ramadan

  • Visit the beaches along the Corniche. The beaches along the Corniche, Abu Dhabi (Shutterstock)
  • Tour Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque (Shutterstock)
  • Attend an iftar.
  • Cool off at Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi.
  • Go scuba diving.
  • 7 things to do for free: Abu Dhabi.

Can I wear shorts in Dubai during Ramadan?

Men can wear shorts even in Ramadan. Women need to cover shoulders and knee length dress/shorts in malls and in public. In your hotel you can be slightly more relaxed especially in beach resorts.

Are nightclubs open in Dubai during Ramadan?

Yes, they’re open.

Can you kiss in Dubai?

Well, among public displays of affection, kissing might be the worst of the lot. It does not matter if one party kisses the other on the lips, on the cheek, or in a private place that would get them locked upon any part of the world; kissing is forbidden in public places in Dubai.

Is the beach open in Dubai during Ramadan?

Only the beach area will be closed.

What can you not wear during Ramadan?

It is recommended that both men and women dress conservatively during the month of Ramadan. Not doing so may offend those who are fasting. Individuals must refrain from wearing revealing and/or tight clothing and at the very least ensure shoulders and knees are well covered.

Can you play music in Ramadan?

During Ramadan, it is generally best to refrain from listening to music loudly. It may offend those who are fasting. However, it is acceptable to listen to music on your smartphone or iPod with the aid of headphones. Also, don’t play loud music in your car.

What is allowed during Ramadan?

Fasting during Ramadan means abstinence from all food or drink, including water and chewing gum, from dawn to sunset. Muslims are permitted to snack at night between those two meals, and hydration is encouraged, especially when Ramadan falls during summer.

How strict is Ramadan?

Ramadan, the ninth month of the Muslim calendar, is one of the most sacred times for Muslims. During this month, Muslims observe a strict fast from dawn until sunset. They are not allowed to eat or drink, not even water, during these daylight hours.

Can you dance during Ramadan?

Dancing is NOT in Islam. So, No Question of Dance in Ramadan. Dance is Not prescribed in Islam.

Can u drink in Ramadan?

Fasting during Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam – the fundamental rules all Muslims follow. Many Muslims observing Ramadan will fast for the 30 days, from dawn to sunset, when eating and drinking is not allowed.

What do you do in Ramadan 2021?

7 Things You Never Knew You Were Encouraged To Do During Ramadan

  • Prepare a meal for your loved ones.
  • Reconnect with old friends over iftar.
  • Recite and internalize the Quran on a daily basis.
  • Perform Sunnah prayers.
  • Give extra charity.
  • Increase your remembrance of Allah.
  • Volunteer for charity events.

15 Activities In Dubai You Should Try During Ramadan

Ramadan is only a few of weeks away, which has resulted in some amusing misunderstandings and beliefs that the month will be quiet and sluggish, especially for non-muslims living in Dubai, among other things. Although the Holy Month of Ramadan is a time for introspection and fasting, this does not imply that there is nothing to do in Dubai during this time. It is true that no one is permitted to eat or drink outside, nor is it permitted to smoke, and it is true that the summer heat has arrived.

Going out and discovering new things is preferable to staying inside your apartment since there is so much to see and do.

Without breaking with tradition, we’re giving away some of the most exciting activities and locations to visit in Dubai during Ramadan.

Try a Traditional Iftar or Suhoor

Regardless of your religious convictions, you should not pass up the opportunity to experience Iftar or Suhoor. Iftar is served at a number of eateries across the city, where you may sample foods such as sweet potato hummus, mejadra rice, lentil soup, and a selection of pastries on top of it all while smoking shisha.

Go for a Brunch

We are all aware that eating in public during the day is forbidden during Ramadan, yet there are still establishments that provide brunch to non-muslims in a subtle manner. Buffet-style breakfasts are available at a number of hotels and restaurants across the city, including fresh salads, pizzas, waffles, pancakes, and cheese choices. Keep in mind that you should never eat in public!

Best Time to Go to Malls

Going to the mall during the day might be a smart option during Ramadan because the afternoon is relatively peaceful. When there are less people around, it is much easier to get away from the crowds and concentrate on your shopping. Fortunately, malls can be a lively place at night; image what it would be like to walk through a packed mall at 2 AM. Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, and Deira City Centre are just a few of the top shopping malls to visit during the holy month of Ramadan.

Shop for Gifts

Ramadan is the perfect time to be kind, to buy for unique mementos, and to give them as gifts to your family and friends throughout the month of Ramadan. During this time of year, malls in Dubai are known to provide discounts and fantastic deals to customers.

See Interesting Shows and Plays

You will never be bored in Dubai since there is always something to do. Get together with your friends and enjoy stunning concerts such as La Perle in Al Habtoor Cityalong Sheikh Zayed Road or theatrical performances at the Dubai Opera, located in The Opera DistrictDowntown Dubai, among other options.

It would be tremendously entertaining to witness a world-class performer perform in front of you. Visit their websites and make your reservations right away!

Visit these Free Places

Non-muslims can still enjoy their time in Dubai during Ramadan without having to spend a lot of money on accommodations. You may go for a walk while checking out some of the high-end stores in City Walk Dubai, or you can shoot photographs in the historic Al Fahidi neighborhood. Exciting leisure developments such as La Mer in Jumeirah and Boxpark in Al Wasl Road are worth a visit.

Take a Tour at Dubai Museums

An excursion to a museum might be a nice option during the month of Ramadan. There has never been a better moment to learn more about Dubai’s heritage and culture than right now. The Dubai Museum, located in Al Fahidi Fort, the new Etihad Museum, located in Jumeirah 1, and the Camel Museum, located in Al Shandagha District are just a few of the attractions available. For more information on Ramadan times, see their websites.

Dubai Theme Parks are Open!

Check out Bollywood Parks, Legoland Dubai, Legoland Water Park, and Motiongate, all of which are located inside Dubai Parks and Resorts, to let your inner child go. Throughout Ramadan, they will be hosting a variety of fascinating and entertaining activities. Visit their websites for additional information on their rates and Ramadan opening and closing times.

More Finds at Ramadan Night Market

With a plethora of night markets taking place around the city, Ramadan nights will never be dull. Alternatively, you might spend your evening shopping for certain products and haggling for items that you really want. Check out the night bazaars in the Dubai World Trade Centre, the Jumeirah Lakes Towers, and the Jumeirah Beach Residence.

Night Run Perhaps?

Put yourself into the midst of a nighttime fun run, put on your running shoes, and get moving! You may go for a run in JBR, which is both enjoyable and beneficial to your health. There are also community activities that encourage first-time runners to join; all you have to do is sign up for the race online before you can participate. The event is normally held at the Dubai Autodrome. Let’s just make sure we’re up to date on what’s going on.

Attend Yoga Class

Bring your running shoes with you and go for a jog in the middle of the night. JBR is a great place to go for a run because it is both entertaining and beneficial to your health. Additionally, there are community activities that encourage first-time runners to join; all you have to do is sign up for the race on the internet. A typical venue is Dubai Autodrome, where the event takes place every year. All we need to do now is keep track of what’s happening.

Pamper Yourself

Treat yourself by getting a massage, getting a haircut, booking a facial treatment, or visiting a spa facility. Even though it’s Ramadan, you’ll look radiant if you indulge in at least one of these rejuvenating treatments. Investigate various discount websites and promotional offers to see if you can save any money.

Swimming? Yes!

It is not necessary to refrain from swimming in the pool or the sea during Ramadan; this is not the case.

Beautiful swimming pools and access to the beach are available at many hotels and resorts. You may take advantage of the lovely beach or have a pool party with your pals, but remember to keep it classy and formal, please.

Fast or at least Go for a Diet

If you’re curious about what your Muslim friends go through during Ramadan, why not join them in fasting or at the very least attempt to keep your urges under control? Ramadan may be a beneficial time to break unhealthy eating habits and replace them with more nutritious ones. You are not have to fast completely; alternatively, you can fast exclusively with water or merely keep track of how much food you are consuming.

Sharing is Caring

No matter what religion you practice, you should find a way to help those in need no matter what. Helping with food for breaking the fast, donating part of your clothes, or even assisting an elderly person to cross the street are all small acts of kindness that will mean a great deal to those in need of assistance. We can, however, do this throughout the year, not only during Ramadan, if we like. While the holy month is a time for introspection and fasting, there are still a variety of choices available for individuals who do not choose to fast.

Visiting Dubai During Ramadan 2019 – Things to Do and Top Tips

Traveling to Abu Dhabi or Dubai during Ramadan 2019 (the evening of May 5 to the evening of June 4th, 2019) is a good idea. Many companies, stores, restaurants, and attractions will be closed or open only during limited hours to let people to spend time with their families and pray during the Holy Month, so you may need to make some extra arrangements ahead of time. During the Holy Month of Ramadan, we’ve put up a quick reference to everything you need to know about visiting Dubai, including a brief description of the festival, customs, etiquette, and some attraction information with updated hours.

Here’s everything you need to know about Ramadan in Dubai

Traveling to Abu Dhabi or Dubai during Ramadan 2019 (the evening of May 5 to the evening of June 4th, 2019) is a good option. To spend time with family and to pray during the Holy Month, many companies, stores, restaurants, and attractions will be closed or open for limited hours. As a result, you may need to make some additional arrangements ahead of time. Here is a quick reference to everything you need to know about traveling to Dubai during the Holy Month of Ramadan, including an overview of the festival, customs, and etiquette, as well as a list of attractions and their current opening and closing times.

Tourist attraction opening times during Ramadan

As a matter of fact, many famous tourist locations will be less crowded during Ramadan, and many posh hotels will be hosting special iftan activities, making it a great opportunity to organize an excursion to Dubai or Abu Dhabi during this holy month of fasting. However, many stores will be closed or operating for shortened hours. In the event that you’re utilizing the Go Dubai pass, the attractions mentioned below have modified hours in order to accommodate the celebration. As a reminder, please double-check each attraction’s website or phone ahead to ensure that they are open before you visit.

  • The Burj Khalifa is open daily beginning at 11:00 a.m. (rather than the normal 8:30 a.m.)
  • Last day for Sunset Dinner Cruise Dubai Marina is May 15th, and the marina will re-open on October 1st, 2019. During the day, the Rainforest Cafe is closed
  • However, it is open after sundown for Iftar (break of fast). After nightfall, Buca di Beppo is open for Iftar (break of fast). Buca di Beppo is closed throughout the day. Al Hallab offers an Arabian Culinary Experience: it is closed during the day and opens after sunset with an unique Iftar Buffet. During Ramadan, there will be no live acts at the Desert Safari and BBQ Dinner. Kayak Tour, Stand-Up Paddle, and Windsurfing Lesson are all closed from July 1st to August 31st, 2019, respectively. There will be no water or refreshments given on the Dubai Palm Cruise Tour. IMG Worlds of Adventure is open from 3pm to 9pm daily throughout Ramadan till the 30th of May. After that, it will resume its regular operating hours, which will be from 11 a.m. onward. 1 Day 2 Water Parks Park Hopper at Dubai Parks Park Hopper at Dubai Parks Resorts:
  • MOTIONGATETM Dubai will be open every day from May 5th to June 4th, with extended hours on weekends. Saturday to Wednesday from 2pm to 10pm, and Thursday to Friday from 2pm to 11pm
  • Saturday to Wednesday from 2pm to 10pm
  • Thursday to Friday from 2pm to 11pm
  • BOLLYWOOD PARKSTM Dubai is open every day from 3 p.m. to 11 p.m.
  • LEGOLAND® Water Park is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays and from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Wednesdays. Open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Thursdays and Fridays. LEGOLAND® Dubai is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturdays and Wednesdays. Open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Thursdays and Fridays.

If you’re planning a trip to Dubai or Abu Dhabi during the month of Ramadan, don’t be concerned about losing out on sights or activities because most sites will stay open; it will simply take a little additional preparation in advance to accommodate the shorter hours. Make sure to check each establishment’s website or phone ahead to ensure that you have the most up-to-date hours of operations. Remember to be considerate of individuals who are celebrating the Holy Month and to adhere to the etiquette guidelines stated above in order to be courteous and avoid legal repercussions.

You’ll get to see and perhaps even experience a lot of it during your vacation if you take the time to learn about the holiday’s history and cultural traditions.

Remember to save on Dubai attractions

You may save up to 55 percent on combined entry when you purchase the Go Dubaipass rather of paying the gate price. If you’re going to visit some of Dubai’s most popular sites, be sure to check out the Go Dubaipass. The Go Dubai card offers access to everything from major amusement parks to guided tours and desert adventures.

Everything You Need to Know When Visiting Dubai During Ramadan

Dubai’s Iftar meal during Ramadan|rawpixel / Unsplash It is customary for Muslims all over the globe to fast throughout the holy month of Ramadan as a remembrance of the revelation of their sacred book, the Qu’ran, to Prophet Muhammad. Muslims will abstain from eating and drinking from sunrise until sunset, with the exception of dates, which they will consume at sunset. Ramadan is, in many respects, the finest month to visit Dubai if you want to learn about Islamic culture. However, there are a number of things to consider while traveling to a Muslim nation during this time of year, and having a basic awareness of the local culture can help you to be courteous to those in the country.

  1. If you want to be a member of the community and participate in local traditions, pass this greeting forward.
  2. All of the aforementioned acts are forbidden and can result in a fine of up to Dhs 2,000 (USD$545) or a prison sentence of up to one month in jail (according to Article 313 of theUAE Penal Code).
  3. In general, you should limit your consumption of food and beverages to your hotel room or residence, as well as the eateries designated for your stay.
  4. The UAE, on the other hand, has been increasingly tolerant in recent years, allowing a number of restaurants to continue serving meals to non-fasting customers during the day.
  5. In addition, Dubai has recently loosened its laws surrounding the sale of alcoholic beverages during Ramadan, which was previously only permitted after the sun sets.
  6. Many movie theaters, theme parks, and other entertainment venues also have dedicated areas where food can be offered to those who are not fasting.
  7. Emiliano Rodriguez / Alamy Stock Photography Generally speaking, working and school days are shorter, with the majority of them beginning later in the morning and ending in the middle of the afternoon.

The Employment Law of the Dubai International Financial Centre particularly refers to Muslims, saying that they are not required to work for more than six hours each day.

Smaller firms may be able to benefit from these shortened working hours.

They open at their customary schedules (about 10 a.m.), but they are open for far longer periods of time than they are used to, closing well past midnight.

During the day, many shopping malls, amusement parks, prominent landmarks, and tourist sites are rather deserted.

Due to the extreme heat during Ramadan, it is not generally the busiest tourist season.

Nevertheless, following sunset, when Muslims go out to celebrate the conclusion of their fast, the ensuing rush can be overpowering, and traffic can become a complete mess.

While you are here during Ramadan, you will also have the opportunity to witness the city transform from a desolate and peaceful sanctuary in the mornings to a bustling and vibrant center of activity by the time the sun sets.

Dubai Mall, United Arab Emirates|philipus / Alamy Stock Photo Ramadan is a delicate period, and all attempts should be taken to be respectful to the occasion.

It is not permitted to listen to music while driving or wandering through malls.

During the month of Ramadan, it is recommended that you make an extra effort to dress moderately.

Generally speaking, it is recommended that both men and women cover themselves from their shoulders to their legs.

This is more prevalent during Ramadan and may be quite irritating, so abstain from hugging or kissing in public places during this time.

As previously said, traffic can get extremely congested after sundown as people hurry to iftar celebrations and other events (see below).

As a result, there is an increase in traffic accidents.

Photo courtesy of Eddie Sotheby / Alamy Stock Photo of traffic in Dubai, United Arab Emirates Along with the comparatively empty malls and attractions, you may take advantage of special Ramadan promotions.

Most retailers provide discounts on clothing, toys, and accessories, particularly towards the end of the month and in the run-up to Eid-ul-Fitr, while many restaurants offer special Ramadan andiftar specials to celebrate the holiday.

Iftari is a joyful time when friends and family get together to share a meal that includes numerous courses and food from all over the world.

Many restaurants arrange one-of-a-kind target-get-togethers, and as previously indicated, you may take advantage of some fantastic deals.

It’s a good chance to learn more about Emirati culture and the rituals related with the month of Ramadan if you’re invited to aniftarparty.

When youngsters participate in this activity, it is similar to trick-or-treating in that they wander about their neighborhoods collecting sweets and nuts from the people in their town.

For additional information on this practice, please see our page on Ramadan traditions throughout the world.

It is a spectacular occasion that lasts for three days and is observed as a national holiday.

Malls, amusement parks, and other attractions are still open, and you may take advantage of some fantastic deals while you are there.

But because businesses and schools are closed, these main sites may become extremely crowded, with traffic becoming hectic as people make the most of their time off from work and school. Fireworks display in Dubai, United Arab Emirates||Ivan Batinic / Alamy Stock Photo

Things to do for Ramadan 2021 in Dubai

  • COVID-19 Guidelines
  • Events and Things to Do
  • Dos and Don’ts
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • COVID-19 FAQs

There are many fantastic aspects of living in Dubai that you should take advantage of. Undoubtedly, one of them is the magnificent contrast created by the city’s contemporary attractiveness in contrast to its old values and traditions. In Dubai, there is no other time of year quite like Ramadan, when the city comes together to celebrate the spirit of giving. Despite the relaxation of some of the COVID-19 restrictions, it appears that Ramadan in Dubai in 2021 will be notably different from the pre-pandemic norm.

The magnificent city will celebrate the Holy Month in a safe and responsible manner, from sampling delectable culinary delights to exploring enchanting night markets.


Before we get into the myriad Ramadan events and activities that are taking place all over the city, let’s have a look at the COVID-19-related guidelines that are now in effect in the city. For Dubai Ramadan 2021, the government has issued a set of national norms and restrictions, which include the following:

  • It has advised against social gatherings as well as the distribution or exchange of meals – with the exception of meals shared among family members who live in the same household. Visits from family members must also be restricted. It is unlawful to distribute meals in front of mosques or private residences. People who are interested can make donations and pay Zakat to the charity over the internet. Additionally, restaurants in the city are not permitted to give meals. This year, there will be no Ramadan tents to sleep in. During the month of Ramadan, charitable organizations in Dubai are giving free meals and other Ramadan requirements
  • Muslims can perform Tarawih prayers by putting proper preventative measures in place in accordance with UAE government rules. Thirty minutes is the maximum length of time allowed for Isha and Taraweeh prayers. Mosques will be open just for prayer services, with women’s prayer sections and other aspects of the mosques remaining closed at this time. Iftar meals are not permitted within the mosque’s grounds.
  • There has been no decision taken as of yet about the final 10 days of Ramadan. The government will revise the measures in response to changes in the pandemic’s scenario. At the meanwhile, lectures and seminars in mosques will be postponed till further notice. Also encouraged is the use of smart gadgets by worshippers to read the Quran. In order to serve clients during fasting hours, restaurants are not required to use curtains or screens, nor are they need to get special permissions. Bars are also permitted to open, but they must refrain from playing loud music or providing any other live entertainment.


It’s understandable that if you’re a new resident or visiting Dubai during the Holy Month, you might be thinking, “What can you do in Dubai during Ramadan?”. Due to the fact that it is National Family Month, you will be pleased to hear that there is much to do to spend quality time with your loved ones. Continue reading for more fun things to do in Dubai in 2021, as well as some fantastic Ramadan activities!


The hours of operation at Dubai’s retail malls during Ramadan are longer than normal! Some Ramadan practices and festivities will be disrupted by the pandemic, but the vast majority will remain mostly unaffected by the outbreak of influenza. For example, during Ramadan, the malls in Dubai are open for an extended period of time compared to normal. In order to take advantage of the late-night shopping opportunities available at these well-known retail and entertainment sites. During Ramadan in Dubai 2021, retail mall hours are normally from 01:00 am to 02:00 am on weekdays and from 01:00 am to 02:00 am on weekends.

  1. You may also learn about the fantastic Ramadan deals available in Dubai on top-name brands of apparel, gadgets, and other merchandise.
  2. The LuLu Group has introduced its money-saving Ramadan kits, which are available in two sizes: AED 80 and AED 120.
  3. In addition to Al Maya Group, another well-known business in the UAE, has provided discounts of up to 50% on certain goods during Ramadan this year.
  4. The Global Village in Dubai has adjusted its operating hours for the Holy Month to accommodate the holiday.
  5. to 2 a.m., and the park is open all night.

Ramadan customs from many nations may be explored here, as well as shopping opportunities at the night market, and delicious cuisine. This year, the attraction will also feature traditional Iftar canons and fireworks on all weekends, in addition to other activities.


During Ramadan, take advantage of the opportunity to visit some of Dubai’s top theme parks! Many theme parks in Dubai will be offering special Ramadan deals in 2021, ranging from Legoland in Dubai Parks and Resorts to Laguna Waterpark in La Mer. There will also be less people in the lineups at these Dubai theme parks during Ramadan, so you won’t have to worry about waiting time. Take a look at some of the bargains available for the city’s theme parks, which are among the most entertaining things to do in Dubai during Ramadan for tourists:


  • Location: Dubai Parks and Resorts
  • Price: AED 275 per person
  • Phone: 800-2629464
  • Contact Information:


  • Dubai Parks and Resorts is the location. Tickets are AED 275 per person and may be purchased by calling 800-2629464.


  • Parks and Resorts of Dubai is the location for this event. One-way ticket is AED 275 per person
  • Phone number is 800-2629464
  • Further information is available here.


  • Tickets start at AED 99 per person and may be purchased by calling 800-7699. Location: La Mer, Jumeirah 1.

A “Two Parks Pass” is also available from Dubai Parks and Resorts, which provides full-day entrance to MOTIONGATE Dubai, LEGOLAND Dubai, LEGOLAND Water Park, or BOLLYWOOD PARKS Dubai. Please keep in mind that the LEGOLAND parks are only open from Thursday to Saturday. These are incredible entertainment opportunities, particularly for UAE citizens. You may find out more about them by visiting their official website.


Suhoor and Iftar time in Dubai will be celebrated with sumptuous feasts at most restaurants. There are several hotels and restaurants in Dubai that organize Iftar and Suhoor celebrations, which offer opulent dishes and feasts in ornate surroundings. It is impossible to really appreciate Ramadan in Dubai unless you have eaten one of these mouthwatering cuisines. As for the finest places to dine in Dubai during Ramadan, Bab Al Mansour serves wonderful delicacies from the Moroccan cuisine at Suhoor, which is one of the greatest restaurants in the city.

As an example, Olea, The Bay, and Tasca by José Avillez are among of the city’s high-end restaurants that serve dinner at Iftar in Dubai, among others.

If you want to enjoy an iftar feast without breaking the bank, Choose from Feta Restaurant, The Daily Restaurant at Rove Hotels, Shamiana, and many other establishments that provide iftar for less than AED 150 per person.


The spirit of Ramadan is characterized by acts of charity and charitable contributions. Above all, Ramadan is a time for meditation and contemplation, and one of the most important things Muslims do in throughout the month is charitable contributions. The charities in Dubai are delivering meals to people’s homes rather than at Ramadan tents this year because of the Covid-related limitations in the United Arab Emirates. Residents may also participate in the spirit of giving in Dubai during Ramadan by donating their time or making financial contributions to local charities.


It is the spirit of Ramadan that encourages charitable giving. More than anything else, Ramadan is a time for contemplation, and one of the most important activities that Muslims participate in throughout the month is charitable giving. Because of the Covid-related limitations in the UAE, charities in Dubai are delivering meals to people’s homes this year rather than at Ramadan tents.

The spirit of giving may also be experienced by residents of Dubai during Ramadan through volunteering or making charity contributions. These charitable organizations in Dubai are carrying out some very remarkable and inspirational work.


During Ramadan, visitors to Dubai’s cultural and historical sites are among the most popular destinations to visit in the city. Are you wondering where the greatest spots to visit in Dubai to observe Ramadan are? Take advantage of the opportunity to see some of Dubai’s cultural sites, such as the Dubai Museum and the Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood. At the Dubai Museum, which also happens to be the city’s oldest structure, you may learn about the history and origins of the United Arab Emirates.

  1. This historic quarter, which is located along the world-famous Dubai Creek, provides tourists with a taste of the city’s past.
  2. Furthermore, the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding may be found on the premises (SMCCU).
  3. One of their special Ramadan events in Dubai is a traditional Iftar, where visitors can sample delectable Emirati foods and interact with the Emirati speakers who will answer any questions they may have.
  4. Please see below for further information on the following Ramadan activities in Dubai:


  • AED 3 per person (adults), AED 1 per person (kids)
  • Contact: 04-353-1862
  • Location: Al Fahidi Area, Bur Dubai.


  • Location: Al Fahidi Area, Bur Dubai
  • Price: AED 3 per person (adults), AED 1 per person (kids)
  • Phone: 04-353-1862
  • Description:


If you enjoy go-karting, you should keep an eye out for the Dubai Kartdrome SWS Ramadan Challenge, which will take place at the Dubai Autodrome. Choose to participate in a race during Lent and you will be eligible to win incredible rewards! All that is required is that you register on the official website and make your payment online for the SWC race of your choice. The participants will be given with a Sodi Kart, a helmet, a racing suit, gloves, and other necessary equipment. You can also choose to participate in “Arrive and Drive Karting.” In both the indoor and outdoor Dubai Kartdromes, the competitors will be able to compete using a fleet of leisure karts.

These events and training sessions are unquestionably among the most enjoyable things to do in Dubai during Ramadan 2021.


  • The location is the Dubai Kartdrome Outdoor CIK Circuit. The project will run from April 12th through May 3rd, 2021. Price: AED 475 (for those over 15 years old) and AED 420 (for those between 7 and 14 years old)


  • It will be open just on Sundays and Mondays, from April 12th to May 8th. Hours of operation: 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m.

Call 800-KARTING or go to the official website of the Dubai Autodrome for more information on making a reservation. There are other additional attractions in Dubai that visitors and locals may enjoy during Ramadan in addition to these!. Just keep in mind that the hours of operation for these attractions may be different during Ramadan, so double-check ahead of time to prevent disappointment.


In case you’re traveling to Dubai during Ramadan or if you’re a new resident in the city, we’ve put up a list of Ramadan etiquettes to observe, which will guarantee that your time in the city during this unique month is as enjoyable as possible!

Below is a list of the most essential dos and don’ts in Dubai during Ramadan, organized by importance:


This year, eateries in Dubai are permitted to offer food in plain view of the public during fasting hours. When it came to Ramadan, it was once forbidden to consume meals in public while fasting throughout the day. Restaurants are now permitted to serve meals without the use of curtains, partitions, or a façade as of this year, according to the authorities. Non-Muslims will be able to dine in public during the holy month as a result of this.


Smoking is not permitted in public places. It is a criminal offense punishable by a fine of up to AED 2,500 and, in rare cases, even more severe penalties such as imprisonment.


Don’t smoke in the open or on the street. It is a criminal offense punishable by a fine of up to AED 2,500 and, in rare cases, even more severe sanctions such as deportation and imprisonment.


In contrast to past years, select licensed restaurants and bars in Dubai are now permitted to offer alcoholic beverages during the day, providing they have obtained a special authorization from the municipality. Preferably, you should verify with the institution ahead of time to see if they sell alcoholic beverages throughout the day. Aside from that, alcohol is normally provided at pubs and licensed restaurants when the sun goes down after nightfall.


One of the laws of Ramadan in Dubai is to refrain from playing loud music or otherwise disturbing the serenity of the surrounding area. Even bars that are open during Ramadan in Dubai abstain from playing music, so it’s a good idea to follow their lead and turn down the level in your own houses and automobiles as much as possible. Also, please avoid from any public demonstrations of celebration, including dancing in public, throughout Ramadan in Dubai. Thank you for your cooperation.


For Muslims in Dubai, Ramadan is a very sacred time of year. The importance of knowing what Ramadan is all about and comprehending the cultural intricacies connected with the Holy Month cannot be overstated for expatriates and visitors who are experiencing Ramadan in Dubai for the first time is indisputable. Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, and it is the month of fasting. Ramadan is considered to be the holiest month for Muslims since it is claimed that the Quran was revealed to Prophet Mohammed during this time period.

Ramadan is observed every year on the Islamic calendar.


In the month of Ramadan, Muslims will fast during the daytime hours while the sun is shining, refraining from eating, drinking, and engaging in other types of pleasure.

During the day, two meals are permitted: one before sunrise (known as Suhoor) and one after sunset (known as Suhoor) (known as Iftar). Muslims will break their fast at the time of the Maghrib prayer, which occurs after the sun sets.


During Ramadan, the seeing of the moon is a significant part of the process of breaking the fast. Every day, the proper hour to break the fast is proclaimed through several public communication channels, including the radio, television, and newspapers. Iftar prayers are followed by a delicious lunch with friends and family, which is appreciated not just by Muslims in Dubai but also by other expat populations in the city. Eid Al Fitr, a three-day festival marking the conclusion of Ramadan, is observed throughout the United States.


No, with the exception of a few locations, the most of the city’s attractions will stay open throughout the month of Lent. The city’s theme parks, museums, and other tourist attractions are all within easy driving distance. And that brings us to the conclusion of MyBayut’s guide to Ramadan in Dubai in 2021. This Ramadan, we wish you have a memorable and lovely time in Dubai with family and friends. Working hours in Dubai are often reduced by two hours across all companies, so if this is your first Ramadan in the city, take advantage of the various attractions and activities that this magnificent city has to offer during the Holy Month.

Check back frequently at mybayut.ae for additional updates and news about living in Dubai.

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Here’s Why A Trip During Ramadan In Dubai Is A Blissful Experience

Ramadan is a fantastic time to visit Dubai because of the low crowds, relaxed lifestyle, wonderful traditional cuisine, beautifully adorned souks, and incredible savings on hotels and shopping that are available during this holy month. Ramadan vacation in Dubai will undoubtedly be an unforgettable experience that will be both culturally stimulating and personally gratifying. Life in Dubai may not be as rapid as it would be in other parts of the world, but that is nothing to be concerned about.

It is just essential to grasp the significance of the holiday of Ramadan for Muslims and the residents of Dubai in order to comprehend the situation.

A Little About Ramadan

Ramadan, also known as Ramzan or Ramadan, is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and is celebrated by Muslims all over the world. According to Islamic tradition, it is the month in which Muhammad received the first revelation from Allah, which is known as Ramadan. According to Islamic tradition, God instructed Muslims to fast until the final day of Ramadan and to pay the Zakat and Fitra before giving Eid prayers.

Muslims devote the month of Ramadan to introspection and prayer. They reflect on their previous acts and purify themselves in preparation for Eid-ul-Fitr. It would be wonderful if you could schedule your vacation in Dubai around the following dates during Ramadan in Dubai in 2022:

Muslims all around the globe mark Ramadan, also known as Ramzan or Ramadan, which occurs in the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. Observances are held in honor of the month in which, according to Islamic belief, Muhammad received the first revelation of the Quran. In accordance with Islamic tradition, God instructed Muslims to fast until the final day of Ramadan and to pay the Zakat and Fitra before giving Eid prayers. Muslims devote the whole month of Ramadan to introspection and prayer observance.

The following dates during Ramadan in Dubai in 2022 might be ideal for you to plan your Dubai vacation:

6 Reasons To Visit Dubai During Ramadan

If you’re thinking about taking a trip to Dubai during Ramadan, you should be aware of the reasons why this is the greatest time to visit this nation.

1. Witness The GrandGorgeous Mosques

While in Dubai during Ramadan, visiting the mosques is a wonderful method to have a better understanding of the religious significance of the holiday in general for the people of the nation. The Imam Hussein Mosque, Al Farooq Omar Bin Al Khattab Mosque, and the environmentally friendly Khalifa Al Tajer Mosque are just a few of the precious sites that should not be missed. However, the grandJumeirah Mosqueis the most well-known, and it is here that the tour guides will discuss the significance of this period of the year for Muslims in greater detail.

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2. Relish A Delicious Iftar Feast

During the month of Ramadan, Iftar is a festive celebration that is observed throughout Dubai. A large number of hotels in Dubai host all-you-can-eat Ramadan feasts including the finest traditionalArabic andEmirateshines during the holy month. Slow-cooked lamb, rice, and even dates are among the dishes on the menu. There are also several beach-side hotels in Dubai that frequently set up tents for Ramadan celebrations. Atlantis and The Jumeirah Beach Hotel are well-known for creating Iftartents where guests may congregate to dine, smokeshisha (a type of hookah), and even play board games with their loved ones.

3. Less Crowded

Despite the fact that Dubai is known for its fast-paced lifestyle, everything changes into a more relaxed mode. Working hours are reduced, and the once frantic retail centers and streets become more tranquil. As a result, during Ramadan, Dubai is less busy. It will no longer be necessary for tourists to stand in long lines in order to view the city’s many tourist sites. Aside from that, it will be simpler to obtain tickets for prominent landmarks such as theBurj Khalifa – the world’s tallest skyscraper – or family-friendly attractions such as theWild Wadi Waterpark.

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4. Discounted Rates

Who wouldn’t be interested in some more savings? Of course, I wouldn’t! If you’ve been thinking about taking a low-cost trip to Dubai, now is the time to do it. You may expect to save a significant amount of money on your vacation to Dubai because both the airlines and the hotels are offering incredible Ramadan deals. Please keep in mind that some of the hotels in prominent locations provide complimentary iftar and suhoor dinners as part of their Dubai Ramadan special packages. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

5. Dubai Markets

The streets are quiet during the day during the month of Ramadan, but the evenings aren’t as silent as they would appear. During Ramadan in Dubai, the city is lighted, not only by the lights of the street lamps and the lights of the skyscrapers, but also by the lights of the night markets. There are several night markets in Dubai, but the most well-known is theRamadan Night Market in Za’abeel Hall World Trade Centre Dubai. Note: During the last ten days of Ramadan, visit the night market for some incredible Eid shopping opportunities.

The Top 10 Shopping Destinations in Dubai Are Calling Your Name!

6. Ramadan Night Market

Isn’t it fun to shop until you drop? Any vacation to Dubai would be incomplete if it did not include some shopping therapy. Ramadan also brings with it the spectacular Ramadan Night Market at Za’abeel Hall World Trade Centre Dubai. There are around 400 retail establishments in the market. There are also interactive seminars, a kid’s special section, henna counters, and other attractions.

What Not To Miss During Ramadan In Dubai In 2022

While there are a plethora of reasons to visit Dubai during Ramadan, here are a few highlights that you just must not miss while you are here.

1. Louis Tomlinson World Tour 2022

Image courtesy of Shutterstock Louis Tomlinson, the world-renowned singer and composer, will go on a world tour this year. As part of his Walls World Tour, he will be playing at the Coca-Cola Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. Coca-Cola Arena is the location. When: Thursday, April 18th | 8:00 p.m Ticket prices: AED 295 for standing; AED 395 for seating Recommended Reading: Dubai Safari Park: Take Part In A Wildlife Adventure In The Middle Of The Desert!

2. World Art Dubai 2022

Image courtesy of Shutterstock World Art Dubai will return for its 6th edition in 2022, bringing with it inexpensive modern art from all over the world at a reasonable price. Immerse yourself in a world-class art festival that celebrates art in all of its forms when you attend World Art Dubai. The location is the Dubai World Trade Center. When: April 8th to 11th

3. Iron Maiden Live In Dubai

Iron Maiden comes to Dubai for the first time in 11 years for a show at the Dubai World Trade Center. In May 2022, the band will embark on its epic Legacy of the Beast World Tour, which will take them all over the world. Coca-Cola Arena is the location. When: Saturday, May 27, 2022 Ticket price is 250.00 AED. Recommended Reading: 26 Exotic Dishes from the Cuisine of Dubai

Tips For Visiting Dubai During Ramadan

Image courtesy of Shutterstock

  • During the day (from dawn to sunset), eating, smoking, drinking, and even chewing gum are all forbidden in public locations. Dress regulations become a bit more modest during the Holy Month in order to show respect for the local culture
  • Bars are open, but only after the sun has set
  • And restaurants are closed. Furthermore, they are significantly quieter. In order to accommodate some hotels and restaurants serving wine and food during the day during the month of Ramadan, Dubai’s tourist administration eased its license requirements. Visitors will be able to experience both the traditional and contemporary sides of Dubai
  • However, belly dancing performances will not be available. However, Dubai’s nightlife consists of much more than just drinking and belly dancing
  • The summers in Dubai are quite hot. As a result, plan ahead of time.

Continue reading: 7 Other Places to Visit With Your Family During the Eid Holidays This Year (Part 2) So, put aside all of your concerns and believe us when we tell that spending a trip in Dubai during Ramadan would be a wonderful experience for you. Nothing more than packing your bags and booking a flight to Dubai to take advantage of the excitement and vibrancy of the celebrations that are permeating the air! Disclaimer: Unless otherwise stated, TravelTriangle does not claim credit for any of the photographs that appear on our blog site.

Whenever feasible, we attempt to connect back to the original sources.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Ramadan In Dubai

Q. Is it OK to consume alcoholic beverages in Dubai during Ramadan? A.Drinking in public is completely forbidden in Dubai, especially during the holy month of Ramadan. Tourists, on the other hand, can consume alcohol in moderation in specified establishments situated in specific localities. Q. Does Ramadan have an impact on visitors visiting Dubai? A.No. Unlike Qatar and Bahrain, Dubai’s tourist industry is not adversely affected by the holy month of Ramadan. Some bars and prominent sites such as the Burj Khalifa, which is open to the public, are also available.

When will Ramadan be observed in Dubai in 2022?

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Understanding Ramadan in Dubai as a Tourist [2 April to 2 May 2022]

It is understandable that non-Muslim visitors to the United Arab Emirates are concerned about how to behave during the Holy Month of Ramadan. While the fundamental cultural behaviors for entering a Muslim country are simple to grasp, visitors must take extra precautions during Ramadan to ensure that they are being respectful of the Muslim community’s traditions.

What is Ramadan?

During the lunar calendar, the ninth month is known as Ramadan. Each year, according to the Hijri calendar, the start date of Ramadan is roughly 10 days earlier on the Gregorian calendar than on the Hijri calendar. The month of Ramadan 1443 will fall between the months of April and May in 2022, with the precise start date certified by the moon sighting committee. We anticipate that Ramadan will begin at sunset on April 2, 2022, and finish at sunset on May 2, 2022, in the year 2022. During this holy month, one of Islam’s Five Pillars of Worship–Saum– involves fasting, as is customary.

A person’s trust in Allah is supposed to become stronger when his or her soul is cleaned of bad influences, according to traditional beliefs.

What do non-Muslims touristsresidents need to observe during Ramadan in Dubai?

Non-Muslim expat residents and tourists have a responsibility to ensure that Muslims may observe Ramadan in a safe and comfortable setting. Despite the fact that you are not obligated to participate in the fasting, you must show respect to those who are participating by your actions. During Ramadan, it is unlawful for adults to consume food, drink, or smoke in public places. On the other hand, despite the fact that eating outside during Ramadan is punishable by fines of up to 2000 AED for violating the law, ordinary practice in Dubai has altered substantially over the previous two years.

During the Holy Month of Ramadan 1442, the Dubai Department of Economic Development (Dubai Economy) released a circular on April 11, 2021, indicating that restaurants in the emirate will not be required to screen visible eating rooms during fasting hours in the emirate.

It is undeniably true that you may still get food and drink at hotels and shopping centers throughout the month of Ramadan at this time.

Having a snack and a drink while walking about in public is most obviously socially inappropriate, if not downright criminal. You have complete freedom to do anything you want in the privacy of your own home or hotel room.

What about children during Ramadan in Dubai?

Muslims and non-Muslims alike are not encouraged to participate in fasting activities with younger children, particularly those under the age of six. Pre-pubescent children between the ages of seven and twelve years old may begin to fast for brief amounts of time at a time, depending on their age. When a child reaches puberty, participation by all Muslims (with the exception of a few individuals listed below) is necessary. During Ramadan, schools in Dubai will start later and conclude sooner than usual.

For younger children who attend nursery or playgroups, there should be no difference, albeit the hours may be decreased slightly.

Exceptions to fasting

If you are pregnant, diabetic, nursing, menstruating, unwell, or elderly, you may be exempt from fasting in accordance with Islamic law in various conditions. The fundamental assumption is that you should not engage if doing so is harmful to your health. Even if you are not a Muslim and are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should avoid eating or drinking in public. Similarly, children between the ages of six and twelve should eat and drink in a discreet and private manner so as not to insult other people, including Muslims.

In Dubai’s Burj Park, a cannon is fired to signal the end of the Ramadan fast.

Breaking of the fast – Iftar in Dubai

During maghrib (the hour of the evening prayer), a cannon is fired to signal the end of the fast. This is followed by the sound of azan resonating from a mosque’s loudspeaker system. Since the 1960s, this has been a yearly event in Dubai. Five cannons are fired in Dubai, in the following locations: Burj Park, the Eid prayer sites at Al Mankhool and Al Baraha, Madinat Jumeirah, and Dubai City Walk. A fantastic side excursion you might take is to the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, where you can witness the nightly cannon shooting.

This is a time for families to gather around the table and have a meal together.

Many of the hotels in Dubai will host massive buffet extravaganzas and Ramadan dining tents to commemorate the holy month of Ramadan.

Our Dubai Iftar Guide for 2022 will be available in March!

When is Iftar in Dubai?

Iftar timing varies from city to city since it occurs at sunset in the specific place where it is being held. While the cannon is regarded the official timing, you may make an educated guess as to what time it will be depending on when Maghrib begins. (Note that Dubai is usually a few minutes early than Abu Dhabi due to the fact that it is further east.) Because of COVID-19 safety precautions, it is probable that the government will once again refuse permission for private Iftar tents to function as well as for group gatherings that include people who are not first-degree relatives.

Suhoor in Dubai

Suhoor is the meal eaten right before daybreak since the fasting period begins anew at sunrise. The same is true with suhoor, with many hotels providing it in large quantities from the time iftar is cleared until well into the wee hours of the morning. During Ramadan, you will observe that Dubai may become a city with an all-night lifestyle.

Other things to be mindful of during Ramadan in Dubai

For Muslims, Ramadan is about more than just eating; it is also about abstinence from certain things, such as cigarettes, sex, and music, as well as tolerance.

  • In public, it is necessary to adhere to the appropriate dress code (much more stringently enforced than usual). All adults (even teenagers) should dress modestly and ensure that their arms and legs are covered while they are out in public – and should avoid cleavage and tight clothes at all costs. Having said that, it appears that, in the same way as eating regulations have become more relaxed in recent years, so have wardrobe standards.
  • Keep any public shows of love to a minimum
  • Kissing and even hand-holding between adults (with your child is OK) should be avoided.
  • Many people’s patience is severely taxed in the hour or two before sundown and Iftar, and you may encounter some erratic driving during this period. It’s best to stay off the roads, and if you’re going out for dinner, be considerate of those who could be in more need of your assistance.
  • It is a season of peace and generosity, so refrain from yelling and expressing anger, and especially refrain from using unpleasant words or gestures.
  • For people who are fasting, most companies will adjust their working hours throughout Lent to fit their requirements.
  • You may also notice that establishments have wildly disparate opening hours, with many remaining closed during the day and others being open for the majority of the night. Several major supermarkets and shopping malls are even open 24 hours a day! You should have no difficulty locating a store that is open throughout the day for groceries
  • You will, of course, be unable to consume anything until you get home.
  • Non-Muslims will be unable to enter mosques that are available for guided tours for the majority of the year
  • Mosques that are open for guided tours for non-Muslims will close their doors or alter their activities during the Holy Month.
  • As a result, many tourist attractions may change their hours as well
  • Always check websites and Facebook pages for business hours at this time of year

Attraction opening hours in Dubai this year during Ramadan

The running hours of the attractions for Ramadan 2022 have not yet been determined; nonetheless, we have included last year’s operating hours as a guide.

  • Until the second week of May in 2021, Global Village will be open in the evenings at its current hours. In addition to Dubai Frame, Quranic Park is open from 12:00 PM to 11:00 PM (the Cave of Miracles and the Glass House closing at 7:00 PM)
  • Aquaventure is open from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM (closed on Sundays)
  • And Dubai Aquarium is open from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM (closed on Mondays).

Eid explained

There will be two Eid celebrations this year to avoid any misunderstanding!

Eid al-Fitr

Eid al-Fitr is the celebration of the breaking of the fast, which takes place immediately after Ramadan and lasts for three days. There will be parties and afternoon feasts for Muslim families, as well as the wearing of new Eid garments, the application of henna on women’s hair, the exchange of gifts, and other activities to commemorate the occasion. As well as being a particularly busy time of year in Dubai, it is also a public holiday — which is generally three days long, but for government agencies, it may be extended to a whole week.

We are looking forward to the official announcement of Public Holiday dates.

Zakat (charity), another of Islam’s Five Pillars, is seen as extremely significant during Eid festivities, as is donating and showing care to those who have less fortunate circumstances.

This is an excellent way to get your children engaged in Ramadan and to teach them the significance of giving.

Eid al-Adha

In the Islamic calendar, “the feast of the sacrifice” takes place around 70 days following the completion of Ramadan. Arafat Day happens on the second day of Hajj, the annual pilgrimage to Mecca, which is the 9th Day of Dhu Al Hijja on the Hijri calendar, which is the first day of the month of Dhu Al Hijja on the Hijri calendar. This is immediately followed by the Islamic holiday of Eid al-Adha. It is customary to sacrifice animals such as sheep or goats, with a third of the meat being consumed by the family, a third being given to relatives and friends, and the other third being donated to the poor.

Should I visit Dubai during Ramadan?

When it is discovered that they will be visiting the city during Ramadan, many guests who are unfamiliar with Islamic culture are naturally concerned. Is there anything in particular that you should be concerned about? For your convenience, we’ll go over some of the queries we’ve received over the years to put your mind at ease: Is it OK for me to eat as a non-Muslim during Ramadan? Both yes and no! As previously said, you should refrain from eating in public or in front of people who are fasting out of respect for them.

  • There will be no daytime eating while strolling along the street or driving in a car.
  • Yes, Muslims are prohibited from even drinking water, but as a visitor, you have the option of doing so in private and without being noticed.
  • It is now legal to consume alcoholic beverages at the poolside when staying at a resort.
  • What should I wear in Dubai during Ramadan?
  • While we discuss how shorts and t-shirts are acceptable for the majority of the year in our dress code guidance here, it is recommended that extra effort be made to cover shoulders and knees during Ramadan.
  • Is it possible for a non-Muslim to attend Iftar?
  • You should dress appropriately for the occasion and be cognizant of the fact that those who have been fasting all day should be allowed to enter first.

Another subject that has grown over time is the field of medicine.

After Iftar, it is doubtful that alcohol will be offered anywhere during the day (although bottle stores may be open, but at different hours).

Generally speaking, most restaurants and certainly Ramadan tents will not serve alcohol during Iftar, although this is not always the case.

While passing through DXB, we discovered that alcohol used to be prohibited from being served during the day, but that this was no longer the case in 2021.

Is it really worthwhile to travel if all of the tourist sites are closed?

However, there may be some changes in those opening hours (with many staying open considerably later into the evening), and it will be much more quiet than at other times of the year, which can certainly be to your favor.

During Ramadan, the proper greeting is “Ramadan Kareem,” while during Eid, the proper greeting is “Eid Mubarak.” Is there anything else that makes visiting Dubai during Ramadan a worthwhile experience?

Although, given the fact that Ramadan is creeping towards April and the prime tourism season in the UAE, this may no longer be the case.

Aside from that, it is an exceptionally happy time of year.

It is during the nighttime hours that the city comes to life, and for Muslims, it is really a time of joy and celebration. Without a doubt, visiting Dubai during Ramadan is no longer a disadvantage; in fact, it might be one of the best opportunities for a cultural and beach vacation all in one.

Final thoughts on Ramadan in Dubai

Remember to put aside any opinions you may have about whether something is “right” or “healthy,” or any other beliefs that are in conflict with the Islamic tenets; whether you are a visitor or an expatriate resident, you are a guest in the country, and these are the rules that must be adhered to at all times. More information about cultural activities in Dubai, as well as commonly asked tourist questions, are available at:

  • What is the meaning of the Call to Prayer? And, as a non-Muslim guest, what should you be doing during prayer times is as important.
  • A visit to the lovely Quranic Park will provide you with a more in-depth learning experience centered around the Holy Book.
  • How to visit a Dubai Mosque – which ones are open to the public and how you can gain a better understanding of Islamic culture while in Dubai
  • How to visit a Dubai Mosque – which ones are open to the public and how you can gain a better understanding of Islamic culture while in Dubai

More information on the best time to visit Dubai, as well as what to anticipate at other seasons of the year, can be found here. Booking.com

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