How To Go From Dubai To Oman? (Correct answer)

There are several airlines flying between the UAE and Oman. From Dubai, try Emirates or flydubai, and from Abu Dhabi go with Etihad or Wizz Air Abu Dhabi. You can also opt to fly with Oman Air, the sultanate’s national airline, or low-cost airline Salam Air.

Is there a bus from Dubai to Oman?

The ticket price for bus service from Dubai to Oman is AED 55. On the other hand, the Dubai to Oman bus ticket for a round-trip is AED 90. The tickets for the Dubai to Oman bus are available at the RTA stand. The introduction of online purchase will make Dubai to Oman bus ticket booking easier.

How can I go to Oman from UAE?

All GCC residents qualify for an Oman e-visa, so you can apply online using iVisa. All you need is 15 minutes of your time, and you can get the document in as little as 12 hours. Passport: It needs to be valid for at least another 6 months from the date of arrival in Oman.

How can I cross the border from Dubai to Oman?

Dibba border is essentially a military checkpoint rather than an official border crossing. There is no official checkpoint on the Oman side, only on the UAE side. Also, there are two checkpoints next to each other- one for GCC citizens only, and the other for tourists and GCC residents.

Can I travel to Oman with Dubai visa?

Terms and conditions of Oman Visa The applicant must be outside the Sultanate of Oman during application for the visa. The UAE residents applying for entry to Oman should have at least 6 months validity in their passport. The traveler should enter Oman from any GCC countries and cannot fly from any other countries.

Does Indian need visa for Oman?

Can Indian citizens visit Oman without a visa? Indian citizens must have a visa to visit Oman. Indian passport holders are required to obtain a visa in advance. The visa can no longer be obtained on arrival at the airport.

Is PCR required for Oman?

3- Take a PCR test upon arrival at the airport. 4- Home quarantine for 7 days. 6- If tested positive, residents must quarantine for an additional 10 days. Omani citizens, residents with valid residency permits, and travelers with valid visas are allowed to enter the Sultanate without prior approval.

Is Oman safe?

OVERALL RISK: LOW. Overall, Oman is a very safe country. It is highly friendly and warm toward tourists, and the crime rate is fairly low, so apart from petty crime on the streets, there isn’t too much to worry about.

Is Oman part of UAE?

Oman– United Arab Emirates are the relations between the United Arab Emirates and Oman. The U.A.E. has an embassy in Muscat while Oman maintains an embassy in Abu Dhabi and a consulate-general in Dubai. Both countries are part of the Middle East region and share close cultural ties.

Is Oman better than Dubai?

The everyday experience Muscat offers its tourists feels more cultural than that of Dubai, where luxury is at its finest, but you don’t feel the history and culture so much. Just walking around Oman makes you feel very much a part of the cities culture. The people here are more laid back and welcoming too.

Is Oman border open for visa run?

2022-2023 updates & rules. 1. As per Gulf business news, the Royal Oman police has permitted citizens from 103 different countries for a 14 day stay without a prepaid visa. They should possess a Dubai tourist visa with insurance and produce a negative PCR test certificate at the border.

Can I get Oman visa at border?

Yes, Oman is issuing visas. Eligible travelers may now register online to get their Oman eVisa. Oman is open for tourists with a valid visa who meet the current COVID-19 entry requirements.

Can I work in Oman with UAE visa?

Yes. Of course you can have multiple residence permits/visas (visit or residence) in your passport and UAE have no objection for doing so. However, to keep the residence permit of Oman or U.A.E. you should not be out the countries for more than six months continuously.

Can I drive to Oman from Dubai now?

Can I drive to Oman from the UAE? Oman has reopened some land borders between the sultanate and the UAE, so road trips will once again be possible. Fully vaccinated travellers with a negative PCR test can drive to Oman.

Dubai to Oman – 5 ways to travel via line 102 bus, plane, bus, and car

In Rome2rio’s trip planner, select an option from the drop-down menu to get step-by-step directions and to compare ticket costs and travel times for that route.


Globally, there is broad population transmission of the virus. Some travel restrictions in the Sultanate of Oman are being relaxed. Please go to the official page for Oman for the most up-to-date travel information. Visit our Rome2rioCoronavirus information page for more information on how to organize your trip around the virus. We recommend that you visit the official page for Oman for the most up-to-date travel information.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Travel Advice

Is it possible to travel freely within the United Arab Emirates? Limited foreign flights departing the United Arab Emirates resumed operations on July 7 after a two-month hiatus. The most recent update was made on February 10th. The information was obtained from:ACAPS,OXFORD


What is the most cost-effective mode of transportation between Dubai and Oman? The quickest and least expensive mode of transportation from Dubai to Oman is by car, which costs €17 – €26 and takes 4h 29m. More information may be found here. What is the quickest mode of transportation between Dubai and Oman? The shortest method to go from Dubai to Oman is to take the line 102 bus and fly, which costs €120 – €170 and takes 2h 48m. The trip takes 2h 48m and costs €120 – €170. More information may be found here.

  • The distance between Dubai and Oman is 485 kilometers.
  • Obtain driving instructions.
  • The most convenient mode of transportation between Dubai and Oman without a car is by bus, which takes 8h 29m and costs €16 – €25.
  • Approximately what time does it take to get from Dubai to Oman?
  • More information may be found here.
  • The direct flight from Sharjah International Airport to Sohar International Airport takes 40 minutes and is the quickest option.
  • Is it possible to drive from Dubai to Oman?
  • The travel from Dubai to Oman takes roughly 4 hours and 29 minutes.
  • Which airlines provide flights between Sharjah International Airport and Sohar International Airport?
  • Flights may be found by searching.

What companies run services between Dubai, United Arab Emirates and Oman?

There is a bus from Rashidiya station to Azaibah that runs once each day, according to Mwasalat. Tickets range in price from €9 to €14, and the travel takes 6h 50m. Oman Air has a website at Ave. duration1h 13mWhenEvery dayEstimated price€200 – €390Estimated price €200 – €390Estimated price €200 – €390Estimated price €200 – €390Estimated price €200 – €390Estimated price €200 – €390Estimated price €200 – €390Estimated price €200 – €390Estimated price €200 – €390Estimated price Ave.

duration1h 10mWhenEvery day Ave.

the ave.

When: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and SundayEstimated price: €110 – €250When: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday WhenTuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and SundayAverage duration1 hour 10 minutesEstimated price€100 – €260 Dubai RTA BusPhone: 9090800Website: Dubai RTA Bus Ave.

Duration33 minutesFrequencyEvery 3 hoursEstimated price€1 – €3 (depending on location) Atrta.aeMwasalat has a schedule.

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Dubai to Oman – The Musandam Cruise Day Trip

Almost everyone who visits Dubai travels to one or more of the neighboring Emirates, but just a small number of people travel all the way to Oman. It is possible to choose from a number of different routes, with one of the most popular being the Dubai to Dibba route, which allows you to take advantage of the Gulf of Oman and enjoy some magnificent scenery. If you are planning a trip to Dubai, you should consider taking the Dubai to Dibba route. It is possible that this content contains affiliate links.

Thank you.

Getting from Dubai to Oman via Dibba

To begin with, this is not a vacation that I would advocate taking on your own. Don’t just rent a car and go exploring. According to my judgment, hiring an automobile would be a terrible error. Oman has one of the world’s highest rates of fatal road accidents, ranking second only to China. And, unless you already have a visa for Oman, you will have difficulties entering the country. The logistics alone are a compelling incentive to arrange some sort of tour in order to take full advantage of this opportunity.

Map of Dubai and Oman

We scheduled this tour through our hotel’s concierge, however there are other Get The Guide choices available to choose from these days. If you try to make a reservation through your hotel, you will be met with raised eyes. I got the impression that moving visitors out of the Emirates and across the border into Oman to spend money is not exactly a goal for the Dubai tourism business in general. This was something I had to insist on them scheduling for us because it was not listed anywhere in the area.

Take this into consideration and go for it.

If you’re looking for a thrill or someone who enjoys venturing off the main road, this is the place for you.

So, let’s go into the specifics of what we’ve discussed:


Oman, formally the Sultanate of Oman, is a nation in the Arab world that has borders with the United Arab Emirates, the Yemeni Arab Republic, and Saudi Arabia. When the peninsula coast is separated from the mainland by the Strait of Hormuz, it is referred to as the Northern Peninsula Coast.

The United Arab Emirates divides this region from the remainder of Oman, creating a natural border. Oman is a Muslim country, and the Musandam area is sometimes compared to the Norwegian Fjords in terms of natural beauty.

Getting There:

For the purposes of this discussion, I’ll assume you read and heeded my prior instructions. As well as the fact that you want to arrange your vacation through a tour operator. If you don’t, good luck, and please keep us informed of your progress. The trips begin early in the morning and go throughout the day. You’ll be picked up at around 7:00 a.m., and after the bus or van is full, you’ll make the regular rounds to pick up those who have joined you before heading over the desert to the border.

Tours From Dubai to Oman

This may appear strange or amusing to others, but it was one of the pleasures for me. It’s a little shady here. First and foremost, you’ll make a pit stop immediately before the border to have your paperwork checked. The tour operator on site will scan your passport, verify all of your information, and issue you what amounts to the equivalent of a day permit rather than a visa. Ironically, you supply all of your information ahead of time, but it is double-checked before being used. This is not a terrible thing.

  • Your bus will then move to the front of the line at the border crossing.
  • The Oman police are dripping with guns and have an overabundance of other military equipment on hand in case there is unrest.
  • An agent will board the bus to ensure that everyone’s documents are in order.
  • They did not go through every passenger’s papers because it was done at random, but they did go through at least half of each passenger’s documentation.
  • His travels were either fascinating or suspicious to the Oman border control officers.
  • Please keep in mind that you are not permitted to snap pictures when crossing the border.

Riding the Dhow

The opportunity to ride on the dhow is perhaps one of the most compelling reasons to go on this journey. A dhow is a classic Arabic watercraft that is still in use today. There are various historic ships with one or more masts that are widespread across the region that go by the name of dhow. To be clear, you can ride a dhow in Dubai; but, let’s be honest: everyone who has visitedDubaihas done so at some point. The boats are the same, but the environment is vastly different from one place to the next.

I’ll add that they’re also somewhat distant, to say the least.

One difference is the temperature, which is colder in Norway, and whereas the water in Oman is piercingly pure, the water in Norway is a Caribbean blue.

Imagine what this looks like while the sun is setting in the background.

After cruising for an hour or two, you’ll arrive in a cove where you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy the beach, the ocean, and all of the other traditions that come with a water-based vacation.

Activities on the Dhow

Here’s what you can expect in terms of activities and entertainment options:

  • The magnificent blue sea to snorkel in
  • Speed boat blasting
  • Banana boat riding
  • And more are all options. Using the speed board, travel to the limestone (white rock) and explore the caves within
  • Take a sunbath on the beach or go exploring on the beach
  • Splash into the ocean after jumping or swinging off the Dhow
  • Fishing with a handline

We chose to walk down the beach and take in the views; we also visited the caves and Brian tried his hand at hand-line fishing. You will have around two hours in the designated cove before it is time to return to the Dhow for the evening. Once you’ve returned to the ship, you’ll be served a typical lunch in a buffet manner. The cuisine was decent, but not particularly memorable. Expect to be underwhelmed; this is hardly a lavish feast. Add to this the fact that there are people with many different cultures all across the world — each with their own set of cultural standards.

  • Some others attempted to cut through the line before of time.
  • This is not a new notion for me; I’ve had several encounters with it all around the world.
  • I’m the one who sets the tone.
  • An intimate and serene voyage; this is not the type of alcohol cruise you’d expect to find in the Caribbean.

What You Need When Visiting Oman

  • Unless you are doing a day tour, you will require an avisa to enter Oman. Take a tour, and you will not require a visa
  • Instead, you will be given a day permit, with the condition that you return on the same day. Before touring, you will be required to give copies of your passport, and you must have at least six months remaining on your passport in order to be admitted. In order to organize entrance, a copy of your passport must be supplied at least 48 hours before your scheduled departure.

This is quite crucial. You cannot schedule this excursion the day before; you must do so at least two days (and occasionally three days) in advance, at the very least.


  • Day excursions from Dubai start at roughly $75 and may cost as much as $500 depending on the destination. The price will vary depending on whatever trip you choose. The choice between a shared and a private tour has a significant impact on the pricing. Tours supply everything you need, including snorkeling equipment, life jackets, drink, and other amenities, with the exception of sunscreen. Swimsuits are permitted on the beach, but otherwise maintain a conservative attitude. You will not require any currency or cash. Almost everything you might possibly need is supplied aboard the boat
  • This is going to be a long day, maybe 10 hours or more. For us, it was for a period of twelve hours. Non-alcoholic beverages are provided, and you can purchase alcoholic beverages on most trips if you so want. Your arrival may or may not be met with enthusiasm by the townspeople, depending on where you dock your ship. This happened to us, and it was quite amusing. A love-hate connection was exposed right in front of our eyes, and the residents attempted to drive the tour company out from their town. To photograph an Arab woman is deemed insulting, therefore you must get permission before taking an image of a local woman in any country.

Please keep in mind that some of the beaches have been littered by tourists. It’s heartbreaking to witness, and it’s the most common complaint people have after seeing this tour. It’s surreal to be in such a distant, sparsely populated, and breathtakingly beautiful location while clothed in rubbish. Unfortunately, this is an idea that I have encountered in a number of different places. If you take this trip, please make sure that you do not litter the area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:How long does it take to get from Oman to Dubai? It takes roughly one hour and forty-five minutes to drive from Dubai to Dibba in the United Arab Emirates. Q:Do I require a visa to enter Dubai if I am traveling from Oman? If you are only planning a day trip, you will not require a visa. avisa is required if you are planning anything other than a return travel on the same day as your departure. You may submit an application for avisa here. Q:Does Oman have a working knowledge of English? Yes, there are some people who speak English, but it is not universally available.

Yes, it is possible, but it is not encouraged.

Q:Can you tell me how much it costs to get a visa to Oman? A tourist visa for a period of ten days costs between five and ten riyals, which is about $1.50 and $3.00. Q:Can I go to Oman without obtaining an avisa? If you book a day trip through a travel agent, you will receive a discount.

Closing Thoughts

During their time in Dubai, the typical conventional visitor will seldom venture outside of the Emirate. This is very understandable. The Middle East has a reputation for being volatile, and this alone discourages many people from contemplating investing in the region. I will tell you that if you choose a respected tour operator and make sure all of your documentation is in order, you will be OK. The tour organization will take excellent care of you, and they will make certain that you pass the border and return without incident.

Finally, if you’re lucky enough, you’ll be able to witness the stalemate that exists between people who live in the highlands and sound the beaches and those who work for travel operators on the island.

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She travels around 60,000 miles each year and has traveled to 54 countries, 50 states, and six continents in her career thus far.

  1. This is a really good post. This is a journey that I would definitely take. Oman is a nation that I have been wanting to visit for a long time. In addition, border crossings have always piqued my interest. Aside from the fact that I have never visited Dubai, I am only familiar with the airport thanks to the numerous transfers. The dhow ride sounds like it would be a lot of fun.:-) Thank you for sharing your story with us.
  • Hello there, I’m also interested with border crossings since they really get your adrenaline pumping. We pick Dubai as a linking point since there are so many routes that pass through there. Dubai, on the other hand, does not appeal to me. One advantage of doing a day trip is that you may bypass the visa snafu, which can be difficult to obtain:) Nikki

a link to the page’s load

Best ways to travel from Dubai to Oman – Dubai Forum

10.Regarding the best modes of transportation from Dubai to Oman 9 years ago today Sorry, strawbear, but the distance between Dubai and Muscat is around 450 kilometers (depending on which section of Muscat you’re attempting to reach), not 500 miles. The journey takes around 5 hours, which includes the time spent departing DXBat Hatta, passing through theOmanCustoms Post, and entering Oman at Wajaja, when you will be required to obtain a visa and enter the country with an entry stamp. It is sufficient for those with British passports to complete the visa application form (which may be found spread across the area), stand in line, and pay for their visa.

However, just a few of automobile rental companies will allow you to drive their vehicles to and from Oman, and I can’t remember which ones they are for the life of me to recall.

To move about once you arrive in Oman, either use cabs (which are not metered, however there are set rates to hotels from the airport) or rent a car for the duration of your stay.

If you’re only planning on staying for a couple of nights, you should check out Muttrah Souk (but only if there are no cruise ships in dock, of course).

As Latimer has suggested, you can seek more assistance in the Oman/Governorate of Muscat forum.

Driving From Dubai To Oman: What You Need To Know

Whether you reside in Dubai or are just passing through, a vacation to Oman is highly recommended. The best part is that you won’t have to go by plane. Driving from Dubai to Oman is a very uncomplicated journey that offers a thrilling trip. There are simply a couple of things to keep in mind when doing this. Continue reading for all of the information and recommendations you’ll need to help you plan your road journey from Dubai to Oman. Check out this post for helpful hints and ideas to help you plan the perfect road trip in Oman.

Driving From Dubai To Oman: Route Options

Oman is a must-see destination whether you reside in Dubai or are just passing through. You won’t even have to take a plane. From Dubai to Oman is a reasonably simple drive that provides a thrilling trip. The following are the only things to keep in mind. Continue reading for all of the information and suggestions you’ll need to make the most of your road journey from Dubai to Oman! Look no farther than this page for information, ideas, and inspiration to help you plan the ideal road trip in Oman.

Hatta – Al Wajajah border crossing

This is the border crossing that is closest to Dubai, so it may make the most sense if you are in a hurry and need to go through quickly. It takes around 1 hour 40 minutes to travel 140 kilometers from the center of Dubai to the border. Do not attempt to cross the border at Al Madam, which is located on the E44 road, as this crossing is exclusively available to people of GCC nations. Instead, use the E102, which bypasses the little “spur” of Oman that pokes up into the UAE before connecting the E44 to cross the border at Hatta/Al Wajajah, which is the closest crossing point.

To go to Sohar, it’s 85 kilometers away (it takes approximately an hour), and it’s 310 kilometers to Muscat (about 3.5 hours).

Meyzad – Hafeet border crossing

Personally, I believe this is the more intriguing choice because it allows you to explore a whole other section of the UAE before crossing the border. In addition, it’s a better alternative if you’re hoping to continue on to Nizwa, Jebel Shams, or any other places in central or southern Oman after that. The Mezyad border crossing is located on the other side of Al Ain, which is the largest inland city in the United Arab Emirates. If you have the opportunity, it is well to take a break from your travel here and investigate.

The E66 connects Dubai with the Mezyad border crossing, which is 160 kilometers away and takes around 2 hours. If you’re traveling from Abu Dhabi, this is also a convenient crossing place (190 kilometres, takes 2 hours).

Khatm Al Shiklah border crossing

This is another border crossing that is near to Al Ain and that takes about the same amount of time to reach as Mezyad. The key distinction is that, in contrast to Mezyad, the border stations between the United Arab Emirates and Oman are located hundreds of kilometers apart. Having been stamped out of the UAE, you will need to travel over 30 kilometres before reaching the Omani border crossing. Having mistakenly drove into Oman without a stamp was a major source of confusion for me, and I had no idea what to do about it so I just kept driving.!

However, because this crossing is typically less crowded than the others, you will most likely be able to pass across it more quickly than the others.

Driving From Dubai To Oman: Border Formalities

The three border crossings mentioned above are generally devoid of problems and quite straightforward to manage. In addition to filling out an immigration form, customs officers may want to have a check inside your automobile. The greatest way to prevent giving away the fact that you’re carrying alcohol is to conceal it as much as possible. The length of time it takes to complete the procedures is determined on how busy the crossing is. If at all possible, avoid visiting on the weekends (Friday-Saturday) and public holidays, when there are sometimes large lines.

  1. You will be required to pay an exit fee of 35 AED while crossing the UAE border.
  2. There is no cost to leave the Sultanate of Oman.
  3. This service is available for 20 OMR and is valid for up to 30 days.
  4. Certain nations have the option of applying for an OmanieVisa in advance, which significantly speeds up the procedure.
  5. You should be able to pay for the visa with a credit card, just like you did for the UAE exit charge.
  6. When (or if) you return to the UAE, you will be issued anotherUAE tourist visa on arrival for free, unless you were previously traveling on another sort of visa in the country (in which case, double-check that it allows multiple entries).
  7. If you intend to rent a car in Dubai, you must first confirm with the rental company that it is OK for the vehicle to be transported to Oman.

This was permitted by a few firms, notably Hertz and Sixt, at the time of my last check, but not by many others.

You’ll need to get a NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the automobile rental company, which will grant you formal authorization to drive the vehicle into Oman.

Be a duplicate of this document since border authorities will almost probably ask to view it, so make sure you have one!

You must have the actual card (not a photocopy, which is unlikely to be approved by the border guards) in order to cross the border.

By the way, the cheapest vehicle rentals in Dubai are often available at DXB International Airport.

I understand that this isn’t often requested, but it’s something I’d recommend carrying in order to prevent any potential embarrassment at the border.

This is something that certain Dubai automobile rental firms can supply (ask for written proof of coverage).

If you don’t have insurance, you can purchase Omani third-party insurance at the border. Off-road driving is not covered by all insurance companies. If this is something you’re interested in doing, check with the insurance companies to see if they will cover you. And, of course, you’d need a 4×4.

Driving From Dubai To Oman:Other Practicalities

Driving from Dubai to Oman is, on the whole, a relatively simple process. The vast majority of major highways are paved and in good shape. A car with two-wheel drive will enough to get you to most places. A 4×4 vehicle is only required if you intend to travel off-road into the desert. The phone coverage might be inconsistent after you leave the big towns and cities and go outside of them. If you want to spend a significant amount of time outside of major cities, you should download offline maps in preparation (e.g., Google maps offline).

  1. Although it is not legally illegal to transport modest amounts of alcoholic beverages across the border with you, I would not advocate doing so in order to avoid any difficulties with customs.
  2. Both nations have a zero-tolerance limit (with severe fines), and if you are involved in an accident, you are likely to be breathalyzed as a result.
  3. Policies that cover the UAE are likely to cover Oman as well, but it’s always a good idea to double-check.
  4. Alternatively, However, unless you are just interested in seeing Muscat, I would not recommend this choice to you.
  5. Near Dubai, you may take the bus from the Abu Hail station (in Deira), the DXB airport T2, or the Rashidiya Metro Bus Station, among other locations.
  6. Check here for the most up-to-date schedule information and further information.
  7. Check out this post on how to plan the ultimate road trip in Albania for more information.

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  1. Hello, Alex, and thank you very much for your extremely informative and useful site! We are hoping to be able to travel to Oman in January of this year (if Covid lets us in
  2. -). We’ll first travel from Europe to Dubai, where we’ll look for a car rental business that will let us drive their vehicles all the way to Oman. Allow me to ask you a few of questions because you appear to be quite knowledgeable about the UAE and Oman: Do you know if the three border crossing sites you mention are all suitable for European visitors traveling in a UAE-Dubai rental vehicle, or would you prefer one of them? What is the best way to obtain an Oman visa at the border crossing points (rather than at the airport, because we will be entering the nation by car)? Would you recommend applying for the visa online, or would you suggest getting it in person at the border crossing stations? Although I’ve read that EU individuals may obtain a visa for up to 10 or 14 days without paying a fee at the Mascate airport, I haven’t been able to determine whether the same rules apply at land border locations. Please accept my sincere thanks in advance for your assistance, and best regards! Anne (From Brittany, France, the most beautiful place on the planet, LOL)
  • Hello, Anne. I’m delighted to be of assistance. Using a Dubai rental car, you may travel through all three of the border crossings I discuss in this post without difficulty. When it comes to choosing which of the three crossings to utilize, the Hatta – Al Wajajah border is the most convenient for visitors to Dubai and is also the most popular. The trip from the Meyzad – Hafeet border crossing to Muscat, on the other hand, is more picturesque and exciting. Personally, I like the Meyzad – Hafeet border, however any of the other three options are acceptable. As a French or European Union citizen, you should be able to obtain a free visa on arrival in Oman, unless the Omani authorities decide to modify the regulations at the last minute (which is always a remote chance, but not impossible) (applies to land borders and airports equally). Whether you receive 10 days, you’ll get 14 days – I’m not sure if there’s a rule about who gets 10 days and who gets 14 days, but. However, if you’re just going to stay for 10 days or less, you won’t have any problems either way. You might apply for an e-visa in advance if you wish, but it is not strictly required and I am not aware of any fees associated with it. Personally, I believe it is OK to just take advantage of the free one provided at the border (though keep an eye on the news in the days running up to your trip, in case there are any changes to the rules). I’d also recommend bringing a pair of passport photographs that have been printed with you. It is possible to use photo booths at the main border crossing sites, although you cannot always rely on them to be in operation. In order to enter the country, you must present the immigration officials QR codes showing that you have been completely vaccinated against covid and that you have gotten a negative PCR test result (taken no more than 72 hours before arrival in Oman). Additionally, you must complete a pre-registration form on the eMushrif website () and upload your immunization certification as well as the results of your PCR test before entering Oman. In terms of automobile rental, not all businesses would enable you to transport their vehicles from the United Arab Emirates to Oman. The list of businesses that accept it changes on a regular basis, so you should phone ahead and double-check before paying for one. Larger multinational firms like as Avis and Hertz are more likely to say yes than smaller local organizations, but it’s always best to contact beforehand and double-check! Take pleasure in your journey! Oman is a fantastic country. Hello, Anne. In February 2022, we’re arranging a vacation to Oman with our friends. We also want to rent a car in Dubai so that we may drive across the border into Oman on our own. It is not possible to cross the border using the automobile rental company that I regularly use. Could you please give me the name of the automobile rental company that you used? @Alex: When it comes to planning our vacation, your precise information regarding crossing the border is quite helpful. Thanks
  • Thank you very much, Alex, for your blog, which I found to be really valuable during my recent road journey from Dubai to Jabal Al Akhdar in the Sultanate of Oman. When you mentioned using the Mezyad crossing, we did so and it was really speedy both ways. We departed early in the morning on December 1, the first day of the four-day holiday weekend in the United Arab Emirates, anticipating enormous lines at the border. However, with the exception of a group of motorcyclists who caused a slight wait on the UAE side of the border, the exit was rather straightforward. Except for Oman, where you must park your car in a parking lot on the Oman side and go to the visa office, all counters were drive through (unless you don’t have an evisa for Oman, in which case you must park your car in the parking lot on the Oman side and walk to the visa office). There were two on the UAE side, one to inspect and stamp the passports, and the other to validate the passports after that. In Oman, you must first drive to a counter where your immunization records and pcr reports will be examined before proceeding to the border. Once you have completed your journey, proceed to the passport control desk where your evisa and passport, car registration and drivers license will be scrutinized. It is preferable to acquire an evisa rather than driving to an adjacent visa office, filling out an application, and receiving a visa on the spot. On particularly busy days, this may be delayed. Afterwards, go to the car inspection bay, where you may be required to open the boot and maybe the baggage as well for customs purposes. In just than an hour, we traveled from the beginning of the Mezyad border post on the UAE side to the finish of the crossing on the Oman side of the border. I returned today, the 4th of December, over the same crossing as before. It took less than 5 minutes to go through immigration on the Oman side (drive through), and another 20 minutes to get through immigration on the UAE side. We were a family of four, so when we arrived in the UAE, we were instructed to park the car and proceed to the neighboring departure hall, where passport control processes were finished in less than five minutes. Then we drove to the medical counter, where our pcr and immunization records were verified, and lastly, at the final checkpoint, the contents of our car were checked. All in all, the exit and re-entry into the UAE were really straightforward. One thing to keep in mind is that there are no nice cafés or restaurants on the Oman side of the border once you have crossed it. It is thus advisable to stock up on food and beverages.
  • You should be pleased with how well (and how quickly) your journey went. Thank you so much for the additional information and details provided here, it is all really informative
  • Hello, Alex. We intend to remain in Oman for a total of six days. Do we (now) have to do a PCR test before returning to the United Arab Emirates? Thanks
  • Each of the emirates has its own set of requirements for testing for (re)entry into the country. For example, the laws in Abu Dhabi are more stringent than those in Dubai. However, it is my understanding that the most (if not all) of the emirates presently demand you to provide confirmation of a negative PCR test that was taken no more than 48 hours before departure in order to board the plane. In order to guarantee that you have the most up to date information, I recommend that you visit the health part of the official website for the emirate to which you will be returning. It is as follows for Abu Dhabi:
  • Thank you very much, Alex, for all of your suggestions! It’s great to see the second notice about the border crossing between Oman and the United Arab Emirates, as well
  • It’s really informative. Best wishes from Brussels, Belgium! Anne
  • Greetings, Alex. Hello, my name is Pratheep, and I’m arranging a trip to Muscat with my family, which will be made possible by a bank loan on my automobile. Is it necessary to get a letter of authorization from the bank in order to cross the border? Please provide guidance. Thanks Pratheep
  • Hello, Pratheep. I’m afraid I don’t have any first-hand knowledge of what you’re talking about. Depending on the conditions of your mortgage with the bank, according to my understanding (based on some web study), it might be possible. NOCs are required by certain banks, but others do not. Each bank will have its own set of regulations
  • Sadly, there is no one set of rules that applies to all banks. You may check with your bank to see what they have to say. Many persons appear to have crossed the border without acquiring a NOC (even if they were theoretically required to do so), and they appear to have done so without incident. This might be considered a violation of the conditions of your mortgage agreement with the lender (depending on what it says). I’m sorry, but I can’t advise you on whether or not it’s worthwhile to take that risk
  • That decision is entirely up to you. Please accept my apologies if this is not a satisfactory response.
  1. Hello, Hanne. Unfortunately, due to a serious occurrence in our family, we were forced to postpone our trip to Oman in January. However, we are hoping to be able to travel to the country in March. As a result, I am unable to provide you with any comment about the automobile rental firm or how the crossing of the Omani border went. Dollar Car Rental is the name of the organization. They have a number of offices, including one at Dubai International Airport and another in downtown Dubai. You may look for their specials on the internet. I may contact you again later in February, and perhaps you will be able to tell me how things went for you in the meanwhile. On the 4th of March, we should be on our way. Take pleasure in your journey! With best wishes, Anne

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How to Cross the Border from Oman to Dubai (& Vice Versa) – 2020 Guide

Crossing the border from Oman to Dubai is a pretty simple process with few complications. That may come as a surprise given the fact that geographical borders in the Middle East are frequently enforced strictly. Using this article as a guide, you will be able to travel from Oman to Dubai (and vice versa) through ground transportation. The most recent update was made on the 24th of June, 2020. Crossing the border from Oman to Dubai is an exciting experience.

Crossing the Oman – Dubai Border

Nizwa Fort is located in Oman. It should take you between 6 and 8 hours to pass the border between Oman and the United Arab Emirates and enter Dubai. This is, without a doubt, based on traffic volume. You can also choose to travel between Muscat and Dubai if you like. However, when you include in the time it takes to go to the airport, the time it takes to wait at the airport, and the time it takes to fly, flying does not appear to be significantly more efficient. There is a chance that you may be fortunate and pass through the Oman-Dubai border crossing swiftly, or you may encounter an aggressive Immigration Officer who will make the procedure a bit of a nightmare.

It is very important to inform someone of your trip intentions and the day on which you want to cross the border, especially if you intend to travel alone.

How to Cross the Border from Oman to Dubai

Crossing the border between Oman and Dubai – Fanja, Oman Getting from Oman to Dubai via bus or rental vehicle is the most convenient way to get there. Regardless of the option you pick, the procedure is essentially the same. If you’re traveling in Oman on a tight budget, using a local bus is an excellent alternative.

Crossing the Border from Oman to Dubai by Bus

There are a number of bus companies that operate frequent daily trips that transport passengers across the border from Oman to Dubai and the other way around. The most important corporation is Mwasalat, which provides the majority of public transportation services in Oman. There are also a number of smaller-scale private organizations that provide comparable services, such as Al Khanjry, which has a high reputation and is also located in Kuwait. There are a number of bus stops and stations in Muscat from where you may catch a bus that will take you to Dubai.

The Ruwi Mwasalat station is the primary Mwasalat station in Muscati, with a second station near Mabellah.

Mwasalat and Al Khanjry Bus Timetables

The bus schedules for the Mwasalat and Al Khanjry routes are the identical. At least three times a day, buses travel from Muscat for Dubai. The services are available at six o’clock in the morning, three o’clock in the afternoon, and nine o’clock at night. You can see the most up-to-date Mwasalat bus schedules here.

Should I Travel with Mwasalat or Al Khanjry?

Oman is a mature and sophisticated country with a high level of development. I took the Mwasalat bus service to get across the border between Oman and Dubai. Al Khanjry, on the other hand, is something I would not hesitate to employ. The vast majority of transportation services in Oman are rather good. All of the Mwasalat buses were beautiful and comfy, and they all had air conditioning. Al Khanjry buses are said to be a tad older than other buses. Buses in Oman do not have restrooms aboard, unlike other countries.

  • Wifi should be available on Mwasalat buses, at the very least.
  • The ticket rates are comparable between the two providers.
  • That is equal to 6 OMR or 55 AED.
  • In most cases, it is acceptable to purchase these tickets on the day of your intended journey.

How to Cross the Border from Dubai to Oman

Crossing the border between Oman and Dubai – Al Hamra, Oman In addition, the procedure for crossing the border from Dubai to Oman is pretty simple. Although you should expect strong security procedures and checks at the UAE’s borders, you should be prepared for them.

Taking the Bus from Dubai to Muscat, Oman

Services between Dubai and Muscat, Oman are regular and reliable. Deira is home to Dubai’s primary bus terminal, which serves the whole city (Abu Hail Bus Station, Salah Al-Din St).

If you’re in Dubai, you can get to the bus terminal by taking a local bus or an Uber. Leaving from Dubai, buses leave three times a day at 7.30 a.m., 3.30 p.m., and 11 p.m. You may alternatively get on the bus at Rashidiya bus station, which is a short walk away.

How Long Does it Take to Cross the Border?

The travel from Oman to Dubai should take no more than 6 hours in duration. The bus takes a brief pit stop at Sohar, Oman, before continuing on to the Hatta border crossing and eventually Dubai.

The Process for Crossing the Oman Dubai Border

On average, the travel from Oman to Dubai will take about 6 hours. Once in Sohar, Oman, the bus continues on to Hatta, the border crossing with Saudi Arabia, and eventually Dubai.

Oman UAE Border Checkpoints (Muscat to Dubai)

While traveling from Muscat to Hatta, the bus makes three stops at checkpoints along the route to the UAE border. On the Oman side of the border, there is one checkpoint, while there are two more on the UAE side. The steps in the procedure are given below.

Exit Oman

The process of leaving Oman was quite uncomplicated. All of the people stood in line, and the Immigration Officers stamped everyone’s passports without any difficulty. It is possible to get whatever you need for the final part of your journey at one of the fast-food restaurants, convenience stores, or a tea room located in this area.

UAE Checkpoint One

The first checkpoint at the Hatta border crossing is a normal border control post where your passport and other identification documents are scrutinized and verified. Citizens of the United Kingdom do not require a visa to enter the United Arab Emirates. Some nations, however, do not, so be sure to double-check before of time.

UAE Checkpoint Two

As part of the second checkpoint, Immigration Officers removed a small number of passengers (including myself) from the bus in order to inspect their belongings and carry out a bag check.

A Negative Experience at Hatta

I was under the impression that crossing the Oman-Dubai border would be straightforward. I had brought all of my official paperwork with me, and I had done extensive study on the procedure ahead of time. But it was at the border with the United Arab Emirates that I was truly imprisoned for a short period of time. For starters, the Immigration Officers did not believe that I was the person named on my passport, and they detained me. Second, they accused me of attempting to carry prescription medications (I had nothing).

However, it is critical to be honest and realistic about the possibilities that may arise.

Eventually, I was able to enter the UAE without incident.

Onwards to Dubai

Border crossing from Oman to Dubai: Saying farewell to the stunning beauty of Oman for the final time. Once you’ve made it through the border checks with the Omani and Emirati governments, it’s a smooth ride to Dubai. At this point, the trip will take around another hour and a half to complete.

Arrival in Dubai

The bus lets you off at Dubai’s Deira neighborhood. This is located on the outskirts of town and is a long distance away from the Dubai Marina and other important areas of the city. location. Fortunately, Dubai has excellent public transportation connections. Getting about by bus and subway is a reasonably straightforward process. You can find out about bus, tram, and rail schedules in Dubai here). Taxis are expensive if you hail them down, and they are even more expensive if you use Uber, therefore I recommend installing the Careem taxi app.

If you intend to continue your journey through the United Arab Emirates and on to Abu Dhabi to see the majestic Sheikh Zayed mosque, you may use this advice to go from Dubai to Abu Dhabi.

Oman UAE Border Checkpoints (Dubai to Muscat)

If you are traveling by bus from Dubai to Muscat, your bus will stop at three separate checkpoints along the way. This is exactly the same as if you were traveling in the other direction of the voyage. The procedure, on the other hand, is a little different.

UAE Checkpoint One (Hatta)

It takes around 1.5 To 2 hours to go from Dubai to the Hatta border crossing point. Leave the bus at the first checkpoint, where you will be required to display your passport and pay an exit charge to the United Arab Emirates (35 AED). Make sure to save your receipt for the departure charge.

UAE Checkpoint Two (Hatta)

After passing through the first UAE checkpoint, you must board the bus once more. The bus will continue driving for a short distance before you must leave and pass through another Immigration checkpoint. Bring your passport as well as your receipt for the departure charge. Here is where your passport will be stamped.

Oman Border Control

The bus will continue to drive till it reaches the Omani border crossing. Your belongings will be inspected here in a manner similar to that of an airport security check. Bring your passport as well as the documentation for your Omani visa. Welcome to the Sultanate of Oman! The bus will carry on to Muscat, where it should arrive in around 5 more hours.

Things to Consider When Crossing the Oman – Dubai Border

The United Arab Emirates has strong border restrictions. Listed below are a few more things to keep in mind as you plan your vacation.

Arriving at the Bus Stations

You should attempt to be at the bus terminal at least 30 minutes before your scheduled departure from Dubai to Muscat to avoid missing your bus (and vice versa). Most bus stops are close to eateries where you may get food, coffee, and drinks while you wait for your bus. Large pieces of luggage will be stored in a storage area beneath the bus for safekeeping. Before the bus departs, someone will board the bus to verify that you have the correct ticket. Female travelers traveling alone should make every effort to be seated near to other female passengers.

Travelling with Medication

It is recommended that you double-check and confirm that it is permissible to carry any drugs into the nation whether you are traveling with prescription or over-the-counter remedies. A number of drugs are prohibited in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). For example, medications recommended for depression, mental health difficulties, and cancer are included in this category. You may be delayed or even detained if you are found to be in possession of illegal prescriptions while traveling.

My Experience Crossing the Oman-Dubai Border

It is recommended that you double-check and confirm that it is permissible to carry any drugs into the nation whether you are travelling with prescription or over-the-counter treatments. In the United Arab Emirates, several drugs are prohibited by law. For example, medications recommended for depression, mental illness, and cancer fall within this category. You might be delayed or perhaps detained if you are found to be in possession of illegal prescriptions while traveling.

How To Travel From Dubai To Muscat By Bus Via The Hatta Border

Are you planning a trip to Oman from the United Arab Emirates? While it is possible to fly straight to Muscat, the capital of Oman, it is frequently more cost-effective to travel by bus from Dubai to Muscat.

The bus is a convenient, quick, and reasonably priced mode of transportation between Dubai and Muscat. Read on to find out all you need to know about the Dubai Muscat bus route, including where to buy tickets and what to anticipate along the trip.

How to travel from Dubai to Muscat by bus via the Hatta border?

This post includes affiliate links for your convenience. For additional information, please see my disclosure policy. 2022 (update): I got a number of responses from travelers (thank you Christian, Lioba, and Kreso!) who generously shared their recent travel experiences between Dubai and Muscat. I am grateful for their generosity. Unfortunately, as a result of COVID-19, the Mwasalat busses (line 201) between Dubai and Muscat are no longer in service. An official agent at the Mwasalat counter acknowledged that this was the case with the information.

There are two buses every day, one leaving at 6 a.m.

Tickets cost 100 AED / 10 OM per person (one-way) and may be purchased directly from the Al Khanjry offices in Dubai or Muscat, respectively.

Things to know about the Dubai Muscat bus

When traveling from Dubai to Muscat by bus, if you are lucky, the journey will just take 6 hours. However, because of traffic congestion in Dubai and a lengthy waiting period at the Hatta border crossing, the drive took us nine hours. Important: Please avoid making the same error we did and traveling to Muscat by bus from Dubai on Thursdays if at all possible (especially the afternoon and evening bus). Because Friday is the first day of the weekend in both the United Arab Emirates and Oman, this bus is quite crowded with employees returning home for the weekend.

Which facilities are there on the bus?

Don’t be concerned if you’re nervous about taking a long-distance bus ride. These luxury buses are the most comfortable kind of transportation available. Throughout the bus ride from Dubai to Muscat, passengers will find air conditioning, free WiFi, and USB charging ports in the back of each chair. There are no restrooms on the bus; however, there are restrooms at the border crossings, so plan accordingly (both at the U.A.E. as well as the Oman side). When taking the return bus from Muscat to Dubai, the driver will normally allow passengers to use the restroom if they request it at one of the eleven stops along the way.

Bus Dubai to Muscat: guide

We paid 55AED per passenger for a one-way trip to the destination (a return ticket is 90AED). If you want to go from Muscat to Dubai, the cost of a one-way ticket is 5.5 Omani Rial and the cost of a return ticket is 9 Omani Rial.

What time does the Dubai-Muscat bus leave?

There are three buses every day that travel in both directions. From Dubai to Muscat, the journey is as follows:

  • It is possible to board the Mwasalat bus from Dubai to Muscat at the Abu Hail bus station at seven different times per day: seven in the morning, three in the afternoon, and eleven in the evening. Alternatively, it is also possible to board the bus at Airport Terminal 2 at seven in the morning, three in the afternoon, and eleven in the evening
  • And at Rashidiya Bus Station at seven in the evening
  • And at the Abu Hail bus station at seven in the afternoon and eleven in the evening (8 am, 4 pm and 12 pm). Please

From Muscat to Dubai, the journey is as follows:

  • At 6.20 a.m., 3.20 p.m., and 11.20 p.m., the Mwasalat bus from Muscat to Dubai departs from Al Azaiba Station in Muscat
  • The bus will arrive in Dubai at 11.20 p.m. The bus stops at the following locations on the way to Dubai: Muscat International Airport, Burj Al Sahwa, Maabela, Barka, Musanah, Suwaiq, Khabura, Saham, Sohar, and Shinas.

It is possible to find the bus time schedule on the Mwasalat website (route 201).

Where can I buy a ticket for the bus from Dubai to Mucat?

Online ticket booking for the Mwasalat bus from Dubai to Muscat (or vice versa) is not yet available, which is unfortunate given the popularity of the service. Directly from the RTA stand (located at exit 2 of the Abu Hail Station MRT station) or at the Mwasalat Office in Deira (located near the Clock Tower), as shown on the map below, you may purchase your tickets.

Alternatively, you can board the bus at Rashidiya Station (the final station on the red metro line); however, you must purchase a ticket in advance because you will not be able to purchase one on the bus itself. The interactive map may be accessed by clicking here.

Step 2: board the bus 30 minutes before departure

If you are departing from Abu Hail Bus Station, be sure to arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled departure time. Place your large backpack in the bus’s luggage compartment and board the vehicle. Someone from the bus company will arrive to verify that your ticket is valid. Choose a seat (the seats near the front of the bus are normally allocated for single female travelers), take a deep breath, and let the journey begin. Keep your fingers crossed for minimal traffic in Dubai; in our experience, it was really congested, resulting in an additional hour or more of travel time.

Step 3: the Hatta border, U.A.E. side part 1

After almost two hours of driving, you should arrive at the Hatta border crossing (unfortunately it took us a lot longer due to the heavy traffic in Dubai). At the border with the United Arab Emirates, you must disembark the bus and pay an exit charge of 35AED per person. This can be paid in cash or with a credit or debit card. Once that is completed, return to the bus and MAKE SURE TO KEEP YOUR EXIT FEE RECEIPT!

Step 4: the Hatta border, U.A.E. side part 2

The bus will travel a short distance farther and make a pit stop at the United Arab Emirates Customs. Get off the bus once more and make sure you have your passport and the receipt for the departure charge with you. You will receive your exit stamp from the United Arab Emirates inside this customs facility, following which you will be able to board the bus again.

Step 5: the Hatta border, Oman side part 1

The bus will continue for a short distance before halting at the Oman customs station. Actually, it’s the Oman luggage checkpoint that’s the problem. At this checkpoint, you will be required to remove all of your belongings from the bus and hand them over to an Omani policeman (if you are a male) or policewoman (if you are a female) (if you are female). Even though the police will just give your baggage a cursory examination, the actual test will take place when all of the luggage is lined up and a specially trained canine is walked around the luggage to look for illegal narcotics.

Oman is a stunning nation with a long and illustrious history.

Step 6: the Hatta border, Oman side part 2

Normally, this leg of the voyage should go rather well; unfortunately, we had to wait quite a long time at the Oman immigration desks, which added significantly to our travel time. It was Thursday evening when we crossed the border, which marked the beginning of the weekend in Muslim nations. In retrospect, I should have realized this, but it hadn’t occurred to me that the border would be particularly crowded on the evening before the weekend. In terms of visas, you may now obtain either an electronic visa before to your travel from Dubai to Muscat or a visa on arrival in Muscat, as of 2018.

We obtained a 30-day visa for Oman because we planned a 2-week road trip around the country.

After purchasing our visas and receiving our stamps, we boarded the bus that would take us to Sohar, Morocco.

In Muscat, the final stop is Al Athaiba, and by the time you reach here, the bus will most likely be almost completely empty.

You may either locate a hotel nearby (such as Behlys Villa) or take a cab to Mutrah (we stayed atMutrah Hotel), depending on your preference. A cab ride from Al Athaiba to Mutrah will cost you around 5 or 6 Rial. Reservations for a hotel in Muscat|Reservations for a hotel in Dubai

Dubai to Muscat bus: in conclusion

You should now have all of the information you require to travel by bus from Dubai to Oman. If you have any questions, feel free to post a comment or shoot me an email. Also see my entries on why you should visit Oman, our Oman trip budget, and camping in Oman for further information. A new version of this piece was published in September 2020.

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