How To Sell Used Car In Dubai? (Question)

If you’re looking to sell your car in Dubai, placing an ad on a used car classified website is probably one of the easiest ways. YallaMotor is completely free and an ad can be placed in just three simple steps, making it a quick and convenient option.

How can I sell my car fast in Dubai?

The easiest way is to let Dubizzle Cash It For Me or Let Dubizzle sell it for me. If you don’t want to go through any hassle then you can simply sell your car to Dubizzle or Let Dubizzle sell it for you. The process is fast and if you opt to the option of cash it for me then you can end up selling your car in minutes.

What is the procedure to sell a car in UAE?

The car seller must be present at the time of transfer with original valid UAE driving license/Emirates ID along with a valid test certificate. Any fines/due must be cleared before selling a car. Documents required- Here are the documents that a buyer must have.

How do I sell a car in Dubai RTA?

Take your complete documents:

  1. Emirates ID (buyer and seller)
  2. Passport and residency visa (buyer and seller)
  3. Car’s Mulkiya (sellers only)
  4. Driver’s license (buyers only)
  5. Car insurance (buyer only)
  6. Transfer cost of around AED 300-400 (buyer only)

How can I sell my car online in UAE?

How do I sell my car in UAE? If you are looking to sell your car in UAE, all you need to do is post your car ad on a used car classified website such as YallaMotor. YallaMotor is visited by more than half a million verified used car buyers every month.

How much is SellAnyCar worth?

Saygin Yalcin Net Worth is $5 Billion. Saygin is the owner of Dubai’s biggest companies and

What paperwork do I need to sell my car in Dubai?

Selling your car privately in Dubai You’ll need your passport and driving licence, the vehicle registration card, an insurance policy in the new owner’s name and a technical inspection certificate. Service fees start from Dhs350 and vary according to the size of the car. Visit for more information.

What documents do I need to sell my car in Dubai?

What documents do I need to sell my car in the UAE? You need to have an original Emirate ID, valid car insurance, UAE driving license, a car testing certificate and a copy of a passport. Also, clear all the fines and payments before advertising it.

How do I transfer ownership of a car in Dubai?

Transferring vehicle ownership to any party must be done either at the Dubai Traffic Police HQ or an RTA licensing centre, both parties (current owner and new owner) must be present. Once you’ve arrived, head over to the typing centre to have a vehicle permit application form filled out for the new owner.

How much does it cost to transfer car ownership in Dubai?

What is the cost of car ownership transfer in Dubai? The buyer will have to pay AED 400 as the transfer fees. This price is specifically for light vehicles. Moreover, an innovation or knowledge fee is applied for AED 20.

What happens to my Salik when I sell my car?

What happens if I sell my Vehicle? Failure to do that will result in charging any toll fees incurred by the new vehicle’s owner to your account and might turn into violations if there was no balance in your account. You can deactivate the tag through any of the channels below: Smart Salik App.

How do you transfer car ownership?

Procedure to Transfer Car Ownership

  1. Step 1 – Notarise the Agreement of Sale.
  2. Step 2 – Fill the Necessary Documents and Submit the Same.
  3. Step 3 – Hand Over the Necessary Documents.
  4. Step 4 – Application for Clearance Certificate.
  5. Step 5 – Application for Transfer of Ownership at the New RTO.

Which site is best to buy used cars?

Best Used Car Sites for 2022

  • Best Overall: AutoTrader.
  • Best Basic Option: CarsDirect.
  • Best for Classic Cars: Hemmings.
  • Best for Mobile: Autolist.
  • Best for Cheap Cars: CarGurus.
  • Best for Comparing Options: AutoTempest.
  • Best Auction Site: Cars & Bids.

How can I sell my car online for free?

Selling your car online can be an easy way to find a local buyer or cast a wider net.

  1. Autotrader: Great for a lot of extras.
  2. eBay Motors: Great for multiple ways to sell.
  3. Craigslist: Great for local listings.
  4. CarGurus: Great for seller tools and support.
  5. Great for quick dealer offers.
  6. Carvana: Great for trade-ins.

How can I advertise my car for sale for free?

The Real Way To Sell Your Car Online For Free has changed the way people sell their used cars. By simply visiting the website and entering a few simple details about your vehicle (model, make, year, etc.), you can sell your car online for free – without actually posting it online at all.

3 Easy Ways to Sell Cars Fast in UAE?

Image courtesy of Pixabay When it comes to selling a car in Dubai, it may be a time-consuming procedure, especially if you want to earn the most money for your vehicle. Let’s talk about the three most effective techniques to sell automobiles quickly in the United Arab Emirates.

1) Cash it WIth Dubizzle Or Let dubizzle to sell it for you.

The most effective method of selling an automobile in the UAE is to sell it yourself. All you have to do is place an advertising on Dubizzle, however this is a time-consuming procedure that takes time. Many individuals will contact you to enquire about your automobile, and many more will come to your location to inspect it in person. You must make yourself available to all of your potential consumers at any time of day or night. This procedure is time-consuming, but it is the most efficient method of obtaining the highest possible value for your vehicle.

If you don’t want to deal with the headache of selling your automobile, you can just sell it to Dubizzle or allow Dubizzle to sell it for you instead.

In the case that you choose the “Let Dubizzle Sell it for You” option, Dubizzle will manage the entire transaction for you.

The Dubizzle staff will take care of the calls, coordinate the viewings, negotiate the terms of the deal, and arrange for the transfer.

2) Sell it To Beep UAE

Beep UAE is a high-end Carbuyerin UAE service. Their procedure is quick and uncomplicated. All you have to do is check the worth of your automobile on their website, and if you agree on the price, you can schedule an inspection appointment. It is sufficient to sign their car sales agreement after the purchase has been finalized because they have been allowed by the RTA to handle all of the necessary documentation. The entire procedure is completed in less than 30 minutes.

3) Exchange Offers

Choosing this option is the ideal choice if you are planning to update or replace your vehicle. It is simple to take your automobile to any of the leading automotive dealerships in the area, includingAl Futtaim Auto Mallor Nissan and many more that have been approved by the RTA to do so. The procedure is uncomplicated, quick, and easy to complete.

A Guide to Selling Your Car In Dubai

On August 6, 2019, we published our most recent update, which was on February 17, 2020.

It’s not an easy ride when it comes to selling your car in Dubai

In order to sell your automobile in Dubai, you must be prepared for the prospect of a time-consuming and sometimes tedious process. Your goal is to receive the greatest offer possible for your automobile in the shortest amount of time feasible. Selling a car on your own is not a tough undertaking, but it does need a significant investment of time and work on your part. You will, however, have the greatest amount of influence over the amount of money you receive for your automobile. This may be accomplished by placing an advertisement for your car in classifieds, whether online or on bulletin boards.

In contrast, these organizations will often pay you a reduced amount for your automobile and then re-sell it for more money to another customer, frequently after giving your vehicle an inside and exterior makeover.

Continue reading to compare and contrast the various methods of selling your used car in Dubai and choose which is the most appropriate for your circumstances.

Prepare your car

Prepare for the sale of your automobile in advance by following these guidelines. Listed below are five things you should do before selling your automobile:

1. Get your car evaluated from a car dealer or a car-buying business

It is not essential for you to bring your automobile to the location. It is possible to obtain an accurate quote for your car over the phone or through chat. To calculate your price, avoid basing it on the costs of identical automobiles listed on classified websites. You’re the one who’s doing it.

2. Set your sale price

When you obtain a professional appraisal, the amount you receive should give you a good sense of how much money you may possibly get for your automobile. While you might spend a few hundred or thousand dirhams extra, keep in mind that your vehicle should not be much more expensive than the competition. Even if you are asking less than a used-car dealer would for the identical vehicle, you should be reasonable. Once you’ve determined your pricing range, you may begin shopping.

3. Clean your vehicle

It makes for a more appealing appearance and will appear more appealing to potential purchasers as a result. A four-week-old drink spill from a drive-thru run is the last thing a potential buyer wants to see while looking at a house. And now that your automobile has been dressed to the nines,

4. Photograph your car during the morning or late afternoon

The light will therefore improve the appearance of your vehicle and make it easier to see. Take photos of the front, rear three-quarter view, interior, dashboard, engine compartment, and boot against a clean background – a large parking lot is good – then edit them together. Take photographs of the logbook, steering wheel, and tyres as well, since some individuals want to view these items. Always check to see that the entire automobile is in focus in the photograph and that it is not being cut off the frame in any manner.

5. Make sure people can contact you with ease

Consequently, the light will improve the appearance of your vehicle and make it simpler to see. Take photos of the front, rear three-quarter view, interior, dashboard, engine compartment, and boot against a clean background – a large parking lot is excellent – then edit the images. Take shots of the logbook, steering wheel, and tyres as well, since some individuals want to view these items. Always check to see that the entire automobile is in focus and not cut off from the frame while taking a photograph.

Sell your car on classifieds

The light will therefore improve the appearance of your automobile and make it easier to see. Take photos of the front, rear three-quarter view, interior, dashboard, engine compartment, and boot against a clean backdrop – a large parking lot is excellent – then edit them together. Also photograph the logbook, steering wheel, and tyres, because some individuals want to see these items. Always check to see that the entire automobile is in focus in the photograph and that nothing is being cropped off the frame.

Advantages of selling your car on classifieds

  • In most cases, posting your ad is completely free. Simple sign-up and posting process – most sites will merely ask for your name, phone number, automobile information, images, and a price
  • Can reach a larger number of people
  • You have a greater degree of influence over the ultimate pricing.

Disadvantages of selling your car on classifieds

  • It is frequently a time-consuming and even difficult procedure. Buyers may contact you at any time of day or night and want complete and accurate information about your automobile. The possibility of fake purchasers expressing their interest and setting up a meeting but then failing to appear
  • Potential “no shows”
  • If you include your phone number on your automobile advertisement, you may receive messages or phone calls from pranksters, scammers, and fraudsters.

It is simple to sell your automobile through classifieds, partly because there is no expense and you have greater control over the pricing. Unfortunately, this is a more time-consuming procedure since you will need to wait for potential buyers, interact with them, bargain with them, and set up a meeting, all of which will take time. It might take anything from weeks to months to eventually complete a contract with a buyer, and if you’re lucky, it could take as little as a week or as long as two weeks.

The urgency with which you need to sell your automobile is a critical component in assessing if this is the best option for you – if you have the time, the answer is straightforward.

Online classifieds you can post your car ad in

  • ExpatWoman Classifieds
  • Dubizzle
  • Dubaiclassified
  • Total Dubai
  • ExpatWoman Classifieds

Print classifieds you can post your car ad in

  • Additionally, you can post classifieds in your neighborhood, such as on a community board, provided the security situation allows it.

Sell your car through a car-buying business

  • Generally speaking, it is quick and simple, which is very important if you need to get rid of your automobile quickly for quick cash. You will not be required to display your phone number on the internet
  • Neither bogus purchasers nor scammers, pranksters, or fraudsters will contact you

Disadvantages of selling your car to a car-buying business

  • There is little or no control on the selling price
  • It is unlikely that you will receive the greatest price because they will acquire your vehicle for a large fraction of its current market worth and condition.

Using a vehicle-buying company to sell your automobile is the quickest and least lucrative method of doing it. It will entail documentation and, in certain cases, a charge, and you will receive a less favorable outcome. However, if you don’t have the luxury of time to waste waiting for and haggling with purchasers and you need to trade in your automobile for quick cash, this option is more advantageous for you.

Important things to consider after selling your car

  • As soon as the buyer pays their deposit and/or the complete sale price of the vehicle, provide them with a receipt. If the item is still protected by a dealer or manufacturer’s warranty, you must provide copies of any applicable documentation and warranties. Provide the new owner with any spare keys, manuals, logbooks, service manuals, and any accessories that you have. Remove your e-tags and other personal belongings from the car
  • In order to transfer car ownership, both you and the purchaser must follow all of the necessary steps. Call your insurance company and request that your previous car’s insurance coverage be canceled
  • It’s important to remove the vehicle from your accounts so that any Salik charges, traffic infractions, and other road fines imposed after your sale are transferred to the new owner. Once you and the buyer have arrived to an authorized RTA center to transfer ownership of the vehicle, make every effort to take payment for the vehicle. If you receive a check to pay for the used automobile, take it to a bank to have it authenticated before proceeding with the transfer of ownership. This will help you prevent potential fraud.

How to transfer car ownership in Dubai

Once you’ve reached an agreement on a price and arranged for payment, you’ll need to transfer ownership of the used automobile to the new owner. You can transfer automobile ownership in Dubai in the following ways:

1. Visit an authorised location

You will need to formally transfer ownership of the vehicle to the new owner, which may be accomplished at any of the RTA-approved centers located around Dubai. You will, however, be needed to transfer ownership in that emirate first if the automobile is currently registered in a different emirate than where you live. Only after that will you be able to continue to an authorized center in Dubai to transfer ownership of the used automobile to the new owner. If the new owner lives in a different emirate but the used automobile is registered in Dubai, the situation is reversed.

2. Clear all due fines and payments

If you have any outstanding traffic fines and payments that have been issued to your account, you will be unable to transfer ownership. Make sure all of your payments are current.

3. RTA mandated vehicle test

For your used automobile to be eligible for transfer of ownership, it must pass the RTA-mandated vehicle inspection. This inspection may be performed at the same approved center where you transferred ownership. The exam is valid for 30 days after it has been completed.

4. Bring the necessary documents

Bring your Emirates ID, driver’s license, auto insurance policy (which can be acquired at most RTA centers), and car registration card, all of which must be in working order. It is necessary, however, to obtain a valid and authorized Power of Attorney in order to transfer ownership of the vehicle if it is not registered in your name (for example, if you are selling your spouse’s used automobile).

5. Clear loans

It is necessary to pay off any outstanding debts if you acquired the vehicle with a bank loan before transferring ownership of the vehicle to the buyer. Along with the “mortgaged by” field on the automobile registration card, it will indicate whether or not the vehicle is subject to a bank loan. Once you have completed the repayment of the outstanding bank loan, you must provide a document from the bank verifying that you have done so.

  • Automobile sales
  • Automobile sales in Dubai
  • Automobile sales

Recommended for you

Despite the fact that Dubai is the center of the world’s most luxury and premium vehicles, many of us do not consider it to be our permanent home. It is a transitional city that is home to individuals from a wide range of cultural backgrounds and ethnicities. As a result, Dubai is an ideal location for the sale of second-hand and used automobiles, as individuals living in transition do not necessarily like to purchase brand new autos. It is true that there is a large market for used automobiles, but this does not necessarily make it simple for car owners to sell their vehicles at a fair price.

Selling old vehicles may be the biggest trend in the city right now, but jumping into it with no prior experience is not the ideal way to go about doing it. The following are some important considerations if you wish to sell a used automobile in Dubai in an appropriate manner:


If you are considering of selling your automobile, it is critical that you realize the value of thorough research beforehand. Good research assists both buyers and sellers in making the best selections and avoiding beginner mistakes by providing them with relevant information. Selling used vehicles in Dubai requires extensive research, which assists sellers in determining how much to charge for their autos. Mileage, condition, and age are the three most important factors in determining the price of an automobile.

Prospective buyers are typically turned off by unreasonably high price quotes, which further complicate and lengthen the transaction process.

In reality, fair pricing attracts more used car buyers in Dubai and sends a positive message about your desire to sell your vehicle.

In its capacity as the number one used automobile dealership in Dubai, ALBA CARS is an excellent location from which to do much-needed research.


Generally speaking, the longer an automobile is on the market, the faster its value will depreciate. Normally, as the days and weeks pass, the number of bids decreases since the prospective purchasers are aware that the vehicle is still on the market. When a result, it is critical to be adaptable from the very beginning and to take advantage of true opportunities as they arise. However, you should avoid being too enthusiastic or placing unrealistic expectations on the first few phone calls since not every buyer who calls shows up, and not every buyer who shows up is genuine.

When it comes to negotiating, having a realistic bottom line is essential since it makes the decision-making process much easier.

When it comes to selling used automobiles in Dubai, it is not only about achieving the best price possible; speed and the convenience with which the transaction may be completed are also critical considerations.


Car owners are faced with a difficult decision: should they trade in their vehicle or sell their vehicle privately on the open market. It is critical to keep in mind the advantages and disadvantages of both solutions. Despite the fact that selling old automobiles privately might result in somewhat higher prices, it is not a hassle-free and flawless procedure. However, although dealers may provide somewhat lower prices, they also provide high-end ease throughout the entire procedure. A surprising alternative to selling your automobile at the highest possible price without sacrificing convenience or comfort is available.

To sell used automobiles in Dubai, it is frequently preferable to do it through used car dealers such as ALBA CARS, who take care of the paperwork and make fair offers in a competitive market.


It’s important to understand the difference between a tire-kicker and a real buyer if you’re ever wondering how to sell my automobile the proper way on eBay. Tire-kickers are those that have just a rudimentary interest in purchasing your automobile or who want to purchase your car at a price that is far lower than your desire. It is not difficult to distinguish between a tire-kicker and a legitimate customer, and the direct approach of a tire-kicker is one of the most obvious tell-tale signs.

No customer will ever purchase a secondhand automobile until they are completely satisfied, which is why a test drive as well as technical inspections are required.

It’s crucial to remember to always accompany the buyer during the test drives, and it’s great if you can arrange to meet at your house or another location that’s familiar to you.

You may also have the car inspected by your mechanic if the buyer requests it and is prepared to pay the mechanic cost.


It’s important to understand the difference between a tire-kicker and a real buyer if you ever question how to sell my automobile the proper way. They are the people that have only a passing interest in purchasing your automobile or who want to purchase it at a far lesser price than you are willing to accept. When deciding between a tire-kicker and a real customer, it is not difficult to distinguish between the two, and the direct approach taken by a tire-kicker is a major red flag. The privilege to test drives and further mechanical examinations is reserved for real customers who are prepared to commit their time to inspecting and reviewing your vehicle.

Most of the time, a 10-15 minute drive is sufficient to have a general understanding of the vehicle, and discussions are frequently initiated at this point.

Genuine purchasers frequently bring their mechanic with them on the second visit for inspections, and you may also have your mechanic check the car on the buyer’s behalf provided the buyer agrees to cover your costs for the examination.

ALBA CARS, with its highly sought-after automotive specialists and technicians, simplifies the entire procedure for car sellers by providing a straightforward, quick, and uncomplicated automobile evaluation process.


It’s important to understand the difference between a tire-kicker and a real buyer if you’re ever wondering how to sell my automobile the proper way. Tire-kickers are those who have a minor interest in purchasing your automobile or who want to purchase your car at a price that is far lower than your desire. It is not difficult to distinguish between a tire-kicker and a legitimate customer, and the direct approach of a tire-kicker is one of the most obvious telltale signs. Genuine purchasers, on the other hand, who are prepared to commit their time to inspecting and reviewing your vehicle have the right to take it for a test drive and to have it subjected to additional mechanical examinations.

Typically, a 10-15 minute drive is sufficient to provide a general understanding of the vehicle, and discussions are frequently initiated at this point.

If you have a serious buyer, they will almost always bring their mechanic with them on the second visit for inspections.

ALBA CARS, with its team of highly sought-after automotive specialists and mechanics, makes the entire procedure simple for car sellers by providing a straightforward, fast, and uncomplicated automobile evaluation process.


Many individuals will approach you and make you offers that you will find difficult to resist, but not everything is as it appears. These are the individuals that submit personal checks in lieu of bank checks in order to pay off their debts, and most of the time, this is an invitation to disaster. In order to avoid taking personal checks when selling your automobile, it is recommended to use a more secure option such as ALBA CARS, which specializes in the purchase and sale of used cars in Dubai.


Not every vendor is aware that number plates in Dubai have a monetary value and are worth anything in and of themselves. Unfortunately, it is not possible to transport the plates outside of the country, which is why it is essential to understand what you should do with them. Some number plates are worth far more than others, and the value of plates increases as they get more and more old. Number plates that are more than a decade old, as well as plates that include the prefix “A” before the number, are worth more money on the open market.


In the end, it all boils down to personal preference and convenience. Selling used automobiles in Dubai may be either extremely simple or quite hard, depending on the circumstances. As a result, when it comes to selling second-hand and used automobiles in Dubai, it is preferable to place a high emphasis on convenience and comfort.

Many automobile owners are drawn into a web of complexities by the prospect of selling a used car privately for an unreasonable amount on the open market. As a result, ALBA CARS is the finest option because they offer market-competitive prices while also providing high-end convenience.

Same Day Cash-GUARANTEEDSell Your Car Today!

Three years ago, I was attempting to sell my automobile in Dubai and quickly discovered how complex, time-consuming, and potentially dangerous the process was. I was not an automotive specialist, and I didn’t know anything about my automobile other than the brand, model, and year it was manufactured, let alone anything about the legal second-hand car selling process that was necessary. In only three months, I’ve launched the Middle East’s first vehicle-buying business, which pledges to acquire any car within 30 minutes of receiving an application.

Here are some of my observations, suggestions, and methods on how to sell a car in the United Arab Emirates, as well as which questions to ask to avoid dealing with dishonest auto purchasers.

How much is my car worth?

First and foremost, I needed to determine the market worth of my automobile. After taking a cursory peek at the internet listings, I was perplexed. There were 20 identical automobiles with price variances of 40-50 percent, however there were not enough car information to determine the reasons for the price disparities. I became aware of what was most likely taking place. When someone is trying to sell a car on classifieds, they will look at the maximum price of a comparable automobile and add an additional 1-2 percent to provide for room for wiggle room in the pricing.

As a result, while trying to purchase or sell a car on ads, there is a significant disparity in expectations, resulting in a significant amount of time and frustration.

Consequently, I chose a price that was somewhat in the center.

As a result of our expertise, we can provide you with a free and rapid online automobile appraisal in as little as 15 seconds.


  • Free automobile valuation estimates may be obtained by visiting’s online car valuation tool. Do not depend on the prices listed on internet ads, since they are essentially wishlists of other merchants. Selling your automobile to a customer will almost always need the repair of whatever damage it may have suffered. This might result in a significant repair price. It is possible that hiding problems to your automobile from a consumer that risk its roadworthiness will result in warranty claims from the buyer six months down the road. What method will you use to get paid? A seller who sells to a consumer assumes the risk of not getting paid, receiving bouncing checks, or being paid with counterfeit money.

How to find a buyer for my car?

Following the posting of my vehicle on an online classifieds website, I have had a slew of calls from a variety of (strange) persons at all hours of the day and night. They all tried their luck by giving half of what I had requested for and negotiating without even seeing my automobile, and the majority of them failed. I had 19 queries, and I hastily booked appointments to see them at my home, but virtually all of them either didn’t show up at all or showed up late by a large amount. I needed to be accessible at all times in case I ended up meeting strangers on my doorway.

After 4 weeks of annoying haggling practice, no one had expressed interest in purchasing my automobile – they were all either dissatisfied with the price or concerned about some inexplicable problem or sound in the vehicle.

Aside from that, every time someone approached me about doing a test drive, I knew I was taking a risk since that individual was not insured to be in my car.

Nowadays, it even costs money to post a car on a classified website with no assurance that it will be sold.

I became furious and vowed to myself that I would address the customer problem. When was founded, they had one objective in mind: to guarantee to acquire any automobile, in any condition, at fair market value, within 30 minutes; completely free of charge and without any obligations.


  • Do not waste too much time attempting to sell your automobile while the worth of your car continues to degrade on a daily basis. Do not pay to get your automobile sold. Avoid taking dangerous test drives with strangers. Maintain your anonymity. Never give out your home address or personal phone number to complete strangers.

Selling to a dealer?

To make matters worse for myself, I’ve decided to try selling my automobile to a dealership’s showroom. One of the first things that stood out to me was that most of the dealers I visited were uninterested in my vehicle since it was not “certifiable.” For want of a better phrase, my automobile was more than 1 or maximum 2 years old and did not conform to their “brand strategy.” The gist of it is that it wasn’t worth their showroom real estate unless I agreed to purchase a brand-new automobile from them.

  • In any event, he would have just passed my automobile to another broker in exchange for a commission.
  • A few dealerships even attempted to give me a “decent” price for my old car while just slightly decreasing the discount he would have given me on a new car purchase.
  • Another week has been squandered.
  • Selling any car on is the name I chose because I did not want it to become known as a firm that rejected sellers because of the make, model, or condition of their automobile.
  • The way it works is as follows: A systematic protocol will be followed when you bring your vehicle in for a free auto inspection at one of our offices around the country, and it will be checked thoroughly.
  • The highest price wins (regardless of where your automobile is situated), and we send that amount to the seller after deducting our fee.
  • is not a broker in any way shape or form.
  • Be on the lookout for several unscrupulous firms offering to purchase any automobile or to be interested in your car in exchange for cash.
  • If you do business with fraudulent, incorrectly licensed, or unregistered dealers, you run the risk of not getting paid or being held accountable for a car you have already sold.

Over the last several months, the Dubai government has been extremely helpful with closing down infringing enterprises and/or forcing them to rebrand, who have mimicked or falsely represented that they offered similar services to “”


  • In most cases, if your automobile is more than one or two years old, most dealers will not think it worth their showroom space and will reject it. There is no need to pay for a car inspection to analyze your vehicle. You are not need to make a commitment to purchase a vehicle in order to be eligible to sell your vehicle. You won’t have to travel vast distances or visit numerous vendors to find the best offer. has locations all throughout the country, which saves you both time and money. In no way does the value of your automobile depend on the brand emphasis, inventory condition, or opinion of the market held by a dealer. Only a true marketplace based on demand and supply can establish the true market worth of your automobile in the first place. Use’s free and worldwide automobile pricing method to find the best deal on a car. Keep in mind that your automobile can be valued more in a foreign country than it is here. Ensure that the dealer’s trade license is clearly labeled “Used Car Trading” and not anything else. Do not fall victim to a swindler while purchasing an automobile. Make certain that you are working with “” and not with anybody else who may sound similar or pretend to provide the same services.

What’s the legal car selling process in the UAE?

So you’ve made the decision to sell your automobile and have found a willing buyer. I was in a similar scenario and was completely unaware of the actions that needed to be taken in order to transfer ownership of my vehicle. I went to the RTA office and waited in line, only to discover that I didn’t even have a sales contract with the company. There is absolutely no protection. What if I don’t get paid at all? Is it possible that I may be paid less than what we agreed upon? Is it better to transfer title first or to wait to be paid first?

  • Because of money laundering restrictions, carrying cash in excess of a specific amount is prohibited.
  • A check may simply bounce, and a wire transfer may never be received at all.
  • Who is going to foot the bill for that?
  • What papers are necessary, and how long does it take to complete?
  • What happened?
  • As a result, I had a slew of questions on my mind, and I spent the better part of two days attempting to educate myself on the appropriate procedure.
  • takes care of all of the paperwork, and we will even take care of any outstanding loans and bank papers for you if necessary.
  • pays you immediately and even provides you with a free chauffeur drive home and a free rental car for up to one month, depending on the condition of the automobile you are selling us.


  • Before transferring title, you need sign a legally enforceable, certified purchase agreement with the buyer (certified purchase agreements are available on
  • Do not take checks from someone you do not know
  • Make certain that the organization with whom you are working is respectable and has the right licensing
  • Request a responsibility letter from your bank if you have a loan on your automobile that has not been paid off. After selling your automobile, be sure to remove all of your personal possessions, as well as the number plate and salik tag. Following the title transfer, obtain a copy of the new ownership certificate for your vehicle, which you should send to your insurance provider in order to collect a potential reimbursement and to alert them of the change in ownership
  • In the event that you are selling to a stranger or an unknown dealer and are unsure whether or not you will be paid, you might consider using an escrow payment service, which will cost you a large sum of money. Overall, selling privately may result in you having less cash in your hands as a result of the loss of time (and, consequently, depreciation of your vehicle) and transaction charges, which may include costs of risk mitigation and procedure education. Source:

How to Sell A Car in The UAE

No matter if you’re looking to trade in your old model for a newer, more up-to-date model or need to upgrade to a larger vehicle because your family is expanding, buying and selling automobiles in the United Arab Emirates is simple. You have two major options for getting your automobile on the market: either you can advertise it in the ads or you can sell it to a dealership. Both have advantages and disadvantages, which is why we’ve put together a brief guide on how to sell a car in the UAE and obtain the best bargain possible for you.

Private sales – taking your chances in the small ads

For many years, the majority of people in the United Arab Emirates sold their cars through modest advertising or classifieds. While selling a car over the internet is becoming increasingly popular, it does have one significant drawback: everyone else is doing it as well. That means your vehicle will become lost in a sea of rivals, all of whom are vying for the attention of a small number of potential purchasers. If you want to purchase and sell automobiles in the United Arab Emirates and have the financial wherewithal to wait for the appropriate buyer, selling through private advertisements will potentially get you the greatest price.

As a result, selling your automobile through private advertisements is getting less enticing as time goes on because of the amount of time and effort required.

Dealerships – the easier way to sell your car in the UAE

In the event that you Google phrases such as “sell my vehicle UAE” or “selling cars in Dubai,” you’ll get a plethora of web guidance advising you that dealership sales are the best option for you. They acquire used automobiles in the UAE on a regular basis and are constantly on the lookout for high-quality pre-owned vehicles to keep their showrooms stocked. There is no longer any truth to the old fallacy that you will receive a better bargain at a dealership — because dealers desire high-quality stock, they will offer you the real market value of your vehicle, even if it is a few years old.

What about cars with existing finance?

In the event that you have taken out a bank loan to purchase a car in Dubai and there is still outstanding finance, it is necessary to pay it off. You won’t be allowed to transfer ownership until the lending bank has informed the RTA that it is okay for the transaction to proceed. You may encounter significant difficulties in completing the transaction if you are selling your home on your own dime. If you sell to a dealer, on the other hand, they will be able to take care of the financing paperwork for you, and they will do so fast as well.

Remember that your vehicle must also pass the RTA’s yearly roadworthiness inspection, and you’ll need to make sure that your vehicle’s registration and insurance are up to date before you put your vehicle on the market.

Our conclusion…

In the UAE, a private sale is a perfectly acceptable method of selling a car if you have the time and patience to wait, are willing to deal with time-wasters and ‘looky-Lous’ who aren’t serious about buying your car, and aren’t concerned about incurring the costs of promoting yourself. Those who want to get the deal done fast, are willing to accept the market value for their vehicle, and have their sights set on a new vehicle can consider selling their vehicle to a UAE dealership.

Selling Your Car in Dubai – Dos and Don’ts

Generally speaking, when it comes to selling your automobile in Dubai, there are two primary routes you might use. There are two possible outcomes: either you are trading up and choose to take the road of least resistance and accept the dealer’s price as a trade-in, or you elect to sell privately for a number of reasons.

Take the dealer’s trade in price or not?

What makes you think you’d choose the first option? After all, it will be convenient: a one-stop shop with no fuss and a professional who will take care of everything to solve the problem of what to do with the old metal. Any documents that you will be required to sign or collect will be organized by the dealer to the extent that he is able, and you will be informed of the remaining requirements. In the majority of situations, everything may be completed at the dealer’s desk in the vehicle showroom.

To be honest, they are almost the same as they are anyplace else in the globe.

Consider doing some preliminary research on average values for your model, its year, and condition before making your final decision.

If the difference between what the dealer is offering and the expected private selling price is tiny, take advantage of the situation. Consider selling it privately through Dubizzle if the amount is significant (a few thousand dirhams (AED) or more). As a result, here’s what happens:

Selling Privately: the Dos and Don’ts

Taking the First Steps As previously stated, conduct some research and, above all, be reasonable in your expectations, taking into consideration the age, mileage, and overall condition of your vehicle. Where are you going to do your research? Try looking through the classified ads on To narrow down your search even further, make use of the criteria offered to ensure that you are only looking at cars that are the same model and year as yours. To advertise on Dubizzle, you must pay an AED 200 fee for each used vehicle advertisement you post.

  • what area of Dubai it’s in).
  • Okay, so the rules of the eastern bazaar apply.
  • So much for the dos and don’ts of this particular step of the procedure.
  • You won’t want to get your expectations up too much based on the first few phone calls and inquiries, since the majority of them will not be rushing to your door to do a personal inspection.
  • You’ll also receive a significant number of phone calls from dealerships.
  • Even fewer people are likely to show up and evaluate the vehicle.
  • Nothing will be able to escape their attention.

Don’t let the size of the task frighten you.

You may need to reevaluate your willingness to accept the lowest price you are willing to accept from a buyer after a week to ten days if you have not reached an agreement with them.

Just keep in mind that after a week to ten days, a different type of customer will begin to arrive on the scene.

Inspections and test drives are performed.

It is entirely up to you whether you would want to meet on neutral ground or have them come to your home.

Always be there to support them.

The price haggling might occur at any point during the inspection, the test drive, or after the test drive has been completed.

Include a statement to the effect that a) the buyer is welcome to bring a mechanic to check the vehicle further, or b) you will transport the vehicle to the technician, and that c) all charges and fees will be the responsibility of the buyer.

In my opinion, as long as all of these details are fully agreed upon in advance, you are unlikely to have any unpleasant surprises.

So, Price Agreed. Hands Shaken. What Now?

It is not unfair to request a deposit in advance. According to my experience, any hesitancy to pay a deposit on the spot or to shake hands on the contract almost often indicates that the deal is about to vanish like the dew on a summer day. Buyer’s remorse is the term used to describe this phenomenon. So, what amount should be put down as a deposit? I believe that 5 percent is a reasonable amount; cash, not a check, by the way. To have prepared and printed receipt forms for any money that is exchanged is the proper way to conduct oneself professionally.

You should also include a spot to fill in the agreed-upon price, a space to fill in the paid deposit, and the buyer’s personal information.

Even if you’ve had the money in your pocket, you don’t want to be involved in any backroom deals concerning the agreed-upon price 24-48 hours later, do you?

Final Stage: The Official Stuff

Making a deposit isn’t out of line in most cases. Another thing I’ve learned over the years is that any hesitation to pay a deposit on the spot or shake hands on the sale almost often indicates that the offer is on its way out the door. Buyer’s regret is what you might call it. So, what amount should be put down as a down payment. I believe that 5 percent is a reasonable amount; cash, not a check, by the by. To have prepared and printed receipt forms for any money that is exchanged is the proper way to conduct yourself professionally.

Filling up identical invoices for both the customer and yourself is also a good idea, in my opinion.

And Now: The Very Last ‘Don’t’

Accepting a personal check for the sum owed on the automobile is not acceptable. It is OK to accept a bank cheque, but if the buyer gives a personal cheque, respectfully recommend that he go to the bank and either collect cash (assuming the amount is not too large) or have the banking institution issue a bank cheque for the amount.

And a Very Last ‘Do’

Do some deliberation on what you want to do with the car’s license plate. After all, it’s yours to keep. It is unfortunate that if you are leaving the UAE, you will not be able to take it with you as a memento, but you may transfer it to the new owner. It’s possible that the number plate itself has a monetary worth of its own, especially if it’s more than 10 years old and contains a “A” prefix preceding the number plate itself. Take a look at this website. It’s possible that the plate is worth far more than you realize.

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Sell Car in Dubai at the Price That’s Right

In Dubai, there will be a lot of pressure on you to sell your automobile quickly and for the best price possible. You may now sell your automobile on the internet through a large variety of websites. However, this does not imply that you should choose any of them and proceed with the selling procedure blindly. There might be hundreds of firms that purchase and sell automobiles in Dubai, but the largest issue for you will be determining the best price at which to sell your automobile. On the majority of times, they price your automobiles so low that you would want to keep it forever rather than sell it.

Common Issues When You Want to Sell Any Car in Dubai

In Dubai, there will be a lot of pressure on you to sell your automobile quickly and for the best possible price. Nowadays, you may sell your automobile online on a large variety of websites. Nonetheless, this does not imply that you should choose any of them and proceed with the sale in a blind fashion. Even if there are hundreds of firms that purchase and sell automobiles in Dubai, selling your car at the proper price will be your toughest issue. They frequently undervalue your automobiles to the point that you opt to keep it rather than sell it.

They Don’t Price It Right

This is a problem that you will encounter on a regular basis. They go on and on about how they would make it simple for you to sell your automobile in Dubai, but when it comes time to price it, they leave you feeling disappointed. When you cooperate with We Buy Cars DXB, you will not have to deal with such a situation. Our clients’ satisfaction with our pricing is one of the primary reasons they continue to do business with us.

They Make Selling a Difficult Process

As a result, many automobile dealerships do not even have websites. If you go into their office without making an appointment, they may not be able to serve you at all. If you phone them before you go to see them, their specialists may be preoccupied with other tasks and may take a long time to attend to your needs. Our online valuation procedure with We Buy Cars DXB is completely hassle-free. Simple information about your vehicle and yourself is required, and you will receive a text message reminding you of your appointment.

They Don’t Buy Cars with Loans on Them

Many auto dealerships find it simple to refuse to do business with you by informing you that you have outstanding payments on your vehicle and that they do not purchase vehicles until they have been paid in full for the vehicle in question. That’s where We Buy Cars DXB goes above and above in terms of providing a positive client experience. If you still owe money on your automobile, simply come to our location and tell us, “I want to sell my car,” and we would be more than delighted to assist you with your financial obligations.

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What You’re Getting when you Sell any Car in Dubai at We Buy Cars DXB

Naturally, when you’re trying to sell your car in Dubai, you want the fastest, most efficient service possible at the best possible price. Fortunately, you’ve arrived at the perfect spot! Suppose you have a car to sell, and you’re faced with a wide range of options and are wondering: “How am I going to sell my automobile at the best price?!” Here’s everything you need to know: Some automobile manufacturers have a higher resale value than others, and only a small number of individuals are knowledgeable on how to determine the appropriate price for your automobile.

Valuation factors in play when you want to sell any used car:

Is the overall condition of the car’s body and mechanical great, medium, or poor? When it comes to selling an automobile, there’s no denying that scratches, dents, and a worn-out engine all play a significant role in the final price. How far did it travel in terms of miles? The mileage on a car may tell you a great deal about the condition of the engine, transmission, and wheels of the vehicle. What are the choices and add-ons that are available? Automatic transmission, air conditioning, a panoramic moon roof, and so on all increase the value of the automobile you wish to sell when they are installed.

Changes in color, the addition of speakers, wheels, or spoilers, among other things, may all have an impact on the price of your automobile.

You may come see us at any time and obtain an estimate on the value of the automobile you wish to sell.

Selling any car with us takes no more than 30 minutes

When selling a car, especially in Dubai, it might take weeks of looking for potential buyers and requesting people and organizations to set a price on your vehicle. You won’t have to make a hundred phone calls to potential purchasers, put advertising on social media, or ask strangers for an estimate of the market value of your automobile here. You may sell any automobile in Dubai in a short period of time. Just come in and say, “I want to sell my car,” and 30 minutes later, you’re on your way out with real cash in your hand and a grin on your face.

If You’re Selling, We’re Buying!

We will purchase any automobile, regardless of its model, manufacture, condition, or mileage driven. it doesn’t matter to us what kind of car you want to sell. Furthermore, for a hassle-free transaction, financing and RTA paperwork are no longer a concern! Allow an expert to take care of the entire procedure and deal with all of the paperwork so that you can walk away with a terrific offer right away! We Buy Cars DXB is the ideal option for you when you want to sell your automobile in Dubai since we understand the market.

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Here are the Laws You Should Be Familiar with Before You Sell Your Car in the UAE

In the United Arab Emirates, are you wanting to sell your car? If you answered yes, there are a number of laws that you should be aware of. Following the rules and regulations will guarantee that your automobile selling process is as easy as possible. When you follow the regulations, you may rest assured that your peace of mind is secure. Selling your automobile is a simple process. You may do a few Google searches to get the most competitive price. You can just put cash your vehicle UAE into your Google search box and compare the many estimates provided by the major auto purchasing portals to find the best deal for you.

Let’s get this party started.

1. The Car Selling Laws in the UAE

“Can you tell me what the rules are for selling an automobile in the United Arab Emirates?” When it comes to selling an automobile, this is the question that gets asked the most frequently. Hopefully, the rules listed below may assist you in gaining some clarification.

  1. Vehicle owners are prohibited from placing any ‘for sale’ signs, stickers, advertisements, or sales literature inside their vehicles. Currently, this is a European practice that is not permitted in the United Arab Emirates. If the police discover an advertising, they will seize and confiscate the car. Vehicle owners in the United Arab Emirates will not be able to sell their vehicles if they have any outstanding finance (mortgage). Before selling his or her automobile, the owner must pay off any outstanding debts (if any) he or she may have.

2. Laws Concerning Banks, RTA,Buyer

  1. As previously stated, the automobile seller is responsible for clearing any outstanding financing (loan/mortgage), if any. As soon as the funds have been repaid, the responsible bank must notify the Roads and Transport Authority so that the loan status may be updated in their records. An SMS will be sent to the automobile owner when the loan status is changed in the RTA system, according to the RTA’s policy. Most of the time, this takes 1-2 business days
  2. Putting their vehicles through the Roads and Transport Authority test before advertising is in the best interest of the vehicle owners who want to sell their vehicle quickly. It will assist them in identifying faults (if any) so that they may be corrected and a valid automobile test certificate can be acquired from the Road Traffic Authority (RTA). A automobile cannot be transferred to a buyer unless the seller has obtained a valid car certificate. The RTA exam costs AED 120 and is administered by a qualified professional. Following the expiration of the certificate’s 30-day validity period, it can no longer be utilized. An original, valid UAE driving license or Emirates ID, as well as a current test certificate, must be shown by the automobile seller at the time of transfer. Before selling an automobile, it is necessary to pay off any outstanding penalties or fees. Paperwork necessary-The following are the documents that a buyer is required to possess: A valid auto insurance policy, an Emirates ID card, and a valid UAE driving license are all required.

Please keep in mind that the buyer will need both the originals and photocopies of all of the paperwork.

  1. The buyer is responsible for either paying the vehicle test fees or refunding them to the seller (if the seller has already paid them) (120 AED). Additional to this, the buyer is responsible for paying the registration costs (330 AED).

Keep in mind that if a buyer holds a visa from a different emirate than the emirate in which he or she wishes to register the automobile, the buyer must own or rent a property in his or her home emirate, and he or she must show proof of residency in that emirate. Also see Cars for sale in the United Arab Emirates: Used Automobiles for Sale in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

3. Seller Laws

These statutes provide a solution to the question. I’m looking for someone to sell my automobile for me. As a general rule, the seller must be physically present at the Roads and Transportation Authority in order to transfer ownership of the vehicle. However, there are several possibilities that allow a third-party to sell a car on the seller’s behalf. The seller may authorize an individual to act as his or her agent in order for the automobile to be sold on the seller’s behalf. Important to Keep in Mind: The procedure for giving power of attorney is a legal one.

The power of attorney is not limited to merely selling the automobile on the seller’s behalf; rather, it can be utilized for any and all of the seller’s financial and legal transactions.

In the case of an automobile, the owner can go to a licensed car dealership that will create sales agreements on the owner’s behalf.

Note: Before making any sales agreements, check to see that the vehicle is clear of any outstanding financing or fine obligations.

It is advised that you include a condition that allows them to promote your automobile on your behalf, but that you retain the right to decide whether or not to proceed with the sale.

Popular Car Brands Insurance

Honda Car Insurance Toyota Car Insurance BMW Car Insurance

4. Car Insurance Transfer Laws

For auto insurance plans with more than 7 months left until renewal, the policy can be transferred to the new car owner if the new car owner meets the qualifying requirements imposed by an insurance company, which can be found on the insurance provider’s website. You should confirm that your existing insurance company allows you to transfer your auto insurance policy because not all companies do so. Alternatively, if a policy has 7 months or more remaining, the policyholder can choose to cancel the insurance plan and get a reimbursement for the remaining time of coverage.

5. Loan Transfer Laws

A loan cannot be transferred for any reason. The debt must be repaid in its whole. Learn all you need to know about how to sell a car with a loan in the UAE. Putting It All Together! Selling your automobile is not something to be taken lightly. If you want to sell your automobile without encountering any difficulties, be certain that you follow all applicable rules so that you do not have to deal with any issues later. Selling a car takes time; don’t be impatient and be patient with the process.

Don’t forget that automobile insurance is required in the United Arab Emirates.

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