Which Is Better For Jobs Dubai Or Saudia?

Is it better to work in Saudi Arabia or United Arab Emirates?

  • UAE is a lot better in every aspect and for both genders. The only thing that may be easier in Saudia is work stress. Jobs in Saudi Arabia are less stressful and with less demand, also you get an hour break in the middle of the day where you could go to the gym or have a good meal.

Which Arab country is best for job?

7 Arab Countries You Can Live And Work Safely

  1. QATAR. Qatar is one of the richest countries in the world ranked very high in the Arab countries you can live and work safely currently.
  2. OMAN.
  3. UAE.
  5. KUWAIT.

Is UAE better than Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia has a stronger influence in the region compared to UAE but both countries are part of several international and regional organizations, including IMF, ILO, GCC, OIC, OPCW, OPEC, PCA, UN, UNCTAD, UNESCO, UNIDO, UNRWA, UNWTO, UPU, WHO, WIPO, and WTO.

Which is the best Middle East country to work?

4 Best Middle Eastern Countries for Foreigners to Work and Live

  • United Arab Emirates. Composed of seven emirates, the United Arab Emirates is home to two of the Middle East’s most promising cities in terms of career progress: Abu Dhabi and Dubai.
  • Qatar.
  • Bahrain.
  • Saudi Arabia.

Who is richer Saudi or UAE?

Saudi Arabia which had dominated the Arab wealth, retreated to the fifth position in the 21-nation Arab League because of sharp growth in its population and a decline in oil exports. Saudi Arabia’s per capita income was estimated at nearly $8,800 last year. 1

Who is rich Saudi or UAE?

United Arab Emirates: UAE came in second place with a GDP per capita of 58.77 thousand. Saudi Arabia: The Kingdom ranked fourth among the richest Arab countries, with a GDP per capita of 47.8 thousand. 5. Kuwait: It is the fifth richest Arab country, with a GDP per capita of 41.77 thousand.

Is Doha better than Dubai?

Both cities are fast becoming hugely popular tourist destinations. But where is better for a vacation, Dubai or Doha? Dubai is the better location for a holiday, but Doha is still a fantastic place to visit and offers a cheaper alternative.

Are salaries higher in Dubai or Qatar?

Qatari salaries were found to be 11.68 per cent higher than those in the UAE, standing at an average of $11,473 a month, compared to $10,206 in the Emirates.

What is the richest Arab country?

Qatar, Middle East – Qatar is currently the wealthiest country in the Arab World (based on GDP per capita).

Are Saudi and UAE friends?

The two countries are also known for being close allies in terms of foreign policy and geopolitical interests, collaborating closely during the 2017–18 Qatar diplomatic crisis and backing anti-Muslim Brotherhood governments in Libya, Tunisia and Egypt.

Is Saudi Arabia richer than India?

India vs Saudi Arabia: Economic Indicators Comparison India with a GDP of $2.7T ranked the 7th largest economy in the world, while Saudi Arabia ranked 18th with $786.5B. By GDP 5-years average growth and GDP per capita, India and Saudi Arabia ranked 6th vs 124th and 150th vs 41st, respectively.

Is Saudi Arabia rich or poor?

The Saudi family is the richest royal family in the world, with a net worth of around $1.4 trillion due to plentiful oil reserves, yet the country itself can be considered poor, with an estimated 20 percent of its people living in poverty.

Which country gives more salary?

Recent OECD and World Bank data shows, employees in Luxembourg enjoy the highest salaries in the world (Middle Eastern countries not included). The economy of Luxembourg is largely dependent on banking and financial services, real estate services, information technology and telecommunications.

Which job has the highest salary in Dubai?

What are the top 30 highest-paid job openings in Dubai?

  • Chief executive officers (CEO) Average monthly salary: Dh100,000.
  • Marketing Experts. Average monthly salary: Dh95,000.
  • Public relations managing director.
  • Lawyers.
  • Supply chain manager.
  • Accounting and finance professionals.
  • Doctors.
  • Senior bankers.

Is it easy to get work in Dubai?

If you’re planning to work in Dubai, you’ll need a work visa. The good news is, if you’re employed by a Dubai company, they’re pretty easy to obtain. That being said, it’s possible to enter the emirate on a visitor or tourist visa for your job search and then transfer your visa status once you’ve found employment.

Difference Between Saudi Arabia and UAE (With Table) – Ask Any Difference

Most people are puzzled by the differences between Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, but they are not the same. People living in these nations, on the other hand, may appear to be extremely similar due to the fact that their cultures are practically same, which is one of the reasons why most people become confused between the two. It is crucial to understand the differences between Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates since you may be asked a question on the subject. Both of these countries are well-known middle-east countries that are also some of the most popular tourist destinations in the whole globe, particularly in Asia.

Both Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are Muslim nations, and they both boast two of the world’s most famous contemporary cities, namely Dubai in the UAE and Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, which are both located in the Middle East.

Saudi Arabia vs UAE

The most significant distinction between Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates is that the former achieved independence in 1932, whilst the latter achieved independence later, in 1971, as a result of the Arab Spring. Another distinction between these two countries is that the United Arab Emirates is far more contemporary and advanced than Saudi Arabia.

Comparison Table Between Saudi Arabia and UAE

Parameters of Comparison Saudi Arabia UAE
Capital Riyad Abu Dhabi
Area 2,149,690 sq km 83,600 sq km
Religion followed Islamic Islamic
Official Language Arabic Arabic
Currency Saudi Riyal UAE Dirham
Population 3.43 crores 97.7 lakhs

What is Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia is one of the most well-known countries in the Middle East and across the world. There isn’t a single person on the planet who isn’t familiar with the country of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia, with its capital city of Riyadh, is one of the countries that is well-known for its Islamic culture. The Gulf Cooperation Council is made up of countries such as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (GCC). The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) is an economic and political alliance that was founded in the capital city of Saudi Arabia with the participation of many other middle-east nations, including Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

  1. These two countries, on the other hand, were not comparable and differed in a variety of ways.
  2. Saudi Arabia is recognized around the world for its well-known city of Jeddah, which is a popular tourist destination.
  3. The country is well-known for its oil-based economy, and it is the world’s leading exporter of petroleum.
  4. Well, one might argue that petroleum is one of the items that matters in the economy of the country since it provides for 87 percent of all budget revenues, with export profits accounting for 90 percent of all export earnings.
  5. According to him, he intends to implement new policies that would encourage increasing numbers of private sector investments in the country’s economy as well as the decrease of unemployment by focusing on young employment and investing in the tourist industry.

The national flag of the country is created in a deep green color with something inscribed in the Arabic language in the middle of the banner, which is the most prominent feature of the flag.

What is United Arab Emirates (UAE)?

The United Arab Emirates, sometimes known as the UAE, is a prominent middle-east country whose capital city is Abu Dhabi. UAE is far more contemporary and advanced than Saudi Arabia, with one of the world’s most recognized cities, Dubai, serving as the country’s most popular tourist destination. This past year, Dubai played home to the famous cricket league IPL (Indian Premier League) because there was no other city that could have been considered as a viable option for hosting the cricket matches in question.

  1. The United Arab Emirates was unified in the year 1971.
  2. In addition to being one of the world’s largest producers to oil production, the nation is also well-known for its natural gas production.
  3. UAE also has specific objectives for their economy, including the expansion of their infrastructure, the encouragement of privatization, the attraction of international investors, the promotion of tourism, the creation of job opportunities, and a host of other initiatives.
  4. Women are not permitted to drive automobiles, participate in sports without restriction, and a slew of other restrictions.

Main Difference Between Saudi Arabia and UAE (United Arab Emirates)

  1. Both Saudi Arabia and the UAE (United Arab Emirates) are Middle-Eastern countries with cultures that are almost same or identical to one another. These countries adhere to the same Islamic faith as well as the same Arabic language
  2. They are also members of the same international community. The currency of Saudi Arabia is the Saudi Riyal, whereas the currency of the United Arab Emirates is the UAE Dirham. Both of these nations have the Arabic language as their official language, which is the same for both of them. The United Arab Emirates is far more contemporary and advanced than Saudi Arabia. Both of these countries have well-known cities, including Jeddah in Saudi Arabia and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.


Both of these countries are well-known countries in the Middle East. They are one of the most significant contributors of petroleum to the global economy. Both of these governments have also imposed various limitations on the women who live in their respective countries.


  • Compare your present wage to a benchmark
  • Check the salary for a new position
  • Determine the market’s potential


  • Existing wages should be compared
  • Establish starting pay for new positions
  • Pay attention to wages in a different market.


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Stantec Jobs – “Qatar” Or “United Arab Emirates” Or “Saudi Arabia” Jobs

  • Qatar,Qatar. OurQatarOperations is home to a finance/accounting internship opportunity. Candidates should have a high level of achievement. Qualifications (Qatar): If you possess the following qualifications, we would welcome your application
  • The engineering internship is situated in our QatarOperations and is located in Qatar,Qatar. Candidates should be extremely driven and enthusiastic about their work. Qualifications (Qatar): If you possess the following qualifications, we would welcome your application
  • The city of Dubai is located in the United Arab Emirates.:**United Arab Emirates -Dubai Country:United Arab Emirates**State/Province (Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait). Among the most important responsibilities are: Qatar, United Arab Emirates: In charge of a team of human resources specialists. finest effort on one’s part Come and play with us! Geographical location: United Arab Emirates -Dubai Country:UnitedArabEmirates City: Qatar
  • Abu Dhabi
  • Dubai
  • United Arab Emirates. State/province: United Arab Emirates Re-define what constitutes your own best. Come and play with us! Location: United Arab Emirates – Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates – Dubai, United Arab Emirates State/Province: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  • Country: United Arab Emirates**State/Province: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Re-define what constitutes your own best. Come and play with us! Abu Dhabi is located in the United Arab Emirates. Country:UnitedArabEmirates United Arab Emirates City: Abu
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates State/province: UAE to you, please join us. Geographical location: United Arab Emirates -Dubai Country: United Arab EmiratesState/Province: UAE City: Dubai, United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi is located in the United Arab Emirates. United Arab Emirates
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates is the country in question. Geographical location: United Arab Emirates -Dubai Country: United Arab Emirates
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates.:**United Arab Emirates -Dubai.:**United Arab Emirates -Dubai.:**United Arab Emirates -Dubai.:**United Arab Emirates -Dubai. State/Province: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  • Country: United Arab Emirates**State/Province: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Re-define what constitutes your own best. Come and play with us! Abu Dhabi is located in the United Arab Emirates. Abu
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates. **United Arab Emirates -Dubai is a country in the United Arab Emirates and is located in the state of UAE. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates is the capital of the country of United Arab Emirates and the state or province of Abu Dhabi. best. Come and play with us! Abu Dhabi is located in the United Arab Emirates. UAE State/Province: UAE City: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Country: United Arab Emirates State/Province: UAE State/Province: UAE City: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi is located in the United Arab Emirates. UAE State/Province: UAE City: Abu
  • Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Re-define what constitutes your own best. Come and play with us! Abu Dhabi is located in the United Arab Emirates. Country: United Arab EmiratesState/Province: United Arab EmiratesCity: Abu Dhabi

Private Banker – Saudi at Citi

Job Requisition ID: 21404702 Primary Geographical Location Located in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, London, the United Kingdom, and Geneva, Switzerland. Classification of Positions Coverage for Individual Clients Among the world’s wealthiest and most prominent people and families, Citi Private Bank is regarded as a reliable counsel. Customers of Citi Private Bank, like those of Citi’s government, institutional, and multinational corporate clients, benefit from personalized attention as well as access to the greatest ideas and solutions that are tailored to their specific requirements and objectives.

  1. A third of the world’s billionaires are among Citi’s elite customers, many of whom are internationally oriented entrepreneurs who have come to demand an institutional level of service and who benefit from Citi’s comprehensive approach to wealth management.
  2. This makes Citi Private Bank the most globally represented private bank in the world.
  3. It is our desire to accept the diversity of our different teams, ideas, and opportunities that is the driving force behind our development and advancement.
  4. It gives us great pleasure to declare ourselves to be an equal opportunity employer, and we vow that all competent candidates will be given equal consideration for employment regardless of color, religious affiliation, gender identity, sexual orientation, country origin, or age.
  5. Clients having a net worth of USD 25 million or an AUM of USD 10 million or a client net revenue of USD 100,000 or more are considered ultra-high net worth (UHNW).
  • In-depth knowledge of customers’ enterprises as well as their sources of wealth development is demonstrated. Predict developments in a client’s personal and professional life that will have substantial financial ramifications
  • Serve as a trusted adviser to customers who routinely seek strategic financial assistance on a variety of issues. Establish long-term relationships with client families that span generations in order to foster a sense of belonging to the CPB. Manage customer expectations about what can and cannot be done on their behalf in an effective manner.

Create Client-Centered Solutions:

  • Maintains a thorough awareness of a client’s objectives and risk tolerance in order to guarantee that financial plans are suitable
  • Identifies customer requirements that have not been specified or clearly conveyed by the client
  • The business brings together the most qualified product specialists in order to produce long-term solutions that improve customer relationships with the firm. Contributes to customers’ achievement of broad financial and investment objectives relating to the accumulation, management, and transfer of wealth. The development of customized solutions to meet the specific investment, risk management, and financing/liquidity requirements of clients

Implementation and Results-Oriented Leadership:

  • Setting difficult goals, routinely reviewing progress, and making modifications to attain targets are all part of the job description. Make daily, weekly, and monthly schedules and prioritize activities in order to maximize revenue development and customer satisfaction
  • Non-productive accounts are transferred or eliminated in order to concentrate on clients that are compatible with the company’s business plan. This person establishes a referral network and makes introductions to prospective clients, which results in new business. Close the transaction by making suitable concessions that are consistent with the core objectives of the Private Bank.
  • Contributes to team members gaining the required expertise to establish trust with clients and intermediaries. Individual who shows tremendous dedication to team accomplishment and puts the needs of his or her team ahead of personal aspirations. Team members are urged to collaborate in order to develop deeper client relationships and achieve sales targets. Coordinates the complementing experiences and skill sets of team members in order to optimize client performance
  • And

• Establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with business partners, colleagues, and employees.

  • Establishes good working connections with support departments within the CPB and collaborates with them to retain control, develop solutions, and address challenges. Complies with standard processes while advocating when it is necessary for deviations to be made from normal practices when the larger picture has to be addressed, and seeks or grants permissions as needed
  • Ensures that Citigroup complies with regulatory obligations and that any possible responsibility is kept to a minimum. Ensure good operational and administrative services, as well as tight controls. Provides an example of appropriate behavior to all employees

Learn about technical skills, as well as your own personal development.

  • Be familiar with the wide range of goods and services available under the Citigroup umbrella
  • Applying a high degree of expertise in a variety of essential investment and finance products
  • Building competence in identifying business possibilities and meeting the individual demands of different client segments
  • Keeps aware of advances in the financial business as well as current global market circumstances
  • Communicates difficult financial ideas and investment strategies in the most professional manner possible
  • Continuously strives to improve, acknowledging faults and altering behavior in response to criticism from clients and coworkers

What We Have to Offer:Diversity and Inclusion: At Citi, we seek to create an equal and inclusive environment in which we may all achieve our full potential with pride. Maintaining a really varied environment has been shown to be a leading predictor of the quality of our culture, as well as an effective method of interacting with a customer base that is similarly diversified. It is an important element of who we are as a company and how we flourish that we embrace varied teams, ideas, and opportunities to help us drive development and success.

  • With the ability to work from home, we firmly think that giving our workers with the ability to work from home helps them to better meet their own personal and professional goals while still having access to relevant work and career possibilities at the same time.
  • They provide chances for professional growth, mentorship, networking, and involvement in the community to its members and coworkers.
  • Over 23,000 people belong to one of our 175+ chapters in 65+ locations throughout 42 countries.
  • More than 1 million volunteer hours were donated by Citi volunteers to causes in communities all around the world in 2017.
  • Knowledge/Experience:
  • An extensive and established track record in ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) private banking or the institutional/corporate banking markets, with a focus on the Saudi Arabian market
  • Worked with and/or led client teams and transactions for a long time Track record of success in the acquisition of new relationships
  • Success in starting a new business, finding new clients and doing business with them, recognizing new business possibilities, and concluding deals
  • I have extensive expertise integrating and balancing a variety of competing demands. extensive expertise in marketing innovative items that are tailored to the demands of customers
  • Experience working in teams and exerting influence on a varied range of resources and stakeholders Registration with the FSA is preferred. CFA or a comparable designation is desired. Fluent in both written and spoken English and Arabic
  • Excellent communication and relationship-building abilities
  • Capable of working as a member of a diversified team that spans various jurisdictions.

Candidates seeking for this position should be aware that it is a Certified Role, and as such, they must adhere to the Certification Regulations. In the Individual Accountability Regime, which took effect on March 7, 2016, the Certification Regime is one of the elements that have been implemented. Under the Certification Regime, certain Citi organizations are required to guarantee that personnel working in specific jobs classified as defined major damage functions (Certified Roles) are evaluated to verify that they are fit and suitable to carry out their responsibilities.

  • Honesty, integrity, and reputation
  • Financial stability
  • Competence and capability
  • And a positive attitude

For compliance with the Certification Regime’s criteria, certain Citi organizations must exercise reasonable caution to ensure that an employee does not undertake a Certified Role before being certified as Fit and Proper. As a result, you will be evaluated for this position in light of the Fit and Proper standards, which are outlined above. It is intended that this evaluation be completed by lengthy interviews, self-disclosures, permissible criminal record checks, reference checks, credit check and other background checks be carried out.

  1. Your application is your acknowledgement that you have read the material above and that you are applying for a Certified Role.
  2. Coverage for Private Clients in the Job Family Group -Job Family:Private Banker-Task Type:- Full-time Citi is an equal-opportunity and affirmative action employer committed to diversity and inclusion.
  3. Citigroup Inc.
  4. Accessibility at Citi is available if you are a person with a disability who requires a reasonable accommodation in order to utilize our search tools and/or apply for a career opportunity with Citi.

View the “EEO is the Law” poster in its entirety. View theEEO is the Law Supplement in its entirety. View the EEO Policy Statement in its entirety. Pay attention to the Pay Transparency Posting.

Unilever Middle East and North Africa

Unilever items are sought after by individuals all around the world on a daily basis. In the process of listening to those who use our products and building confidence in our brands throughout the world, we have developed into one of the world’s most successful consumer goods firms. In fact, someone somewhere picks a Unilever product 150 million times a day, according to the company.

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More Positions Can Be Found and Applied For

Living and Working in the Gulf States – Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia

Dave lived and worked in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) nations from 2003 to 2018, including the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Kuwait. He had a wonderful time!

Opportunities in the Gulf

Working in the Middle East is a pleasure for me; I have completed contracts and projects in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, and Saudi Arabia, among other places. The majority of the work is in the energy and construction industries, but there are opportunities and contracts in a variety of other disciplines as the Gulf States mature and diversify. (My own area of expertise is Broadcast Engineering.) However, if you have a little of the pioneering spirit and a talent to give, there is no better place in the world to spend a few months or years than the Middle East, a region that is faring better than much of the rest of the world during this global economic downturn.

Satellite View of the Gulf States

The Gulf States are comprised of the eight nations and territories that border the Persian (or Arabian) Gulf: Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Oman. Iraq is the largest of the Gulf States, with Kuwait the smallest. Except for Iran and Iraq, all of the countries in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) are members of a political and economic union known as the Gulf Cooperation Council. The United Arab Emirates, also known as the UAE, is a country comprised of seven small hereditary emirates or kingdoms: Abu Dhabi (the capital), Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah, Ras al Khaimah, Fujairah, and Umm al Quwain.

Sharjah, for example, is a completely traditional Islamic state, in stark contrast to its more Westernized neighbor, Dubai, which is a Westernized state.

In order for Europeans or Americans to select Iran or Iraq at this time, they would need to have a compelling reason to do so. However, all of the other Gulf States are well worth considering if you are looking for adventure and want to experience something different.

Update, February 2012:

The Arab Spring popular upheavals in Tunisia and Egypt sparked a surge of protest movements across the region, which spread around the world. Heavy-handed police of protests in Bahrain resulted in a number of fatalities and injuries, and the crisis has not yet been addressed, despite the restoration of an uneasy quiet in the country. There exist conflicts between Sunni and Shia Muslims in this little country, but inequity and corruption were at least as big of a factor. In terms of the ex-pat community, things are more or less business as usual, but be sure to verify the most recent information before traveling here.

Iran and Saudi Arabia, on the other hand, are both powerful and unpredictable, so things may change rapidly.

July 2013: The information above is still valid.

Update, January 2018

Since June 2017, Qatar has been subjected to an unlawful embargo by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Egypt. Companies both in Qatar and the blockading nations have been affected, as well as local households and educational institutions. There has been little change for the ex-pat worker or contractor in Qatar, and life continues mostly as usual for them. Travel between Qatar and its erstwhile neighbors, on the other hand, has become more complicated and expensive. There are no longer any direct flights available.

As a result, a weekend getaway is hardly worth the time and money spent planning it.

Photographs of paragliders

What do the Gulf States have in common?

The nations in question are all Arab* countries with Arabic as the official language, however a great deal of commerce is performed in English. They are all Islamic (Muslim) countries, as you might expect. Desert dominates their landscape, with scorching temperatures in the summer and minimal precipitation in the winter months. The vast majority of them are wealthy, thanks to oil and gas riches, albeit this income is not spread equally. In addition, they are all engaged in a massive development program that includes the rapid construction of highways and airports; resorts; residential and hotel properties; banking; business and retail centers; and everything else that is considered essential for modern consumerist living (except Iran, which is Persian, not Arab, with Farsi the national language).

And the differences?

The majority of the variations are in degree. Despite the fact that they are all Islamic, Dubai is the most prominent. Abu Dhabi (both in the United Arab Emirates), Bahrain, and Oman are societies that are generally liberal and tolerant (although don’t expect them to be as open and tolerant as Sweden, please). Whereas countries like Qatar, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia are more tighter in their devotion to Sharia law, making them less pleasant for expatriate groups in general.

Having said that, it is common practice in Saudi Arabia for Western expatriates to reside in compounds that provide them a degree of independence. Personally, I don’t like for compound words, but to each his or her own.

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Paraglider’s images of a winter sunset above the Aramco campus in Saudi Arabia

What’s good about working in the Gulf?

There are several possibilities to work on large projects in a variety of industries, not simply oil, gas, and construction. Most fields are in high demand in this country, and they are frequently quite well compensated. It is possible to earn money without paying taxes, albeit this may be contingent on your home nation’s taxation of foreign earnings and on whether you are paid locally or into a bank account in your home country. Having the opportunity to collaborate directly with people from all over the world has incalculable personal worth, provided that you approach it with an open mind.

You will discover, in particular, that your own nation does not have all of the solutions.

Both as a religious obligation and as an everyday way of life, hospitality, kindness, and civility are highly prized and frequently practiced.

‘functioning’ at Dubai’s Safa Park, according to paragliders’ photographs

Understanding the ‘package’

In the Gulf area, jobs are offered as part of a ‘package,’ rather than as a single salary agreement. The compensation package includes pay as well as some or all of the following benefits: housing, transportation, health insurance, marriage allowance, children’s education, leave entitlement, home visits, and other benefits. The package that is offered is also determined by the applicant’s country of origin. Employers make whatever concessions they can in order to fill open positions. Despite the fact that they are equally competent, a Filipino or a Sri Lankan will be paid less than a European for the same task.

Always make sure you understand the entire package before signing up.

What are the risks?

Taking a contract with a large European or American corporation (there are several in the Gulf) is unlikely to result in serious consequences, so long as you follow the rules of the game and do not break any of the rules. There will be more on that later. While working directly with a local firm might result in better earnings, there are several considerations to keep in mind and precautions to take. These include the following:

  • Your employer serves as both your sponsor and your mentor. If he does not release you, you will be unable to work for anybody else. You will not be able to leave the country unless you have an exit visa provided by your employer or sponsor. In certain countries, this is different from other countries. Late or delayed payment has become a way of life, especially among well-established organizations.

You do not have the rights of a “typical” employee.

Always conduct thorough study before entering into any deal in this region of the globe. It is all too usual for third-world immigrant labor forces to be abused. Specialists and professionals are typically treated better than the general public, however there are several significant exceptions.

Driving – the biggest risk

The quality of driving in the region is really poor. A serious accident or death occurs on a regular basis. In the course of a half-hour trip, it is uncommon that one does not come across numerous extremely reckless road safety breaches, which are frequently committed by young men driving outrageously powerful 4x4s. Land Cruisers that have been flipped upside down and Corollas that have been crushed are all part of the scenery. Take precautions!

Staying out of trouble

Throughout the Middle East, the police have a tendency to lock you up first and worry about you afterwards, which might mean that you are discovered missing when someone outside notices and contacts the authorities. The greatest advise is to avoid coming under their scrutiny. In particular, consider the following:

  • Avoid getting into arguments. Being in the right does not provide a defense
  • Don’t get yourself into debt. It is usual to be imprisoned for debt. Drinking at hotel bars is permitted, but appearing drunk on the street is not
  • It is an offense to seem drunk on the street. Drinking and driving is not tolerated in any way. One drink exceeds the limit
  • Two drinks exceed the limit. You are automatically at blame in any accident if you have consumed any alcohol at all. Drug crimes are treated with the utmost seriousness. Homosexual behavior is a criminal offense that will be dealt with harshly if found. In most places, unmarried cohabitation is prohibited, however it is sometimes permitted. Make an effort not to act inappropriately with a member of the other sex in public

The meaning of this final one varies greatly from nation to country, and it may (and very likely will) be the subject of a whole hub all to itself in the near future. It is also important to remember that during the Holy Month of Ramadan, more caution should be exercised. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please keep in mind that the focus of this essay is on what it’s like to live and work in the Gulf countries. That is something I can speak from fifteen years of expertise in this field.

It varies from case to instance.

They must be correct by definition!


How can a recent university graduate get a job in Dubai that pays higher than what they earned at their university? Question: How much would it cost to obtain a work visa for Dubai? Answer: Typically, some level of prior expertise is necessary. Fresh grads are viewed as too high a risk by many employers. The cost of a visa varies depending on your place of origin and may be easily determined online. Inquiry:I’m thinking of relocating from Muscat to Bahrain. Please inform me what kinds of differences I could encounter in my social life if I have this condition.

  • Furthermore, because you will be traveling in a smaller vehicle, you will save both time and money on taxis!
  • Is this possible?
  • In order to work in the Gulf Cooperation Council nations, you must first apply for a position, either through an employment agency or directly through a contracting firm.
  • Question:Is it legal in Qatar to have love relationships with people of the opposing sex most of the time?
  • The situation is different in Qatar, where there is general tolerance as long as you behave tastefully in public.
  • My husband is from Morocco, and he seemed to believe that he will not be accepted in this country, and that he would have difficulty obtaining job.
  • When deciding between the Gulf Cooperation Council and Southeast Asia, I assumed that him being Arab and learning the language would make the transfer simpler, but he is apprehensive.

Your spouse is absolutely correct in his suspicion that the playing field is not equal.

In addition, because the locals in the UAE and Qatar are generally content to stay at home because they can afford to do so, there is a demand for ex-pat Arabic speakers in a variety of fields.

Saudi Arabia has a large number of people to fill unskilled occupations, but there is a shortage of education, therefore they are constantly in need of ex-pat professionals, particularly those who know Arabic.

Question:I am a certified Medical Lab Technician currently residing in the United Kingdom.

Answer:You can apply through the conventional channels, or you can apply directly if you are aware of any open positions.

I am in possession of a valid Indian passport.

In order to apply directly to the most important Indian firms functioning in your sector, do some research and apply to them as well as through an agency in parallel.

Answer: Women above the age of 18 (but not children) are permitted to work in Doha.

Question:I have been sponsored by friends to work in the Gulf of Mexico.

Answer:Yes, traveling and working in the GCC countries is typically risk-free.

Question: Who are the most effective recruiters in the GCC?

Any assistance is much appreciated.

Although Bayt is an excellent agency, it is also worthwhile to target certain firms.

Question:I’ve been looking for work in the Abu Dhabi and Dubai areas for a number of months now and haven’t had any luck.

I have applied for over 100 jobs and have received no response at this time.

The process of securing an interview is still proving difficult for me.

Because of the high level of competition for the majority of available positions, it is difficult for applicants to get hired.

If you have identical shortcomings in both your CV and covering letter, this might be a source of concern for you.

Is it possible for a Muslim who works on an oil rig on Friday to participate in the Jummah prayer service?

A prayer room will be available on other rigs, such as those in the North Sea, but there will likely be no facilities for the huge communal jummah prayer.

My age is 53 years old.

Does my age make a difference?

Workers beyond the age of 50 may be considered for fixed-term contract work if their skill set is judged valuable.

Answer:If you leave your current job amicably and with good reason (for example, the completion of a contract period), you should be able to obtain a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from your (old) employer, which may be required for securing a new job in the country without having to leave the United States.

  • Question:I am a Nigerian who has received employment offers in the United Arab Emirates.
  • Answer:Abu Dhabi is a rather safe city, as long as you follow the rules of the road and avoid breaking the law.
  • Coming from Nigeria, you should, on the other hand, be well aware of both situations.
  • In the event that I depart at the conclusion of my contract without submitting a formal resignation or by taking a terminal leave without returning, and then I receive a job offer in another GCC country, such as Oman, are there any negative implications if I take the new position in Oman?

Answer: Depending on how thorough the Omani vetting procedure is, you will most likely be OK. If, on the other hand, your earlier withdrawal was not properly documented, you will be unable to return to Saudi Arabia.

4 Best Middle Eastern Countries For International Relocation

If your career isn’t progressing as quickly as you would have liked in your native country, it may be time to explore investigating opportunities in other nations. Not only do you broaden your horizons and obtain new chances, but you also expose yourself to a wider range of potential employers and clients. However, before embarking on an overseas migration to further your profession (or simply to alter directions), you should conduct preliminary study to determine your best possibilities. As a starting point, here are the four greatest nations in the Middle East to consider for a professional move, as well as the reasons why they are such viable options:

1. United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates, which is comprised of seven emirates, is home to two of the most promising cities in the Middle East in terms of professional advancement: Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Abu Dhabi is not only the country’s federal capital, but it is also the largest and wealthiest emirate in the United Arab Emirates. The majority of energy and infrastructure-related occupations in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) area may be found in this region as well. Aside from that, it serves as the cultural and sporting heart of the Emirati people and their nation.

  1. It is also well-known as the source of 10% of the country’s worldwide oil reserves, which are located there.
  2. In spite of the fact that Dubai is less endowed with natural resources than other emirates, the city has developed a vibrant and thriving corporate culture.
  3. Dubai, the most Westernized of all Middle Eastern metropolises, is home to more than three million people (as of July 2019), who come from all over the world to live there.
  4. In addition, the city is ranked 24th in the world according to the Quality of Urban Living Index, which is higher than the world average.

2. Qatar

Qatar, the world’s richest country, with a gross national income per capita of $116,799 in 2019, is another attractive migration option for expats seeking improved employment prospects. The country is undergoing enormous infrastructure development while maintaining a lifestyle that is virtually as permissive as its neighbor, the United Arab Emirates. As a result of the rising prices of oil and natural gas, it has become one of the world’s fastest-growing economies. Doha, the capital of Qatar, was ranked 15th in the 2020 Expat City Ranking, which included 66 different expat destinations.

Almost all expats (92 percent) in Doha agree that the city is the easiest in which to settle, even if they do not know the native language.

The majority of respondents (73 percent) also believe that it is simple to find a property in the city, yet just a quarter of those who responded believe that houses in the city are inexpensive.

3. Bahrain

Moving to Bahrain from another country is also an option to explore, particularly if you are from the Western hemisphere. Bahrain has been a popular destination for expat employees since the 1980s and 1990s, despite not being as well-known as the United Arab Emirates. You can anticipate a friendly and inviting expat community, which is something that most people look for when starting a new life in a new nation. Expat Insider’s 2017 Expat Survey, which mostly focused on assessing incomes and earnings, ranked the country third in terms of salary.

Bahrain is the biggest archipelago in the Middle East, with 33 islands, making it the largest in the world.

The normal workweek in Bahrain lasts between 40 and 48 hours, however this might vary depending on the company and the industry.

4. Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has one of the biggest populations in the Middle East, with a population of over 100 million people. As a significant growing market, it has opened the door for more than six million expatriates looking for a better way of life to settle in the United States. From luxurious living quarters to cutting-edge educational institutions, Saudi Arabia is a top choice for those seeking not just advancement in their jobs but also improvement in their quality of life. Currently, the majority of job possibilities in the country are tied to the nation’s oil and gas business, while other industries are being created as well in order to create a more varied economy and lessen the country’s dependency on foreign oil.

The good news is that working in the nation is exempt from taxes.

Move with Ease

Relocating in order to advance your career is a huge endeavour for which you should make careful preparations. In addition to determining your finest possibilities, you must also consider how you will settle into your new location once you have chosen it. Writer Relocations can assist you in making your transfer as smooth as possible. Send us a mail if you require further information.

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