How Do Dubai Princes Keep Lions Tame?

Can you take a tiger for a walk in the UAE?

  • Anyone seen in public walking their exotic pet – taking a tiger for a stroll may sound ludicrous, but is not unheard of in the UAE – will have the animal confiscated and could face up to six months in jail, according to a copy of the law obtained by CNN.

Do people in Dubai keep lion as pet?

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has outlawed the keeping of wild animals, like lions or tigers, as pets. For some in the oil-rich Gulf State, owning the likes of a cheetah is a status symbol, but they now risk jail or a fine.

Can lions truly be tamed?

An individual lion can never be domesticated. Perhaps one can be tamed, but tame animals are non-domesticated. Domestication is a specific process that takes generations of selective breeding to turn a wild animal into an easier and safer to handle domesticated animal. Domestication also tends to change a creature.

Can a lion cub be tamed?

Are lion cubs dangerous? No. Lions are not domesticated animals, even if you raise them in a domestic environment, they are still wild and will act on their wild instincts. … It is a dangerous animal that can kill you in a split second, meaning to or not.

Who owns lions in Dubai?

Humaid Abdulla Albuqaish (@humaidalbuqaish) • Instagram photos and videos.

How much does a lion cost in Dubai?

It’s been reported that tiger cubs can cost $3,000 and a rare white lion can sell for around $50,000 on the black market. The UAE has a history of entertaining guests with exotic animals.

Are there tigers in Dubai?

Tigers? Spotting exotic animals in Dubai is sadly commonplace and a recent sighting of majestic tigers has now gone viral, and receiving mixed reactions. In the video, which is being rapidly shared on social media, five tigers are seen playing and paddling in the sea with the iconic Burj Al Arab in the background.

Can a lion love a human?

Even if it is not their nature to bond with humans and behave as domesticated pets, they do have the ability to show affection. If they are around people who love them, care for them, respect their dominant nature without trying to command or threaten them, lions grow affectionate towards such humans.

Do lions turn on their owners?

Even with training and domestication, pets have been known to turn on their owners. Sadly, this is all the more common with exotic animals that are difficult or impossible to train, such as lions, bears, and snakes.

How are lions tamed?

Business people tame lions when they assuage an angry customer or steady a snarling boss. Parents tame lions when they try to talk reason to their misbehaving teens. But once the first lion tamer fearlessly stepped into the ring with a big cat, lion taming became one of the most popular acts in the circus.

What are lions afraid of?

And being predominantly nocturnal, lions lose their inherent fear of humans at night and become much more dangerous and prone to attack.

At what age can a lion roar?

Lions are famous for their sonorous roar. Males are able to roar when they are about one year old, and females can roar a few months later. Lions use their roar as one form of communication.

Who is Kody Antle?

Kody Antle is an animal trainer perhaps best known as the son of Doc Antle, an animal trainer and head of Myrtle Beach Safari, featured prominently in the Netflix docu-series “Tiger King.” Kody is nicknamed “real-life Tarzan.” He lives in South Carolina with his family and works as an animal trainer.

Who is the richest man in Dubai?

Majid Al Futtaim – Net worth: $6.1 Billion With a net worth estimated by Forbes to be $6.1 billion, Majid Al Futtaim ranks as the richest person in Dubai.

Who is Dubai’s wife?

A High Court judge said Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum must pay 251.5 million pounds to his U.K.-based sixth wife, Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein, and make ongoing payments for their children Jalila, 14, and Zayed, 9, underpinned by a bank guarantee of 290 million pounds.

A pet lion? Dubai’s Crown Prince has one

Her Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, the Crown Prince of Dubai, is well-known as an animal lover, and he just shared a photo of his newest exotic pet with the world on his Instagram account. An image from his visit, which shows him reclining on the ground and giving red meat to Moochi, a white-maned lion, has been shared on social media. Sheikh Hamdan has previously uploaded images of himself with animals such as horses, camels, eagles, and giraffes, and he has most recently been spotted with a new, really adorable dog named Tiny.

Last year, the Crown Prince took care of an Oryx that had become entangled in nets while hunting.

Aside from that, it should not be forgotten that in the past, several English castles, such as the Tower of London, housed menageries of all kinds.

The thirty-six-year-old Crown Prince, who is the second son of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, has a strong interest in animals, as seen by the large number of followers he has on Instagram.

He is an accomplished camel jockey as well as a horse rider, and he has represented Dubai at a number of equestrian competitions over the years, winning a gold medal at the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games in Normandy, France, in 2014, a team gold medal in 2012, and a bronze medal in 2010.

On the 17th of September, he led a team of five UAE cyclists to the World Championships in Samorin, Slovakia.

UAE outlaws keeping wild animals as pets

Reuters provided the image. Caption for the image The keeping of large cats and other wild animals as pets will be prohibited for citizens of the United Arab Emirates. The keeping of wild creatures as pets, such as lions or tigers, is prohibited in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Some residents of the oil-rich Gulf State consider possessing exotic animals such as cheetahs to be a status symbol, but doing so now puts them at danger of jail time or a fine. In social media postings, large cats have been seen being walked throughout the neighborhood.

  1. It should come as no surprise that authorities are worried about the threats presented by free-ranging animals.
  2. These animals can only be kept in zoos, wildlife parks, circuses, breeding and research facilities, and no longer in the wild.
  3. Anyone who uses wild animals to terrorize people will face a fine of 700,000 dirhams, according to the Arabic newspaper Al-Ittihad, which is a significant increase.
  4. Dog owners will be required to get licenses and to keep their animals on a leash when out in public places.

A fine of up to 100,000 dirhams might be imposed if this is not followed. In the same way, owners who neglect to vaccinate their pets against hazardous diseases would face the same consequences. Dog owners have until the middle of June to obtain the proper licenses and vaccinations.

More on this story

  • The ownership of an exotic pet will now result in penalties and imprisonment for anyone who do so. Cheetahs, tigers, and lions are believed to be a prestige symbol throughout the African continent.

(CNN) Cleavaged cheetahs, tigers, and lions have become infamously associated with wealth and power in the oil-rich United Arab Emirates (UAE). However, rich residents who tame wild animals to keep as pets now face a $136,000 (700,000 Dirham) punishment or perhaps imprisonment if they are caught. Following years of lobbying from animal welfare organizations, the Gulf country has approved a legislation prohibiting the private ownership and sale of wild and dangerous animals, as well as the transportation of such creatures.

Taking a tiger for a stroll may sound absurd, but it is not unheard of in the UAE.

I am pleased that the law has been approved, but I believe that more efforts must be done to guarantee that it is effectively implemented going forward.” The new rule is in force immediately, and pet owners are compelled to surrender their animals to the authorities upon becoming aware of it.

My tiger’s bigger than yours

Ownership of exotic pets has long been regarded as a mark of social standing in the United Arab Emirates. Wealthy owners have been photographed strolling their tigers on public beaches in the United Arab Emirates, and they frequently share images of their exotic animal collection on social media to show off their collection. Cheetahs have been shown in front of high-end automobiles in the hands of certain owners, while other owners have been up up and personal with the hazardous beasts. “The problem in the Middle East is that people are willing to maintain wild animals as pets,” Elsayed Mohamed, the Middle East regional director for the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), told CNN.

All of the animals in issue were unlawfully kidnapped from their native habitats and transported into the United Arab Emirates (UAE) by a ringleader.

As Ali said to CNN, “If someone purchases an extremely costly animal, he is boasting that he has the money to buy everything he desires.” If he has a wild animal under control, such as a lion, he is attempting to demonstrate his bravery.

On the illicit market, it has been reported that tiger kittens may sell for as much as $3,000 and that a rare white lion can fetch up to $50,000.

The United Arab Emirates has a long tradition of delighting visitors with exotic animals. In 2012, a colony of King and Gentoo penguins was established at Ski Dubai, an indoor ski slope located at the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai. When the Atlantis, The Palm hotel featured a whale shark in its in-house aquarium in 2008, it sparked outrage from animal rights activists. This report was written with assistance from CNN’s Sarah Sirgany, Heba Moussa, and Karen Smith.

Strange things Saudi Princes spent money on – When money is just a footnote

“Money can’t buy you love,” they say, but it can certainly buy you a life as a king. Some people, on the other hand, take luxury to an entirely new level. Take a look at this. Purchasing a Lamborghini is a significant investment, but imagine having a gold-plated version of the supercar in your garage. A collection of luxury automobiles is owned by the Saudi billionaire Turki Bin Abdullah, including a Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe, Mercedes jeep, Lamborghini Aventador SuperVeloce, and a gold Bentley.

What is the most bizarre piece of check-in luggage you have ever heard of?

Yes, you read that correctly.


Golden toilet as a wedding gift

Unusual occurrence warning! On the occasion of his daughter’s wedding, Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah presented her with a golden toilet. In addition to this golden commode and the golden bidet in the backdrop, the toilet was totally decorated with gold furniture. In the opinion of Prince Al Talal bin Abdulaziz, purchasing a luxury Mercedes Benz is not enough, so for his 38th birthday, he crusted some diamonds all over the vehicle. Yes, you read it correctly: that is a diamond-studded automobile.

So, this man has a cheetah as a pet.

If you encounter a lion peering through a car window in Dubai, don’t take it personally.

Anulekha Ray of contributed to this article.

Dubai Prince Snuggles Rare White Tiger Cub in Home Movie (VIDEO)

Is this the sort of message you want to convey to your kingdom? Is this the message you want to deliver to your kingdom? Is it appropriate to keep huge wild felines in captivity as household pets? We ask ourselves these questions all of the time, and now an almost amazing Instagram video of a Dubai royal has surfaced, raising even more doubts. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Crown Prince of Dubai, is shown in the video playing with what looks to be a white tiger cub that he has as a pet.

  1. Several media outlets have reported that the prince has a “deep spiritual connection” with animals, particularly horses.
  2. The current ruler of Dubai is Sheikh Hamdan’s father, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.
  3. As reported by Ofir Drori of LAGA, an organization in Africa dedicated to the rescue of wild animals from poachers, most of the animals are transported into the Middle East using private aircraft.
  4. There are around 3000 large cats that live in private residences, according to Drori, who informs Green Prophet that there are live wild creatures discovered all over the world.
  5. There is also the possibility of trading with apes.
  6. ” In order to wow their visitors, they maintain exotic creatures — and for the affluent and bored, they could even have a black leopard.” In the Middle East, we hear a lot of tales of animals being abused.
  7. While these creatures may appear adorable at first glance, issues occur as these adorable little infant cubs grow in size.
  8. Keeping such creatures as they get older, according to an article published in the United Arab Emirates’ The National, is extremely dangerous.

When they are tiny, they are quite adorable, but when they grow up, they become extremely deadly.” De Kock went on to say that he is quite worried about the origins of these newborn cats, noting that they are frequently the product of mothers being slaughtered in the wild so that their cubs may be abducted and sold for pet purposes.

The practice, however, continues to exist, with some rare lions and tigers commanding upwards of $50,000 on the underground market.

This information was provided by an anonymous Dubai-based reader.

Dubai Dog Walk with Cheetah on Leash by Porsche Owner Image courtesy of screengrabs from the Prince’s home video. Corruption is still alive and well in the Egyptian Zoo


New legislation prohibiting the owning, trading, and breeding of exotic pets has been enacted in the United Arab Emirates by President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, who is also the country’s prime minister. Activists have praised the new legislation. Wild animals are kept as a status symbol, according to El Sayed Mohamed, regional director of the International Fund for Animal Welfare in Dubai, who spoke to The National about the practice. He went on to say that this decision serves as a model for other Gulf Cooperation Council members to follow.

According to What’s On Dubai, the UAE government stated that “all forms of wild and domesticated yet hazardous animals” are prohibited from being traded or owned under the UAE legislation.

The government also encourages individuals to report examples of wild animals being tamed, which it considers to be illegal.

A considerable contribution to the decline of wild animal populations is made by the illegal trade in animals and poaching.

“Only In Dubai” pets will now be a thing of the past

Photographs of wild cats and other exotic creatures that can only be seen in Dubai have played a significant role in the perplexed expressions on our faces. We can finally put an end to these odd sightings for good.

No more white tigers playing on the beach

As campaigners have pointed out, the United Arab Emirates is taking a very crucial step. These creatures are more than just an addition to your wardrobe. However, we can’t help but be perplexed. The new law has drawn the ire of Prince Hamdan, the Crown Prince of Dubai. What is his reaction to it?

Woman filmed carrying pet LION through streets after animal escaped

  • The owner appears to be trying to keep hold of the huge cat under its front legs in the footage. With its mouth open and roaring, the animal is seen squirming about in its owner’s arms. Environmental police were dispatched to the Sabahiya region in order to assist in containing the animal.

Published on: |Revised on: Following the escape of her pet lion from its owner’s home, here is the scene in which the lady took the animal through the streets of Kuwait. Photographs taken near Sabahiya, south of Kuwait City, show the owner fighting to keep hold of the large cat below its front legs as it thrashes around in his arms. The brief video, which was uploaded on YouTube on Sunday, shows the baby animal squirming around in its owner’s arms while snarling loudly at the camera. After a few yards of walking, the woman, who appeared to be fatigued, placed the animal on the ground as she rested from the task of transporting it home.

  • The lady, who is clothed in a black burkha, can be seen fighting to keep the enormous cat under control as it growls loudly in response.
  • The lion was believed to have escaped in the Sabahiya region, south of Kuwait City, according to the news website Al Anbaa on Sunday.
  • Prior to the huge cat being returned to custody, officers assisted the woman in keeping the big cat under control.
  • An investigation into the ownership of hazardous animals was begun in June 2020 in Dubai following allegations of a wild cat wandering the Springs community – but it was subsequently discovered that the animal recorded on tape was actually a home cat.

Big cats are popular status symbols in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, where their rich owners flaunt them on social media platforms such as Instagram (pictured) In 2019, scientists warned that cheetahs were on the verge of extinction in eastern Africa due to the theft and sale of their kittens to affluent Arab men for the purpose of keeping as pets.

In her warning, she stated that if action was not done to prevent the trade, the creatures will become extinct within the following two years.

Rich owners in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates flaunt their huge cats as status symbols, as evidenced by videos and photographs uploaded on Instagram and discovered by Mail Online. The owners drive around with the animals in their vehicles and pose with them at their homes.

How Instagram’s ‘Rich Kids of Dubai’ spend their cash

If you’re young and wealthy in the United Arab Emirates, life is a glamorous affair. However, if you follow the Instagram account “Rich Kids of Dubai,” you are well aware of this. It follows the exploits of the city’s incredibly wealthy kids, who spend their money on things like private aircraft, luxury hotel rooms, and even pet lions, according to the account, which we learned about through NextShark. Even high-profile celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton have been spotted on the account, which has a current following of 21,900 people.

The account is also active on Facebook, however there hasn’t been any new content since October 2014.

“/ dubai’s affluent kids have more than one car parked outside their mansion-1″] [slidepermalink=”/ dubais rich kids have more than one car parked outside their mansion-1”] It is said in the title that “Dubai’s wealthy children have more than one automobile parked outside of their mansion.” content=””image=””source=””caption=””credit href=””] [slidepermalink=”/ this-rich-kids-verandah-looks-more-like-a-palace-2′′] This wealthy family’s verandah looks more like a palace.

title=”This wealthy individual’s verandah appears to be more akin to a castle.” content=””image=””source=””caption=””credit href=””] Only the tops of skyscrapers provide afternoon tea, according to [slidepermalink=”3′′title=”They only serve afternoon tea on the tops of skyscrapers.”] content=””image=””source=””caption=””credit href=””] [slidepermalink=”4″ title=”When you’re wealthy, even a trip to McDonald’s is considered a luxury.” ” content=””image=””source=””caption=””credit href=””] [slidepermalink=”5′′title=”The dessert is the ideal backdrop for Instagram pictures.”] [slidepermalink=”5′′title=” ” content=””image=””source=””caption=””credit href=””] “Checking the time has become an almost blinding activity.” [slidepermalink=”6′′title=”Checking the time has become an almost blinding activity.” content=””image=””source=””caption=””credit href=””] It’s impossible for them to get much work done with all the jewelry on their hands.” [slidepermalink=”7″ title=”They can’t get much work done with all the jewelry on their hands.” content=””image=””source=””caption=””credit href=””] When they run out of space for their jewelry, they place gold in their teeth.

content=””image=””source=””caption=””credit href=””] [slidepermalink=”9′′title=”Everything in life appears to have been dipped in gold.”] [slidepermalink=”9′′title=”Everything in life appears to have been dipped in gold.”] content=””image=””source=””caption=””credit href=””] “Rich kids drive about with their pet cheetahs in tow.” [slidepermalink=”10′′title=”Rich kids drive around with their pet cheetahs in tow.” content=””image=””source=””caption=””credit href=””] [slidepermalink=”11′′title=”When they travel, their pet dogs go with them in their own Louis Vuitton luggage.”] content=””image=””source=””caption=””credit href=””] [slidepermalink=”12″ “Their riches is so tremendous that it can tame lions,” the title says.

  1. content=””image=””source=””caption=””credit href=””] It is unlawful to keep animals as pets in the United States; nonetheless, some people do so.
  2. “This guy travels with a hookah in the shape of a rifle.
  3. [slidepermalink=”/ you-know-you’re-rich-when-your-hotel suite has its own aquarium-15′′] “You know you’re wealthy when your hotel suite has its own aquarium,” says the title.
  4. titling=”This is how wealthy people unwind on the beach.” content=””image=””source=””caption=””credit href=””] It is customary for them to hang out on boats with celebrities such as Kim Kardashian.

content=””image=””source=””caption=””credit href=””] or with their group of friends.” [slidepermalink=”18′′title=”.or with their group of friends.”] content=””image=””source=””caption=””credit href=””] [slidepermalink=”/ the-rich-dont-care-their-about-privacy-20′′] [slidepermalink=”/ the-rich-dont-care-their-about-privacy-20′′] “Privacy isn’t important to the affluent,” the headline reads.

content=””image=””source=””caption=””credit href=””] [slidepermalink=”22″ The headline of this paragraph reads: “When in London, they make a pit stop at Harrod’s.” content=””image=””source=””caption=””credit href=””] [slidepermalink=”23′′title=”Shopping is a draining activity.”] content=””image=””source=””caption=””credit href=””] There are so many shoes in this affluent child’s closet that she wears various pairs of shoes at the same time (slidepermalink=”/ this rich kid has so many shoes in her closet that she wears different pairs of shoes at the same time-24′′) “This affluent youngster has so many shoes that she wears many pairs at the same time,” the headline reads.

content=””image=””source=””caption=””credit href=””] [slidepermalink=”/ their-selfies-are-on-another-level-literally-25′′] [slidepermalink=”/ their-selfies-are-on-another-level-literally-25′′] “Their selfies are on another level, literally,” the headline says.

content=””image=””source=””caption=””credit href=””] a little about the author

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